12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 9

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 9
Vote on which one would make your holiday list and you could win it! Leave a comment below to be entered to win. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted on our blog or on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 21st is a new giveaway. Coming tomorrow: Beauty products as a treat just for me!

Comment below to be entered for this giveaway!
Giveaway items will ship out within 1-2 weeks.

Congrats to our lucky winner, Lori Ann!

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253 Responses to “12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 9”

  1. Dana A Says:

    The serena and lily sheets would go perfect with a new quilt i just bought. Would love to win these!

  2. patricia Says:

    I voted because Cottage Style Charm is my favorite! Both sets look comfy.

  3. Ruth Bousquet Says:

    Both sets are beautiful but I like the Cottage Style for me.

  4. Jacqueline@MarblesRolling Says:

    Serena and Lily sheets are perfect year round, but these remind me of spring!

  5. Tiffanie Says:

    These make me want to go climb back in bed. Either would be perfect, but I especially love the Serena and Lily set.

  6. clarissa Says:

    i like the cottage style better…although the serena and lily go better in my bedroom

  7. deb c Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily set. The detail is beautiful!



  9. susan@pocacosas Says:

    I love them both but I would choose the cottage style!

  10. Arrie Says:

    I love the cottage style!

  11. Shelli Says:

    Both great….but voted for the Serena and Lily a they will go with anything!!! Very classic and timeless.

  12. Susan Says:

    Both are lovely…

  13. Heather Says:

    love, love, love those Pine Cone Hill sheets!

  14. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:


  15. Ginger Says:

    I love the crisp clean sheets, not a huge fan of flowers.

  16. Angela A Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily set so nice and simple and crisp! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I need them! :)

  17. Maureen Says:

    While I like the look of both sets I think that the cottage is more me.

  18. Melissa Says:

    The flowered sheets would match my daughters comforter perfectly!

  19. Marti Verguson Says:

    Oh I love the cottage style…beautiful

  20. Katie Says:

    love Serena & Lily!

  21. lisa Says:

    Clean and Crisp

  22. Angela Says:

    I LOVE Serena and Lily Sheets!!! They are beautiful!!

  23. Kelly P. Says:

    The Serena and Lily Gobi embroidered sheets in light blue would go perfect with the duvet set I just purchased for our master bedroom.

  24. Dale Wilder Says:

    i am in the process of redoing my bedroom and the cottage style would go great with the quilt my mother in law is making me! beautiful!

  25. Martha Green Says:

    Cottage style is the best !

  26. Annette Robertson Says:

    Love the cottage style

  27. Becky Gatlin Says:

    Oh the Blue Cottage style is definitely my style. It is beautiful. So fresh looking. I would love my whole house like this. I love Shabby Chic. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  28. Nichole Grawer Says:

    I love embroidered sheets!

  29. stacy hancock Says:

    classic totally!

  30. Nichole Says:

    Love the apple green Serena and Lily! I would pair with some sort of patterned pillows and throw for a punch of color.

  31. Sydney S Says:

    Classic, crisp and embroidered is calling my name! So pretty.

  32. Summer Stys Says:

    This is the bedding I have ALWAYS wanted! It is GORGEOUS!!!

  33. Heather Says:

    Classic and Crisp here!!

  34. Jennifer R. Says:

    I am a big fan of cottage style, but since I really *need* new sheets and the Serena and Lily sheets would match anything, I chose them. Plain can be pretty too :)

  35. Summer Stys Says:

    Woops – I forgot to say which one! :) Cottage style!!! LOVE IT!!

  36. Tiffany Says:

    I’ve always loved roses. So I think I would go for the cottage style.

  37. Emily Barklage Says:

    Oh! I would *die* for the Pine Cone Hill set!

  38. Jodi Says:

    I chose the Serena and Lily sheets. They’re so classic and beautiful! Thanks!

  39. Deb Says:

    Classic and crisp stand the test of time!

  40. gretchen stein Says:

    Love the classics!

  41. lace Says:

    I’m usually a minimalist but those pine cone hill sheets are adorable.

