Barbie Prints: 15% Off Sale and Giveaway!

Barbie giveaway and sale
It seems everyone loves Barbie – and how can you resist our popular Art For Kids Vintage Barbie prints, especially at 15% off? The chic illustrations look as good hanging in a nursery or little girl’s room as they do in your own powder room or boudoir. For 2 weeks only you can get our collection of fashion and limited edition prints at 15% off. Enter code LUVMYBARBIE at checkout. Shop all AFK Art For Kids Barbie prints >

GIVEAWAY: To kick off our tribute to this fashion babe, we’re giving away a Barbie print to one lucky winner (up to $135 retail value). Just leave a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us which room you would hang these gorgeous vintage Barbie prints in. Giveaway ends this Friday and a winner will be announced on Monday, January 14th at 6pm EST.

*coupon expires 1/23/11 at midnight EST and may not be applied to previous purchases or combined with other promotions.

Congrats to Lesa Rock, winner of the Barbie print!


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162 Responses to “Barbie Prints: 15% Off Sale and Giveaway!”

  1. christine anderson Says:

    I would love to win one of these Barbie prints — it would look fabulous in my daughter Ava’s pretty room. She is my little princess and loves all things Barbie, pink and girly! They are gorgeous prints! thank you!

  2. Emily Barklage Says:

    I’m a single lady – this beauty would go in my bedroom!

  3. Maria A. Malaveci Says:

    Would definitely be putting in my daughter’s room!

  4. Diane Bassette Says:

    I would hang this in my bedroom would add a little nostalgia to the room..very nice!

  5. Brandy Taylor Says:

    I would hang these right in my living room! They are so adorable!!!!I hope i win these! Thank you for the chance.

  6. NGB Says:

    I would hang this AMAZING print in my FABULOUS new bedroom-furnished with Mid-Century modern Heywood Wakefield furniture.
    These are just wonderful!

  7. Melissa McLemore Says:

    I would love to win these Barbie prints for my daughter’s room. She has recently fallen in love with Barbie and I would love to add that classic look to her room!

  8. Kate Says:

    It would be perfect in my daughter’s bedroom!

  9. Jennifer Klimas Says:

    This glamourous print would hang in my precious little girl Addyson’s room!

  10. Jennifer Klimas Says:

    This is such a glamourous print and would be so lovely in my precious daughter Addyson’s room.

  11. Liz Says:

    One of those prints would look amazing in my mother in law’s barbie room!!!

  12. Sarah Says:

    I would put it in my daughter’s nursery. They would look perfect in her room with all the tutus!

  13. Chonie Bradley Says:

    I would hang a barbie print anywhere that made sense with the colors of the picture- no where would be off limits- I love drawings, especially of one of my favorite blondes of all time!

  14. Orit Plotkin Says:

    My girls will be sharing a room soon so these prints would be perfect for both an 8 year old and a 2 year old! So beautiful!

  15. Holly Rummel Says:

    I would love to hang these in my little princess’ room! She adores barbie and they would look phenomenal over her bed.

  16. Nicole Says:

    My daughter is quite the “Barbie” girl, and she loves all things Barbie. I think we own every Barbie movie and have every Barbie castle, camper, cruise ship, etc. imaginable! I personally love these gorgeous vintage Barbie prints for her room because they are beautiful and sophisticated, but they would also really appeal to her, as well. It’s rare you find that perfect combination!

  17. Amy Regnier Says:

    A girl is never too old to love Barbie! She would take claim of some wall space in the powder room…my only girlie place left! <3

  18. Annette Robertson Says:

    I would hang them in my bedroom.

  19. Tiffany Says:

    They would definitely go in my daughter’s room. She is about to move to a “big girl” bed and I have been looking for inspriation to re-decorate. These would be perfect!

  20. Maggie W Says:

    I love vintage Barbie–so elegant! I’m a fashion writer, so I would hang a print in my office above my desk to remind me to stay glamorous!

  21. Cat G. Says:

    I’d hang them in my office. Just beautiful!

