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Welcome, welcome Trish Moreno of Little Giraffe! You represent one of our best selling and best known brands. We are dying to pick your brain on all exciting happenings in your company right now, and hear more about your poignant outreach efforts. Readers, stay tuned for details below for another fabulous giveaway!

Q&A with Trish Moreno
I am honored to be a featured blogger on Layla Grayce! You’ve always carried such an extensive selection of Little Giraffe products, beautifully showcased and easy to search & purchase. We hear rave reviews of your customer service too, so we are proud to have our collections carried on your site!

Trish Moreno, CEO Little Giraffe

Tell us a bit about your company’s history. What was the inspiration for starting your business?
Little Giraffe was founded in 2000 by a busy new mom who wanted a soft cozy blanket for her baby that was also easy-care. In the beginning, she offered a few select blankets in the softest fabrics available. The blankets were a huge success and filled a void in the market. Little Giraffe grew to become known for creating the coziest, and most luxurious?Äîyet practical?Äîblankets, blankys and baby accessories on the market. I joined the Little Giraffe team in 2009, and bring 20 years of experience in merchandising and marketing to this well-loved brand. I am supported by an amazing team, including the company’s original founder who remains on board as Director of Design & Development. We’re committed to providing products that are true to the brand that our customers have fallen in love with over the last decade.
What influences your design and color selection?
We always want to provide the softest, most sumptuous fabrics for our products, and make everything machine washable so it’s easy to care for. We carry a range of essential, versatile colors like pink, blue, cream, mocha and celadon, and then we have fun experimenting with bold colors like aqua and raspberry. We’ve streamlined our entire collection, keeping our most popular color and fabric combinations, and will always introduce new trend collections to keep the line fresh.
Is there a favorite design or design concept this season?
We are so excited about our newest reversible blanket that features our popular Luxe faux fur on one side and reverses to a soft diamond quilted fabric with a coordinating satin border, available in pink or blue. It’s a modern take on a traditional style blanket, and it’s machine washable like everything in our collection. We’ve also just launched the Lollipop Collection, which is white chenille with a dot satin back and a sweet striped satin border. Both of these new collections have been extremely popular since we debuted them at market this month.
Do you have a favorite design related blog that you enjoy or are inspired by?
I wish I had more time to read and follow the blog circuit. When I have a chance, I like to check in with Design*Sponge, and I am always inspired by Brocade Home’s blog. I also subscribe to The Cool Hunter – they travel the world so I don’t have to! I am an artist in my “spare” time, so I view everything with a design eye and find inspiration in unlikely places, too.
What’s new ahead in the way of trends or product features?
We’ve listened to our customers who have fallen in love with our blankets for their kids and want the same ultra-soft products for themselves. We have recently launched a line of throws for home interiors so grown-ups like us can cuddle up with the softest, most luxurious blankets in the market! We also find that babies who are raised with Little Giraffe blankets won’t accept anything less as they grow out of their blankys, so we had to make throws for their “big kid” beds.
Is your company “Green” or do you have some sort of community outreach program?
Little Giraffe believes in supporting our community and is committed to philanthropic endeavors. We often provide our products and support to several organizations throughout the year. Most recently we participated in “Operation Jump for Joy” aboard the USS Midway to honor military families and to benefit Snowball Express, the charity for children of fallen military heroes since Sept. 11, 2001. We were thrilled to provide about $40,000 worth of our products to support this organization, and to help a child who has lost a parent find some comfort through Little Giraffe.

Its giveaway time! Little Giraffe wants you to experience their product first hand and is offering their best selling Chenille Baby Blanket, Chenille Security Blanket and Chenille Hooded Towel set to one lucky winner. To enter: Become a fan Layla Grayce and Little Giraffe on Facebook. Leave a comment on the Layla Grayce Facebook page below this posting or right here on the blog telling us what your favorite Little Giraffe item is. Winner selected at random, contest closes on 1/31 6pm, est.

Congrats to Kristin Howard Goldmacher, the lucky winner of Little Giraffe’s giveaway!

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54 Responses to “Q&A – Little Giraffe’s Trish Moreno”

  1. Crystal Quintanilla Says:

    My favorite item is the towel with the little ears. Nothing is better then to see my lil boy all cute and comfy after a nice warm bath. :)

  2. Erin Says:

    I love the pink Chenille Security Blanket . Little Giraffe products are so snugly and soft, I love them!

  3. sarena Says:

    I absolutley love the entire line of lil Giraffe, But if I have to chosse one product it would be the Lil Giraffe blanket luxe faux fur satin dot blanket it is so sweet, looks so soft and any baby would be happy to be wrapped up in it!! Thank you for providing this line it’s AMAZING!

  4. Sydney S Says:

    I think the Little Giraffe Pillow Velvet in celadon is so pretty. There are far too many products to pick just one favorite though!

