Valentine Fantasy Getaway (and Real Life Giveaway)

Valentine's getaway
So it’s Valentine’s Day. Some lucky ladies have a decadent, romantic night out planned. Others (and we wish to remain nameless) will be chasing kids, cleaning messes and wondering who has time for cupid and true love. But a girl can dream, so we’re escaping reality with visions of a romantic getaway done your way. Which makes your heart skip a beat? European grandeur or the beauty of nature, the roar of the ocean or the sound of rustling bags from a day of shopping?

Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender Deco Dandelion
Cast your vote, and because it’s a day to celebrate amore, we’d love to give one lucky gal a new Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender bag (so you’ll always be fashionably prepared for any getaway opportunity that comes your way). Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, but be quick – this contest ends when Valentine’s Day is over 2/14 at 11:59pm EST.


Congrats to Twyla, the winner of the Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender.

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326 Responses to “Valentine Fantasy Getaway (and Real Life Giveaway)”

  1. Jen F. Says:

    I’d LOVE a romantic time at home! And could that weekend bag be any cuter!

  2. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    Romantic Paris would be a dream place to be on Valentine’s Day

  3. Sarah Sawyer Says:

    My 3 boys couldn’t live without their dear lovey blankets, Little Giraffe Blankets, from Layla Grace. We have had a few emergency replacement situations and LG always has a huge selection of colors/styles in stock so I can pick a replica of our originals and . . . tragedy averted! Thanks, Layla Grace

  4. Robin T. Burton Says:

    Love the giveaway idea and your wonderful items!

  5. Robin T. Burton Says:

    Love the giveaway idea and love your items. “Valentine Fantasy Getaway (and Real Life Giveaway)”

  6. Nicole McBride Says:

    Getaway?! Ha ha ha, let me just tell you we went on our first date in over a year, this past weekend. It was AAAAAWWWWWWSOME, we had dinner and saw a movie and you would have thought we had just been told we won the lottery. My husband Sean and I are the parents of Alex and Max, 4 yr old twin boys. We are both stay at home parents, my husband is retired from the Army. So a getaway would be fantastic, even when it’s to dinner and the movies for the evening. LOL.

  7. Katie Says:

    What a great idea! My husband and I could sure use a romantic getaway with 3 little ones!!

  8. Thelma Says:

  9. Jay Says:

    J’adore Paris mais warm sun sounds wonderful right about now.

  10. Jeni Says:

    Nothing helps you escape a hectic lifestyle like a beautiful beach and ocean waves!

  11. Nikki Says:

    That oceanfront villa sounds wonderful right now…I’m really tired of winter in Ohio!!!

  12. Christina Says:

    O what I wish for a mountain cabin and a warm fire to snuggle up to my hubbie with. But those are mear dreams between the joys of parenthood to a 5 month old and puppy, but its all worth it!

  13. AnneMarie Lipari Says:

    A weekend in Paris with my wonderful husband has always been a dream of mine. Some day…

  14. Megan Clark Says:

    They all sound great! But the oceanfront has always and will always be my favorite!

  15. Latasha Says:

    THis has my name all over it. I will wait and be optomitic. Pick me:)

  16. Annie Says:

    OMG! Love that bag!!

  17. Amanda Says:

    Some quality time is only a fantasy as well, but I know I’d find it in Paris!! Thanks for the getaway moment, ahhhh……

  18. shara hancock Says:

    Oceanfront… that sounds awesome! Oceans are my favorite vacations :)

  19. Carissa Says:

    I’m off to Paris later this year with my husband and I would love to take that darling bag with me.

  20. Jen Says:

    A weekend in a mountain cabin would be lovely right now, but I’m settling for a night away in downtown Chicago in 2 weeks.

  21. Lynn S. Says:

    April in Paris!! Exquisite chocolate, flaky croissants and a weekend with my husband in the City of Lights would fix all of the craziness we’ve had due to all the snow and ice we’ve had in Northeast this winter.

  22. Lynda Clark Says:

    Definitely Oceanfront… nothing more romantic & relaxing! Plus, I’d also be stylin’ with my oh-so-cute PPB weekender bag!

  23. Elaine Says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. And that bag is adorable! :)

  24. Stephanie Says:

    A romantic getaway would be fabulous and in an Oceanfront Villa would be even better!

  25. Julie Says:

    That Petunia bag could make any girl feel like she was on vacation — even if pregnancy and caring for a toddler keeps her at home!!

  26. Karen Smithson Says:

    All of the Petunia Pickle items are absolutely adorable. Love them!

  27. Andrea Wallace Says:

    How can anyone resist the city of love Paris. There’s the wonderful food and the amazing sights. Love it!!!

  28. Olga Says:

    New York! <3

  29. Adele Says:

    I definitely need a warm beach front escape right about now!

  30. Brandy Says:

    An oceanfront getaway would be perfect right now….I am having baby #2 this week!

  31. meghan Says:

    simply paris.

  32. Denise Says:

    I desperately need a vacation. I LOVE the beach but I would go anywhere right now. I would look great with the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag on my arm!

  33. Reilly Says:

    Anywhere I can sleep in would be fine by me.

  34. Vanessa Says:

    Let’s hope whoever wins the bag will be able to leave it – and diapers, and bottles – home on their next romantic getaway!

  35. Rebecca Says:

    I love Paris!! Oh, how I love Paris!

  36. Jennifer P Says:

    I would love the beach get away! LOVE the bag, probably more than the beach :)

  37. jessica Says:

    PARIS PARIS PARIS ooh how I would love to go to Paris.

