Get To Know: Tara Shaw (And Enter Our Giveaway)

Tara Shaw
Clockwise from top: Tara Shaw Maison French Biblioteque, pearls, Tara Shaw Maison Venetian Mirror, Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Rococo Bench, Tara Shaw Maison Italian Fauteuil

Tara Shaw Collection of antique reproductions
Tara Shaw Maison Italian Fauteuil Chair, Tara Shaw Maison Italian Table with Mirrored Top, Tara Shaw Maison Gilded Iron Cachepot on table, Tara Shaw Maison French Biblioteque, Tara Shaw Maison Vellum Books (on shelves)

Tara Shaw Collection of antique reproductions
Tara Shaw Maison pieces: Swedish Side Chairs, Swedish Formal Dining Table, on table: French Grande Polished Cloche, Italian Four Light Candelabras and French Grande Polished Platter, Large 12 Arm Italian Chandelier, Swedish Corner Cabinet shown with Shell Jute Tassle on upper cabinet door, 2 French Petite Matte Cloches and French Moyen Polished Cloche

Tara Shaw Collection of antique reproductions
Tara Shaw Maison French Jardiniere displayed on French Wooden Pedestal flanking the Tara Shaw Maison Shelter Sofa in Belgian Linen with Pillows and Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Rococo Coffee Table

Tara Shaw Maison Italian Four Light Candelabras (2), Tara Shaw Maison French Grande Polished Cloche on French Grande Polished Platter, Tara Shaw Maison French Polished Compote with Tara Shaw Maison Gilded Italian Lantern suspended overhead

Tara Shaw is the epitome of New Orleans charm, from her southern accent to the French flair of her designs. As both an interior designer and importer of antiquities, she’s long been bringing the best of her European finds back for her clients. Now with the introduction of her gorgeous collection of antique reproductions, Tara Shaw Maison, it’s almost like hiring Tara for your own home! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous woman behind the collection and give you a chance to win one of her amazing pieces.

Give us a peek into your personal style, faves, inspirations and guilty pleasures!

  • Signature colors: Typically, I work in neutrals for interiors and wear black or cream (I travel a lot and it takes the planning out of packing!) But I think each space calls for a fresh idea; never cookie cutter. Right now I am working on a showcase house in LA (House of Windsor) where I used orange and taupe accented with black and my sepia art pieces.
  • My 5 favorite Tara Shaw Maison designs: I always list the Maison Biblioteque as my favorite (it was the piece that made me start my reproduction line). I have the Rococo bench in the front foyer of my home and a pair of Maison black lanterns over the bar in my contemporary kitchen. The Silverleaf Venetian Mirror hangs over a vanity in my powder room, juxtaposed with contemporary German chrome fixtures, and last but definitely not least, the tall back Italian Fauteuil is in my living room, a favorite chair for my husband!
  • Coffee table book I love: Style by John Saladino
  • My favorite place on Earth is: Lucca, Italy.
  • Cause I care deeply about: The inner city of New Orleans. We work with a program that helps men and women get a new start. We have used the participants in their addiction recovery program as our workforce for many years.
  • In my handbag right now: Burt’s Bees for lips, dog treats for the 2 whippets that travel with me, a Maison Pearson hairbrush, my iPhone and vitamins.
  • My guilty pleasure is: Shopping for antique jewelry.
  • The superpower I would love to have: Being able to time travel.
  • You’d be surprised to know: I cook for my husband almost every night I am home.
  • My signature go-to fashion item: Pearls, pearls, pearls! I don’t care if I am in flip flops or a long gown, I have my pearls on.

Tara Shaw giveawayIT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!
Tara’s bringing her southern hospitality along. One lucky winner will receive her French Petite Cloche and Platter (retail value $134) in matte finish. Comment below or on Facebook, telling us what your favorite Tara Shaw Maison piece is and why and you’re entered to win. Contest closes at end of the day, Wednesday, June 22nd.