  42. Krista Says:

    Love the embroidered sheets!

  43. Kim Ford Says:

    these are stunning, love the crisp and clean…zzzzzzzzz

  44. Karen Duffy Says:

    Beautiful classic , elegant sheets to wake up on a Sunday morning.

  45. julia warren Says:

    clean lines are so beautiful and classic!

  46. Erin N. Says:

    Absolutely adore those cottage ones! I am in the process of re-doing my guest room to be a guest room/office for me and I am going with a cottage theme. So fresh and feminine! These would be absolutely perfect!

  47. shelby Says:

    Classic all the way

  48. Elizabeth Says:

    OHHh I have always wanted sheets from Pine Cone
    Hill! … I have to choose the classic because I’m classic!

  49. Margaret Smith Says:

    The Cottage style charm is totally my style. Love this style.

  50. chana Says:

    like both for different rooms

  51. Christine Lanza Says:

    I like the Serena & Lily set!

  52. Heidi Says:

    Serena and Lily Please!

  53. Christina R Says:

    Really, really like both! But I think I would chose the Serena and Lily.

  54. Carole Says:

    I love both!! Very hard to pick. I think the Serena & Lily only because I know how great the quality is. My daughter has them in her crib!

  55. Mel Says:

    I have always wanted to try the Serena and Lily bedding. It looks amazing. Like something that I wouldn’t want to get out of. It would match my bedding perfectly!

  56. KW Says:

    Cottage…dream of sweet summer days! Can’t you just smell the rose garden in bloom? A girl always needs a few ruffles!

  57. Maryann Says:

    I like both but the Serena & Lily are my favorite.

  58. Jennifer Palmer Says:

    I LOVE the classic look. Clean white crisp sheets are my favorite!!

  59. Sherry Vaughn Says:

    I like it CLASSY,CRISP, and CLEAN. Love, Love, Love!!!!!!

  60. Missy Says:

    Love them both…..the Pine Cone Hill set reminds me of a crisp spring day!

  61. Kristen W Says:

    That Serena and Lily set is perfect!

  62. Aleaha Says:

    The Pine Cone Hill bring a warmth and touch of feminity to the bedroom which I love~

  63. Kristin Says:


  64. Katherine Says:

    I love them both but the Serena and Lily Gobi are my favorites

  65. Erin Says:

    Both are beautiful, but I love a classic bed with crisp white sheets.

  66. Rebecca Fiore Says:

    Serena and Lily is simply amazing! I got all my crib bedding for my baby girl to be from S & L. the colors, patterns and designs are timeless!!

  67. Leann Snodgrass Says:

    Cottage. The cottage set looks so inviting. :)

  68. Patrice Argel Says:

    Today, I’d pick COTTAGE!!! Xoxo

  69. kristin korjenek Says:

    ~ the ‘Caroline’ sheet set would be a beautiful place to rest our weary heads after hosting 21 for Christmas… so cozy & sweet dreams guaranteed!

  70. Tracy Williams Says:

    Classic and Crisp!!!!

  71. Denise Says:

    It was hard to choose! But I love everything Pine Cone Hill, the colors, the patterns & of course, the ruffles…

  72. Amanda Beck Says:

    Love both sets! I want the Serena and Lily for me and the Pine Cone Hill for my little girl!!!! Time for a “big girl bed” and new bedding!

  73. charity austin Says:

    LOVE the Serena and Lily set!!!!

  74. arielle Says:

    I just love anything Serena and Lily makes!

  75. Mona Says:

    Lovely Sheets, perfect gift for the holidays!! The embroidered set is gorgeous!

  76. -K Says:

    I love the crisp & clean, definitely Serena & Lily!

  77. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    Definitely love the embroidered sheet set!

  78. Patrice Argel Says:

    If I have to choose…Today it’s Cottage!

  79. Jessica Finch Says:

    Def a minimalist because I change out blankets and comforters sooo often and redecorate like every 6 months I gotta have something that will go with everything. Love these serena and lily sheets

  80. Ashlee Vega Says:

    although I love the pine cone hill shabby chic look, the classic and crisp would just go better with my crazily printed duvet.

