Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2011 Giveaway

Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris
Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris

Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Wanderlust Wallet in Majestic Murano
Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Wanderlust Wallet in Majestic Murano

Petunia Pickle Bottom Haven Nursing Cover in Evening in Innsbruck
Petunia Pickle Bottom Haven Nursing Cover in Evening in Innsbruck

Petunia Pickle Bottom Adorn iPhone 4 Case in Lively La Paz
Petunia Pickle Bottom Adorn iPhone 4 Case in Lively La Paz

Petunia Pickle Bottom Braocade Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Toffee Roll
Petunia Pickle Bottom Braocade Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Toffee Roll

Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroll Stroller Cover in Earl Grey
Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroll Stroller Cover in Earl Grey Chenille

Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Cross Town Clutch in Travel Through Tivoli
Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Cross Town Clutch in Travel Through Tivoli (available in September)

Petunia Pickle Bottom Shoulder Bag in Champagne Roll
Petunia Pickle Bottom Brocade Shoulder Bag in Champagne Roll

Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Faraway Fold Out Tote in Lively La Paz
Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Faraway Fold Out Tote in Lively La Paz

Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful WeekenderTime to be entranced by the rich Fall color palette, gorgeous prints and creative ingenuity of Petunia Pickle Bottom! The new collection has arrived with an expanded selection that now includes iPhone covers in coordinating patterns, cozy stroller covers and nursing covers. Are you craving this collection as much as we are? Shop the new arrivals here. To kick off Fall 2011, we’re giving away one Wistful Weekender bag to a lucky winner. The Wistful Weekender shown could be yours – just vote on your favorite new print (you can even select several) and leave a comment below about what YOU are craving from PPB to be entered to win. Enter by Friday, 8/5 midnight EST – we’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2011 prints

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1,018 Responses to “Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2011 Giveaway”

  1. Adele Says:

    I love all these prints and would LOVE the Weekender!

  2. Catherine G. Says:

    The weekender would be wonderful! I would love a PPB bag of any kind though. I adore the whole line.

  3. Katherine daley Says:


  4. Koriann Roberts Says:

    I love the deep blues and taupey grays with the bright yellow. Its not always easy to find “pretty” fabrics that work for boys and girls.

  5. Kelly (Seaux Southern) Says:

    Love these. The weekender bag in Indelible Iris would be great to have!

  6. Ingrid Wise Says:

    PPB is wonderful!

  7. Leslie Says:

    The new prints are amazing! How can something be so cute yet so sophisticated at the same time? I heart PPB!

  8. KERMIT NEAL Says:

    Such a beautiful color!

  9. Katie M Says:

    I love Indelible Iris Organic Cotton! What a fun contest!


    Great bags – have two already and expecting my second child – wouldn’t mind another!!

  11. Karen Klaus Says:

    Travel through Tivoli!

  12. Amber Maddux Says:

    my favorite is Travel Through Tivoli Coated Cotton.

  13. Veronica L Says:

    Oh my goodness, What am I craving?? Way too much LOL! I would love to have their new “Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Touring Tote Majestic Murano” and also the matching wallet to go along with it. I am also eyeing their new stroller cover in Early Grey, love these!!

  14. Heather Says:

    I love the stroller covers and nursing covers — adorable!

  15. Aubrey Says:

    Love the blue and yellow of the Majestic Murano!

  16. Nicole K. Says:

    Love this brand. And their organic options. Thanks!

  17. Kimberly O'Connor Says:

    The prints are all beautiful. Difficult to choose my favorite!

  18. Rosemarie O'Hare Says:

    I am going to be a first time grandmother and would love to have the weekender for carrying little surprises to my new little one.

  19. Mrs. B Says:

    They are all so cute! The weekender is fabulous!

  20. Caroline Says:

    I’m a sucker for anything purple, so even though I love all the choices, the Indelible Iris tickles my fancy!

  21. Hannah Says:

    I LOVE the Indelible Iris!

