It’s Party-time with a Giveaway and Tips From Kate Landers

Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids
Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids
Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids
Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids
Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids

Kate Landers Mermaid Party for Kids

We’re enchanted with another party by Kate Landers Events where she brings to life childhood imaginations – this time in mermaid form. From recreating the ocean floor with pounds of play sand to a dessert table filled with clever concoctions mimicking the creatures of the sea, Kate captures the look and feel of being a mermaid. Kate is back to share some of her best party tips – ideas for repurposing your favorite pieces into amazing party decor:

Repurposing is my favorite party tip because it utilizes the pieces you love the most. Nothing is purchased only for a party, and everything you love gets used over and over again. Think of it in these two ways.

  1. Use what you have already invested in for the event design:
    You would be surprised with the amazing items you already have in your home that can make your next party stylish and sophisticated. Purchasing less-expensive items that fit in your current budget but don’t give the look of your original taste and vision in can be wasteful in the end.

    Consider using these items for your next event: Table linens, china, candlesticks, chandeliers, picture frames, mirrors, cake stands, vases and wall art.

  2. Invest in those new fabulous home decor items for your party and repurpose them later:
    When you plan a special occasion, you want the memories of the event to be lasting. Focus your decor budget on key items you can reuse later. Not only will you be able to showcase your new home decor for all your friends and family to see, but the piece will become a reminder of that special time in your life.

    For a “shabby chic” themed baby shower, you can purchase that spectacular vintage-inspired white and crystal chandelier that makes your dessert table go from ordinary to utterly divine knowing it will be a family heirloom when you bring it to the nursery after the event.

Layla Grayce Items I repurposed for the Mermaid Party:

  1. 1. White Ruffled Shower Curtain: I love the way the tiered ruffles dress up my all white bathroom with some shabby chic style. With ruffles as a central part of the mermaid party design (representing waves and a romantic mermaid gathering), it was fitting to incorporate it as the backdrop for the ocean-inspired dessert table.
  2. 2. White Ruffle Trimmed Napkins: I wanted each place setting to have something special to mimic a mermaid tail: these fabulous white ruffle-trimmed napkins did exactly that. Having pressed then folded them, tucked under vintage white milkglass ruffled plates and bubbled bowls, each napkin looked like a “mermaid tail” hanging over the edge of the table at each place setting. And these will become a seasonal celebration table linen staple when used for a Christmas celebration, an Easter brunch, a Mother’s Day lunch, etc.
  3. 3. White Candlesticks: I wanted something beautiful that would grab the eye of a mermaid–something that could have been found on a lavish ship and appeared timeless–these gorgeous candlesticks were exactly what I was looking for. Not only did I use them to add height and whimsy to the dessert table display, but I also used them on the girls’ dining table to create a fine dining experience (as mermaids may do in the deep waters of the ocean!) And outside of the party, they can be topped with an appetizer plate to add height on a buffet or with a candle on the table or mantle.

It’s giveaway time: Kate has generously offered one lucky winner a $500 custom party (must be at least 4 months away)! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us about an event you’d like Kate to plan. Contest ends Friday, October 1st at 5pm EDT.

Kate is also offering items from this party for giveaway on her own site. Find more details on her blog or her Facebook page.

Photographs by Open Shade Studios

Event expert Kate Landers Events, LLC will be creating a chic Vintage Silhouette party for Ms. Cristen Schone so….congrats Cristen, we know you’ll love your party! Thanks to everyone who entered – we appreciate each of you tremendously, especially Kate for sharing your party with us!

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153 Responses to “It’s Party-time with a Giveaway and Tips From Kate Landers”

  1. Angela G Says:

    Wow! This is amazing! It would be wonderful to have a 3rd birthday party planned for my little angel. WE love all things vintage/mystical.

  2. Rebecca Cooper Says:


  3. Deanna Says:

    Three years ago on October 27 th , I married my soul mate. We did not have a huge wedding at all, and we planned for a huge reception. Unfortunatly, my husband lost his job- because we were determined to get married — we made that happen- but we never could afford a reception. All the people were invited to this part of the wedding. I would love to just have a party to celebrate! It doesn’t have to be on or near our anniversary. Just a close intimate party with friends and family. Thank you for the chance to win! 

  4. Susan K Says:

    Would love some help planning my daughter’s 18th birthday party next summer.

  5. April Says:

    Wow this is incredible!! I would love for her to create a minnie mouse themed
    Party for my soon to be 2 year old!!

  6. Charis Says:

    I’d love her to plan my daughters bday party! This party is to die for!! I love all of Kate’s designs!

