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A curated style
Pillows & Rugs

To market, to market, to shop for our store… And to report back on the latest home decor and fashion trends for 2011. First up is the Atlanta market report which is known for it’s array of home accessories, gifts and products for women

  • Birds: Birds are often representative of wisdom, freedom and peace. A common theme in accessories for the home along with aviaries were seen throughout showrooms, even on Bedhead’s new spring line included parrots, their pj’s called Polly. Love!
  • A Curated Style: Most of you have already seen the reemergence of this “found” look in furniture and home accessories. In general, there’s a desire & demand for our lives to feel more comforting so we see this historical, world well-traveled movement that’s putting us in touch with our ancestral roots and bringing us “closer to the land” with earthy materials used. While we enjoy this popular European trend, we prefer our muted neutral tones of cream, flax and grey linens mixed with punches of color.
  • Pillows & Rugs: With much of the neutral home furnishings and lighting pieces dominating interiors as described above, we were thrilled to see color lead the way in bold prints in pillows and rugs merging two looks together.
  • Crosses: Certainly not a new trend however there seems to be a resurgence of the cross symbol influencing home décor. We sat down with one of our fave jewelry vendors, noticing she had introduced an extraordinary amount of beautiful cross designs. In discussing the trending use of crosses we were seeing in home décor, she mentioned that people are seeking faith as a way to cope with current stressors like the economy. Crosses for many represent love and faith.
  • Crowns: A common decor theme throughout. It occurred to us that with the impending Royal Wedding, this may be the reason we’re seeing this as a popular adornment.
  • Typography: House Beautiful reported this trending in 2010 & it’s gained momentum. They stated “No dictionary is required to appreciate the alphabet-inspired trend. Graphic patterns of letters and numbers popped up on everything.” We saw it on furniture, pillows and even sconces and mirrors and it grew on us!

That’s the Atlanta market recap, and we’ll be reporting back after our next market appointments to keep you up on all the latest. So what’s your favorite trend of this bunch? Vote on your favorite and be sure to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to be entered to win a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate (to get you started feathering your nest with this year’s trends). Voting ends on Wednesday, February 2nd and a winner will be announced the following day.


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329 Responses to “Top 2011 Design Trends and $100 Giveaway – LG at Atlanta”

  1. Erin Says:

    I love almost all these things (well maybe not the crosses or the crowns), but I had to pick pillows and rugs because after all the “Belgian” monochromatic looks everywhere, I’m dying for color and I think pillows and rugs are the best way to get it.

    I also love the curated look, but I see this as more of a lifestyle than a trend.

  2. Collette B Says:

    I wish I could have voted for more than one! As much as I love bird motifs and colorful, luxurious pillows and rugs, the overall curated style wins…….works beautifully in the 1890 Victorian we’re slowly and painstakingly restoring!

  3. Teresa S. Says:

    I love the colorful rugs and pillow! We are always living in rentals with boring white walls, so all my color has to come from accessories. Finally my decor is back in style!

  4. Susan Moseley Says:

    I am a member of the Audubon Society, and love feeding and watching the birds. Birds was my pick because I adore them so much. Simply beautiful!

  5. Sarah Joy Says:

    My vote is for pillows and rugs. I love bold colors in my house. It’s easy to add color to any room with new pillows.

  6. Anna Says:

    Recently did our soon-to-be newborn’s nursery in a vintage style bird/nest theme. I love the bird lamp shade!! The curated style is also great.

  7. April C. Says:

    I absolutely LOVE anything with birds!!!! But I LOVE the pic with the crosses because it has Waxing Poetic, my favorite line of jewelry!!

  8. leann applegate Says:

    i love birds. i have had many in the past. my birds lived in an avery. little boo and tinkerbell would sing all day long! they loved gospel music. my pastors wife also loved birds. i really like this!

  9. Amy S.D. Says:

    My pick was the curated style. I absolutely adore the old-world look – it reminds me of the furniture my grandparents had and my European roots. The piece you feature in curated style is amazing – looks like something I would love to add to my daughter’s room with lots of the pink palette. The crowns and crosses look fabulous with the curated style too! Everything LG comes up with is beautifully-presented!

  10. Meredith Says:

    Love the gorgeous and classic curated style! Beautiful.

  11. Mona Says:

    Love the pillows and rug trend. Craving color!!

  12. Megan Says:

    Hate the birds and crosses…that is old news, in my opinion. Even the crowns are over done. Sorry…not liking it. But…I do like the curated style. It is familiar.

  13. Tony C. Says:

    The crosses are nice, more masculine.

  14. FoxyMomma Says:

    i am totally loving the birds!! i’ve added a few feathery lovelies to my home just recently!

  15. Jean Santiago Says:

    Curated style!!

  16. Lindsay Says:

    Curated style–long time fan!

  17. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    I love the color with the rugs and pillows! Maybe it’s spring fever? The crowns came in second place on my vote and the curated style 3rd. What fun jobs you have shopping for what to stock the store with! If you need a helper next time let me know. I could do some professional shopping! ;o)

  18. Amy Says:

    The pillows are rugs are amazing! Good eye LG!

  19. Aura Says:

    I love the curated style and the birds are just so peaceful a great accent to any room

  20. brooke davis Says:

    Curated Style!! I’m in the process of switching from very traditional to a curated style for my new home. I love the wood & textures!!

