Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2011 Giveaway

Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Cotton Deco Dandelion Sashay Satchel
Petunia Pickle Bottom Peaceful Portofino Sojourn Sling
Petunia Pickle Bottom Evening in Innsbruck Touring Tote
Petunia Pickle Bottom Change it up Clutch Relaxing in Rio
Petunia Pickle Bottom Moonlit Moments Wistful Weekender

sashay satchel
It’s that time again! Granted, Spring seems a LONG way off for those of us snowed in by winter storms, but a new season of Petunia Pickle Bottom bags and accessories never fails to raise our spirits. This season we think they’ve outdone themselves with brand new bags (cute go-anywhere clutch purses, wallets, cosmetic and travel bags) and a bevy of gorgeous new prints. Shop the new arrivals here. To kick off Spring 2011, we’re giving away one sweet Petunia bag to a lucky winner. The Sashay Satchel shown could be yours – just vote on your favorite new print (you can even select several) and leave a comment below to be entered to win. Enter by Friday, 2/4 midnight EST – we’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Congrats to Heidi M, the winner of the Petunia Sashay Satchel!

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682 Responses to “Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2011 Giveaway”

  1. Adele Says:

    I love the Rio design! I’m due in May and we are not finding out the sex so I’m loving some orange!

  2. Becca Says:

    I like them all! :-) but my favorite is probably relaxing in rio :-)

  3. Kristy Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is my favorite!

  4. Jennifer Durrant Says:

    I just discovered your site today and I can’t wait to explore it further! What fun!! And this bag … AMAZING! I love the bright springy colors and the size is just perfect.
    Again, I’m so glad I stumbled on this delightful website and can’t wait to become a loyal follower!


  5. Jan Says:

    wow! hard choice… all of them are adorable!

  6. Meghan Says:

    I love the new petunia prints! So cute! And hooray for a mid-winter pick me up!

  7. chana Says:

    love the evening in innsbruck

  8. Debbie W Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck. That will match almost anything.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    The red sashay print is my favorite! I love red!

  10. Lauren Says:

    I absolutely love the new “Dreaming in Dover” print. Something about red, white, and grey combo is so gorgeous to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Colleen Turner Says:

    My favorite is Evening in Innsbruck!

  12. Liz pazin Says:

    I love relaxing in rio! With all this gray weather
    I need some color!

  13. -K Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck is gorgeous!

  14. Casey Mockett Says:

    Love the satchel!

  15. Sara Says:

    I love the satchel–it’s actually my favorite print!

  16. Stephe Perone Ebert Says:

    fun spring prints!! I love Dreaming in Dover!

  17. sonia zilvitis Says:

    All the prints are lovely, but Evening in Innsbruck is my favorite.

  18. Sally Says:

    I LOVE all of them, was very hard to choose, but I chose the Evening in Innsbruck because I believe it would go best with any wardrobe.

  19. Miriam Cash Says:

    Adorable…I need them all!

  20. Katie Waltemeyer Says:

    They are really all so pretty, but the Peaceful Portofino really catches my eye!

  21. Abranda Price Says:

    Love the new prints!!! I have a PPB from a few years ago that I still use all the time, would LOVE a new one!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!

  22. Rachel Brown Says:

    Love the sunshine!!!



  24. Valerie Says:

    I love the new Spring collection!

  25. Vivian Says:

    I can’t wait for the cake to come out!

  26. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    I love this one..Peaceful Portofino..very elegant

  27. Abranda Price Says:

    Can’t pick a fav, LOVE them all!!

  28. CoreyM Says:

    I love them all! My favourite is dreaming in dover! What a fantastic line up !!!!

  29. Sara S Says:

    Dreaming in Dover and Evening in Innsbruck are my top two favorite new spring prints.

  30. Phuong Nguyen Liebl Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck is my fav since it will go with most anything

  31. Elaine Says:

    Very difficult choice!! All of the prints are very striking & attractive. The blue “Peaceful in Portofino” speaks to me…gorgeous!!

  32. Kimberly M Says:

    I love relaxing in Rio, what a fun bag! High five for all the fun ideas this spring! Bring on SPRING and all the fun prints!

  33. Kiki Leasau Says:

    Love all of them…

  34. Christina Says:

    I am in complete love with Evening in Innsbruck now just to decide on which bag I will have to get, that is the hard part….the shopping list is getting longer the more I look at these bags!

  35. dejah Says:

    I love the dreaming in dover. it matches my room!!

  36. Sadie Says:

    Love the Dreaming in Dover

  37. Rachel Verstraete Says:

    I like both the peaceful portofino and the evening in Innsbruck, both are beautiful!

  38. Nicole Craig Says:

    Love the Evening in Innsbruck!!! It is a great print that would go with almost anything!

  39. Katie L Says:

    They are all beautiful, and I love the new styles of bags. I think my favorite is Evening in Innsbruck because it can match so many things!

  40. Jen Says:

    Love the Relaxing in Rio because the bright cheery color!

  41. Kara Says:

    Love Relaxing in Rio! So fun!

  42. Isabel Says:

    Love Rio and Sardinia, but if I had to choose one, Rio!

  43. Deborah Says:

    Love relaxing in Rio but they are all super cute.

  44. Alisha Says:

    They are all great prints, but the Afternoon in Aukland caught my eye first!

  45. Blythe royaards Says:

    I am drooling over the Peaceful Portofina pattern! You are doing such a great job at offering stylish bags for moms!!

  46. Angela M. Watkins Says:

    Loooooove all the designs!!!! Bring on Spring!

  47. Heather Says:

    Peaceful Portofino. i’m a blue girl!

  48. kareena murphy Says:

    Love them all! Dreaming in dover is probably my favorite, but its so hard to choose:)

  49. Leah King Says:

    I love the Sunshine in Sardania!!! I love my pink cake diaper bag…and I had a blue silky over the shoulder bag with my Son also!! Petunia’s quality is amazing!!!!

  50. Ronnie Says:

    Love them all but Afternoon in Auckland features my favorite shade of green.

  51. Angela M. Watkins Says:

    Peaceful Portofino!!!

  52. Courtney D Says:

    The Evening in Innsbruck is very chic, yet simple and could match many different outfits. I love it.

  53. Cathy R Says:

    I have been a fan of your web site for a few years now and I absolutely love everything! All the purses are awesome and I’d be happy with any of them!!

  54. Julia S Says:

    Love these love these! Dreaming in Dover is my number one pick however Peaceful Portofino is just as sweet too!

  55. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love all the new prints! So diverse and fabulous. Really hoping for my first PPB this summer!

  56. Angie Says:

    Sunshine in Sardinia is beautiful!!!

  57. Ginger Says:

    Love the new line! Dreaming in Dover is my fave!

  58. Brittney Says:

    Relaxing in Rio and Dreaming in Dover are gorgeous!

  59. Bridget Says:

    Wow, I wasn’t told the exam would be this hard!!! Tough call since they are all fabulous, but I voted for the soft neutrals of Dreaming in Dover!

  60. Denise Cashman Says:

    I love all the prints! My favorite is the Peaceful in Portofino! It’s gorgeous.

  61. Jane N. Says:

    They are all so beautiful! It was hard to pick one favorite.

  62. Amanda Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portofino! I also really like Evening in Innsbruck :)

  63. Bridget Says:

    Wow, I wasn’t told the exam would be this hard!!! Tough call since they are all fabulous, but I voted for the soft neutrals of Dreaming in Dover!

  64. Tracy H. Says:

    Love them all! Such adorable prints! I think my favorite is relaxing in rio!

  65. Monica Says:

    I love the Lively La Paz pattern. I think it is super cute! Though I’d have to say Peaceful Portifino and Sunshine in Sardinia are a very close second and third!

  66. Maria A. Malaveci Says:

    I love them all, but my absolute favorite is Evening in Innsbruck!

  67. Julie B. Says:

    I love Sunshine in Sardinia!

  68. priscilla Says:

    love them all ! beautiful !

  69. Melanie Samo Says:

    I love All of them!

  70. Jessica Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is a perfect spring color! Fun!!

  71. Jessica Colley Says:

    I love all of them, but especially Relaxing in Rio!

  72. Kimberly Rose Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio and Evening in Innsbruck. Innsbruck for night and Rio for day; however, I am in love with the giveaway bag! Style and print are both awesome!

  73. Erin Says:

    My favorite is Dreaming in Dover but the Evening in Innsbruck is a close second!

  74. Kimberly W. Says:

    Relaxing in Rio – I’m drawn to it every time I see the new collection!

  75. kathy Says:

    I like Dreaming in DOver and LIvely La Paz! actually they are all great! love the designs and colors!

  76. Koren Says:

    i love sunshine in sardinia!

  77. Lisa Lee Says:

    Love anything that comes from Petunia Pickle Bottom. I started collecting during our current adoption.

  78. stef burke Says:

    luv all of them, but luv the tulips in the holland print!

  79. Suzanne Says:

    Love them all, but Evening in Innsbruck the most

  80. Heidi S. Says:

    Ok I picked 3 but really love all of them. Just upbeat, gorgeous prints.

  81. Lisa Mannes Says:

    the colors of Lively La Paz are so pretty~love PPB

  82. Jenn Says:

    I really like the Relaxing in Rio pattern. It is very summery and fun!

  83. Cassie S. Says:

    i adore the peaceful portofino!

  84. Anna Says:

    Peaceful portofino is great. I do love them all, but the blue stands out to me!

