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Pretty Personalized Mousepads

In this economic climate some of us find ourselves chained to our desks more than we would normally prefer. It’s time to breathe some life and color into a living space that takes a beating and survive the clutter of our lives. The clean and classic prints on the new Clairebella mouse pads bring a bit of cheer to the daily routine – be it paying bills at home or working away at the office. It’s the small things that remind us to take pause and enjoy the details in life. Each mouse pad can be personalized with either a name or a monogram, and the child friendly patterns may even prove to provide a more enthusiastic response to homework time. So dress up your desk a bit, and enjoy all the lovely little things throughout your day. View all Personalized Mousepads

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts by Occasion
It’s always tricky figuring out what to gift your mother with on Mother’s Day. You want to find something she will enjoy, something she’ll use, and something as lovely as she. Determining what fits this specific criterion presents a challenge, especially if you have limited time and budget. I am hoping this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Layla Grace will give you a head start on preparing a beautiful gift for your Mom. Just think about all those times she’s babysat your kids for you…:)

Jessie Steele Hostess Apron Chefs Pink and Black Damask

Black & Ivory Damask Apron

I like to keep a handful of aprons on hand and this black and ivory apron by Jessie Steele is one of my favorites. It’s comfortable, durable, and dressy enough to don for a dinner party. The classic pattern makes it appealing to women of all tastes.

Mistral Foam Bubble Bath Lavender

Lavendar Bath Bubble Foam

Every now and then, after a particularly long day, I enjoy a bath in the evening. Since I consider a bath a rare luxury, I like to glam it up a bit with bubble foam. In fact, I keep a bottle right next to my tub. Lavendar is a very soothing scent and appealing to many a gal so this is a safe bet to gift.

Picasso in the Park Earrings

Leaf Earrings

These are simply gorgeous. I’ve seen similar versions elsewhere but I love these the best. She’d think of you every time she wore them!

Pine Cone Hill Beach Roses Aqua Flannel Pajamas

Beach Roses Aqua Flannel Pajamas

What do you like best about these pretty pajamas? The enchanting shade of blue that is flattering to just about every skin tone? The elegant piping around the edges? Or the feminine floral design? These pajamas are pretty enough to keep on for that morning carpool run too. Please tell me I’m not the only mother who does this…

Ceramic White Cake Plates With Green Ribbon

Ribbon Cake Stands

Yes, it is a cake stand. But, you could use it to display cupcakes, cookies, fresh fruit cups, muffins, anything really! Pretty alone or stacked. If you wanted to go in on a group gift with other siblings, the entire set of 3 might be a fun option for your Mom.

Macbeth Collection Pitcher Kate

Floral Pitcher

Whether it holds a bouquet of white tulips or sits alone on a shelf or table, this pretty little thing is a sweet find. If your Mom is the gardening type, she may love having this in her potting shed.

Stephanie from stephmodo is a guest writer to Layla Grayce.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Aren’t these the fairest of them all? If there is one thing to love, it’s the perfect combination of unique femininity and timeless sophistication, and right now we’ve got our sights set on all things reflective. Mirrored and antiqued gold pieces have been making a come-back for a while now, but there is something so fresh about the personality in the Orchid Wall Prints and Aurum Convex Wall Mirror. And maybe that’s just itwhat better vision to exude from a reflection than – personality. Yet these pieces can hang on any wall in any room, with each admirer taking something different from them. The design pulls your attention with its clean lines and metallic charm that you can both dial up or down. The textured metal detailing lends itself nicely to pairings with the Gold Leaf Photo and Wall Holders. Thematically, the combination is spot on and why not share the wealth with hints throughout the room. We say, let that personality shine!

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Oioi Diaper Bags

Oioi Diaper Bags
Every fashion forward new mom will enjoy the newest additions to the OiOi diaper bag line. OiOi’s ever popular messenger bag is a convenient over the shoulder style while the leather hobo doubles as a fashionable must have handbag. Essential to the perfect diaper bag is the ability to complete all of mom’s organizational needs. With the array of pockets to hold this and that, mom will never be without. Vibrant orange, red and yellow leather hobo bags join the classic black and brown bags while the new patterned chocolate on cream bags are a stylish addition to existing prints. OiOi diaper bags are designed to be as durable as they are fashionable, sure to last those early years and beyond.

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Bratt Decor Furniture for Children

Bratt DecorBorn of elegance and charm, Bratt Decor is the premiere furniture line for children and babies. Using both classic and elegant designs, Bratt Decor’s furniture collection is the perfect resting spot for baby and child and will carry your little one throughout their childhood years. The beautifully scrolled Casablanca wrought iron and the carved perfection of the Chelsea will lull you to sleep, dreaming of a time gone by. The whimsy of the Dick and Jane collection is sure to tickle the fancy of every little boy and girl. Delight in the full range of cribs, beds, bookcases, changers and dressers available in the Heritage collection as you daydream about just the right color and the perfect finishing touch. Charming? Indeed.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring '09 Collection
When word got out that Petunia Pickle Bottom was introducing new patterns into their posh family of uber chic diaper bags, breathless anticipation kicked into full gear here at Layla Grayce. We know the creative elegance that the folks at Petunia are capable of; and new patterns mean new elements of delight and interpretations of modern vintage style.¬? Let me introduce you to two of my dear friends from the Spring 09 Collection, Empress and Chrysanthemum. These two attractive ladies are similar in all the right ways, yet different enough to make deciding between the two of them a bit of a challenge. Both patterns incorporate the oh-so popular beigie-gray color (“greige”) that has become mainstream high fashion these days. But while Chrysanthemum embraces the classic tonal pink florals, Empress exudes a bolder statement in its symmetry and contrasting use of color. They are sleek, sophisticated, and perfectly feminine. Empress and Chrysanthemum – A fresh look at the royalty worthy elegance that Petunia has become infamous for.

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Bella Notte Luxury Linens

Bella Notte Linens

Bella Notte, oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways for me to shop…

This is a line that can turn any boudoir into a photo-shoot worthy spread, complete with customized luxury linens by little ole you. And let me tell you, for a line that has so many options and could be so confusing to comprehend – ordering your bedding creation with Layla Grayce has never been more seamless. ¬?¬?Whether you are a Bella Notte novice or the brand is second nature to you, reacquaint yourself with what this heavenly bedding has to offer.

Getting started: Go to Shop by Brand (Bella Notte) to get the best overview of the line. If contemporary romantic color is what catches your eye, click on a color swatch and let it guide you through how each fabric option will take the color dye of your choosing. No two are the same, and a color that may come out rich and bold in Silk Velvet will most certainly look different in Linen. If you are drawn to the plethora of fabric options Bella Notte presents but don’t know where to start, click on any fabric icon and you will be lead directly to what items are offered in that fabric choice. If you know exactly what item you are looking for but want to browse both color and fabric options, click on the option to shop by product type. And last but certainly not least – click on View All Products for the most fun of all! And remember, making color and fabric decisions with a luxurious and custom line can be tough -so always feel free to request a swatch at: . Now go design the bedroom of your dreams!