Giveaway and Q&A with Matteo

Layla Grayce is pleased to present a Q&A chat with the folks at Matteo, a cool and collected line of bedding for adults and babies. Welcome Matteo – please share your hip design aesthetic with us!

What is the inspiration for Matteo and what makes it unique?
Our basic philosophy from the beginning has been that we tend to our beds every day, and because of this, we need to keep our beds simple. Our mission has always been to create simple sheets from the most luxurious textiles in the world. We spin yarns from the finest natural fibers – Egyptian cotton, Peruvian alpaca, Baltic flax, and Nepalese cashmere. We weave with leading fabric mills from all around the world where the collective wisdom of centuries is combined with cutting-edge technology. And finally, we sew right here in Los Angeles in a large workshop adjacent to our design studio. The constant circulation between design and production yields a fertile creative environment and unparalleled quality control. Ultimately, we are inspired every day. Recently, the Coachella Music Festival was definitely a fervent source of inspiration – the impressionable youth, the diversity of melody, collective energy and intention. We hope the pieces we create become the authentic expression of these types of experiences.

Matteo is known for using high quality organic linen, making your company the definition of eco-chic. How else is your company green or socially conscious?
The secret to being green with linen is that though linen is very difficult and time-consuming to produce, the flax plant itself is naturally resistant to pests and weeds. Thus flax requires little to no herbicide-enhanced care, which resulting less damage to the soil. This is directly tied to our idea of luxury – utilizing renewable resources, knowing that the craftsmen that who made your bedding were paid a living wage – it’s extends everywhere. We really strive to create socially conscious simplicity and because of this we never waste – materials, time, and talent.

With so many wonderful pieces to select from, what do you consider to be the signature Matteo bedding?
Impossible to say! Our beds are always rotating with the seasons and our moods. Sometimes we sleep on the deck under a linen sheet; sometimes we weigh down the duvet with blankets. Comfort is key, and being true to your mood reigns king.

What items would you suggest for our customers to create the ultimate Matteo bed?
The ultimate Matteo bed is one that stands in calm contrast to the complicated demands of life outside – your own modern sanctuary where you can refresh your mind, body, and soul. The possibilities are endless, and the combinations allow for creativity – take pleasure in assembling the bed that works for you and makes you unique.

Matteo is so graciously offering up an Heirloom Coal King Quilt to one lucky winner – W-O-W! Thank you to Matteo. Contest rules are as follows:

  • Directly below in our blog or this Facebook posting, post a link to your favorite Matteo bed or crib set. For a quick reference, view the entire Matteo Collection of bedding, table linens and crib bedding.

Congrats to Ms. Cheryl Blount, winner of the Matteo quilt giveaway. THANK YOU Matteo for visiting.

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67 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A with Matteo”

  1. Tricia F Says:

    In Loomstate or Coal. So beautiful!!

  2. kathryn Says:

    in coal.

  3. Rachel L Says: in Cloud or Coal, the bedding is beautiful.

  4. Melissa Says:

  5. Heather Says:

    In coal. Gorgeous!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Oh that is so pretty, i LOVE it

  7. Cheryl Blount Says:

    In griege, its on my bed right now and I love it! (however, it could use the company of a beautiful Heirloom quilt in coal)

  8. matteos mommy Says:

    LOVE this!

  9. Tara Reimer Says:

    Simple yet elegant, with a nice send of design.

  10. Crystal Says:

    love! and love the quilt.

  11. LaReina Says:

    Stunning!! Fairly certain I NEED this

  12. Michelle C Says:

    love the elsa

  13. Jean Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and top quality!

  14. Barbara Says: This is beautful! Want to curl right up in it! In Loomstate

  15. Adrienne R Says:

    I pick Matteo DUE Bedding Americana Quilt

  16. Lynn Says:

    This is so precious and absolutely beautiful! So innocent and lovely!!

  17. Mary-Frances C. Says:

    I love the Pinwheel collection, the bedding is gorgeous, it’s very modern with a touch of vintage. lovely.

  18. dawn Says:
    beautiful things!

  19. Elaine Says:

    this looks so delicious and comfortable! It looks as though its calling my name!!!