  85. lace Says:

    What a beautiful bag and great new prints. I love relaxing in rio and afternoon in auckland

  86. Kristin M. Says:

    “Evening in Innsbruck” is so fabulous. I love that it is a classic goes with anything design. And will look great if you’re toting around your little girl or boy (or both)!

  87. Tristan Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portofino! Beautiful!

  88. Julie N. Says:

    “Lively La Paz” would work most often with my wardrobe, but I love them all … beautiful designs that make me want to smile and dream of spring!

  89. melissa Says:

    Love Sunshine in Sardinia, it would be great if they used that print on the diaper bags as well!

  90. Sharon T Says:

    Love Lively in La paz.

  91. Kristina Kizis Says:

    They are all beautiful!! Very hard to decide but I went with my favorite print Evening with Innsbruck.

  92. Mollie Says:

    I love them all, but Relxing in Rio and Lively la Paz are my faves!

  93. Karen Says:

    They are all lovely but I voted for the Relaxing in Rio. Love orange! Thanks for the amazing giveaway.. I’m crossing all my fingers and pregnant swollen toes!

  94. Rhonda F Says:

    It’s 20 degrees here! I could use a little Sunshine in Sardinia! Love it.

  95. Heidi Says:

    I love Dreaming in Dover if I had to pick just one favorite…

  96. MelissaF Says:

    I voted for Relaxing in Rio, but I also love Evening in Innsbruck as a dressier/evening bag. Beautiful!

  97. Teresa S. Says:

    Love the dreaming in Dover!

  98. Sharmayn Says:

    I’m really feeling the Rio orange!

  99. Denise Wideen Says:

    Lovely prints and style.

  100. Diane Says:

    All very pretty! I’d love all of them.

  101. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE the dreaming in Dover!! The colors are lovely, and reminds me of sitting on a cloud dreaming away!! Love the spring collection!

  102. Jenny F Says:

    These are all too cute. Had a hard time deciding on which one i liked best.

  103. Deanna A Says:

    It’s been 20 degrees below zero here this week and everything out my window is white. The thought of relaxing in Rio with the bright Sashay Satchel on one arm and my baby on the other was a nice, momentary, break from the winter chill.

  104. Adrianne B. Says:

    Ahh what refreshing, uplifting prints.

  105. Chantelle P Says:

    I love the Sunshine in Saradnia print…Yellow is my absolute favorite color!! Such cute prints!!

  106. Michelle Says:

    LOVE LOVE the heavenly holland!!

  107. Jen Marlow Says:

    WOW i can’t even get over how amazing the satchel is. the print, the colors, the handle, the versatility from diaper bag to gorgeous purse, that bowling bag style! I would love to disguise binkies, spit up rags,bottles and diapers in this gem!I only carry BIG purses i call these types of bags Mary Poppins bags ya never know wit these bags if you’re gonna pull out an umbrella or cat. hahaha Its so ME! I only use all organic products in my home and i love this bag but its not really in my budget, so lets hope the year of the rabbit will rub off some luck for me! I really loved the “dreaming in dover” print but also liked the “afternoon in auckland” as well!

  108. Brinn Miracle Says:

    I love the Rio and Innsbruck prints – complete opposites, I know!

  109. Natalie Says:

    I love the Rio bag! Orange is the new black and this bag is sure to be eye candy!

  110. Veronica L. Says:

    I’m another one that LOVES them all but Afternoon in Auckland really sticks out to me also. Thanks :)

  111. Krista Hanson Says:

    I could see myself needing one of each! :)

  112. Melissa R Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is absolutely dreamy! Would be a perfect accessory for this mountain dwelling girl.

  113. Misty B. Says:

    Our little girl is due March 10th, and I love all the Petunia Pickle Bottom stuff.

  114. Kelly Feldman Says:

    Lively La Paz is fabulous!! LOVE IT!!

  115. Erin Says:

    Love Dreaming in Dover….

  116. Danielle C Says:

    Loving orange right now, makes me think of the warm weather soon to come! Relaxing in Rio ahhhhh love it!!

  117. Carrie Says:

    Sunshine in Sardinia!

  118. Sarah Says:

    I love them all but relaxing in rio is probably my favorite. So fun!

  119. Robin Smith Says:

    Love these bags, I am not a mom, but always carry a tote bag, and I love the dreaming in dover!!! Awesome!!

  120. Colleen Arnold Says:

    I love the new bags & Peaceful Portofino is my favorite!!! What a great way to start the new year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  121. koriann roberts Says:

    i love the colors in dreaming in dover and peaceful portofino!!

  122. Diana G. Says:

    I love the “Evening in Innsbruck” print. It’s sophisticated and elegant all at the same time. It reminds me of dark, stormy nights, which I happen to love. I find it calming and peaceful and it matches how I feel right now, since I’m snowed in after the big snow storm we had.

  123. Lena Naef Says:

    Peaceful Portofino!

  124. Ashley Says:

    All of them are SO much fun! How can you choose only one? :)

  125. shannon Says:

    Love the RIO!But love many of the great colors!Spring has Sprung when I look at these!

  126. sara Says:

    I heart relaxing in rio!

  127. Melanie P Says:

    I would have to say Afternoon in Auckland

  128. Luci Says:

    I really like the Moonlit Moments weekender and that baby in the 2nd photo os absolutely *precious*. I have a petunia picklebottom diaper back with blue and green peacocks on it. it is fashionable and very functional – I love it!!

  129. Angie Says:

    Actually love the last three…bold colors.

  130. Margaret Tobin Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is nice and clean for boy or girl.

  131. Michelle Says:

    LOVE the pop of orange!

  132. Christina R Says:

    Love them all!!! But if I had to pick it would be between Relaxing in Rio and Sunshine in Sardinia!

  133. Lydia Baker Says:

    I love Sunshine in Sardinia!

  134. Chelsey Says:

    Decisions. Decisions. They are all fabulous! Relaxing in Rio is so fun and striking. Great pop of color without looking like a diaper bag.

  135. Tiffany Kelsey Says:

    They are all of course, fabulous and I’m especially torn between “Dreaming in Dover” and “Heavenly Holland.” Such beautiful and sassy prints. Love them!!

  136. Torrey G Says:

    I really like the peaceful portofino print. I would love to win this satchel!

  137. Dale Wilder Says:

    they’re all soo cute!! love the tulips though, always reminds me of my favorite season, spring!!!

  138. sheri allen Says:

    It was hard to pick. They are all beautiful, but I love the pink ones.

  139. Nicole Says:

    I love the sunshine print! I’m in NY and reminds me warmer days are coming! Gorgeous!

  140. Tiffany Stobie Says:

    The Rio design is beautiful, reminds me of a good vacation!

  141. Emily Barklage Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is at the tops of my list!

  142. KSpitz Says:

    Dress it up, dress it down, take it anywhere.. The Rio bag is phenomenal!!

  143. Alyssa Says:

    Love the weekender bag & sling! The prints are all gorgeous…makes it so hard to pick!!

  144. Audrey Childress Says:

    Love the Relaxing in Rio. This print would look great with brown or black and is such a happy color. Makes me thing of Spring. Ahh…Spring. Bring on the warmer weather and let’s relax in Rio.


  145. Sally Harman Says:

    Relaxing in Rio reminds me of my love for bright, crisp colors. Fantastic bag for the beach this year!

  146. michelle eche Says:

    I love LIVELY LA PAZ!!!!

  147. Lynne Says:

    I love both Dreaming in Denver and Peaceful in Portofino, though that orange is fabulous, too!

  148. Charrise Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck, black goes with everything! I really hope I win the Deco Sashay bag, this is my ALL TIME favorite PPB print :)

  149. Kathleen W. Says:

    Their bags are always so beautiful, but I’d say my favorite pattern is Peaceful Portofino. I just love cool blues and grays.

  150. Natalie Says:

    Love the lively la paz. The color contrast is great and the combination will go well with many outfits!

  151. Karen Burling Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dreaming in Dover print.

  152. becky dunnell Says:

    heavenly holland & dreaming in dover — love the bright colors!!

  153. Uria Scaplen Says:

    love love love Relaxing in Rio….such a bright, yet classy and artsy print! just love it! :)

  154. olivia stabile Says:

    Loving the Relaxing in Rio!

  155. Rachel Says:

    I love the relaxing in Rio! What a great print for spring!

  156. Nikki D Says:

    Love the yellow Sunshine in Sardinia :)

  157. Dani Dillard Says:

    I love the new PEACEFUL PORTOFINO!! It is gorgeous!! They never cease to amaze me!

  158. cynthia bloemer Says:

    I like Afternoon in Auckland as it reminds me of my daughter. I would use any one of them though for different occasions!

  159. Alisa V Says:

    Love Evening in Innsbruck but the Relaxing in Rio is beautiful too!!

  160. Kelsey Vigil Says:

    these new designs are so lovely! OMGoodness! LOVE it!

  161. Claire Says:

    I love the soft colors of Dreaming in Dover. But really they are all great!

  162. Brandi Says:

    I love them all, and I’m usually a black and white gal, but I am loving oranges and yellows and greens, trying to brighten up my life :) I just discovered your site, and LOVE IT!

  163. Liz Says:

    I love every one of them – they are beautiful. Dreaming in Dover is very peaceful and Rio is stunning.

