Giveaway and Poll: Vintage Wooden Personalized Sign – And Your Fave Is…?

Vintage Wooden Sign giveaway and poll
We’re always on the lookout for special wall decor – something with that little “extra” that carries it from “Oh, that’s nice” to “What a knock out – where did you GET that?” And our new line of vintage wooden signs for children’s rooms and the home does just that. What’s wowing us so much? One, we love the wood planking with its stained back and distressed finish available in various sizes, and secondly almost every piece in the collection can be personalized. Shop the entire new collection here, and enter to win one of these personalized signs (up to a $130 value, your choice of sign and size). Vote for your favorite of the vintage signs for children shown above and leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to be entered to win. Contest ends this Wednesday and a winner will be announced January 27th.

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123 Responses to “Giveaway and Poll: Vintage Wooden Personalized Sign – And Your Fave Is…?”

  1. Brandy Says:

    These are adorable!

  2. Tabitha Wall Says:

    the ballerina sign would be perfect for our little girl’s vintage inspired nursery! Due in May :)

  3. Margaret Teravainen Says:

    Either one of my Grandchildren would love this in their room! How ADORABLE!

  4. Hope E. Says:

    I love the “Every Moment is a Gift” on Green. I think I would have “Evarts Family” on it. But the close runner up is the “Little Linebacker”…. Zeke would definitely fit the bill for this on!

  5. Tabitha Says:

    Sweet Peas is my fav! I wish it matched my little sweet peas’ room. It’s just precious.

  6. Jenny Ryan Says:

    I adore the Sweet peas one too. As I have two little girls one 10 months and one 3 years old. How could you choose?? So the Peas would be fab for siblings as well as twins. But pink alwyas win’s eh. Beautiful website.

  7. Jen Says:

    I love the fairy tale sign! It would be perfect in my 5 year old’s princess theme room.

  8. Liv Says:

    #3 would be SO cute in my little one’s room – hope to win!

  9. Sydney S Says:

    I think the Little Linebacker is so fun. Love seeing cute/fun pieces for boys!

  10. Lindsay Says:

    I would love the ballerina sign for our nursery! So cute :)

  11. Megan M Says:

    Very cute

  12. charlotte Dixon Says:

    I love the little football player for my little man Nolan!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  13. Vanessa Grant Says:

    Although I have a baby boy, (not really into sports) I LOVE the Carousel and the Fairy Tales, any little girl would just be so lucky to have any of these.

  14. Karen Blake Bahr Says:

    Love the Little Linebacker sign. I have a five month old great nephew who is definately a “Little Linebacker” and it would be perfect for his room.

  15. Natasha Ritter Says:

    They are all beautiful, but my daughter takes ballet and would love the ballerina sign with her name on it! :)

  16. Jina Dunaway Says:

    I absolutely love the ballerina sign !!! I would also love to be chosen to win this beautiful prize !! Thanks in advance !! My isabelle’s room would look beautiful with this sign in it !!

  17. chana Says:

    love the sweet peas one!

  18. Amanda C Says:

    I love the fairy tale sign. So sweet. My almost 2 year olves princesses and fairy tales.

  19. sofia Silva Says:

    these are beautiful! i only wish i had girls, but my nephew will love this one too!kisses from Portugal

  20. Cher Says:

    Your work is simply amazing!!!! So glad I found you on FB! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!! My first and only grandchild,, Mackenzie, takes dance. She is 2! As soon as I saw the ballerina, I knew it was her!

  21. Megan Says:

    They are all adorable. voting on one is hard

  22. Maggie Says:

    These are GREAT!!

    I love 3 & 4, but adore #1.

    I have a client who just had twin girls born at 36 weeks and they’re in the NICU. I would love to Win #1 for those precious girls!

  23. molly Says:

    love the carousel sign!

  24. Jenah Says:

    My little one LOVES all things princess! To see her name on it, would be the best!

  25. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    They are all beautiful..hard to pick just one

  26. Vickie Thornton Says:

    Definetely the Carousel!!! :)

  27. Taylor anderson Says:

    These are so cute! I voted ballerina!

  28. Laura Says:

    These are v. cool. I love vintage! The carousel is precious, though I couldn’t get away with putting it in my son’s room unless it came in blue, I don’t think!

  29. Jennifer Smith Says:

    I love the ballerina! Matches my daughter’s room perfectly.

  30. kareena murphy Says:

    Love the beautiful ballerina. All of the little girls I know, at some point in their life, have dreamed of being a ballerina, including my 3 yr old daughter:-)

  31. sonia zilvitis Says:

    Love the Roses for Rosalie or a princess sign for her princess themed room.