  22. Laura Allmon Says:

    I’m in love with it all!

  23. KERMIT NEAL Says:

    In addition to the color,I love the style and print.I will buy for my wife.

  24. Emily K Says:

    Love them all!!

  25. Bonnie Gravely Says:

    The Early Grey is the most beautiful. We are expecting our third baby. This would really come in handy!

  26. Janelle Says:

    Love the new collection!

  27. J Says:

    They’re all gorgeous!

  28. kristen Says:

    These prints are all really pretty!

  29. Shantuck Says:

    Gorgeous new prints! I really like the Indelible Iris.

  30. winsy Says:

    wow. i love the new fabrics!! I am going to say that Indelible Iris Organic Cotton is my favorite. And the iphone covers? LOVE THEM!

  31. Melinda Says:

    I love all of them. Great bags!! :)

  32. Reggie Painter Says:

    Love them all, but have to choose as I can’t buy them all. I love the weekender especially!

  33. Suzy Craven Says:

    The Incredible Iris is beautiful!

  34. Lesley Says:

    I would love one of the new iPhone covers! My kids are past the diaper bag ages but I still love PPB products for myself!!!

  35. dana a Says:

    I am in love with PPB! What I would love to see as a giveaway is the carry-all, weekender (of course) and the fold out tote. Thanks!

  36. Sasha Says:

    I love the all the new colors, and I would love to win the weekender bag!

  37. Lynn Galloway Says:

    Would be proud and pleased to be your walking advertisement of the new prints!

  38. Ann Schwartz Says:

    Love the sophistication of the Earl Grey!

  39. Sadie Says:

    Great Design! Love it.

  40. Allison B Says:

    I LOVE the new fall collection & I would love to win this beautiful bag. :-)

  41. Kelly Says:

    I love the fold out tote

  42. Angela Says:

    I love PPB! I have the Boxy Backpack Chenille Rose Berry… LOVE IT would love the weekender or the Brocade Shoulder Bag

  43. Emily Says:

    I love the whole collection – as usual!

  44. Linda Says:

    I would love any of these, but the Earl Grey Chenille is so fetching – a weekender in this would be perfect for business trips!

  45. Sarah M. Says:

    I love all of them…but especially the Earl Grey!

  46. Rachel S. Says:

    The weekender in Earl Grey Chenille is lovely! Who am I kidding, they are ALL lovely! :)

  47. Jonathan Ivy Says:

    We are having our first baby on 9-10-11 and have everything but a diaper bag and we would LOVE to win this beautiful weekender bag for our new little one. I chose the Champagne Roll Brocade as my favorite but I must admit that was a hard choice since there are so many that are beautiful. Fabulous bags!

  48. Becky Says:

    I NEED the weekender to schlep all the fun three kids brings!! Loving the Misted Marseille!

  49. Tonia Smith Says:

    Passage to Persia is amazing! Love it!

  50. msilba Says:

    I love the Misted Marseille Coated Cotton print!

  51. Kate O. Says:

    Fun prints, great looking bags!

  52. Anna Says:

    I would love the weekender in one of the new fall prints!

  53. Alyce S. Says:

    I love the Majestic Murano,the blue is beautiful.

  54. CArol Wang Says:

    I love the blissful buttercup! Perfect color combination for the Fall!

  55. betsy Says:

    Blissful Buttercup is gorgeous – by far my fav. But all the Petunia prints are so pretty… I would love to have any one of them!

  56. Emily Says:

    Love the Majestic Murano Coated Cotton!

  57. Amber Housley Says:

    I’m SO in love with the new line from PPB! I love the new iPhone covers and will be ordering one ASAP. The weekender bag would be a fabulous prize to win. :)

  58. Emily Says:

    I love the new prints! I am glad they have some purple colors! Their new additions are fantastic as always! I love the idea they are expanding into phone covers, stroller covers, nursing covers too!

  59. Emily Barklage Says:

    I can’t wait to get an iPhone cover!!

