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Mor Cosmetics Deon St. Mor
Mor Cosmetics Summer of Love Giveaway
Our senses are heightened with delight to bring you a featured post by the co-creator of the visually stunning and tactilely tantalizing MOR, Deon St. Mor. Readers, stay tuned for details below for another fabulous giveaway!
QA Deon St. Mor

Tell us a bit about your company’s history. What was the inspiration for starting your business?

Since we met Dianna Burmas (co founder) and I have always complimented one another. With her background in visual merchandising and mine in industrial design plus a shared passion in travel, fashion, food and the arts, it was a natural progression for us to form a business partnership.

Both of us are inspired by traditional apothecary and creating body care products fed our experimenting passion in blending age old and contemporary ingredients. The whole process allowed us to channel our energies into capturing something truly original that we both wholeheartedly believed in.

Today we have over 150 products within the MOR range that we sell globally. Though presented with a distinctive MOR signature, each collection is purposely different from one another, as we always wanted to offer something for everyone”.

What influences your design and color selection?

Everyday living influences my design. Different people have also always influenced me in different ways, such as my girlfriends, family, friends and people I have met through various walks of life.

Colour is vital to product expression and our products come to life through multiple tones and colours.

MOR’s packaging and aesthetic has always had a feminine feel and the textures, patterns, shapes, forms, colour palette has always been purposefully retrospective.

The design influences date back to 500BC Ancient Greek Mythology, to the elegant 16th-18th Century pre French Revolution era, on to the 50¬?s Post Depression pastels age, to the current contemporary interpretation of fashion trends.

Often it is about turning the ?Äòold into the new’.

Is there a favorite design or design concept this season?

Rather than design concepts we like to work in “moods” and this season we are presenting a moody, gothic edge in our visual communication.

Our latest photo shoot presents our collections in a dark and moody atmosphere, with exaggerated tones of true blood red’s, pewter, deep green moss and gothic elements. We aspired to create the ?Äòtwilight’ affect with a MOR twist, which I think we achieved beautifully.

What’s new ahead in the way of trends or product features?
Over the next two seasons we are leaning towards a dark, gothic and moody edge to drive our creative.
Is your company “Green” or do you have some sort of community outreach program?
As a rule of thumb we are pro active and keep in mind all printing and manufacturing processes that harm the environment. Where possible, we will pull back on extra layers of added processes that add to environmental degradation.

Its giveaway time! A luxurious giveaway is at hand! Leave a comment on our blog, or for a facebook entry, please leave a comment directly below this posting saying what your favourite thing about the MOR line is (i.e. is it a scent, a particular product, packaging on an item), and one lucky winner will take home the scrumptious My Summer Of Love gift set – yum! Winner selected at random, contest closes on Friday 2/26 6pm, est.

Congratulations to Jo McDonald the winner of the Mor Cosmetics Summer of Love Gift Set. Enjoy!

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38 Responses to “Q&A and Giveaway – MOR Cosmetics”

  1. Julia Says:

    I absolutely love the packaging. Gorgeous!

  2. Karen Says:

    The products look lovely just sitting out, and even better – the hand/cuticle cream (my fave product) works wonders.

  3. Kristin C. Says:

    Love the packaging, and their eco-friendly mindset! I’d love to display this set in my guest bathroom, or maybe save it for myself! :)

  4. Jennie Says:

    More than anything, I adore the packaging. It just looks cool and ornate, plus it adds a smooch of luxury to my boudoir!

  5. jessica Says:

    I love the packaging. It is so pretty, and unique. I would love to have it set on my bathroom shelf

  6. Susan K Says:

    For me it’s the packaging- makes a beautiful accent in the bathroom or bedroom. As well, I am partial to the name, with mother’s day coming up- Mor is mother in Swedish. What a fun gift that would be.

  7. Lindsay Lee Says:

    LOVE the packaging. Thank you for this giveaway!

