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Artisan Spotlight - Womens Jewelry

Part of the fun in running a boutique website is building a personal relationship with the unique vendors we proudly display on our site. And once in a while a terrific gem comes along that we can’t help but to celebrate for both their craft, and insight into their industry. For a product as personal as jewelry you can often find a unique story that parallels the creation of each piece. We asked Rebecca Wagler to share with us her inspirations for design and visions of the future of her jewelry.

Inspiring Rebecca’s creative process:

  • Music Naming most of her pieces after lines in her favorite songs is commonplace for Rebecca who is always listen to music when working
  • Vintage pieces She’s always on the hunt for vintage pieces or vintage inspired pieces to create focal points for her work
  • Natural elements Rebecca love to use natural stones and themes that are inspired by nature such as birds, butterflies, flowers, branches
  • Fashion Reading blogs online, checking out the latest trends in fashion and design is all in a day’s work and inspire her to develop new pieces

What Rebecca envisions for the future of her jewelry design:

  • Really special pieces for a one-of-a-kind vintage collection
  • A “Luxe” collection with gold and sterling and lots of shimmer and shine!

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  1. mary Says:

    Rebecca’s jewelry takes my breath away. It is so delicate and beautiful.

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