  20. Amanda Says:

    The heirloom quilt in loomstate…the perfect quilt to match the Genevieve set by Pine Cone Hill I bought from you LG. My guest room would be complete!

  21. noelle bontrager Says: Very Pretty!! Would look great on my bed!

  22. Kathryn Mackey Says:

  23. Lana B Says:

    Fave has to be:

    So pretty

  24. Cindy Says:
    This is absolutely beautiful and would love to own such a beautiful piece.

  25. Donna Tatum Says:
    I love this it’s so beautiful. Simple, yet elegant…

  26. Carrie Z Says:

    I love quilts and Ida was my Grandma’s name:)

  27. Marci Says:

    I am LOVING the hammock duvet – it’s ethereal looking and would go great with my design scheme. We are home shopping for our very first house together and this would be such a luxury to receive! The grey quilt would look amazing with my plan for grey bedroom walls!

  28. Crystal Keyzer Says:

    This set is gorgeous!

  29. Donna Tatum Says:
    I love this, it’s so beautiful. Simple yet elegant…

  30. Schmidty Says: One day …one day. I so love Matteo.

  31. Kathy Says:

    Vintage Linen

  32. burlap+blue Says:

    LOVE this Ida collection…


  33. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    This bedding collection is so beautiful! I’d never want to get out of bed!! :) Loomstate

  34. mojoking22 Says:

    Love this Quilt, in Sage.

  35. Mo Yarbrough Says:

    Love this quilt!! Sage or Plum

  36. Mavis Says:

    I love the Matteo Cluny Crib Set – gorgeous!

  37. Michelle Says:

    I think the Matteo Quilt would be just perfect!

  38. Sarah Says:

    The Tick Collection:

  39. Cynthia Smith Says:

    Love the quilt in plum – would be perfect for my guest room

  40. Carol Says:

    Lovely! in fig

  41. Claudia Says:

    The Heirloom Crib Set is just absolutely beautiful.

  42. Carol Says:

    I really like this, probably in fig best

  43. lace Says:

    I love this duvet

  44. Olivia Says:

    These are divine.

  45. bunnyb Says:

  46. April C. Says:

    I’m in love with all you products!! I especially like the Quatre Foil quilt:

  47. Sydney S Says:

    My favorite crib set is the Matteo Baby Bedding Vintage Linen Crib Set, absolutely beautiful.

  48. Kim Cage Says:

    I’m in love with all their products, but I especially love the duvet cover. in coal,the bedding is absolutely beautiful!

  49. Rachel Ellis Says:

    The heirloom quilt in coal is TO DIE FOR!! Those remind me of the quilts my grandma used to have in her house. They look so comfy.

  50. Danielle Baldi Says:

    It was hard to choose a favorite, but honestly my fav is the heirloom.

  51. Jen Says:

    Oh I love this bedding. So simple with such elegantly placed details.

  52. deanna Hamsley Says:


  53. Heidi Says:
    I would love thi!

  54. Jennifer Says:

    My idea of perfect tranquility in my bedroom…

  55. Ron Miller Says:

    Matteo Bedding Cluny Duvet Cover

  56. Renee A. Says:

    Oh! To choose Tat, Tick, Medallion, Quatrefoil… perhaps in a light grey on my black bed with crisp white sheets: Beautiful!

  57. Vilma Says:

    Matteo Bedding Medallion Duvet Cover –

  58. Tracy Says:

    I like the Matteo Bedding Vintage Linen Bolster Pillow – (Why are bolster pillows sometimes more comfortable than the bed pillow?) :-)

  59. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    My choice is the due Washed Sateen duvet cover:

  60. Anne Says:

    Wow. everything really is beautiful. our bed would be honored to wear it :)

  61. Sherri Says:

    This would complete my daughter’s bed in her newly decorated bedroom!! How beautiful……

  62. Melanie Says:

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  63. Whitney gillis Says:

  64. Mona P Says:

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  65. Virginia Lee Says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Matteo Baby Bedding Vintage Linen Crib Set! I am due in July with my first and am saving my pennies for this! I love the neutrals!!

  66. Kelli Says:

    They all look so cozy… love love the baby bedding!!!

  67. Kristy Jo Says:


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