Get To Know: Catherine Fitzsimmons of Rikshaw Design (And Enter To Win Giveaway)

Catherine Fitzsimmons, Founder And Designer of Rikshaw Design

Clockwise from top: Moroccan oil, Arteriors Jarrod Carved Wood and Mirror Pendant, Rikshaw Design Children’s Romper, Catherine and Jumby, Bungalow 5 Jacqui Console Table, Rajasthan by Pauline Van Lynden, J. Crew Gladiator Sandals

Rikshaw Design Goa Twin Bedding Set

Rikshaw Design Goa Twin Bedding Set

Rikshaw Design Clothing for Kids

Rikshaw Design Sunhat, Rikshaw Design Booti Turquoise Kurta Tunic, Rikshaw Design Udaipur Green Bloomers

Rikshaw Design Taj Pink Crib Bedding Set

Rikshaw Design Taj Pink Crib Bedding Set

Catherine Fitzsimmons of Rikshaw Design has a knack for designing charming prints that bring a Bohemian flair to both home decor and apparel. A spontaneous adventurer, Catherine first became captivated by the tradition of block-printing while visiting India. “Watching the Indian artisans create gorgeous block printed textiles in person left me mesmerized”, says Catherine. “I fell in love with the imperfections of a block print, the saturated colors, and the true artistry and dedication that it takes to finish just one meter of fabric. I instantly knew that I wanted to incorporate those techniques with my design sensibility for pattern and color, to create a line that would be loved both by the child as well as the parent. While our customers might first be drawn in by the prints and color palette, they are won over by our quality- each piece is soft, comfortable, and truly get better with age.” Catherine created Rikshaw Design in 2008 and we are thrilled to offer her Bohemian inspired collection of bedding for the crib and home, children’s accessories and clothing.

What’s your best tip for bringing the boho vibe into our decor and homes?
My best tip is there aren’t any rules! Mix old with new, layer patterns and textures and make sure it has a relaxed, comfortable feel.

Give us a peek into your style obsessions, faves, inspirations and guilty pleasures!

  • Signature colors: For interiors I love a pop of orange and hot pink, but I generally wear cool colors like greens and blues.
  • Favorite Rikshaw design: I love the new children’s romper, it’s too cute for words! And I am also really pleased with the new prints for our women’s kurtas this year.
  • Favorite Layla Grayce items you’d want in your home: Arteriors Jarrod Carved Wood and Mirror Pendant and the Bungalow 5 Jacqui Console Table
  • Favorite coffee table books: Rajasthan by Pauline Van Lynden is a beauty… full of beautiful Indian color!
  • Signature fashion look: Tucker blouse, Ernest Sewn jeans, fun strappy gladiator heels from J. Crew.
  • Favorite beauty product: Moroccan oil – gives me the perfect beach hair.
  • I cannot live without: My dog Jumby.
  • My favorite place on earth: I am not sure I have been there yet, but a white sandy beach with nothing to do but stare out at turquoise water is pretty amazing.
  • My favorite guilty pleasures: Bubble baths and reality tv.
  • A superpower I would love to have: To be able to time travel!

Rikshaw Design giveaway
Get the boho casual look with Catherine’s favorite kurtas sized for the younger set! Enter to win 2 Rikshaw Design children’s kurtas in the prints of your choice by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us what your favorite Rikshaw Design product is. Enter before the end of the day Wednesday, 3/23/11.

Congrats to Tiffany S., the winner of the Rikshaw Design giveaway!


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50 Responses to “Get To Know: Catherine Fitzsimmons of Rikshaw Design (And Enter To Win Giveaway)”

  1. Tracy Williams Says:

    The Seahorse Turquoise Romper is just to die for! I love it!

  2. Adele Says:

    I love Rikshaw bedding but with our first little one only 6 weeks away, I am definitely loving the rompers and bloomers even more!

  3. ashley Says:

    Love the ruffled bloomers. They make for excellent gifts.

  4. Judy Says:

    My fav is the Taj Blue Crib Set. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Jen Maselli Says:

    Oh my god, that seahorse romper! I am dying. Must have it for my little one. Everything is gorgeous, I love the bedding also!

  6. Angela A Says:

    Rajasthan by Pauline Van Lynden soudns interesting! I already love the cover of the book.

  7. andlyle Says:

    Love the women’s kurtas! Have two on their way to me now!

  8. Jeannine m Says:

    love the Rikshaw Design Taj Pink Twin Bedding Set

  9. Dani Dingman Says:

    We love the quilts and shams!

  10. Allison I Says:

    What summer wardrobe for baby would be complete without one of those darling sunhats? Love, love, love them!

  11. Tiffany Says:

    Since my maiden name is Skipper, I’m totally in love with the new anchor print, but also adore the seahorses and have long been coveting the Bombay bedding for my little girl.

