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Scalloped Monogram Wall Decal

Scalloped Monogram Wall Decal

SKU: 22271
$44.00 - $226.00
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Make a room yours expressing personality and style with a monogram on the wall, mirror or a painted furniture piece. Pretty scalloped edges have a blooming effect on the center monogram. Initials and dotted border are peeled out revealing color of the wall beneath.

Easy to apply and remove without damaging the surface, this wall decal is a fast simple way to lend artful color and dimension to your decor. Unlike other vinyl and stickers, this wall transfer is crafted from the highest quality thin vinyl in a matte finish to create a hand painted look. Use the pre-spaced design or let your imagination be the guide, as you can position and overlap individual parts of this design to create your own look. The one application transfer can be placed indoors or outdoors on a wall, mirror, window or other smooth space. Made in the USA toxin-free.

We recommend adding a proof so you can see and approve a JPG image of your personalized design in the colors you have chosen before it is cut. A $25 design fee will be applied for any decal order canceled after font and color proofs are created by the vendor.

  • Enter initials in the order they should appear. Traditionally, the last name is the center of the monogram
  • Pictured in hot pink, choose from a palette of colors
  • Shown 16"H, available in several sizes as measured from top to bottom of entire design

Personalized decals are created by Alphabet Garden Designs

How to Apply

Please Note Your design may have creases from shipping. This will not harm or affect your vinyl designs.

Surface Prep

Before you begin make sure there is no oil or dirt on your wall/surface or your design will not stick! Use a dry lint free cloth. For more stubborn dirt use only water, however wait 24 hours before installing your design after water has been applied to your surface. If your wall is newly painted, wait at least 3 weeks before you apply your decal or it may not adhere.

Design Prep

Place your design on a clean hard surface so that the backing paper (with the grid) is facing you and you are unable to see the design. Using your application card, burnish (rub) firmly on the backing several times to help the vinyl adhere to the front layer.

Design Placement

Decide where you would like to place your design onto your surface. Move design around until it is generally where you would like it to go.

Using blue painters or masking tape, place strips of tape along the top to hold your design in place. Make sure to use a sufficient amount of tape to secure and anchor your design. The tape will act as a hinge.

Straight Alignment

To ensure that your design is straight, align a level across top of the arrows on your design. Adjust your tape until your design is straight according to your arrows.

If you do not have a level, use a ruler to measure from the ceiling or a reference point above your design to your arrows. Important! Use the arrows, not the top of the application paper for a straight edge reference.

Remove Backing Paper

You tape is your anchor, if your tape isn't secure after flipping it up and is starting to release from your surface, go back and secure before continuing.

Carefully and slowly peel the backing layer away at a 45 degree angle. Very slowly, roll it off at an angle along the surface, doing a wiggle pull motion; pull the backing paper away from the vinyl. If at any time the vinyl does not want to come off the backing paper, push down the paper again in that spot, then push with your finger and try pulling again. For more stubborn spots, help start the transfer by lifting the edge with your fingernail. Important! Do not touch the vinyl's sticky side with your hands. The oil in your hands will prevent it from sticking.

Applying the Wall Decal

Your hinge is there to help anchor your vinyl in place.(like an extra pair of hands!) With your hands, starting from the top and moving downward, gently smooth the vinyl onto your surface.

Next, using your application tool and working from the center out, rub over top of the vinyl design to help it adhere to the surface.

Removing Transfer Tape

Starting from the top of the design, and using a slow, wiggle pulling motion, pull the top layer (the transfer tape) off at a 45 degree angle. Do not lift straight up. Important! We use a clear transfer tape (top layer) for your convenience so you can see the actual decal while you position it. This layer needs to be removed or you will not have the professional hand painted look.

For Stubborn Release:

  • Using more pressure, hold down the vinyl design with your finger against your surface as you pull off the top layer.
  • Work with smaller pieces after peeling away part of the top layer and cut away at the excess.
  • Run a hair blower on low heat across the design for a few seconds to heat up the adhesive allowing the vinyl to be easier to work with.
  • If you are having difficulty getting your design to release from the transfer tape, moisten a sponge and use it to dampen the back of the tape not the sticky side). This will help the design release from the tape. As you remove the transfer tape, press the design on the wall with your thumb or a dry cloth.

Multiple Color Application

When applying more than one color, use the Hinge Method and Arrows for each piece. The arrows on each piece match up with each other for perfect alignment.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so excited and just want to get my design up, how important is it to clean the surface before I start applying?
VERY! If there is dirt, oil or any residue on the surface the vinyl will not adhere correctly.
Can I pick a different font or color from the pre-designed wall decals?
es! Customization with other fonts is available. Email for more information.
I have an idea for a wonderful design, how do I bring it to life?
We can help you with custom designs for an additional fee. Email for more information.
I only have a certain area I can fit my wall quote, how can I make sure it will fit?
No problem! Contact us at with the dimensions of your space before you order, and we will give you the height of the lettering for those dimensions. The prices are calculated from the height of the letter.
How can I determine how long my lettering will be?
If you order a pre-designed lettering from our site it will have sizing for the width and height of the design. If no width is listed, it will vary based on the letters you order. We highly recommend ordering a proof to see your  design in the fonts and colors you order.
Do wall decals work in the bathroom?
Yes! On the wall that is...if you install it right on the bathtub or shower where the water is always hitting it may not stay as long!
Is my wall decal easily removable?
Yes! The vinyl is a low tack adhesive that is safe for surfaces. However, if you run a hair blower over your lettering before removing it, it will help release the adhesive. Since the vinyl is removable, make sure your little angels won't be able to reach!
How do I get it on straight?
To achieve a straight alignment, make sure you align the lettering of the quote and not the white paper around it. Measure from all sides and always measure twice!
Will my wall decals stick to everything?
Most paints and textured surfaces are compatible with the vinyl. However, with fabric, sandy walls and some matte paints it may not stick. We suggest you ask for a sample if you are not sure by emailing

Make sure you wait at least one month after painting your wall to hang your designs. After a month, try with a piece of masking tape, and if it doesn't remove any paint you are ready to go! (Make sure you try in an inconspicuous area!)
How long can I store my wall decal before using it?
If you store your decal too long before applying it loses it ability to stick and may not adhere well.

If you have to store it for a while (make sure it's not more then a year) and make sure it's in a dry clean area at temperature below 100°F.It's best to keep it in the box it came in.
Can I use my wall decal on wallpaper?
Yes! Remember your designs look best on solid colors so they don't get lost in the pattern and design of the wallpaper.
How long will my wall decal stick?
As long as you want it to! The sun will fade your paint over time so when you remove your design there may be a faint ghost line from the lettering. If the wall design is up for more then a couple of years it may be harder to remove. (Just use a hairdryer)
Can I clean my walls after I apply it?
Of course, just make sure you use cleaners not containing alcohol or abrasives. Regular soap and water works best.
Is my wall too bumpy to use a wall decal?
The vinyl is very thin and is meant to mold and follow the grooves of the wall. (Although, every wall is different) However, sandy type paint surfaces may not give the vinyl any place to grab on to. Vinyl can be used on many surfaces; walls, windows, mirrors, tile, ceramic, wood and metal, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like cinder block, brick or stucco. If you are unsure of your surface contact for a sample.
Can I reuse my vinyl lettering design?
No, the vinyl is used for one application only.
Where is my wall decal made?
All orders are made in the USA with no toxic materials.
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Scalloped Monogram Wall Decal

SKU: 22271
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