Get to Know: Gabby Furniture (And Enter To Win $500 Gabby Giveaway)

Get the Look

Get the Look

Despite being just a year old, home furnishings company Gabby is well versed in exceptional furniture design. Creating decor with a story, unexpected details hallmark the line of antique reproductions, charming us with the use of reclaimed wood, distressed finishes and nailhead trim. We’re thrilled to be the first online retailer with the opportunity to share this collection. Let’s meet the inspirational force behind it, William Bew White IV!

Give us a taste of Gabby’s beginnings, your faves & inspirations

  • Gabby began when: About 3 years ago, I felt unfulfilled in my career. I had a great job but didn’t have a passion for my work. My father’s business Summer Classics (an outdoor furniture company) began importing a variety of case goods from Asia and Europe as complementary accessories to their furniture. I brought together my desire to build my own business and my desire to work with my father, and decided to quit my current job to create Gabby under the umbrella of Summer Classics. I studied the market, developed design, traveled all over Asia visiting factories and despite the difficulties of the recession, launched Gabby in Atlanta.
  • Gabby got its name from: Gabriella is a family name belonging to my late grandmother, my sister and my niece. The Gabby name has all of the elements of a good brand. It is short, simple, easy to remember, and it is a family business. We also hope that our customers and prospects always “gab” about our products in a positive way. We want every piece to make a statement and to be talked about.
  • My signature colors are: I’m big on neutral colors with some gilded and silver-leafed finishes. I usually dress casual and comfortable. I guess this translates into our casual style of our furniture. The relaxed look is trending.
  • Favorite coffee table book: The New Eighteenth-Century Style: Rediscovering a French Décor, by Michele Lalande. I find myself looking through this book all of the time. It’s French and eclectic, just my style.
  • I can’t live without: My beautiful wife, my beautiful baby girl, chocolate, beer.
  • Cause I care deeply about: I’ve been involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters for almost 8 years now. Being a mentor to an underprivileged child is quite rewarding.
  • A superpower I would love to have: The ability to have any superpower. Why not? If I had to choose one it would be time travel.


  • Athena Chandelier – Quatrefoils are showing up in a lot of designs right now and we have worked on incorporating them into several pieces. I really like how our new Athena Chandelier turned out. It has a modern feel but with a rusty black finish. I think I’ll take one.
  • The Caroline Chest – We had the idea of pressing painted burlap fabric to this beautifully beaded wood chest. The fabric adds a touch of sophistication and texture and really works well with the French provincial hardware and natural limed top. I liked it so much I named it after my daughter!
  • The Kate Linen Table – The original idea came from one of my mother’s antique tables. The combination of the reclaimed pine base, the linen top with nailhead trim, and the glass top make it one of my favorites. Thanks for the idea, Mom!
  • The Martel Chair – You might not think it from looking at it, but in my opinion, this metal chair is the most comfortable in the collection. The simple lines mixed with a soft linen make the Martel an instant classic. It’s the perfect pitch!

IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME: Giveaway for those with the “gift of the gab!” William is graciously offering one lucky reader $500 of Gabby furnishings. Tell us below or on Facebook your favorite Gabby item and then “gab” about it on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter tagging Layla Grayce @laylagrayce and Gabby @gabbydecor, and you’re automatically entered to win. Contest closes at end of day, Wednesday, May 25.

Our lucky winner is Amy Regnier who gets $500 toward her Gabby purchase for “gabbing” that her favorite is this versatile Nathalie table as a stylish solution to her home’s space issues. Congrats Amy!

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286 Responses to “Get to Know: Gabby Furniture (And Enter To Win $500 Gabby Giveaway)”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I LOVE the Athena Chandelier. Beautiful!!!

  2. Judith Sharp Says:

    My favorite is the Caroline Chest…would look perfect in my bedroom. Also told my twitter followers!

  3. Nicole Says:

    I love the Stephan chair. It’s beautful and very inviting!

  4. Tracy Kopfinger Says:

    I Love Gabby!!! So happy to see ya’ll carrying it!!!

  5. Joan Leonard Says:


  6. lucia Says:

    twittering away….

