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Rococo Chalkboard
Chalkboard Animals
Luv Letter Decals

Or jot down a list, a reminder, a doodle! Nothing is better than truly functional items that double as décor – and stylish décor at that. The Rococo Chalkboard decal (that’s right – an easy on, easy off wall decal) is our current obsession. We LOVE how it can add whimsy and style to modern stainless steel refrigerator doors – the perfect place to jot family reminders. For the younger set, Chalkboard Animals are adorable in kid’s rooms or playrooms. They can express their creative side or come home to a special “after school” message from mom. And if you would just like to spell it out for them? Luv Letter Decals for boys (stars) or girls (birds) can be ordered for any word, name or favorite saying. All wall decals are easily removed and repositionable so they won’t damage walls. Shop the rest of our new wall decals and keep watching for even more fabulous decals to dress up walls for home and for kids in the coming weeks!


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4 Responses to “Please Leave a Message…”

  1. Marissa DeCinque Says:

    I love this. chalk board is all the craze. It looks so good with the greys and creams that are so popular.

  2. Gail Costner Says:

    These are very Cool!!!

  3. Debbie Traynor Says:

    Wow! Love the decal on the stainless steel refrigerator doors…and it really stays?! I do have a question though, would it leave marks or dents on the door from writting on the decal? If not, I’m sold…or it’s sold, hee hee!

  4. Layla Grayce Says:

    Hi Debbie! We checked with our vendor and they said it will not leave any type of mark behind after writing on the decals. Thanks for asking!

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