Moggit Girls: 5 Trends Gone Wrong

moggit - 5 trends gone wrong
Sure, we could do a ho-hum recap of the “Best Design Trends of 2010”, but we’re in the mood for something different, and Joy and Janet, the creative minds behind moggit are the perfect gals for the job. Their sassy, irreverent blog (tagline: the guilty pleasure of the decorating world) is one of our favorites, so in true moggit fashion, let’s hear from Joy and Janet and then let you vote on the worst of the worst!

Looking back on 2010, it seems to us that nearly everything was a ‘trend’. It seemed very trendy to be trendy. But if there’s one thing we love, it’s a good trend gone bad. And this year, there were a bumper crop of seemingly harmless trends that went off the rails…



1. WALL TO WALL CARPET: So while we don’t necessarily mind a good layer of soft, plushy wall-to-wall carpet under our feet (especially on the bedroom!) we do draw the line at installing carpets– and layering them– in a bathroom. Are people still really doing this?


2. NATURAL WOOD: Three words for this one, folks– Enough. Is. Enough. Maybe it’s a chick thing, but there’s only so much natural wood (or in this case– plywood) that we can take in one room.


3. GOING GREEN: We want to be clear, here. We’re definitely all for being eco-friendly. We’re all saving the planet. Heck, we’re even all for this whole ‘bringing-the-outdoors-in’ thing– all of which can be encompassed in this ‘Going Green’ trend, but just not like this.


4. ECLECTICISM: So here’s the thing– when you embrace eclectic as a design style, you really have to know when to say ‘when’. For us, eclecticism is all about showing off your personal collections, your unique and favourite objects and putting them all together in a way that just works. Can we just say it’s really, really not about doing this.


5. INDUSTRIAL CHIC: Industrial chic– it’s a trend that been around for a while, and shows no sign of slowing down. The very words conjure visions of ultra-cool lofts, fab floors, and beauty in the very functionality of it all. But we have just one question– if we embrace industrial chic, can we please just be comfortable while we do it?


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11 Responses to “Moggit Girls: 5 Trends Gone Wrong”

  1. carla@decorativity Says:

    Carpet in the bathroom stresses me out so much. Mildew alert! Ahhh!!

  2. Charlotte Says:

    They’re all so bad… it’s hard to pick just one for best of the worst :)

  3. Megan Says:

    all I can say is…..”Wow” :/

  4. glory Says:

    I get a headache just looking at all the different prints, if I had a flowered shirt on you wouldn’t know i was in the room.

  5. Diane Says:

    Carpet in the bathroom…. eeeeewwwwww!

  6. Debbie W Says:

    Going Green. Those trees (or whatever they are) look like scratching posts for very large cats.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m not a fan of carpet! only in the bedrooms… everywhere else I like Hardwood, stained concrete, tile… with a Dog and a man in the house I would have to dedicate my life to keeping that carpet clean!

  8. Kim R Says:

    The eclectic room gives me a headache. Seriously, how do you find ANYTHING in a room like that?

  9. VintageSmith Says:

    The carpet in the bathroom takes the cake for me, based on the eeeewwwwwwww factor. I just imagine it starting to smell like pee around the toilet – or maybe males aren’t allowed in that bathroom???

  10. pillowthrowdecor Says:

    Industrial Chic – If those really are concrete blocks I guess there’s no rearranging the furniture without a crane???

  11. Christina Says:

    While the eclectic design gives me a headache and the carpeted bathroom makes me cringe, Going Green takes the cake for me. I couldn’t imagine waking up in Wonderland everyday, I would be afraid the Queen of Hearts would be hiding behind a topiary telling a 6 of hearts “Off with her head!”

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