Giveaway and Q&A with Pine Cone Hill

Pine Cone Hill QA with Annie Selke

Today we are honored to introduce the delightful Annie Selke, multitasking owner and creative force behind Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert brands.

Annie, tell us a bit about your company’s history. What was the inspiration for starting your business?
I’ve loved vintage patterns & textiles since I was in grade school and went on to study textiles and art history at the University of Vermont and fashion merchandising at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I also gained experience in merchandising and product development at Saks Fifth Avenue, Conran’s, and Ferragamo. Even with this background it was still a huge leap of faith when I decided to quit my job and start Pine Cone Hill in 1994. I was a new mom with a secure job (including health benefits) with an itch to start my own company. I knew that if it worked I would be my happiest self.

Dash & Albert Cotton Area RugsWhat influences your design and color selection?
A better question is what doesn’t. I believe that part of my success as a designer is due in great part to my innate curiosity for people, places and things. I love meeting people and learning about others and I always ask a ton of questions. I love to travel and take in different landscapes; I carry my camera with me everywhere and use it liberally. I’m a tireless scourer of flea markets and antique shops. I have an enormous collection of antique fabrics and am always finding more. Undoubtedly, I use all of this information when making design choices.

Is there a favorite design or design concept this season?
Clean, comfortable, livable modern. I recently moved from a 5,400 square foot, 9 bedroom Victorian to a 2,200 square foot, 3 bedroom mid-century house so my latest design project has been my own house. I’ve always had a great appreciation for modern design and architecture but the move has certainly pulled the design concept for the season towards a less fussy, but still beautiful aesthetic.

Do you have a favorite design related blog that you enjoy or are inspired by?
It is not a blog, but I am constantly visiting 1st Dibs. It is like going to an Art History class. There is so much to look at and learn about. I’ve been known to have 5 or 6 searches going on their site at a time. Another great website/product that I was recently introduced to is They use wonderful images from a variety of sources, including the Victoria & Albert Museum and Natural History Museum, to make prints, murals and window blinds. They are so cool! I also enjoy the Peak of Chic, Eddie Ross and a bunch of others. I don’t visit one religiously but prefer to bob around following the suggestions of the blogs. I call it blog hopping.

Decorative Pillows from the Pine Cone Hill Brights bedding collectionWhat’s new ahead in the way of trends or product features?
It is no secret that we are currently in a recession and the products that will be most successful in the near future are those that make it easy and inexpensive to change the look of a room. Decorative pillows in bright colors or distinct patterns are becoming more popular for this reason as are our really affordable cotton area rugs. This concept works for both living spaces and bedrooms; a living room with neutral walls and furniture can look drastically different based on what pillows are shown on the sofa or what rug is on the floor. On the bed, a white coverlet and duvet can go from beachy to baroque by switching out a few pillows or shams and adding a throw.

Pine Cone Hill has several looks from brights to soothing neutrals. What collection best describes your personal style right now?
You know, there is a part of me that loves it all or else I wouldn’t design and produce it. I like excellent quality classics as the basis for any room, bed (or outfit for that matter) and then I like to add accessories that move me at the moment. So, basically I like to start with a versatile base from Neutral Territory or Urban Tree house and then change the accessories seasonally or even weekly! I really love finding new ways to layer and mix textures, patterns and colors.

What bedding collection is on your own bed at home? Do you change it often?
I currently have our 400 thread count Ruched Sky duvet and shams with our classic hemstitch sheets. Being completely surrounded by top quality, 400 thread count bedding is so luxurious! Not so surprisingly, I have a very full linen closet at home so I do small changes quite often; I’ll add a quilt or put a new blanket on to switch things up. I also love picking up really special pieces that fit my color scheme. I currently have some outrageously gorgeous embroidered shams on my bed from Ananli and some pillows from Ankasa. I appreciate all textiles, not just my own!

