An Excessively Charming Giveaway: Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Waxing Poetic Charms and Jewelry
Confession time – when it comes to Waxing Poetic’s new collection of charms and jewelry, we just can’t stop at one. Like the most sinful, decadent collection of desserts, these lyrical charms call out to us, tempting us to want “just one more… I promise I’m going to stop at this next one”. But really, why hold back on something this good? Mix together multiple charm styles, creating a story with a collection of favorites that have special significance to you. And while the necklaces have a place in every wardrobe, we’re loving the way the charms look suspended from their new bracelets. We hereby give you permission to indulge! Shop new additions from Waxing Poetic

We’re going to get one lucky winner started on building their charm collection by giving away $100 of Waxing Poetic products (winner’s choice!) First check out the new arrivals or the entire Waxing Poetic collection, then leave a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us your favorite. Or favorites? Personally we’re going with decadent excess, the more the better! Enter by Wednesday, 2/23 at 11:59pm EST and we’ll announce the winner Thursday.

Congrats to Donna Hastings, winner of our Waxing Poetic giveaway.

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314 Responses to “An Excessively Charming Giveaway: Waxing Poetic”

  1. Jen Says:

    I’m loving the mother and happily ever after charms!

  2. Diane Says:

    Can’t pick a favorite, they are all lovely!

  3. Camille Dawn Says:

    I love love love the Wing and prayer charms. The claddagh one is my favorite.

  4. Kelsey Vigil Says:

    LOVE the cuff bracelet, the butterfly and love bracelet and the camera necklace! It’s so hard to pick!! thanks for the chance to win!

  5. sara marseille larsen Says:

    love the fluterby charm.

  6. Sarah H Says:

    Love the Circe Leather Wrap Bracelet!

  7. Sheree Says:

    I like the dual bracelet in photo #4. They are all great though!

  8. LeeAnn P. Says:

    I love ’em all! However, I’d say the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis is my fave.

  9. Brandy Taylor Says:

    I’m in love with this line!! I hope to win! Thank you!!

  10. Kari Crum Says:

    I love this collection! The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Gothic Brass and Silver is my fave.

  11. Sydney S Says:

    I absolutely adore the Waxing Poetic Charm True Riches Key, so nostalgic and beautiful.

  12. Leah Says:

    I love the necklace at the top and the charms at the bottom. Those look as if they have gone around the world a few times. The worn look is very chic. I’ve been around the globe and those would go well with my passport!! thank you!!

  13. Delle Sherer Says:

    Love the Cross pendant : )

  14. kareena murphy Says:

    All are absolutely gorgeous! Love, love, love the cuff bracelet! The butterfly & love bracelet is beautiful too! The butterfly is so unique.

  15. Nicole Says:

    Love the “Happily Ever After” charm (fits with my librarian lifestyle!) and the “Keep the Faith” charm and the “Jouyous Return” charm. Gorgeous!

  16. Judy Says:

    The butterfly and the cross charms would be my first choices. These are SO gorgeous. What a memory back to earlier years with charm bracelets. Love the chance to start another one again.

  17. Maria A. Malaveci Says:

    Love the Fluterby charm. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  18. Darlene G Says:

    Loving all the camp charms – especially the peace sign!

  19. Claire Says:

    The #2 is beautiful, and i love the Once Upon a Time and the Flutterby charms !

  20. Teresa Formato Says:

    OMG-Ilove ALL of them. Especially Love the butterfly charms.

  21. Nikki Says:

    Love the personalized heart charm!!!

  22. Katie Says:

    LOVE the Flutterby charm! Also the Silhouette charms are adorable!

  23. hminnesota Says:

    I love the crown charm..although they all are adorable.

  24. Leesa Massey Says:

    I like the Once Upon a Time Charm!

  25. Claudia S. Says:

    Love the faith and cross charms!!

  26. Susan Fidler Says:

    Love the gold ball bracelet! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  27. Andrea Kenney Says:

    What a conversation piece!?!? Love so many of them, the butterfly, cross, faith, and love charms represent me so well and really are staples in my life if you were to look at my accessories and the things around me. I could sit down with so many of the women I mentor and talk about each one of these and how they represent my life!! They are all delightful in their own little way! :)

  28. marcia Says:

    love the brass ball bracelet, but really love, love, love the Fleur de lis charm!!!

  29. Lucero Salinas Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Brass Ball Bracelets with the Charms!! Very chic!

  30. Jane Fritchley Says:

    Love the new large brass ball charm braceles with a mix of initial, image and word charms.

  31. Rachel Reyes Says:

    Loving the personalized charm square!

  32. sydney85 Says:

    I love the crown charm – very appropriate for my wonderful daughter who is a princess!

  33. Marcie Says:

    The Silhouette Charms!

  34. Carol Says:

    OMG, Love the Flutterby Charms, what gorgeous works of art

  35. Lorraine Says:

    The ones with the black rope like strings is my fav casual yet elegant, few charms and one butterly yes!

  36. Kate Says:

    I love the black braided bracelet…but they are all so lovely~!

  37. April C. Says:

    I LOVE the Waxing Poetic Charm Flutterbys Rope Flutterby!!! I love all the new stuff!!!!!