  32. Dawn Walsh Says:

    I love the sweet peas sign

  33. Jennifer Palmer Says:

    OMG this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Something classic but classy in a sports theme! LOVE the little linebacker!

  34. Vanessa Says:

    These are all adorable but I had to go with Little Linebacker…DGS would LUVVV this! Thanks for a chance to win!

  35. Maria M. Says:

    Love the little linebacker…perfect for my grandson’s room.

  36. Teresa S. Says:

    This whole collection is great! I would get the little slugger sign for my son’s room.

  37. Melanie Jayne Says:

    We are working on adding to our new little family (married 10-9-10!), and the sweet pea sign will go great with my nursery plans….. maybe it will bring me a little luck ;)

  38. FoxyMomma Says:

    my son is all into sports right now.. well, just “bawww” (balls). i would like the linebacker sign.

  39. Miranda Says:

    Love the Little Linebacker! This would be great for my older sons’ room :)

  40. Kim Says:

    So adorable! My daughter would love the ballerina sign.

  41. April C, Says:

    Sweet peas

  42. Katie Says:

    With two little boys and one named William this sign is “win” for our house…. so cute!

  43. Lisa Says:

    the ballerina is so cute, my girls have been dancing for 4 years and would love it ;)

  44. Amy deMik Says:

    Ballerina is on pointe!

  45. Heather M Says:

    My Liam loves football. Classic look!

  46. Michelle King Says:

    They are all cute! It’s a tough one between the ballerina and the football!

  47. jules Says:

    I looove the carousel- it definitely got my vote :)

  48. Kate Says:

    they are all lovely! my vote would be for the ballerina, we are having a little girl in april and it would be perfect!

  49. Tammy Boone Says:

    love them all but #2 sign would be beautiful in my granddaughter’s nursery.

  50. Laura Elekdag Says:

    The carousel is the perfect vintage symbol!

  51. Nicole B Says:

    I love #2 – the carousel is so cute and reminiscent of my childhood!

  52. raquel be Says:

    I love them all, but I still really do believe in fairy tales! =O)

  53. Melissa Says:

    I love all the signs, but the sweet peas one would be perfect for my two sweet peas!

  54. Joanna Says:

    Love the carousel sign! I used to have a carousel horse that looks just like it!

  55. Maggie M Says:

    All of these signs are beautiful & fresh, who can pick!

  56. Kristen W Says:

    I love the ballerina one! My daughter would absolutely LOVE it!

  57. Deborah Says:

    So cute! Since I believe in fairy tales, that one is my favorite.

  58. Christina R Says:

    Love the Sweet Peas sign!!!

  59. Tamara Murray Says:

    Jenna, my four-year-old ballerina, would be tickled right down to her pointed tippy-toes to see this sign on her bedroom wall!

  60. Angie K Says:

    So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Brandy Says:

    Love these signs! I love decorating with different things that not everyone has!

  62. Deanna D Says:

    All of these signs are just too cute! I love the “Sweet Dreams” one. Just perfect for over our little one’s bed :)

  63. Ashley Says:

    They are all cute! But I’m partial to the Carousel horse because that’s what was in my room growing up!


    I have three ballerinas that would love that sign. Beautiful!

  65. susan@pocacosas Says:

    I would love the linebacker in the 30 x 30 for my little football star!

  66. Jen102905 Says:

    I love the little linebacker sign. It would look perfect in my little boy’s new “big boy room”.

  67. lilcg Says:

    love a couple of them, but especially the our little dreamer hot air balloon one.

  68. Heather Says:

    I LOVE te carosel sign!! It would be more than perfect for my little girls room, we just made her a “big girl room” in shabby chic :).

  69. Elaine R Says:

    I would like the Juicy Lemons Wooden Sign for my kitchen.

  70. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love the Carousel, so sweet and classic:)

  71. Kristin Milatz Says:

    LOVE the Little Linebacker!

  72. Meadow Says:

    Love the Fairy tales sign – so cute!

  73. Henria O. Says:

    I love the fairy tale sign!

  74. Jeannine Says:

    Love the carousel!

  75. Christina Says:

    these are two cute it would look perfect in our little man’s new room

  76. vm Says:

    I’m loving the line backer sign for my almost 10month old.

  77. Vilma Says:

    OMG #2 for sure, I collect Carousel Horses and would love to add this one to my collection!

  78. Sarah Says:

    I really love your vintage inspired signs. We have a boy named Tait Soren. It would be fun to see one with a dog on it. We have two wiener dogs.

