Registry FAQs

FAQs for Registrants

Why register?
It's easy to do, fun, and simplifies gift giving for your friends and family! The selections you make not only make buying gifts a breeze, but also help to showcase the look, styles and colors that you love. Even if your friends and family decide not to buy off your registry, they will still be able to get an idea of the types of products that you prefer.
Any other advantages to registering with Layla Grayce?
For Wedding and Baby Registries, we offer a 10% off discount to complete your registry. This discount must be used within six months of creating your registry and can only be used once after the event date has passed, but is our gift to you to celebrate your special event. To redeem this special completion bonus, please contact us at:
How do I create a Registry or Wish List?
If you are new to our site, you will need to create a new user account. Exiting customers need only login. Once logged in, click on the link for the type of registry (or wish list) you would like to create and enter all appropriate information. Once you have completed that step, start shopping! You will now see links on each product page to "add to my registry". Any color choices, quantities or other options you select will be saved to your registry.
What's the difference between a Registry and a Wish List?
Wedding and Baby Registries are familiar to most people. Wedding Registries can be searched by either partner's name; Baby Registries by either parent's name. Baby Registries will include information such as expected due date and gender of babies while Wedding Registries include wedding location and date. Personal Wish Lists can be used in several ways and you can create as many as you like. Use them to save your favorite items – things you may want to come back and purchase later. Or create a holiday gift wish list, a wedding shower wish list and so on. Friends and family can search and purchase from them just as they can from our traditional Wedding or Baby Registries.
What about my privacy?
You have the option to make any Registry or Personal Wish List private or public. Public lists can be viewed by anyone. Private lists can only be accessed by links within email invitations you send from your registry. You can always edit your registry to change your preferences.
What should I register for?
Anything you love! The reality is that most people will not be in a position to gift you with an expensive piece of furniture, but we invite you to think of our Gift Registry as a way to showcase your style. Select products that combine to form your vision of the perfect nursery for your baby, the perfect decorated home to begin your marriage in. Rugs, furniture and lighting come together to highlight your decorating style, your ideal "room". Don't forget to be practical though! Along with our home goods are hundreds of stunning accessories, smaller decor items and unique and fashionable baby items ideal for small and large gift budgets.
Need some help?
Need some help with decorating or selecting items to add to your list? Gift registrants can schedule a phone appointment with a Layla Grayce personal shopper who can help select products to add to your registry and provide design and decorating consultation. For more information, please contact after creating your gift registry. For general questions regarding our Gift Registry, please contact our customer service department during normal business hours at (626) 356-2133 or email us as:
Can I change or update my Registry or Wish List?
Absolutely! After you are logged in, go to your Registry or Personal Wish List. Click on the "Edit/Update" button near the top to update the primary information such as names and dates (if you have created more than one Wish List, be sure to select the correct one from the drop down menu). Also on this page is a "Delete" button on the bottom if you wish to totally delete the Registry or Wish List. From the main registry listing page you can delete individual items or change desired quantities.
How do I let people know about my Registry or Wish List?
While logged in, go to the Registry or Personal Wish List you wish to tell your friends or family about. At the top of the page is a button to email the registry or List. Simply add in the email addresses for everyone you wish to alert, add an optional personal message and send! An email with a direct link into your Registry or Personal Wish List will be sent to each email address you entered. Note that if you opted to make your Registry or Wish List private, the emailed link is the only way for people to view your list.
Can I return gift items?
Gifts that are not custom made or personalized can be returned for store credit or exchanged within 30 days by requesting a Return Authorization. Items that were made to order or personalized can not be returned unless defective. Please see our Return & Exchange Policies page for more detailed information.

FAQS for Gift Givers

How do I find out if someone is registered?
Click on the link for the Registry List Search page. Be sure to first click on the type of list you want to search in the Step 1 box before entering the information in Step 2. To search for a Baby Registry, Wedding Registry or Personal Wish List, you need only enter a last name. A listing of results will appear below to select from. If the registrant has opted to keep their list private, the only way to access the list is through a link contained in an email they can send to you. If you have any questions please contact our customer service department at .
How do I purchase from a registry?
It's simple! From the Registry or Personal Wish List page, click the "Add to cart" button. The item will be added to your shopping cart with any color choices or option preferences the registrant requested. Continue through checkout to purchase the gift.
Can you wrap the gift?
Many items can be gift wrapped for an additional $5 charge. After placing the item in your cart, click on the "Add Gift Wrap" button to select gift wrap and add a personal message. Note that some items are unable to be wrapped due to large or unusual size.
How long will the gift take to arrive?
While we stock many items that will ship out in approximately 1-2 business days, we also carry many custom items and products that require several weeks or more to ship. The estimated delivery time for all items is noted on the product page. To verify the delivery time for a gift, click on either the product name or the product photo from the registrant's Registry or Wish List page. This will take you to the product page where the delivery time is noted. Just be sure that if you are purchasing, you click the "Add to Cart" button from the registry page (rather than the product page) so the gift registry will be updated. Additionally, the shipping methods available are noted on the product page. Many items that we have in stock are able to be sent Second Day Air for an additional charge.
Can I give a gift certificate?
Sure! Gift certificates are a great way to ensure the recipient gets exactly what they want. They can be purchased in any amount and are either emailed or gift boxed for a more formal presentation. Recipients can put towards the purchase of larger, more costly registry items or use them to complete their registry purchases!
Do I have to select a gift from the registry?
You may find something from our New Additions or Gift Boutique pages that you think is perfect. Any gift is appreciated, and receiving something useful and unexpected is always a lovely surprise! Gift Registries help you to get a sense of the style and type of products that the recipient prefers, so use them as a starting point.
Can the gift be returned?
Don't be offended if your gift was returned or exchanged – the important thing is that your recipient has something they love. Gifts can be exchanged within 30 days. Please be aware that any item that is made to order or personalized is not returnable unless defective. Chances are though, if the person put it on their Registry or Wish List, it's something they really want.