  7. Donna Says:

    My son has been in the hospital battling leukemia for almost 4 weeks. He was just released this past weekend and is in remission and awaiting a bone marrow transplant. During his hospital stay he missed celebrating his anniversary with his wife and also his sons 3rd birthday. I would like to plan something special for him and his wife and son after the transplant to celebrate the many blessings throughout this and also the sacrifices made by his wife and son during this time. His 49th birthday is also coming up in January.Thank you!

  8. Jessica D Says:

    I would love to throw a Valentine’s Day party for family and friends or a birthday party for my little Pug so that all the parents could enjoy it while the puppies play.

  9. amy herring Says:

    I would love your help in planning my baby girl’s first birthday party in January!!! I would love to see what you could do with a tea party theme, or a candy store theme. The mermaid theme would also work, because I call her my little mermaid.

  10. Diana Gervits Says:

    Next August will be my mother’s 60th birthday. she’s been through a lot the last couple of years and has been very stressed out. I would love a special party for her where all the family can get together and celebrate her and all she has done for us.Thanks!

  11. Amy Says:

    I would love for you to help me plan my little Boy Boston’s 5th birthday in Dec. We don’t know the theme yet! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    I would love to have her plan my child’s first birthday party!!

  13. Melissa Vasquez Says:

    My daughter’s 2nd is next weekend, but my son’s 1st is in May. I’d love to have a rock and roll style party for him!

  14. Kristen W Says:

    Wow! How amazing! I love it! I would love to do something like this for my daughter’s 4th birthday coming up in January! Beautiful!

  15. Jenn H Says:

    I Would a special party for my daughter and this is by her request. She will be turning 3. A dinosaur Tea party. I asked her in pinks and purples? “Yes, Pink and Purpey Diniesoos. So a whimsical Girl Dinosaur party, and I guess the tea party party just makes it girlier and more of a challenge. :) Gotta love my girl!

  16. Christine Rizzo Says:

    I don’t have a sad story to share, but I am a HUGE fan of Kate Landers and it would be amazing to have her help plan my daughter’s first birthday party in April. Everything she does is gorgeous and the attention to detail is mind blowing!

  17. mimi Says:

    This party is stunning! Loved the delicate colors… I would love help with our daughter’s 1st birthday/Baptism- plan on baptizing her on her bday in May- was thinking of having a hawaiian theme or any theme where guests adults and children can enjoy after being in church for 1hr+… would really love your help thanks!

  18. FoxyMomma Says:

    wow.. this party is gorgeous. love it! i would love to have her do my son’s 2nd birthday party. not sure of the theme i want to do, but i’m sure with her help, we would come up with something great! thanks for this chance!

  19. Tonya B Says:

    I would love to have help planning my little boy’s 1st birthday party with a vintage cowboy/western theme.

  20. Melissa Says:

    I would love your help in planning an end of the school year tea party for my girls and some of their friends.

  21. Lisa Says:

    What a beautiful table setting.

  22. Carla Pope Says:

    I desperately need help planning my daughter’s 6th birthday party in May.

  23. Leah Evanson Says:

    I would love to win this package for my daughter’s fifth birthday party! Thanks for the chance.

  24. Amie Tavares Says:

    I absolutely LOVE pink and all things ocean!!!! I can not lie…if I were to win I would throw a “happy birthday to me” party since I have not had a birthday party in at least 30 years! What great fun it would be to invite all of my friends over and enjoy a magical pink party with sea shells galore!!!

    Thanks for always sharing your wonderful party decor. You are awesome!

  25. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    Your party shown above is gorgeous! Wow Kate……I love it! My mother-in-law is a wedding florist and does amazing work. She’s awesome and is always trying to please her many brides. I know it can be hard and sometimes frustrating, but she manages to create the most beautiful arrangements and bouquets for them. Everyone loves her. I’d like to throw her a birthday party where someone else has to be creative and work hard for her. She deserves it!!

  26. Danielle from A Few of My Favorite Things Says:

    I’d love for Kate to design a birthday party for my twin girls. I love her style!

  27. Danielle Says:

    This party is breathtakingly beautiful. Your attention to detail is spot-on. Great work! I’d love to see what you could do for my little guy’s birthday party next June (:

  28. Christi from P is for Party Says:

    Kate is amazing and this party is breathtaking!! I would love to work with Kate on any event. In the works right now is a Little Man/Preppy party as well as a party at the zoo. Thank you for offering such an amazing giveaway!

  29. Sherri Farrell Says:

    Love, love, love this ocean/seashell theme! My husband and I were married 10 years ago on Oct. 20th in Jamaica. What a fun party idea for us and all our friends who didn’t get to attend the wedding!!!! It would bring back some great memories of our romantic wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica!!!! Beautiful ideas!!!

  30. Christina D. Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Kate design my daughter’s birthday party next September. Her style and ideas are truly one of a kind!