  22. Samantha Foster Says:

    I would love to hang this in my little girl’s room. I grew up collecting barbies and have several of the barbies in the photos, some originals and some remakes. I absolutely LOVE the room pictured! Its stunning! I plan on using it for inspiration behind my daughter’s room!

  23. Shayla Says:

    I would hang these in each of my four daughter’s rooms! Love them!!!

  24. Sarah Says:

    I would hang them in my granddaughter’s room! She’d love it!

  25. Marinda Smith Says:

    My niece has a birthday coming up and I would hang these prints in her bedroom. When I was growing up my mom had several vintage barbies that she let me play with. I took good care of them and now it warms my heart to see another generation playing with these timeless dolls. She loves all things Barbie and I would love to see these hanging in her room!

  26. karen d'amico Says:

    My daughters room would be the best place…although I’d be tempted to keep it for myself ;)

  27. Jill Packer Says:

    My best friend of 25 years is having her first child….a baby girl! She has collected Barbie Dolls all her life and I think these would be perfect for her house….especially her baby girls nursery!

  28. Karen Smithson Says:

    One of these prints would be gorgeous in my sewing room.

  29. Emily Says:

    Love these prints!! I would hang them in my daughters room!

  30. Aubrey Dettmer Says:

    I would love to put one (or 5) of these prints in my craft room!

  31. Rose Says:

    I collect Barbies, so naturally these would go in my Barbie Room, right above a nice display of my dolls….I have over a thousand, from all eras.

  32. Stephanie Blackwelder Says:

    My baby girl is due May 10th and would be perfect in her nursery! I’ve been eyeing these prints for quite a while now and dream about hanging this above her crib. It’s never too early to start loving barbie!

  33. Sydney S Says:

    I would give these to my Goddaughter, she would just LOVE one of these.

  34. Chrissy Says:

    This would go in my bedroom. It’s my goal for this year to have a grown up bedroom and it would look fabulous in it!

  35. Lena Naef Says:

    I would hang these gorgeous vintage Barbie prints in my daughter’s room!

  36. Diane Pallini Says:

    Should I be lucky enough to win one of these beautiful prints, it’s going right into my little girl, Francine’s room. With a life-long Barbie Doll lover for a mommy, I’d say Francine is being brought up right.

  37. Nancy McPherson Says:

    Would love to hang these in my daughters room!!

  38. Barbara Brosch Says:

    So very lovely. My daughter, who is 11, is caught between the magical world of Barbie Dolls and growing up. This year, we have have changed her room to reflect the child growing up but keeping true to her beloved Barbie collection. I know with all of my heart she would adore a print.

    Thank you.

  39. Alicia Hahn Says:

    I looove the Movie Mixer Print. I love Barbie!

  40. Sue Says:

    These would go in my bedroom… :) I’ve been a lifelong Barbie fan and would love the opportunity to see this beautiful print every day!

  41. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I would hang this print in my bedroom to remind me of my childhood
    when everything revolved around playing dress-up with Barbie and all of her friends!!

  42. bethy sachtleben Says:

    That’s tough. I could see a Barbie pic going in any of my rooms, but probably would be put in the foyer or the hallway. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss it! Thanks for the chance!

  43. Deb K Says:

    I would hang these in my office~How cute!!

  44. Jennifer Huard Says:

    I would hang them in the big girl room we are just beginning for my daughter!!

  45. trin Says:

    These would go in my daughter’s room

  46. Meghan Says:

    I would hang these beautiful prints in my daughter’s room.

  47. M Says:

    My place of honor would be my living room. I want guests to see it as soon as they enter my home

  48. Debra Chionchio Says:

    Just redecorated my office – pink, creams, very girly but chic. A Barbie print would be a perfect addition! Thanks.!

  49. Stephanie J. Says:

    I would hang a Barbie print in my daughter’s room she’d love it!

  50. Lara Says:

    I’d hang it in my closet to inspire me; Barbie is a fashion icon after all!

  51. Koren Says:

    daughter’s room!

  52. Val Says:

    i would hang it in my bedroom. if only my bedroom was as pretty as the one pictured. :-)

  53. Sara L Says:

    Definitely in my daughter’s room. She needs some new art and LOVES barbie.