Congrats to Christine Ash Perry!

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96 Responses to “Get To Know: Tara Shaw (And Enter Our Giveaway)”

  1. Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ Says:

    omg IN LOVE~

  2. Maureen Says:

    I like the Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Formal Dining Table. It is a beautiful piece.

    I am entered because the cloche and platter would add beauty and usability to my home.

  3. Adele Says:

    I love it all! Fabulous stuff.

  4. nicole Says:

    the Maison French Biblioteque is just beautiful.

  5. Jamie W Says:

    I LOVE the Swedish corner cabinet! Gorgeous! I love it because it looks “found” but isn’t fussy. And like it would be practical in a house full of little kids, which is rare when it comes to pretty “antiques”.

  6. Apreal Says:

    Well I love them all! IF I had to choose one at a time I would go with the bench for my entry way, it would be stunning!

  7. Wendy J. Fluga Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Designs Gilded Coffee Table Chest. The cloche and platter are lovely serving pieces that I would be proud to display in our home.

  8. Teresa S. Says:

    I like the Tara Shaw Maison Louis XVI gilded mirror. It would add an aura of formality to our mish-mash home.

  9. Ivette lee Says:

    You have designed great peices…very creative, artistic and have the eye for what ive been looking for. I love the bibliotique furniture with chair and desk-beautiful and one of a kind!

  10. Melanie Jackson Says:

    I love the French Bibliofeque Pearls becaue they would match almost everything that I wear. I entered to win cause I also am a interior designer and would love to show off her piece to my clients.

  11. sydney85 Says:

    I am in awe of Tara Shaw and her beautiful pieces. I love the Maison Italian table with mirrored top. How elegant is this table! It makes a statement but is still practical.

  12. Leah Says:

    The Belgian Linen sofa is clean and elegant! Love it!

  13. Shana Says:

    I like the Rocco Coffee Table–modern yet rustic. But all of the pieces are beautiful.

  14. Stephanie Snow Says:

    Love the Shelter Sofa…beautiful clean lines…absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Aura Says:

    love the Swedish Corner Cabinet shown with Shell Jute Tassle on upper cabinet door

  16. Erin Says:

    The Shelter Sofa is out of control elegant.

  17. Amber Guidry Says:

    Oh how much I love driving past those black awnings above your showroom every morning. Tara Shaw I love your designs and kudos to launching this new line of renewed antique furnishings. I’m truly smitten with all your case goods and chandeliers but what really has me in a heap is the Tara Shaw Maison Iron Venetian Canopy Bed. I’m gonna have to come and pick that one up for my new old home in the Garden District! Thanks Layla Grace for the awesome Q&A into Tara’s personal style and for the chance to win the French Petite Cloche and Platter!

  18. Kris Says:

    It is a beautiful collection. I feel the warmth of a villa in France or Italy when I look at these pieces. The site definetly catches my attention. Charming and Chic.

  19. Cindy Says:

    I love the beiges, taupes, grays, and whites…
    Very calming colors and designs! I am a fan!!

  20. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    I love the Italian table with mirrored top! It would look great in my house!

  21. Deborah Adams Says:

    I love everything in the collection. My favorite small thing is the Maison Grisaille Pillow Sham. I could never pick a favorite from the large pieces, but this one little item could change the look of an entire vingette in a room. Love her style! I would love to be the winner of the cloche & platter. Gorgeous things!

  22. Casie Says:

    I really like the Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Rococo Coffee Table. It has beautiful lines and matches my style perfectly. I recently started collecting vintage silver pieces and the French Petite Cloche and Platte would look amazing in my collection.

  23. Court Says:

    The swedish formal dining table. I saw it on another site, not realizing it was Tara Shaw Maison. I love the way it converts from a lovely table for tea for two to a wonderous spread for my entire family! Lovely, lovely!