  164. Priscilla H. Says:

    Love all!! So hard to choose but I really liked the first three so I voted for those :)

  165. Amy Lane Says:

    I love all of the prints — but there is something about this orange print which is so fresh and happy. These are gorgeous!

  166. Elizabeth Shaw Says:

    Love all the prints but Heavenly Holland is my favorite.

  167. Lori Sebelia Says:

    The new prints are GORGEOUS! Kudos to PPB! It’s too difficult to choose just one, but the Heavenly Holland is dreamy.

  168. Laura McNeir Says:

    Evening In Innsbruck is definitely my favorite. I am expecting a baby boy in June and I am determined to use quality stylish baby gear..well worth it!

  169. Angela A Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is so nice and fun! I love the color of it! So bright and cheery!

  170. Claire R. Says:

    Evening at Innsbruck is my favorite for two simple reasons. It will match everything, yet it still boasts a chic and fun design! It doesn’t scream, “diapers inside!”.

  171. Dawn C Says:

    Just love them… but there’s something both fresh and vintage about and Afternoon in Auckland. Like it’s a place I’d like to be this afternoon…. ;)

  172. KYLA Says:

    Love the pop of red in Dover!

  173. Heather Says:

    Relaxing in Rio….vibrant and fun…perfect.

  174. Paula M Says:

    I love them all, but then I love purses, bags etc.. Evening In Innsbruck is my Fave tho.

  175. Tracie Says:

    love Relaxing in Rio!!! Wish I were doing that right now!

  176. Heidi Marquisette Says:

    I agree that they are all gorgeous, but I have to say that with an upcoming trip to Texas I’m loving the warm, orange color of the Relaxing in Rio, plus with all this snow on the ground here in PA, it makes me feel warm to look at it’s soft, yet exciting color!!

  177. Danielle Says:

    Rio was my second choice but I liked the tones of Dover

  178. Marisa Says:

    Wow, so hard to pick! I would have to say the sunshine in sardinia, because I love yellow and it looks perfect for spring!

  179. Nichole Says:

    I love them all! Sunshine in Sardinia has my vote though. Relaxing in Rio is a close second for me. I cannot wait for Spring!

  180. Debbie Crain Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio! It reminds me of summer, and who wouldn’t love that right now?

  181. Kim Says:

    Orange “Relaxing in Rio” is the best! Nice pop of color to add to any outfit!

  182. Mary Says:

    They are all wonderful, but my fave is Lively La Paz.

  183. April Says:

    Evening in Innsbrook!

  184. Sara Says:

    Love the black and gray… evening in innsbuck is by far my favorite! Could wear it with everything in my closet.

  185. Carrie Munera Says:

    Relaxing in Rio,and oh how I wish I was;-)

  186. Erin McGraw Says:

    I picked heavenly holland b/c I am ready for spring!

  187. Liz Miller Says:

    I love relaxing in Rio.

  188. Jenna Says:

    I love Peaceful Portofino! It is so pretty!!!

  189. Jacqui Perugini Says:

    Love Relaxing in Rio! A bright color perfect for summer!

  190. Marty Philpot Says:

    Love, love, LOVE the new satchel pattern! I’m a huge fan of red….and polka dots…so VOILA…the designer must have picked my brain for this pattern!!! Such a “feel good” look!

  191. Brandy Says:

    Love the sunrise yellow!

  192. Cherrie Says:

    wow – these are all so cute – I am totally in love!!!

  193. Kelly Says:

    I love them all! :-) I like the Sunshing in Sardinia the best because I think it is neutral. I love Heavenly Holland, if I thought we were having a girl, that would be my top choice!

  194. Tammy Says:

    They are all pretty, but Peaceful Portofino is my favorite!

  195. Christine Says:

    Love Peaceful in Portofino! It is a very calming print!

  196. Jenny Chesnick Says:

    omg me me me! I love this, I need to go shopping!

  197. Sarah Joy Says:

    My favorite print is Peaceful Portofino. Relaxing in Rio comes in second place. I wear a lot of blues and browns. My diaper bag is getting a little worn so it would be wonderful to have a new one. I can’t wait for spring!!

  198. Diane Pallini Says:

    love them all, but Dover is my fav; it’s so yummy!

  199. Alison K Says:

    Love the new prints! The Peaceful in Portofino is beautiful!!!!

  200. Madison Light Says:

    I *love* the Lively La Paz!! They are all fun though!! This makes me SO ready for Spring!

  201. Karissa Says:

    Fashion meets practicality! Love Sunshine in Sardinia and Evening in Innsbruck!

  202. Heather Lynde Says:

    I love purses! I have a purse obsession! This collection has so many great choices I think I like them all but I would have to say that the Evening in Innsbruck is my first choice favorite!

  203. Andrea Norton Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is my Fav. Its a Total head turner!!

  204. Jennifer Says:

    Love Sunshine in Sardinia and Lively La Paz!

  205. Tracy Williams Says:

    Ohhhhh….relaxing in Rio! Gorg!

  206. Aileen Griffin Says:

    They are all beautiful but I probably like the Relaxing in Rio the best. So pretty!

  207. Erica Johnson Says:

    I LOVE Dreaming in Dover. Pink is my fav. color :)

  208. Sherry Says:

    They are all beautiful–love Relaxing in Rio. Orange color gets me in the spring/summer mood!

  209. Rebekah P Says:

    I love everything about PPB!!

  210. Colleen Says:

    I am in love with the Dreaming in Dover pattern – mostly because it is the compliment of Deco Dandelion which I think is fabulous!

  211. mary-frances Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portefino print! Gorgeous!

  212. kate Says:

    <3 petunia pickle bottom!!!!

  213. Michelle Says:

    The prints are all so lovely! Sunshine in Sardinia has my vote! :)

  214. Magen Says:

    I am LOVING the new prints so chic! All of the prints are so lively!

  215. Erica Says:

    Those are absolutely adorable! I would love to been seen with one of these cuties on my arm!!

  216. Stacey Says:

    I love all things PPB! So excited about the new spring line!

  217. Melissa Says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Deco Dandelion and Dreaming in Dover!

  218. erica Says:

    Love the sunshine in sardinia! bright and bold just like i like it.

  219. jessica Says:

    I’m loving the Evening in Innsbruck

  220. zinnia khalid siddiqui Says:

    I love love love Petunia pickle bottom!! The designs are extra chic and I love the colors!!

  221. Judy Says:

    they’re all just beautiful but my fave is Heavenly Holland!

  222. Shana Says:

    I love them all…but Dreaming in Dover is my fave!!!!!!

  223. Bonnie Says:

    Ooooh that is TOO CUTE!!! Perfect for spring. :)

  224. Aimee Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is certainly vibrant and perfect for the spring. Though they all are great, I also love the Dandelion Deco and wish more products came in that design.

  225. Elisabeth Says:

    I love them all! If I had to choose, I’d pick Relaxing in Rio! So fun and spring-y!

  226. Melissa Says:

    Love the relaxing in rio color, but can’t wait for the park avenue pocket book!!!

  227. chrissie Says:

    Loving all of them but Innsbruck is a great day and night print!! :)

  228. Marley Chambers :) Says:

    I LOVE LOVE the new Spring line! Dreaming in Dover is my favorite, the color combo is soft yet strong! So excited for Spring!! :)

  229. Kristel Says:

    I love them all of course! But my favorite is Evening in Innsbruck!!!!

  230. Alice Says:

    Sunshine In Sardinia is helping me forget the three feet of snow piled up outside my window :-))

  231. Margaret Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is Gorgeous! I want every piece that PPB makes in that fabric :)

  232. Sara Says:

    Relaxing In Rio all the way!!!

  233. Kim R Says:

    Love the tulips…too cute.

  234. Tracy C Says:

    I LOVE the Evening in Innsbruck!!!

  235. Elizabeth Halsall Says:

    Orange is it! That is my fav color and I just know Relaxing in Rio was made for me! ;) ♥

  236. Jean Says:

    I love the Peaceful in Portofino!

  237. Gaby Belt Says:

    Relaxing in Rio just screams sunshine!!

  238. Toni Says:

    The Relaxing in Rio is so vibrant and bright and really makes me long for spring sunshine!

  239. Jen M. Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck, and the Peaceful Portofino!

  240. Megan M Says:

    Love the afternoon in Auckland

  241. Stephanie Says:

    Sunshine in Sardinia! So cute!

  242. Theresa Says:

    I love the peaceful design. They are all beautiful, but the cloud blue is gorgeous!

  243. Linsey Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck print! I also love Dreaming in Dover! They are all so beautiful but those two seem so versitile and lovely!

  244. Soyan Says:

    Relaxing in Rio! Pattern is so vibrant, absolutely gor-jus!

  245. Noreen lashari Says:

    Love peaceful portiFino! But really all of them are great. Saw them in person at nordstroms yesterday and am in love!!!

  246. Katrina Says:

    Love the new Afternoon in Auckland. And LOVE that Deco Satchel! Yay Spring! :)

  247. Kerri Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Relaxing in Rio print!!!!! Coral/orange tones are my FAVORTE!!!! :)

  248. Carol Says:

    All of the designs are great! I particularly love Evening in Innsbruck, it is really my style!!!!!

  249. Chastity D. Says:

    Loving the Evening in Innsbrook. This print is neutral enough that my hubby wouldn’t mind holding the bag for me hehe

  250. Laura K Says:

    I love the Dreaming in Dover. It’s light and fun, but I think the colors give it a “match a lot” kind of versatility.