  60. Jennifer Says:

    Ohhh I love them all:) PPB patterns are all so pretty! With three kids under 4 and trying to talk my hubby into a 4th a BIG bag would be well used around here!!!

  61. Ardie Hultman Says:

    Passage to Persia….exotic and alluring! Just like me.

  62. Ashley Says:

    They’re all beautiful but my eye keeps going to Majestic Murano!

  63. Donna Hardiman Says:

    All of the prints and bags are fabulous – would love to have any one or all of them! =)

  64. molly newman Says:

    ~it’s hard to choose! i adore all!~

  65. Shelley Says:

    A weekender bag would be great – it’s the perfect plane carry on when traveling with baby.

  66. adrienne Says:

    I’m craving a weekender and a cross town clutch… but they’re all beautiful!

  67. Aimee L. Says:

    I LOVE the “Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Shoulder Bag Misted Marseille”….and as for their new prints – how can you choose, they’re all fantastic! :)

  68. Julie Says:

    Love PPB! And I’m loving those adorable iPhone cases, too!

  69. Cathy Beasley Says:

    Love them all! The colors make me excited for Fall!

  70. PATRICIA A. Says:


  71. Amber Says:

    Love everything!

  72. Kris Says:

    Love the blue!!! LOVE IT!

  73. Olga Says:

    So many beautiful choices!

  74. Christina Says:

    Well if I could win the Indelible Iris Weekender you would take one item off the shopping list ;) I plan on saving money to get an Indelible Iris Sashay Satchel, Weekender and a Passage to Persia Wanderlust Wallet! I have this new love for purple if you cant tell

  75. Anna Claire Says:

    Blissful buttercup! Love them all.

  76. Angela Turner Says:

    Love the Earl Grey it is very sexy, sleek, and feminine all at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Abby Says:

    I want the Travel through Tivoli! But I think I love them all!

  78. Jen Says:

    I am so excited for all of their new products !!! Very happy to have some beautiful purple accessories for my new little peanut!! Great job PPB:) good luck to everyone!!!

  79. Bianca Says:

    I love the weekender, but I would also love the train case to store all of my makeup!

  80. Laura Says:

    PPB is so awesome! I love my bag and am definitely looking to add to my collection. I like the nursing cover and iPhone case….PPB is so chic (way more than vera bradley!)

  81. Becky Says:

    All gorgeous, but my fav is the purple bag. I could go anywhere with that bag on my arm and feel marvelous!

  82. Ana Carolina Witherspoon Says:

    Wow… No other brand can be so feminine and unique for new moms!
    I love the Earl Grey Chenile :D
    Hope I have some luck!
    Cheers to all!

  83. Melanie C. Says:

    I want the Touring Tote in Earl Grey and a clutch in either Passage to Persia or Traveling through Tivoli. So hard to decide – they’re all so beautiful!!

  84. amorette Says:

    wow, they really outdid themselves at PPB with these prints- my favorite collection by far! the purples in the passage to persia and indelible iris are gorgeous!

  85. nicole Says:

    Love them all! I would be pleased as pie to win the weekender in any of these prints!

  86. Melanie Says:

    I love the weekender! PPB has so many gorgeous items.

  87. Jenny Says:

    I LOVE the Early Grey, but would happily carry any of these pretty patterns when my daughter arrives in November. I think PPB is the perfect combination of classic prints with a modern twist and gorgeous colors…I’ve dreamed of a PPB diaper bag for years now. I just had to wait for the baby!

  88. Aubrey Says:

    I love the Earl Gray Chenille! I would love to have the stroller cover. :)

  89. Melanie Says:

    I love all of the new prints!

  90. casey Says:

    I LOVE these prints!!!! I absolutely LOVE color and the Majestic Murano and the Passage to Persia is to die for! They are timeless prints that I would carry with both of my boys and my girl!

  91. Maritza Says:

    The Earl Grey is a must! I love the entire collection!!

