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Making a bold and welcomed entrance – Layla Grayce presents Thomas Paul. This dazzling collection of rugs and pillows brightens our day and we are eager to learn more about the master of this creation. Thomas Paul – please share! Readers, stay tuned for details below for another fabulous giveaway!

Q & A with Thomas Paul

Tell us a bit about your company’s history. What was the inspiration for starting your business?
The Thomas Paul company started when I was working as a designer/colorist/account rep for a neckwear manufacturer. I was growing a bit frustrated with the limitations of the market I worked for – you can only do so much with a tie, and men are not that open to experimenting with new colors and designs, so my creativity was limited. I thought, what can I do utilizing the printing and manufacturing capabilities of the company I was working for – my first thought was silk scarves, but then I thought-what about silk pillows, so the first silk pillow collection was born out of this.
What influences your design and color selection?
It varies – it can be something I see on a trip, or in a magazine, or the feeling or mood from a song or film. Sometimes things just sort of pop into my head, but I may have seen something a year ago that influenced that idea.
Is there a favorite design or design concept this season for the Thomas Paul Collection?
I am really excited about the new outdoor pillows we are launching for Spring 2010. I feel like they are a bit of a return to my original flat, poppy style – I have been doing more hand drawn images these past few seasons. Plus it is fun that we can finally offer an outdoor product that people have been asking for – there are not that many interesting outdoor pillows around.
Do you have a favorite design related blog that you enjoy or are inspired by?
I usually check in with design sponge, I think Grace has a very good eye and I often find new things on her blog that I have not seen before, which always surprises me because I like to think that I know everything that is going on in design, but there is so much information out there now, so it is nice to have a good filter or editor.
What’s new ahead in the way of trends or product features?
We are expanding out into new categories including bath and hopefully bedding.
Is your company “Green” or do you have some sort of community outreach program?
Most of the fabrics used in the line are linen or jute, which naturally are very eco friendly fibers, as they do not require pesticides or a lot of water to grow. We also try to limit packaging materials – I hate over done packaging and hang tags – they always seem like such a waste when you buy clothes as you clip them off and they go right into the trash.

Its giveaway time! One lucky winner will receive the rich, Chocolate Brown Cotton Zinnia Pillow. To enter: Become a fan Layla Grayce on Facebook. Leave a comment on the Layla Grayce Facebook page below this posting or right here on the blog telling us what your favorite Thomas Paul rug or pillow is. Winner selected at random, contest closes on Monday, February 8th at 6pm, est.

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6 Responses to “Q&A – Thomas Paul”

  1. Ann Ever Says:

    I love the Thomas Paul birdcage pillow. I also love the Thomas Paul fabrics and would love to recover something with them.

  2. Nikki Says:

    I was just recently introduced to Thomas Paul through your blog, and I love his stuff. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I love it all!

  3. Kyle Knight Says:

    It’s hard to choose one, but my favorite is the Duck Egg Blossom Linen Pillow..gorgeous color and modern, yet timeless print.

  4. gretchen Says:

    I love all the pillows, but especially the Indigo Blossom Linen pillow. Thanks, Gretchen

  5. Julie D Says:

    My favorite is the Lovebirds Corn Cream Tufted Wool Pile Rug. Amazing!

  6. Victoria Kunzer Says:

    I live in horse country and the thoroughbred series is my favorite, I forward his link to all my friends. His designs would look perfect on the sofas and beds of all my friends here on the North Shore!