  8. Hope Evarts Says:

    The Kale and Watercress Body Butter is heavenly!!! And the Beautiful packaging.

  9. Yvette Says:

    Yes the packaging is fantastic, right down to the last detail (textured paper, gold stamping) but the product itself is just as divine, the most amazing smells

  10. Melissa N. Says:

    Their packaging is beyond beutiful, and they have some great scents.

  11. Jean Says:

    It’s too hard to choose amongst the packaging, the scents, the lux feel; I love them all! I especially love the floral scents, though, which are not overpowering yet still carry.

  12. Tracy Says:

    I am so in love with MOR we could get married, I love the packaging, and I love the Lychee flower soap and I love, love, love, the snow gardenia body butter! The scent of MOR products rival all the high end candles I’ve ever purchased that are at minimum 3 times the price!

  13. Kat C. Says:

    I love two things: i love the very elegant and dainty packaging, and the fact that they are very environmentally-conscious :)

  14. Melisa Merrill Says:

    I have never tried it. But I do agree the packaging is beautiful. I hope I am the lucky winner.

  15. bunnyb Says:

    I love the packaging! It’s so beautiful! And the scents sounds heavenly.. Mmmmm..

  16. Pat F. Says:

    love the packaging- It is so pretty- elegant, would compliment any bathroom, thanks for the chance to win.

  17. April Brooks Says:

    Their packaging is just drop dead gorgeous. The Lip Delights are what first caught my attention!

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

  18. Colleen Says:

    I would love the Mor Cosmetics Emporium Candle Italian Blood Orange, I think this would smell wonderful


  19. Debbie Says:

    I love the packaging as well and when you have all men in the house, anything that makes you feel feminine, even for a little while, is wonderful!!!

  20. Melissa D Says:

    Everything about MOR products is beautiful: the design, the scrumptious scent, the overall quality. I’m a HUGE fan!

  21. Johnna Rano Says:

    I love the romantic packaging

  22. Carrie Says:

    The packaging is feminine and pretty, and the products smell so nice too!

  23. Roberta A Says:

    Great interview. I enjoyed learning that each season you have a “mood” instead of a design concept.

  24. Jessica Says:

    They are beautiful and they work. True Luxury!

  25. Kathy Says:

    It leaves you wanting MOR!

  26. J Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the elegant packaging! Gorgeous.

  27. Patti Says:

    Received a Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle for my birthday in January, it sits on my dresser and I don’t want to use it because its too beautiful?ô?

  28. Kimberly Says:

    My favorite product and scent is the Emporium Body Butter Snow Gardenia.

  29. Danelle Anderson Says:

    I think the packaging is great. Love all the wonderful scents!

  30. Kim Hartley Says:

    Love the pink packaging, so girly:)….it’s so pretty…would LOVE to try it!!!

  31. Ashey Brooks Says:

    The packaging! It’s right up my alley. It looks so luxurious.

  32. angela m Says:

    i love the scents and the packaging.

  33. Emily B Says:

    The scents sound amazing – and the packaging is so lush! Love it.

  34. Jo McDonald Says:

    The glamourous old school Hollywood packaging is just exquisite. You almost don’t want to use the product to just keep the packaging, but then you do, and you fall in love all over again. I love the scents just as much as the packaging!

  35. LV Says:

    I just love the fragrances and the items themselves looks so glamorous when presented… they make beautiful gifts for girlfriends, showers, etc.

  36. Amber Porter Says:

    I so love the packaging and the scents sound to die for!

  37. Erin Says:

    The packaging looks so luxurious and fancy. Right now I am in the midst of life with three little ones-including a newborn. These products would sure make me feel more glamorous and pretty-even when I am going on little to no sleep! LOL

  38. Ron Miller Says:

    I’d have to say their packaging is pretty impressive, I think the wife would love it if I should win this for her. Or my 23YO daughter, but I’ll let them fight that fight