  5. Carissa Pettinichio Says:

    I love Little Giraffe blankets, they are the best! In fact, my son has 2 of the small blankets, one for home and one to travel with. He also has the original baby blue blanket and we just bought him the new larger blanket in green (the crib size blanket). I’m pregnant right now and I plan on buying more Little Giraffe blankets for my next baby! Keep up the great products :)

  6. Patty Schmidt Says:

    I love ALL the blankets. But my favorite is my son’s ORANGE one!!

  7. aimee Says:

    i adore the satin sheets..my baby loves them and she mostly always wakes up from nap time with her hair duo still done. thaaank you and pick me? with a cherry on top??? ;)

  8. Leticia DeGrazia Says:

    The entire line is absolutely adorable…its definitely a must have for a baby gift!

  9. Erin Says:

    Our favorite Little Giraffe product is the velvet satin blanket! It goes everywhere with my daughter. We love to snuggle in it’s coziness!

  10. Sarah Says:

    I want the whole chenille collection!! But I definitely have to say the bath towel. Perfect and soft and cozy for coming out of the bath!!

  11. jill Says:

    love little giraffe. i was lucky enough to be given the tiny security blankie for my first baby girl. she loves it fiercely.

  12. Kerry Says:

    So hard to pick but I love all the blankets! LOVE THEM!

  13. Amanda Johnson Says:

    My favorite item is definitely the Velvet Floral blanket in mocha or lilac. What a wonderful, rich looking fabric that is super soft for baby, but chic enough for mommy. If all children’s blankets were this luxurious and beautiful, mom wouldn’t be bothered by seeing blankies laying all around the house :)

  14. Hannah Says:

    My favorite Little Giraffe product is definitely the chenille blanket. All 3 of my girls have 2 of them and they are their favorites! I love how easy they are to care for & they wash up so nice!

  15. michelle sardella Says:

    We have a few things from Little Giraffe, my three year old son passed down some of his blankets and loveys to my 11 month old, but our favorite is a bigger, super soft light blue lovey that he cannot sleep with out. He pulls it over his eyes at night to fall asleep :)

  16. Lisa Schmuck Says:

    My favorite Little Giraffe item is the chenille blanket. It is so luxurious and beautiful. Love it!!

  17. Kristina Says:

    I love the Little Giraffe luxe blanket in aqua the most. My son Jaiden looks so adorable wrapped in it! I live in Europe and had a very hard time to lay my hands on this little blanket, since it’s not sold here. But the trouble was so worth it!

  18. Abby Theis Says:

    My daughter got a Little Giraffe satin blanket for her 1st birthday. She is now 3.5, and the blanket looks more like a rag than a blanket from all the love it has received! She wore a hole through her favorite corner from rubbing it, and it is more dirt colored than pink now. I love that it came with a stroller blanket (we leave it in her car seat) so if we can’t find one, the other will do. My son just received one for christmas, and it is already one of his favorite things to sleep with. We love the blankets, and would love a replacement one for my daughter.

  19. Linda Says:

    We have the little giraffe chenille blanket and my daughter loves it! I love how adorable the polka dot border is :)

  20. Leslie mcdermott Says:

    Omg…Little Giraffe is my favorite!!! I bought one for each of my 3 kids now my 4th is here and am LOVING the new 60’s retro bright blue with florets!! Cutest I have seen yet! I just inquired with Layla Grace to see if they are going to carry it. Any item anybody wins will be an heirloom treasure! Just look at Suri Cruise…she carries hers everywhere! Wish me luck!!!

  21. Cynthia S Says:

    Little Giraffe Cover Up Womens Velvet Flower I really like this robe. Looks to be somewhat light weight, and very appealing visually. Easy to throw on ‘cover up’ and it covers!! Soft on mom, soft on baby. And I think Pop would like it too!!

  22. Deanna Sena Says:

    My twins love the chenille blanket. They love cuddling up in mommy’s lap and being wrapped in that cozy softness!!!

  23. Ashley Madsen Says:

    I’m a fan of both. Ok, trying to pick a fav is tough because I have a list of favorites. I love the chenille throw. I also love the chenille blanket with the polka dot satin edge. And for mom, those robes look amazing!

    My nieces and nephews each have a blanket and a few security blankets that if one is missing, we have to search before bed time. They’re just too comforting.

  24. Tracy Says:

    Ooohhh!!! What a wonderful winter cuddle set to be giving away! We have never had the opportunity to experience Little Giraffe, but sure would love to!!! Thank you!!

  25. Donna Tatum Says:

    I love the chenille blanket as does my Son. He has to have it touching his face when he is sleeping. I find comfort in knowing he feels a sense of security from his “Little Giraffe”.

  26. Celinda Vargas Says:

    Trish, I am so glad you are on today. I recently picked my daughter Anna up from grandma’s house and when I grabbed her coveted chenille security blanket her aunt Kerry told me that it belonged to her Addy. I had to prove it belonged to Anna (by a tiny little stain on the satin trim)because our household knows she will not sleep without it. I can not bring myself to write her name on it. I was wondering if you could pass along the idea of leaving a little blank tag on it for a name. Little Addy’s security blanket is still missing. We are getting her a new one for Valentine’s day. :)

  27. Erin Says:

    I love the chenille blanket. Both my kids can’t sleep without them!

