12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 11

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 11
Vote on which one would make your holiday list and you could win it! Leave a comment below to be entered to win. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted on our blog or on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 21st is a new giveaway. Coming tomorrow: The most perfect lamp that I’ve ever seen!

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Congrats to our lucky winner Chelsea Raukar!

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158 Responses to “12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 11”

  1. Tracy Williams Says:

    We are all girl around here!

  2. Susan Says:

    My daughter Lauren already has an owl themed room! Would be perfect. Your stuff is amazing!

  3. Deborah Wallin Says:

    I have boys, so I would choose the friendly forest.

  4. Sarah Matos Says:

    My daughters love all things girly!!

  5. Mel Says:

    Love the owls. I don’t have a growth chart for my daughter, so this would be perfect! We’ve also been on the search for a cute nightlight and this one would match some of the art in her room. Love it!!

  6. Megan Says:

    Love the little girl’s growth tree. I have an 4 month old little girl and this would be so cute for her room!

  7. Debbie W Says:

    Pink all the way!!!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Sine I’m having a baby girl and we’re naming her Daisy I’m going to have to go with pink. It’s strange because I was never into pink and swore I would never buy my little lady anything pink but now I am obsessed with the color!

  9. Sydney S Says:

    I’ve been looking for a growth chart for my son for so long! He would LOVE this one =)

  10. Jennifer Prince Says:

    These are adorable!!


    Three girls, three growths to track and how the time flies!

  12. Pamela Says:

    The friendly forest is very natural and would look great in the nursery.

  13. lisa Says:

    Would love to add the pink to my baby girls room.

  14. Diana Says:

    I have everything for my son’s room but not a lot of decorations for my girls

  15. chana Says:

    love both but would go with girl

  16. Megan Says:

    Gotta go with pink owls with two girls here!

  17. Danielle Says:

    Little Owls and Mod Chick would be my pick:-)

  18. Laura Says:

    Love! Friendly forest and football for my little one.

  19. Brianna Beers Says:

    Im having my first baby girl and I would love this for her room! Very unique, like her. I love it!

  20. Claire Says:

    The boy’s one would be perfect for my nephew !

  21. Martha Davis Says:

    It was so hard to choose on this one, but I gave my granddaughter a growth chart when she was younger, so I decided my two-year-old grandson needed one of these.

  22. jelena celeketic Says:

    i have two boys…….how would i ever be able to pick whom to give this light to, and whom to give the tree?

  23. Delle Sherer Says:

    Love them both!

  24. Deanna Hamsley Says:

    I love it! Love the pink

  25. Amy bryan Says:

    Love the brown forest

  26. Martha Green Says:

    Love the girl things !

  27. Nichole Says:

    Love them both but with a house full of girls I had to choose the pink!

  28. Rebekah W Says:

    The “girl” is so cute but I don’t think my boys would like it so I went with the “boy” :)

  29. Diana Gervits Says:

    I like the friendly forest because I think you could use it for a girl as well. This would be adorable for my cousin’s new baby.

  30. Scott Says:


  31. shelby Says:

    pink owls and birdie please :)

  32. stacy Says:

    this would match her room perfectly :)

  33. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    Thinking pink baby..cause it’s a girl!!

  34. Katie Says:

    The birdie one is adorable, but since I have a little boy I’d have to choose the forest :)

  35. Diane Says:

    Love love your products and LOVE the Friendly Forest!

  36. Cindy Daigle Says:

    I’d choose the Forest and Football for my Grandson.

  37. kareena murphy Says:

    The girl’s one would be perfect in my little princess’ all pink bedroom:)

  38. FoxyMomma Says:

    of course with having a boy, i would love to have the friendly forest.. and football is his favorite! he goes around the house calling it “bawww”!

  39. Jennifer H Says:

    Pink owls please!!

  40. Lindsay Says:

    I love the pink owls!

  41. Christina R Says:

    Even though I have two girls, the boy one would have to be my pick for my little man!

  42. Barb Monroe Says:

    Love them both-hard to choose but our little one is all girl so it has to be the Oopsy Daisy and Mod Chick combo.

  43. Katy Says:

    I have a sick obsession with owls these days.

  44. Jamie Says:

    These are so darling!

  45. Ashlee Geesaman Says:

    I have a little girl, and I love owls, so that’s my pick!

  46. Hendu Says:

    Definitely the football!

  47. Shelli Says:

    So wonderful! My girls are always wanting to see how much they’ve grown.

  48. J hampton Says:

    My daughter adores all things pink and the owl pattern is adorable!

  49. shara hancock Says:

    My daughter loves owls! So cute!

  50. Addison Kat Says:

    forest & football!!

  51. Missy Says:

    Pretty in pink for this girly!

  52. Heidi Says:

    Pink owls please!

  53. Sheryl Says:

    All my friends who are pregnant are, so far, having boys. So, I have to go with the football and forest theme. Thanks!