  38. Lisa Says:

    The silhouette portraits are darling; it would be so cute to pair one with a child’s initital.

  39. Debbie Crain Says:

    I love them all! They remind me of the charm bracelet I had when I was young. Well, of course, in a new, updated kind of way!

  40. Megan Clark Says:

    I Love the braided black bracelet with the charms. And the butterfly one that says Love is charming also!

  41. Nicole Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Miniature Crest Silver Insignia.

  42. Chilibaby Says:

    I LOVE the camp charms, the wing and a prayer charms and the whimsies charms!!! Such great things to choose from.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  43. Carmen Says:

    Love the Silhouette Portrait charms! They remind me of the silhouette pictures my mother still has hanging in her house of my brother, sister and I.

  44. Shilo Beedy Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Croix and the Waxing Poetic Charm Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time.

  45. Jennifer Phipps Says:

    I love them all! If I had to pick one. . .the miniture crest signiture insigna.

  46. Kim Says:

    I love all of them, but my favorites are the Keep the Faith pendant and Awareness charm!

  47. Katie Says:

    I LOVE the three tiered A necklace!!!

  48. Dezz Says:

    Wow, what a difficult decision! I’m particularly drawn to the Keep the Faith pendant, the True Riches Heart charm, and the Happily Ever After charm. What a great line of jewelry!

  49. Deanna D Says:

    That multistrand bracelet is too cute! All the charms, of course, are so great too!

  50. victoria horning Says:

    all of the charms are amazing for one, but I personally adore the ones w/ the crosses ,faith & love- oh & the crowns too. I think that any chance to show our faith and be a witness for our creator the better!!

  51. Danielle C Says:

    Love the butterfly charm! Gorgeous!

  52. Addison Kat Says:

    I like the fleur de lis charm best. They’re all so pretty

  53. Lindsay M Says:

    This collection has saved every chic girl from the “vanilla” pandora bracelet epidemic. I love the camp charm heart!

  54. Amy Cousins Says:

    I found your website really close to Christmas and it was to late to order. I found your waxing poetic charms so intriguing.I love that they are unique. The new collecting is also as fabulous as the old. This jewelry is great for young and old. Love Love Love.

  55. Kimberly Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Camp Charm Faith and the Waxing Poetic Camp Charm Heart.

  56. Sarah Grace Says:

    My Favorites Are These.. :)—Final-Sale__WPB33083.aspx

  57. kim Says:

    I love all of them…they look so regal…especially the crown charm!

  58. Pamela Sue McLaughlin Says:

    I am in LOVE with the arrow necklace! It is stunning!! I really love this collection! Pick ME!!

  59. Abie I. Says:

    The flutterbys rope charm is sooooo pretty. I like all their jewelry!

  60. Beth Baldwin Says:

    These are absolutely wonderful!! Can’t decide which is my favorite!

  61. Tracy LeBon Says:

    I love the pendant oval with Love on it! What a lovely collection!

  62. Tony C. Says:

    I would like to get my wife the multi strand brass rolo bracelet or the large brass ball bracelet.

  63. Liz Says:

    Love Love Love the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo!!
    So bold and dramatic!
    Can I add charms?

  64. lindsay Says:

    love them all! pic # 4 is my fav

  65. Robin S. Says:

    LOVE this line!! The wing & a prayer charms are precious…especially the crown. Also love the camp charms. What I think it best about this line is that you can mix & match everything so easily for such a fabulous, unique look…I picture the leather bracelet with the gold ball bracelet and charms galore!

  66. Kelsey P. Says:

    I love the Bound By Love charm, it’s so pretty and I love the idea behind it!

  67. Amy Wilson Says:

    The flutterbys rope charm is so… charming! Also love the multi strand brass rolo bracelet.

  68. Kat Regier Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their initial charms, but I may just have a new fave. . . the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis.

  69. Barbara Louttit Says:

    I am in love with the butterfly,the crosses and the “loosey goosey” hand stamped look of the letters <3

  70. yvonne Says:

    Pretty! I love the Rolo Chain Medium + an initial charm.

  71. Dorene Says:

    I love it all!

  72. Pamalot Says:

    a new charm bracelet would be a great pick me and a great way to welcome spring…I love the Waxing Poetic Charm Bound by Love and the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Monogram

  73. FoxyMomma Says:

    i’m loving the Waxing Poetic Pendant Oval Love!!

  74. Ashleigh Says:

    Wow! There are so moony new choices! Love them all!

  75. Nicole Vogelsong Says:

    These are AMAZING!! I ♥ Love♥ the large brass bead balls bracelet with a cross,the faith charm and of course the “HAPPILY Ever After” chrm!! These are great THANK YOU for sharing! ☺

  76. Kerri Norrod Says:

    It is hard to pick because they are all so beautiful. I love the heart charms and the flutterby charm. Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. Erin Says:

    Love the flutterbys rope!!

  78. Kathleen W. Says:

    Ooh, I just love the Personalized Charm Round Insignia. It’s so medieval!

  79. Jen Says:

    I love the wing and a prayers charms, the silouette charms and the flutterbys rope charm! So classic and unique!