  54. Lorene Says:

    We would hang it in my daughter’s room. We just finished a Barbie calender with the same art. She wants to cut them out and play with them like dolls.

  55. Amy Miller Says:

    My beautiful daughters, ages 4 and 19 months, share a playroom that is decorated with all their favorites things as well as many motivational sayings and artwork. Some of these items include a plaque that says “Well behaved women seldom make history.” A wall of shelves displaying books about America’s most influential women and a sign above a full-lenth mirror (for dress-up time) that says “You look lovely today.” These Barbie prints would add just the right feminism and message to the room. Besides, Barbie can be anything she set her mind to.

  56. Emily Anne Says:

    In my daughter’s nursery which I am working on right now.

  57. Karen Says:

    I would hang this right by my desk! It would make an amazing inspiration piece and my little girls would be able to enjoy it as well.

  58. Jennifer W Says:

    These are gorgeous! I’d put it in my living room so everyone could admire it!!

  59. Jenni Says:

    my daughter would love these barbie prints in her room…as would I. adorable!

  60. Potamus Says:

    Having played with my mother’s barbies, and saved my own barbies for my own little girls I cannot wait to decorate my little girls nursery in babrie. And get her indoctrinated early to one of the most timeless toys! Barbie is a classic that should in in every home with little girls!

  61. Denise Says:

    Women of ALL ages would love these prints!

  62. Alison Says:

    I would like to win this beautiful gift so that I may give it as a gift to my friend Natalie. Natalie studied textile design at college and is in LOVE with the era of vintage Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. Natalie would hang it in her very girly bedroom where she could day dream that she too owned the amazing vintage clothes Barbie wears in these prints. Every girls perfect escape – trying on her imaginery wardrobe.

  63. Lynn Says:

    These are just sooo beautiful & I would love for Barbie to hang on my granddaughter Addie’s bedroom wall!!!

  64. Molly Says:

    OK – this entire room is to die for! I would hang it by my desk!

  65. Suzanne Says:

    I would hang this print in my daughter’s new “big girl” room to inspire her to dream big and never be afraid to be glamorous.

  66. Joanne P. Says:

    I would hang in my bedroom or livingroom. Either way, they would dress up and brighten up the room!
    Thank-you for this contest and I hope I win!!! ;)

  67. Zana Carter Says:

    I would hang this above my curio cabinet that has my Barbie collection. I have my Barbie,Ken,Alan,Midge,Skipper,Skooter,And Ricky along with about 10 others Barbie collectible dolls and Hallmark Barbie ornaments. It would add to the beauty of my collection that I hope to pass to my granddaughter Romy.

  68. Margie Says:

    My Daughter has the PBK bedding that match these prints!! They would Finish the room!!!!!

  69. Julie Says:

    We are redecorating our daughter’s room this year. Her favorite Barbie and movie is the new Fashion Fairytale….not only becauase she loves all things Paris, but also because it’s Barbie. These prints would be such a great suprise for her and her new room.

  70. Karen Klaus Says:

    I, too, will hang this in my office! Ooh la la!

  71. Kimberly Says:

    I would put this in my bedroom.

  72. cheryl Says:

    in my daughters room

  73. Meredith Penhollow Says:

    My girls and I love Barbie! I have a sterling silver Barbie profile necklace my sister bought for me (since we also loved everything Barbie) and I had my daughter’s names Grace & Scarlett engraved on it. My daughter’s comment on the necklace all the time. I would love this print for my eldest daughter’s room. She just loves fashion and watches the Barbie movies all the time. These Barbie prints are timeless and would follow my daughters through their young adulthood and hopefully find its way into one of their daughter’s room one day. What a great story it would make if I won it and they could hand it down with a fun story to go with it!

  74. Jacqueline Ollero Says:

    These are gorgeous pictures they would go perfect in my girls room! She is In love with barbie this would be a great theme for her room

  75. Melissa Says:

    Sugar and spice and a BArbie print would make it nice!! In my twin girls room!!