  21. Nancy Cunningham Says:

    I really loved the curated style…along with crosses and crowns as well! I’m in the process of decorating my new house in this manner :)

  22. Maria S. Says:

    I personally really like the curated style the best. For it’s peaceful/calming feel, but also it’s flexiblity to adjust to not only your mood but season and taste changes. It’s more classic chic.

  23. stacy hancock Says:

    LOVE birds; graceful, natural, perfect for any room.

  24. LeeAnn P. Says:

    I love the little birdies!

  25. Nikki Says:

    The crowns are to die for. Love them!!!!

  26. amorette Says:

    love the typography, esp. the drawers- good way to teach a toddler which drawer holds what!

  27. glory Says:

    love the curated style, lots of warm classy style.

  28. Vivian Says:

    Love when modern meets antique. You have great taste!

  29. Vilma Says:

    I love, love, love the crosses! on my last visit to Mexico I brought some beautiful artisan crosses home with me and I just can’t seem to have enough of them! :)

  30. Wendy McBryde Holden Says:

    Being an avid collector and dealer of antiques and vintage finds the Curated Style works best for me.It’s Old World charm allows me to repurpose vintage finds into unique pieces of art.I incorporate this style into my garden and outside living areas as well.

  31. lilcg Says:

    love those rugs and pillows!

  32. Carrie Herrmann Says:

    Love the crosses and crowns! Curated style as well. Look forward to shopping new finds

  33. Pat Doreza Says:

    Love the curated style relaxed and dressy at the same time!@!!!!!!


    Love the curated style, very vintage with a touch of warmth. Makes a home feel and look like a lived in space.

  35. Julie Says:

    Love the curated style. So calming and cozy.

  36. Tara Boulter Says:

    The curated style is so beautiful!!!!

  37. Sharon Says:

    I just love the chest in the Curated Styles section.

  38. Isabel Says:

    I voted for the curated style and I love the dresser shown!

  39. lace Says:

    All of these are great but I loved all the bird designs.

  40. Henria O. Says:

    For me, it has to be the Curated Style.

  41. Tammy Says:

    I like the “crowns” look best. If only it was real gold! LOL! =)

  42. Angela Whittenberg Says:

    I just love the curated style, it reminds me so much of old world home furnishings with a touch of rustic. Love, love,love!

  43. Cassie Says:

    I voted for birds! I loved this trend in 2010 in home decor and fashion alike :)

  44. La Vie le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning Says:

    I think the Curated Style is the best for it will never go out! Love it!

  45. beth Says:

    Love your blog and store. I really love all of the trends just wish I had room for it all, the typography is especially fun because my daughter is studying graphic design in college and it reminds me of her.

  46. Monsy Says:

    Excellent blog! Typography style has just enough of that graphic punch to mix in with the vintage, more weathere look. Love it!

  47. Debra Cohen Says:

    Bold pillows and rugs are an easy and often inexpensive way to transform a room from traditional to modern.

  48. Erin Borowiak Says:

    I am in love with the birds! You are my favorite online store.

  49. jodi Says:

    I love the crosses!

  50. Jennifer Says:

    Love the curated style…I love mixing these pieces in with more modern ones!

  51. Veronica L. Says:

    I personally love the Typography. Love the styling of the products and it would fit perfectly into my house!

  52. addrienne mertens Says:

    Curated Style: Beautiful, neutral, historical. How can you go wrong with this?

    ya i like this best!

  53. Michael Williams, Sr. Says:

    The Curated style is a historical style that I can’t go wrong with! “Thanks for this great promotion!”

  54. Samantha Says:

    I like the curated look because it can show your personality and interests more than decorating to match a certain trend. It also makes travel extra fun since you are on the hunt for new house decor instead of cheap souvenirs.

  55. Beth Says:

    I have been drawn to the curated style for a few months, trying to find the right accessories to add to my current home decor. It is a style that can be either very simple or it can be considered to be ” casual elegance “. Either way it is beautiful and very calming in a home.

  56. Peggy Says:

    It was hard to choose only one! Birds always add a touch of nature to a room – have to love that. And, often they can be whimsical, and that is always welcome!

  57. Joyce Harrell Says:

    I love adding pillows or colorful rugs to a room. You can change the look so easily and for not a whole lot of money.

  58. Ebie Says:

    love curated, but then i have a degree in history so it makes sense

  59. Kathy Delan Says:

    Since I already have a few birds, I seem to be a little ahead of this trend! The curated style is my favorite though. I’d love to surround myself in it while I make my own history!

  60. Linda Says:

    I love the curated style, but I must admit it would not fit in my house at all. I think I must redecorate a room so that it will!

  61. Sydney S Says:

    Typography Style is calling my name! Love it!

  62. Weeping Willow Says:

    I love the curated look. It isn’t perfect to start with, so it can’t get ruined! I am looking to “lighten” up my house and these colors are perfect!

  63. olivia Says:

    It was a close decision between curated style & crowns for me. However, i definitely feel you can combine some of these looks quite easily for a personal & ecclectic look.

