Giveaway and Q&A: Aden + Anais

aden + anais interview and giveaway
aden + anais interview and giveaway
Raegan Moya-Jones breathes new life into the age-old bonding tradition of swaddling a baby. Founder of aden + anais, she creates fashion-forward muslin swaddling wraps that are soft and breathable, allowing for babies to regulate their temperature without overheating. This collection of comfortable and durable muslin has a global following of mothers and celebrities, and Raegan joins us today to tell us what makes the muslin of aden + anais so special and unique.

What made you start aden + anais?
When I moved to the U.S. and started my own family, I couldn’t find any swaddles like the ones I knew from home. Muslin was an essential baby fundamental and I couldn’t find it anywhere in NYC where I lived. Nothing spurs invention like necessity, so in 2004 another Aussie friend and I founded aden + anais® (the names of our first born babies, Anais being my daughter). Our idea was to make our own more fashion forward version of the safe and breathable muslin swaddles that we knew from back home. Within months of hitting the market, aden + anais® swaddles starting appearing in magazines, on blogs for new mothers, in virtually every celebrity gift registry, and in stores around the country.

I became the sole owner of the company in 2007, and in just four years of being on the market, aden + anais® has gone global and is now sold in stores all over the world. I believe in muslin– the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it works– to improve the lives of babies and their mothers no matter who they are or where they live.

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence your designs?
Jeans and great designer T-shirt. I believe in comfort, but comfort doesn’t mean needing to sacrifice style. I believe that all we do at aden + anais® translates into comfort and style.

What are your favorite aden + anais designs?
Like any good mum, I can’t pick favorites! Each aden + anais® product offers something safe, stylish, essential and affordable to mums and their babes. If I had to pick a top two it would be the princess posie and prince charming four pack of swaddles because they were the first packs I went to market with back in 2006.

How does aden + anais give back to the community?
I founded the Swaddle Love Foundation last year to address the issue of touch deprivation that so sadly occurs in many orphanages around the world due to high numbers of babies and understaffed orphanages. The guiding principle of the foundation is that all babies need and deserve the experience of healthy human touch.

Let’s get to know Raegan a little better with a “quick-fire” round of questions:

  • Blogs I check daily: none as four children under the age of 7 and a fast growing business don’t leave much time for blogging!
  • My favorite color is: red
  • My first job was: a waitress at Pizza Hut
  • I cannot live without: my four beautiful girls
  • The best advice I ever received is: leap and the net will appear
  • My favorite guilty pleasure is: dark chocolate, preferably from Jacques Torres
  • A cause I care deeply about is: The Swaddle Love Foundation

It’s giveaway time: We’ll choose three lucky winners who will each receive a four-pack of aden + anais classic muslin wraps in the design of their choice! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us about your best tip to calm a fussy baby. Contest ends Friday, September 17th at 6pm EDT.

Congrats to Cindy Marsico, Joanna Reedy and Jessie Dooley!

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  • Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets

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134 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A: Aden + Anais”

  1. Kristin Cronkright Says:

    I have a 13 week old and she responds well to humming or singing. When she gets tired she just wants to cuddle and relax, so I sing or hum “you are my sunshine” to her until she falls asleep. I think the combo of being warm and cuddled up to mommy, plus rocking, plus my voice, calms her down in a hurry.

  2. JulieP Says:

    Swaddle and say shhhhh in their ear {like the sound they hear in the womb}. Skin to skin contact is good too!

  3. Heidi Says:

    My dd LOVED to be bounced. Put her up on our shoulder and tap on her bottom, for some reason it always worked like a charm.

  4. Emily Says:

    Bouncing while swaying AND shushing always worked for my kids!

  5. Sydney S Says:

    My son almost always calmed down with a repetetive song and swaying. Row Row Row Your Boat was one of his favorite, we still use it now to calm him when he isn’t feeling good or having a hard time falling asleep and he’s 2 yrs old.

  6. Angela Says:

    Swaddle and sway side to side! I actually started swaying side to side while they were still in the womb, so when I swaddle them (like the feeling of the womb) and sway, it feels familiar to them :)

  7. Rachelle H Says:

    I swaddle them tightly and rock back and forth while sushing and rubbing their forehead. :-)

  8. Hillary Clark Says:

    Well, I think number one is to stay calm, babies always sense when you start to get upset. And I always use the bouncing walk with the Sshh! Works everytime.