  76. Cindy Says:

    I have 4 daughters and now 4 granddaughters. Barbie has been a part of my world for at least 45 years. I would put the print in my room that’s set aside especially for my granddaughters.

  77. Molly White Says:

    They are gorgeous! My little girl turn 6 on 2/14, one print would be the PERFECT gift! I would love to hang it in her room!!!

  78. cc Says:

    those are adorable and would love to have them hanging in my granddaughters bedroom when she is over at granny house.

  79. Debbie W Says:

    I would hang this in my sewing/computer room. Yes I have my own den.

  80. Melissa Says:

    I’d love a Barbie print – it would look great in my 50’s pink & black powder room.

  81. Summer Says:

    I am hoping to have a girl someday and I would save it for her room or redo a bathroom with it. What great pictures. Thanks for giveaway!

  82. Megan Says:

    I’d put it in my daughter’s room.

  83. Stephanie Says:

    These would be perfect in Sarah Ann’s room, my daughter. She is quite the fashion designer and loves Barbies!

  84. Emily Says:

    Stunning prints!I would hang it my my daughter Cecilia’s room.

  85. megan Says:

    I would love to hang one of this in my daughter’s “big girl” room…now that her little sister is taking over the nursery!

  86. Ashley Says:

    I love these vintage illustrations!!! I would hang them in our guestroom and give a couple to my best friends to hang in their daughters rooms!! So so so cute!!!

  87. Michelle D Says:

    these are to Die for!!! perfect for my niece perfect for just about any room in the house. Love them!!

  88. Gail Sklodowska Says:

    I have a dear friend-a 30 something professional-who recently moved to Milwaukee. She has managed to get all her new friends to wear dresses to most gatherings – very refreshing! She is currently redecorating her bedroom, guest bedroom, and office. I sent her the email introducing the barbie offering. This is so…her! I think she would love this collection and I would love to be the one to get her started (so I would hang my winning item in her home).

  89. Tracy Williams Says:

    In my daughter’s room! She is all about Barbies!

  90. April C. Says:

    I would put it on my daughters bedroom wall

  91. Natasha McGarry Says:

    Definitely in my daughter’s room….it would be perfect!

  92. Andrea Says:

    In my daughters room. As far as she is concerned, all dolls are called Barbies!!

  93. Karen Says:


  94. Ed Nemmers Says:

    For my niece, who adores the Barbie!

  95. April Vogel Says:

    I used to have prints similar to these, years ago, don’t know whatever happened to those pictures. I would love to win these and hang them in my bathroom. Thanks!

  96. Wendy Says:

    I’d hang them in my bedroom if I thought I could get away with it. But I probably end up hanging it in my office. Just adorable!!!

  97. sonia zilvitis Says:

    This would be the perfect in my daughter’s pale pink room!

  98. Amanda Says:

    I would love to have a vintage Barbie print in my new mid-century meets Louis XIV office escape.

    I have loved Barbie since I was a little girl, and have everything from Barbie ornaments to all of my Barbies from my childhood to someday pass on to my daughters, and the print would help to complete my collection.

  99. Nicole Stone Says:

    I have been collecting Barbies since 1995. I have over 200 Barbies. My husband and I had our first child this past Nov and it was a girl. I specifically bought bring pink crib set to have a Barbie room for her. We are moving into a new house in a couple of months. I plan on her nursery being a Barbie nursery. I would hang the print in her new room to go along with her Barbie Pink nursery.

  100. Blair R. Says:

    A Barbie print would really complete my daughter Ella’s new “big girl” room. It would look gorgeous hanging above her desk. She would absolutely love it and I would too!!!

  101. tanya Says:

    Love these! I would display them in my guest bedroom, which you can see from the living room and on the way to my bedroom, so I’d admire them all the time!

  102. Mimi Says:

    I would hang one of these prints in my home office/lady cave. It is my very own island of fabulousness and such wonderful art would fit in quite nicely.

  103. Jena Says:

    These are gorgeous! I think they make sense in any room…gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  104. Abigail R. Says:

    I would hang the “Fashion Barbie in the Pink” in my bedroom so I could see it everyday, because it is just that beautiful! I love the whole collection!