  79. Elizabeth G Says:

    I love the Sweet Peas sign, but I would have to personally get the Sweet Pea (singular) sign for my baby’s room. Thanks for such a fabulous new item and giveaway!

  80. Dusty B Says:

    They’re all so adorable and whimsical!

  81. Ebie Says:

    love the girly ballerina sign!

  82. Beth J Beal Says:

    Love the “Sweet Peas” sign!

  83. jeannine m Says:

    I love the Fairy Tale sign

  84. Rebecca H Says:

    So adorable. Love them.

  85. Dana A Says:

    They’re all so cute…it depends on your child! I love the girl ones but since all I got is a little boy, gotta go with the linebacker!

  86. Alyssa Says:

    So cute! Love the linebacker art!

  87. Heidi N Says:

    I absolutely love the “Little Linebacker” sign!! My boy Grayson is a big boy at only 3 months – He already weighs 19 lbs!! My husband and I’ve joked that he better be into sports :)

  88. Jennifer M Says:

    I love the Sweet Peas sign! I don’t have twins, but would definitely get one of these precious signs if I did! I will for sure look into one of the others though!

  89. Susan B Says:

    Sweet Peas…just simply delicious!

  90. Anna P. Says:

    the sweet peas are the cutest

  91. Nancy Says:

    I am totally into Carousel Horses right Now, and I Love the Look of this Plaque!!
    Thanks, Nancy

  92. Donna Claire Says:

    The Sweet Peas sign is perfect for my Hannah Grace and her cousin Allie June! They were born 11 days apart and are the families “two peas in a pod”. They are inseperable and this will make a precious momento for these 10 year old besties!

  93. Samantha Says:

    Love these vintage signs…adorable!

  94. Maria Says:

    It’ s hard to choose just one! Adorable!

  95. Julie Says:

    Oh my…I love vintage or vintage-looking decor! Hopeful that the baby apple in my tummy will be a boy and we can hang a little cowboy sign!

  96. Renee Simmons Says:

    I loved the Football one because it reminds me of my new grandson’s theme in his nursery!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. Jennifer Says:

    My daughter would love the “Sweet” sign with the horse! There are several I like for my sons nursery, so cute!

  98. Karen Propes Says:

    It was close between Carousel & Ballet Shoes, I went with Ballet. All your signs including the ones above are so beautiful. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  99. Emily Barklage Says:

    Love these personalized signs!

  100. M Says:

    the football sign is cute and vintage looking. hope to win it!

  101. Heather Beliveaux Says:

    The carousel horse is whimsical and unique. This is not an overdone graphic and it has a vintage appeal to it.

  102. Melanie Says:

    Love the “little linebacker”. I have too lil linebackers of my own… :)

  103. Cathleen Says:

    Fairy Tales…can come true…it can happen to you….
    Love it!

  104. Callie Ivey Says:

    I love them all. The vintage signs are so cute for a child’s bedroom.

  105. Brianna Beers Says:

    I love the Ballerina Wooden sign, so very special for my new baby girl!

  106. Nana Debbie Thompson Says:

    I love these personalized signs. My grandsons love sports so the football sign would look fabulous in their rooms…

  107. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    All of these are great signs and I love the vintage feel.

  108. Tina Says:

    They are really sweet signs.

  109. Sand Says:

    My favorite is the Carousel.

  110. Nicole Says:

    LOVE the sweet pea! )

  111. Nicole Says:

    Wow!! These are all soooo cute!! It makes me wish I had kids…almost. ; ) I really love the sweet peas one though. Although the helmet would be cute for a boy OR a girl! I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!

  112. Melanie Says:

    Nice product–nice essence.

  113. Brandy Taylor Says:

    How sweet..I love all of them…my favorite is “Little Linebacker”!I would love to hang this in my little mans room!

  114. Candy Says:

    These are precious! My sweet princess would love this in her room!

  115. Ron Miller Says:


  116. Angela A Says:

    I love #1 Sweet Peas for my cutie pies in my home! So cute!

  117. Melissa Lawrence Says:


  118. estella miller Says:

    So cute! Follow on twitter as @wins4me

  119. Brittany Says:

    I love the ballerina! So sweet.

  120. Aura Says:

    I have two sets of sweetpeas wish I would have seen these earlier

  121. Renee B Says:

    It is a toss up between three
    1. Ballerina
    2. Fairy Tales
    3. Sweet Peas

    I would be happy with any of them but can’t narrow it down to one!

  122. Jen F. Says:

    These are adorable! The ballerina or fairy tales would look fantastic in my daughters room!

  123. Teiya Says:

    That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

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