Shop Pine Cone Hill Collections In Fabulous New Photo Gallery Format

Mod Maisonette
La Dolce Villa
Cape Calm

Neutral Territory

Sure, we could woo you with a few simple pictures of our new Pine Cone Hill arrivals. After all, the bedding collections are certainly irresistible, and we now have table linens and fabric by the yard. All of that is pretty enticing on its own, but we thought to ourselves: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a whole LOT of fabulous photos be worth? And can we make it even easier for our customers to shop this amazing line?” Click on any of the images below to view the collection with a full gallery of photos to be inspired by. Vote for your favorite collection and let us know what you think of our new Pine Cone Hill galleries!

Cape Calm Graphic Traffic Haute Lodge
Mod Maisonette Neutral Territory The Bright Stuff
La Dolce Villa Urban Treehouse

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2 Responses to “Shop Pine Cone Hill Collections In Fabulous New Photo Gallery Format”

  1. brenda shults Says:

    Love the neutral palette so many ways to update and accessorize you could have this set for many years to come and always have a fresh look so different people would think you did a complete remodel! Season to season the perfect base!

  2. Kat Tanita Says:

    Layla Grayce is my new favorite website and home decor store. I am in love with all of your products! So much so I just did a post about your pillows on my blog :)


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