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Celebrate With Kate {Vintage Silhouette Party}

Kate Landers Vintage Silhouette Party
Kate Landers Vintage Silhouette Party
Kate Landers Vintage Silhouette Party
Kate Landers Vintage Silhouette Party
Kate Landers Vintage Silhouette Party

It’s Kate Landers again, thrilled to share elements with you from a darling vintage silhouette birthday celebration I custom designed for Cristen Schone, the winner from my giveaway with Layla Grayce last fall. Cristen selected a pale blue, peach and white color scheme for her daughter Savannah’s party, which was beautiful to work with. The idea was to create an experience where the children felt they were back in time, twirling parasols and tipping top hats. With a specific budget but loads of time and talent, Cristen executed these tips to become the gorgeous party you see here. Here are ideas to create the look:

  • Incorporate your theme and/or color-scheme into your food and beverages:
Use colors from your event’s color-scheme for your menu. Cristen offered peach infused lemonade, not only incorporating the color but also the flavor. Emphasize your color-scheme and theme with the food labels on your buffet table: Here peach ribbons, white doilies and blue card stock with text add character and charm to every delicious treat.
  • Find unique ways to use a common item to create a variety of stunning decorations:
Cristen loved doilies, so we worked together to several ways to use them at the party. From party hats and place mats to a buffet table backdrop and party favor cones & totes, doilies added a sense of vintage elegance to many elements of the celebration.
  • Repurpose items from home for props at your party: Cristen found a stunning large frame which they used for a “photo shoot” activity with the guests at the party. She also found a fabulous item to display her doily and silhouette favor cones, and used vintage-style frames to show photos of Savannah throughout the party. Vases and cake stands, chandeliers and wall art are all other terrific examples of items already in your cupboards or the guest room to bring out for the party.
  • Give the birthday child a spectacular outfit to wear for the party: Savannah wore the most stunning head piece and Marie Antoinette-inspired dress that made her feel as though she was living in a different time period, one of the goals of creating an experience for the birthday child and her guests for the day. Guests also wore costume pieces as well, allowing their imaginations to run wild.
  • A single spectacular party favor will be appreciated by guests and their parents: I always recommend one lovely party favor that the guest could consume immediately or use in their library or toy chest at home–something less likely to end up in the “junk drawer” or stuck under the car seat! I love the top hats and white parasols that Cristen gave out to the guests of the party–what lovely treats for guests to enjoy at the party and at home.
  • When possible, hire a professional photographer to capture your special celebration: Creating a photo album with the birthday child to admire for years to come will be a wonderful activity to enjoy together after the festivities are over. As the host giving yourself the duty of “photographer” can be overwhelming, so designating a talented friend with a great camera, or hiring a professional as Cristen did, can capture your event in a way you will always want to remember it.

Photographs by: Carrie Fay Photography

Forget The Writing On The Wall – Now It’s On The Chairs

Aidan Gray

Read all about it! Typography in home decor is on the rise, but we can’t help but “note”ice the trend expanding beyond pillows and accents to the world of furniture. We’ve got the look covered from A to Z as old and new favorites Aidan Gray and Zentique, each put their mark on the trend. Medallions and messages grace classical dining chairs carved from recycled elm while scripted linen and burlap occasional chairs embody vintage French charm. The trend, and the entire new Zentique collection definitely gets our stamp of approval.

Our Spring Obsession: Sunglasses!

Our favorite sunglasses
From top to bottom: Stella McCartney Purple Sunglasses, vintage Christian Roth shades, Electric Hightone Round Sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Sunglasses in Olive Tortoise, Roberto Cavalli Open Side Sunglasses

From Jackie’s “O”versized sophistication to the all-American aviators donned by Maverick in Top Gun, sunglasses set style in iconic proportions. We’re heeding the call of summer with a fixation on finding just the perfect look to stay made in the shade. From vintage to sassy, savvy to chic, here are our picks for this season’s sunnies. Which one will find you a place in the sun?