Pine Cone Hill Ruched Sky & Genevieve Sky beddingWhat is the most challenging part running the Annie Selke companies, and do you ever sleep?
Pine Cone Hill has grown tremendously in the past 15 years and I feel very responsible for each of our employees. The fact that every business decision I make affects them both directly and indirectly is certainly a challenge and something I am always aware of. I want all of our employees to be happy and healthy and I work closely with our tireless human resources manager to make sure we are doing all we can to make this possible. I do have a very busy schedule but I also want to be happy and healthy and therefore strive to find balance in my life. Having a rich and active life requires a good night’s sleep. So yes, I sleep…I promise!

It’s glorious giveaway time again! One grand winner will be the recipient of a cotton 4×6 woven Dash and Albert rug of their choice. Thank you to Annie Selke for providing the piece! Contest rules are as follows:

  1. Leave a comment in our blog or in this Facebook posting directly below stating your favorite quality of the Annie Selke companies – Pine Cone Hill and Dash and Albert and why.
  2. Become a Facebook fan of Layla Grayce

Special thanks to Annie Selke for being a featured poster for us! The winner of the Dash & Albert rug is Lesli Douglass!

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146 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A with Pine Cone Hill”

  1. Beth Says:

    I love their use of color. The colors are so dreamy!!!

  2. Emily C Says:

    I love the vibrant patterns! There really is something for everyone.

  3. Stephanie Adkins Says:

    Color, color, color! Texture and patterns used! Absolutely gorgeous! You can escape into a dreamy world.

  4. Erika Says:

    I love that the designs are clean and classy looking. There is so much to mix and match also and you can really pull in different items and change the whole room up should your mood change one day!

  5. Shana Ellis Says:

    I love the patterns and mix of patterns…I think it is timeless and for all ages!! I love them and so does my 4 year old daughter!

  6. Jennie Says:

    I love the versatility of the color schemes used in their design process…so easy to mix and match. I especially love to layer the rugs!

  7. Terilyn Brown Says:

    I love the way Dash & Albert seemlessly weaves beautiful high end style with expert craftsmanship into functional works of art that are lovely to the eye and fabulous to the foot! Pick me, pick me!

  8. Martha D. Says:

    I can speak first hand about the quality of Pine Cone Hill and I have no doubt, because of the owner?Äôs commitment to quality,that I would find the same characteristics in Dash & Albert. I love unique bedding and textiles and they are extremely hard to come by. It’s obvious that Annie has a good eye for the unique and that she allows the beauty of the fabric to inspire her. She isn’t inspired by what somebody else does or she isn’t thinking about what can make her designs unique–she just is! When a designer can take a swatch of fabric and see the possibilities, she is an artist at heart. I have never seen one single Pine Cone Hill design that I didn’t fall in love with–probably much the same way Annie falls in love with a fabric that becomes a concept.

  9. Susan Says:

    My favorite… details. There is a lot of attention given to the details. color, textures, etc. You can see that all of it was chosen. Really fabulous!

  10. Dorry marra Says:

    Lovely lovely designs. Wonderful colors!!! happiness and joyfulness in these times.

  11. Jennifer M Says:

    I love the light airy feeling everything has. Their products help give a sense of relaxation to the rooms.

  12. Kim Says:

    I’m not familiar with Pine Cone Hill or Dash and Albert so I cannot attest to the use of colors or textures, however, your blog asked for commentary on the Annie Selke Companies. I would have to say after reading the interview I was struck most by how unpretentious the interview was, the questions were always answered about the product or the companies employees, not about the owner. There was true interest related in the quick decorating tips, enthusiasm for what Ms. Selkie does, and concern for others.

  13. Shannon R. Says:

    I love the patterns of Dash and Albert rugs, and would be delighted to have one in my home!

  14. Anna Claire Says:

    LOVE love the clean, modern colors and patterns. Nothing fussy or dated-looking. Very timeless!

  15. maureen Says:

    I like that the items from the companies will go with many different styles of homes from traditional to classic to modern and everything in between. They also have many differetn items that will fit many different sizes of pocketbooks.

  16. Diana Says:

    First off, I love the name “Pine Cone Hill”. I love pine trees so the name makes me happy. Calhoun quilt is my favorite quilt. So pretty! I can tell the each piece of Pine Cone Hill products are made with care and quality; not just thrown together.