  54. Sarah Says:

    I like both but I pick the pink owls!

  55. Mandy Harrell Says:

    Pink owl! ♥

  56. Elizabeth Williamson Says:

    All boys at my house! I am the queen, lol!

  57. stacy hancock Says:

    we are so into pink!

  58. alysa Says:

    would love this for my 14 month bird! she always says whooo whooo when she sees an owl…so cute!

  59. Charity Austin Says:

    the pink owls one is ADORABLE!!!

  60. Janelle Says:

    The owls are too cute!

  61. Janelle Says:

    love the owls!

  62. Dana Says:

    Pink..all the way! Thank you for the chance!

  63. Maura Noonan Says:

    They are both so cute! Our younger daughter is happy jumping through mud puddles, but she maintains a girlish side as well! She loves all things pink:)

  64. Darrell- Hillary Says:

    Owl!!!! My daughter loves owls so much. She calls them oooooh-uhl

  65. April C. Says:

    Love the pink one!

  66. heidi donahue Says:

    i have a boy, but the owl’s are too cute!!

  67. Rebekah Stewart Says:

    all boy for us :)

  68. Renae waters Says:

    Sweet owls for our girly household!

  69. Jeannine Says:

    Pink owls!

  70. Cynthia J. Says:

    I love the pink!

  71. Christina Says:

    i love the forest theme for a boy’s room!

  72. cheryl Says:

    my girls would love the pink one

  73. Chacoy Says:

    I have a boy but would love to see something gender neutral for those ‘waiting’ til it’s arrival!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Susan Alles Says:

    Friendly Forest and Football!

  75. laurie mack Says:

    Darling pink owl and birdie growth chart – love the name oopsy daisy too!

  76. Jennifer Says:

    Since I just had my 3rd boy in September the football one would be great here

  77. Denise Collins Says:

    I love the pink owls and birdies.

  78. Denise Says:

    Definitely the owls for my little princess

  79. Elizabeth Says:

    Pink!!! rocks!

  80. kristin Korjenek Says:

    my girls are grown now [ sniff~ sniff ] but i would love to gift my niece’s daughter with more pink!

  81. Carole Says:

    I love both & have both – boy & girl, but the birdies would go perfect in her room!!

  82. Renee F. Says:

    The boys chart is so cute!

  83. erica Says:

    perfect! we’re moving #3 into her “big” girl room..and with owls! thanks for the chance!

  84. Patty Says:

    The pink chart is beautiful. Would love to add it to my daughter’s room.

  85. meleah oja Says:

    pink all the way

  86. clarissa Says:

    love the pink!

  87. Ashley Pelaski-Leezer Says:

    Love both of these really, but the pink is great for my daughter. I love owls!

  88. Terry C Says:

    Pink owls would be perfect for my granddaughter!

  89. Ginger Moore Says:

    I would love to measure my little girl using the owls & birdie growth chart!!!

  90. Sadie Says:

    I like the pink owls and birds

  91. tanya z Says:

    love it

  92. Melissa Says:

    Oopsy Daisy :)Mod Chick!

  93. Angela Boehm Says:

    I have one son, but he is out ranked by my two girls!

  94. Jessie Says:

    I have 3 girls who all love pink! Love them both :)

  95. Lisa Phelps Says:

    This would be Great for my Twin Grandsons they will be 6 months old on the 29th :)

  96. Sharon T Says:

    Pink all the way!

  97. Koren Says:

    like the friendly forest and football themed one!

  98. molly Says:

    the forest animal growth chart would be too cute for any of our three (soon to be four!).

  99. Eliza Klinger Says:

    My little boy is growing so fast so this would be awesome to have! these are beautiful designs!

  100. Megan Dickinson Says:

    Love the pink owls! so pretty and cute!

  101. Jenni Says:

    I love this site. Thank you to Kate Landers for showing it to me.

  102. Debbie K. Says:

    I would LOVE to win the owls and the bird for my little chickie!!!

  103. Jessica Gragg Says:

    The pink owls are beautiful. My daughters would love it.

  104. Nichole Grawer Says:

    The Pink owls are so cute!

  105. Kirsten Says:

    My granddaughter would love both but her MOTHER would prefer the pink for her.. :)

  106. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    The Oopsy Daisy Growth Chart Little Owls & Mod Chick Nightlight in the Pink Owls & Birdie is so perfect. Very, very cute.

  107. Ashleigh Koss Says:

    Boys rock!

  108. Rachel Verstraete Says:

    We have 4 boys so it would need to be the friendly forest one.

  109. Jina Dunaway Says:

    Oh I would be over the moon to have the Pink Owls for my Little lady !!! Can’t wait to watch her grow… Pick me please !!!

  110. Donna J. Askenazi Says:

    Love it.

  111. Melissa Says:

    An owl and bird growth chart for my two girls, Oh my!!
    A wonderful way to track how fast they grow & how time flies!!

