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New Arrivals giveaway
New Arrivals

Tori Swaim, founder of New Arrivals, applies her artful designs to bring whimsy and personality to traditional accessories for nurseries and children’s rooms. Her eye for texture and pattern give a cottage style, flea market charm to table and chairs sets, framed hanging letters and more (we’re loving her distressed wooden blocks that feature a different painted pattern for each letter). Tori tells us how a simple project for her daughter’s nursery has blossomed into a vast product line that is a celebrity go-to for outfitting the perfect nursery.

Tell us how New Arrivals came to be
New Arrivals has been a long time in the making. Since childhood I have always loved art and design and been attracted to things that had a soft and simple look from generations past. After my children were born I felt the need to find a creative outlet; a way to channel my inspiration. It started off with a simple decorative baby wipe box for my daughter’s nursery and has evolved over the past 11 years into a broad spectrum nursery decor business. Starting my own company has allowed me to spend more time with my children and to be immersed in all of the things that I love the most. My family, art, design and the creative evolution has made the journey very sweet.

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence your designs?
I love a white color palette, and tend to prefer neutral color shades. My style is more Modern Vintage with a splash of Shabby Chic. I try to incorporate my love for floral, stripes and old distressed wood pieces into my products.

What trends are catching your eye and how will we see them incorporated in future New Arrivals products?
Although the modern look has become a popular theme for nurseries, we still have many customers who love vintage style. It is amazing how many different looks we create everyday for our customers with our custom bedding line.

Let’s get to know Tori a little better with a “quick-fire” round of questions:

  • Blogs I check daily: Project Nursery and Shabby Chic
  • My first job was: Movie Theatre Candy Girl
  • My favorite color is: Pink!
  • I cannot live without: Sweets
  • My favorite guilty pleasure is: Oreos
  • The best advice I ever received is: Family first (advice from my husband!)
  • A cause I care deeply about is: Fighting child abuse. We support the Childhelp Organization which focuses on the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

It’s giveaway time: Like it? Win it! Tori is generously offering two lucky winners the letter blocks shown above personalized with the name of their choice. Choose from pink, blue, green or chocolate – or a mix of your favorite colors! To enter, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us your favorite name and why it is so special to you. Contest ends at 6pm EDT on Friday, October 22.

Congrats to Wendy L and Charlotte S as the winners this week.


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106 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A with New Arrivals”

  1. Nicole Says:

    My favorite would be Haley and it happens to belong to my 3 month old daughter! Growing up i NEVER wanted kids and everyone used to tell me “oh that will change!” and i would argue saying “NO it wont!” Whelp. They were right! I am a proud mother to a beatufil 3 month old and i can’t believe that i never wanted kids. Yes, it’s super hard and it can be tough but it is sooooo worth it! Just saying her name in my head makes my heart melt over and over. <3

  2. Hannah Says:

    My favorite name has always been mine, Hannah. Growing up I was in a sea of Stephanies, Jessicas, Jennifer, (All beautiful names, but very popular in my day)etc and was always the only Hannah. It made me feel special : )

  3. Ashley Anderson Says:

    Eli Jane is our daughter’s name. It is special to us because she is named after one of my husband’s childhood friends whose life was cut short when they were teens. When we found out we were having twins we said they would be Owen and Eli if they were two boys. Well, we found out we were having a boy and a girl and we just loved the name Eli so much that we decided to still name our little girl Eli. Her middle name is special as well, it is my grandmother’s middle name.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    My favorite name is Jacqueline. It’s my favorite because 6 months after my mom passed away I found out I was expecting her (after the doctor said I could not have anymore children). And when she was born the only name we could all agree on was Jacqueline.

    After we named her, I realized I didn’t know what that name meant so, we looked it up and found out it meant “one who comes in place of another”. It turned out to be quite a fitting name considering I had just lost my mom.

  5. Jenna Newcomer Says:

    My favorite name is Jadyn. Jadyn is special to me, because she is my precious, beautiful, smart, amazing baby girl!!!

  6. Claire Carroll Says:

    I love the blocks – I’d love to win!!! I have to say my favorite name is mine – Claire. I’m named after my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter also has the middle name of Claire.

  7. kathleen lahm Says:

    Great site for grandmoms like me.Just had my 5th grandchild 2 weeks ago and they are all under the age 6. I would love to win the letters

  8. Heather McDonough Says:

    I’d choose “Killian”, my son’s name. My husband and I absolutely LOVE his name.