Get To Know: Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom (& Giveaway)

Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom
Clockwise from top: Tsh’s site Simple Mom, Jamie Young Lighting Lamp Base Sea Glass, Apple MacBook, baking soda, coconut oil and olive oil (Tsh’s beauty products), Ilica beach, Aidan Gray London Bus Route Signs

For most of us, getting organized is a “to do”, but for Tsh Oxenreider it’s a way of life. Sharing inspiring ideas for turning your home into a haven through intentional living, her popular blog Simple Mom has garnered attention from the likes of Apartment Therapy, HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens. Last fall, she published her first book, Organized Simplicity, which serves as a guide for living well. Meet this mother of 3 as she shares her style and ideas for surrounding yourself and family with uncluttered beauty and meaning:

Give us a peek into your faves, inspirations and guilty pleasures!

  • Best tip for making any home a haven: Make sure the central living spot has something for your entire family so that they’ll want to be there. In our living room, we have a basket of baby toys, both children’s and adult books, and my desk where I do most of my writing. That one central spot feels like a haven. Put up art and photos — it’ll make that place feel more like yours. Also, be very intentional about all the little things that can pile up in your home. Don’t just have tchochkies for the sake of having something on your shelves. Ask yourself if you really love it or find it useful. If you don’t, you’ll be happier with the empty space than with the thing that’s only there to take up space.
  • I am inspired by: Good lighting, delicious smells, and thoughtful, aesthetically-pleasing decor and architecture. Also good weather and beautiful scenery. I guess you could say I’m inspired by lovely surroundings.
  • Favorite Layla Grayce items you’d want in your home: Jamie Young Lighting Lamp Base Sea Glass (love the color and shape – it’s a classic) and Aidan Gray London Bus Route Signs since they’re so modern and unique, and I love London. A fun homage to that city!
  • I cannot live without: …other than my family? I guess that’s obvious. It’d be my MacBook. Kinda pathetic, but it really is my hub for everything I do.
  • Beauty products I use everyday: Baking soda, olive oil, and coconut oil. I prefer using natural ingredients, so I use these items to brush my teeth, clean my face and hair, and moisturize.
  • My favorite place on earth: Goodness, this is a tough question because I have about 10 favorite places around the world. Today, I wouldn’t mind being at Ilica, this one beach off the western coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. It’s painfully beautiful — powdery white sand and turquoise water, and the water is shallow and warm for miles, which is perfect for little kids.
  • My guilty pleasure is: Dark chocolate. Especially fun to nibble after the kids are in bed and it’s been in the freezer.
  • Websites or Blogs I frequent: Oh, I can’t possibly list them all right here. Just a few off the top of my head (other than the five I run, of course!) are Small Notebook, Apartment Therapy, and Michael Hyatt. Seriously, though, that’s a miniscule snapshot of the variety I like to read.

Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider
Tsh is offering her book, Organized Simplicity for one lucky reader. Just leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us about a special item in your home that inspires you and you’re automatically entered to win. Contest closes at end of day, Wednesday, May 11th.


What Style Mama Are You?

Moma Style
In honor of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the many, MANY varieties of moms, each with their own unique style. Do you go with the flow or go over the top? Are you more of an Earth mama, a diva chic mama or just holding on for dear life? Whatever kind of mama you may be, this Sunday we celebrate you, we give you thanks and tip our hat to all the incredibly hard working, loving and multi-faceted mothers out there.

Cinco De Mayo Sizzle and Spice

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with spicy fashion
Clockwise from top left: Tracy Reese Tayra Yellow Dress, Kendra Scott Valencia Pink Agate Necklace, Waxing Poetic Hammered Gold Plate Earrings, Envious Ring, Anya Hindemarch Fan Clutch, Juicy Couture Dainty Sandal

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with spicy fashion
Clockwise from top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sandal, Kate Spade Veronica Sunglasses, Nana’s Doily Top, Kenneth Cole Green Bangle, Glenda Gies Millie Chenille Handbag, Jag Jeans ‘Cowen’ Belted Crop Pants

It’s Cinco de Mayo, the perfect day to kick back with good friends and toast the arrival (FINALLY) of warm weather. So while you’re at it, why not celebrate independence from a ho-hum wardrobe by seasoning your outfits with the traditional colors of Mexico? We’re not talking about draping yourself in a serape poncho or anything, but instead, take a pretty yellow frock and punch it up with pops of coral red accessories with a twist of lime. If edgy neutrals are more your style, add spice with deep green glam sun glasses, high heeled sandals and a chunky bangle, finished off with an ikat patterned chili red handbag. You’ll be one HOT tamale!