  112. Debbie Traynor Says:

    That was a very hard choice! We have girls and boys (grandchildren), and either one would’ve made a perfect gift! The clincher was the nightlight!!! ;)

  113. Kristina McCook Says:

    This would look precious in my little girls room:)


  114. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    Oh with the constant nightmares lately the whole house sure would appreciate that football night light! Maybe we’d actually get some sleep at night?

  115. Joanna Koskamp Says:

    I like the “friendly forest” growth chart and “football” night light.

  116. Rachel G Says:

    With 3 grand daughters, I figured I better pick the pink one.

  117. jerivett Says:

    This is too darn cute, this is perfect for my little Aubrey’s room which is owl themed. Love it!

  118. Tina M Says:

    I like the pink owls

  119. lisa hawkes Says:

    I like the forest idea. My room and my baby boys room are both forestry and whimsical. Tjis would match perfect.

  120. Tiffani Ewing Says:

    My little guy would LOVE the friendly forest chart and the football nightlight would be a HUGE hit!

  121. Cindi Says:

    The princess in our home would adore your
    Oopsy Daisy Growth Chart and Mod Chick
    Thanks very much…

  122. Kathy Flaherty Says:

    Great gifts to be won, my grandaughter would love the Owls!

  123. lilcg Says:

    this is tough–I really like the friendly forest growth chart for my little girl’s room (the pink one is a little too girly for us), but I prefer the mod chick nightlight. overall–I am going with the friendly forest one…

  124. deb c Says:

    Whenever pink is involved, that will be our pick.

  125. Polly Liebl Says:

    Birds and Owls goes perfectly with my daughter’s room decor!

  126. Megan Says:

    All boys here except for me!

  127. Brandy Says:

    I love cute little boy things…so hard to find!

  128. Deena Says:

    I love this and would love to have it!

  129. Keely Says:

    Have purchased two growth charts for my grandaughter and grandson. Another grandaughter is on her way. Would love this for her.

  130. mary Says:

    I love both but have but one adorable boy who would love the ‘boy’s’ one!

  131. mary Says:

    friendly forest for me

  132. Kari Says:

    My little baby James would LOVE the woodland grow chart!!

  133. Nicola Roberts Says:

    Either would be perfect… Pink for my nieces or woodland for my nephew in Miami. I am all the way in Australia so haven’t seen how much they’ve grown… These growth charts remind me-must book a holiday soon so I can see them! X

  134. Christina Says:

    It’s gotta be pink owls and birds for my little girly girl!

  135. Stephanie V Says:

    all boy please

  136. Gloria J Nicholson Says:

    I love the friendly forest and football.

  137. Amanda Davis Says:

    So precious! We’re not sure what we’re having, so the nursery is gender neutral – lots of owls, too! I’d have to pick the little boy set, it could go either way! Thanks for the chance!

  138. Pam Says:

    This would be perfect for my grandson.

  139. Sherrie Johnson Says:

    Just found out today that my next grandchild will be my 1st boy grandchild. I pick the boy Forest growth chart.

  140. Nikki Says:

    I have a little girl who would love the pink set and I am due in a week with a little boy so either would be amazing.

  141. Charity S. Says:

    My son would love the Forest one.

  142. April Says:

    This would make a wonderful baby shower gift.

  143. Jacqueline@MarblesRolling Says:

    Boys, boys, boys!! We’re going to have two in just a few months.

  144. Deborah Says:

    Love the forest growth chart. My grandson would love it.

  145. Amanda Topper Says:

    Love the birdies

  146. Renee Barnhart Says:

    I don’t have any children yet but I love the pink one. I would be happy with either one to be honest.

  147. chris Conanan Says:

    ill go with the birdies as well since my girl has pet birds

  148. Mary-Frances C./Soggy Cereal Mom Says:

    I love the owls!

  149. Bridget Says:

    Definately love the girly owls!

  150. Tammy Says:

    My son loves football and anything outside, my daughter just loves anything that has to do with nature, so the forest growth chart would be great for either.

  151. joni Says:

    I love them both!

  152. Sarah L Says:

    “I enjoy being a girl!” Thanks for the contest.

  153. Karen Says:


  154. Lesia Chambliss Says:

    It would be the pink owls and little birdy for my granddaughter.

  155. Dottie Quinlan Says:

    OMG!! I absolutly love this site! i would love to have the growth chart to add to my granddaughters new bedroom,that is in the process of development right now. My daughter and son in law are renovating a room for my 3 granddaughters ages 3yrs to 6 months..This would be a beautiful addition.

  156. Lisa Carr Says:

    I have all boys – have to go with the Boy’s Forest.

  157. Susan Hallum Says:

    The pink one is perfect! for my granddaughter’s room. How adorable are these! We found out yesterday we are having our first grandson. So I love them both!

  158. Tammy Huggins Says:

    My sweet angel would love the Boys Forest.He’s just starting to recognize animals and owls and deer are among his favorites! This would be so cute in his room!!!