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Get ready for Rue! The much-anticipated magazine and brainchild of four fabulous design bloggers we’ve come to know and love launches TODAY! We’re among its biggest fans and are grateful our friend Anne Sage has come back to share a behind the scenes peek at how it all came to be.

Give us a little background on the founders of Rue and how you came together to collaborate on a magazine?
Rue is co-founded by myself–Anne Sage–and my friend and fellow blogger Crystal Gentilello. We met through our design blogs and when Crystal let me in on the secret that she was starting a magazine, I jumped on board! It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, and we figured there is no time like the present. We soon brought on Alaina Kaczmarski and Caitlin Flemming–both design bloggers as well–and the rest is history! Funnily enough, we all still have yet to meet in person…

Where does the name Rue come from?
Rue is the French word for street. We want to be your ‘Pathway to Stylish Living’! Plus who doesn’t love a little French sophistication thrown in for good measure?

What was the most difficult challenge in putting together this first issue? Do you have any entertaining near-catastrophic stories, or has it all been smooth sailing?
All things considered, it’s been pretty smooth. Knock on wood we haven’t had any grand catastrophes. But there are always the little things: the time I dropped my phone in the toilet at a shoot. The time we had to chase the FedEx truck down the street to retrieve three giant boxes of fragile artwork that needed to be photographed that day. The time we returned to our car to find a note from a gorgeous man, asking us out! (That one has turned out pretty well so far–he and Crystal have been texting for the last two months!)

What’s been the most fun thing about starting your own magazine?
The first and foremost thing has been all the incredibly talented and generous people we’ve encountered along the way. Not only has it been a blast to work with them, but it’s been amazing to connect them with each other and see them continue their relationship even after we’ve all gone home. We love to bring creative people together and help them make magic together!

What are your goals for Rue Magazine?
We have several goals: we want to have an open and transparent relationship with readers; we want to bring the sharing and supportive attitude of the blog community to magazine publishing; we want to represent many different styles and geographic regions–great design comes from everywhere, after all; and most of all we want to inspire our readers to take what they love most from what we give them and make it their own!

Thanks Anne, and we encourage everyone to click on over to Rue to check out the new magazine and be inspired!

Credits: Photography: Emily Anderson Page Layout: Bri Emery

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