LG Staff Faves: Get Fit For 2011

LG staff fit faves
Got a resolution to get in better shape this year? Us too! Check out some of our favorite go-to products and gear that we personally own and love. Got a favorite workout item you would reccomend? Let us know in the comments below!

Wendy: I sport a casual gym style but go hard and quick. I get in, get it done and get out.

Lulu Lemon’s Groove Pant: Splurge. Get sucked in. In style. Tiffany (co-owner LG) gifted a pair of these to me and are hands down the best pair of workout pants I own because I look 5-10 pounds thinner in them. Your back side becomes your favorite side.

Kaskade Music: Always a Kaskade song if not an entire album on my ipod to motivate. Especially noteworthy is his Strobelite Seduction album. The more you listen, the more you become seduced. Catch Kaskade on Facebook, iTunes or his website.

New Rules of Weightlifting for Women: Dropped my post-baby booty & got my body back w/ this book! Kept it in my car and would jot down the workouts on scraps of paper. Good plan for “muscle confusion” and intense, quick cardio intervals that I found helped shed weight the best. Even with a strong running background (and weightlifting) this book had me doing more in less time. What a relief, no more running for an hour or breaking my 30-something old body down like that anymore.

Shellie: I love dancing around and singing. Sometimes fitness is not just about hitting the weights and going all nutso on the stair climber… sometimes it’s about shaking whats you mama gave ya and just being happy.

Zumba: Zumba classes are the most energetic happy joyful place to be. A lady in one of my classes in her 70’s (one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen) said it best: “You don’t stop dancing ’cause you grow old. You grow old because you stop dancing!”

Jump Rope: 15 minutes of jumping rope burns like 300,000 calories. Or at least it should! It tones your arms, legs, stomach, butt… also if you’ve got some mad trick skillz from your grade school days then also you look pretty cool. During winter months I pull the car out of the garage and go to town.

Wanita: I’m a yoga goddess “wanna-be” that prefers quiet, calm workouts where shoes are not required. I love taking group classes but usually do them in my own yoga corner where I can shut the door to the world (and the dogs).

Fun yoga mat: I would never use the gym’s mat! Gaiam makes a color and design to fit anyone

Yoga brick and strap: Gotta have these until you’re a yoga pro – I’m working on it!

Melanie: I’m an endorphin junkie. I love any experience that pushes me past where I think I can go and gives me a runner’s high. My favorite workout right now is hot yoga.

Adidas Response Stability 2 W: My collection of these has seen more miles than some cars.

Dead Sea Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment: Soothes my tired skin, especially the feet after a tough workout.

Kerry: I’m an early morning fanatic – Long, really tough workouts finished before the sun (or my kids) have even thought about rising fuel me!

Under Armour ColdGear Tops: My runs start at 4am and Under Armour ColdGear tops keep me warm, wick sweat away and feature their awesome odor blocking technology so you’ll never smell like a locker room. Thumb holes and longer length give good coverage and the fit is so flattering that you’ll look like the hottest momma dropping the kids off at school.

Under Armour Sports Bras: I’m a fan of the Strength and Endure styles – Amazing construction that holds you in place for high impact workouts. Double layered fabric in front and a choice of cup size make this a perfect fitting piece for layering or worn as is.

P90X: I love this series – especially Plyometrics! Not for the beginner or faint of heart, but if you are looking for a challenge to take you to the next level, this is the series for you. Kuddos to anyone who can pull off the full 90 day plan (you must look amazing!) – I haven’t mastered that yet, but adding in their strength and cardio workouts to my runs is pure masochistic bliss for me

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