  9. Jackie Says:

    the only thing that would calm my sons down was laying on moms chest and getting a nice back rub it soothed them right away and they fell right asleep

  10. jacqueline Says:

    Baby is on the way… week and a half from my due date. Not sure yet how will be the best way to soothe him. :) I’m sure singing and rocking will happen for sure, but these blankets would come in handy!

  11. cindy von dem Bussche Says:

    Swaddling is THE most comforting way to calm my grandchildren. The von dem Bussche bounce and shhhhing is added if needed but the fabric is so important. It has to be breathable and soft as a brush of a feather!

  12. Jennifer C. Says:

    We have a sound machine that sounds like the ocean and she loves to fall asleep listening!

  13. Jenn H Says:

    My best tip to calm a fussy baby is something that alsways worked for both of my babies. I would swadde them upnice and snug (in A+A of course!) put them over my shoulder and rock them while singing to them. Worked everytime. A+A swaddlers are bu far the best swaddling blanket out there in my opinion. We love them and wil be using them with our future babes as well.

  14. Jillian Says:

    I’m pregnant with my first baby, so I can only speak from my days as a babysitter. I used to hum “Hush Little Baby”, and it worked like a charm. Hopefully that song, and these Aden + Anais wraps will work on my little one!

  15. Rene Says:

    My 2 month old, Reagan, loves her torso to be wrapped in her A&A blanket with a tail left out to snuggle with.

  16. Katrina Says:

    Swaddled up(a+a blankets work wonderful for this!) and white noise (check out iTunes for great options to download)

  17. Jessie Dooley Says:

    I have to say…calming a cranky baby is one of my specialties. My friends call me the Baby Whisperer. :) There is nothing more satisfying to me then to calm an upset baby and have them fall asleep in my arms. Here’s my technique!!

    1. Stay calm!! I really believe that babies know when you are stressed and it makes it difficult for them to relax.
    2. Hold the little one using the football hold…nice a close to your body. This gets the baby nice and warm and ready to snuggle!!
    3. Sway back and forth to duplicate movement in the womb. It really helps to soothe the baby.
    4. Sing, hum, shush…any monotone sound is comforting to them and helps to lull them to sleep.

    There is nothing better then calming a baby and having them sleep in your arms…Ahhhh…now I want another!!!!!!!!

  18. Sarah Says:

    My best tip to calm a fussy baby is to take them outdoors. Most babies calm so quickly at the natural noises and fresh air.

  19. FoxyMomma Says:

    for my son, the best way to soothe him & calm him was to swaddle him.. and sing to him his little song i made up… or nursing him always helped! heehee!

  20. Emily D Says:

    My two boys always responded well to massages and it’s been working like a charm with my 4.5 month old daughter as well. A light tummy massage helps with digestion.

  21. Nicole Says:

    My new little guy just loves to be swaddled with his arms out and held tightly against me. Calms him right down!

  22. Jamie W Says:

    If the walking and bouncing didn’t work, we always used our little portable baby swing. The lights and the swinging motion usually worked right away.

    LOVE aden+anais, by the way. When my girls were babies I had to order them on the internet. Now there is a whole wall of them at our local Buy Buy Baby, which is fabulous since the 4 pack is now my ‘Go To’ baby shower gift.

  23. Heather Brandt Says:

    My best tip is to wear the fussy baby in a baby carrier or sling. That close contact used to calm my son lots :)

  24. Melissa Says:

    My girls loved when I would sing to them and hold them close.