  80. Marla Says:

    These charms are just gorgeous! My favorite charm is the “Silhouette Portrait Boy”. It reminds me of my Mom’s charm bracelet she has one charm for each of her 10 children.

  81. Lydia Gonzalez Says:

    I am loving, loving, loving, the charm bracelet. Everything is so spectacular!

  82. christa elyce Says:

    so gorgeous! i’d love to have this win!

  83. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love, love, love the charms Once Upon a time and Happily ever after and the silhouette charms, how sweet:)

  84. Adriane Johnson Says:

    I am in love with the flutterbys rope and the personalized charm square. Anything personalized makes me happy.

  85. Nicole Says:

    happily ever after and butterfly charms are my fav!!!

  86. Tami K Says:

    I love the Bound By Love charm!

  87. Julie Johnson Says:

    I LOVE the butterfly charm! They are all beautiful!

  88. Emily Says:

    I love everything! My favorite is the personalized charm square. So beautiful!

  89. Laura Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Square!

  90. Amy M Says:

    LOVE,love, love the first bracelet!!! I can’t really choose a fav!

  91. Jen F. Says:

    Love the Storybook charm!

  92. Paula Kitchens Says:

    love, love, love the flutterbys rope charm.
    but they are all lovely and unique

  93. nancy Says:

    love the charms especially the silhouette boy and girl! thanks! Nancy

  94. barb Says:

    New to me. Looks like a nice collection to begin!

  95. barb devine Says:

    What a nice collection! New to me! Thanks.

  96. Susanne Says:

    How can you choose??? I think the flutterbys rope is one of my favs!

  97. Taffi Graham Says:

    oh my, the silhouettes are incredible!! The happily ever after is pretty great, too…..

  98. Janie Frizzell Says:

    Lovely, I like the vintage look of them.

  99. Diane Says:

    Love the Waxing Poetic Charm Flutterbys Rope!

  100. Julie Ann Payne Says:

    I want a big chunky charm bracelet with a lot of charms on it! I love the butterfly!!!

  101. Whitney Says:

    I love them all…so hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would be the Keep the Faith charm. They are all divine!

  102. Ali Says:

    Love the Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time charm!

  103. Sharon Haas Says:

    They are all unique and wonderful but my first choice would be Waxing Poetic Necklace Write Your Own Way. I love the message it sends as it corresponds my personal mantra Be True To You.

  104. Kim Says:

    All of these are gorgeous! This line is beautiful!
    I must start my collection now.. : )

  105. Christina Says:

    Storybook “Once upon a time”, I already have the start of the story put into place and your right quite addicting, I can’t wait to write my story in charms

  106. Mary Rowlett Says:

    I love the large brass ball bracelet–what a wonderful way to showcase my charm collection!!

  107. Kate Says:

    Love the charm squares! Would get my kiddies’ initials.

  108. bina edwards Says:

    Waxing Poetic Necklace Write Your Own Way is my fav

  109. Annie Says:

    Love the Bound By Love charm & the large brass ball bracelet!

  110. LeighAnn Patterson Says:

    Waxing Poetic Pendant Oval Love is my fav

  111. teresa Says:

    because i am getting married this year….”story book pages happily ever after” is my fav….today. of course, that is subject to change at any given moment!!

  112. Kathy Says:

    Love the all, would have a hard time picking a favorite

  113. Julie Says:

    Ooh, love the large brass ball bracelet with the personalized charm square…and fleur de lis…and…well, that’s a start!

  114. Melia Koerner Says:

    Very different, like that in a design

  115. Kari L Says:

    I’m crushing on the new Keep the Faith pendant. Gorgeous! Love, love, love WP!

  116. Jutz Says:

    Love this! Some of them remind me of when I was little and we had a letter wax press that you pushed into melted wax to seal an envelope with…cool! I used to pretend I was the Queen and this was my seal! :)

  117. Teresa Says:

    The Joyous Return Charm is truly unique and special! It could mean so many things……..

  118. Jana Clift Says:

    Ok, if I had a magic wand, I would wave it so that the exact chunky bracelet shown in your photo with the hand on the Samsonite-looking suitcase would be on MY wrist! :-) But, as that is not likely to happen, I really like the Bound by Love heart, the Personalized Rivet (R), and the Monogrammed Square (J) charms! And I would wear them all on the same necklace to celebrate being married to my hubby, Randy, for 25 years (on 2/15/11)!

  119. dorothy Says:

    Waxing Poetic Charm Wing & A Prayer Peace

  120. michelle Says:

    I love that silver bangle with the charms!

  121. Tammy Hoofman Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Waxing Large Brass Ball bracelet. Add the Faith Camp Charm,Silhouette Boy Charm, Heart Charm J, and Gothic Brass & Silver Charm T……PERFECTION!!

  122. Teresa Says:

    Camp charm “Blessed” is my favorite!!

  123. Jordan Says:

    I must say that the Fly Lightly Gold Plated bracelet is something kinda special!

  124. Leslie Says:

    I love the entire collection! The necklaces and bracelets are to die for!!! I would adore anything from this line!