  17. Sherri Says:

    I love Pine Cone Hill’s Bedding because of the superb quality workmanship and luscious relaxing color schemes! The Dash & Albert Rugs are perfectly themed and tightly woven – hardy and stylish at the same time!

  18. Stephanie H. Says:

    We live on the coast and an 11 x 14 ” Dash & Albert rug adorns our family room. The colors are beautiful while the quality and softness is perfect for our crawling daughter and casual lifestyle. I would love to have my whole home outfited in the colors and fabrics that Annie has selected in Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert.

  19. Teresa Says:

    My favorite quality is the beautiful colors.

  20. Sarah Moske Says:

    I love all the fresh and fun!! I have a Dash and Albert rug in my kitchen and it brings a burst of color to the room.

  21. Sherry Pollock Says:

    The use of colors and patterns are timeless, just beautiful!

  22. Jayme Gonzalez Says:

    I love all their patterns and textures… they are vibrant yet still classic. A wonderful mix of modern eclectic.

  23. Kathy B. Says:

    I absolutely love my Dash & Albert rugs. Style and Quality. I appreciate that they have a perfect balance of vintage and modern. They are always right!

  24. Tristan Says:

    I love the colors, patterns and the pajamas! Such luxury!

  25. kayce hughes Says:

    Annie is such an inspiration. I love her products and it is a treat to read your interview.

  26. JOE SPINKS Says:


  27. Lark MacKenzie Says:

    There is something crisp and fresh about the rugs, like they make you want to open up french doors and pour yourself a glass of lemonade.

  28. Molly Tuesca Says:

    we love our pine cone hill bedding – comfy, cozy and dreamy.

  29. Rebecca Says:

    We bought a new house and have used Dash and Albert rugs in three rooms. I love the color and pattern choices, there is something to go with everything. Best of all, as the mom of 2 boys, ages 2 and 4, they are washable. I will be getting more in the future and can’t wait to check out the pine cone hill bedding for our master!

  30. Meg Says:

    I love the Dash and Albert rugs. The patterns and colors are so striking and really the centerpiece of any room!

  31. Patricia Hill Says:

    I love that the designs are clean and modern. As I am trying to unclutter my life, these would really fit in to my life.

  32. Teoma Court Says:

    My favorite quality doesn’t pertain to the product but to the designer herself. The fact that she cares so much for her employees is awesome! So CARING is my favorite quality of Annie Selke. :)

  33. Jennifer Barr Says:

    I’ve never heard of pine cone hill but after looking at their site I can say I sure love the classic color selection of their bedding…especially the blues

  34. Melissa Krause Says:

    Dash and Albert quality, color, and value speaks for itself. Where else can you find such a homey, wonderful rug for under 200.00? Annie makes easy and affordable designs that really turn your house into a home. Thanks Annie!

  35. andrea Says:

    I really love the simple beautiful designs. Very home comforting feeling. Thanks :)

  36. Susan Says:

    Dash and Albert rugs are addictive. Thanks for making them so stylish, affordable, and functional.

  37. Lesli Douglass Says:

    Annie Selke’s Dash & Albert rugs collection has done an amazing thing…they have won me over. As the owner of a “new old” house, I am always mixing old with new and although it is nice to find beautiful old rugs in great condition, that does not happen very often and as a mother of three, I do not have time to comb the world, looking for such rugs!

    I am quite hung up on having unique and beautiful things in my home and I never feel I have to compromise my vision with D&A rugs. They simply bring life and beauty to every room I have them in. I recently redid my laundry room & mudroom to be a girly-whirly floral extravaganza, and I have Bed of Roses in the mudroom and Pink Tattersall in the laundry room. Neither room would be as wonderful without them. Our newest purchase was a huge Vine Slate rug which replaced a dingy khaki carpet one in our living room. The change we feel in that room is palpable. Again, LIFE-bringing.

    Thank you, Mrs. Selke. If I have falied to communicate effectively, I love your rugs.

  38. dianne Says:

    I love the modern simplicity in the clean designs.
    Affordable and classic. Makes home feel welcoming!

  39. Leslie Says:

    The patterns and colors are to die for! Love these products!

  40. Heather McDonough Says:

    I love the colors and the modern designs.