  38. beth Says:

    Always love those Paris lights! Happy Valentines Day! Love is patient, love is kind!

  39. Sandy Says:

    I would take any of those getaways…ooooohhhhh they all sound so good!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :)

  40. Kristin Says:

    The ocean front would be amazing! Sooo relaxing

  41. Deanna A Says:

    Thoughts of Paris in the springtime with five more weeks of winter are a gift in itself.

  42. Mayelin Says:

    I LOVE New York city with all the wonderful restaurants and great shopping!!!

  43. Katy Says:

    Paris PLEASE!!!!

  44. sharlene Says:

    Anywhere But Here: I’m not picky, just desperate – take me away!

    THAT’s ME!! :)

  45. Kimberly W. Says:

    I picked Home Sweet Home, but with a twist. DH is deployed, and if he could be here, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  46. Kelly Says:

    This bag is so cute. And I would LOVE to be on the ocean again. Especially this time of year! :)

  47. Aleaha Wood Says:

    The beach as always been a special place for my husband and I, luckily we live in CA and are able to make quick trips to the coast…

  48. Karen Foster Says:

    Yes anywhere warm and ocean ;.) THANKS!!

  49. Meadow Says:

    Definitely the Oceanfront Villa – the sounds of the ocean in the background… it just doesn’t get any better than that!

  50. Emily Barklage Says:

    I’d take any … but Paris, come on!!

  51. Beverly Fisher Says:

    Wow a real life give away! I’m new to your webb page, and I look forward to searching your catalog. Ocean vacation Oh Yeah!

  52. Ashley Aceto Says:

    We love our date nights at home, but I would take that bag anywhere!! So adorable! Happy Love Day ♥

  53. MJ Says:

    Give me a beach escape ANY day! Especially with my true love.

  54. Ana Says:

    Paris, France !!! Awesome getaways :)

  55. Camille Dawn Says:

    I picked Anywhere But Here! I just need to get away!

  56. Maria A. Malaveci Says:

    All these are absolutely awesome, but a getaway even to a movie would be awesome for us!

  57. Jennifer Says:

    Warm ocean please!

  58. Lisa Says:

    Love this trendy tote! Happy valentines day!! xoxoxo

  59. Elizabeth Shaw Says:

    Anywhere would be wonderful. My husband and I had to cancel two vacations – one skiing and one to Mexico due to his broken leg.

  60. momasue Says:

    Where ever my family is, is where I want to be, and I LOVE that bag !

  61. Sofia Tate Says:

    Anywhere but here! I don’t get to travel very often b/c of finances :( So I would take anywhere, even to the next little country side town. Just take me away. lol

  62. Tiffany D. Says:

    I would love to be at the Oceanfront Villa right now. I am so sick of snow!

  63. Jane N. Says:

    Paris is where my dh and I got engaged. We go back and the memories come flooding back. Our favorite restaurant is in this city. J’adore Paris!

  64. Heidi Foster Says:

    Definitely home sweet home with my husband and our 5 sons!

  65. Heidi Says:

    Oceanfront- I’d love to bask and swim right now!

  66. Diane C Says:

    Relaxation says fantasy vacation to me. Love the calm of ocean waves, warm sand and a sea breeze.

  67. Jennifer Roberts Says:

    Oh, I would love to see Paris again! My hubby and I went there as penniless students when we were dating. It’s such a beautiful, picturesque city.

  68. Jamie Says:

    My wife and I just booked our first trip to an oceanfront villa, away from our twins!! She would LOVE this bag!! Please Please, pick me. I will forever be greatful!!

  69. Eliza Klinger Says:

    Oh the beautiful ocean! Now that would be a fantasy come true! And a PPB weekender bag would just be as lovely!!

  70. Stacy Says:

    Paris!!! Most romantic place ever <3

  71. Heather Wolff Says:

    Paris for sure!

  72. -K Says:

    The ocean wins hands down.

  73. Alisha Says:

    A weekend away in New York would be wonderful. I’ve always wanted to go!

  74. Jessy Says:

    What could be more romantic than Paris!! Love all your bags!!

  75. Brandy Taylor Says:

    Loving this bag!!!! Loving Layla grayce!!! I picked ooooohh.. Paris!!!
    <3 Happy Valentines Day <3

  76. Cheryl Christian Says:

    Oceanfront Villa sounds pretty darn great. Our 37th anniversary is Valentines Day and I am still waiting for that honeymoon we couldn’t afford as college students..hint hint honey ;-)

  77. Frankie Says:

    Oceanfront Villa would be perfect after the cold winter we have had. Take me away!

  78. Beth Leyva Says:

    I <3 NY!!!!

  79. Alicia Andrews Says:

    That mountain cabin looks so relaxing!

  80. Allison Says:

    I voted for New York because it reminds me of the time when my husband and I were dating. We are the proud parents to a 4 year old girl, boy/girl twin 2 year olds and baby #4 is due in the summer!! Whew! I’m pretty sure a vacation is not in my near future, but I sure do love remembering what life was like when my husband and I got to run off and be care free!!

  81. Erin Snider Says:

    Every girl dreams of New York City and I have yet to visit. What could be better than walking the streets of New York with your Petunia Pickle Bottom bag in hand?!

  82. Meredith Says:

    I would love the ocean villa. Being prego, working full time and going to school in the evenings doesn’t give you much time to relax and this just sounds fabulous to just unplug from life and concentrate on taking care of me and my lil’ Aspen.