  105. Angie K Says:

    I would hang them in my daughter’s room. She adores “old day Barbies” as she calls them so I know she would love these!


  106. Tammy Greer Says:

    I would hang these prints in my bedroom. They’re just beautiful!

  107. Ashleigh Says:

    These absolutely must hang in my bedroom! I have two vintage Barbie prints and would love to add some more!

  108. Lindsey Says:

    I would put this print in my office, right above my desk… for now. It would be super cute in my daughter’s room, if I have a daughter someday!

  109. Marcy S. Says:

    I would hang the vintage barbie print next to my closet!

  110. Betsy Says:

    I would hang a Barbie print in my closet/dressing room as inspiration to place some glamour and fun into my daily look.

  111. Carrie Schaefer Says:

    Well, I would hang these prints in my Vintage Barbie Room of course! Don’t y’all have a room for your Vintage Barbies? :)

  112. mary Says:

    I would love to have one of these prints and i would put it in my spare bedroom for guests to enjoy.

  113. Kristy Says:

    How fabulous are these prints! I would hang the Barbie Print in my classroom. I teach elementary art and I am sure my students would love to see this in the classroom! Great giveaway!

  114. Sarah Vandergriff Says:

    I would hang these in my daughter’s room. She loves Barbie and fashion!

  115. Carrie Conley Says:

    I would put the prints in my den….Then all the guests would get to see them….

  116. Johannah B Says:

    My office — of course!

  117. Amanda Says:

    In my sewing room!!!!

  118. Bridget G Says:

    This would be perfect in my daughter’s vintage inspired pink and black damask themed room. She’s got a birthday coming up on Valentine’s Day and her new Barbie toys were her favorite gifts this Christmas, so we may have a Barbie themed party this year.

  119. Anita Truck Says:

    I would love this to put in my daughter’s room! It would be perfect!

  120. Dana Says:

    I would put these in my daughter’s room! Thank you for the chance!

  121. Miss L.A. Says:

    As a single & fabulous lady, this would go in my vintage inspired bathroom.

  122. Monica P. Says:

    I would love these prints in my bedroom but I think my husband would move out if I did. However, my 3 year old is in love with barbies and vintage finds so these prints mold those two perfectly.

  123. Tracy Hohlbein Says:

    I would give the print to my daughter-in-law who just had my first granddaughter 7 weeks ago. She has loved Barbie all her life and is passing her Barbie love to her daughter Madeleine. We are designing a room as I type of course the theme is Barbie, the picture will hang over the dressing table.

  124. graciemarie Says:

    The Barbie prints are adorable! My three girls are huge Barbie fans..I would love to hang them in their rooms. The prints are just perfect…and soooo very glamourous. :)

  125. Sand Says:

    I would hang it in my office!

  126. Reesa Says:

    My 12yo is a fashionista. We have drooled over these Barbie prints for her room. They would look so pretty!!!

  127. Carol Gabor Says:

    In my Front Foyer, since anyone coming in could totally enjoy them, even the Fed Ex woman could see them through the front Door. A window on the world.

  128. Justine Says:

    These would look so cute in my bedroom.

  129. shara hancock Says:

    These are great prints! It would have to definitely go in my daughters room. She loves all sorts of dolls. I love the versatility of being able to use them for big girls and little ones.

  130. Joan Says:

    I have a small study painted “Ballerina Pink.” Barbie would be a perfect additon.

  131. Vickie Says:

    I would definetly hang this in my 8 year olds bedroom….wait, maybe mine!

  132. Kathy Says:

    These are beautiful prints and I would hang them in my Barbie room where I have my Barbie collection displayed!

  133. Cathleen Says:

    Sweet! I have a spare bedroom I’ve redone for my little granddaughter when she comes to visit…which was so much fun for a mom of two sons. (I had some of those Barbies and loved them!)

  134. Marisa Says:

    This would have to go in my daughter’s room. She would faint from excitement if I brought this home for her!

  135. Laura Elekdag Says:

    Definitely in the foyer for all to enjoy!