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVE the seahorse pattern. They should make it in crib bedding!

  13. Lynne Says:

    i just love looking at your site at the end of a long day of being a mommy to three little ones and am thrilled to see the new rikshaw design spring collection – gorgeous!

  14. lace Says:

    My favorite design is the Goa Twin Bedding Set

  15. stacy hancock Says:

    love the Rikshaw Design Goa Twin Bedding Set!

  16. katie Says:

    I just love it all! So clean and fresh. The seahorse pattern is especially sweet.

  17. Judy Says:

    I just love the taj collection in pink…I’ve recently purchased a couple items for my 2 year old daughters room. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  18. Judy Says:

    I just love the taj bedding. I recently purchased a couple items for my 2 year old’s “big” girl room. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  19. Zainy Says:

    Without a doubt the Rikshaw Design Goa Crib Bedding Set. Its a stunner and the bows are so large and pretty!

  20. Rebecca Says:

    Love the bohemian look. The bedding is to die for!

  21. Kate Says:

    I love the kurtas and the Udaipur crib bedding!

  22. Gloria Says:

    Love the anchor bloomers and dress!!

  23. Kate Says:

    Love the kurtas and the Udaipur pattern!

  24. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love the Rikshaw Design Booti Red Tunic The designs are fabulous and beautiful!

  25. Christina Almond Says:

    I love the Rikshaw Design Udaipur Green Sundress! So cute!!

  26. Jennifer H Says:

    I love the kurtas and coordinating bloomers!!

  27. Cristina Says:

    We have the Udaipur Elephant pillow in my twins nursery. It has been a must-have, as it is so firm that it keeps my posture perfect while nursing. And now that my little boy (I have one of each) is crawling, he has found great humor in the pillow. If he stands to sneak it off of the glider, he just giggles so loudly! He has even started wrestling with it. It adds the perfect “pop” to their nursery, and I just love its whimsical nature! Such beautifully designed fabrics!

  28. Lynne Lynn Says:

    With two daughters expecting baby girls soon, it would be fun to see them dressed in these adorable tunics! Love them.

  29. Kelly Brenner Says:

    Love your stuff. The colors are great and the patterns are so neat. I love the boot design!

  30. Kathy Says:

    I love the sundresses

  31. Nancy Reffle Says:

    I am in Love with all the Bedding and Crib sets, the prints are beautiful!! They look so soft and comfy!!


  32. Susan Says:

    I love the Goa Bedding…the edging is so rich in details….love, love, love it.

  33. Carol Steele Duffy Says:

    Love your product!! I just found out last week that my daughter is expecting and I am going to be a firt-time grandmother. I am the ultimate planner and cannot wait to start planning the nursery with my daughter. We just have to be patient till we find out if our little peanut is a boy or a girl.
    Such a lovely time!!!!!!!!

  34. Kristin S Says:

    I love all the Taj Blue items!

  35. Dorothy Crowder Says:

    I love the bloomers!!!

  36. Laura Says:

    I love the Rikshaw Design Anchor Navy Sundress! Perfect for this spring/summer!

  37. Tenthings Jewelry Says:

    A long-time favorite! Absolutely love her style!

  38. Lauren Says:

    I have the Taj blanket and it was my favorite baby item with my first little girl and now my second little girl uses it all the time!

  39. emilycurfew Says:

    i love all the rickshaw baby bedding sets. soooo cute!

  40. shaza Says:

    the burp cloths & bibs are adorable.. love them!

  41. Melissa Says:

    My fav Rikshaw design is the Anchor Navy Sundress–Its so sweet , I love the top of the dress and the print on the fabric is beautiful!!

  42. Winnie Forbes Says:

    We have the camel pillow and Taji blanket and my little man just loves them both.

  43. Sand Says:

    I like the Rikshaw Design Taj Lavendar Baby Blanket.

  44. Tracye Holt Says:

    Like? No…I LOVE the Seahorse Turquoise Romper! I’ll take two! One in my size and one in 3T for my Grandaughter! Love, Love, Love! Nonnie

  45. Deanna D Says:

    Those sundresses are just adorable! I want one in adult size :)

  46. Melissa Says:

    I just LOVE those sundresses!

  47. adrienne guss Says:

    I love the bedding and hope that you will soon be branching out into “grown-up” bedding. I’d love to have sheets and quilts like these on my queen-size bed! Oh, and I can’t live without my dogs Scout and Peabody.

  48. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I love the new Rikshaw design romper!!!! It’s absolutely darling and would look great on my niece!!!

  49. Kathleen Sims Says:

    The anchor blue sun dress would be perfect for my 5 year old granddaughter who loves to be “fashionable”. Blue is my favorite color. So many lovely things…hard to choose just one favorite.

  50. Jackie Says:

    Love the Goa twin bedding set!

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