  25. Mary Says:

    First baby is due next week so I do not have any tried and true tips to offer. I am hoping a good swaddle will do the trick. :-)

  26. Erin Fiske Says:

    My best way to calm my babies is swaddle them buckle them in carseat a little tricky but can be done put in a bathroom with water running and fan on we have used lots of wasted water and burnt out fans but a few moments of of the noise (guess i could i have used a noise machine too) puts them to sleep everytime

  27. Kimber Says:

    Go outside; the fresh air, birds chirping, and leaves rustling in the breeze create an instant calm. Simple right? Afterall it’s what calms me as well. :)

  28. Tawnya Says:

    I used to take my son Will’s bouncy seat and set it on the dryer then turn the dryer on. Worked like a charm! Now with my one month old (NAMED ADEN JAMES SORENSON, btw) we swaddle him up in the gorgeous Aden & Anais swaddling blankets we received as gifts and he lulls to sleep cozy as a bug.

  29. kribss Says:

    car rides!

  30. Shirley P Says:

    My oldest son had cerebral palsy and often held his body rigid. His occupational therapist showed us how to gently place our hand on the chest and play soft music for calming. As a soon to be first time grandmother, I imagine myself wrapping my grandchild in one of these wonderfully soft blankets and soothing my grandchild as I did my son. It worked amazingly well.

  31. Felicity Says:

    Swaddling, shushing and the pop-pop (my grandfather) jiggle.

  32. shenais Says:

    rocking and swaying and movement

  33. Nicole L. Says:

    When my son was fussy, I would seriously swaddle him in an Aden + Anais blanket, turn on music and sway him around the house. I worked like a charm and the blankets are the best! Always give them as gifts to friends with new babies!

  34. lace Says:

    the oldest liked to be bounced and the youngest liked her eyes covered.

  35. Brittney Says:

    Swaddle blankets, of course! I also highly recommend using them with the soothing tips from the book “Happiest Baby on the Block.”

  36. Wendy Says:

    When my kids would get fussy or need to go to sleep we would swaddle them as tight as we could and they loved it. It would calm them right down, put them to sleep, and they would sleep so peacefully. I give these blankets to all new mom’s because they are a life saver!

  37. helenlam Says:

    Humming to the baby and swinging them up and down (vertically) worked well.

  38. stephanie Says:

    Swaddle and bounce gently with you on an exercise ball. It was the only thing that worked with our very fussy baby.

  39. Vickie Says:

    If you hum a constant note then baby will start to cry at that note. At first you may have to hum a little loud so baby can hear you (depends on how loud baby is screaming). Use hushed tones as baby gets softer.

  40. Angela I. Says:

    As a new mother, my first instinct is to always “go by the books.” It took me only a few nights with my son to realize that every child is different and the books are meant to be a guide. My son always responds to my voice and on his fussiest nights, I take a deep breath, wrap him in my arms, sit in my rocker and hold him tight while whispering words of love and gratitude in his ear. He eventually calms down because after all, he does know my voice above any other.

  41. Cherie Says:

    Hold baby close and whisper in their ear that you love them.

  42. Jaime Laugelli Says:

    The five “s” have always helped me calm my fussy babies: swaddle, side/stomach, shush, swing, and sucking (from THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK)…For calming both mama and baby, if you happen to live near an ocean, I recommend a walk on the beach at sunset!!!

  43. Katie Says:

    We had great success with the “Happiest Baby on the Block” methods of swaddle, shhhhh and sucking on a pacifier.

  44. Rachel L Says:

    Holding them close so they can feel your calmness and rocking/bouncing them softly.

  45. Henria O. Says:

    I like to place my daughter on my chest and gently pat her back until she calms down and finally falls asleep.

  46. Tiffany Says:

    The only thing that would calm my little one was to place her in her carseat and then put it on top of the dryer while it was on…I stood by her side, of course. But there was something about the subtle movement and hum that she loved – worked every time.

  47. zmama Says:

    I have a 3 day old! and so far swaddling, rocking and nursing all seem to be good options for soothing him!

  48. Priya Says:

    My tip would be to gently rock the baby in your arms and hum a soft song …

  49. Sarah Says:

    Swaddle, “shhhh” and lightly bounce/rock/sway while holding have worked so far for my 11 day old! And we LOVE our A+A swaddle blankets – we’ve used one every day for 11 days!!

  50. Brooke Says:

    A Paci and a tight swaddle! Esp in an A&A swaddler! Another fail proof option is rocking the baby as you walk around with them… as long as you have 2 free hands it works wonders!