  125. Kerry Says:

    The “Once upon a time” charm is my favorite.
    What better way to encourage a young girl to follow her heart and write her own story.

  126. pat antonucci Says:

    I adore the flutterbys charm. It is so unusual!

  127. Lisset Says:

    Love he Waxing Poetic Charm Silhouette Portrait Boy!!

  128. Karen K Says:

    Love the forever, blessed and butterfly charms!!if I had to choose just 3!!

  129. Sofia Tate Says:

    They are all so very lovely! Hard to choose!

  130. katy Says:

    so pretty!!

  131. Shannon Baas Says:

    I like the camp charm cross.

  132. Kimberly Says:

    Love the faith charms:)

  133. Linda Lansford Says:

    Waxing Poetic Charm Bound by Love is my fave

  134. Alexa Whitehead Says:

    i love the Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo, the Write Your Own Way Necklace, the Keep the Faith pendant, and the personalized charm square!

  135. Marilyn Says:

    Love the personalized charm square!

  136. Maureen Says:

    While they are all great I particularly like the Waxing Poetic Charm Flutterbys Rope

  137. Laurie Oldorff Says:

    Love, love, love the charms (especially the hearts and the cross!).They are so “charming”!

  138. melody Says:

    I love it ALL… especially the oval “love” pendant!!!

  139. Amber Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis

  140. Tammy Duncan Says:


  141. AmyeToTheRescue Says:

    Love all the hearts and initials. Actually love most all the pieces. Thanks for this opportunity!

  142. Debbie Huen Says:

    My favorite, New Love is the “Keep the Faith” Pendant because, It speaks to the very situation that I am going through. It would be Such a lovely reminder of my beliefs & what I must do to get through this & never give up! I have to say love when the things we have around us inspires thought, to remind us, what we need in our life, when we need it the most. I could use a little bit more of that more that right now. I can see this pendant as my “touch stone” to help me think about keeping my faith! I have to say the best thing & the thing, I love about Waxing Poetic is that its not only beautiful to my eyes but its beautifully inspiring to My spirit :). It would mean a lot to me to win, & I’d like to thank you for this opportunity.

  143. Peggy Steinberg Says:

    I love the heart charms! Who doesn’t love hearts in February?

  144. Shannon Says:

    I love them all but favs include flutterby rope, and the once upon a time charms and anything with hearts!!!

  145. Aisling Says:

    I think the Waxing Poetic Chain Twisted Link Silver with Brass Rings and the Waxing Poetic Chain Twisted Link Brass would look great together.

  146. Kimberly Says:

    I love the historical references…The work has a dreamy, far-off land quality to it. I Am also intrigued by the waxing process. I adore this line!

  147. Emily Carr Says:

    Love the Charm Flutterbys Rope

  148. Christina Says:

    I’m loving the twisted link chain and the storybook pages happily ever after charm, and the fly lightly bracelet. So fun!

  149. Charlene Says:

    I love them all! I suddenly had a vision of Miranda from Sex in the City eating cake from the garbage can! You just can not stop yourself…at least there is not the guilt of calories! Simply charming….maybe the heart is my fav :)

  150. Tenthings Jewelry Says:

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I love the faith, heart, personalized and peace charms. The collection of many charms worn on the wrist has always been something I love. Charm bracelets really tell an interesting story about the wearer. :)

  151. Mnemosyne Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Charm Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time! I love how it trails off in a sort of “your story goes here” way :)

  152. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    Oh my! So many fabulous choices, I can’t decided!?!?

  153. Mavis Says:

    I love the “Once upon a time…” charm.

  154. Emily Barklage Says:

    So many I MUST have!! Love love love the Flutterbys Rope charm …

  155. zoe lee Says:

    i love the mother charm pretty

  156. Lindsey Says:

    I love the True Riches Key. It looks vintage.

  157. Stephanie Walsh Says:

    These are all beautiful pieces. I love the boy and girl silhouette portraits. Nothing is more dear to a mother’s heart. I would love to have these around my wrist as a constant reminder of my two angels.

  158. Susan Decker Says:

    love the personalized Initial charms (o:

  159. Terry Townsend Says:

    fly lightly, bound by love, keeping the faith, etc., etc. I love them all!

  160. Burns Decker Says:

    My favorite is the fly lightly bracelet.

  161. Molly Says:

    Love, love it all! Oh my, I’ve been looking for a charm bracelet that is classy and hip and this is it! I love all the pieces that represent me…Faith poetic camp charm, silhouette boy and girl, personalized charm heart, and the list goes on and on. Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  162. Meg A Says:

    The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charms are MY fav-I hope I win!!!

  163. Diane Says:

    I already have one of the charms and necklaces and wear it very frequently. I think the mother charm holder is a lovely new mother gift!

  164. Kate Says:

    I love the Bound By Love charm. It’s absolutely CHARMING! :-)

  165. Joe Says:

    I would choose to buy beautiful Fly Lightly bracelet for Mother’s Day along with personalized charms representing each of our five kids. Thank you.

  166. Paula Says:

    Jingle-jangle! I LOVE the Multi-Strand Brass Rolo Bracelet – It’s so BOLD! Adding all the cool charms to it would be a real standout among the jewelry I have!