  24. Elizabeth D. Says:

    I have the perfect spot for the Tara Gilded Iron Table with Fluted Top. The cloche and platter are beautiful!

  25. Nicole Quigley Says:

    What don’t I love with everything being so amazing. I’m loving the
    Tara Shaw Swedish formal dining table along with the Swedish
    side chairs. It would be perfect for my family. Thank you so much
    For having such a wonderful giveaway the Petite Cloche and Platter
    is so beautiful. x~ Nicole

  26. Leeann Says:

    I love all your pieces but especially the Tara Shaw Maison French Buffet Deux Corp! So chic!!

  27. beth Says:

    This is how I dream of living! I adore white sofas so my favorite is the Shelter Sofa, that would look great anywhere – but the 12-arm Italian Chandelier is glorious!

  28. Alice Says:

    I love the French Petite Cloche and Platter because it’s an effortless way to make the everyday special.

  29. Ardi Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Maison French Grande Polished Cloche. It is so elegant and would go perfect in my breakfast nook.

  30. SHANNON Says:


  31. Melissa Says:

    I love the handcrafted birch Italian fauteuil, two of those would be stunning in my living room! I am entered to win because I have an appreciation of stylish pieces that are also high quality. The Tara Shaw collection is definitely BOTH.

  32. Rigas Papagolos Says:

    I Love the style and design I see on the web. All great stuff!

  33. Ginny Says:

    It’s all so beautiful! I love the bibliofeque! Tara’s pieces bring antique flavor and charm without all the worry about lead paint (as can be the case with older pieces) :)

  34. Renee Hayes Says:

    Tara, I like your style and elegance very much! I look forward to future updates via email and hope I win!

  35. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I love the Swedish corner cabinet. It’s absolutely beautiful!
    The reason why I like it is because it looks very elegant but not stuffy.
    Also, the Shell Jute Tassle adds an extra touch to it.

  36. mary Says:

    I love the weather worn look of these pieces and the colors are unbelievable!

  37. Jackie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Rococo Bench. It’s a clever design for a bench without looking like a bench. Perfection!!

  38. Sand Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Maison French Buffet Deux Corp because I would fill it up with my perfume collection!

  39. Thomas Says:

    Regal collection. It has European flair to it.

  40. Emily Carr Says:

    The Maison Venetian Mirror is beautiful, but I really love every piece on there. Beautiful things!!

  41. Sheryl Says:

    I love the gilded Italian lantern. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. annette Says:

    love the swedish dining chairs. could so envision them in my dining room. and thanks for reminding me to wear and enjoy my pearls every day!

  43. Carole Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pieces!!! – especially love the French biblioteque

  44. Christina Reyes Says:

    I absolutely love the Tara Shaw Maison Italian Grisaille with Pastural Scene. I love the simple colors and the amazing calm scene!

  45. Sofia Franco Says:

    I love that all of her pieces are very detailed and elegant. Everything is so sophisticated and she makes you fall in love with the furniture. Here the italian table with the mirror top is my favorite. Its a piece that doesn’t need to be filled with a lot of accessories, it itself makes a statement. She is such an inspiration. Im entered to win amazing over the top pieces and i would love to win!

  46. Rigas Papagolos Says:

    I would like to enter your sweepstakes so I can use the great pieces you have in your line.

  47. Kathy Julian Says:

    OMG- too pretty – love everything….especially the desk!

  48. Melissa Says:

    My absolute favorite piece is the piece that you are giving away because it would make me feel like a princess. From The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast, they always have beautiful serving dishes like this. Just so you don’t think I didn’t look at site, my next favorite item is the Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Corner Cabinet. It has such a unique and gorgeous style to it!

  49. Allison Says:

    I love the Italian table w/ mirrored top! Love it!!

  50. bee Says:

    I love the Rococo bench because it caught me by surprise. I had to look at it twice to realize that it was one cohesive piece. A definite conversation starter.