  7. John Stein Says:

    I only like the dresser and the table.

  8. Sarah M. Says:

    Oh my goodness! What an awesome giveaway!! I LOVe the numbered cases!!

  9. Brian Chrisope Says:

    Looks like kewl furniture

  10. Nicola Says:

    The ‘Gabby Furniture Chloe Chair Brown’ looks SO comfortable! I would love something like that in my bedroom. (My kids would ruin it anywhere else in the house. D’oh!)

    Happily shared on my Facebook! Thankyou for the opportunity!

  11. Amanda Eck Says:

    My heart just totally skipped a beat and the breath was sucked out of me when I saw this!!!! Seriously If I were a room THIS is what I’d look like!! WOW!!

  12. Patricia Hancock Says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway. Following on twiiter @pizzalogger and on Facebook

    I love the Caroline Chest. I actually love it as a side table for my dining room. The color matches perfect and I love the drawers for extra linens storage.

  13. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    My fav is the emory stool!

  14. Sherri Says:

    I love the dresser, thank you for the giveaway!

  15. kim Says:

    Love the whole gabby look! Hope I win!

  16. Angela A Says:

    I love the Gabby Furniture Chloe Chair & Footstool in Brown and I have tweeted

    Shared on Facebook too!

  17. Constantine Stamatiou Says:

    The Martel chair is beautiful.

  18. HOPE TEICH Says:

    i love the linen table. So elegant….

  19. Heather Creel Says:

    I love the Caroline chest, beautiful!

  20. Laurie Says:

    I love the Gabby Furniture Holly Chest. It would look GREAT in my bedroom! Thanks for the chance!

  21. bernardina sims Says:

    I love the martel chair, so unique!

  22. Laurie Says:

    Here is my tweet about the beautiful Gabby Furniture Holly Chest :)

  23. Frankie Says:

    Love the Carolin

  24. cecilia Says:

    I like the Louvre, Kate Linen and Caroline tables/console. Beautiful line, well done.

  25. Lori Ann Crowley Says:

    Hi there! My favorite Gabby item would be the “Gabby Furniture Leon Cabinet”. It is an elegant piece yet also classic and functional. I love pieces that can mingle with different decor styles. It provides a beautiful backdrop for storing everyday items too. In this still struggling economy, customers look for furniture pieces with “staying power” and also ones that can serve a purpose. The Leon Cabinet makes storing china, books, etc. look meaningful and not simply an after thought. I love it!

  26. Lindsey M Says:

    AHH William!! Love it all!!

  27. Brandie Says:

    I would love the Kate Table next to my bed!

  28. amy warren Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest! It is beautiful and functional. This would be perfect in my daughter Campbell’s room.

  29. Heather Says:

    I love the Gerome dining table…so beautiful and timeless!!! Any of the Gabby line would make a home look so inviting. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  30. glenda obanion Says:

    My favorite is the carolina chest.

  31. Zmama Says:

    Love the Martel chair! The entire collection is gorgeous- chic and elegant yet understated! Perfect!!

  32. Tessa Says:

    inspired by the new @gabbydecor home furnishings @ @laylagrayce. The emory bench next to the nathalie table = the perfect combo!

  33. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    i love the Gabby Furniture Stephan Ottoman!

  34. beth parente Says:

    I love everything. I don’t think there is one thing I do not like.

  35. Jennifer Hillman Says:

    Wow this is hard to choose I love everything! The Holly chest is gorgeous! I gabbed on FB

  36. Judy Says:

    Nice designs! Love it!

  37. Vickie Schlicher Says:

    This is great furniture. I love it

  38. Allyson Says:

    LOVE EVERYTHING! My favorite would be the chandelier- so simple yet elegant.
    Also love the Caroline chest because of who it is named for!

  39. Brittney Watson Says:

    WOW-what a gorgeous collection!! I L.O.V.E the Caroline Chest!

  40. Haley Huggins Says:

    Love the caroline chest! It would be perfect in a little girl’s nursery:)

  41. m Says:

    Love the Caroline chest!

  42. Judy Says:

    I really like the Robin Chest. Nice & simple.