  92. Nicola M. Says:

    The Earl Grey is beautiful! The stroller cover was what initially caught my eye; then my upcoming winter baby and I can match! Eee.

  93. Cathy G Says:

    I love the stroller covers! I did not know until now that they had them. The Earl Grey Chenille is spectacular!

  94. Gail Morgan Says:

    The weekender is beautiful – I love all the new prints!
    The weekender would be great for weekends in Maine!

  95. Deb Kocan Says:

    The whole new line is adorable! Love the new prints! I’d love to win a weekender!!!

  96. Brittanie Lunt Says:

    I am wanting it all! But I love the Travel through Trivoli and Earl Grey!

  97. Elishia Says:

    Love, love, love!

  98. Rebecca Says:

    Love the Earl Grey Chenille!!

  99. Kelli Says:

    All are soooo amazing!! I just can’t decide!

  100. Lonna Harris Says:

    Sophistication mixed with fun! Love them all, but find Travel through Tivoli especially eye-catching. I really adore the weekender.

  101. Sarah B Says:

    LOVE the Earl Grey! I just bought the Summer in Sorrenson and love the more understated looks that both of those greys offer :)

  102. The Hidden List Says:

    I’m crazy about Earl Grey! They’re all wonderful!

  103. Jennifer Says:

    So cute!!! Had a hard time deciding, but I think Earl Grey Chenille wins!

  104. Jennifer Roberts Says:

    I love the purple prints…Persia and Iris are gorgeous!

  105. Karen Says:

    Living the Iris! It’s my favorite flower!

  106. Katy P. Says:

    Love all those prints- my faves are the Earl Grey & the Toffee Roll Brocade!!

  107. Jennifer H Says:

    I’m eyeing the Passage to Persia for baby #3 due in Jan!

  108. Keely Snyder Says:

    These are all beautiful! However, I love the Majestic Murano! Great for boys too, which isn’t easy to come by!

  109. Autumn Says:

    I really like the new Earl Grey, but am also impressed with all of the other choices. I’ve never actually seen a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag (or any other object) in real life. These look so beautiful and high-quality.

  110. {darlene} Says:

    So cute!!! I love the Misted Marseille!!! thanks for a great giveaway!

  111. Courtney S. Says:

    My fav pattern for fall is majestic murano, but it was hard to choose! Such cute patterns and I’m for sure ordering an iPhone cover.. Too cute!!!

  112. Amber McGinnis Says:

    I love my weekender and I need another!

  113. Samantha Foster Says:

    LOVE your bags and LOVE the Earl Grey! About to have my first baby and I would LOVE to be carrying one of yall’s bags!

  114. clarissa Says:

    All great prints! I love the INcredible Iris Organic Cotton one!

  115. Dawn Harris Says:

    Love the weekender! Stylish and sophisticated! Could definitely stroll around town with my lil fella and that bag! Love it!

  116. Allison B Says:

    The weekender would be perfect! We are expecting our first in October and have no baby-appropriate luggage!

  117. Catherine Says:

    I voted for Majestic Murano Coated Cotton because I love yellow and blue. I’d love to win the weekender! I’d gift it to my dear friend who has a miracle baby hopefully coming home from the NICU soon!!

  118. Joann McKendry Says:

    I love the stroller cover; and Indelible Iris is my favorite print. YOur complete line is awesome!

  119. Robin Robbs Says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is the organic iris!! I would love to win a bag!!!

  120. Deborah Young Says:

    love love these bags!! beautiful!

  121. Patricia Says:

    The Buttercup is fun and interesting

  122. Nicole Rowinski Says:

    I love the entire line! I can’t wait to buy a new PPB iPhone case. I don’t have any weekend bags, so I would love to win the weekender!!!!!

  123. Nedra M. Says:

    Wow that was a hard choice! I chose the Iris because of the unique pattern. Get entranced into fall colors is what they say! I would say SO! I love the Persia & Gray Chenille as well. So many new items like the tote & phone cover are so cool. xoxo

  124. Serena Adkins Says:

    I love all the bags but my favorite on is the blissful buttercup bag. I really hope that I win. I have never been able to afford one of these items.