  51. arely colin Says:

    i love the desk

  52. Anne Mostella Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Maison Gilded Coffee Table Chest…its modern, but rustic at the same time, and I think it would work well with a variety of different decors. I am entered to win because I would love to win the French Petite Cloche and Platter so that I could have a true quality piece in my home!

  53. Kimberly W. Says:

    Wow – that sofa is STUNNING. It’s like a fantasy settee :) Her entire line is breathtaking and beautifully designed!

  54. FoxyMomma Says:

    i love the Tara Shaw Maison French Buffet Deux Corp!! it’s just beautiful & i would love to have something like this to put my Momma’s dishes in!

  55. Amanda Eck Says:

    oh that italian table with mirrored top is to die for!! I could totally see that in my home office!! YUM!!

  56. Jessica Says:

    I love the Sweedish Table and Chairs…it’s a combination of rustic elegance, with an air of romance. I feel like I would want to light candles every night and never eat dinner in sweats again!

  57. Stephanie Mac Isaac Says:

    My favourite Tara Shaw piece is the Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Rococo Bench. It is so elegant and beautiful. Along with everything else I seen!

  58. Joan Somers Says:

    my favorite piece is the fauteuil chair because every time i sit on it-it would make me feel like a queen…

  59. LouAnn Robles Says:

    J’aime votre design .. c’est très inspirant…

  60. Tara Reimer Says:

    Ooohh… I love the Maison Biblioteque, elegant, classic, and practical! I would love to be working with that behind me!

  61. Lisa Says:

    I love it all….but am especially fond of the Swedish Rococco Bench. Gorgeous!

    The cloche & platter are great serving pieces that would be a plus in my collection and I would be uber proud to use!

  62. Bridget Jacobson Says:

    One of the most beautiful times of my life were when I traveled to Paris France and to Rome Italy, Capri, Amalfi and surrounding cities. Waiting all my life to finally see something I’d only read about or seen in pictures was so surreal. I can never tell you how it made me feel to see some of the most glorious architecture in the world and to have a piece of that memory in my home would always remind me of that joy i experienced that one september. It is definitely hands down the Maison Biblioteque.

  63. Brandy Says:

    All of the Maison designs are stunning! I love the biblioteque and the bench!!

  64. Pat Battles Says:

    Love the Tara Shaw Maison Italian Table with Mirrored Top. I have a very old Italian giltwood bench much like this…..

  65. Maribeth Bentivegna Says:

    Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Rococo Coffee Table is beautiful, clean modern lines with a ned to the past. Love it.

  66. Ashley Vickers Says:

    When I first saw the Swedish rococo bench on this blog… my heart fluttered, I knew I needed to proceed to look at the other items in the Tara Shaw collection… WOW. I have to say I am immensely drawn to her Swedish collection from the rococo to the banquette and also I am quite in love with the Greek Key Valence with Panels Queen. As an artist myself, I’m fascinated by light and shadow. I admire many other kinds of artistic expression, too — abstraction can be fabulous! — but that is more an intellectual appreciation. I feel that most of Tara Shaw’s work in the collection is a combination of old world and new world, a bit of old romanticism and modern romanticism; all of it seems to tell a story- no matter when and where it was actually made. It’s a delight to see Shaw’s wonderful work and thank you, Layla Grayce, for sharing and bringing attention to this wonderful artist in your catalog, blog and on facebook.

  67. Cheryl Gardner Says:

    I love the Maison Italian wooden Bench, it is so beautiful! I hope to be saying, “Grazie del bel regalo!” soon!!

  68. Jessie Lucas Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Maison Italian Iron Sun Mirror Large. I collect mirrors and it is definitely one that I would love to display in my home. I would love to win the serving platter because I don’t have anything like that in my home. And I want to :) Thanks so much!

  69. Patricia Says:

    My favorite piece is the Maison Italian Chandelier, I love the detailed carvings, tassels and the weathered look.