  51. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    When my beautiful baby son would get fussy, I’d run warm water in the sink and put his feet under it. I’d whisper in his ear and the water would calm him right down. Or was it all the “I love you’s” that I would whisper??

  52. Lauren Says:

    My tip is to hold them tight and close with slow/gentle bouncing/rocking while humming or singing or soothing talking to them very quietly in their ear. I think the quiet humming/singing/talking makes them quiet down to listen and then they get relaxed with the comfort of being held close and slightly rocked. So sweet to feel a baby relax in your arms and go from crying to calm sleep. The best!

  53. Pamela Says:

    soothing music can always help and having something for them to hold or chew on like (smart mom teething bling)

    all babies are different and it may require some detective work to figure out what they like

  54. Victoria Says:

    My son Lucas is rarely fussy, for this we are truly happy and blessed! Nursing has always soothed him and provided the comfort that he needed. Also, humming close to his ear while swaying seems to do the trick.

  55. Natalie Says:

    I read this blogpost last night…in the middle of the night (well early morning) my 5 month old woke up screaming crying (as did my 4 & 2 year old) and i could not comfort him. I thought about this article and grabbed one of my many a&a blankets and swaddled him tight. I walked around for a little, patting his behind and back to sleep he went. Thanks for the reminder that swaddling is huge in baby comfort.

  56. Hillary Says:

    These are great blankets and so soft!! Highly recommend to all new moms!

  57. Kate Says:

    When our wee one was an infant, we swore by swaddling, swaying, and the binkie. Now that he’s 6 months old, if fussiness sets (and it isn’t naptime) a walk in the ergo carrier does the trick.

  58. Laura Ferranti Says:

    During my daughter’s first 10 weeks old of life, it seemed like she cried non-stop. I soon realized that crying is just what babies do! One thing that really worked with my daughter was to hold her tight and whisper a phrase softly in her ear over and over again. Within minutes, she would calm down, and most of the time she would fall asleep in my arms. The special phrase that I would whisper in my daughter’s ear was, “Mama loves you.” :)

  59. Abby Says:

    Holding the baby while bouncing on one of those exercise balls seems to always work for me.

  60. Tara Says:

    When my daughter was little she used to love to just lay on my chest. It was one of the best feelings in the world. I made sure I memorized how it felt and how little she was. Whenever I hold her now I think back to that.

  61. Suzanne Greeley Says:

    Babywearing was what worked best for us. Swaddling worked best at night and naps but during the day as soon as we “wore” him he’d calm right down!

  62. Jessica Says:

    When my daughter was a newborn, she loved it when we swaddled her snugly and sung to her. Now that she’s a bit older, she likes to snuggle with her blankie (A&A of course) and her soother while we rock her. I love these times as she’s on the go so much now, I rarely get snuggles anymore!

  63. ClistyB Says:

    The football hold, hands down.

  64. Kelli Says:

    My best tip is to SWADDLE! It has worked like a charm for me when they are super little.

    My little one (2.5 months old) really likes to sit upright, so holding him in an upright position helps a ton for him. My older son (26 months) always liked to be held upside down, not for long periods or anything, but a few seconds upside down always brought on the smiles from him (and it still works when he starts to get upset).

  65. Kyla Says:

    my best tip to calm a fussing baby is to swaddle them and rock them!! We’d LOVE some more A&A swaddles!!!

  66. Lisa Anderson Says:

    Swaddle, bounce, and shush…works like a dream every time. :)

  67. Kimberly Says:

    I have a 12 week old baby. When he gets fussy and is ready for a nap, all I have to do is touch his face with his A + A swaddle blanket and he immediately closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. I just ordered the A + A Issie so he can have a security blanket. I cant wait to get it!

  68. Alicia Says:

    When my son was first born, the best thing to calm him down was to swaddle and rock him in our arms. It also helped to turn on the vacuum cleaner – the white noise would relax him.

  69. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    Swaddling of course! But if all else fails I resort back to mother nature. I strip us both down and do Kangaroo care. There is nothing more natural than lying skin to skin with the flesh and blood you’ve created! It still works for my 20 month old.