  64. Maggie Mouilleseaux Says:

    Excited about all the looks, but I think the use of pillows and rugs is a great way to spruce up or seasonally change a room. They add freshness and splash. I am all about easy and economical change to a traditional or contemporary setting and rugs and pillows can do this. Thanks for asking!

  65. Jo Quatannens Says:

    The curated style is my favorite, hands down — very classic!

  66. Alica Parsons Says:

    curated style! Love it all!

  67. Maggie Mouilleseaux Says:

    The use of pillows and rugs is a great way to spruce up or seasonally change a room. They add freshness and splash. I am all about easy and economical ulpdates to a traditional or contemporary setting and rugs and pillows can do this. Thanks for asking!

  68. rebekah Says:

    Love color with pillows and crosses and crowns.

  69. Maggie Mouilleseaux Says:

    The use of pillows and rugs is a great way to spruce up or seasonally change a room. They add freshness and splash. I am all about easy and economical updates to a traditional or contemporary setting. Rugs and pillows can do this. Thanks for asking!

  70. Leeann Says:

    I love them all but the birds are calling me!

  71. Samantha Foster Says:

    Absolutely love the Curated Style. Feel like it is a bit more timeless and elegant!

  72. Crystal Says:

    Interesting..i am a Curated Style kinda girl :)

  73. Amanda Eck Says:

    I love ALL the new trends! so much fun stuff!

  74. laurie mack Says:

    Crosses & Birds rock my house.

  75. Beth Bradley Says:

    After such a cold winter, birds remind me that spring is almost here.

  76. tate maddox Says:

    I love typography! as a graphic designer i have always had a respect for the way type can become a part of the design of an environment..the unique shapes letters and numbers can create when they interact together graphically – bringing the 2D world of typography/graphic design into the 3D world of interior design. LOVE IT!

  77. Allison Says:

    Love the playful typography style! Great to see get a peak at the Atlanta show’s latest styles – thanks!

  78. Pricilla Says:

    I LOVE the type trend. If I could afford it, I would one each year for my son’s birthday. He’ll be 3 this year!

  79. Grace Says:

    I love the bird designs as it is a sure sign of spring. And the welcoming outdoors into the indoors is very refreshing.

  80. Kathy Says:

    Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Curated Style , they are all great

  81. Stephanie Says:

    LOVE the Curated style… I love when decor looks collected over time! Most of the rooms in my house are cream, gray, chocolate & flax for the foundation but throw in pops of Celedon, Robins Eggs Blue or my favorite Salmon and it all just comes to life!

  82. Morgan Barber Says:

    I love the curated style. I just re-did my bedroom and went with all neutrals! I am obsessed with this trend and think its so classy and chic!

  83. Jennifer H Says:

    I am digging the birds and curated. Both are great!!

  84. deb c Says:

    I choose the Curated Style. It gives you the oppportunity to be a little eclectic in your tastes.

  85. Lynda C Says:

    I was torn between 3 different styles, but do like the curated style the best.

  86. Lindsay Says:

    I LOVE the Vintage, Curated style that is popping up everywhere! I am an interior designer and everyone asks me each season-what is the one trend that will update my home and create the most impact. I think this Vintage look is it! So move out some of the dark bronze accessories and add in some painted, natural, airy, vintage pieces. There are SO many to choose from on your website, I just love the look!

  87. Leigh Says:

    I actually like all of them…it was hard to decide but I think that curated style was my favorite with several of hte others a close second.

  88. elle Says:

    i have to say, i don’t think of the “curated style” as anything new or a mere trend. essentially, it is a collected, antique kind of look and feel. i prefer the style dominated by more neutral hues accented or not with pops of color throughout the home.

  89. Denise Says:

    As others have said, so hard to choose! But I love birds, on anything, prints, ornaments, finials, you name it, just lovely!

  90. Jenna Says:

    Love the colors in the pillows and rugs. But Curated Style wins me over every time. Classic.

  91. Eleanor McDoanld Says:

    Love the curated style!

  92. Jennifer Barr Says:

    i voted for the 2nd one

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  93. Jennifer Says:

    Pillows are the cheapest and easiest way to chic! I can never have enough!

  94. Alicia Tunby Says:

    I love all the items but I especially love the crosses for what they represent!

  95. Annika Says:

    I love the colorful pillows & rugs! It’s a great way to switch up your style for not a lot of money, and an excellent way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.

  96. Patti Sherman Says:

    I voted for the pillows and rugs. I love great , comfy pillows

  97. Julie Herron Says:

    Love the birds – Spring is coming

  98. Steph Says:

    Pillows and rugs! These appeal to me right now, especially in bold colours and patterns, because I’ll be moving into my new house and have been looking for relatively inexpensive ways to brighten things up and personalize the space.

  99. Heather Montgomery Says:

    I wish that I could buy everything in your store! In particular, I love the items that you’ve displayed under the Curated Style section. So beautiful!

  100. Kasey Says:

    I love the curated style!

  101. sandra Says:

    i think my favorite is the curated style, though i also like the crosses and crowns

  102. Kelly Says:

    I love the typography look. Birds would be my second choice.

  103. Kimberly O'Connor Says:

    I just love all the numbers and letters in the Typography style…the possibilities are endless.

  104. Ginny Stalker Says:

    Defintely Curated Style. It is one trend that I will never grow weary of!