  41. Chandra Says:

    I love the use of color and the overall style – it’s modern yet classic. Perfect.

  42. Mary Melber Says:

    I have both the rugs and the bedding and I can attest to the quality. They are still beautiful after many washings. Some of the sheets sets are over 6 years old.

  43. Leah Says:

    Dash & Albert rugs are great! The selection of indoor/outdoor rugs are especially wonderful-stylish & practical!

  44. Karen Anderson Troutman Says:

    I am a huge fan of Pinecone Hill. All of their patterns are beautiful and liveable. My master bedroom is a good example. Keep up the great work and thanks for responding to the economy!

  45. Carrie Says:

    I just purchased my first pieces for my daughter’s “big girl” room. I love the colors and the versatility of both lines.

  46. Jessi W. Says:

    I love how both dreamy and fun Pine Cone Hill designs are! I have been dying to redecorate my master bedroom with Pine Cone Hill linens as the focal piont! We are moving to a new house soon so I just might get my chance :)

  47. Kristen Rutti Says:

    Classic. That one word sums up what I love in my home and about Anne Selke’s designs. Timeless pieces that I love now and 10 years from now. I would be honored to have one of Anne’s rug grace my floor, and become part of our home.

  48. Ebie Says:

    I love that it’s girly but not overly so – love the Mod Maisonette line!

  49. carol Says:

    I like the unexpected quality of the patterns.

  50. Sarah C. Says:

    I love the fresh beautiful colors that would work in any room year round!

  51. Julia Madsen Says:

    It’s definately the textures that appeal to me. Color, quality and design are beautiful and so easy to incorporate into any home.

  52. Jennifer Richmond Says:

    Love these rugs – have been coveting a floral one for my daughters room!

  53. kerry Says:

    I have some Pine Cone Hill linens and love both the quality and the colors. Everything Annie Selke and her company does is absolutely beautiful. She’s an inspiration.

  54. Taryn Says:

    My favorite qualities of Anne Selke’s Pine Cone Hill and Dash and Albert are the colors. Pastels that even your husband doesn’t mind in the home.

  55. Mimi Says:

    I adore Pine Cone Hill’s gorgeous bedding and clean, crisp, fresh colors and patterns in the Dash & Albert rugs. We’re moving soon and I can’t wait to start shopping for the new (very old and quirky) house. These lines will look perfect there!

  56. Stacey Counts Says:

    I love the quote from the Q&A that perfectly describes these products… “less fussy, but still beautiful aesthetic.” I love this b/c it makes for easy change from season to season by adding only a few affordable accessories!

  57. joy Says:

    I love both vintage and modern design and thee companies are perfect for gettign that kind of look.

  58. Wendy Says:

    I love the fact that the designs are classic while being on trend!

  59. joy Says:

    I love vintage and modern design and these companies mesh them beautifully.

  60. Christine Says:

    I love the clean and classic look of the collection.

  61. Cindi Says:

    What an interesting article about this talented lady! I have adored Pine Cone Hill since its’ inception. The designs like the Neutral and Lodge looks are my favorites. They always have an unusual twist about them in their colors and styles. The Sleepwear is wonderful, also! The Sleep Dress and delightful separates are so great looking and very comfortable. Many thanks, Cindi

  62. Tracey byram Says:

    I’m a layla grace FB fan. I like Pine cone hill’s pjs and gowns because they are comfortable,come in numerous styles and have pretty patterns.

  63. Catrin Walsh Says:

    I love the clean and light feeling of the designs! And I love how easy it is to mix and match the designs and create a perfect balance of vintage and modern. My Dash and Albert Swedish stripe rug goes perfectly with my French dining room set and I can’t wait to dress up my bedroom with bedding from Pine Cone Hill!

  64. Lena Says:

    What I love about the collection is 1. the pure sophistication but even more 2. They’re more often the inspiration pieces you build your room off of. You take one amazing pillow or sheet design and it becomes the basis for the rest of your room. Its the picture of that Pine Cone Hill piece you carry to all around town to find the rest of the pieces to complement that one perfect Pine Cone Hill peice.

