And Now Introducing… Wallpaper at Layla Grayce

Amy Butler Lacework Moss Wallpaper
Amy Butler Passion Lily Field Wallpaper
Pemberley Blue Wallpaper
Darcy White Wallpaper
Taylor & Wood Frames Black & White Wallpaper
 Graham & Brown Pemberley Gold Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Countess Plum/Charcoal Wallpaper
Amy Butler Fountain Stone Wallpaper
Once the bane of every new home buyer’s existence, wallpaper is coming back with a vengeance and a fierce new style. Nothing like Grandma’s wallpaper, the latest incarnation features oversize, large scaled graphics on solid color grounds, chic geometrics and lavishly detailed patterns in color ways both subtle and striking. For one accent wall or for wrapping a room, we’re excited to bring you a selection of some of the most interesting styles we’ve found. Shop wallpaper at Layla Grayce >


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6 Responses to “And Now Introducing… Wallpaper at Layla Grayce”

  1. Stacey Pybus Says:

    I have ALWAYS loved wallpaper and was so sad when people kept telling me it was leaving the forefront of home decor. I decided I did not care…after going to England and staying in a wonderful Manor which had exquisite wallpaper that had been there for years. Wallpaper envelops you. You feel as though you are tucked into a room, just as you feel tucked in at night with beautiful sheets. I am so thrilled to see these beautiful wall coverings!

  2. Martha Davis Says:

    I love wallpaper and these designs are fabulous!

  3. Christine Says:

    These are just gorgeous!

  4. Jennifer M Main Says:

    Thank you for bringing in these great papers. I am going to do a small bath remodel and have been seeing a pretty print above a wainscoting in something subtle and gold.

  5. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love wallpaper and wish I could afford to redo the old in my house with these beautiful papers!

  6. chrissa Says:

    I LOVE this!

    (Coming from someone that hates wallpaper!) xo

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