  83. Nicole eaton Says:

    Oh definitely an over the ocean villa, like Tahiti. A private place for just the two of us to take a swim and wake up to an ocean view sunrise out our window, but I’d need a new body to go with that! Lol

  84. Elizabeth Says:

    Paris… I love Europe! it’s like going home but everyone speaks french! and dresses so well! I can spend all day sitting in a cafe and people watching. ahh Parisdise!

  85. Kristin Cast Says:

    I voted an oceanfront villa!! I’ve got 6 year old twin boys, a 3 year old girl, trying to run 2 small businesses from home, and a house to take care of….I want some time off somewhere peaceful where I can read a good book and listen to the waves with my petunia weekender bag, of course.;)

  86. Sarah H Says:

    Oh how I would love a vacation! Skiing in the snow to sipping pina coladas on the beach, they all sound WONDERFUL! :o)

  87. Mandy Says:

    Oh goodness…Beach Front Villa….give me sand, lotsa sand! And how cute would I be carrying that sweet bag? Very!

  88. Sarita Oertling Says:

    Paris, definitely, Paris, museums, shopping, food, romance and chocolate in every consistency, shape and size. I’d fill that adorable bag with chocolate to bring home to share with friends!

  89. Patty Schmidt Says:

    Dreaming of a vacation as I change diapers today…

  90. Claire Says:

    Mountain Cabin for me, but with the whole family :)

  91. sarah power Says:

    Take me away to the cabin in the snow, we live in Florida and never ever ever get snow!!!! I would LOVE to see some :)

  92. Karen Blake Bahr Says:

    A day in the mountains would be heavenly! And what a darling weekend bag!! <3 it!

  93. Rebecca D. Says:

    Ocean villa all the way…ex nay on the kids-ay. =)

    Thanks for the giveaway, love, love, love these bags. Was my fav diaper bag. <3

  94. beth Says:

    Home sweet home with all of my loves. My husband and three kids.

  95. Nisha Says:

    I vote for Ocean Villa – looks so romantic and wonderful to feel the warm sun on me when I’m stuck in Winter Wonderland here in New England!!

  96. Joanna Says:

    Take me to the ocean!

  97. Diana Says:

    It would be wonderful to get away from this cold weather.

  98. Ashley R Says:

    It’s our first Valentine’s with our baby girl and we’re staying home with her. It never hurts to dream of that getaway on the beach!

  99. Debbie Crain Says:

    I would love a weekend getaway with my husband of 27 yrs, Anywhere But Here: I’m not picky, just desperate – take me away!

  100. Marisa Says:

    Oh my gosh, an ocean front villa for sure!!! After three kids (two of which are twins) my husband and I desperately need a getaway!! That bag is lovely and would be great to take! :)

  101. Betsey Says:

    Definitely the relaxing sound of waves at the oceanfront villa!

  102. Lisa Lee Says:

    I would love winning the ocean villa. It would be perfect place to relax with the loves of my life.

  103. April Kennedy Says:

    Anything, anything at all :)

  104. Jaime Says:

    I would love any vacation for my husband and i, we both deserve it!! With two babies anytime to relax and feel like a romantic couple again and caring a petunia pickle bottom bag would be the icing on the cake!!

  105. Jencey Says:

    Paris would be perfect with my sweetheart!

  106. Jennifer Smith Says:

    An oceanfront villa sounds like heaven right now! I’m so done with winter!

  107. Becky G. in GA Says:

    Great fantasies all! Love the tote, very sweet!

  108. Jamie Says:

    Would love this bag for our 5 year anniversary coming up – it will be our first overnight trip to a mountain resort without KIDS!

  109. kareena murphy Says:

    So hard to choose, but after the blizzard we had, the oceanfront villa sounds fabulous!

  110. Heather Milbrath Says:

    Well as I sit here and look out at the 12feet of snow that we still have on the ground(in wisconsin) I am daydreaming of it being the ocean waves instead…. Beachfront villa takes me back to when we got married in jamaica two years ago. Now we are enjoying this valentines day with our wonderful 9 month little girl mallory, and we wouldn’t change a thing :)

  111. Dawn Walsh Says:

    I picked anywhere but here as its winter and we have a ton of snow. I would love to be anywhere but here

  112. Emily L Says:

    I can feel the warmth hitting my skin as I soak up the sun on the beach. I’m made for the tropics and so is that bag!

  113. Jennifer Says:

    Oh Paris… how I love thee…

  114. Kendra B Says:

    I love spending time with my husband anywhere that we get a chance! He’s military and this summer he will be in school from May 31st until Sept 14th, so we won’t be getting our usual days at the beach, so I think an Oceanfront Villa getaway would be perfect! :)

  115. Misty B. Says:

    The thought of relaxing on the beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, and relaxing with my wonderful husband sounds amazing. We have a baby due in three weeks, so this is such a wonderful dream…..

  116. Sydney S Says:

    The Ocean Front Villa has me swooning here. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  117. Chrissy Says:

    I would love all of them… But the ocean front Villa would be so nice…:)

  118. Tricia Says:

    As good as a vacay sounds I can’t stand to be away from my little one. A nice dinner would be good enough for me!

  119. Nicole Says:

    With all this snow and cold here, I would love to get away to an oceanfront villa- anyplace sunny and warm!

  120. Kim Says:

    Somewhere warm with a tropical cocktail!

  121. Rachel S. Says:

    Anywhere but here was my first thought but I would love the ocean!!!

  122. Twyla Says:

    Valentine Getaway?
    The only Paris I’m seeing is a Par a s’neakers.
    The only Mountain Top I’ll see today is a Mountain of lanudry.
    The only Ocean View I’ll be viewing is the Ocean of Valentine’s strewn on the floor from today’s parties.
    All part of being a Mom to two adorable Valentine’s!!