  167. susan varney Says:

    i like the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Heart

  168. Michelle Says:

    I love them all but my favorites are the initials and crests.

  169. Lorie Shewbridge Says:

    I really like the Waxing Poetic Pendant Oval Love, it’s so romantic. It was hard to pick, they are all so lovely.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  170. stacy Says:

    These are beautiful and a bonus, my daughter would have endless fun playing with these on my wrist :)

  171. cheryl Says:

    love them all, very hard to choose a favorite

  172. m Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Croix. It’s so classic, simple and artistic

  173. Elena Says:

    I <3 the personalized charms!!

  174. Samantha Says:

    I LOVE the twisted link chains and I would load them up with charms!

  175. Robin Says:

    Charm bracelets are such classics! Every women should have one. I love the Waxing Poetic charms. Picking just one would be impossible, but I do love the charm bound by love. That pretty much sums up my life!

  176. Lisa Says:

    Very cute stuff! Would be great for our up-coming silent auction for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!!! We do a ladies night out and bid on accessories. These items would get fought over, for sure!!!

  177. Becky Lombard Says:

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! The charms are WONDERFUL

  178. Krista Kosewick Says:

    So fun! I would be happy with anyone of them.

  179. Michele Bohnenkamp Says:

    I love them all – so beautiful!! What an amazing giveway!

  180. Beth Says:

    so hard to choose, but Flutterbys Rope is my fav. i could see this becoming an addiction.

  181. Margaret Carver Says:

    I love charms , they are always stylish.My favorites are the ones on the necklaces because you can change charms according to your outfit.If I had to pick just one thou Id say the mother charm.

  182. anita Says:

    I love this bracelet! Would wear it every day!

  183. Laura Says:

    It really was a hard one! Never heard of the brand before but I’m sooo happy I did! So far I looove:
    Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo

    Waxing Poetic Chain Thin Rolo Silver with Pearls
    Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Croix
    Waxing Poetic Charm Flutterbys Rope
    Waxing Poetic Charm Storybook Pages Happily Ever After
    Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Antique Brass Insignia
    Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Mother of Pearl and Brass – Final Sale
    Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Heart

  184. Kathi Says:

    I love the Love charm and the Butterfly so classy but whimsical.

  185. Kerstin Olcott Says:

    The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Gothic Brass and Silver is my fave. What a fun collection!

  186. Melody West Says:

    I love them all, but the mother one, children one, faith on, and happily ever after are my favorite.

  187. jelena williams Says:

    i love how the charms look on the bangle bracelet, and they’re all beautiful!

  188. Sheree Nguyen Says:

    My favorite is the Once upon a time charm, and of course happily ever after! Would be fun to fill in the spaces with those leading off the collection!

  189. Maria M. Says:

    I LOVE them all, but I’m especially fond of the fleur de lis charms.

  190. Adrienne Z Says:

    I’ve never had a charm bracelet and now that I’m much older, your new collection is much more appropriate for a gal my age (even though I feel alot younger than I am and have been told I Look = Thank God!!!)
    I would start with this fantastic creation: and then add a brass ball bracelet with which I would dangle: the camp sharm heart, a fleur de lis, a personalized charm rivet,the camp charm cross, the camp charm faith, 2 personalized dot monogram charms (one for each son), a true riches key charm, and I like the
    and I LOVE the hammered gold hoop earrings! Just fabulous!!
    I have a hammered bronze moon with a silver star Necklace charm that would look fantastic with the whole set mentioned above! It would be a great look that would put me all together for once!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something completely unique and fabulous!

  191. Courtney Says:

    I love all the charms! They’re gorgeous!

  192. Grace Irelan Says:

    Love the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis. Beautiful!

  193. beth Says:

    i love the fly lightly bracelet. it’s so complex and simple at the same time. amazing.

  194. Kimberly Moore Says:

    Definitely the silhouette charms!

  195. Meredith Klobucnik Says:

    I love them all but I guess my first favorite is the multi strand rolo bracelet…oh the beauty of it!

  196. kim Says:

    The collection is uniquely “crafty” and I like the large brass ball bracelet and the silver link necklace with many of the charms. The silhouette children, prayer crown, fleur de lis, many of the letter styles are among my favs.

  197. Lori Hall Says:

    A Charm does just what it says, it Charms the senses, bringing back a memory that makes you smile, an emotion that you havent felt in a while. It takes you to a place of escape. They are just plain fun and a great conversation piece. I Love them all. A simple pleasure in life that makes it a little more special.

  198. Kari M. Says:

    My favorite is still the “Your heart is

  199. Kari M. Says:

    My favorite is still the Your Heart is Your Map Blessed Be charm. I fell in love with it when I saw it in Hilton Head with my best friend. Much to my surprise I opened it up as a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas (smart guy went to the best friend for ideas!) and now I am anxious to add on more Waxing Poetic charms. They are all lovely!!

  200. Debbie Whitbeck Says:

    I have always been a fan of charm bracelets. I have a silver bracelet with charms of the places
    I have been. I have a gold charm bracelet that
    mark different times and events.

    Can’t wait to start a new charm bracelet.