  70. ileana Says:

    I have a 16 months baby girl, but since she was a newborn , we always put some classic music in her hello kitty cd player, like My little friend Beethoven, or we sing christian song for her and that calms down her. she loves music….

  71. Jana Says:

    At 15 months, my little girl still likes to be swaddled. If she’s really fussy or can’t calm down to fall asleep in her cozy sleep sack, I swaddle her and it’s lights out! 11 months of swaddling and four months later, she still has that conditioned response to the soothing feeling of being swaddled.

  72. Candice Says:

    Both my children (2 1/2 yr old little boy and 2 1/2 month little girl) have always responded to singing. I sing them little lullabies or hum soothing melodies.

  73. Lauren Says:


  74. Sarina Haas Says:

    Baby wear, baby wear, baby wear! Wearing my baby got us through the first 3 *veryyyyy rough* months. I don’t think I would still have a head of hair without babywearing!

  75. Meleah Oja Says:

    When our baby is fussy I swaddle her and my husband puts her on his chest and hums amazing grace. Works every time.

  76. Emily B Says:

    There can be so many causes to fussing, but one surefire way to help is to give baby your attention… cuddles, diaper check, hunger check, too cold/hot check, a few bicycle kicks in case it’s gas! Tired babies, especially in the first three months, love swaddles to help them stay asleep! Lots of love is always the solution :)

  77. Steph Says:

    When my daughter was tiny, we would cuddle her close and bounce her while sitting on an exercise ball. This was the only way to calm her some nights and we got a little workout at the same time! :)

  78. Colleen Roberson Says:

    I like to sing an Elizabeth Mitchell song to my fussy baby.

  79. Rachel Says:

    I do my bird whistle for my little boy and it calms him down. :)

  80. rachel Says:

    We always swaddle her nice and tight and lay her on her side while we hold her. Rock her and put our mouth to her ear and quietly hum. It works almost everytime!

  81. Ashley Says:

    I swear by swaddling and patting. I work as a pediatric nurse and this works for probably about 80% of babies I take care of.

  82. -K Says:

    My favorite way to calm a fussy baby is to gently rock him/her in my arms. Of course this works way better the smaller they are, lol.

  83. Nicki Says:

    Reading picture and board books and rocking in a glider seat :-) Usually seems to work.

  84. debbie hubbard Says:

    My babies loved to bounce. I would just bounce walk with them and they would calm down.

  85. Chris Says:

    When my little man is fussy, I swaddle him up, cuddle him to my chest and sing byyyy ooohhhh baaabbbyyyy. The combination of the tight swaddle and the vibrations works every time!

  86. Melody W. Says:

    We used to walk our son around the block. He would lay draped on his tummy over daddy’s arm and would snuggle in and fall asleep. We walked every night for at least the first three months!

  87. A. @ Monkey Tales Says:

    The things that worked best for us were swaddling blankets, car rides, and holding him close while swaddled and singing to him.

  88. Dana Says:

    Swaddling is a must! We use a sound machine in our boys rooms too. The older one prefers the waves and the little guy likes rain. As they got older they both love their issies!!! We love a + a!!!!!

  89. April Long Says:

    Reading a book in a quiet light lit room. No matter what the age they listen and relax as they are being snuggled by a loved one.

  90. Anna Meinhardt Says:

    Baby Wearing always calmed my boys!
    My youngest son was swaddled until he was 8 months old which makes me a firm believer in the power of the swaddle.

  91. Catherine Bray Says:

    I have a 13mo old baby boy and he’s been a very mellow and happy baby. <3 When he gets fussy thou, I put on a calm music in his room, either hold him and give him a back rub or put him in his crib and give him his blankie.
    When he was a newborn he loves to be wrapped in his Aiden + Anais muslin cloth and sleeps thru the night good at it. Now that he's a toddler, our muslin wrap is a diaper bag and crib staple :) I love it!!!
    Got my muslin wrap from my husband's cousins wife as a gift from my baby shower so my son Eli started with the wrap from the day he was born 'til now. Stoked!

  92. Nicole Says:

    My precious angel will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and usually to soothe and calm her down, I swaddle her and hold her close (usually hold her over my shoulder, i think it soothes her tummy) and i just stand and rock back and forth.