  31. Tara Ward Says:

    A few friends and I all turn 40 this june. i would love help planning a unique, fun, party that everyone that attends will never forget. the best part is that I also share the same birthdate as my hubby and its hard to spoil him cause hes always spoiling me. Help with a party that celebrates all of us would be so fabulous!!!

  32. Sherri Jones Says:

    I would love to have Kate design an engagement party, for my daughter.

  33. dylansmom Says:

    My husband’s 40th is next May. I’d love to throw him a fantastic, unforgettable bash!

  34. Sarah Says:

    Birthday party for my kids. All three have birthdays only 5 days apart so I want one theme/day for all of them.

  35. Debra Says:

    This party is spectacular! I love the shabby chic colors and sweet attention to detail…… daughter would LOVE this!


  36. Judy Says:

    I have 2 baby showers coming up in the next year (hopefully). would love the styles and colors Kate uses.

  37. J Brown Says:

    What a great opportunity to plan a top of the mark shower or party. I can’t wait!

  38. Vickie Says:

    I would love a mermaid/pirate party for both my kids together. A boy & a girl! I always want to do fun things like that but it never turns out quite what is in my head.

  39. Paige Says:

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with the talented Kate Landers! My daughter’s 2nd birthday party is exactly 4 months away, this would be a dream come true!!!

  40. Margaux Antonino Says:


  41. Mary-Frances C. Says:

    I would love her to design my youngest daughters’ birthday party in april. I would love to have a party for both of them that goes well with their personalities!

  42. Kim C Says:

    I would love to work with Kate to design a fun birthday for my sweet girl, but since it’s next month then maybe she could plan a fab 31st birthday party for me for next year. It’s been a long time since I’ve celebrated my birthday. Getting any inspiration from Kate no matter the party idea would be a great gift for anyone! Good luck to everyone who has entered!

  43. Karen Says:

    I am absolutely sick with excitement at the news that I am going to be a 1st time granny in march! I would love to hold a baby shower for my daughter.

  44. Carey B. Says:

    I am dreaming of an all white vintage style Butterfly Garden 1st birthday party for my little Avery. P.S. – My birthday is Oct 1st and to win this would be the most AMAZING present.

  45. Blythe Says:

    My son’s second birthday party (May next year) would be truly memorable with this wonderful prize!

  46. Jenni B. Says:

    My grandparents helped raise myself and my three siblings while we were growing up. They are two of the most caring, wonderful people. My grandmother’s yearly Christmas Eve parties and many family gatherings inspired my love of parties. This last year has been tough on them both as they have had to deal with cancer, illnesses and many natural disasters (they live in Oklahoma). Their 60th wedding anniversary is this next June. I’d really love the great input and help on creating a beautiful anniversary party for a beautiful couple.

  47. Jamie Walker Says:

    What a magical party, the details are stunning! My daughter’s 1st birthday is in June and we would love Kate’s special touch ;)

  48. Tonya C. Says:

    It’s wonderful to see this different take on a mermaid themed party – I’m used to seeing the blue, green and turquoise color palate, but this is truly divine! Congrats Kate on a superbly executed design! I would love to have your help with my daughter’s 4th birthday next year. Keep the extraordinary ideas coming, I love getting inspiration from you.

  49. Nichcole Says:

    Would LOVE to win this, as it would be fabulous to have Kate’s assistance with my little girls First Holy Communiom Celebration Party. (Spring 2011)

  50. Laura Beynon Says:

    I am working on a combined birthday party for my daughters (twins who will be 4 and my baby who will be 2). Doing a girly vintage circus theme in January. Would love your ideas!!!

  51. Rusti M. Says:

    My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary and I would love for Kate to help with this very special occasion. When we were married there were a lot of people unable to attend (including my father) I have always wanted a do-over wedding and have decided to have an elegant and intimate vow renewal/reception with our closest family and friends. Thanks having this wonderful give-away.

  52. Shelly Says:

    What a beautiful event. I have a sweet baby boy turning 1 in January. I would love ideas for his first birthday.

  53. hhooks Says:

    My 30th birthday is next April and I’d love to have Kate help plan my party!!

  54. Danyiel Johnson Says:

    It would be easy to pick one of my kid’s birthday parties, but knowing how wonderful Kate is I would like to share with many more. I would like to have a fabulous Christmas party for my friends and family.

  55. Debbie @thehiphostess Says:

    This is absolutely heavenly and my dream come to life! I will hosting a baby shower in Nov (it’s a girl) and these are the exact colors I have chosen. So much lovely to love here, outstanding!

  56. Ashley Says:

    Oh, this would be a dream come true!! I have boy/girl twins who will be 2 on Febuary 3. I am embarrased to say we did not have a 1st birthday party for them (they have a 7 1/2year old brother and a 6 year old brother that also keep me pretty busy yet I always found time to plan great parties for the big boys!). What stumps me is planning a party for a boy and girl and the fact that their birthday is in Feb.! I am sure Kate could come up with a fabulous 2nd Birthday party!! I am also sure it would even make up for me failing to have a 1st B’day party for our sweet babies!!

