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This is my first time as a featured poster on Layla Grayce and I am so happy to be part of their selected designers! The girls, Tiffany and Wendy, hold a special place in my heart for it was many years ago that they came to me seeking advice and product to open their web site. The world of web retailing was new then and they took a great idea and built which is today a fabulous, go-to site for all things in the world of home decor. Through the years they have also been super supportive of my line which is why I am so happy that they are one a few selected web retailers to carry the new “Annette Tatum” line as well as my new book The Well Dressed Home.

I am often asked what the inspiration is behind what I do. Of course having 4 children of my own and loving fabrics, fashion and color, I find inspiration in many different places. I have gotten wiser through the years, and I often check to see if my ideas “hold water” with my friends at Layla Grayce. They serve as a very useful guide in selecting what product consumers will want and need. I have often picked up the phone to call Wendy or Tiffany to ask: “what do you think?” As retailers they have so much insight as to what customers want in home decor that it’s always great to get their opinion. Is contemporary still selling? What patterns are working? Does neutral really work for a nursery?

This year I had the incredible experience of creating my first book The Well Dressed Home and also a new brand “Annette Tatum”, which is a compliment to the already existing “house inc.” line. With my new book launching and my wanting to branch out creatively, “Annette Tatum” seemed like the obvious brand name to go with. While embracing the past and yet departing from it, you will still see a few soft prints with florals and stripes (signature to the “house inc.” and “little house” brand) but also an infusion of fashion inspired prints with different textures and details.

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