I wish I may, I wish I might… I wish I had this snazzy bike!

We can all appreciate the value of any toy that draws our children’s attention outdoors and away from the T.V. these days welcome to the cr?®me de la cr?®me. The aptly named Wishbone Bike by Skip Hop is a feat of design, functionality, and fun – and offers even more in the way of motor skills development and physical coordination. Without petals to inhibit your child’s ability to balance, this bike then allows them to zoom along their merry way while slowly building up the confidence and skills required for a 2-wheeler. And for those “off roading” trips or for little ones who would rather have the security of training wheels – it’s an easy add on. Did we mention the bike fits 1-5 years old and the seat can alternate to suit your growing child’s needs? Oh yes, it can! So rarely does one come across a product that can truly grow with your child, and all the while magically incorporating physical entertainment and learning. And just to make you jump a bit more for joy, the Wishbone (and even its packaging!!) is eco-friendly. Our wish has certainly come true!

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