Nursery Style by Serena and Lily

Ever wish that when it came to designing your nursery, someone would just hand you a book with clear cut directions and a good place to start? Well here you go! Nursery Style by Serena and Lily is not only a noteworthy publication for its tremendous help in getting parents started with their design ideas, but it is also a quality addition to your coffee table. Encompassing every aspect from defining your style to working with your flooring, this book covers it from top to bottom. Although the book focuses on four very Serena and Lily-ish nursery styles: Classic, Vintage, Modern, and Eclectic – a person would be hard pressed to not find at least one of these style (if not a blend) charming and ideal for their nursery needs. Organized in a logical flowing manner that makes each outlined design task seem easy, this book even outlines suggested color combinations to fit each style as well as boy, girl and gender neutral needs. Nursery Style is littered with gorgeous images that will inspire your wheels of creativity to spin just by looking at them alone. And this jump start of inspiration extends well beyond the nursery as many of the color palettes and themes are applicable to almost every room in the house. Happy summer reading!

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