  81. Lacy Barnes Says:

    I loke the classic. They would go with any decor.

  82. Lacretia T. Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily set! So beautiful and clean looking!

  83. tanya Says:

    I need new bedding for my new house! love it.

  84. Katy Says:

    Classic all the way!

  85. kassia Says:

    Love the classic!

  86. Jennifer Says:

    Totally love the Serena and Lily!

  87. Nicole Says:

    classic all the way!

  88. aimee Says:

    love, LOVE the serena and lily sheets. so classic!

  89. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    I love the classic ones! So pretty!

  90. Merrill Indeck Says:

    I love the cottage style- it is so vintage and country ,cozy looking- all rolled into one look !!!

  91. Elaine Says:

    Love, love the classic, tailored look. Beautiful sheets – the quality is evident. Nothing feels better than climbing in to a bed that is clothed in deliciously comfy, luxurious sheets.

  92. Scott Says:

    NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS IS NEEDED…They look amazing….The Classic FORSURE

  93. sonia zilvitis Says:

    My daughter’s name is Rosalie so ANYHTING WITH ROSES! Her walls are palest pink too. :)

  94. maria Says:

    those cootage sheets would look amazing with my shabby chic duvet!!! love!

  95. Brianna Beers Says:

    I am in love with the rose print on cottage charm. oh it is so beautiful!!

  96. Karen Klaus Says:

    Cottage charm makes for sweet dreams!

  97. Diana Says:

    Cottage style charm

  98. Claire Carroll Says:

    classic, crisp, & clean.

  99. Jessie Says:

    Love the flowers on the cottage style! Sweet :)

  100. Gretchen Says:

    I like the classic, for it’s clean crisp look.

  101. brooke Says:

    Love the cottage style!

  102. Dorene Says:

    The cottage Style Charm is lovely!

  103. Koren Says:

    Love the Cottage Charm style!

  104. Phyllis Says:

    Cottage Style is made for me!

  105. Jennifer H Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily set. The detail is beautiful!

  106. Sadie Says:

    Classic, crisp and embroidered.

  107. Sarah Says:

    Serena and Lily please :)

  108. Pam Smith Says:

    One of my obsessions… new, fresh, sheets!!! Serena & Lily gets my vote!!

  109. Lynda C Says:

    Gotta go with the classic

  110. Polly Says:

    I love the cottage style.

  111. Kiki Says:

    Love the classic and crisp… Looks nice and inviting.

  112. Denise Says:

    Love the classic

  113. Nicole Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily set!

  114. Julie Chunn Says:

    Classic, clean and embroidered for sure!

  115. AndLyle Says:

    crisp and clean! serena and lily set for sure!

  116. Michelle Says:

    I L-O-V-E them both. I would use the cottage set in the spring summer and switch to the classic set in the fall in winter with a cozy duvet = TWICE as nice! :-)

  117. Sharon T Says:

    Serena and Lily – classis call the way.

  118. Dolly Says:

    Keep it simple. I go for the crisp, clean look

  119. Courtney Says:

    Love the classic and crisp just like a Seattle Christmas!

  120. Lee Miller Says:

    I just love the cottage style. Sweet and charming.

  121. Linda Says:

    Love the classic, crisp and clean, beautiful!

  122. Ashley Pelaski-Leezer Says:

    The Serena and Lily sheets are FABULOUS! Love them!

  123. Deanna hamsley Says:

    Classic crisp and clean! Love them!

  124. FoxyMomma Says:

    love the classic, crisp & clean!

  125. cheryl Says:

    would love this

  126. Leslie Says:

    Ahhhh….crisp white sheets! Guess that means my big ol’ black dog who sheds like crazy won’t sleep with me when these are on the bed!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Jean Santiago Says:

    I’m crossing my fingers & toes and I might as well do the legs and arms.. I love it!!!

  128. Adele Says:

    I love love love the S&L set! So classic!

  129. Lauren Says:

    gobi embroidered!