  123. Mary Lewis Says:

    Getting away is nice, but nothing is better than getting away WITH your honey!!!

  124. Erin Says:

    Oceanfront … now please. God, I love the beach and the sun.

  125. Erin Says:

    Hard choice between anywhere and Oceanfront Villa…but Ocean wins for me…

  126. Josie Says:

    I’ve been dreaming of an oceanfront villa for awhile now. Soon, real soon. ;)

  127. Annette Robertson Says:

    I would love a getaway. Somewhere by a cozy fire…But today is not only a day I celebrate with my kids and husband, but it is my husbands bday too.

  128. Spring Says:

    LOVE the beach, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore…the beautiful sunshine on my skin, lounging with my wonderful husband by my side and a tropical drink in hand. We just celebrated 12 years of marriage and I am ready for a second honeymoon. Take me away!

  129. Sharlene Lailey Says:

    Ahhh…with this lingering winter nothing looks better than an oceanfront villa!! Especially with a PPB weekender by my side :)

  130. Mary B. Says:

    I’d love to pack my new bag and head off to the Villa! We’ve had so much snow at home lately, the warm sun would be divine!

  131. Jessica Says:

    Take me .. “us” to the cabin! Would love to be snowed in with a cozy fire!

  132. Lucero Salinas Says:

    Paris would be a great escape!! The city of romance!!

  133. amorette Says:

    oceanfront villa! sun, sun, sun and swimming!

  134. Jessica Grimsley Says:

    I’d love to be on vacation at a beach resort with my love :)
    Maybe a sandals resort somewhere would be nice!!

  135. Laura Says:

    They all sound good, but in February after a long winter, nothing beats the oceanfront villa!

  136. Jessica J. Says:

    We love the beach but Paris wins out for me :) Happy V Day!

  137. Cessna Kelley Says:

    The thought of being alone with my love anywhere that we can have the sun on our shoulders and the sound of waves in our ear makes my heart swoon. …and so does that bag. In this dream, grandma is available to watch the kiddos for a week.

  138. Terrie Morgan Says:

    I would love to win this pretty bag.

  139. Tatyana Says:

    Paris would be so nice :)

  140. Melissa Says:

    It is so cold out that I’d have to choose Oceanfront warmth right now. That bag is tooooooo cute! :)

  141. Treena Says:

    Oceanfront for sure….warm

  142. Kimberly Williams Says:

    Ocean front villa would be awesome!

  143. Julie Says:

    My hubby is taking me to Paris in a month for our Babymoon! So Excited…Love, love the weekender tote!!!!

  144. Charlotte Says:

    That Bag is really sweet & that Oceanfront Villa looks pretty awesome right about now…would love to be packing it to go there right now!

  145. Darbi Says:

    Paris sounds wonderful, but I can’t resist an oceanfront view!

  146. Debbie Metcalf Says:

    An oceafront villa with a fab looking weekender bag and husband by my side is my idea of “stuff that dreams are made of”.

  147. Kristin B Says:

    Paris, so romantic!!! Our new baby girl will fit right in with her love inspired french name, Esme!! And, she will be stylish with her new travel bag even though she is 7 weeks old, you have to start somewhere right?? :)

  148. Ellie Courpas Says:

    The warm serenty of the ocean would be a wonderful get away. Being married for 30 + years and never having a wedding just the JP with no Honeymoon, I couldn’t imagine! Layla Grayce all your items and you ROCK

  149. Sasha Says:

    Oceanfront for relaxing, New York for playing! Either one would wonderful, but I don’t think I am ready be away from baby yet.

  150. Ellie Courpas Says:

    The warm serenity of the ocean would make up for never having wedding just the J.P. with no honeymoon after 30+ years. A dream come true..

  151. Elizabeth Says:

    I would love to get away any where! Three little ones and 3+ feet of snow for the last month and this Mama is in some serious need of a change in surroundings! A beautiful bag and I would be in heaven!

  152. Kellie Says:

    I am over the cold weather and would LOVE some beach time!

  153. Sadie Says:

    mountain cabin – no one to bother us.

  154. Jenny Flake Says:

    I am a NYC fan, I would love a weekend getaway there! Great PPB weekender bag, love it!! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  155. Cindy Says:

    Love to be snowed in with just the two of us, maybe the dog can come too!

  156. Christina R Says:

    The oceanfront villa looks amazing!!! Especially when it’s been such a cold and snowy winter!

  157. Koren Says:

    I would love to go back to Paris!!

  158. Kristin M. Says:

    Not that we’ll be getting away anytime soon, but we could use a little Sun, sand and ocean!

  159. Shandell Says:

    I love the ocean and would prefer a tropical location!

  160. Mary-Frances C. Says:

    Mountain Cabin sounds lovely!

  161. Rebecca Says:

    Wow this is the exact diaper bag I wanted having my first girl and I’m so excited and in love with this style and pattern! I’m not picky as far as destination goes but I wouldn’t mind a nice secluded place like fiji or bali! Aaawww the dreams of a mother of 2 lol maybe someday! Good luck everyone wish we all could win this bag and happy valentines day!!!

  162. Sarah Ray Says:

    Paris sounds amazing and so does that bag!! So cute!! Happy Valentines Day!

  163. Jennifer Huard Says:

    Ocean front villa….preferably in Fiji. And I love the bag!