  43. alysa Says:

    Um….I’m OBESSESSED with everything “gabby” but need the caroline chest!

  44. Judy Says:

    Oh boy there’s a lot to like.
    The Gabby Decor Abbey Trumeau Mirror is beautiful.

  45. Raven Says:

    I LOVE the Martine Demilune table. Amazing.

  46. emilycurfew Says:

    the elise chandelier is gorgeous!!

  47. Traci Higbee Lisa Says:

    What is it about the Laurie Chair Oak that makes me get all giddy inside??? It’s the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. I LOVE it!

  48. Callie Says:

    Lusting over this chair:

    And I tweeted about it:

  49. Autumn Says:

    I’m loving the new Gabby furniture Julien chair! So pretty! I tweeted :)

  50. Sarah K Says:

    I like all the chairs, especially the Avignon Chair.

  51. Lori Payne Says:

    If furniture had a prime number this collection would be it. Fabulous!

  52. FoxyMomma Says:

    i really like the Gabby Furniture Dorsey Demilune Table!

  53. Kirby Says:

    I’m in love with the Gabby Furniture Stephan Chair! I’m re-decorating my room and that would be perfect for the reading corner I have planned!

  54. Aiga Langan Says:

    I just absolutely love the Caroline Chest and the rustic feel of the furniture is amazing!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  55. Brandy Says:

    Nicholas Table is to DIE FOR!!!

  56. Taylem Brown Says:

    My wife would love with the Gabby Furniture Stephan Chair! Looks big and comfy but elegant as well.

  57. Christy Sarosdy Says:

    Congratulations on discovering such passion in your work. The quality of your passion is evident in the furniture and accessories I have viewed here. I did not find one piece that could not blend into my traditional home with ease. As to choose a favorite, that is difficult. At this moment, the Lorraine Cabinet for the sturdy elegance of the design and texture. Wishing you much success with your future creations.

  58. amy pugmire Says:

    I love the Gabby Furniture Robin Chest. I tweeted.

  59. LizB4464 Says:

    I love (and need :)) the Caroline chest. So beautiful.

  60. M.J. Says:

    I love it all- the Caroline chest is amazing, but the Martel chair speaks to me- my son who is due in July will have Martel as his middle name…

  61. Ashley R Says:

    The emory bench is my favorite piece, although there were MANY very close seconds!

  62. M.J. Says:

    The Martel chair for me…

  63. Judith Says:

    I’m very drawn to the Louvre Table. I love the beautiful French style carving contrasted with the warm, simple, and casual surface. The combination makes it so versatile to place. I can think of so many treasures that this piece could showcase.

  64. Jaclyn Wolfe Says:

    I love the Gabby Decor Danville Mirror! Check out my twitter @jaclyn43552

  65. April Miller Says:

    I like the Caroline chest! I would go perfect in my entryway! :)

  66. Evelyn Murray Says:

    I would love to win the Caroline chest, thanks

  67. Jen borba Says:

    I love the Kate Linen table. You could tuck a table like this anywhere in your home. Good luck with your beautiful furniture line.
    Jen Borba

  68. Melissa Krause Says:

    Love all your furniture but if I would pick one item as my favorite it would be the Gabby Decor Danville Mirror. It is all very beautiful though.

  69. Jenifer Says:

    I LOVE all of it!!! The Caroline chest is amazing!

  70. carol Says:

    I just adore the Stephan Chair, it looks heavenly! Hope I win, what a thrill!

  71. vicky myers Says:

    I love the entire line…but if I have to choose a favorite, it would be the Trumeau Mirror. So French, so Beautiful. Its my birthday…so I have to win:)

  72. Dean Johnson Says:

    looks great

  73. Charlotte Says:

    I love the two Massive Cabinets with the glass doors that flank the doorway. I would love to push them together to create an incredible display wall of books, pottery and old eclectic treasures.

  74. Leah Leitch Says:

    Absolutely love Gabby Furniture Lorraine Cabinet. The weahered taupe is inviting and contrasts nicely with the sparkle of the glass. Could use these cabinets for many things, they are timeless.