  130. Liza Kramer Says:

    Love the classic.

  131. Maleah Caulford Says:

    I’m loving the nice clean white!! :)

  132. Claire Says:

    The classic one is my favorite !

  133. Ebie Says:

    love both, but figured i was in a pink mood

  134. Debbie W Says:

    Oh the luxury of classic. That has my vote.

  135. Tina M Says:

    I like the Classic, crisp and embroidered

  136. Tamara B. Says:

    My daughter would love Cottage Charm I told her it was time to loose the Hello Kitty now that she is a teenager.

  137. jerissa Says:

    Serena and Lily for sure…I am not into flowers and fluff for me.

  138. Teresa S. Says:

    I love the classic look!

  139. shara hancock Says:

    Classic girl all the way most definitely!

  140. deb hossenlopp Says:

    the serena and lily sheets are so classic. they would look great in any room.

  141. Jamie Says:

    Beautiful and simple.

  142. Stacy Merlin Says:

    I could definitely use this hope I win!

  143. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    i would definitely take the classic for my bedroom…and the cottage for my daughters!

    if i had to choose, i’d say the classic!

  144. Megan Says:

    Love the Serena and Lily set! Its crisp and classic and would look great in our bedroom!

  145. c y Says:

    I love them both so very hard to chose!

  146. Sand Says:

    The Serena and Lily set looks great for any room!

  147. Cynthia J. Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily sheet set…the embriodery is absolutely exquisite!

  148. Denise Collins Says:

    I’m a Shabby Chic kinda girl so the Pine Cone Sheet Set is all me.

  149. dejah Says:

    oh my goodness, these would be great!

  150. April C. Says:

    Cottage style is so pretty!!!

  151. Tiffany Says:

    I love white. I love crisp bedding and all of its luxuriousness. Plus, white is perfect for adding touches of color here and there.

  152. Diana Gervits Says:

    I love everything embroidered! I just love stitching. It’s so luxurious. thanks.

  153. Amy Mac Says:

    LOVE the Serena and Lily set!

  154. Lisa Phelps Says:

    Wow They are both so Perfect in Their own Style. I would Love to have either, but my Favorite would have to be the Pine Cone Hill Caroline blue Sheet set, It is just so peaceful and Homey looking. While the Serena and Lili Gobi looks so Sophisticated with its clean lines, I definitely Love the warmth of Pine Cone Hill.

  155. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    I love Serena and Lily – classic, elegant, and spare; never OTT.

  156. Melissa Says:

    Cottage Style Charm Please!

  157. lwp Says:

    ahh the feel of new, clean sheets! heck yeah i’m voting :)

  158. Amanda Says:

    Love the sweet colors in the cottage style!

  159. amelia8925@aol.com Says:

    I like the clean lines, beautiful!

  160. Carrie Munera Says:

    I heart new sheets;-)

  161. EMMA L HORTON Says:


  162. Phyllis J Alexander Says:

    Cottage style charm will look great on my new bed since I don’t have any linens as of yet. They are beautiful!!

  163. Nicole Sparling Says:

    Love the idea of sleeping in ruffles! And the clean lines are perfect too! Great for my, my husband and great dane, Lucy, to sleep in! Thanks!

  164. Dolly Severy Says:

    Love the crisp, clean look of the Classic!

  165. brittany dodd Says:

    cottage!!!!!!!!!! gotta have it!

  166. Vilma Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily Gobi Embroidered Sheets, because they remind me so much of my mom, she would hand embroider her sheets and pillow cases. Her embroidery relaxed her, and I would set near her and watch her work. She even had people offer her money to do them and she would politely refuse, she would only do them for family as a creative outlet. She was a nurse by profession.

  167. Natalya Rierson Says:

    Cottage style is very elegant and beautiful.

  168. spencer l Says:

    The serena and lily sheets are my favorite, and that’s what I voted for.

  169. Christy Yamagat Says:

    I LOVE anything embroidered and crisp and clean!!

  170. Ashley S :) Says:

    I live te crisp clean white and green!!!! I’m redoing my bewsroom in these colors. This would be a great addition!!!! I would love it!!!!!!