  164. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    Would love some beach time, but anywhere is great

  165. Terry M. Says:

    I would LOVE some time away with my husband! After a hectic time of chemo and radiation, relaxing away time with no worries or appointments for a few days would be the most amazing thing ever! And to have a bright, colorful, cheerful bag to carry along enjoy would just be the cherry on top! Many thanks to LG for the opportunity to participate and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!! :D

  166. Cat G. Says:

    A Mountain Cabin for sure, minus the skiing, but with a hike or something.

  167. Andre Says:

    I would love to be just about anywhere but here at the moment!! But the beach sounds the best! This bag is soooo stinkin cute I just love it!

  168. Brittney Says:

    I would love my husband who is gone with the Army right now just beside me! & the bag is adorable!

  169. Amanda Long Says:

    I need a beach vacation with a piña colada!!!

  170. Debbie H Says:

    Definitely Oceanfront! We just went on a cruise over Christmas vacation and it is amazing what some warm sunshine and ocean air will do for encouraging romance.

  171. Amy simmons Says:

    I have been working hard to get my body back from baby & would love to show off while relaxing in the fabulous sun. The gorgeous bag would hold just enough of my sun bathing gear to get me through the trip!;)

  172. Stephanie S Says:

    The bag is gorgeous and perfect for spring!

  173. JoEllen Says:

    I would love to go on vacation…ANY vacation! But I’d have to say that Paris would be my #1 choice.

  174. Erin McGraw Says:

    I will take the beach over any vacation any day:)

  175. Angi Says:

    Paris is always and will forever be the city of love. You fall in love with paris and paris falls in love with you. Oh la la Paris – you always have my heart, lets spend a weekend here :) Happy Valentines day!

  176. Jill S. Says:

    I love my children, but sometimes I would like to be far, far away from them!

  177. Cece Ashauer Says:

    Any where would actually be great, but a beachfront would be incredible. The bag is adorable and would be great for a getaway weekend!

  178. Candi @ Sweet Designs Boutique Says:

    I would love to get away right now. A trip to Paris would be awesome but a trip somewhere warm would do the trick too.

  179. Paulina Powell Says:

    Beach vacations are the best…and the packing is the easiest!

  180. Lisa Cooper Says:

    I love the bag! So cute!

  181. Jenny Kramber Says:

    I’d take that bag to NY City!!! And I’d bring it back packed with souvenirs!

  182. Emily Says:

    Wow a beach vacation would be great right about now! I’ll have to start planning one if I win the bag!

  183. melissa Says:

    Right now anywhere sounds great!! I love each spot for different reasons. The oceanvilla would be ideal for a nice cozy spot iwth my husband, but I would love to take my daughter to Paris. She is a frenchie at heart!!

  184. Jill Keeler Says:

    An oceanfront villa with me sweetie would be a perfect getaway for me!

  185. Brinn Miracle Says:

    I’d love to go back to Paris. I went when I was single, during college, and I know my husband would love it. I’m in need of a weekend bag, for all my short travels!

  186. Kelly Chapman Says:

    I don’t need a trip, although it would be fantastic. That bag is adorable, I would be happy with that alone.

  187. Kristi ogden Says:

    Ocean baby!

  188. Desiree Tanner Says:

    I love being warm inside when it is cold out. And the snow is so much fun!

  189. Michelle Lynch Says:

    What a fun contest:) Going anywhere with my husband just the two of us would be a treat. A beach retreat (although we’re not sun people) guarantees rest, relaxation and romance! My husband said for Valentine’s Day the best gift would be to spend no $! I am trying to save for this bag (weekender) for baby #3 coming this summer so this would be a dream come true for me and cross some baby goods off my list:) Happy Valentines Day!

  190. Elle V Says:

    Though we do not have any vacations planned this cute weekender would be perfect for my little ladybug’s ballet and soccer bag!!!! Pick me!

  191. Denise Strube Says:

    Maybe if I had the cute bag I wouldn’t need an expensive get away for awhile;)

  192. Lisa Mannes Says:

    always wanted to go to New York~ but the beachfront would be nice too ;)

  193. Stephanie P Says:

    Love the bag – I would be happy to take it anywhere with me!

  194. Lacie Lacy Says:

    I would really love to take a trip to Italy. :)
    This weekender would be amazing, it seems when i leave the house with my son I have to pack 2-3 bags. This would be AMAZING to win. Thank you for a fun giveaway.

  195. Liz G Says:

    I’m getting married in July and were going to Hawaii.. No other place sounded better than laying out in the sun and relaxing all week! :-)

  196. Daphne T Says:

    Ovean getaway…I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than the beach!

  197. Maureen Says:

    The Mountain cabin looks like heaven to me.

  198. Dusty B Says:

    Even though I know it’s as cold in Paris right now as it is here in Ohio, I would still adore a visit!

  199. Kristi Gilbert Says:

    Paris for sure!!

  200. Michelle Says:

    Bundled up in cabin with my husband, staring into each other eyes, away from the world without a care in the world sounds AMAZING!! But really being anywhere with my husband makes me feel the same! Happy heart day everyone, may you truly find LOVE!

  201. Olga Says:

    Any and all of the above sound dreamy!

  202. Hillary Clark Says:

    New York has been a dream vaction for the hubs and I for a while.

  203. Lindsay M Says:

    Oceanfront villa… My husband and I fell in love at the beach!

  204. Brittany Enneking Says:

    An Oceanfront Villa would be a romantic dream come true for my husband and I :)

  205. Amy H Says:

    We are in Wisconsin covered in snow. Anywhere sounds amazing to me!!!! This weekender would be the perfect bag for any getaway-heck I would carry it to the grocery store!

  206. Stevi Emler Says:

    An oceanfront villa!!