  75. Carolyn Says:

    Completely in LOVE with the Oliver Console Table!!! I’ve been looking for a table like this for some time. I’m loving all of it though.

  76. Elizabeth Pyo Says:

    This collection is rad! I think the Robin Chest would be perfect for Kenzie’s room. She needs something to hold her clothes…

  77. Weeping Willow Says:

    I love the Leon Cabinets. It would protect my antique art books and work with all the “old” furniture in my house.

  78. Carolyn Says:

    And I told the world about it on Facebook!

  79. Casey B. Says:

    When I first clicked on the LG link to the Gabby page, the living room setting photo featuring the Emory bench washed over me with calm. Impressive, considering three kids under age four are loudly enjoying their toys in the same room with me. I have a soft spot for Trudeau mirrors, and Gabby’s is beautiful… my faves though would have to be the Lucia and Sophie chandeliers! (The chandelier lighting my room currently is one chosen by the prior homeowner – it does not bring me joy ;) Also, the Clermont side table would be FAB in my bedroom. Those legs are great. The Laurie or Julien oak chairs would totally fit the bill for the daddy chair I’ve been looking for. But I suppose daddy’ll have to pick which one. – okay thanks for the

  80. Heather Says:

    I love the Robin chest. It would be great in a bedroom or living room or could be transformed into a bathroom vanity.

  81. Monica Says:

    Love the linen chest just gorgeous!!!
    What an awesome contest thank you :)

  82. Melissa Says:

    I just love the Nathalie table. Gorgeous!

  83. Jessie Says:

    The Holly Chest is gorgeous! If I win it will be hard deciding what to put it towards though. Oh to dream :)

  84. Rosa Fowler Says:

    The lines of the Gabby Collection are simple yet elegant with a touch of that Old World charm! The Georges Cabinet and Stephan Chair showcase this especially well! I’d be proud to display any piece from this exquisite line in my home!

  85. Sarah Says:

    I love the Gabby furniture Durant dining table! Rustic with tons of charm and plenty of room for a big family!

  86. Gale Longley Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest, it would go with so much.

  87. Amanda Says:

    I like the Gabby Furniture Bordeaux Side Table.

  88. Aubrey Montgomery Says:

    I Love the Caroline chest!!! Actually I love all the furniture! Beautiful

  89. Nathaniel Says:

    The Gabby collection looks like a dream! Definitely our family style. I especially love the Caroline chest! Crossing my fingers!

  90. Christine Says:

    love the Trumeau Mirror

  91. Danielle Donohue Says:

    My favorite item is the Gabby Decor Zoe Mirror.

  92. Marisa S Says:

    I am currently in the process of moving and the martine demilune table would be a beautiful place in the entry of my new apartment!

  93. shonna coleman Says:

    we hope to win! Buying a old farm house and would love to have something nice to go into it!

  94. Leslie Petersen Says:

    The Caroline Chest is gorgeous! WOW! It is just such a lovely piece! I’m sure the lucky winner will be soooo happy! Nice giveaway! :)

  95. Brenda Says:

    So many pieces I like, however if I picked on it would be the very versatile Caroline Chest. Great pieces!

  96. Kimberly B. Says:

    My favorite item is the Gabby Lighting Sofie Chandelier. It is beautiful!


  97. amyrose Says:

    Everything is simply gooooooooorgeous! I am really loving the demilune table!!!

  98. Stephanie Michele Says:

    Loving the Gabby Lighting Athena Chandelier – perfect for above our kitchen table!

  99. Ashley Says:

    All of your furniture gives me the feeling of comfort…home.

  100. Leah K Says:

    I am loving the Emory Bench! Gotcha on Twitter

  101. Shan Says:

    Loving the Emory bench. Really would look great in my french-inspired nursery. Thanks, Gabby for beautiful pieces!

  102. Starla Says:

    I like the Gabby Furniture Nicholas Table. I like the style and its many functions.

  103. Starla Says:

    I gabbed on facebook.

  104. june eggers Says:

    I love the Emory Bench. I’ve been looking for something for my entry and this would be perfect.