  70. Elizabeth P. Says:

    I love the One of a Kind Vintage Table Oak. I just need a big house to fit it in :)

  71. Heather Eggermann Says:

    Love everything in this collection.

  72. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    I love the candelabras! So old school.

  73. Allyson Says:

    I love that she carries vitamins in her purse like me!! And all of her creations are fabulous!

  74. Helen Says:

    I like the Shelter Sofa in Belgian Linen with Pillows. It’s so elegant with simple lines.

  75. Kimberly B. Says:

    Mine is the French Biblioteque because it is so elegant and would remind me to read all of the books that I haven’t taken time to read.

  76. Judy Says:

    What a beautiful collection…the swedish dining room set is the soft, neutral tones. Casual, yet very chic.

  77. Elizabeth White Says:

    I adore the Maison Italian Chandelier Large 12 Arm, I would love to use in our Master Bedroom!

  78. Diane Seely Says:

    My favorite piece is the Maison Swedish Rococo Bench! It would be lovely in my foyer. What says “Welcome to our Home” better than a bench like this one? It is beautiful yet simple enough to use for everyday life with our large family. (Five children!) I would drape it with a handmade quilt made by my sweet momma.

  79. Irene Carr Says:

    I would sleep like the Princess and the Pea in your Venetian Canopy Bed. Dreamy!

  80. Crystal Holliday Says:

    I love the Tara Shaw Maison Swedish Lyre Tall Case Clock! I have a fascination with clocks, so this piece is amazing to me. I love the beautiful case that it’s. All of her pieces are simply stunning.

  81. April C. Says:

    I love the Swedish Formal Dining Table because it is functional and timeless!!

  82. Abie Irish Says:

    The Biblioteque is a piece you could pass down as an heirloom because of the style and quality. What a piece! Wow!

  83. Tony C. Says:

    Real nice stuff, I like the Rococo Coffee Table

  84. Lauren Says:

    I love the Italian 12 arm chandelier. So pretty!

  85. Nikki Says:

    The French Biblioteque is to die for!!! What an amazing piece. I love the cloche and platter. I am always looking for unique beautiful silver pieces.

  86. Vienna Says:

    The Swedish Corner Cabinet is pretty sharp with the art deco kinda look

  87. Lynn Thayer Says:

    That French Biblioteque is sooo gorgeous-is such a focal point in a room. I want it for my dining room!

  88. Elizabeth Allen Says:

    I LOVE the Maison Swedish Rococo Bench.

  89. Adrianne Says:

    I love all of her pieces but was immediately drawn to the Maison Swedish Rococo Bench. Masterpiece!

  90. Dusty B Says:

    I ADORE the Swedish Dining Set. So classy and chic!

  91. Kathy Birt Says:

    I love the French Buffet Deux Corp. I like the French Country feel of this piece. I cant imagine buying furniture that looks new – this piece is new but has the antique look . I can definately imagine this in my dining room.

  92. Brittany S. Says:

    I LOVE the Tara Shaw Maison Shelter Sofa in Belgian Linen with Pillows. I think this sofa is different and is very chic. I am entering because I would love to win the Platter. I would love to win this item to put in my future home and use during parties and holidays! THANKS! :)

  93. Kymm Phi Says:

    I am in LOVE with the Maison Shelter Sofa- it’s stunning and would look fabulous in my place!

  94. jeccica simpson Says:

    I love Tara Shaw Maison Italian Table with Mirrored Top, so shabby chic!!

  95. Erica G Says:

    There are so many great items to choose from! I love the Tara Shaw Maison Gilded Coffee Table Chest.

  96. Amy Buchanan Says:

    I think I agree with Tara. I love the Biblioteque. Pitter-patter goes my heart. Just saw a feature on French Country style, and the designer had used a piece similar to this behind a sofa. So unexpected, but so beautiful. I decided then that I needed this to fill up my huge living room, and not two days later, I see this piece. A sign that I should get it? Definitely.

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