  251. Sarah P. Says:

    I love this bag! Functional as a diaper bag, but I would carry it even if I was out and about without my kiddos!

  252. Zorayda Parada Says:

    i am a big time fun of petunia bottom for a long, i seem my sisterinlan wearing the satchel in blue, it’s just beautiful!!! i would be soooo happy if i win this bag, i can’t really afford to buy me something the expensive but i would really apprecciate it if i get to be the winner, red is one of my favorite color and love the prints in the bag i hope to be able to win it so i could use with my only daughter, she is 15 months and the others one to come. thanks

  253. melody Says:

    I love them ALL… I think especially Sunshine in Sardinia.

  254. nancy Says:

    Love the sunshine in sardinia!

  255. Ashley E Says:

    Love them all! But I love Rio the most because it’s orange, my favorite color, and retro:)

  256. Lindsey Says:

    I think dreaming in dover is my favorite, but I like all of them!

  257. April Says:

    They’re all so beautiful, how can I choose?!?! As difficult as it is, I’m going to say the Relaxing in Rio and the Sunshine in Sardinia are my favorites… Just because I love oranges and yellows!

  258. Mayra M Says:

    I voted for two prints! I love the colors in Relaxing in Rio, and I love the pattern on Dreaming in Dover, wich is similar to the Sashay you are giving away. Thanks!

  259. Catherine Brown Says:

    I love the peaceful in Portafino!

  260. Heidi F Says:

    I love the Heavenly Holland :)

  261. Jasmine Kintzler Says:

    I LOVE the Heavenly Holland print! I want 1 of everything in this print! I can’t wait for the Wistful Wallet too! EVERYTHING PPB IS JUST ADORABLE!

  262. Jacqueline Says:

    I am absolutely in love with sunshine in sardinia. Just by looking at the print and colours I get à warm feeling all over and experience summer in wintertime. Especially during the cold winter this year, the warm yellow makes me glow :-D.

  263. Stacy Li Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is my cup of tea most definitely!

  264. Maryann Says:

    Just found out Im pregnant…NEED a cute new bag!!

  265. Christin Says:

    I truly enjoy all of them. But Relaxing in Rio has to be my fave!

  266. Crystal Says:

    Love Evening in Innsbrook!!!

  267. Vicky Says:

    I love them all!! Peaceful portofino is probably my absolute fave though:)

  268. Lonnie Says:

    PPB never ceases to amaze me! All the newly introduced prints are a great additional to the already classy line up PPB has to offer. I’m especially looking forward to adding the Evening in Innsbruck to my collection. :)

  269. Melissa Heaton Says:

    Love these bags…..cannot decide between “Dreaming in Dover” or “Relaxing in Rio”

  270. Hanna Says:

    I love it! I wish I could win the lottery so I could treat myself to a new beautiful bag, wallet and a cute blanket for the baby I’m expecting.

  271. Deb kahn Says:

    Hard to choose…but Relaxing in Rio has such fun energy!

  272. Courtney Says:

    Loving this whole collection!! Peaceful Portofino is one of my favorites :)

  273. Kate Cullum Says:

    All such great designs ~ but Evening in Innsbrook is fantastic! PPB is amazing!

  274. Sara O Says:

    I love the orange in the Rio print. Matches our car seat!! Love them all!!!

  275. Cindy E Says:

    Love them all–but Dreaming in Dover is my favorite.

  276. Amelia Says:

    I love them all!

  277. Christine H Says:

    Although only available in the satchel/weekender i am in love with the moonlit moments print!

  278. Cameron B Says:

    I love the “Evening in Innsbrook”. For a mom with a baby boy & girl, it would be very gender neutral!

  279. Sarah Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is gorgeous! Love the red and white and especially the “fan” print!

  280. Jeni Says:

    I love them all, but Dreaming in Dover got my vote.

  281. Autumn Rujiraviriyapinyo Says:

    Relaxing in Rio…Oh, how I would love to be relaxing in Rio right now. =)

  282. Emily P. Says:

    So in love with the Deco Dandelion! So pretty!! Also really like the Lively La Paz!

  283. Kelly M Says:

    Love Lively in La Paz!

  284. Jennifer Says:

    Love the relaxing in rio, reminds me of spring.

  285. Emily W. Says:

    I love the Lively La Paz! It would work for a girl or a boy and just looks super chic to me!

  286. Joannb Says:

    Love them all! Will be a first time mom in April, can’t wait to get my first one!!

  287. Elizabeth P Says:

    I LOVE Heavenly Holland. My favorite flowers are tulips and favorite color is pink. So it’s perfect for me :)

  288. Melanie Hunter Dohojda Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portofino pattern. They are all so beautiful. I love PPB.

  289. Penny H Says:

    I love the Sunshine in Sardinia and Relaxing in Rio! They are all beautiful!

  290. kara Says:

    I love the softer colors. I may be addicted to PPB!

  291. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    Love evening in Innsbruck!

  292. Sheena Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I love them all!!!! My favorites are the *evening in innsbrook* and *relaxing in rio* I am expecting my first baby in May. We are having a boy and it can be so hard to find cute stuff that is “boyish”. I LOVE THESE!!!!

  293. Danielle Says:

    I really like the colors in Heavenly Holland, but they’re all lovely!

  294. Tasha Says:

    I love them all! So hard to choose just one print.

  295. Nayla Joseph Says:

    Relaxing in Rio! I love the print, and the orange is unusual.

  296. Vilma Says:

    I picked sunshine in sardinia, I’ve never owned a yellow bag! And with the cold weather in the NorthEast I could certainly use some sun!

  297. JillP Says:

    Having a hard time choosing my favorite…wouldn’t it be nice to have one of each?! I think Peaceful in Portofino is probably my top pick, though! I love how it can be gender neutral.

  298. jenny H Says:

    Dreaming in Dover, I love everything vintage! This print is classic!

  299. Whitney Says:

    Peaceful portofino is the one I seem to be drawn more to but I love them all. So excited for spring now.

  300. brittani s Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is awesome!!! Cant wait to buy the wallet when it comes aval. I think Orange is a awesome nuetral choice!

  301. Jessica Hooks Says:

    Loving the Peaceful Portifino AND the Relaxing in Rio! Have a 17 month old girl and was due January 31st with a boy so either is perfect for a neutral bag!

  302. Shirlee Keddington Says:

    They are all stunning. I’ll take one of each.

  303. Tracy Says:

    I love love love the Dover, Rio, Innsbruck….I have to pick just one?! Ok, just one, I guess I’d pick the Rio. They are all so cute!

  304. Berta Hursey Says:

    I love the relaxing in Rio print!

  305. Sadaf Rynerson Says:

    I love the black walnut carryall :)

  306. Amy Says:

    So hard to choose… toss up between Peaceful Portifono and Relaxing in Rio

  307. Miriam Says:

    OMG, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the Relaxing in Rio, coral is my fav. color but so hard to find. My baby girl looks so very cute in the color too!!!

  308. Anna Says:

    I love Dreaming in Dover and Relaxing in Rio… but then I’m a sucker for orange and grey.

  309. Amanda Says:

    I LOVE the Dreaming in Dover. Love all the new stuff!!! Hope I win :)


  310. Allison K. Says:

    Love Peaceful Portofino and love PPB!

  311. Melissa H. Says:

    I LOVE the Evening in Innsbruck, all of the others are lovely as well :)

  312. Danielle Says:

    I’m loving the spring-y yellow of Sunshine in Sardinia, and the neutral, easy to match of Evening in Innsbrook!

  313. Vanita G Says:

    They are all fabulous and fun!! Relaxing in Rio is my personal just that ray of sunshine for everyday!

  314. beth Says:

    I love all of it, can’t say that there is a new print that I don’t like. Can’t wait to get my hands on a new bag and wallet!!

  315. Brandie M Says:

    So hard to choose I’m loving dreaming in dover and sunshine in sardinia.

  316. denni Says:

    I love love love the Relaxing in Rio pattern.. Its a gotta have it for me!

  317. Denea Dailey Says:

    Thy are all beautiful but like Lively La Paz best.

  318. Katie M Says:

    I am swooning over the deco dandilion for the satchel – but also loving Rio and Auckland- not sure how I am going to pick

  319. Nina Schmocker Says:

    I Love pretty much all of the Bags and colors.But I really like the Evening in Innsbrook, kinda classic color combo that would look great with anything.

  320. Samantha Cleys Says:

    The Relaxing in Rio is my fave because that orange is just a beautiful and relaxing color!

  321. Jillian Says:

    Just found out our baby to be is a girl so I’m loving heavenly holland!

  322. Jasmine Kintzler Says:

    I LOVE the Heavenly Holland print! I want 1 of everything in this print! Good work on the Spring Line PPB! I can’t wait for the Wistful Wallet…so CUTE!

  323. Laura Says:

    My favorites are “Sunshine in Sardinia” and “Relaxing in Rio”. Thank you!

  324. Anamika awasthy Says:

    Loving the Relaxng in Rio! And love PPB! This site looks great! I need to go through it further!

  325. Stephanie Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is SO sweet! I LOVE the wanderlust wallet too. I am very excited to get one next month as the perfect accessory for my PPB bags=)

  326. Haley Says:

    Love them all, but my favorite is Evening in Innsbruck!

  327. autumn Says:

    They are all quite stunning.

  328. Amanda Says:

    Heavenly Holland reminds me of the spring we all are longing for, especially after getting 2 feet of snow! :)

  329. Rosie Suerdieck Says:

    I love the clean designs, like Peaceful in Portafino :) They are all beautiful, though!