  9. Robin Says:

    I love the name Colter…it is my mother’s maiden name and my son’s middle name!

  10. Francine Says:

    These are beautiful! My favorite name is one that is shown! My daughter’s name is Emily and I think these blocks tell exactly why I love it! It is a classic yet simple name. It is fun and happy, and after meeting my bundle of joy is a perfect fit!

  11. niney Says:

    My favorite name is Natalie. My daughter didn’t have a name for 3 days after she was born because we couldn’t decide on a name that fit her. On the 3rd day, we picked Natalie; and brought her home.

  12. Melissa Says:

    What gorgeous blocks! I love them! If I win, I’d like them with my oldest daughter’s name – Gabrielle. If I did win, I’d have to buy another set for my younger daughter, but her name is shorter (so it would be less expensive!). :)

  13. brenda shults Says:

    Favorite name is Leesi… this is my granddaughter’s name and she is soo very special in that she gave her “BigDaddy” the best two years of his short life at a time that could have been the worst. I am certain she has a special angel looking after her now with him in heaven to watch when we cannot.”I love you honey”

  14. Roseanna Says:

    My favorite name is Anabella it was my sisters name that passed when she was only 3 months old and Ana is my moms name which is the most amazing woman i have ever met. Ever since I was a little girl I said if I ever had a daughter I would name her Anabella and had the blessing of doing that in May! :)

  15. Safina Khan Says:

    My favorite name is the whole world is GABRIEL!!! It’s my 11 month old son’s name. My husband and I had picked his name over 8 years ago when we were just college sweethearts and always wondered what Gabriel would be like when he would be born. He is nearly one now and to this day we are still amazed that we have been blessed with such a beautiful angel!!!

  16. Diedre Chaney Says:

    those blocks are adorable. my favorite would be kellie catherine.

  17. jaclyn Says:

    My favorite name is Jude. It is my husbands mother’s maiden name and we cannot wait to name our first child Jude. We are not expecting yet, but we both love the name JUDE!

  18. kathleen lahm Says:

    My granddaughter has a very unique name.”ANISTON”, so needless to say she won’t be finding her name on keychains or name plates.
    Charlotte, I’m truely touched by your story!

  19. melody Says:

    Miles is my favorite name because it’s my 10-month-old son’s name! It’s a good thing we found out he was a boy long before he was born, because my husband and I had a hard time finding a name we both loved! (I’m so happy I didn’t let my husband name him “Rufus Danger”)

  20. Karen Says:

    My favorite name is EZRA because it is my son’s name (11 months)! My husband and I could not agree on a name when I was pregnant and we kept rejecting each other’s names until finally one day a friend suggested Ezra and we both immediately knew that it was the one! He is a special little pumkin of love and we are so enamored with him and feel so blessed to have him in our world!

  21. Emily Says:

    My daughter’s name is Rosemary. To me it is classic, clean, green, and eternal. I’ve always liked my name (Emily) as well, but it has turned into the new Jennifer (pretty name but over popular!) Love the blocks!

  22. maria morizio Says:

    I love the beautiful blocks!!! My daughter Ava would love to have them in her room. I hope we will win them.

  23. Tara Says:

    My favorite name is Liam!! This is the name of my 13 1/2 month old son, our only child. He has brought so much unconditional love and joy to our home, our hearts, our family. This was the only name for a boy that my husband and I both liked. It fits him so well because he has beautiful red hair and blue eyes. He is truly our pride and joy!!

  24. Christina Westerfield Says:

    We named our first, baby girl, after my mother, Grandmother, and Great Aunt. A very traditional name I never hear anymore- Clara. This name continues a legacy of strong Women, Wives and Mothers! And is perfect for our sweetheart!

  25. Kristin Says:

    Since I can only choose one name, and I can’t pick between my two sons, I’ll pick my husband’s name — Jay. I have always loved the name, so when I first met my husband in college, I couldn’t help but like him. His name was just one of the many things I immediately liked (and still love) about my sweetheart!

  26. Val Pearson Says:

    I love the name HEAVEN. I wish I would have named one of my children that. It always gives me a peaceful feeling when I hear that name.

  27. Kristen Says:

    I love the name my parents gave me, Kristen. I was the only Kristen in my class growing up, which was wonderful. Then I became a dance teacher and had several students. The name Kristen became popular in my hometown over the last few years and I hope that it is because I touched some lives!

  28. amy Says:

    My favorite is William – my son’s name. I have always loved it and it just so happens to be my FIL’s name too! Worked out well!