  105. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    the numbered drawers are fabulous :) would love that for our home with our three kiddos!

  106. Heidi Says:

    I love the bird motif- Peaceful and cheerful at the same time!

  107. Mela Says:

    You make them ALL look good!

  108. Rita Sheppard Says:

    I favor the Curated Style.

  109. keri Says:

    i love to see fresh new ideas on the latest trends and how i can incorporate it into my current style.

  110. Nikki Billiter Says:

    LOVE the color!!! I am remodeling a home we just purchased and I love the burst of color you can put in any neutral room!

  111. Karen Says:

    I’m really into lettering & numbered items these days so the Typography gets my vote!

  112. Heather Says:

    Love the curated, vintage look. It flows so well with a blank canvas and can be adapted pretty much anywhere. Plus, it’s the one trend I never grow tired of!

  113. christine berry Says:

    loving the typography!!

  114. Charlotte Says:

    I love all the new trends. My favorites are the birds.

  115. Laura Says:

    Nature does it best (birds).

  116. Kristin M. Says:

    I may be voting against the trend but I love the crowns!

  117. Beverly Guerra Says:

    Something about the objects of Curated Style lead you to want to touch the patina, wonder or imagine where its been, and claim it for its roots.

  118. Tamara B. Says:

    I love all of the decor items but I have an empty space in a nook in the living room wall that the Crosses: Divine would look beautiful in.

  119. stacy Says:

    I love typography, especially vintage!

  120. Yvonne Montoya Says:

    Love all your furniture, the typography stuff is a great new spin on it.

  121. Charlotte Connor Says:


  122. m Says:

    I love the pillows

  123. Wendy Says:

    Curated style! love the new furniture items you have in this style from

  124. zoe lee Says:

    i love the birds, and owls

  125. Rhonda Sena Says:

    Curated,Style,Pillows&Rugs,Crowns,Typography and
    Birds. So many choices,textures and colors, that’s what decorating is all about and I love to
    mix and match everything to create my own personal space :)

  126. cheryl Says:

    just love pillows and rugs, really completes the look for a room

  127. Monique B Says:

    Being a teacher, I love the fun typography trend. There is so much you can do with it. I have also been getting more interested in recycled book crafts, which is right in line with this trend.

  128. rebecca Says:

    A Curated Style is my favorite! i love the colors and the repurposed look! i need this gift cert to update my look!

  129. Laurie Says:

    Love typography and curate styles!

  130. Shelli Says:

    Though I love birds, when done in good taste and not kitschy, due to familial ties I had to pick the curated look. That is the style I have chosen for my home. I love the imperfect perfectness, coziness, and casual elegance of it. Everything feels like it has a history and a story. I love to travel and love bringing in things that remind me of my roots and history as well. This style does that wonderfully!

  131. Tara Says:

    I voted for Pillows & Rugs! I love to be able to add a splash of color with accessories that can easily be changed up.

  132. Carolyn Barnett Says:

    Got to have the rugs!

  133. Heather Beliveaux Says:

    Several of these trends are beautiful, but very style specific. The great thing about the pillow and rugs trend is that it has wide appeal and is an easy way to change the look and feel of an area. It breathes new energy into a space and any budget can make it work.

  134. Tristan Says:

    I love birds, and am so excited there will be more options for me this year to purchase!

  135. Natalie Says:

    The typography is so classic and vintage. Great mod style for a baby nursery!! The primary colors and shapes are very catching to an infant’s eye. Love the stimulation and letter learning it can provide.

  136. Kim Says:

    I love how pillows and rugs can quickly change the look of a room.

  137. Ravi Popatlal Says:

    i love numbers!!!

  138. Barbara Russell Says:

    My first love would be the curated style but the typography is very near and dear to my heart as I have many pieces collected already.

  139. Heather Says:

    Curated style. But I love everything from Layla Grayce!

  140. Nancy McPherson Says:

    Love the birds and the curated style …

  141. Natalie Says:

    The curated style is simply elegant and timeless.

  142. Tiffany Radcliff Burch Says:

    I truly love them all! Hard to pick – but I have to say that the crosses are my favorite, because of what they stand for. It warms my heart to know that they are becoming more important to people!

  143. Emily P. Haraf Says:

    Love the curated, soft, neutral, with the look of some age!

  144. Sue Says:

    Birds just make me so happy! I’m thrilled it’s a “new” trend:)

  145. Susana Says:

    I love birds!!!

  146. Massiel Says:

    The curated style adds warmth and a feeling of coziness. I like mixing modern and old styles and I think it is possible with the curated style so I can’t wait to see more pieces!

  147. Tiffanie Says:

    Love them all especially the birds!

  148. Cristela Says:

    I like something from all the styles shown but I think the typography style appeals to me the most.

  149. Debi Says:

    Love the curated … good way to weave together things I have found, inherited, and “refurbished” to my own distinct taste.

  150. Andrea Says:

    I love it all! I especially like the curated style and croses, which goes perfectly with my style.

  151. Wendy Says:

    I love the curated style but I’m also a huge fan of birds and typography…it was hard to choose my favorite!

  152. Sharon L. Says:

    I love birds!

  153. Amanda Says:

    Loving the sweet little birds! A great reminder that spring is on the way! :)

  154. Christine Says:

    I never seem to get tired of the curated style. And love the bird trend also! :). There’s such a sweetness to them.