  330. Ashley Says:

    Love peaceful portifino…think it is so peaceful!

  331. Samantha Says:

    These new prints are fabulous!! Sooooo excited about the wallets!!

  332. Jacqueline Says:

    I am DREAMING about Dreaming in Dover! Love the grey/red combo!

  333. Bethany Says:

    I love Dreaming In Dover, Relaxing In Rio & Sunshine In Sardinia but they are all so pretty!

  334. Adrienne Zachritz Says:

    I love the relaxing in Rio. They are all awesome though

  335. Jessica Says:

    How do you choose??? :)

  336. Nicole M. Says:

    I have 3 other Petunia bags and love them all, but I love the new prints, especially Dreaming in Dover and Peaceful Portofino! I may need to add #4 to the collection! My husband will kill me! ;)

  337. Krista Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is dreamy beautiful!

  338. Maureen Says:

    I love tulips so the Heavenly Holland is the perfect one for me.

  339. Jill Cryder Says:

    Dreaming in Dover!

  340. Jaclyn Says:

    The new prints are amazing! I love the Evening In Innsbruck.

  341. Christie Says:

    All the new prints are beautiful, but I had to vote for Heavenly Holland.

  342. shannon Says:

    I have ordered several items from Layla Grace,all were well made and pleasantly received, the new spring collection will be of the same adorable and functional quality

  343. Erin Thompson Says:

    I love afternoon in Auckland, those are the colors of my babies nursery.

  344. jordan Says:

    Deco dandelion is beautiful!

  345. Michelle King Says:

    rio all the way!

  346. Ginger Says:

    Love, love, love all the new prints! Hard to choose just one.

  347. Brittney Says:

    I love all of the new prints and am super excited about the wallets!

  348. sadie Says:

    Peaceful in portafino :)

  349. Jennelle Schook Says:

    Perfect timing for new prints since we just found out we are expecting our 2nd baby! Loving the Lively La Pez!!!!!

  350. Amy S Says:

    The yellow pattern is so refreshing and reminds me of the summer sun!

  351. Rachel C. Says:

    I love them all! We had a lil boy in November and the peaceful portofino is soooo us! :)

  352. Lacey Ha Says:

    I love the new spring print! My fave is Evening in Innsbruck.

  353. Danielle Clayton Says:

    I love Peaceful Portofino! It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my TT in it! :) I love the organic collection but have never seen one in person! I’d love to win! I love your blog, and your store! I hope I have a little girl someday, because sure enough I’ll be doing her room with everything from your store!

  354. Beth Leyva Says:

    LOVE Dreaming In Dover! The pop of pink is so pretty!

  355. Ceanna Says:

    I love the new prints PPB has come out with, but I think my favorite is relaxing in rio. I love the color scheme!

  356. Amber Says:

    Gotta love the Dreaming in Dover. So girly and fresh!!!

  357. Robin R Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is just lovely, however they are all beautiful.

  358. Brieanne C Says:

    Picking a favourite print is like picking your favourite child! Impossible ;) They are all stunning!

  359. Mona Wagner Says:

    I love them all!! My faves are “Relaxing in Rio” & “Evening in Innsbrook”…:)

  360. Christina Sheaff Says:

    Love all of them!

  361. Chelsea Says:

    I love the Dreaming in Dover! Same colors we’re planning on doing the baby’s room in!

  362. Holly Says:

    Rio is gorgeous! The orange makes it so fun!

  363. Rachel Parrish Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! All of them have their own personalities. However, the Peaceful Portifino is my favorite. The colors are very similar to a baby blanket I made for my little baby. I love the softness and slightly old fashioned feel of that color palette.

  364. Marcela Says:

    Great job Petunia Pickle Bottom!!! the spring collection is FABULOUS!!

  365. anne Says:

    I love peaceful portofino!

  366. Deborah Beauchamp Says:

    I love them all, but I think my very favorite is Peaceful Portofino–not too girly for our little guy due in June, right? :)

  367. Lydia Says:

    Love La Paz!

  368. Susie Says:

    I voted for 4 different prints… Couldn’t choose just one! They are are all beautiful! The bright colors are my favorites.

  369. Sandy Says:

    I love them all!! Sunshine is quite beautiful!!

  370. Kim Giovannini Says:

    The new designs are great! I’m diggin the Lively La Plaz design.

  371. Regina Says:

    Love the Rio and Dover prints! Very stylish!

  372. Megan Says:

    Loving all the new bags and designs!! Happy spring:)

  373. lisa hawkes Says:

    Relaxing in Rio seriously so cute.

  374. Patricia Says:

    Love the new spring petunia Pickle Bottom Collection!!

  375. Alicia Says:

    I love the Afternoon in Auckland! I’m a sucker for that green color!

  376. Brandy Kern Says:

    Lively La Paz – love it!!

  377. Cynthia ~ The Diaper Clutch Says:

    Its so hard to choose! I love ALL of them but my faves are Relaxing in Rio and Evening in Innsbrook!

  378. Jaime Tujo Says:

    They are all so darn cute!

  379. Samantha Foster Says:

    Love the colors and design of Dreaming in Dover. Appropriate for a child yet still elegant for mom!

  380. Amy Rice Says:

    Relaxing in Rio … I love that bust of sunny color to chase away winter!

  381. Heather Johnson Says:

    Who could not love the bright cheerfulness of Sunshine in Sardinia?

  382. julie Says:

    Love that satchel!

  383. Melissa Says:

    Love The lively!

  384. Jennifer Says:

    so hard to just pick one but I love Relaxing in Rio the best!

  385. Pamela Says:

    Dreaming in Dover and Evening in Innsbruck are my favs, they’re absolutely beautiful!

  386. Leslie Says:

    I love the new Evening in Innsbruck! Love the new collection!

  387. Alicia S Says:

    I just found out I’m pregnant–yay! At the top of my list this time around is a CHIC diaperbag!

  388. Diana Lis Says:

    All the spring designs are gorgeous! It’s hard to pick just one, Thanks for carrying BPB and for your giveaways, Layla Grace!

  389. Amy Says:

    I love all the new designs. I have two PPB bags but I would love to get one for a friend who is due in April but doesn’t have much money to buy anything.

  390. Bernadette Garcia Says:

    I love Peaceful Portofino!!! They are all gorgeous though :)

  391. Lindsay Wahl Says:

    I love them all, but the Peaceful Portofino is the best!!

  392. Amanda Long Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is my fav. Very cute!

  393. Melissa Valentine Says:

    OH I love the new designs! I’m about to order my diaper bag this week!

  394. danielle s Says:

    i think it is a tie between relaxing in rio & dreaming in dover!

  395. Rena Says:

    Love the Heavenly Holland!

  396. Cristela Says:

    PBB always creates a great variety of color. The spring collection is no different. Evening In Innsbruck is my favorite.

  397. Jamie Says:

    I LOVE the pear green color in the Afternoon in Aukland!

  398. Logan Scarbrough Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Peaceful Portofino!!! It would great for a boy or a girl!

  399. Tara Says:

    LOVE all of them, but Peaceful Portofino and Evening in Innsbruck stand out.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  400. Gloria Says:

    Hard to choose, I would carry anyone of these patterns they are fun and happy. However, I chose Sunshine in Sardinia because it does remind me of the sun. Wonderful collection.

  401. Jenny M Says:

    I love Relaxing in Rio – so cheerful!

  402. Meghan Says:

    Oh my goodness I love ALL of them! I love Lively in La Paz because the yellow and black are such a striking colour combo

  403. Kate @ The Shopping Mama Says:

    Hard to pick just one – but I like the Peaceful Portofino.

  404. Cynthia Abila Says:

    I love the Afternoon in Auckland because its unlike all the others. I love those color combos.

  405. Jenn Mangano Says:

    The Sunshine in Sardina print is just gorgeous– SO looking forward to getting myself a little something in that print soon! ;)

  406. Sara Jane Says:

    I really love all of them… the patterns run the gamut from playful to elegant. I’m a recent convert, but I LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  407. Zsuzsa Says:

    Love all the cute new bags!! Faves are Deco Dandelion and Dreaming In Dover :)

  408. Jess Says:

    I love all the new designs and I love PPB!!!

  409. Allison B Says:

    LOVE Relaxing in Rome :-)

  410. Jessie Says:

    It seems my taste is shared with many of your other voters. Relaxing in Rio here too! I do love the black though – beautiful!

  411. katie swenson Says:

    PPB never fails to surprise me with beauty!!!

  412. Tabitha Says:

    Love Dreaming in Dover!

  413. Beth J. Beal Says:

    I love “Relaxing in Rio” I wish I WAS relaxing in Rio right now!

  414. Eliza Klinger Says:

    They are all so beautiful! My faves are Relaxing in Rio and Afternoon in Auckland!

  415. Sandra Miller Says:

    These colors announce that spring is on its way! So pretty!!!

  416. Christine Uding Says:

    Reds can somethings be tricky to get just rightand you have DONE IT RIGHT! Beautifully done. I have just the right person to give it two. Well done!

  417. Julie Sanchez Says:

    I love the dreaming in Dover!!!

  418. MJ Says:

    After I voted for Afternoon in Auckland, I decided that I like Sunshine in Sardinia, too!