  171. Dana Says:

    The clean and embroidered sheets are beautiful! Thank you for the chance!!

  172. Tony C. Says:

    Wife likes the cottage

  173. Deborah Says:

    Love them both but my pick would be Pine Cone Hill Caroline.

  174. Lisa L Says:

    The Serena and Lily set is nice & clean!

  175. corey Mogdan Says:

    I LOVE the crisp . clean and classic look! White makes everything cozy!!!! Thanks!!!

  176. Charlotte Says:

    Cottage Style Charm is my style… I like Pine Cone Hill Caroline!

  177. Tiffani E Says:

    I love, love, love the Pine Cone Hill Caroline! So girly and fun!

  178. Sofia Says:

    I voted for the Classy, Crisp, and clean set…I’d love the gray one…They are both very pretty, but the hubs does not do flowers. ;) Oh well..

  179. Hendu Says:

    Love the sheets!

  180. Rachel G Says:

    I need a new set of sheets and I really, really like the crisp, clean, embroidered ones are my fav.

  181. Lori Ann Says:

    Crisp and clean for me … and my husband. Even though he says “function over style”, he’s not a fan of bold floral prints. Unless I want to sleep alone (which his snoring does prompt the idea), I’ll compromise. The Serena & Lily Gobi sheets are gorgeous and timeless, so I’ll just let him think I’m “compromising”. Our secret?

  182. Angie K Says:

    Love the sheets! So cozy!


  183. Katie Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily sheets!

  184. Rachel L Says:

    The classic. Perfect.

  185. Susie Says:

    It’s classic style for me!!!!

  186. Tiffany Says:

    Crossing my fingers & toes b/c I just got a bed for my toddler and have not been able to find bedding. I would be over the moon!

  187. Jen Says:

    We’ve been talking about redoing our bedroom next year, the clean & embroidered sheets are just what I was thinking!

  188. laurie mack Says:

    I’m already dreaming of all the sweet dreams to come while sleeping on the Serena and Lily Gobi embroidered sheets! Yes-please!

  189. Cindy Says:

    Another tough choice! But the Cottage Style wins out.

  190. Jennifer Webster Says:

    I really love the Serena and Lily Gobi set, however the Pine Cone Hill set made me smile. (i love pink)

  191. Megan Rinke Says:

    I like the embroidered sheets, and I do need a sheet upgrade!

  192. Lesia Chambliss Says:

    Classic, crisp and embroidered is my style. I just love these.

  193. Donna Says:

    They’re both beautiful, but the Cottage Style Charm evokes spring for me!

  194. Renae Says:

    Clean and crisp…..no better feeling in the world ;)

  195. jane rossi Says:

    Serena and Lily simply WOW!

  196. kareena murphy Says:

    The serena & Lilly set is simple yet gorgeous!

  197. Rebekah Stewart Says:

    Classic, crisp and clean for me! Love the embroidered sheets :)

  198. vikki parman Says:

    Classic and crisp in everything I do.

  199. Michelle Gibilisco Says:

    Love the embroidered sheets. It would be nice to have new ones for the new year!

  200. Addison Kat Says:

    Classic! Hubby would have issues with the Cottage style

  201. Kelly Says:

    Love the embroidered sheets, thanks for the giveaway!

  202. stella Says:

    good sheets are a must– love the roses w/ruffles!

  203. tanya Says:

    I love the clean crisp look and the colors are so up to date! Of course, I drool over just about all of their stuff :)

  204. Gloria J Nicholson Says:

    Cottage style charm is totally my style indeed

  205. Khalia Jones Says:

    I would so enjoy these sheets. I have a newborn baby girl at home and I haven’t had a good nights sleep in weeks! It would be nice to have a peaceful nap on these gorgeous sheets!

  206. Delle Sherer Says:

    Beautiful sheets, both sets! I picked the pink cottage sheets : )

  207. Abbe Brown Says:

    I would love the serena and lily sheets! They look luxurious and would be gorgeous on my bed!