  65. MaryTrish Says:

    I love and have the Pine Cone matelasses. They are stylish but clean and simple. The Dash and Albert rugs are the perfect complement to them!

  66. Damon Says:

    I love the wide variety of colors and patterns, because it means there’s something for everyone.

  67. Kristin Says:

    I love the modern. yet homey, feel to all of their products.

  68. Anastasia Says:

    I loved just about everything, it was hard to just pick one. I narrowed it down to Dash and Albert Sail Stripe Pink Cotton Rug though. I like this item because the colors are bright and cheerful & remind me of palm beach inspired interiors.

  69. jennifer Says:

    Oooo… love it!

  70. Gabby Says:

    I like that their products aren’t so trendy. They won’t feel outdated in 10 years.

  71. Grace Says:

    Wow — it’s hard to choose a favorite quality. I like the mix of textures and colors to create a homey, comfort feeling and that the products are of such high quality.

  72. Nicole Warner Says:

    I love the colors clean designs and classic look! Perfect for Spring (or anytime of the year)!!

  73. Denise Swan Says:

    I looked high & low before finding the perfect little yellow rug for my kitchen. All the colors used in Dash & Albert rugs are gorgeous!

  74. Katie Says:

    I love the colors and how they work with many different styles and tastes.

  75. Debra Says:

    I absolutely love the colors, design and feel of Pine Cone Hill. The fibers are one of a kind. I love the design elements of Dash & Albert rugs. Dreaming of winning this giveaway!

  76. Samantha Says:

    I love that the colors and patterns are both trendy and classic! I don’t know how they pull it off, but the designs age very well, always seeming so fresh and stylish.

  77. Alisa Says:


  78. Carol Y Says:

    The interchangeability – I love being able to mix and match!

  79. Sarah Says:

    I had no idea one person, Annie, was behind both Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert. I have been fans of both lines for quite a while. I have lots of the Dash & Albert wool hooked rugs in my house and always sleep on Pine Cone Hill sheets. Next I want to add a Pine Cone Hill quilt/coverlet to my bed – but I like several and can’t decide which one! I would also like to get some of the Dash & Albert cotton throw rugs. Annie you have amazing taste and creativity!

  80. Cathleen H Says:

    I love that the designs are cheerfully modern but classic and timeless. Just lovely!

  81. Alyssa Says:

    I have a Dash & Albert outdoor rug on my screened in porch and I LOVE it. Mud, grape juice, you name it washes right off and it gives the porch a wonderful pulled together look. It’s a fantastic, product that looks timeless and amazing!

  82. suzzanne nakama Says:

    I always appreciate vintage patterns with a modern feel. Designs like these will last a lifetime. Personally, I have always loved anything vintage and I would love to add one of these gorgeous rugs to my home.

  83. Caroline K. Says:

    I love the variety of details that take the pieces from classic to classic with a funky twist.

  84. Mary Caroline Says:

    There is an incredible softness and style to everyone of their products. I love all the color and mix of textures!

  85. Alison Aughinbaugh Says:

    I love the colors and the patterns. They look classic, and go with everything!

  86. Sherri Thomas Says:

    I absolutely love “A little bird told me.” Nature inspired, romantic, love the creativity.

  87. Shelly T Says:

    I love all the beautiful colors and incredible variety they offer.

  88. Alice Says:

    I love the beautiful fabrics used.Very colorful and pretty and high quality.

  89. Naomi Says:

    Six year old Roo would love the Cabana Narrow for her room. She would say “it’s teenager-y!”

  90. Rebecca Says:

    WOW, I love the colors and the collections. There is enough choice available to outfit a host of houses with everyone’s taste. Beautiful!

  91. Cindy CB Says:

    Love how fresh and clean these patterns are.

  92. Carolyn Welch Says:

    I love this bedding, It has amazing composition and is good on the eyes! I would love to see this on my bed!

  93. Margaret Says:

    Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert are akin to the name ‘Layla Grayce’ which radiates personality and a sense of ethereal quality to it’s world when viewing…they are a part of what defines a house a home…their qualities wrap one up in beauty, comfort and most of all!