  29. Deanna Says:

    Emerson is my daughters name. It’s a family name and very special to us. My daughter is the first girl in 50 years on that side. Even though Emerson is a boys name with this spelling — it’s a family name so we did not change it.

  30. Terri Says:

    ~~ After 5 desperate years trying to conceive a baby we were blessed with a miracle. We adopted a beautiful, newborn baby girl, and named her SOFIA GRACE. Grace has always been my favorite name for a girl but as luck would have it, a dear friend named her baby Grace a month before we found out we were going to become parents. We chose Sofia because it means Wisdom and of course, Grace, because by the grace of God we were chosen to be this amazing human being’s mommy and daddy. ~~

  31. Ann A Says:

    I love old names, like Sophia and Evelyn (or Eva). They remind me of my grannies. My daughter’s name is Sophia. So cute!

  32. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    My baby girl’s name is Lucie (3 weeks). I love it because it’s hers of course!

  33. Renee Simmons Says:

    Favorite Name is Tanner. That is going to be the name of my first grandchild (he is due on 12/12)!!!

  34. Carrie Says:

    My favorite name is Mary Marshall because it is my daughter’s name (she’s almost 3!). It’s a double name and both names are family names. I love it because it’s unique – unlike my name! If I win these beautiful blocks, I will get my son’s name, Charlie, because he is great need of some cute nursery decor – he is suffering from the second child syndrome!

  35. Michelle Says:

    Our favorite name is Kiana. We had the name chosen before we had children and then we had two boys. We had to try one more time and got our beautiful baby Kiana. It means moon godess, island princess and grace of god.

  36. Beth Says:

    My new grandniece is TATUM. She is just precious.It has become a favorite name.

  37. Erin Says:

    My favorite name is Victoria – which is my almost 3 yr olds names. She turns 3 the end of the November, and it would be so much fun to be able to give these to her for her bedroom! My daughter is most definitely a “Victoria”.

  38. Heather Says:

    My favorite name is Mommy, when spoken by my two year old daughter. Even when she repeats it a hundred times in a row, I never grow tired of hearing it as I know someday I will become “Mom”, but for a few brief moments, I am her “Mommy”. This is a time, and name, I will always treasure.

  39. Krystal Says:

    These are too cute. i just had a new neice born and her name is Kayla. I’d LOVE to surprise them with a set of these adorable blocks!

  40. Shelly Says:

    My daughter’s name is Teagan. The first time I heard it, I knew I would use it for my first daughter. I just loved it . . . Lucky for me, my husband loved it too. We now have three children: Liam, Teagan and Owen.

  41. Linzy Says:

    My favorite name would be: SavannahRose and it belongs to my almost 2 month old lil girl. i found the name to be so precious one day it just popped in my head and reamined there and thats my angel’s name. please pick me!

    A single mom in miami, fl

  42. Mariank Says:

    My favorite name is Elisavet in Greek (Elisabeth in English). It is my baby daughter’s name who was named after my late mother. I read somewhere that in hebro means the one that is devoted to God but It means a lot to me also as it can be a chance for me to overcome my mother’s death and not be sad to hear her name (as this was the case for the last28 years). It is also a little queenee (god save the queen Elisabeth)and hope it will give to her life some of the wellness of a queen’s life and some of the grace of her grandmother and her capacity to give joy to others!

  43. Diane Eral Says:

    I just LOVE the letter blocks! Since I have so many grandchildren and they are ALL special, I just could not pick out one name. So, I’ve decided on just the word “LOVE”. And I would place these blocks by each of their pictures on my table. Thank You for this awesome contest!

  44. M Says:

    My favorite name is Lucy, after my great aunt Lucy. Aunt Lucy told the funniest stories of her travels and kept a stash of peppermint sticks just for us kids.

  45. FoxyMomma Says:

    my favorite name(s) are my son’s names.. ethan fox. he goes by fox. i just love it!

  46. Tahra Says:

    I am in the midst of finishing my baby boy’s room. We used Robin Egg Blue (light teal) and a brown for the colors. I love the abc blocks, the numbered blocks, and the monogram blocks. I love the colors that you have provided for the boys and girls. I would love to have the chocolate ones since they will match my room. I think you have superior taste and they all look fab! I would love to win these since this is my fifth child and we thought we were finished after number four! I think God had a different plan which was unfortunate since I gave away every baby item I owned! I would love to feature you on my blog!

