Vote For Your Favorite New Rosanna Collection

Rosanna Inc French Country Collection

Rosanna La Vie Boho Collection

Rosanna Parisian Glassware

Rosanna Table Charms Collection

Rosanna Rococo Noir Collection

Rosanna Floriography Collection

Rosanna Primavera Collection
Ah Rosanna, we have to thank you for consistently bringing us such a wide selection of fabulous dishware to tempt us with. Spring 2011 is no different, and to be honest we have no idea which makes us want to throw a party and entertain more. Maybe you can help us decide? Click on any of the images above to preview the collections or shop all the new Rosanna additions here.

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9 Responses to “Vote For Your Favorite New Rosanna Collection”

  1. Megan Clark Says:

    Always was in love with French Country…. and always will be. Timeless.

  2. Brad Allen Says:

    Pretty nifty…

  3. glory Says:

    French country, I’m a sucker for any thing with a pedestal, love it all but that cream color is boo-ti-ful.

  4. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Like the French Country, classic and creamy:)

  5. joanna Says:

    i heart french country, reminds me of my grandmothers house

  6. sarah Says:

    like the french country, but the parisian glassware and floriography are very pretty too!

  7. Cayla Says:

    Such a hard decision! Today I am just loving the Rococo Noir. So sexy and girlie!

  8. Vilma Says:

    I love the butterflies in the floriagraphy set, and the elegant simplicity of the black in the rococo set!

  9. christie Says:

    This was seriously hard to choose. I love French Country, Parisan, Floriography and Primavera all equally. So beautiful.

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