  57. Beth Says:

    My beautiful Belle will be 7 on February 12th. It would be fun to host a spectacular birthday event with accents of Valentine’s Day. She is dearly my sweet and ‘spoil-me-lots’ child. Having boys and girls has showed me the girls love all fancy and need special attention and appreciation. thanks for the change!

  58. Marilyn Mendoza Says:

    Every year we have my daughters birthday party at a local business- the ice rink, roller dome, Chuck E. Cheese. Frankly, it has just been easier for me that way. This year she begged me, “can’t we have a party at home for once.” How sad is that. She came up with the America’s Top Model theme herself. I’m a working mom and I just don’t have the energy or creativity to pull this off. Kate, I need your help! We have until April 2nd.

  59. nikki flory Says:

    My 3rd child (out of 4) will be 4 on July 4th. He has never had a big or cool party :( It would be amazing to have someone like Kate plan his party on such an amazing day as the 4th of July! He is such an incredible little one, he really deserves something out of this world!

  60. Iris Says:

    My birthday is in a month and would love to have a party! What a fun Idea toi have a mermaid party. With a 500.00 give away and my own money added to it I could be so grateful to have the most fabulous party with all my friends!

  61. Kimberly Malone Says:

    I am hopelessly addicted to your site Kate~ I love all of your sweet parties and all of the detail that you put into them. I also am a fan of Layla Grace~ love their shabby chic sweetness. I would <3 to have a special party for my sweet daughter Isabelle Grace who was sick for the past year in and out of hospitals. And your parties are special and sweet just like she is.

  62. staci golden Says:

    This is such a great giveaway..what I would really LOVE is a FAB ‘Welcome Home’ party for my dad. He has been serving overseas since Jan 09. He is scheduled to be home at the end of the year.
    He would be totally shocked (and I would be forever grateful) to have a party planned especially for him.

  63. Linda Says:

    I will be marrying the love of my life next Spring! Though we’ve both been married before we are as excited as teenagers about our new life together. We spend the majority of our time on the water and so naturally I was blown away by the mermaid themed party. I would love your help to plan celebration of our union on the river

  64. carrie regan Says:

    I’d love for her to help with my daughter’s 2nd birthday which falls on Easter weekend this year

  65. Ma.Teresa,Kristina & Roxana Says:

    This would go sooo nice for a Baby Girls Baptism Ceremony as well! The colors and the whole Mermaid Theme is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  66. Marcie @ The Simple Things Says:

    My only baby will celebrate her very first birthday on July 2nd. I would love to have Kate plan her party. I am afraid her birthday will take the backburner to 4th of July celebrations, so an outstanding event by Kate would really be amazing.

  67. Ideen Says:

    I would so love to have my sons 2nd birthday party inspired and done by Kate. Wow what a great gift!!! It would be grand and I would be honored to see someone as gifted work on their craft for my party. Thanks you!!


    I would LOVE for her to plan a birthday party for my Mom. What a great party!!!

  69. Amy HUgentobler Says:

    My daughter, Gabi (and her mother) LOVE to plan parties. Coming up with the idea is always so hards (too many ideas) but once we agree, we are off planning. I would love to take it to the next level. Gabi and I pour over all the ideas on the blog and would love them for her birthday.

  70. Monique Says:

    This is such a generous giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to throw a gorgeous 3rd birthday party for my daughter if I won!!!
    *fingers crossed!”

  71. Sara Carter Says:

    My son’s third birthday will be December 2rd of next year, and we would love for Kate to help plan his special day!

  72. Dawn Says:

    I am such a fan of Kate Landers…and would LOVE the chance to win a custom party…my favorite has always been her Madeline Party…but…hmmmm, I might have her come up with something else :)

  73. Cindylouhoo Says:

    My baby girl will turn 30 on March 1st, 2011. She is a very young girl at heart and would like nothing better than to spend her day with her girlfriends, being girls in Strawberry Shortcake Land. Everytime we see the wonderful parties you do…..we wish we were young.
    We would love to work with you and win this giveaway. Thanks Kate!

  74. Rochelle Says:

    I would love help planning my daughter’s second birthday! Kate is fabulous!

  75. Janna Says:

    My son is into Greek Mythology and wants his birthday to incorporate that theme! I would love to win this for him, AND to take the stress off of me to come up with ideas! His birthday is Feb 24th.

  76. Jane Says:

    I would love Kate to plan a party for my one and only precious child; my joy and anchor to life! She’s turning 8 next year. I would of course leave it up to my daughter to think up a theme – she loves planning parties! She loves clowns… Too bad we are in Australia. Thanks for all the inspiration anyway. Jane:)

  77. faigy Says:

    I have a family get reunion coming up in March and would like it to be extra special!