  93. Sara K Says:

    My kids always loved to be swaddled when they were fussy. Then a little singing and they were good to go!

  94. Laura Jackson Says:

    never underestimate the power of holding them close and rocking them in a rocking chair. can’t wait to try the a+a swaddles on my little guy due any day now.

  95. Meredith Says:

    Singing has always worked for us, it is our go-to for all kinds of crankiness.

  96. Amanda Says:

    I love to Swaddle babies it calms them down and then I love to cuddle.

  97. ReAnn Says:

    When she was really little, the only solution was to swaddle, shh and lay her sideways. Now that she’s 4mo the calmest place in town is bouncing upright in mom’s arms so she has a place to hide from all the fun stuff she could be missing. I’m not sure how to type this to sound like I’m not smothering, but I’ve also found it’s helpful light blanket over my own shoulder (and her head) to help block her from stimulation.. not suffocate, rather block a view :)

  98. Mindy Says:

    Every baby is different, but the things that help my son are soft singing, his night-night (a A&A swaddle blanket), and going into a cooler room – he can’t seem to calm down if he is too hot.

  99. Lisa Says:

    When my son was a baby, the best way to calm him down was to take him outside and bounce him in my arms. As soon as we were outside, he was calm and happy. Worked like a charm!

  100. taryn Says:

    Swaddle and nurse calms them down everytime, or wrap them up tight on my chest in a moby wrap.

  101. chana Says:

    Swaddling and nursing are the best combo!

  102. Angie K. Says:

    My best tip to calm a fussy baby is to swaddle them and put them on their side and hold them up to your mouth while you say “Shhhhh…” in their ear. Learned this from The Happiest Baby on the Block book.


  103. amy pugmire Says:

    of course swaddle and hold your baby tight. It always worked with my first daughter.

  104. Katy Says:

    Love A + A!!
    My son when he was an infant loved to be outside. SO… We went out and got the best rocking chair, plopped it on our back porch and called it a night…. (every night) he would stopp fussing almost instantly. Now my 10 week old daughter lives it out there too!!

  105. Tanya Says:

    Swaddle them up tight with an A&A blanket (because these are the only ones that are big enough to give a good tight wrap;)and sing their favorite song quietly over and over. Never fails =) Both of my boys loved this (different songs but same technique)

  106. kim mcintosh Says:

    I am due with my first baby in 2 weeks! From babysitting experience rocking, holding a young baby with their tummy on your forearm, and rubbing temples and forheads. I am planning on kangaroo care/skin to skin as a way of soothing my babe when he/she arrives.

  107. Lori Jansen Says:

    If my son is being fussy I will hold him and sing to him. I’m sure I don’t have a very good voice, but he enjoys it. :)

  108. Melissa Cole Says:

    I find the best way to calm a fussy baby is by using the 5 s from ‘Happiest Baby on the Block.’ SWADDLE, sway,suck, shsh and side. Now with my son, who has tummy issues, sometimes he likes swaddle, suck, shsh, tummy,pat on his tushy. Disclaimer: He only sleeps on his tummy during the day when I am right next to him.

  109. Melissa Olson Says:

    My 2-month old loves her torso to be swaddled tight with her a+a blankies, but feet & arms left loose…then rocked from side to side in my arms with a little bouncing action.

  110. Sara Says:

    Doing the ‘mommy bounce’ always worked for my fussy one. I would hold him tight with his pacifier and bounce around the room. It always led to a peacefully sleeping baby…well, most of the time.

  111. Tonda Lafeuillade Says:

    Thanks to the a+a blankets, my husband and I mastered the art of swaddling. They are nicely sized to get the job done right. When our little girl was fussy, I would swaddle her tight and hold her on her side while bouncing her. It did the trick to calm her every time.

  112. Lori Says:

    My daughter suffered from terrible gas so when she was fussy, we used baby bean bags that my mom makes for us. they’re similar to the magic bags that you can buy. Warm it up, tuck it in her swaddle and voila….happiness :)

  113. Amy Matthews Says:

    Nursing always calms my baby.