  155. Yvonne Pottman Says:

    The curated style of furniture adds elegance and charm to even a modern setting. However, my vote went for typography. It’s so diverse: can be done in chrome for a sleek modern look or old world for a bit of nostalgia.

  156. Kristin Says:

    I love the curated style and the pillows /rugs… but most of all I adore the birds (in a clean, modern motif)! In fact I’ve been drooling over the Dwell Studio chinoiserie duvet that LG carries for quite some time now. Some classic trends last forever!

  157. Angela Akinniyi Says:

    I love the curated style the most!

  158. MC Says:

    Growing up my mother was an avid bird watcher and so I am partial to this look. It reminds me of my childhood.

  159. Katie Mc Says:

    Love the pops of color in the pillows and the rugs – such a great way to make a statement without making a huge commitment.

  160. Jennifer Says:

    I love colorful pillows and rugs! They are a fun way to change up a room!

  161. annette Says:

    love the “bird” trend. so uplifting. bringing the outdoors in is always wonderful.

  162. Wendy L. Says:

    Curated style adds a sense of timelessness place and personal style. Love this trend!

  163. Cynthia Says:

    Excited about the bird theme. So nice to see inspirations from nature inside the home. Makes for the perfect refuge.

  164. Brent Henderson Says:

    Love the curated style…

  165. traci Says:

    I love colorful pillows and rugs. It adds to the coziness and uniqueness of a room.

  166. Amy Sornberger Says:

    Typography is my favorite theme right now; the colors are brilliant and it adds such a fun touch to today’s family living spaces. The brightness and design in the pillows and floor coverings would be a close second. These looks can instantly change the feel of a room.

  167. Jen Says:

    The Curated style all the way! I think with this style you can always add a little bit of everything else that you love and it still looks good.

  168. Jessica Says:

    I love colorful pillows.

  169. Dana A Says:

    The curated style looks so classy! But I also like the typography especially for kids’ rooms.

  170. Julie Says:

    I’m a big fan of typography right now. It adds a bold statement to any room and can have symbolic meaning — a perfect conversation piece! (Lucky number 6!).

  171. kelly vento Says:

    Love them all but something about the curated style seems so chic.

  172. Meg Says:

    The curated style is more of a lifestyle than a trend and I do love my birds but I also love the idea of recycling more than paper & plastic!

  173. Janice Jackson Says:

    I love the curated look of feminine antiques.

  174. Cindy Lupica Says:

    I have always been a sucker for typography. I love it’s whimsical and endearing feel. My house is currently quite full of this look, but as they say “there’s always room for more.”

  175. Patricia Says:

    I like the Curated Style. What is old can become new!

  176. Kim Says:

    Love the type style — being in graphic design, I’m drawn right to it.

  177. SHANNON Says:


  178. stacey Says:

    Love the bird trend, but that can go too cutesy really quick. The typography trend is so cool as it can go modern or an old style.

  179. Stephanie Paige Says:

    I like everything but the crosses and crowns…

  180. lindsey Says:

    I love all the pillows and rugs – but maybe because that is what I am currently focused on to try to give some life to my larger neutral pieces. I look forward to seeing what Atlanta will bring to layla grace.

  181. Erika Sinz Says:

    I love the birds!! It’s such nice decor.

  182. Peter Says:

    Hard to pick a favorite – like the curated and typography styles.

  183. Lisa Rosenbaum Says:

    The curated style presents the opportunity to achieve the balance of old & new, polished and flat, comfort and style all together in a sophisticated but non-fussy way.

  184. bonnie Says:

    the curated look is so warm and rich

  185. Amanda Says:

    The curated style is never going to go ‘out of style’- it is timeless which is why I love it!

  186. jana Says:

    love curated style…soft colors

  187. Kristen Percival Says:

    Curated Style… I love them all really!

  188. Jen Reinhard Says:

    All good choices, but colorful rugs and pillows can really make a room pop!

  189. Jeni Says:

    I love the birds. I think they can be sophisticated, but can also add a touch of whimsy. Plus, my two daughters love them, too!

  190. Joanna Says:

    love them all, but the curated style steals my heart!

  191. Melissa Says:

    Curated style is so timeless and you can make it work in many homes of many different styles depending on how you coordinate the look. You just can’t go wrong.

  192. Vicki Says:

    I love the overall feel of your products. It’s the look I’ve always wanted. Thank you.

  193. Brandi Says:

    I can never get enough color in my decor, so of course I voted for that! The curated lifestyle would have be my next favorite of course!

  194. andrea Says:

    curated for sure!

  195. Sand Says:

    The Curated Style is my favorite because it fits in most decors.

  196. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I love the birds!!!!!!

  197. Kristi Jones Says:

    Love it all! My fave is the typography. It’s so fun and stylish. The best part is that it lets me immerse my toddlers in letters and numbers while still looking great in our house! No cheesy teacher store posters for us! :) I can say that b/c I am a teacher! :)

  198. Colleen Ross Says:

    I love the curated style. So beautiful!

  199. Angela Stevenson Says:

    I have been collecting birds for years….so I am naturally drawn to that trend:) Glad everyone else is getting on board, however, it will make finding bargains a little harder now!!!