  47. Amy Says:

    ~ Now I learn my ABC’s and it all starts with my first name. ~

  48. Shelly Says:

    My favorite name is the one we chose for our baby boy Abednego and it is from Daniel 3:28. I love his name because it is unique and there is a special story to go along with it. We wish for Abe to grow up to be courageous and strong just like Abednego from the Bible.

  49. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    SO cute! I would pick the name Miles in chocolate and Green. But SHHHHH! We are keeping the name a secret until baby comes!

  50. Sonya Raawls-McPhail Says:

    My favorite names are old-timey names, which my husband did not like, therefore I did not name my daughters these names. They are: OLIVIA, SOPHIA, PHOEBE, ANNIE, MARY, ISABELLA, ANABELLA, CLAIRE LOUISE. I love your new items, the painted letter blocks. I have a 2 yr old granddaughter and a 4 yr old grandson who would love these. I am disabled and my husband is retired. The funds are not there for me to buy things from you most of the time. But, I love so much browsing through your shops and dreaming of all your beautiful things for sale. I have a wish list should “my ship ever come in”, I will certainly fill my wish list. Thank you, Layla Grayce. Sonya Rawls-McPhail

  51. Erica Says:

    My TWO favorite names are Cadence and Aria! The two little girls who these names belong to are my life and I feel so fortunate to have them in my life everyday :) Cadence means rhythm and Aria means song. Our family loves music and we wanted the girls to have names that influenced them to enjoy music as well!! These names are hugely sentimental and I have always felt a name should have a strong meaning, naming your child is the hardest thing to do, they will have it forever!

  52. Fawn George Says:

    My favorite name is my married name George. The George family is a big family and very loving. It represents love and courtesy. They always are doing for each other. I just love it.

  53. Alise Says:

    Bethany is my favorite name for a child. My middle daughter is named for the most precious child I ever taught in school. As a school teacher, some names are just off limits…those teachers out there know what I mean…to say the least if a particularly naughty child has a name you like…you tend to ‘not’ name your own child that!
    The parents of my student Bethany was absolutely thrilled to hear I named my Bethany after thiers. They even wrote me a thank you letter and kept up with my Bethany in her earlier years.

  54. Barbara Says:

    My favorite name is Maggie – for our daughter, named after my grandma :)

  55. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    My son’s name is Preston. He’s the baby of our family and is a true gift. He had blonde ringlet curls when he was a baby. Looked like a cherub. I just love Preston’s name, but more than anything……I just love him. <3

  56. april rocha Says:

    My favorite name is Lila Rose………….It’s old-fashioned but beautiful.

  57. Kara Says:

    Love these! I would love the blocks for my lil one Amelia, we call her Mimi. Those would be so cute. I have two girls so we’re all pink

  58. Brittney Lang Says:

    My favorite name is Chace! We had a girls name picked, but then found out we were having a boy. Everything we came up with just didn’t seem right. So my father in-law said what about “chase” but instead spell it “chace”. Which I loved because I wanted something different, but simple. I’m so happy we went with it. My son who now is 18 months, I couldn’t imagine him being named anything else!!

  59. zmama Says:

    I love the name Sarah! So many lovely people in my life with that name!

  60. Stacey Says:

    My favorite name is Sydney. It is my 3 year old daughters name and she is the best thing that ever happened to me! I waited until late 30s to have her and we hope to visit Sydney, Australia one day for a family vacation (maybe when she graduates from high school)

  61. Ebie Says:

    tough one – guess i have two, my kids David and Rachelle

  62. laura Says:

    ayla would be my favorite…she is my daughters’
    3 week old daughter, her first child.
    the love and relationship i have had with my daughter has always been a blessing.
    my prayer that she experience this special love and bond is a prayer answered!

  63. mom2be Says:

    my favorite name is Halle

  64. emily Says:

    my favorite name is elina. it is my daughter’s name, so of course is very special, just liek she is!!. i actually have the hanging letters in pink toile and love them.

  65. mary Says:

    My favorite name is Sehrey (pronounced “say-ray”) It’s my first child, my precious little baby boy’s name. It was a little tough picking out a name because my husband and I had to come up with a name that would work both in Japanese and Cambodian, two very different Asian cultures. We came up with only 3 boys name that could work but chose this one because it meant peace and freedom in Cambodian and harmonious and soothing person in Japanese. It is the name that is music to my ears and couldn’t fit anyone else better than my baby boy. By giving him this name, it symbolizes the mutual love that my husband and I share in bringing him into this world.