  201. Cynthia Vargas Says:

    No words! Just love them all!

  202. Shirley Hodge Says:

    I particularly like the celtic cross as is reflects my Scottish ancestry from both sides of my family, Mom and Dad. All of the charms are grand and would make for good conversation starters. My Aunt Mill started my charm bracelet when I was 5 years old and that was 70 years ago. Every year she bought me a new charm until she passed and also there are charms from both my parents, my late brother and from other family and friends. It is really too heavy and too large to wear but sometimes I will take off a charm, loop a velvet ribbon through it and wear it around my neck. It is a sort of diary for me and everyone is a memory. Would love to have this bracelet to start a new bracelet. At 75 I still have a lot of good years ahead and this could be the beginning of something special.

  203. Amanda Adeniji Says:

    I love, love, love the Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time charm, and one of the initial charms to commemorate my wedding last month. So beautiful!

  204. LG Says:

    Great choices!

  205. Valeen N Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Brass Chain with the Camp Chain Heart and the Storybook pages Happily Ever After for starters! There are so many pretty charms!

  206. Brooke Says:

    LOVE the wing & prayer charms!! Beautiful jewelry~

  207. Crystal Says:

    Pretty!! Love!!
    I like the Once Upon a Time Storybook Page Charm is sweet :)

  208. Karen Klaus Says:

    I love these! Beautiful, unique charms!

  209. Belinda Says:

    What a decision, I love them all. Maybe an initial with a cross…hummmmm

  210. Ann B. Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Charm True Riches Key

    But I love a few more too…no, I love the entire collection!

  211. Lisa Says:

    Tough call. Love the necklace/pendants but really Love the bangle bracelet as well. It’s all very pretty!

  212. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    Love the fly lightly bracelet!

  213. Kimberly Cage Says:

    What a hard decision to make. But I am going to have to go with the charm Bound by Love!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  214. Sand Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Necklace Write Your Own Way.

  215. KIM DUBICK Says:

    The Flutterbys charm is my favorite

  216. Florence Bellamy Says:

    The wing and prayer charms are my favorite.

  217. Jennifer Juarez Says:

    They are all Gorgeous!!The Fleur de lis and Once upon a time charms are my top Faves…

  218. Diane McCloskey Says:

    I love the whole line, but my favorite is the new brass ball charm bracelet. I was recently given two Waxing Poetic charms as a gift, so now I definitely need a bracelet!

  219. Shelia Says:

    I love the look of these charms.

  220. adrienne guss Says:

    I am charmed by all of these charming charms! I especially love the gothic brass combined with silver; Like just a hint of color and extra sparkle. They are all lovely on their own, but make an incredible statement when grouped; the more the better! They are reminiscent of times past, magical, and yet totally fresh and new all at the same time. Bravo!!!

  221. zmama Says:

    SO charming ;)

  222. Deb K Says:

    “once upon a time” charm is my favorite!!

  223. angela Says:

    I love waxing poetic jewelry!! Where to start on what I like in the new items?? I love,love the keep the faith pendant, I love,love the oval love pendant. I love the new heart charm with initials. Also, the brass charm bracelet is great. I probably would start a charm bracelet with that!! I love all my waxing poetic jewelry. One of my favorites it the Faith pendant. It helps me through the day sometimes. I work treating cancer patients and some days are tougher than others!!

  224. Marie Says:

    I love all the monograms especially. The charms remind me of sophisticated tattoos, without the pain!!! Oh and my mom would rather see me where these than a tattoo.:)

  225. Claire Says:

    Oh geez, I can’t pick just one.. I love the miniature crest insignia, the bound by love charm, the multi-strand rolo bracelet… heck, I love it all! ;)

  226. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I like Keep the Faith Pendant….what a beautiful collection of jewelry!

  227. Deliliah Brashear Says:

    Waxing poetic makes me think of sweet memories of my teen years, charm bracelets, classic jewelry that I absolutely love. Will be classic for many years to come, the type of jewelry that you want to hand down to your daughters and grand-daughters.

  228. jane baldrige Says:

    The charms I received as a young girl take me back to special occasions and places traveled…These charms seem to take me to a place of fantasy, a place of fairy tales..I have a passion for crowns so a wing and a prayer is a favorite and your heart is your map blessed be also calls to me. This is where I would begin my collection and I would wear them on the chunky chain close to my heart…

  229. Paula Hafner Says:

    My favorite new arrival is the Waxing Poetic Necklace Write Your Own Way/

  230. Betsy Says:

    Love the silver and brass thin rolo chains with pearls!

  231. Renee Says:

    Ok! I’m so excited about this collection! I now have a wish list and my top three favorites are the ‘flutterbys rope charm’ because of my love of nature, the ‘camp charm heart’ because of the blend of metals and I have a nice collection of heart charms from my husband, and the ‘banner charm holder mother’ because I am a mother and have another on the way! Hopefully I can get a hint to my hub to do something with that for a nice push present come June! :)

  232. Cristela Says:

    My favorite is the arrow with the saying “Write your own way.” I love how each of these charms make a statement all their own! :)

  233. amie d Says:

    My fave is the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis. Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. Lori Says:

    Beautiful jewelry line.