  200. Grace Irelan Says:

    Love the birds.

  201. AK Says:

    Love the Curated. Vintage is my style.

  202. LG Says:

    For some reason, I love the birds and their nests.

  203. Leslie Says:

    Birds is my favorite trend :)

  204. Deanna Sena Says:

    The curated style is just beautiful….but the crowns caught my eye with the matching Prince & Princess signs. They would be perfect for my twin boy & girl!

  205. Melissa Alverson Says:

    The curated style is beautiful and timeless. This style of decor is sophisticated yet relaxing. A feeling of peace is present in a room filled with a neutral color pallet, rustic furniture and natural fibers! It also grounds a room while allowing introductions of more trendy accessories.

  206. Kate Says:

    It’s a toss up between birds and curated- I love them both so much!

  207. Elaine R Says:

    Pillows and Rugs are an inexpensive way to redecorate.

  208. Lisa Says:

    All are lovely but I really like the Curated Style best!

  209. Laurie Oldorff Says:

    Loved the birds, the sense of nesting they give is great. Cool blog, thanks.

  210. Florence Bellamy Says:

    Pillows and rugs

  211. Erikka Massie Says:

    I love the bird trend! I’ve seen a lot of nice decorating ideas that incorporate birds lately and really like the look!

  212. Donald Martin Says:


  213. Mary Says:

    Love the Typography!

  214. Donna Says:

    Can’t help it – just love birds. Great accents for sunrooms. 2nd choice is currated. Was hard to pick one or the other. Thanks for all the beautiful things you offer.

  215. Anna P. Says:

    I love birds! Even used a pair of ceramic ones to top our wedding cake!

  216. Leslie Says:

    Crosses. I love all the different designs and would like to put a “grouping” of them for a wall.

  217. Dana Says:

    I love the Birds…but they are all great. I could live with any of them in my home. Thank you for the chance!

  218. cheryl Says:

    love the typography!

  219. Nic Says:

    Curated style is just what I would love to achieve in my home… this would be a devine way to decorate my home and and incorporate my children’s tastes too

  220. Brooke Says:

    I love the typography trend! I adore graphic patterns of letters and numbers!

  221. Pamalot Says:

    I think the typography style is going to be around for a long time..I love subway art and it is a unique way to add to a room.

  222. Meredith Peters Says:

    I love the way bright Oriental rugs and pillows add color and comfort to a room!

  223. Kenneth Peters Says:

    Birds are fine feathered friends! and look great in decoration everywhere.

  224. Diedre Chaney Says:

    loved them all…..chose the pillows and rugs.

  225. AnnM Says:

    Love the typography – it adds a dash of whimsy to your room!

  226. Eric Rathbun Says:

    I like a little from each, so it’s hard to pick any one

  227. susan Says:

    It was a close race between birds and the curated style. Ultimately, I chose the former, because bird motifs are a definite trend–that is the point of the contest after all–whimsical, elegant, stylized, natural.
    The curated style does make a statement, invoking romance, fleeting moments and days gone by–all so beautiful, but that seems to be less of a trend and more of a lifestyle.

  228. Joan Allen Says:

    I thought the typography was neat especially the dresser, as we are looking for one for my grandson, and that would be perfect! I would love to go to market with furniture, and accessories. It would be great!

  229. lisa Ruggerio Says:

    I have a touch of each of these in my home….

  230. Stacy Altiery - InkSpot Workshop Says:

    Great job! I feel like I went to the mart. I’m completely digging the Typography trend and hope it stays a while!!

  231. bina edwards Says:

    I like those bird things lol

  232. Susan W Says:

    It was a hard choice between the birds and the pillows. I love them both but eventually chose the pillows.

  233. stef burke Says:

    very hard choices to pick home right now is full of i think the curated style wins!!

  234. Tammy Says:

    Pillows and rugs,just in different patterns than what is shown. =)

  235. Monica Griffin Says:

    Hard to decide, however I was touched my the crosses. I liked how the symbol of faith was displayed in such a modern, subtle way…artistic and envogue at once!

  236. joyce mikulasko Says:

    i liked the pillows n rugs. some color, some style, without overdoing it.

  237. Jeni Says:

    Love it all! But the Typography is my hearts favorite!

  238. maureen Richmond Says:

    The curated style has staying power while the others are trendy.

  239. Rachel Roll Says:

    Love love love the Curated Style! So beautiful and classic. Something about it is warm and romantic too.

  240. Becky clark Says:

    I love the curated style. I love the way it feels in your home. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  241. Janice Golden Says:

    I really like the crosses the best

  242. Kimberly Says:

    The curated style is my favorite. I love that I don’t have to stress too much about my children ruining finishes. All 6 of us can be comfortable with this style!

  243. Betty Kaminski Says:

    I absolutely love ALL of these, but crosses inspire and remind me to appriciate all the Blessings I have in life. When you have so many beautiful things to choose from and adorn your home with, it’s easy to count one’s Blessings and be grateful for comfort and style!

  244. Justine Says:

    Love the crowns!

  245. Thomas Says:

    Love the Typography. Quite unique!

  246. Ashley Roussel Says:

    Wow, my sofa could use an update of some great pillows like the ones featured above!