  419. Brittanie Lunt Says:

    I love PPB and your online store! I loved the name so much Layla Grayce I really wanted to name my last daughter the exact name, but had to settle on just Grayce. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  420. Amanda Says:

    I could easily take one of each! But, if I had to pick just one, Sunshine in Sardinia please! :)

  421. daniya Says:

    Loving relaxing in rio and sunshine in sardinia, but they’re all so pretty! :)

  422. ALVA MARTINEZ Says:


  423. Rebecca Says:

    Orange is my favorite color, so I instantly loved RIO. However, gray seems to be my new staple for everything so I’m going with DOVER.

  424. Kristen Smith Says:

    Love the peaceful portofino

  425. Christine Uding Says:

    Reds can sometimes be tricky to get just right and all I can say is WELL DONE, it’s spot on. I have just the friend that will look good wearing this with their darling baby. Well done!

  426. K. Smith Says:

    I am loving the Sunshine in Sardinia! Its so cheery and summery!

  427. Natasha Says:

    I am a BIG fan of the “Evening in Innsbruck” print – fashionably elegant!!!

  428. Chantel Conway Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio

  429. Denise Says:

    Love the Lively La Paz!(Actually love them all!)

  430. Stacey S. Says:

    Heavenly Holland would be great for spring!

  431. Elisabeth L. White Says:

    Love the portofino print.

  432. Renee Says:

    I love the ‘Dreaming in Dover’!!! It reminds me of Summer and all things fresh, warm, and fun :-)

  433. Jennifer Sanders Says:

    STUNNING! As always :)
    So longing for Spring!

  434. Gabriela Peñaloza Dillard Says:

    dreaming in Dover! it was love at first sight!

  435. Christina Says:

    relaxing in Rio is so nice and bright on this dreary winter day!

  436. stefanie Says:

    Love the Peaceful Portofino

  437. Alyssa Says:

    I love these new prints!

  438. Kellie Says:

    The orange is beautiful!

  439. Bonnie Says:

    Nothing says spring like tulips! Heavenly Holland is HOT.

  440. Nilsa Says:

    Relaxing in Rio! Great print for spring and summer!

  441. Emily Maron Says:

    Every season with PPB gets better and better! I love the Sunshine in Sardinia and Relaxing in Rio!

  442. Hanna Says:

    I LOVE them all especially the dover:) I would LOVE to win:)

  443. Sirica Says:

    Love their new designs. Amazingly done again!!! My favorites are Sunshine in Sardinia and Afternoon in Auckland. So beautiful!!!

  444. Grace Arriaga Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is a great spring print! Second would be Peaceful Portofino!

  445. JessicaO Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is my favorite because it is bright and cheery. Will definitely bring a smile to any moms face every time she carries this.

  446. Sharlene Says:

    Sunshine in Sardinia is my favorite! Anything that reminds of the warm sunny days ahead makes me smile!! It’s beautiful and I love it!

  447. Jennifer Knapp Says:

    I love the Heavenly Holland because Tulips are my favorite flower and this bag makes me happy just looking at it. All the prints are beautiful and cheerful, which is much needed this winter with a house full of kids!

  448. Pamela Says:

    I love them ALL!!! But Dreaming in Dover and Relaxing in Rio are my favorites!

  449. Emily Steinhafel Says:

    Love love love Relaxing in Rio!!! Nothing says spring like the bright color orange!

  450. Jen Says:

    relaxing in rio! :)

  451. Carol Says:

    Peaceful Portofino wins my heart! Perfect pattern for a mom of 2 little boys who wants to keep that feminine touch.

  452. Becky Kendrick Says:

    loving the peaceful portofino pattern. so fresh for spring!!!

  453. helenlam Says:

    I like the Sunshine in Sardinia print best.

  454. sarah Says:

    dreaming in dover

  455. Ashia Hendley Says:

    So beautiful, would LOVE to win one!

  456. Alexa Whitehead Says:

    definitely Dreaming in Dover!

  457. Crystal Says:

    Love the orange is the Rio bag!!!

  458. Miki Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck makes me happy – good for boy or girl baby, great for evening too. PPB I<3 U!

  459. allison Says:

    It’s hard to pick just one. Dreaming in Dover or Evening in Innsbruck

  460. Stasia Says:

    After voting, I realized I had voted for all but one print … Afternoon in Auckland. And even though it wasn’t one of my faves, I’m sure I could find an outfit or two to coordinate with it! ;)

  461. Alison VanDyke Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is gorgeous!

  462. Nancy Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is my favorite!

  463. Brooke Says:

    I adore the Peaceful Portofino

  464. Jenny Herbst Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Heavenly Holland and Peaceful Portofino! The Sashay bag is adorbs! It would be the sweetest diaper bag for my Lily Cat! Presh!

  465. Kristin Ayers Says:

    I love dreaming in Dover!! I love anything pink!!

  466. Erin Says:

    Relaxing in Rio. Dreaming in Dover. And every other print, too – but those two really stand out. I love ppb!

  467. Jennifer Hillman Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio! But I also love the bag shown for the giveaway. I’m really into red right now!

  468. ana carlson Says:

    What a great collection! Loving ALL the new gorgeous products! You are awesome to give away the sashay! Love Dover & Holland!

  469. Rebecca Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck is a classy print-does not look like a baby bag

  470. Kimberly O'Connor Says:

    All of the designs are so “Springy”…Relaxing in Rio is my favorite!

  471. Jodie Says:

    I love Relaxing in Rio, but of course they are all super cute:)

  472. Tiffany Says:

    I LOVE the dreaming in dover, peaceful portofino and the evening in innsbruck the best :) They are all so precious and cute! I also really like relaxing in rio! I have never seen these bags before…but they are super adorable! I will have to start spreading the word!

  473. nicole orozco Says:

    I love all the prints, they are so cheery. One of my faves is the Peacful Portofino, blue is a fave of mine.

  474. Bri Moysa Says:

    They are all so cute…PPB is my favorite diaper bag line! Love their new bags…heavenly holland is super fun!

  475. Jennifer F Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!! So very hard to choose!! xoxo

  476. Nikki Says:

    Peaceful portofino is subtle yet still a lot of fun.

  477. Erin Says:

    How could you go wrong with any of these? I’m in a big orange phase so I would have to go with Relaxing in Rio, I love it. Adorable!

  478. Jenny Rouh Says:

    I love Petunia!!!! I want a new bag so bad, hope I win!!!!

  479. Maria Woodruff Says:

    I love Lively la Paz, but think it is a funny name. Lively yes, peaceful no.

    Evening in Innsbrruck ties for first in my book!

  480. Deanna Sena Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio and Sunshine prints…beautiful for spring. Or now as I am buried in 4 feet of snow!

  481. Katy Says:

    i love relaxing rio!

  482. June Hwang Jones Says:

    Dreaming in Dover. Gray and pink look great together.

  483. Anne Says:

    Love the Evening in Innsbruck!

  484. Lindsay Mardick Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portfino, its clean and fresh! Petunia Pickle Bottom makes great bags!

  485. Elizabeth C. Says:

    I love Dreaming in Dover! I adore almost anything red and am glad to see a new red print!

  486. Paola Says:

    Rio and Sardinia makes me happy!

  487. Lauren Brown Says:

    I love the Lively La Paz print!

  488. Kristen Caddell Says:

    I LOVE them all!

  489. Jerissa Parkhurst Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck because I can double as a purse if I am headed into work for a little bit and not feel like i have to move everything just for a few hours.

  490. Elaine Sylvain-Riddle Says:

    I love the bright summer colors, yellow and orange. They would brighten any outfit. The Sunshine in Sardinia is my favorite!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  491. Annette O'Kelley Says:

    Orange goes with everything in AUburn! RIO is a must have!

  492. Mori DeCraene Says:

    So hard to choose!!! But if I must, I guess I go pretty neutral so I can use it all the time without having to clash with my outfit! LOL!

  493. Stephanie D Says:

    They are all beautiful and I would be more than happy carrying any of them. I do however really like the Lively in La Paz

  494. Amanda Says:

    Afternoon in Auckland. Love the green with the pop of blue. It’s gorg!

  495. Stella Says:

    Dreaming in Dover!

  496. Chrissy P. Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is so vibrant and mod looking-like from a dress that Carol Brady would wear- but I’m loving the vintage vibe of Sunshine in Sardinia…Plus, with all of this snow in New England, I can use all the sunshine I can get! PPB prints/colors are enough to brighten up anyones dreary day.:)

  497. Jess Says:

    Love the Evening in Innsbruck line!

  498. Lyndal Says:

    They’re all beautiful, but Evening in Innsbruck will match *everything*

  499. Tammy Says:

    I LOVE PPB…….all of the colors are so Fab!!!!

  500. Amy-Sue Del Bello Says:

    Love the Lively La Paz. The yellow in it sings SPRING to me!!!

  501. Ari Brown Says:

    The Rio print is fantastic! I absolutely love orange and it is such a difficult color to find! I’m definitely ordering one, just having a hard time deciding boxy or touring tote. And I love the wallet to match!

  502. Nicole Says:

    I like them all, but Relaxing in Rio and Afternoon in Auckland are my two faves.

  503. Jen Says:

    that satchel is adorable! I love the Rio print which cheers me up after the blizzard we had here.

  504. Laura Says:

    I love the Relaxing in Rio… so Springy and reminds me of sipping citrus drinks as the sun bakes my skin… Oh how I miss SUMMER!

  505. stacy hancock Says:

    so many gorgeous prints! i think the auckland is my fav!