  105. Tina L Says:

    My favorite is the Caroline Chest. The whole distressed look to your pieces really appeal to me. The beading on the chest drawers is absolutely beautiful; it reminds me of my 95 year old mothers furniture.

  106. Kathy Nguyen Says:

    I really love the Athena Chandelier! Absolutely beautiful one of a kind piece

  107. Angie G Says:

    Love all of Gabby’s products, but the Caroline Chest is my favorite.

  108. kim Says:

    The stephan chair is really really nice and looks ever so comfy!!

  109. Karen Says:

    I love the Athena would look great above my dining room table!

  110. carole hagen Says:


  111. Kristi Jones Says:

    Cannot begin to tell you how much I love this furniture. Gorgeous yet functional! Would love to fill my house with it! Love the console piece with the reclaimed wooden bins that are numbered. GORGEOUS!

  112. Cindi Says:

    I love each and every piece of the Gabby
    Many thanks, Cindi

  113. Cindi Says:

    “Facebook Post!”!/cindi512/posts/1941741458092.
    Again, many thanks~

  114. Jennifer Eisenhart Says:

    I am “head-over-heels” in love with the Nicholas Table – WOW!!!

  115. Lydia Randall Says:

    So hard to choose from, love all of it! Everything is beautiful. I would have to say that my favorites are the Gabby Furniture Odelle Cabinet and the Barlow Numbered Crates. Simply wonderful~

  116. Cindi Says:

    Merci, Cindi

  117. Mandi Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest!

  118. Kristi Jones Says:

    gotcha on FB

  119. Christine Herrera Says:

    Beautiful furniture….I especially love the Caroline Chest…absolutely gorgeous and would look great in my dining room!

  120. Jennifer H Says:

    I LOVE the Athena Chandelier.

  121. Helen Says:

    I like the Gabby Decor Danville Mirror.

  122. stephanie miller Says:

    tweeted it at jrneyfan1984!!

  123. Allison Henson Says:

    simone oak or cafe chair?? if i HAD to pick

  124. Donna Petty Says:

    I would love to win! My favorites are the Stephan chair, Chloe and Jolie chairs. What a great addition to Layla Grayce thhis line will be.

  125. Donna Petty Says:

    I would love to win! My favorites are the Stephan chair, Jolie and Chloe chairs. What a great addition to Layla Grayce this line will be.

  126. Loell Palomo Says:

    love the Hannah Cabinet

  127. Whitney Says:

    Everything is so gorgeous, and it’s such a great company with a longstanding reputation for quality furniture! I’ll take the Whitney Cabinet!

  128. Laura R. Says:

    I Love the holly chest! And I gabbed about it on facebook. :) Thanks!

  129. Thomas Says:

    Love the simplistic and “tique” look of the Nicholas Table.

  130. Joanne P. Says:

    tweeted it @kitten1264

  131. Joanne P. Says:

    left a comment on facebook


  132. Angela Says:

    My absolute favorite is the Parker Dining Table! Love it =)

  133. Aura Says:

    I love the color and versatility of the Gabby Furniture Tuileries Cabinet

  134. Sue Frederick Says:

    The Gabby Lighting Joselyn Chandelier looks like it belongs in one of the beautiful Napa barrel rooms. So rustic and chic!

  135. erin Says:

    the oliver console would make me feel so much better about putting a big ugly 70″ tv in my living room [courtesy of my boyfriend]. i blogged about the oliver at my site,

  136. Pam D Says:

    Love the Avignon Dining chair!

  137. Karen Mitchell Says:

    I love every piece so chic and yet rustic, in love <3<3<3
    and I gabbed about it on facebook!!!!!

  138. Kathy Agate Says:

    The Martel chair looks very comfortable and I would really like it in my living room!

  139. Jaynie Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest…the rustic look would simply look amazing in my little boy’s beach theme room.

  140. Kerri Says:

    Love Gabby’s Lucia Chandelier and Bordeaux Side Table!!

  141. Rachel b Says:

    I love the Hannah cabinet!! I may be partial, since that is my daughter, but I see SO many uses for it!!