  28. Carrie Says:

    I love the Little Giraffe Duo Blankets! I’m expecting my first child in August and would LOVE to have at least one for him or her to cuddle in!!

  29. karen Says:

    My neice and nephew both snuggle with their Little Giraffe chenille blankets. Both will celebrate birthdays next month- my neice will turn one and my nephew will turn three. It sure would be great to give them this stellar Little Giraffe prize pack!

  30. Kristin Says:

    My favorite is the Chenille Blanket. Each of my children received one when they were born, and have each slept with them every single night of their lives (mocha, green, and lavender are their colors). My oldest at four is starting to not need his so much anymore, but like an old friend, has to know where it is at all times. My middle had his tucked next to him in the NICU during his rough first week, and my daughter’s provided the inspiration for her nursery. They are, by far, our most cherished baby items of them all.

  31. Margie Says:

    I can’t wait to check out everything LG makes..I didn’t realize that they make adult robes, etc. as well as baby items..I’m excited about being a LG fan…

  32. susan Says:

    My son & daughter both love love their chenille baby blankets…so do i!!

  33. kristin Says:

    My 13-month-old would love one of the faux fur pillows. Her new favorite thing is cuddling with our couch pillows (not nearly as snuggly).

  34. Melanie Walsh Says:

    I purchased my first Little Giraffe blanket in 2006. I purchased 3 more,a housecoat, burp pads and last month I ordered a pink chenille vintage travel blanky from Dream A Little Dream. Hands down! the pink chenille blankets are the BEST!

  35. Melanie Says:

    I love the Luxe Hooded Towels! They make a baby fresh out of a bath even cuter :) There’s nothing sweeter than those wet eyelashes on a sweet face wrapped in a fuzzy towel!

  36. Ashley Kerth Says:

    I love the Chenille blankets and the Luxe Cream Satin Dot blankets… They are all so heavenly!

  37. Mindy Says:

    This is one of my absolute favorite baby gifts to give to my friends when they have a baby. I couldn’t wait until I could buy my daughter her hot pink chenille blanket. When I was pregnant with her, I kept telling my husband over and over that I wanted an adult sized blanket and he looked and looked and was unable to find one. He did buy me a housecoat which was absolutely amazing, but absolutely huge on me to this date. I love the little blankets (with satin trim) and can’t wait to get a larger one for myself to cuddle up with at night.

  38. Velvet Hubler Says:

    I love the Little Giraffe Blanket Chenille Clouds

  39. Kristin Says:

    My daughter loves the faux fur blanket. It’s perfect and fashionable….a must have!!

  40. jessica Says:

    These are absolutely divine! So precious!
    {the Little Giraffe Security Blanket – satin dot}

  41. grandlizzy Says:

    grands love little Giraffe blanket! new little grand offer her own!

  42. Tara Reimer Says:

    I love the cream luxe blankets… so buttery and soft. It’s all so heavenly.

  43. Sarah Says:

    My twins love everything in the Little Giraffe line!!

  44. brenda shults Says:

    Been friends with LG for quite a long time now on FB… ever since I first got the bedding and bath sets for my granddaughter I have always wanted a Little G robe of my own…sigh, maybe one day! Wont that be grand!

  45. Christy Says:

    The Luxe Duo looks super delicious:) My daughter would love it!

  46. Francine Sanchez Says:

    I love the luxe hooded towels. How cute!!

  47. Tracy Says:

    What’s not to love? LOL One of my faves for mommy is the Little Giraffe Cover Up Womens Velvet Flower :)

  48. stacie Says:

    i love the little giraffe luxe blankets!!

  49. Lindsay Says:

    Little Giraffe will make the perfect baby gift for my two pregnant friends, I think. And they’re both having GIRLS! Yay, pink! Totally crushing the velvet dot blanket…

  50. Susan Hahaj Says:

    I love the Little Giraffe velvet blanket floral! Can’t beat the plushness, and I love texture and beauty combined! Gorgeous! Thanks for a chance to win! I’m a fan of both sites on Facebook! Suzie

  51. Ron Miller Says:

    fan of both, Little Giraffe 3 Piece Crib Set Chenille and Velvet how cool is that!

  52. Leslie Genna Says:

    I have a Chenille Throw that was given to me as a baby shower gift. It was wonderful to snuggle up with it while nursing. My husband and I fight over who gets to use it while we were up late at night with a baby that refused to sleep. As he said “it is like instant warmth” when you wrap it around you. Now, I just need one for this new baby.

  53. Sylvie McWilliams Says:

    I’m a Layla Grace and Little Giraffe fan on facebook. I love the Little Giraffe Blanket. What a cozy little item!

  54. Cathy Says:

    My two grand daughters and I love the Little Giraffe luxe satin coverall robes. We relax in comfort in colors pink, blue and brown.
    Wonderful product.