  506. Betsey Says:

    I love “Afternoon in Auckland” — partially because my husband is from there, partially because I can’t wait to take my new baby boy there, but mainly because I just love the yellow, green, and blue colors put together so beautifully!

  507. Chana Weinberg Says:

    Love the yellow!

  508. Amber Says:

    They are all so adorable, but dreaming in dover has to be my fav!!! Adorable!

  509. Juliet Says:

    They are all so very pretty too hard to choose! My vote was for Afternoon in Auckland!

  510. Deb Kol Says:

    Relaxing in Rio for me!!!

  511. Nichole Cardoso Says:

    I just love all of the new bags. I just love the color gray on the Dover it is too cute!!

  512. Debbie K. Says:

    I love Peaceful Portofino!!!

  513. MM Says:

    Dreaming in Dover, love the pink grey and whites

  514. Curtis Milne Says:

    I vote for Dover

  515. Mike Ross Says:

    I vote for Relaxing in Rio

  516. Anna Claire Says:

    Aukland and Sardinia are my favorites. I LOVE the color yellow :)

  517. Jessica Pletz Says:

    I really do LOVE them all, but my vote has to be Peaceful Portofino!

  518. Jamie Shanahan Says:

    I love all of the prints from the Spring collection however, I must say I truly adore the Lively La Paz, it’s very dramatic & so beautiful!

  519. Karen Lesser Says:

    Dreaming in Dover for me!!!!

  520. deb hossenlopp Says:

    they are all very nice but i like afternoon in auckland color because the colors pop together. great bags

  521. Mae Wong Says:

    My vote is for Relaxing in Rio!

  522. Anne Says:

    I love Rio because it’s so cheery and Portofino because it’s so calm – both great styles!

  523. amorette Says:

    love the yellow on the sardinia- glad i waited for the new prints- love them!

  524. Krystina Gottschlich Says:

    I love all these prints and would be happy carrying any one of them. But, if I had to pick two…I would pick Afternoon in Auckland and Peaceful Portofino….for no reason in particular just think they are beautiful. :)

  525. Angie Blatz Says:

    Afternoon in Auckland is my fave-it just shouts Spring is Here!

  526. Kara C. Says:

    I like Afternoon in Auckland

  527. Sarah Says:

    Well the PPB designers have done it again and blown us away with style, grace, and convenience for all moms out there. How can you choose just one print when they are all so delicious! The Dover is to die for!

  528. Ashley T. Says:

    LOVE THEM ALL. The Peaceful in Portofino is my favorite though! :)

  529. Kelly Chapman Says:

    I think that the Relaxing in Rio is fantastic. What a vibrant pop of color.

  530. Sara Says:

    LOVE the Rio and Auckland prints. I just ordered my first Petunia bag and I’m so excited – I think there will be more Petunias in my future … :)

  531. Brenna Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck. So understated and elegant, I feel like I could take it to playgroup or the symphony :)…and of course, the Sunshine in Sardinia is ridiculously cheery!

  532. Dionne Says:

    these are gorgeous!! Love the dreaming print, the dandelions are so perfect!

  533. Jeanie Says:

    relaxing in rio for sure!

  534. Shelbi Says:

    My favorite is the Dreaming in Dover!

  535. Jennifer H Says:

    I love the Dreaming in Dover

  536. Jessica Says:

    Love them all!! My absolute favorite has to be Evening in Innsbruck. It would go with everything!

  537. Addison Kat Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck is definitely my favorite!

  538. Kelli Says:

    I LOVE the new look, absolutely lovely! I would adore to have one of these accompany me and my little one on a daily basis!

  539. Betsy Says:

    I especially lone Evening in Innsbruck. Hard choice.

  540. Beth Says:

    These bags are adorable! LOVE them all but I’m crazy about RIO! Wish I was there instead of in chilly Nebraska! Winning this bag would sure lift the winter blues!!

  541. elisha Says:

    love the peaceful portofino. very cute.

  542. Alexa Says:

    What a hard decision! I love the new prints…especially the bright citrus colors in Relaxing in Rio and Sunshine in Sardinia. Both are perfect for Spring and Summer.

  543. Brandy B. Says:

    Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine all the way :)
    It’s gorgeous and such a vibrant and happy print.

  544. Megan Says:

    Liking the evening print (black) cause it will go with everything!!!!

  545. Sand Says:

    My favorite is Evening in Innsbruck.

  546. Tiffanie Says:

    Oh man, I love the orange. Relaxing in rio is my fave!

  547. Jill K Says:

    My favorite print is Relaxing in Rome, but Dreaming in Dover does come in
    a close second.

  548. Ari Surjadikara Says:

    Love them all, but my most favorite is afternoon in auckland.

  549. Jenn Kerrigan Says:

    Love the Lively La Paz and Afternoon in Auckland,love both of these patterns and colors!!

  550. Nikki Says:

    Love all the fun new prints!!!

  551. raquel be Says:

    They are all lovely

  552. Michaela T Says:

    ALL are Gorgeous as usual, but if I had to pick one it would be Lively La PAz, I love the color contrast and it makes me happy to look at it :)

  553. Elizabeth Says:

    My favorite print is the Rio! So Chic and bright! Just perfect for spring but also Sooo great for summer! And you can’t beat the price! Perfectly priced for this item! So excited. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!!! What a perfect Chic addition to Any PPB collection!!!

  554. Amy Says:

    Relaxing in Rio…a great summer print

  555. Ashley Says:

    Love the new prints! What a great way to welcome the spring!

  556. Teresa R Says:

    Relaxing in Rio and Lively La Paz are my favorites but they are all beautiful!

  557. Brooke Says:

    Lovin’ the “Peaceful Portofino”! I would love to get my hands on one of these for an upcoming trip to Naples, FL. It just screams FUN!

  558. Amanda Says:

    I absolutely love the Sunshine in Sardinia print. I have a 10 week old little boy and think this would make a great his or hers bag. As always Petunia is perfect!

  559. zang Says:

    Peaceful Portofino! Shades of blue are my favorite color.

  560. Becky L Says:

    The Peaceful Portofino is PERFECT!

  561. Dina Says:

    I love Relaxing in Rio. It is so fresh and bright for the Spring. It is definitely my fave but I also love Moonlit Moments too!

  562. Karissa Says:

    I love all of the prints but the sunshine one is beautiful for summer as well!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  563. sara Says:

    Relaxing in rio is my favorite!!

  564. Erin McCarthy Says:

    Peaceful Portofino!

  565. emily curfew Says:

    i’m a big fan of relaxing in rio

  566. Mary Ellen Says:

    Both Rio and Dover are beautiful! Great new prints this year!

  567. Reichel | Copy Cat Chic Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is so perfect! LOVE it :)

  568. Carrie Says:

    Dreaming in Dover really is dreamy!

  569. Desiree Tanner Says:

    I think I like the sunshine in sardinia the best! I love that it is so bright and beautiful! But I also really like the afternoon in auckland!

  570. Samantha Says:

    I love all of them but I would pick Lively La Paz or Peaceful Portofino as my new favorite prints! ;)

  571. Theresa Says:

    I love the Peaceful Portofino and Sunshine in Sardinia! I’m a PPB addict!!

  572. Meredith Says:

    Peaceful Portofino is stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE this print!

  573. Danielle Says:

    I love Lively in La Paz!

  574. Kristina Rackin Says:

    LOVE the Relaxing in Rio!!! Orange is my favorite color and I was hoping for some orange PPB <3

  575. Catrina Lyttle Says:

    Love the Peaceful Portofino! It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait for spring.

  576. Kayla Taylor Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is my favorite of the new spring patterns!

  577. Robyn Says:

    i love dover!!

  578. Amanda F. Says:

    Relaxing in Rio! It makes me look forward to summer and I need that with all this crazy winter weather.

  579. Janice F Says:

    I love Evening in Innsbruck. It’s beautiful and looks perfect for any occasion!

  580. Mike Kenneally Says:

    I know that my wife would love Relaxing in Rio for Valentine’s Day! Better than flowers :)

  581. Ashley R Says:

    I’m loving the wistful weekender! And there are SO many new prints I like…

  582. Beth Garabedian Says:

    I love Moonlit MOments… They are all so pretty- Can’t wait to see them in person!

  583. Pam N Says:

    I have used PPB bags since my first born, 7 years ago…There is nothing that compares to these bags. Picked the Portofino!

  584. Christina DePauli Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is so tranquil!

  585. Izabella Says:

    Dreaming in Dover!

  586. Angie K Says:

    So pretty! Love the Dreaming in Dover print.

    Thanks so much!

  587. Kristy Says:

    I love the dreaming in Dover. I want one SO BAD!

  588. Marsha Webber Pope Says:

    Once again your new collection appeals to every woman. From your new lineup, Dreaming in Dover really caught my eye.

  589. Allison Says:

    The Relaxing in Rio print is very chic, yet fun and unisex at the same time!

  590. Vanessa Says:

    I luv Dreamin In Dover…its all about gray as the nuetral for me, right now :-) Thanks for a chance to win!

  591. Katherine Slaugh Says:

    As i’m sitting here looking at the fabulous new line, with my husband rolling his eyes, all I can say is, “Why do I love Petunia Pickle Bottom so much!?” Relaxing in Rio gets me wishing for summer!

  592. m Says:

    I love them all. Can I have one of each ?


  593. Dana Says:

    I really like the Lively La Paz!!! Thank you for the chance!!