  78. Susan Says:

    I have spent hours looking at the photos of Kate’s Parties and I am always in awe of her creativity. I have been married for 25 years we have 4 children, a daughter in law and a granddaughter and I love to celebrate my family. I love to entertain and give my kids a reason to get together and celebrate each other. I would love to have Kate create a party for our family and friends just to celebrate life.

  79. Amy Rose Says:

    I’m so impressed with her work and would love for her to plan my baby girl’s 1st birthday party. As a mom who works outside of the home I never feel like I have enough time to be as creative as I’d like to be and to make my baby’s 1st birthday this special would be thrilling.

  80. Missy M. Says:

    I would love for Kate to plan my daughter’s 4th birthday (under the sea themed) birthday party next April

  81. Estrella Says:

    My nieces 7th birthday is in June, and I would love to surprise her with a Kate Landers party!

  82. Squeaks Says:

    Every Christmas we have a children’s party with our friends where the children exchange presents and spend time together before everyone goes their separate ways to spend time with their families for Christmas. I have always wanted to host a Nutcracker-themed party, and I imagine this could be a perfect theme for Kate to design a wonderful, magical Christmas celebration (suitable for boys and girls) incorporating sugarplum fairies, princes, soldiers, snowflakes, mice and delectable treats! There are so many possible wonderful details to plan, Christmas 2011 will come around very quickly!

  83. Shelley Says:

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight! :) I LOVE Kate Landers. She is so incredibly talented and would love to have her help in designing a party. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed. :) Thanks for the chance. -Shelley @ HowDoesShe

  84. Leoni Says:

    I would love a custom party planned by Kate for my youngest daughter. Her birthday is 1 July 2011 and she will be 3.

  85. shana L Says:

    I would love this, My baby is turning 1 in January and doing a I love Lucy theme.

  86. Tashia D Says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this for my sons 2nd Birthday party!! Kate is amazing!!

  87. Jennifer Birkhead Says:

    How can I not enter!??!??!?! Kate is my idol and to have her create ANYTHING for me would be mind blowing!!!!!
    I have a little girl who’d 5th birthday next year would be EXTRA special if it had Kate’s touch ;)
    Jen @ Jennifer Birkhead Design

  88. Betty Says:

    Truly the mermaid party was inspired,I’m just awe struck. I would use the custom party for my grand daughter’s 1st birthday in February 2011.

  89. Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras Says:

    I’d love the Kate Landers touch with an Archaeology/Egyptology party for my turning-eight-year-old girl!

  90. Jan Johnson Says:

    My daughter is 7 in November & my little boy is 4 in December so I would like help with a joint birthday party! We live in North Wales UK!
    Here’s hoping!! Thanks Jan

  91. Oksana Says:

    I would love some help planning my son’t Bar Mitzvah party for next September (2011). Looking into a purple/green theme – something truly festive and fun.

    Love your work! Best of luck with everything you do!

  92. Corey Says:

    I would sooooooo LOVE to win! Kate is AMAZING! I have a little girl who turns 3 at the end of January. I’d love her creative skills to help me. I don’t even have a theme yet!

  93. Maria Says:

    I love the work of Kate!!! There is so much talent in everything that she does!!!
    I would love to plan a party for my nephew’s 5th birthday next year!!!

  94. Chelsei Ryan Says:

    I would love for Kate to plan my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It isn’t until September 10, 2011 so we would have plenty of time. I love all of the events that I have seen Kate create. She is meticulous about each and every detail and it shows so much in how put together and exquisite the events appear.

  95. Rebecc Says:

    I would LOVe, Love, Love a custom party planned by the talented Kate for my daughter Emaline’s 5th birthday in March. I was blown away by the mermaid party and can only imagine what amazing ideas she has to come!

  96. aurelia hull Says:

    wow! this is amazing – i would LOVE LOVE LOVE a custom created party! My three year old daughter is very girly and i would love to create a unique birthday event for her fourth bday (next july!).How exciting!

  97. Chriss Says:

    What an awesome giveaway, it would be an honour to have my daughter’s 10th party planned by the GREAT KATE, and it’s even better that this giveway is open to us here in Australia!!
    Thank you!!!

  98. Kym Bozzoli Says:

    My gorgeous daughter Isabella Rose will be 5 next May and we always plan something special for her birthday. So far we have had a Dora party, a ‘birthday’ celebration with jumping castle, face painting etc and this year we had a 4 year old Vintage inspired ‘high-tea’ princess party. I would love to hand over the ‘ideas’ planning to someone as talented and inspiring as Kate, the colour palettes she uses are dreamy. I just know Isabella would think she was so very special, which of course she is. I know people think I indulge my daughter, but after having lost both my adoring Mum and sister to cancer in their 30’s, my little girl is so precious to me that I want to make every birthday for her a special memory she will carry with her forever.