  247. Daneen Simmons Says:

    I absolutely love all things found and have for a long time! So, my pick was Curated
    style mixed with the softness and soothing feel achieved when combined with the neutral hues of flax, gray linen and cream. I enjoy the combination of the Found/Vintage with modern. However, I have taken a peek at the pretty pillows entering the market for the upcoming season. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist a few punches of color. Love LG. My new fave site.

  248. Danyiel Johnson Says:

    The curated style and I’m sure by the time I have every thing that I want, the curated style will be “so last year”.

  249. claudia m Says:

    too bad i only could pick 1 – as i love em all :) but i go with Curated Style – compfy but stylish!

  250. Shannon Says:

    Love the curated style! Beautiful and timeless. I do love the typography as well. They would look great together!

  251. Elizabeth G Says:

    I love both the pillow and rugs in bright colors and the crown trends. Thanks!

  252. Karen Says:


  253. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love the curated style. Something about it just makes me feel at home and comfortable:)

  254. Cindi Says:

    Truthfully, I love all of the styles and it was hard to narrow it down to just one. I finally decided on the pillows and rugs because of my recent experience with a purchase of new rugs for my home – they were just what I needed to make the room pop with color.

  255. Lisa Kessler Says:

    As a designer, I love recommending rugs and pillows and often select rugs first, to design a room around. Using neutral furniture pieces and adding pops of color with rugs and pillows makes a room come alive.

  256. Miriam Says:

    LOVE the curated style, the dresser/chest is AWESOME! I also love the crown wall hangings for my daughters bedroom, BEAUTIFUL!

  257. Lara Says:

    Being a designer, I love the Typography style…I know that with the right usage—the right word matched with the right font can be lovely all on its own. But I’m also a sucker for birds! I’ve always found old Audobon avian prints beautiful, so when I was expecting my 2nd child, I decorated her nursery in a bird theme. Robin’s egg blue paint, bird prints, cages & statues and a cut-paper bird mobile over her crib!

  258. Cathy B Says:

    choosing the birds and then the crowns! Love your site and blog!!! so fun!

  259. Linda Surga Says:

    I adore the colorful pillows and rugs. They
    reflect positive energy and vibrant life. A perfect combination for creating a wonderful aura in anyone’s home. It’s more than a trend…it’s a lifestyle.

  260. Venessa Martin Says:

    I love the birds the best. I have hand embroidered bird pillows on my sofa right now and they are great to bring the outdoors in year round!

  261. Melanie Says:

    I am attracted to the curated look as it is the antidote to the matchy, matchy “chain store” look I find so uninspiring.

  262. Lesli Says:

    I do so love the aged look but I am really thrilled about the pillows and the rugs.

  263. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    I really like the curated style the best, though I would add a few pops of color to make it a touch more modern.

  264. hminnesota Says:

    I love curated style and the birds. They would brighten and soothe any area of the house.

  265. Cat G. Says:

    Love the rugs and pillows! I like the typography too, but I’ve seen that taken too far. Typography in moderation is great though.

  266. Shannon Morris Says:

    I voted for the rugs and pillows, it’s the easiest way to change up any room!

  267. Nikki Says:

    Very beautifully photographed. The curated style is most appealing to me. Gives you the warm feeling of being home in a cozy place.

  268. Tammy Says:

    I love the curated style, and the birds. The only one I really can’t get behind is the crowns. The examples here are lovely, but a lot of things I have seen in the stores here just scream “little girl’s bedroom” at me — all pink and bedazzled with crowns and feathers.

  269. Nicole Says:

    It’s a toss up between the crowns and the typography. I lean towards the crowns…the lamp you feature is FABULOUS!

  270. Evelyn Neal Says:

    I have been loving and developing the curated style for years, and it can be incorporated into any space and mixed with other styles!

  271. Mollie Says:

    I voted typography!

  272. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    I love the typography

  273. Tracey Byram Says:

    The bird trend is my favorite.

  274. kristen rutti Says:

    The birds have my heart and vote.

  275. Tracey Foster Says:

    I love all the new trends, but the crosses are my favorite!! Decorating with reminders of Christ is a wonderful way to remember everything that Christ did for us on the cross. It brings me total joy!!It is God who gives us all our wonderful blessings!!

  276. Tracey Foster Says:

    I love all the new trends, but decorating with crosses is my favorite. Its a wonderful way to remember what Christ did for us on the Cross!

  277. Mindy C. Says:

    Many inspiring ideas! Because I have a home with small children, the typography is a fun way to incorporate their tastes into my style.

  278. shannon thompson Says:

    Curated Style so lovely. got my vote.

  279. jules Says:

    i love the curated style! i love rustic decor and this is just gorgeous!!!

  280. Mandy V Says:

    I love the look of the “found” items. It makes me think of tradions & family heirlooms.

  281. Amanda W Says:

    I love the aged look from curated style. I love when something feels like a piece of history! Thanks for the fun post!

  282. Jenn Kerrigan Says:

    I really like the pillows and rugs and how they can add that needed “pop” to a room.

  283. Colleen Says:

    I truly like them all! But for today I’ll vote rugs & pillows because the bright colors would be so nice to instantly add cheer to this dreary winter!

  284. Tara Says:

    I find the curated look most interesting — and fun too!