  207. Miranda Says:

    I vote for Paris. I have never been anywhere and paris is on my list of places to see. Pick me, I just had a baby on 02/02 :)

  208. Sarah Ray Says:

    I love Paris and i love that bag!! Happy Valentines Day!

  209. Robyn Katofsky Axelrod Says:

    Two years ago, my husband and two little ones (20 month old and 8 month old) went on an adventure to Europe for a vacation. This was my first vacation to Europe and it was great. We went to Paris, Dublin and London. Dublin was my favorite. It was everything that I thought it would be. We are planning on another European trip in the near future and would love the weekender to take all my stuff for my now 2 and 3 year old.

  210. Jennifer B Says:

    This bag is too darn cute and will force me to take a much needed vacation!

  211. Jen Says:

    Ocean front all the way!!! I so need this adorable bag…maybe if I get the bag I can convince my husband to take us all on a beach vacation.

  212. Teresa S. Says:

    My husband asked me to marry him in Paris… so u can guess that my #1 choice is Paris! I even carry the calling card of the restaurant we ate at that night in my wallet all these years. It reminds me of the romance and excitment in our relationship.

  213. Diane Vick Says:

    Getaway…how wonderful after a 6 weeks in the hospital and now recovering from a brain bleed with my husband. We are thankful this Valentines Day just to be together and are planning a getaway! We need it and this bag would be a great accompanyment. How generous!!!

  214. Ashleigh Koss Says:

    I want this bag!

  215. Heather Beliveaux Says:

    Warm weather and ocean breezes!

  216. Jen S. Says:

    I would take a romantic weekend anywhere at this point :)

  217. kim miller Says:

    wow!!!! would I love this bag!!!! Finally after 20 years of doing my children I am an empty nester and am going to take a trip FOR ME..Would absolutely love to have this bag with me when I go. Thank you…

  218. Vicki Says:

    I love water. There isn’t anything more soothing.

  219. FoxyMomma Says:

    i would love to go to paris!! i have always wanted to go! actually, i would enjoy any getaway right now!!

  220. Linda Bergeson Says:

    Warm sounds so good! Love the ocean!

  221. Crystal Keyzer Says:

    Either NY or Oceanfront Villa! So opposite but both very satisfying!

  222. tracy Says:

    i would be in heaven at the mountain retreat. snowed in with my husband surrounded by beautiful scenery and peace and quite would be amazing! no to mention packing everything in the gorgeous bag! love it!

  223. Amber V Says:

    A Paris

  224. Amber V Says:

    A Paris getaway would be great. (the 18 month hit send before I was finished typing). Right now any getaway before the next baby comes in June.

  225. stefanie Says:

    Oceanfront villa for sure!

  226. Sarah P. Says:

    love, Love, LOVE this bag! Wish I had somewhere fun to take it, but I’m one of the ladies staying home for Valentine’s and taking care of my sweet little family.

  227. gigi callahan Says:

    Paris of course!

  228. Janice F Says:

    It’s always been a dream of mine to go to New York and it would be even better with a PPB bag!

  229. Patricia C Says:

    An oceanfront villa would be the perfect prescription for my cabin fever!

  230. Noelea Sharp Says:

    I have been trying to imagine that all the snow in my town was white sand on the beach. Nothing sounds better to me right now

  231. Mollie Says:

    Take me anywhere, but here . . . preference to the ocean villa!

  232. lisa hawkes Says:

    I need an un-ugly bag! I want this!

  233. Jamie Shanahan Says:

    A getaway of any sorts for a mom of soon to be four kids would be wonderful! I have to say, I am a mountain girl all the way. I love my Rockies. What a great giveaway BTW. Thank you! Happy Heart Day!

  234. Melissa E. Says:

    A getaway to anywhere would be nice! It seems as though we are always just missing each other between work and schools schedules.

  235. Miriam Says:

    I don’t think there is anything better than relaxing by the water, so I voted for that BUT, quite frankly I am at the point where i would also chose ANYWHERE but here, as a mother to three kids, one with multiple special needs. LOVE the bag!

  236. Elizabeth White Says:

    Anywhere oceanside…. I am dreaming of fruity drinks, a good book and a kid-free beach trip! Oh to relax! Super cute weekend bag! Love!!!

  237. Janel Says:

    Perfect in an oceanfront villa at Biras Breek, Virgin Gorda, BVI

  238. Jill P Says:

    After all this uncharacteristically cold/snowy/icy weather in Dallas, I’d say an oceanfront villa sounds just about perfect right now!

  239. Allison B Says:

    Oceanfront Villa: Warm sun, the sound of the ocean and my true love by my side!!! Oh, that sounds so nice after all this cold NJ weather. :-)

  240. Colleen Turner Says:

    For me, I want to go to Paris! Really, I would love to just go to dinner with my husband (and without our five year old, who I love, tagging along) but I like to dream big :)!

  241. Nicole Brach Says:

    The mountain cabin would be ideal!!!! : ) Sitting by a fireplace after a day of skiing with a romantic dinner…. Ahhh. I can see myself there now! I’d live to take the weekender bag with to the cabin also, so beautiful!!

  242. Annie T. Says:

    Hubby and I ‘NEED” an Oceanfront Villa: Warm sun, the sound of the ocean, we have been putting off our little weekend getaway for a while (2 kids later! 3 and 15mths). I absolutely love this bag! Thanks for having these giveaways!

  243. Stacey S. Says:

    The Beach, The Beach!! This winter has been way too long!!

  244. Sharon Says:

    I’d go anywhere with that bag!!