  136. Suzanne Says:

    In my office

  137. Melissa R. Says:

    I would put these in my daughter’s bedroom. Barbie in pink!Perfect.

  138. FoxyMomma Says:

    these are so beautiful! i think i would put it in our bathroom!

  139. Melanie Says:

    I have 2 boys, so there is a shortage of pink (and all things girly) around my house!!! I’d hang this lovely print in my powder room!!!

  140. Michelle Says:

    I would hang this print in my guest bedroom which is currently decorated with my mother’s original Barbie & Skipper Dream House (1959), her original Barbie dolls, as well as the new My Favorite Barbie Doll Series and a Vintage Barbie Doll Calendar.

  141. Kirsten Says:

    These would definitely go in my granddaughter’s room

  142. Carmelle Goldberg Says:

    I would display it proudly in my bedroom and enjoy it every day!

  143. Ginny Says:

    I would LOVE putting a vintage Barbie print in my daughter’s room!! Pretty please :)

  144. Lori Byrd Says:

    These Barbie prints are so beautiful that I would have to display them going up my stairway. They would look perfect there.

  145. lindsey Says:

    LOVE THESE! They would go very well in my little girl’s room as additional inspiration for her – she is turning into quite a little fashionista with her accessories. She even went out into the snow with the more colorful flowered, yet not nearly as warm, mittens over the warmer, but darker colored, ones. Good thing we are in AL, no frostbite here!

  146. Maple Says:

    my bedroom!

  147. Johnna McQuillan Says:

    Where would I hang it? Where wouldn’t I hang it! I married into an antique dealers family, who’s grandmother was a doll collector. My first Christmas gift after we were married was a Barbie ornament and 17 years later, the tradition continues. I grew up loving Barbie & so do both of my amazing daughters. Barbie is an icon & so are we! Barbie would grace every wall of my home and is a good reminder to all of us what powerful women can accomplish.

  148. Vilma Says:

    All things girly belong in the bouidour, preferably over my vanity! :)

  149. Irda Wandira Says:

    omg, super gorgeous stunning breathtaking illustrations !!! totally in love with them <3 If I win these, I'll hang them on either my bedroom or my library :D or maybe even a bathroom ?? hmm :)
    Super hoping that I can win this. Thanks for the giveaway :D

  150. Theresa Crapanzano Says:

    I would love to put one of these in the bathroom– or possibly even in the living room, if I could convince my SO!

  151. Valerie Says:

    I would love to put these in my daughter’s bedroom! That’s only if I could part with it!!

  152. lois anderson Says:

    My granddaughter,Sydnee Paige,age 9 would love,love love these Barbie Prints. From the time she was old enough to appreciate fashion,she had to have the latest Barbie.These prints would definitely complete her fashionista bedroom.

  153. Sara Morris Says:

    Love these!! I would put them in our guest room!! So cute!!

  154. nedra whittemore Says:

    These are just lovely. I would hang this in my beautiful granddaughters bedroom.

  155. Laura Yaffe Says:

    So pretty! I would place it in my dressing area where I could look at it whenever I was choosing what to wear for the day.

  156. Dusty B Says:

    I’m trying to bring a bit of vintage into our infant daughter’s room so that the room grows with her.

  157. Mavis Says:

    In my guest bedroom. They would be perfect there!
    Long live Barbie!

  158. Tenaya Says:

    I love these!!! Any of these prints would look amazing in my craft room!

  159. Amanda Davis Says:

    I would hang a bunch of these Barbie prints in my soon-to-be daughter’s room above her changing table. They are so glamourous and timeless!

  160. Lindsey D. Says:

    I am OBSESSED with these prints! I have a Hollywood Glam, vintage themed bathroom and a barbie print would look beyond AMAZING in there!! What better way to get ready in the morning than with Barbie by your side :-)

  161. Jennifer Petrini Says:

    In my fashionista dressing room!!! These are totally fab in every possible way!!!!

  162. Mariah Says:

    i would love one of these! I’d hang it in my future little girl’s room, but hang it in mine until then!