  66. sue Says:

    I am 7 months pregnant,if I have a girl I will name her my favorite name, Rosina, “Little Rose”, but more meaningful to me as it was my mother’s name, and I would love to be able to honor her by naming my first child in her memory.

  67. annette Says:

    i love the name Maddie because that is my 5 week old beautiful granddaughter’s name.

  68. kandi Hendricks Says:

    My favorite name is Harper Kate. The name I just gave my baby girl. Harper from the author of my favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. And, Kate, because all good Southern girls go by two names!

  69. Mindy Says:

    Kennedy- it is important to me because it is the name of the person that changed my life more than any other person ever has. My three year old daughter. I wanted a name that was unique but not too far out there, and I feel like her name is just that :)

  70. Nichole Brodsky Says:

    My favorite names are my two little angels…Katie and Kelly. We were just blessed with the arrival of Kelly after 8 weeks of bedrest and a C-section. The girls are the joy of our life and the pink blocks would be a wonderful addition to their rooms. :)

  71. Johannah B Says:

    Benjamin – the name of my first son.

  72. pamela priebe Says:

    I like my in-laws names RICHARD & CAROL. They are so sweet and we love them dearly.

  73. Sheila Says:

    My favs are Isiah Colin for a boy and Raelynn Faith for a girl, because those are the names my son and his wife have chosen to name my new grandbaby.

  74. Eliz Lee Says:

    Would want the name Olivia in chocolate for my baby.

  75. Jacquelyn Hughes Says:

    R-A-C-H-E-L spells my favorite name which belongs to my 5 month old daughter. My husband and I couldn’t decide on a name we both liked. I told him we’ll just have to have more kids that way he can pick out a name too. I LOVE your New Arrivals :)

  76. Kelli Bozeman Says:

    My fave name is Sadie, my daughter, of course! She is full of personality and “charm”–just like the name’s meaning.

  77. Brittany Says:

    I would LOVE to win these blocks for my daughters room! She has a very unique name that is a combination of her fathers first name and my middle name…Alexiana…Please pick my daughters name to win the blocks the pink and white would look awesome in her room!!! Thanks!

  78. Dena Michetti Says:

    My favourite name is Madison. This is my youngest child’s name. She is an absolute little princess with a hint of “tomboy”…she has two older brothers….need I say more? I have decorated her room in shabby chic and these “New Arrivals” would be a beautiful addition. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!!

  79. Susan K Says:

    Paul is my favorite name for a child. We thought were were going to have a boy, named Paul, but a girl popped out instead. She has a lovely name too (and it’s not Paula)

  80. Lalena Butler Says:

    My favorite names are Jack and Fiona! Fiona is my baby poodle, named after Fiona Apple, and Jack is the name of my other favorite musician, Jack White of the White Stripes!

  81. susan@pocacosas Says:

    my favorite name us Reece-my maiden name is Ruiz & I always thought Reece would be a great way to honor my family!

  82. Gay Says:

    We named our oldest daughter, Alyssa Jalyn, and it is still my favorite name. She was born 34 years ago – long before Alyssa Milano made her appearance on TV. She is the mother of our only grandchild, Kaiden Lee and is expecting our second grandchild next spring. I’d love to win the blocks for the new baby!

  83. Melissa English Says:

    My favorite name is Carson. My best friend in San Diego recently had a baby boy. I was there when he was born and was blessed to see him born. I would love to give the blocks to her for his birthday or Christmas. They are all so cute and what a thrill it would be to win. Thanks for such a great opportunity and sharing such cute blocks with all of us.

  84. Jeannine Says:

    My fave name would have to be that of my son, Collin. He is the most precious gift in the world and is the reason my husband and I truly understand unconditional love and pure joy. *sigh*

  85. Ginny Says:

    Lyla. Lyla Jane to be exact. My 13 1/2 month old daughter’s name. She is our joy and I’d love to see the pink blocks in her room!

  86. sylvia kriksic Says:

    sarah because she is my niece and she is loved and adored by all


    Aria is my favorite name (followed very closely by Ava and Ayla). Not only is it the name of my first born daughter who is 4 but it also my godmother’s name. From the moment I heard that name I knew that one day I would honor my aunt/godmother since she had three boys. Aria is all that her name represents and more!

  88. josephine scheer Says:

    i have to say my favorite name is Josephine.
    When i was born, my Grandma Josephine put $1000 in the bank for me because my parents named me after her. I remember her taking me to the bank in our old neighborhood to retrieve it when i was 18. It had almost doubled. I used to sit next to my gma and watch her crotched. Thats how i learned. I still have the crotched blankets she made in my room….precious keepsakes. My daughter Heather had a baby girl this past March, and to my surprise, they named her Josephine Hope, after me and my gma. When i told my dad, he was thrilled, and so touched he put into the bank $1000 for her, just as his mom did for me. I didnt know a name could bring so much joy to a family, and so many precious memories….