  245. Tara Thomas Says:

    What busy Mom wouldn’t Wish for the Wistful Weekender? Why, you ask? Not only do we want to feel beautiful we want to look beautiful. So, I see myself carrying the Dandelion Weekender while eating croisants and sipping cappuccino in…….Paris!!

  246. Brooke Karr Says:

    Wow! It’s s toss-up between the villa on the beach and the cabin in the mountains, but I’d take my love (and that bag) anywhere! :)

  247. Alison Peterson Says:

    Nothing is more romantic than Paris!!

  248. Jenny Hagen Says:

    Ooooo paris, I would love a week getaway in paris! That would be amazing!

  249. Missy White Says:

    The warm ocean sounds like a dream as I’m in cold Chicago without my Valentine who is on a business trip- but blessed to be with my 3 little Valentines! Lovely idea, Layla Grayce. You are my forever favorite store!!! Keep up the good work!:)

  250. Cortney Keene Says:

    I’m longing for the beach, so tired of old man winter!

  251. Charrise Cuevas Says:

    I always dream of escaping to an Oceanfront Villa when its been one of those long days that not even a warm shower can relax away! I would love to win the PPB Weekender, then at least I’ll have something to pack when I make my real escape! LOL!

  252. Jessie Says:

    That is on the beach with my true love and my 3 girls. They are just that fun! BTW, fabulous bag!

  253. Felicity Says:

    Looks like I’m in the majority with the ocean front villa. Now to go dig up my snorkel gear…

  254. Patricia Fife Says:

    Paris, NYC, mountains…anywhere would be great…even better with a new bag :-)

  255. Erin Says:

    I would love to get away to a mountain cabin, in August! There is just something special about being in the mountains during the heat of the summer

  256. Ailene Bradley Says:

    I am ready for a getaway with my sweetie anywhere but here (work has been hectic). Paris would be lovely and that weekender bag is too cute!

  257. Brandy Kern Says:

    Anywhere but here was tempting, but PARIS is too romantic to pass up :)

  258. Rachel L Says:

    Mountain cabin for sure!

  259. Jesse Says:


  260. Elizabeth Garrett Says:

    Would love a getaway right about now!!

  261. Kristina Lee Says:

    I live in Chicago and have been literally stuck at home with our seven month old. I am sooooooooooo ready for a “sun” getaway. Please..let the summer begin!

  262. Jennifer Says:

    I would love to visit Paris someday, but for a romantic getaway, give me the beach and the ocean! :)

  263. Gianna Marie Says:

    Now I am dreaming of a stroll though the Ile St. Louis in Paris… Happy Valentine’s Day!

  264. Kimberly Says:

    I’d love to be snowed in a mountain cabin with my husband. Especially since we didn’t get snow here this year.

  265. Aura Says:

    I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids 3 and under any vacation is nice- just take me away!!

  266. Rena Says:

    At the end of a very long winter (my first Canadian winter!), an oceanfront villa sounds great!!!

  267. Jessica Hooks Says:

    I’d LOVE to go on a romantic beach getaway with my sweet hubby! I’d even settle for just a night out!! ; ) baby #2 came February 5th and a date would be fun.

  268. Amie Says:

    I’m thinking any place would be a retreat but Paris just sounds so romantic. Unfortunately my SO say’s he’ll never get on a plane although he might if an opportunity like that came up. Realistically we would both love the beach or the mountains.

  269. Mallory Dorrough Says:

    Yay Weekender!!! It’s So cute! I’d love to take it to the beach!

  270. Phuong Says:

    The ocean front villa is my vote! listening to the waves and enjoying the sun.

  271. Emily Joyce Says:

    It can’t get more romantic than Paris! Unless, it’s New York city. Those two were really hard to choose between!

  272. Miranda Says:

    OOooh I dont know which I would love more! The bag or a get away. I think if I won this bag I would be obligated to take a fun trip! Some place warm, ocean, and fruity drinks! I love Petunia Picklebottom!!! I have a 2 PB diaper bags! I know I would love the carry all bag!

  273. J abad Says:

    I would love to be at oceanfront villa right about now! Hubby and I became pregnant soon after the wedding and haven’t taken our honeymoon yet. Can’t wait to meet our little one! =)

  274. Susan Clinkscales Says:

    We usually to the mountain cabin vacations, but I want to go to the ocean! An ocean-front villa with the wind blowing in off the water would be so absolutely divine! Ahhhhh….

  275. Nicholle Montalvo Says:

    Mountain cabin with snow and a cozy fireplace! What could be better than that?! Optimum cuddling atmosphere :)

  276. Amy Secker Says:

    I would love a romantic getaway! Anywhere!

  277. Cristela Says:

    Oceanfront Villa: Warm sun, the sound of the ocean and my true love by my side!!! Yes, yes, that sounds nice. I think I’d be just as happy to win the weekender bag! :)

  278. Jessica E Says:

    Anywhere but cold Minnesota sounds nice right about now! Definitely makes you appreciate getaways and Spring!

  279. Brittney Says:

    I’d definitely settle for anywhere as long as it’s just me and my husband (as much as we love our little girl!!) well, me, my husband, and the baby in my belly-seeing as he doesn’t really require a babysitter yet! ;)

  280. Melanie Says:

    We heart Europe, but not Paris, per se…how about Florence, Italy? A girl can dream, right? But I will take the Oceanfront Villa ANY day of the week! How relaxing!