  99. Holly Strebel Says:

    This is sooo incredibly gorgeous!!! I would love for you to plan my son’s 3rd and daughters 2nd joint birthday!

  100. Renee Bugg Says:

    I am a huge fan of Kate’s and would love her to design a custom party for my daughters 6th birthday in February 2011. We have had a tough year with her this year and I know she would LOVE something super special.

  101. Coby Says:

    I would love Kate to customise my little boys 2nd birthday! He LOVES hot air balloons (inspired by the wall decals and ikea balloon hanging in is room I expect!!). What can I say? He is going to be one stylish little man!

  102. Liama McDonald Says:

    This is absolutely AMAZING. I would love the opportunity to have such a spectacular party planned for my daughter Sydney Elyse who will be turning 3 on September 2, 2011. She is an amazing little girl with an infectious smile and an even more amazing personality. Simply put WOW and I would love to have that WOW effect added to my baby girl’s birthday party.

  103. Carli Eklund Says:

    WOW, would love to win this. So many ideas would love to work with Kate to come up with something amazing for my daughter or sons birthday! Thanks, Carli

  104. Bridget Lepore Says:

    How lovely is this! I adore it, all of it! My baby’s first birthday is coming soon and Id love help with it. She loves rubber ducks and Im at such a loss for a girly rubber duck party.

  105. Lydia Menzies Says:

    My children (a girl and a boy) have birthdays in August and September, and I love celebrating how thrilled we are to have them. Birthdays are special at our house, and we would love a party by Kate! Thanks!

  106. Lisa Humphries Says:

    Kate Landers is my absolute shining light of inspiration as an Event Planner in Australia! I thrive on her boundless creativity and perfectionism!!

    My son will be 2 years old in August 2011 and it would be a dream come true to have Kate’s imagination and experience to assist me in taking my precious son’s passions and transforming them into a party for him that celebrates his miraculous life!

    I believe that a child’s 2nd birthday is even more special than a 1st because of the new sense of awareness and the ability to communicate that a 2 year old has…I hope to create lifelong memories for him and my loving family whose lives he brings so much joy to!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my hopes and aspirations as a Mother and an Event Planner :-) and for the chance to win such a special prize!

    x Lisa.

  107. Rose in Ohio Says:

    Who wouldn’t want an event planned by the wondrous Kate Landers? This is probably the most special giveaway I’ve ever seen. Should I win, I’d love to have a very special party planned for my 4 yr old granddaughter. She’ll be 5 in April, but we’d be willing to celebrate whenever it’s convenient for Kate!

  108. Amber Says:

    I just discovered Kate and am so inspired! It would be amazing to have her design a party for my first baby’s first birthday. If nothing else, I’ve at least found some great ideas.

  109. Simone Says:

    Pick me Kate PLEEEEAAASSE….I WOULD LOVE A CUSTOM PARTY. I would love to spoil my mum with a fabulous birthday event. It always feels so good to give back to the ones who do so much for you.

  110. Crystal Says:

    I enjoyed reading about Kate Landers party services..everything looks so pretty! I will visit her blog again for inspiration and ideas.
    My boyfriend and i are going to be together for 15 years this winter and i think a party would be awesome!!

  111. Sara Says:

    My son will be 16 next year and I would love to have a fabulous party for him planned by Kate. It’s so hard to plan stuff for teenage boys that they will think is “cool” but I’m sure Kate can pull it off!

  112. Jennifer Sullivan Says:

    The details in this mermaid party are AMAZING!! I would be thrilled with help planning my daughter’s 10th in February. No theme had been decided upon yet, but she loves baking…especially cupcakes!

  113. Laura Says:

    My twin daughters turn 5 next month, so that is too soon, but I would LOVE to do a chef or artist party for them on their 6th birthday!

    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  114. Cassandra Says:

    I would love to have Kate help me with an annivesary party to celebrate my anniversary in February.

  115. Joseph Says:

    My wife is an admirer of Kate Landers and as she is preparing for our baby’s 1st birthday party she has spent hours pouring over a lot of websites/blogs for inspiration, but keeps coming back to Kate’s and your website for home and party decor (we already own the pom bedskirt and now she wants the the pom table cloth for the party). Anyway, as an early birthday present for her, I would like to win this for her because she is already talking about our daughter’s 2nd birthday and that theme – MY wife’s birthday is a week after our daughter and my birthday is Dec. 23rd and our son is Dec. 24th, Needless to say, when I saw this post I just had to enter in the hopes that we would win and next year for our daughter’s 2nd birthday so she can take somewhat of a break – my wonderful, amazing wife deserves this for all the thought and work she puts in preparing all of our birthdays. Thank you.