  208. Debbi Burnie Says:

    Both sets are beautiful, but the Cottagy sheets get me everytime …. Who doesn’t love a wonderful set of sheets ..

  209. donna graham Says:

    Classic please. Flowery and ruffles wouldn’t go with my husband.

  210. smyke Says:

    both gorgeous!

  211. Megan Says:

    ooh…I like the cottage style, perfect for my guest room.

  212. Terry C Says:

    The Serena and Lily set is my favorite.

  213. Renee F. Says:

    I love the Serena and Lily sheets.

  214. susan Says:

    Love the classic and crisp.

  215. Sarah McBean Says:

    Being a country girl at heart, Cottage Style is definately me

  216. Meadow Says:

    Oh the Serena and Lily is just my style – classic clean and crisp! Love them!

  217. Jennifer W. Says:

    I like the cottage style charm set.

  218. Tracey Krieg Says:

    The Cottage Style sheet set would make me feel like I was in my own private get away here at home! I would so love to win the set!

  219. laurie c Says:

    Both are so lovely. What a hard choice!

  220. viri Says:

    I love the Classic style. so comfy clean and crisp :)

  221. Margaret Says:

    Love the simplicity of the crisp embroidered linens.

  222. Nikki Says:

    Would love to snuggle in the cottage style sheets. They look so cozy and sweet.

  223. Mel Says:

    I love the classic.

  224. Charles Garabedian Says:

    Love the first set of sheets- they look so classic!

  225. Joanne Garabedian Says:

    Love the white sheets!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  226. Beth Kenneally Says:

    The white sheets are so beautiful!!

  227. Mike Kenneally Says:

    The embroidered sheets will go so well in our house.. quality sheets are so important!

  228. Deborah Wallin Says:

    Love the classic and cristp!

  229. Daniel Morrell Says:

    like the Classic, crisp and embroidered.

  230. Catalina K Says:

    This time I’m going with the first option, that is with the Serena and Lily sheet set.

  231. Jennifer Fisher Says:

    It will be like sleeping in a hotel!

  232. Israel Goldshmid Says:

    Classic, crisp and embroidered its more of my taste

  233. Ron Miller Says:

    Serena and Lily set is really gorgeous!

  234. April Says:

    I love ruffles!

  235. AMANDA Says:

    Serena and Lily….such warm and cozy sheets!!!

  236. Amanda Says:

    Love the simple look. Nice, clean and classic.

  237. chris Conanan Says:

    i love the cottage style. would look so nice with my new bed set

  238. Stephanie V Says:

    Classic, crisp and embroidered. I’m more of a minimalist and the Serena and Lily set is perfection

  239. Tisha Says:

    I love the Cottage style because it is old fashioned and girlie.

  240. Abi Says:

    The serena and lily sheets are exactly what we need for our update in the master bedroom. Clean and crisp are just what I like to dive into at the end of the day.

  241. mary Says:

    classic white for me

  242. trixx Says:

    Cottage style charm is totally my style! Love the pretty girly florals.

  243. Renee Barnhart Says:

    I love the light blue with the roses! Doesn’t match my bedding but that would just give me an excuse to go buy new bedding to match my new sheets!

  244. Kirsten Says:

    The serena and lily sheets set would be great!

  245. mary Says:

    This is a hard one. I’ve always like country cottage style but not able to pull it off well. Yet, the clean simple lines of Serena and Lily is always timeless and I like that!

  246. Heather H. Says:

    I’m loving the “clean” look

  247. joni Says:

    Classic and Crisp for me!

  248. Kari Says:

    Another amazing giveaway! I am with the majority on this one, the crisp clean look would totally match my bedroom! Thanks again!

  249. Lindsay Says:

    nice clean bedding – and i’m looking for new bedding right now.

  250. Grace Says:

    Clean and crisp and classic!

  251. Debbie C Says:

    I voted for the Cottage style and it will fit right in my bedroom.

  252. Karen Says:


  253. ewhatley Says:

    Love the clean, classic look. Great bedding is one of the best luxuries.