  114. Stephanie Crosbie Says:

    My second baby was very fussy (colic for the first 7 months of his life) so I have tried it all! What worked best for him was to swaddle him as tight as possible, give him a pacifier and literally do the waltz with him cradled in my arms.

  115. Sarah Says:

    When my Gracie was a newborn, swaddling her worked the best for calming those fussy moments, followed by nursing. She is now 8 months & no longer likes to be swaddled, but she likes to rock or nurse while holding the end of her muslin blankie. I bought her some Issie blankets, however she still prefers her swaddle blankets because they don’t have satin trim on them. Love your products!

  116. Jennifer S Says:

    Our daughter was always swaddled! That and gentle humming and sushing always calmed her dwon. The mommy rock would be added in for extra fussiness! She still sleeps w/her A+A’s!

  117. Andrew Says:

    What works for Daddy is different than what works for Mommy to calm our sweet baby Grace. I calm her by walking around in the dark while humming to her. She still likes to hold her blanket, but always end up falling asleep on my shoulder.

  118. Anita Says:

    Lots of singing, humming, shushing and rocking. And of course swaddling!

  119. Leslie Schmidt Says:

    When my precious baby is fussy, I hold him close to me, give him his binkie, put a snuggly blanket around him and sing to him. Then we bounce or rock until he calms down. He loves to be swaddled too, his Daddy makes the best “burrito”. :)

  120. Tina Gower Says:

    My 1 month old loves to be swaddled and loves me to rub her forehead gently when she’s fussy. I can see her eyes getting droopy and sleepy until she’s finally off in dream land.

  121. susan Says:

    A breastfeeding consultant showed my husband and I something called the “magic hold” — you hold your baby’s face under the chin with your thumb and index finger. On the same hand, use your pinky and ring finger tucked under his/her armpit. With your other hand hold your baby and lean the baby forward so his/her back is straight but bent forward and then bounce from your knees. I have no idea if those instructions make any sense at all…but it works!

  122. melissa Says:

    I find that my 7 week old Grace Ann loves when I hold her with her head on my shoulder and sing and dance around the house or outside in the cool breeze – she calms down immediately. Ah the joys of motherhood and soothing that only a mother can give :)

  123. laura paradowski Says:

    Skin to skin while kissing and rubbing their head and swaying my daughters love it and calm right down.

  124. Jamie Says:

    Swaddling and walking up and down the hall, or a nice car ride.

  125. Carmen Says:

    Generally, rocking, swaddling, and bouncing work but when my 3 month old is really fussy, “baby squats” (deep knee bends) while holding her will always calm her. Helps work off that pregnancy weight too!

  126. Cecil Gandia Says:

    the four s’s. Swing, shush, swaddle and side lying…works like a charm!!

  127. Heather Says:

    My little man always settles when he’s swaddled up in his A+A swaddles and rocked gently… works every time!

  128. Katie Says:

    My babes love being swaddled up and rocked in a quiet place, with some little lullabyes from mummy, and then popped into their bed… hopefully! ;-D

  129. Samantha Platt Says:

    Skin to skin always worked great when DS was tiny. Now we sit and snuggle with a dream blanket, and read a book. It always distracts him!

  130. Cindy Says:

    Recently I’ve found that if I first take a warm wash cloth and wipe down my DD’s face then swaddle her and sway her to soft music she calms down really quickly. I sit on a yoga ball while I sway her so that I get some exercise too.

  131. Amy Says:

    singing the ABC’s…amazing how something so simple works!!

  132. Jennifer Says:

    Hold her so that her head is rested on my shoulder and she is looking behind me. I support her butt and neck/head and sway side to side with a bounce to it. It works every time :) She loves it! Sometimes catch myself swaying side to side with a bounce and am not even holding here!!! haha!

  133. Christine Tang Says:

    I slept with my son’s dream blanket for a few nights, I rock him with the dream blanket on my shoulder while I sing. Once he’s calm I tuck him in with the dream blanket….it’s like mom never left :)

  134. Theresa Says:

    What works for my little guy is throwing an A&A swaddle in dryer on low heat right before i bathe him in lavender bath,once he’s in pj’s i take out the swaddle all nice a warm and wrap him with love! ZZZzzzZZz