  594. Dana A Says:

    for some reason, it took me FOREVER to open this page but I just had to comment just to have a chance to win this gorgeous satchel! For my first child, I got a cheap boring diaper bag and now I really want a PPB bag! So gorgeous!

  595. Sharon Lavery Says:

    All beautiful. I love the Auckland reference and could imagine it being coordinated beautifully with blue. But I am partial to the grace of Peaceful Portofino.

  596. Tami Kuenning Says:


  597. Robyn Katofsky Axelrod Says:

    All the patterns are gorgeous! I love Heavenly Holland, but I really love the Deco Dandelion Sashay Satchel. I really hope that I win.

  598. Jen F. Says:

    I love Dreaming in Denver!

  599. Wendy Piccirilli Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Relaxing in Rio bag. Love the fun bright colors, the style..everything! Also Orange is my fav color.

  600. Julie Says:

    The bright orange “Relaxing in Rio” print makes me want to leave the Chicago snow behind and hop on a plane to the beach! Pedicure, anyone?!??!

  601. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I love the Lively La Paz. It’s gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  602. Lauren Machos Says:

    I can’t help but love ALL the patterns; but my favorite would be the “peaceful portofino”. It’s a calming blue…something I could enjoy using especially handling two little ones!

  603. Jennifer Peters Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck, Its Very Versatile! would go with my wardrobe.

  604. Jutz Says:

    These are so fun! I am torn…I love the color and print of Relaxing in Rio, and I really like the color combination of Afternoon in Auckland!

    LG rocks! I am always so inspired by your product lines!

  605. Sarah Z Says:

    I love the gray of the Dover bag for everyday but the city of Innsbruck has special meaning and I would totally get to plan a special outing for the Innsbruck bag!

  606. Arrie Says:

    I love the evening in innsbruck pattern. It’s amazing!

  607. Callie Says:

    I voted for relaxing in rio and sunshine in sardenia. Relaxing in rio is in the lead right now!

    gorgeous bags. all of them.

  608. Allie Says:

    Love Peaceful Portofino!

  609. Karen Smithson Says:

    I love all of the prints. They are adorable!

  610. Rachel @ A Cupcake For Moose Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is delightful!

  611. Aubree Seaman Says:

    Beautiful items!!! I love them all!

  612. Heather Stanley Says:

    Sunshine in Sardinia is a classy but modern print. It is subtle enough to blend with other prints but bold enough to make a statement. And I happen to like yellow!

  613. Laurie Gaskin Says:

    They are all gorgeous prints but I think my first to buy will be Peaceful Portofino :)

  614. Tara bennett Says:

    I love them all…evening in innsbruck is the fave though…

  615. vickie hahn Says:

    beautiful prints all are exceptional

  616. Rachel Says:

    Relaxing in Rio is beautiful!

  617. Alanna Tozer Says:

    Wow! I love all of them, it’s so hard to choose just one, but if I had to it would be Peaceful Portofino.

  618. Karen Says:

    The peaceful portifino is perfect! I’m expecting #2 soon so I want that print in the abundant boxy for all my stuff!

  619. Judy Says:

    I love the Rio orange – such a great color choice.

  620. Lauren Rauter Says:

    Love them all but dreaming in Dover is my favorite… Light and airy… It’s perfect for spring

  621. Deanna D Says:

    There really isn’t one that I don’t like! If I had to pick though, I really do love the color combinations of Afternoon in Auckland and Peaceful Portofino. Great giveaway!

  622. Joy Says:

    I love the pop of apple-green color on the Afternoon in Auckland! Gorgeous!

  623. Jencey Says:

    Relaxing in rio is gorgeous! Hurry up spring!

  624. Stacee Says:

    These prints are so refreshing after a long winter!

  625. Julie Says:

    Peaceful in Portofino….Love it! Would also love to carry it IN Portofino!!!

  626. Shelbey Says:

    I love the Evening in Innsbruck. Gorgeous!

  627. Stephanie Malkowski Says:

    I LOVE the Lively La Paz!

  628. Aura Says:

    I love orange so Relaxing in Rio was an easy choice

  629. brittany dodd Says:

    love it !! love the colors of Peaceful Portofino!!

  630. Andrea Ofiara Says:

    I voted for “Relaxing in Rio.” It really grabbed my attention!

  631. Vanessa B Says:

    Luvin’ Dreaming In Dover but only if I have to pick just one :-) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  632. Theresa Motes Says:

    I Love all of them I need one of each to match my attire ! However I love the Evening in Innsbruck for evenings and those special playdates , and the Dreaming in Dover for all the other hours in my bussy life!!!!!!

  633. Kimberly Says:

    I love the Dreaming in Dover. It’s so pretty and the colors are chic.

  634. Twyla Says:

    Honestly I love them all, but IF I HAD to pick one it would be the Peacedul Portofino!! That blue is divine!

  635. Claudia Says:

    I like them all but I think Evening in Innsbruck is my favorite. It looks like a day print or a formal night print.

  636. Carol Says:

    I love this bag! I picked Evening in Innsbruck.

  637. Meghan M Says:

    Wow! I love them all, but the Peaceful Portofino stole my heart!

  638. kathy sims Says:

    I want one for every outfit. Whimsical accent for the wardrobe.

  639. Annie T. Says:

    Love all of them!! but I really like the Lively La Paz.

  640. Jamie Says:

    I cannot pick! I love Sardinia, Rio and La Paz, great patterns, all of them!

  641. Michelle Says:

    I love the Dreaming in Dorver but they are all georgous.

  642. mom2be Says:

    They are ALL beautiful! I like the Lively La Paz pattern the best!

  643. Carrie Says:

    Relaxing in Rio please be mine!! A perfect cure for the winter blues!

  644. Aija Butler Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is catching my eye the most but all the new patterns are beautiful and so varied – love it!!

  645. Celeste Says:

    Sunny in Sardinia! Gorgeous!

  646. Lydia Gonzalez Says:

    Love, love , love Lively La Paz!!! They are all fantastic!

  647. Wendy Witherspoon Says:

    I’ve totally got spring fever! These bags are fabulous! Dreaming in Dorver is my fav!

  648. Dana Attwood Says:

    Love, love the Peaceful Portofino! Having a boy in May and think this would be wonderful!!

  649. Holly S. Says:

    Bring on the Sunshine in Sardinia print for me.

  650. Jether dodd Says:

    My wife would love all of them but my favortie is the classic black.

  651. Karen L. Says:

    It’s a tie between Afternoon in Auckland and Evening in Innsbruck for my favorite.

  652. Stacy Says:

    Oooo….tough choice! I like Lively La Paz the best!

  653. Abigail Says:

    I just love the Evening in Innsbruck!! Perfect for all occasions! Love PPB!

  654. Juliana from NC Says:

    lovely spring fabrics.. Relaxing in Rio is my fave!

  655. Hedgehogi Says:

    I absolutely love the new “Dreaming in Dover” print!

  656. Julia Says:

    Love the new bags!

  657. Debi Brown Says:

    Afternoon in Auckland, Relaxing in Rio and Peaceful Portofino are gorgeous! Three is my lucky number so I picked these!

  658. Debi Brown Says:

    Love and Peace and my vote is Peaceful Portofino!

  659. Arena Thompson Says:

    They are all so lovely! Love PPB Peaceful Portofino is so calm looking :)

  660. Lisa Nelson Jones Says:

    I am in love with the satchels, and I love the Sunshine in Sardinia!

  661. Stacie Leatherberry Says:

    I LOVE the Rio one!! It is so spring!!! I am dying to get one of your bags, but do not have the funds to buy LOL!

  662. Toni George Says:

    They are all Gorgeous! Thank you!

  663. Mary Nash Says:

    Def Evening in Innsbruck! But Im a black kind of girl ;)

  664. Sabrina Radke Says:

    Evening in Innsbruck

  665. Andrea Grupe Says:

    I love Dreaming in Dover!

  666. saph @ frugal wife blog Says:

    I chose the Lively La Paz

  667. kristen miller Says:

    love the Peaceful Portofino!! this would be great for me :)

  668. Shannon Alexander Says:

    This bag is so cute! I would love love love to be the proud owner of it. Voted for a couple of the new designs. So cute!

  669. taya linville Says:

    love it!!

  670. Melissa Speegle Says:

    Dreaming in Dover is my favorite!

  671. Heather christian Says:

    Peaceful portifino is my absolute favorite!!

  672. Cyndi S Says:

    love this bag!!

  673. Rachel Leslie Says:

    I love heavenly holland

  674. Aubrey T Says:

    I love them all! Beautiful!

  675. Kristina Coffey Says:

    I love the Heavenly Holland! It is the perfect bag for me. I am extremely Dutch and this is totally showing my heritage!

  676. Shayla Says:

    Each one is beautiful!!!

  677. Carli Says:

    Love the color combo of Dreaming in Dover! So pretty :)

  678. Kristen Solberg Says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite. These are the best prints ever! I love my current Petunia diaper bag – but now I want ANOTHER ONE!!!! Beautiful!!

  679. Brianna thompson Says:

    Love them all but if I had to pick one it would be tge peaceful in portofino

  680. Rachel Schanck Says:

    I love the heavenly holland!!! It’s so much fun!

  681. Tiffany D. Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Peaceful Portofino!!! I would love to win this for my sister who is due with a surprise baby girl in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for the chance, I know she would be ecstatic!