  116. Andrea Says:

    Too adorable!! I would love to have my daughter’s 5th birthday party planned in Dec 2011!!

  117. Tara Reimer Says:

    My daughter would love anything fancy, frilly, pink, the little spring chick that she is! The mermaid theme is a great idea!

  118. Becky Says:

    Beautiful and breathtaking. Would adore a fete!

  119. Melissa Harris Says:

    You make magic happen! Who wouldn”t love to be sprinkled by fairy dust and enter (just for a day) an event created by you. Thank you for the chance to enter. :)

  120. Monica Says:

    I love both your amazing selection of decor and Kate’s creative eye. I would if I could spend on both your talents. My husband and I have our first child together who is turning one and children (him two – 13,11 girls and me one 8 yr. old boy) from previous marriages. We have been unemployed and living off our savings and have not been able to celebrate their birthdays as we would like nor our recent nuptials – we had to elope! We would love to win and make it into a birthday party event for all the kids next fall – a harvest festival or a Halloween bash. We would follow Kate’s advice since we know she never disappoints. Thank you for this opportunity!

  121. Deborah King Says:

    I would love to win. My granddaughter loves mermaids, pink and anything girly. I would love to be able to do this for her next birthday. Thanks for all of your great ideas and designs.

  122. Shelley Gomez Says:

    My Daughter’s 4th BDay party is in March and this would be awesome to have!


  123. Dawn - Fairy Godmother Says:

    I always go all out for my kids’ and clients’ parties. I’d love to have a wine tasting party for our friends that I don’t have to plan. Although I enjoy planning, I’m ready to *just* enjoy the party!

  124. victoria lester Says:

    You sure know how to bring elegance to any party! With that being said, I’d love for you to capture that at my 40th Birthday Party on March 11, 2011. I’m not trying to sound selfish asking for assistance with a party for myself. It’s just that my husband has guilt because I threw him a really nice 40th Birthday that people raved about 6 years ago. I’m sure he’d Marvel at the idea and lift some of the guilt. I’m open to any themes you’d decide on. I love crafts, flowers, beach, BIG 40 theme, I’m super flexible. I’d welcome your ideas! Thanks you for the opportunity to enter.

  125. Lori Woitt Says:

    My little girl will be turning 5 years old in April. I always feel like 5 is a big birthday as they are not babies or toddlers anymore. I would love to have help planning the perfect little girl’s dream party for her… something she will always remember. Last year we had a fun fairy party in our backyard and all the girls wore fairy wings and had ribbon wands and flower halos…. they were precious. I always spend so much time planning fun parties for my children….. looking for the perfect invite, preparing delectible treats, etc. and would so love the opportunity to have a gorgeous party proffesionally planned.

  126. kribss Says:

    my birthday! never had a real party since i’ve become an “adult” years ago : )

  127. Kara Says:

    Wow. I love the mix of simple elegance and whimsy. This type of decor would be just perfect for a “back to health” party for my mother, who has spend the last year battling lung cancer. As a formerly healthy, active non-smoker, she was floored to hear her diagnosis and has been through hell and back. And although her last scan was clear (God does answer prayers!), she has not been able to do much for over a year – no vacation, lunch dates, shopping or anything else. I just want to give her something special just for her, and a beautiful party for her closest family and friends would be perfect.

  128. zmama Says:

    So pretty! She is so talented!

  129. Danielle Thomas Says:

    My reason is not half as good as some above, I would love to win this for my god-daughter’s first birthday. I have two boys and I literally plan for months and months for their parties and they are always a huge hit with the theme running all through our yard. Well needless to say, trying to pick from all the options for a girl’s birthday is making my head spin, this would be great for me as well as my god-daughter Harley to have an amazing first birthday to always remember.

  130. nancy Says:

    All I can say is her events are totally amazing!! would love for her to do my grandson’s 2nd birthday in june!!!! or my youngest daughter’s 20th!! either would be great!!

  131. Connie Says:

    Next May we will be celebrating my granddaughter’s First Communion, her birthday and the baptisim of my soon to be born grandson – all on the same day!I have a few ideas but would love to have your help with creating a memorable celebratory event!

  132. Cece Egeler Says:

    I would love for you to help my nephews celebrate their birthday (they’re twins and will be 3 this year.) They really deserve to have some fun after going through all they have. They have a disorder where when they get upset their trachea clamps shut and they stop breathing. Its normal for them to stop breathing for 2 or 3 minutes and they pass out. This will cause them to calm down and they start breathing again. I think a party like this would be just what they need to have an enjoyable but calming and serene time.