  235. Kimberly Fleischmann Says:

    These charms are so unique; something for everyone… but for me? I love the butterfly with the tassel charm the best! It is wonderful to know that whimsey is still alive and well today.

  236. Christine Branson Says:

    I love ALL of them. My favorite is the gold ball bracelet with the faith charm and my second favorite is the double silver bands with the love charm! WOW!

  237. Rachel Says:

    Super romantic and girly!!! Love the collection. My favorite are the monogram necklaces.

  238. Cassandra Berholtz Says:

    I would say my favorite is the Waxing Poetic Pendant Oval Love, although they are all beautiful!

  239. Lindsay Says:

    I’m all about initials so I love the Personalized Charm Square

  240. Lisa Garner Says:

    Flutterby rope is so so beautiful!

  241. Beth Bradley Says:

    I’ll take them all.

  242. Sharon Nelson Says:

    Very lovely jewelry.

  243. Naomi Says:

    Write Your Own Way is fantastic.

  244. renee hayes Says:

    i love the hammered gold plate hoop earrings!

  245. Christina Says:

    My favorite must be the True Riches Key charm. You were telling the truth…I am already IN LOVE with their products. ♥

  246. Catrina Lyttle Says:

    So hard to choose just one but “Once upon a time…”? Could there be a more magical phrase?
    How lovely.

  247. Sue Says:

    Just love the faith, the heart, the initials… Okay… I’ll take ’em all!!! :)

  248. Stacy Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Heart. This would make a great gift for my mom’s b-day!

  249. Charlene Valentine Says:

    OMG.. They all are so beautiful and so chic.Can’t wait to get my charm bracelet started….. then a necklace.”love it”

  250. Charlene Valentine Says:

    Love It…

  251. Grace Says:

    I’ve been searching for a charm bracelet just like this! I am having a baby girl in two weeks, what a great way to start an everlasting tradition.

  252. Susan W Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Camp Charm Faith. It was so hard to choose. Your jewelry is beautiful.

  253. hazel hunt Says:

    Would love to win!!!

  254. Chacoy Says:

    oh i think i am in ♥ & found a new obsession..this line is too die for! loving the Mother Charm Holder, Flutterbys Rope Charm, Write Your Own Way Necklace, Story Book Pages Once Uon A Time Charm, Silhouette Portrait Boy Cham, Personalized Charm Square…can I just say that I ♥ them all?
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  255. nicole frost Says:

    I am totally loving the write your own way necklace and the new bound my love charm. So very true how you can try to love freely and whomever but your heart always wins out!

  256. shawna Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Camp Charm Faith

  257. Naghma Says:

    i love the Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time

  258. Vienna Says:

    I REALLY like the flutterby charm!!!

  259. Lynn T. Says:

    This jewelry line is so pretty!! I like the initial charms alot.

  260. Kaitlyn Strycker Says:

    Love the Waxing Large Brass Ball bracelet!!

  261. K Anne Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Square

  262. stacey doolittle Says:

    Finally a line of charms that do not look like they were made for your grandmother. Love the look!!!

  263. Lynn T. Says:

    I like the initial charms!

  264. Joan Says:

    The brass bracelets and new charms are my favorite pieces, thanks!

  265. Nancy Meyer Says:

    My favorite charm is the Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time. It was so hard to pick just one favorite!

  266. Thomas Says:

    The Waxing Poetic “Camp Charm Heart” with the Thin Rolo
    Brass with pearl chain would make a lovely gift.

  267. Meredith Peters Says:

    I like the way they all look antique. The ones with an initial are some of my favorites.

  268. Jaclyn Says:

    I love the faith and cross charms!

  269. summer Says:

    How can I pick my favorite? I really adore each piece. They all tell a story. I have an M charm for my little boy and adding more of Waxing Poetic…so this moment I cherish the little boy charm!

  270. Valerie Says:

    Too hard to pick a favorite!! Love this line!!

  271. Joy Wilson Says:

    I really like the “Be True” charm. I like the oval love charm also.

  272. SANDRA NEW Says:

    I love the charm bracelets!

  273. Chris Simpson Says:

    I love everything!! But my favorite is the Story Book Once Upon a Time charm

  274. Elizabeth Says:

    2 Leather bracelets
    Poetic Bracelet Fly Lightly Gold Plate
    Flutterbys Rope-I love Butterflies
    Bound by Love-Symbolizes my never ending love for all my furchildren (those that are waiting at the rainbow bridge for me & those that are still with me)
    Personalized Charm Baby Insignia Gold Plate Final Sale My furchildren’s initials A,P,M,2T’s,C,2S’s,Y,2M’s,F,U,G,2B’s,R
    I would like to hang these on the Banner Charm Holder Love
    Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time
    Personalized Charm Miniature Crest Silver Insignia E, K (my husband & I)
    Peace Remedey in a Bottle pendant

    These are a great way to honor those you love & keep them close.