  94. Brenda shults Says:

    I love the “feel” of things. The simple fact that if I lost my eyesight I would still know I was either wearing, or wrapped in, or stepping upon something of great quality and made from flawless fabrics. I love that the pieces “feel” beautiful!

  95. Carrie O. Says:

    I just received my first Dash & Albert rug from Layla Grayce the other day. I love it! The colors are so bright and cheery. It really livens up my office area!

  96. Cynthia S Says:

    I like the subtle and bold colors. Many go one way or the other. Love the rug with circles all over it (dog is sitting on it).

  97. Allison Says:

    I love how I can mix and match the colors and styles – I hate to be too ‘matchy-matchy.’

  98. Linda B. Says:

    The colors and their use are as creative as the quality of the products.

  99. Alicia Miller Says:

    I love the beautiful colors and how the rugs and pillows complement each other!

  100. Elaine R Says:

    The attention to detail is fabulous-textures,patterns ,designs!

  101. Sammantha Says:

    My favorite is definitely the bright colours – it helps make an otherwise drab room happier, something we all need in this economy!

  102. Amanda W Says:

    I love the patterns and colors of the pine cone hill bedding sets! So absolutely gorgeous!

    Fun to read about a great business!

  103. Melissa Says:

    I love Annie’s “sophisticated yet affordable approach”. The products are GORGEOUS yet something I can really afford to buy.

  104. Melissa Says:

    Oops! I forgot to mention that I am a facebook fan of Layla Grayce too.

  105. Cathy B Says:

    My favorite quality of the companies is that not only do they strive for the highest quality & design in home fashions and products, but that Annie brings to the company such caring… caring for both the happiness and the health of her employees. Those are rare qualities for any company to not only have , but to be known to follow through on!
    I absolutely love so many of her bedding designs….wish I had a closet full!
    Cathy B
    Palm Beach, FL

  106. Cathy B Says:

    I am a facebook fan of Layla Grayce.

    Cathy B
    Palm Beach, FL

  107. Emma Barry Says:

    I purchased the Pinecone Hill Gianna Leaf Duvet and accessories for my bed room, and just LOVE them! All of the styles are so, clean and bright. They are modern but classic at the same time, a quality I love and was glad to achieve in my decor with the purchase of my new bedding! Thanks Pinecone Hill!

  108. SoDucky Says:

    For me it’s definitely the combination of color and quality. Both are necessary for truly lovely pieces, and they have it down pat!

  109. SoDucky Says:

    Layla Grace FB fan sarah linette

  110. susan Says:

    I love that the designs are classic and timeless

  111. Frances Jackson Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview with Annie Selke. I like Pine Cone Hill and Albert and Dash because of the fine quality of the items sold there. They also have unique items for lots of different tastes!

  112. Joan Says:

    I am crazy about the crisp, clean approach of Dash and Albert products. They are classically modern and so easy to live with.

  113. Tracy Says:

    It’s an even mix of pattern, color and texture for me, these elements all combine to give a room dimension, depth and character! Great Q&A by the way (would have also liked to know what prompted the move?)

  114. Adrienne C Says:

    This company is a dream, a vision, and a reality. It is commendable that Annie takes her employees’ personal happiness into consideration and makes it her commitment to keep the workplace an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Congratulations to your acheivements all the while providing merchandise that is created with love, pride, and a talent for quality.

  115. Karen Sueper Says:

    Calming. perfect for a bedroom

  116. val koop Says:

    The beautiful color combinations of bedding and rugs have inspired my recent dining room and always makes me dream of a new bedroom.

  117. Ann Kimball Says:

    I recently got married, and purchased two duvets, 4 pillows, and 2 shams that were all Pine Cone Hill… It was actually hard to find bedding that I just absolutely loved and that was “my style.” When people have visited my home, they often ask me what brand my bedding is. Your Pine Cone Hill products have created the look that I have always dreamed of having. I love how I feel every time I look at my bed, and I love the quality of the materials. Thank you for your great style and design, and for helping me be excited to make my bed every morning! (I am not a member of facebook, however- I do have a blog! Would it count that I added you to my blog list several months ago??)