  133. Sarah Z. Says:

    I’d love a just-because party. I am a new engineer in an all male office. All my friends are male (engineering school) and I’m very much still a girly-girl.

    I’d love to throw something with a feminine edge to keep the guys in check and let them experience something distinctly different than video game parties and football games.

  134. Marissa Murphy Says:

    I love the idea of repurpose-ing items to create a grand event. The under-the-sea/mermaid theme is a clever idea. I would love to tap into Kate Landers creative genius to throw a magical and memorable first birthday for my daughter next year.

  135. Tina Says:

    You are so creative!!!! I would love to plan any party
    With you! Your designs are so tasteful and creative it would be a party to talk about! I would love to do a holiday tea Or a birthday party with your ideas! A valentine day party, Easter party or a 4th of July party any with you would be a dream!

  136. Marisa Blanco Says:

    What a great opportunity! My daughter is turning 7 at the end of January and she would just love a party with special girly details. Maybe a Winter Snow Princess theme, but we are flexible. Ruffles, sparkles, all things pink :)

  137. Samantha Says:

    My kids both have April birthdays one week apart (will be 6yr and 3 yr old). I’d love to have an awesome joint birthday party that was Disney themed because we’re planning on taking them to Disney World for their birthdays.

  138. Shane Norris Says:

    Beautiful!!! I always wait till the last minute to do my big idea birthday parties for my kids. I would absolutley LOVE to have help!!!

  139. Kati Says:

    What an absolutely beautiful party set-up… as always! I have been very inspired by Kate’s event blog not only to plan my bridal shower but also my daughter’s birthday party in November.
    I would be so honored to win a custom party from Kate. The colors incorporated with the mermaid party featured in this entry are the exact colors we are using for my wedding which is next March. I’m sure anything Kate could plan would be perfect for my bridal shower in February, but the mermaid theme would be absolutely PERFECT for my bridal shower! I wanted a sea theme since we live in Florida but wanted to incorporate our wedding colors (blush, ivory and white) into my shower. I love the coral color as well, it gives that little pop of color!
    I would be open to any other party ideas as well :)
    Thank you for the opportunity. I made the entry just in time! Good luck to everyone!

  140. Rhonda Says:

    I love all your beautiful creations!!! You are truly a design master.

  141. Brandy T Says:

    I would love for her to throw my 9yr old daughter a garden&fariy themed tea party….she will be 10 on the last day in December she is a new yrs eve baby!and i would love to have a party for her that she would always remember.Thank you so very much for the chance!

  142. Melanie Says:

    I’d love for you to plan my son’s third birthday party in March. This will be his first “real” birthday party with friends. We have only had little family affairs for him so far and I’d really like to have something really special for him this year. He loves dinosaurs.


  143. Tamara Says:

    I love the repurposing idea. I love beautiful events but hate waste! My family loves beautiful tea parties–that would probably be my event!

  144. Kristy C Says:

    Beautiful! Fun ideas for my besties baby shower. Would love the chance to win and make that day beautiful for her. It’s been a long time coming for her and her hubby.

  145. Stephanie Says:

    I would love to have Kate Landers plan my daughters 4th birthday party. She is such a princess and I know Kate would give her the birthday party of her dreams (mine too)!!!!

  146. Valerie C. Says:

    I’m having an engagement party after the holidays and I’d love to win. My time is flexible…..the date can be anytime mid January to mid March :) Thanks so much for the chance!

  147. kristina sexton Says:

    My sons 3rd bday is in february & I would absolutely LOVE to see what you could work up. He loves superheros so of course thats the theme I’ll be working with! :)

  148. Erica Says:

    I’ve always wanted to plan a party to honor the matriarchs of my family. I come from a family of very strong-willed, independent women. They have always encouraged me to be whatever I wanted and to always be independent and not have to rely on anyone. My grandmothers are elderly, in their 80s and late 70s, and I think this would just be an amazing get together for all the family. I am a mother of a one year old so my time is very limited and with your help I really think I could be able to put this all together. This party would be in late April, so the weather in Houston would be perfect for a party.

  149. Kristin Says:

    Stunning and simply inspiring! I don’t think Kate really knows how much she gets the creative juices in other people flowing.
    A party designed by Kate is the BOMB!

  150. Xenia Dickey Says:

    I am the Family Readiness Group Leader for my husband’s unit here at Fort Hood, TX. I would love for Kate to plan a going away party for the troops as they are set to deploy early next year. I know military events are full of tradition but I would love to see it done in a different way. We are a signal unit so orange would probably be one of the colors used. Thank you so much for considering!

    Love your work,

  151. Jessica Roe Says:

    simply BREATH-TAKING!

  152. Natalie Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have her help with my daughters birthday next year!

  153. Susan Sanders Says:

    My son is graduating from high school in May. I would love to have yor help throwing a graduation party!! Love your stuff!!