  285. Annie C Says:

    Curated Style for me!! Love the distressed, antique look!

  286. Christina R Says:

    Definitely the curated style!

  287. adrienne Says:

    I love the curated look!

  288. Lori Ann Says:

    I love the “Curated Style”. It’s classic, neutral, timeless, and a tad earthy. The palette is also very calming. I would add a few blue or blue-green accents to individualize this style to me. Because it’s 10 degrees below zero where I live right now, sophisticated indoor decor helps with the stir-craziness!

  289. Nicole Says:

    Pillows and rugs! I like how a few pops of color can completely spruce up a room.

  290. Mimi Says:

    Since getting married, I’ve been slowly moving away from the mid century modern look from my single days and inching toward the curated style for a more lived in, comfortable feel to my home. Love it!

  291. Liz Says:

    LOVE, LOVE the curated look. The style is definitely the most unique and also one of timeless style. You can’t go wrong with that! Plus, if you can repurpose a vintage piece or an heirloom it’s much better all around. Would love to see more of this look!

  292. Sharon Lavery Says:

    I’m torn between Curated and Crosses — can’t ya have both?

  293. Jennie Bletscher Says:

    I love the curated style! But the birds and typography are beautiful too!

  294. Carol Says:

    Last year I found a pair of beautiful Turner prints at my local flea market and have since surrounded myself with bird motifs; I also collect old bird cages…My vote? Birds!!

  295. Karen Reid Says:

    Love the typography!

  296. Debbie K. Says:

    I like the colourful rugs and pillows – stunning!!!

  297. Heather Says:

    I had a hard time choosing between the birds and the curated style, but the curated style won out because I love an historical lived in look in my home, sort of french and english country with some striking furniture.

  298. Pat Kolysher Says:

    Curated look is awesome!

  299. Deb Kol Says:

    Typography for sure!

  300. Wendy Brune Says:

    I love bird decor–I already have some bird-related items but there’s always room for more! :)

  301. Timi Pace Says:

    Love the birds! Normally I’d pick he curated look. But something about the birds caught my eye. So pretty and reminds me of Spring. Thanks for all the beautiful treasures.

  302. Julia Says:

    My kitchen casement windows (from which I watch birds everyday) are already adorned with various bird decor. I’ve been working on this look for at least 3 years now. Glad to know that I’m ahead of this “new” trend! :o)

  303. shel Says:

    I love anything Typography for an office space. Paired with some vintage typewriter prints and decor and my office space would be perfect

  304. Anthony C. Says:

    I like the crosses

  305. Lynn T. Says:

    The curated is sooo pretty!!

  306. Anthony C. Says:

    I like the crosses!

  307. Janine B. Says:

    The crown lamp is TDF so crowns would be my ultimate trend love! You can’t go wrong with including this royal mark within your little one(s) room(s)!

  308. Renee Barnhart Says:

    I love the colorful pillows and rugs! You can only have so much neutral/black in a room. Make a splash of color and it brightens it up and makes everyone smile!

  309. Claire Says:

    Love the colorful pillows and accents! Our house is very neutral which we love but could use some pops of color!

  310. catherine Says:

    love the pillows and rugs!!!!

  311. Christine Uding Says:

    I absolutely love everything! Lively colors, interesting furnishing to create our own castles. What could be more better, I’s all GOOD!

  312. Christine Uding Says:

    Love, love the pillows and rugs for there pops of color. They can change your neutral room to a wonderfully warm, cozy space fo whatever color your feeling this month! It’s all beautiful decor.

  313. Betsy Says:

    Curated style with the muted colors!

  314. Megan Cherepko Says:

    I loved them all but had to go with the Curated style. It would just never get old to look at!

  315. Curtis Milne Says:

    Pillows and rugs, all the way!

  316. Mike R. Says:

    I vote for the 1st one

  317. Jessica Says:

    I am TOTALLY into all of the great colours of the pillows and rugs!!!

  318. Karen Lesser Says:

    I love the typography – so cool!

  319. Mae Wong Says:

    I heart the pillows and rugs! :-)

  320. Gwen Says:

    Love the pieces in the curated style!

  321. Rachel Says:

    Loving the bird trend! My daughters nursery is a bird theme since I am nesting it only seemed appropriate..

  322. michele Says:

    wow – lots of curated style fans…myself included! love worn, soft, classic colors/textures. trying to convince myself to pop in some bright yellows in my house though…those pillows are great inspiration!

  323. Tina Says:

    love the curated sytle it is all just so yummy!! I Love it all beautiful

  324. kathy Says:

    Like Typography. Modern, fresh and fun.

  325. Ron Miller Says:

    Pillows & Rugs

  326. Lori Sketoe Says:

    Love all of the styles….can’t go wrong with any of them, but my favorite would be the rugs…love color!

  327. kathy Says:

    I picked curated style, but I love the birds as well.

  328. Cindy Ruoff Says:

    This is definitely my style!! I have always loved the “outdoor-look” indoors! My sofa sectional has a leafy theme, and so do my accessories – along with birds and birdhouses all over! I never get tired of it…

  329. Charlene Stephens Robinson Says:

    I just love your stuff! You have that “Found Object” spirit down pat! So talented in your use of color and symmetry.