  118. Jillian Says:

    What a great giveaway!! I have been drooling over Dash and Albert rugs for as long as I can remember. I really love the design an durability of the rugs. It’s great to be able to use beautiful and quality pieces in high traffic areas without worry!

  119. Martha Says:

    I adore Pine Cone Hill. I love the Haute Lodge line–how it can be both bright and muted, depending on your mood.

  120. Carolyn Barnett Says:

    Fantastic Giveaway! I am a big big fan on facebook as Carolyn Barnett.
    I love the country look.We live back in the hills of Tennessee and that style makes me feel at home.

  121. Christina Says:

    I love the colors! I also love the mixture of patterns and colors. Fabulous!

  122. Claire Zeiler Says:

    The brightly coloured rugs and pillows give my daughter’s room the atmosphere of whimsy i want!

  123. Andy Says:

    I love the beautiful combination of colors and lovely textures of Dash and Albert rugs. I would love to cozy up my home with one :)

  124. Mabel Says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Dash & Albert collection; they are durable, adorable, and affordable. Reading Annie’s story is inspirational – she followed her itch to be an entrepreneur and look how it paid off!

  125. Erica G Says:

    I love that there are many patterns to choose from. All of the designs are very upscale and classy.

  126. Erica G Says:

    fan of Layla Grace on facebook

  127. Kerry V Says:

    The colors, patterns and textures make me smile…every room should have a touch of Annie Selke

  128. lace Says:

    My favorite feature is their use of colors. They are all so beautiful and the combinations all go together so well.

  129. meadow ramirez Says:

    the calm feeling that is given off….very serene

  130. Brenna Says:

    I like the patterns used with subtle colors, such as the pictured rug. Very functional for a number of rooms in the home.

  131. Jeannine Says:

    I love the Pine Cone Hill blankets–the colors, designs, and overall quality!

  132. Melissa Says:

    I love that the rugs are durable AND stylish AND affordable. I would love to own a rug!

  133. Melissa Says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  134. Aurora Says:

    Annie Selke brands has beautiful light colors. The kind of colors that would want to make you stay in your bedroom and enjoy the light on your linens all day long. So tranquil.

  135. Tara F. Says:

    I love the colors, the designs, and just the overall crisp, clean appearance.

  136. Tara F. Says:

    Layla Grace FB Fan

  137. Brandi Patrick Says:

    Everything is so fresh and clean feeling. I love my new duvet and pillows. It feels like a dream just sleeping in my bed now…like being on a cloud! I cant wait to update my home with even more Pine Cone Hill pieces. Annie, you are remarkable and an inspiration!

  138. danielle s Says:

    the colors are great and can be used in all types of bedrooms for all ages!

  139. R?´ta Says:

    Nice works! Nice giveaway! Thank You very much!

  140. Ceil Petrucelli Says:

    I’ve been a big fan of both Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert for many years. Love the color combinations and fresh designs that Annie Selke puts together. A client of mine in NYC recently purchased a beautiful matelasse coverlet from Pine Cone Hill and we had a custom bedskirt made in a contrasting color. I’m fortunate to live within driving distance of the Pine Cone Hill store in Lenox, MA and I’m always inspired each time I visit! I’ve also been following Annie’s design & decorating adventures with her new home which has been featured in House Beautiful. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us!

  141. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    i love the quality of fabric and the colors!!!

  142. Sharon Says:

    I especially love the use if colors, patterns, and textures. The overall effect is serene and beguiling.

  143. Zmama Says:

    I love the prints, patterns and lovely color palette that Annie uses!
    Throughly enjoyed the interview and am bookmarking her sites!

  144. shanna Says:

    I love the colors and patterns, and quality of fabric. So versatile, and just pretty! =]

  145. Alison Friese Says:

    I am a fan!! I LOVE Dash & Albert rugs because they are durable, kid-friendly, colorful, and look great in many areas of my house.

  146. Kristen Hendricks Says:

    My favorite quality about Dash and Albert is that the rugs are durable. Durability in a rug is a very important quality to me. My favorite quality of Pine Cone Hill is that the Pine Cone Hill line is an infectious blend of affordability, practicality and terrific design. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.