You’ll Know It’s My Office Because…

Three Designing Women personalized stamps, stationery and ink
Three Designing Women personalized stamps, stationery and ink

Clairebella personalized notepads
Clairebella personalized note cubes

Dabney Lee tray and accessories
Dabney Lee personalized lucite tray and accessories

Clairebella personalized clipboards and notepads
Clairebella personalized clipboards and notepads

Bring personality to the office with colorful accessories that showcase your style and cool, decorating sense. Put your stamp on outgoing correspondence, books, memos and more with self-inking stamps and stationery from Three Designing Women. Desk clutter gets corralled for good with Dabney Lee’s chic Lucite trays. Even functional note cubes and clipboards from Clairebella become decorative objects when decked out in the snappy colors and designs. And maybe, just maybe fewer office supplies will go missing since they all have your personalized stamp (and name) proudly displayed!


Camille Spies {Gingham}

Camille Spies {Gingham}
images: {1} glamour girl {2} grandma’s kitchen dishtowel {3} perfect shirt {4} silk gingham photo album {5} cupcake liners.

Like white denim and seersucker, gingham is one of those patterns that signals spring’s arrival! Camille Styles here with this week’s trend in interiors, fashion and entertaining, and I can’t think of a more fitting pattern to welcome the month of May. A little bit preppy and very on-trend, gingham evokes such iconic summer images as fried chicken picnics, lemonade stands and catching fireflies at dusk. By the way, I happen to own two of the “perfect shirts” from J. Crew, and the fit is, well, absolute perfection.


Get To Know: Jennie Lynn Johanson (And Enter To Win Bumble Giveaway)

Jennie Lynn Johanson of Bumble Collection
Clockwise from top right: Brentwood Collection Crystal Chandelier, Women Then by Jerry Shatzberg, Bumble Collection Erica Carryall Diaper Bag in Evening Bloom, Jennie Lynn’s own earrings, Louis XV One of a Kind Armchairs, Lollia Honey Nectar Citrus Luminary Candle

Bumble Collection of diaper bags and accessories
Bumble Collection Chloe Convertible Diaper Bag, Hannah Snack Bag, Haley Snack Bag and Playmat, all in Lucky Clover print

Wielding a sewing machine and her colored pencils, Jennie Lynn Johanson was a force to be reckoned with even at the age of 12. She honed that flair for fashion design to the handbag world, founding the Bumble Collection, a designer line of diaper bags and accessories that marries exclusive prints with modern convenience. Let’s get to know Jennie Lynn:

Give us a peek into your personal style, faves, inspirations and guilty pleasures!

  • Signature colors: White, emerald, gold.
  • My favorite designs from Bumble Collection are: My favorites of the moment are the Erica Carryall, Playmat and the Hannah Snack Bag.
  • The design I’m most proud of: Our latest Honey bag called The Heiress. It is a classic hobo style bag with a touch of panache. It is been in the making for about a year and will finally be available this Fall.
  • I am inspired by: My mother. She is able to balance work, home and family and all with a smile and positive attitude. She is my role model… I hope that I can someday balance nearly as well as she does.
  • Favorite Layla Grayce items: I am in love with these Louis XV armchairs and often give Lollia Honey Nectar Citrus candles as gifts. But oh, the Brentwood Collection Crystal Chandelier is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to hang this in my closet – perhaps I’ll print this picture out for my hubby!
  • Signature fashion item: This is a hard one… I would have to say these turquoise earrings that I bought on my first vacation with my husband. I get so many compliments on them.
  • Favorite coffee table book: Women Then by Jerry Shatzberg. A beautiful black and white profile book of style icons from the 50’s such as Faye Dunaway and Edie Sedgwick.
  • Cause I care deeply about: Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula. We had friends whose son suffered from this condition. This fall, we will assist in trying to raise some funds and awareness for this much deserved cause.
  • In my handbag right now: A camera, measuring tape, sketch pad, Sharpie fine tip pen, a hair tie and cell phone with 16 messages that I have yet to hear.
  • My favorite guilty pleasures: Popcorn and any Lifetime movie.
  • You’d be surprised to know: I was a competitive swimmer on the USA team for five years from junior high to high school. I began swimming at 5:00 am and would go to school afterwards and then back again after school. Very long days!

Jennie Lynn is graciously offering one lucky winner a Bumble Collection bag of her choice. Comment below or on Facebook about a special memory of your mom and you’re entered to win. Contest closes at end of the day, Wednesday, May 4th.