  142. LCruz Says:

    I like your ‘Gabby Furniture Chloe Footstool Brown’.
    Tweeted about your giveaway:

  143. mcby Says:

    I love the Stephan ottoman–we’ve been looking for one like this!

  144. Dusty B Says:

    Oh, the Gabby Furniture Leon Cabinet is soooo gorgeous!

  145. Sylvia Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest. It’s so feminine and delicate. Beautiful. I would love to own it.

  146. Anna Says:

    SO hard to choose a favorite but I love the Nathan Cabinet!

  147. Molly C Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest…it would be great for my daughther’s room!!

  148. Anna Says:

    The athena chandy – would look amazing in my library!

  149. stacey t Says:

    I love the carolina chest–simple with a strong coastal statement. simplicity at its finest!

  150. Anna Says:

    Ok, I facebook posted and liked and all, can’t figure out how to post linky, but if I win – I’ll show you! A new fav and with signing up for your newsletter, I may just be buying the Athena!

  151. Morgan Says:

    The Caroline Chest is gorgeous!

  152. Jenn Says:

    I love the Laurie Chair in Oak….absolutely beautiful!

  153. John Fry Says:

    Dresser is nice. Thank-you.

  154. Monica Mero Says:

    Gorgeous furniture! Love the dresser!

  155. Laurie Says:

    The prettiest furniture line EVER…

  156. Mary Anne Says:

    I just recently bought my first home and adore the Leon Cabinet. $500 would definitely bring it closer to my budget! :)

  157. Letessha W Says:

    I love Gabby Furniture Stephan Chairs!!

  158. Dana Says:

    I really like the Gabby Furniture Lorraine Cabinet !!

  159. Michelle Says:

    Love the Holly Chest!
    Whole line of furniture is amazing….

  160. Dana Says:

    I posted on FB
    Dana J Valle

  161. Gloria Jean Says:

    I love this furniture. I hope I win.

  162. Stacey Says:

    What a gorgeous collection, The Nicholas table is fantastic.

  163. Cathleen Says:

    So much to choose from, but my fav is the brown Chloe Chair! @happystweets

  164. Kensey Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest, I just graduated college and am struggling with a new budget trying to furnish my dream apartment!

  165. Erin Timmins Nay Says:

    I adore the Caroline chest! It is beautifully exquisite and such a timeless piece that exudes elegance! Just gorgeous! So many amazing pieces to choose from!

  166. Meghan Says:

    The Gabby Decor Danville Mirror is gorgeous!

  167. Suzanne Says:

    I was in a store today eying the Caroline Chest only to come home later in the day and see this email with the piece right on the front of the post! It must be fate!

  168. Christina Says:

    I love the Caroline chest

  169. Trina Says:

    The neutral colors and storage give each space a fresh & clean look Thanks Guys

  170. Marley Says:

    I love the numbered crates and the table!

  171. Kristen Laurence Says:

    The Georges cabinet….gasp! Beautiful.

  172. Jolie Says:

    The Caroline Chest is beautiful!!!

  173. Lena Says:

    I love the Caroline Chest, it would look fabulous in my house.

  174. Lena Says:


  175. Shea Says:

    So many to choose from, but I love the Caroline Chest!

  176. Brittany S. Says:

    Love the Caroline Chest. Very pretty! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  177. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    The Caroline chest is fabulous! I’ve been looking for a new dresser, something that is both traditional and modern, and the Caroline chest is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  178. Meredith Roberts Says:

    Love, Love, Love the Caroline chest! Would look so fab in my MB. Want it, want it, want it. Thanks Layla Grayce.

  179. kimmiee23 Says:

    this is priceless!!!

  180. Mimi Says:

    Can’t even decide between too many casegoods pieces – Nathan, Odelle, Hannah, Georges – they are all so gorgeous and would look so beautiful in any room!

  181. Alissa Sharp Says:

    I LOVE the Caroline Chest. Thanks for the giveaway!!1

  182. Kristan Says:

    The Emory bench is amazing, what a beautiful piece to welcome guests, my entry would be perfect. I also envision a timeless photograph of my three daughters sitting on the bench. Beautiful furniture collection, hard to pick just one piece.

  183. Ashley Wilson Says:

    I love the Stephan ottoman!