  89. Dorene Says:

    My favorite name is my lil’ bunny’s name “Noelle”. She was due on Christmas eve but with all my complications she seemed like a wish and a dream that might not come true. So when she arrived safe and healthy a week before Christmas her six year old sister wanted to name her Noelle…for Christmas,the time of year when dreams come true!

  90. Eileen Says:

    My favorite name is “Brixton.” It is my 8 and half month old daughter’s name. I love it, because my fiance and I came up with it together so it is very special to us as a fmaily. It is a unique name that fits our daughter perfectly; it is bold, orginal, fun, and beautiful just like our precious little girl. It would look lovely spelled out in your gorgeous block letters!

  91. karen Says:

    I care for five children: Rachel, Kayla, Maggie, Dylan and Lydia. I love all of their names, but mostly I love them for their uniqueness, humor and unpredictability. One moment they can be in a big disagreement with each other, the next they’re hugging. I hope I win your wonderful letters — too cute for words. The children are really into letters right now, one in kindergarden, two others are in a.m. preschool.

  92. NAN MCCASLIN Says:

    My favorite name is Parker Rhyan. Chosen by my Son and Daughter in Law for the upcoming birth of my first Grandson,expected arrival date in early February. The joy of becoming a Grandmother is very exciting for me and I can hardly wait for this little bundle of joy.

    I would love the brown and blue blocks to add that personalized touch to his nursery. They are so adorable!

  93. Marci Kuver Says:

    My FAVORITE name is KNOX…the name of my 5 month old son! I love the chocolate and the blue. So cute!!!

  94. Kay Says:

    My favorite name is April Michelle, my first daughter’s name, Christina Nicole, my second daughter, and Addilynn Michelle and Elyssa Rael, the names of my granddaughters. I would love to win the blocks for Addilynn, the baby.

  95. Dolores Baluyut Says:

    ELLE – My baby girl who was a premie just turned 1 a week ago. Oh I love her. Her name would look so cute in her room. This would be a great Birthday present for baby girl!

  96. Marie Says:

    My favorite name is Kerenza. I really love it because it’s unique and it means, “Love”. I want the name to be a symbol of my love for our daughter.

  97. Pamela Says:

    My niece is having her first baby and Oh how I wish it was me…she is naming her son after his grandparents…one of which we recently lost. His first name will be Jonathan…not a name that I originally liked but it is fast becoming a favourite.

  98. Donna Graham Says:

    I will soon have a great nephew whose name will be Matthew. I would love to win these blocks for him. Thank you.

  99. Amanda Strama Says:

    Olivia because it is my daughter’s name!!!!

  100. Jennifer Livingston Says:

    Josehphine, also! First, I have many Josephines in my family and it has been lost through the generations among many men, named Joseph. But mostly it is because I loved the name so much that I named my sweet daughter Josephine. Over the last 2 years of her life she has a acquired many nicknames – Josie Posey, Pheeny, Josephone – but our favorite is JoJo. And maybe that’s because she’s 2 and we use the words “No, No, JoJo”…

  101. Mary-Frances C. Says:

    My favorite name is Arundel.
    I named my youngest daughter after a castle in England. I visited the castle while I was still in High School and fell in love with its beauty. I love the name!

  102. Emilie Says:

    Connor is my favorite. It’s my baby brother’s name…who forever changed my life, and my 3 year old baby’s name…who has changes a lot of lives. He’s our special little bit of heaven and EVERYONE is attracted to him. He’s like magic. And we are very much in love :)

  103. Shannyn Says:

    Oh these are lovely! My favorite name is Violet for its timeless beauty and mystery.

  104. Nicole Says:

    Sophia is my favorite name. It’s my daughter’s name and we chose it because it means wise. It was also the only name for a girl we could agree on. And last but not least, Sophia Loren… Need I say more?

  105. susan smoaks Says:

    my favorite name is Smoaks because that’s my husband’s name and he is very special to me!

  106. Sara Phillips Says:

    My favorite name is Grace – but I had boys! LOL! So, they are Colin and James and those names are special to me because they are “hand-me-downs” from great relatives!!

    Thanks for the chance!!

    I love the blue & green mixture!!