  281. Lien Says:

    Wishingeveryone fantasy getaway will come true. ;)

  282. Jenny Says:

    Before our daughter came along, I would’ve said Paris or ocean…but home is where all of our precious memories take place and we just love being at home (as long as I’m not cooking/cleaning =) )

  283. Ashley W. Says:

    My husband and I vacationed in Rome a few years ago. Unfortunately, he was sick and didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. A trip back to Rome will (someday) be our ultimate romantic getaway.

  284. Sarah Says:

    Paris would be awesome, but only if money were no option. I’d probably be more likely to go with an ocean front villa! :)

  285. Jenn D Says:

    About 2 years ago my Mexican Riviera cruise was thwarted by the Swine Flu! No sunny beaches for my friend and I! Booooo!! Instead we were rerouted to the coast of California. Been there/Done that. So this year I dream of still taking that Mexican Riviera cruise, this time with my new husband!! And how nice would it be now since it’s been frigid temps in Utah. I need a vacay!

  286. Kira Says:

    The Ocean Front Villa looks amazing! I am ready for some sun, sand and warm weather.

  287. Tara Says:

    LOVE this giveaway! I voted for Oceanfront Villa! I would especailly love to be there now away from the cold.

  288. raquel be Says:

    I love the cabin. I miss the warm heat from wood fire!

  289. Camille Latimer Says:

    Oceanfront Villa: Warm sun away from the snow and Blizzard of 2011!!! Chicago is great but it is time for sand and ocean water with warm sun and holding hand on the beach!!!!!

  290. Jennifer H Says:

    Romantic Paris would be a dream place to be on Valentine’s Day

  291. Jessica Colley Says:

    Anywhere but here! After being snowed in in the midwest for 2 or 3 weeks, I need a break!

  292. Caroline Murphy Says:

    My husband & I went to Paris just before we were engaged. As a matter of fact it was a surprise from him to me. I would love to surprise him back & have a few carefree days like we had before our 3 beautiful kids were born !!

  293. Sharon T Says:


  294. lilcg Says:

    long week and it is only monday. anywhere but here for me!

  295. Mandy Says:

    ANYWHERE! I’ll even take going on a walk with my hubby around the block (with no kids!). :)

  296. Paola Says:

    It was a toss up between “anywhere but here” & the oceanfront villa. Tough choices!

  297. Sarah McBean Says:

    I would love getaway absolutely anywhere!!! Having never been on holiday in my adult life, my last holiday was 15 years ago when I was 15 y/o, now with 4 kids and a hubby who works 95+ hrs a week there has been no opportunity, so if given the opportunity, anywhere would be great, even at home!!!

  298. Brandie Still Says:

    Take me away to anywhere but here. Who is babybsitting???

  299. Abby Says:

    Paris, Paris, Paris would be the dream…but really anywhere for a weekend alone with my hubby would be happiness :)

  300. Christina DePauli Says:

    It’s so cold here right now, the beach is right up my alley!

  301. bonnie Says:

    the bag is awesome. . . . now if only that getaway was reality :)

  302. Joni Says:

    Paris is my favorite city. I’ve been there twice and would love to live there forever!! My home is decorated with so many Eiffel Towers and other Frenchy items, because it’s as close as I can come to the real thing!

  303. Tia Burns Says:

    Love Petunia Pickle Bottom and LOVE Layla Grace! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  304. lace Says:

    The Ocean or the Mountain Cabin. Either one sounds beautiful and relaxing.

  305. Natalie Says:

    There’s nothing more relaxing than laying on the beach in the warm sun!

  306. April C. Says:

    Oceanfront villa

  307. Dana Says:

    I would love to go to Paris! Just once.
    Thank you for the chance!!

  308. Teresa R Says:

    Anywhere but here! They all look so wonderfully relaxing….especially when you’re waddling around 8 months pregnant like I am:)

    I would love to take just one more weekend to get away with the hubby but time snuck up on us!

  309. Sheila Fulling Says:

    A cocktail by the pool with a good book…heaven!

  310. Deja Says:

    I’d take an ocean front villa over the snow and cold of the Midwest anyday!

  311. jaime o Says:

    that bag is sooo cute! I would luvto surprise my hubby with a trip he deserves it after taking care of me and our two babies..he is the best husband I could ever ask for and I would luv to give him something back…plus I could use a break too!! Time alone for us would be a dream come true

  312. Connie Richhart Says:

    After a week of ice and zero temperatures, a balcony overlooking the ocean, a good book, and a glass of iced tea soundds amazing!

  313. Vanessa B Says:

    oh take me away, anywhere for even just a couple days but please make sure its warm and sunny :-) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  314. Christina K. Says:

    Aruba! And I would love a PPB bag that big! Even Paris would be nice. Haven’t had a vacation in a long time and I really could use one :)

  315. Julia Says:

    Paris! Love the bag – super cute!

  316. Chase Says:

    I’d gladly go anywhere! :)

  317. Joann Bickley Says:

    Any vacation would do :) love PPB bags!!

  318. Noelle Says:

    I would love to be on any warm beach right now or “anywhere but here” :) 9 months pregnant, two little kids and so ready for some warmer weather!!!

  319. Diana Says:

    take me anywhere = )

  320. Debi Boz Says:

    I would love the oceanfront villa….

  321. Kimberly Moore Says:

    I was just in Paris in November. I should have never left!

  322. Grace Says:

    The language of love and romance is French.

  323. Jennifer Says:

    I’ll go anywhere, really! Wisconsin winter is getting really old. I’d love a change of scenery.

  324. Claire A Says:

    Oh I miss the ocean! And sunshine!

  325. Kimberly Says:

    Would Love Love Love to win this bag and show it off in Paris!!!

  326. Dana Says:

    Love Layla Grayce! Happy Valentines Day!!