  275. Rebecca Graham Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Pendant Oval Love.

  276. Lyudmila Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Charm Flutterbys Rope and
    Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Mother of Pearl and Brass – Final Sale

  277. ferriz Says:

    i LOVE the Waxing Poetic Charm Silhouette Portrait Girl and the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Square! Actually i love EVERYTHING! classic, romantic, and trendy all rolled into one! o.O

  278. Marc Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Charm Bound by Love.

  279. Happi Shopr Says:

    Love the True Riches charms and Keep the Faith

  280. donna credle Says:

    I love them all…absolutely beautiful!!!

  281. Jennifer Says:

    I love the camp charm. The warm and cool metal really appeals to me and makes it even more eye catching. Also the charm bound by love is beautiful and different. thanks for the fun giveaway!

  282. Jenni Says:

    I love the multiple brass bead bracelet look!

  283. annette Says:

    decisions, decisions. love the fly lightly bracelet, the storybook pages “happily ever after” and flutterbys rope charms. thank you for carrying this lovely line of jewelry.

  284. stacy hancock Says:

    love the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Fly Lightly Gold Plate

  285. sarah koshko Says:

    I LOVE the crown and also the butterfly with the intertwined rope.

  286. Patricia Says:

    What a beautiful line its delicate but also bold. The thin rolo brass chain with pearls with the bound by love charm would be a beautiful necklace. I do like the brass and silver gothic charm, the true riches cross charm, and the personalized square charm for the start of a beautiful bracelet. I would like to make a suggestion for a charm of a medical alert sign with class that could be wore on a necklace or bracelet that could be wore daily with out looking cold and medical but still get the needed attention when neccassary. I have been looking for something like that and thing there may be other people out there with the same interest. Thanks.

  287. Lisa Says:

    I bought my initial a couple of years ago at a Boutique and have always wanted to see the rest of this line. As an interior designer, I like to be cutting edge on designs of all kinds. I was thrilled to find Layla Grace last year for my clients. And, now, I’ve found this entire jewelry line! I love the brass bracelet and would love to include 2 tone charms. The Flutterby is stunning! THANK YOU!

  288. Michelle W. Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo.

  289. paige chandler Says:

    I just adore the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo. wowowow

  290. Amanda Says:

    I love them all – the vintage, personal feel that they bring to a bracelet or necklace is just incredible. So unique and so fun to wear just one or a collection!

  291. Claudia M Says:

    the black braided bracelet – just stunning !!

  292. Rosey Says:

    The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Rivet is my favorite item.

  293. Melanie D Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Camp Charm Cross

  294. LeAnne Says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Silhouette Portrait Girl Charm, Charm Bound by Love, Charm True Riches Key, and the Charm Storybook Pages Once Upon a Time. I feel like they all stand out to me because they all symbolize a childhood memory or my “upbringing”. I have been wanting one of these for a really long time now and I love this entire line. I hope to have one of my own sometime soon.

  295. Debbie W Says:

    It was tough to choose, but I chose the Waxing Poetic Charm True Riches Key

  296. Darcy Bishop Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Necklace Write Your Own Way (The Arrow)

  297. Lynett Says:

    Because I lost my mother last February to lung cancer my very favorite is the Wing & A Prayer Awareness. This will be my next purchase. Having just seen the new additions, I have to say, I love, love, love the Multi-Strand Brass Rolo Bracelet & the Cross Camp Charm. Thank you for providing a quality product that has the ability to fit with any outfit I might choose!

  298. Jessica Says:

    I love this bracelet:

  299. Erin G Says:

    I like the Waxing Poetic Charm True Riches Heart with any of the beautiful chains

  300. Sandy Hill Says:

    My favorite is the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Croix. It has a Celtic feel to it and I’ve been partial to that type of design since visiting Ireland a few years ago.

  301. carol m Says:

    I love the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis.

    The Fleur De Lis is the symbol of the city where I live so I am always partial to it.

  302. Diane Baum Says:

    Love the wings and prayer charm

  303. Melissa B. Says:

    My favorite item is the Waxing Poetic Charm Storybook Pages Happily Ever After.

  304. Christine Says:

    like the Circe Leather Wrap Bracelet

  305. susan smoaks Says:

    i love the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo

  306. Lynn Faris Says:

    Very nice!!! The pieces are all unique and fashionable.

  307. Pamela S Says:

    Beautiful jewelry! I love the Moana Aqua Chalcedony and Pearl Necklace. Thanks.

  308. S Carter Says:

    I would get the Waxing Poetic Charm Dome Seals Fleur De Lis charm to start a New Orleans charm bracelet for myself.

  309. Charles R. Says:

    Love the whole line.

  310. JD Says:

    The rivet charms and the cross camp charms are nice. Love the two tone look.

  311. Bria Says:

    LOVE the brass ball bracelet with the butterfly and personalized charms!

  312. kel mcnichol Says:

    I am loving the Waxing Poetic Bracelet Multi-Strand Brass Rolo…how cool is that and you could hang tons o things on it!

  313. Andrea Hardy Says:

    I love all of the Waxing Poetic pieces and have admired them in a store locally. My favorite piece now is the “Faith” charm. Perhaps wearing it would be a constant reminder of the power of faith…

  314. Megan McBroome Says:

    I absolutely love the Flutterbys piece. Since I can’t have a pair of wings- this would be a great alternative…and reminder.