  184. Megan Says:

    These are extraordinary pieces of functional art ~ our home would be honored to own a piece. Many Thanks! Megan

  185. Sarah Says:

    William, I love everything! Especially your nod to baby Caroline with the Caroline chest. Great work!

  186. Meghan Herndon Says:

    Love the Adele chandelier and the Mary Table! i really love absolutely all of it though!

  187. Pam Says:

    I lobe the Jill Rosenwald Fallon Turquoise wool rug!! Beautiful.

  188. Louise Says:

    I love everything, especially the Caroline Chest.

  189. Louise Says:

    the Caroline Chest is my favorite

  190. Amy Thill Says:

    I love, love, love the Caroline chest!

  191. beth parente Says:

    I could and would find a place for anything from here in my house. LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!

  192. Gail Says:

    Love the Oliver console table. Great for storing craft supplies

  193. Tatertots Says:

    ((sigh)) so beautiful, need to win the lotto to afford it . . . someday

  194. Domstasmom Says:

    I am in LOVE with the Joselyn chandelier!! It is rustic and haunting but completly elegent all at the same time! Would love to have this pretty much anywhere in my home!

  195. Ubah J-H Says:

    I love your Garfias Bench! I have loved that style of furniture for a long time but never have boughten it. But every time I see it, I WANT it!!! So thank you for making me drool again.

  196. Karen Says:

    The Nicholas Table is amazing! Especially with the numbered crates. Those are cool too

  197. Jamie Loop Says:

    I have BEEN in love with the Nathan Cabinet since I first laid eyes on it!

  198. Kristin G Says:

    I love the table with the crates! So awesome!

  199. emily Says:

    Loving the nicholas table….elise chandelier….victoria chest…etc. etc. etc.

  200. Solducky Says:

    I just love the Gabby Furniture Durant Dining Table! And I shared on Twitter as @duckybunny

  201. Deanna D Says:

    That Henrietta Mirror is amazing. It would look fantastic in my house :)

  202. Krystal W Says:

    I just love the Valence Dining Table! Recycled Pine and and raw look really appeal to me.

  203. Amanda Bentley Says:

    I love the Emory Bench- big on my wish list :) And, the light fixtures- I love the rustic look!

  204. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    I love the Athena chandelier!

  205. Victoria Lester Says:

    I bragged on facebook & tagged Layla Grayce:
    I’m victoria liester on facebook. Ty for the chance to enter…..such beautiful items.

  206. michelle Says:

    Caroline chest!

  207. jules Says:

    i love the elise chandelier! what a great statement piece you can base your entire room around!!!

  208. Holly Says:

    Oh I love love love the Emory bench. It would be perfect in my dining room as a new favorite reading spot.

  209. Deedra H Says:

    The Emory Bench is so beautiful…almost medieval looking.

  210. Marina R Says:

    I absolutely love the Carolina chest. I have been looking for a bigger bedside table and this would do the trick. Tweeted all about it!!

  211. Destiny Says:

    Comer Side Table is my FAVORITE:0)

  212. Elaine Says:

    I need the Caroline chest!! It’s incredible. Hope I win!!

  213. Ashley Schoenith Says:

    I adore the Elise Chandelier .. if I had to pick just one! Swoon!

  214. Yvie Killian Says:

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  225. Lesia Chambliss Says:

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  230. Karen J Moseley Says:

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  231. Karen J Moseley Says:

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  234. Shellie Armstrong Says:

    The Gabby Furniture Grace Coffee Table; may be used to enhance many decorating styles. It is perfect for a coastal cottage, shabby chic, French country or American country living room. It projects a casual and airy feel that makes a room feel warm and comfortable. In addition, it is a beautiful piece of furniture.

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    Megan Edwards Barbee ‎Gabby and Layla Grayce
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  239. Brittani Jones Says:


  240. Brittani Jones Says:

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    I LOVE the whole Gabby Line but my favorites have been the Chole Chair and ottoman, the Caroline Chest and the Hannah Cabinet. They would be perfect in our master bedroom.

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    I have tweeted here:

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    Twittering… @lalibrarienne.

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