  125. Sloan Says:

    anything in the earl grey would be perfect for my first little one coming in November.

  126. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    I love PPB … new prints are great!

  127. Alida Lee Says:

    I love all of them but my favorite is Passage to Persia!

  128. Andrea D Says:

    Nothing says fashion like PPB!!! All the prints are breath taking. I am craving all the organic prints. Also love the Earl Grey!!!

  129. Marie Says:

    i would love to have the boxy backpack in majestic murano, but i’d love the weekender as well!!

  130. Jackie M Tate Says:

    LOVE love love the Earl Grey Chenille. It can go with anything!

  131. nancy g Says:

    i LOVE all the new prints!! expecting my second one soon and so glad that i waited for the new prints to come out before i get my new diaper bag.

  132. Chapel Says:

    I love the Earl Grey & the Majestic Murano!!

  133. April C. Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Grey! That’s gorgeous!!

  134. Sarah Says:

    Would LOVE a weekender!! I love PPB and their blankets are so cozy too! Never to early to teach my girls about style! :) The Earl Grey is beautiful!

  135. Linda Botta Says:

    The PPB Braocade Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Toffee Roll is so elegant and functional. I would be thrilled to show it off.

  136. Rachael Oerther Says:

    I absolutely love the new prints! Greys are so great for fall :)

  137. Balbina Says:

    Love them all, but especially the Earl Grey and the Majestic Murano!

  138. Amelia B Says:

    I LOVE the Passage to Persia print, and really want a touring tote in it! There is so much great stuff in the new fall line!!

  139. Heidi Says:

    I would kill for the indelible iris!….Well, maybe not kill, but would really,really, REALLY love to win it :)

  140. Ratchelle Dean Says:

    I love love love the weekender! Pick me! Pick me! It would be perfect for our trip to Hawaii & Florida in September. Crossing my fingers and toes. My daughters are too. (:

  141. Rochelle Says:

    What a great new collection. Can’t wait to get one.

  142. Lorri Says:

    Just four words: A- dor- a- ble!!

  143. Jessica Harris Says:

    I love the Earl Grey and Misted Marseille… SO cute!!! Would love a new bag to hold all of my stuff for my big family :) Thanks!!!

  144. Jacqueline schepers-huijben Says:

    I really crave the blues and greens of the majestic murano. Love the name too ;-). Would love a wanderlust wallet or a clutch in that print!!

  145. Camille Hatcher Says:

    Love PPB. Such class. I am in love with all the new Fall colors. The Earl Grey Chenille is by far my favorite.

  146. bina edwards Says:

    Amaryllis Roll Brocade got my vote

  147. Denise G Says:

    I think I’m in love with the weekender bag in Indelible Iris! This gorgeous print would be perfect for weekend leaf peeping trips with the little ones, I’ve been wanting a bag just like this!

  148. Danielle Says:

    These are all so gorgeous! I can’t pick just 1 fave but I do love the Blissful Buttercup a lot!

  149. JNR Says:

    The weekender in Indelible Iris.

  150. Vicki D. Says:

    I D.R.E.A.M. of the the earl grey Chenille. It’s a great transition pattern between the seasons! Love it!

  151. Lindsay Mardick Says:

    I love the color choices for the majestic murano, I think they go well together.

  152. sherin Says:

    looove the earl grey!

  153. Elyse R. Says:

    Indelible Iris is FAB!!!!

  154. Amanda Says:

    I love the blissful buttercup. I just love the brown and yelow hues. It is sunshiney fall

  155. Taylor Says:

    My favorite is Blissful Buttercup, vintage and charming!

  156. Jillane Patterson Says:

    LOVE the whole line! Beautiful.

  157. Bri Moysa Says:

    I’m so excited for new petunia! Would love thr new indelible iris print weekender.

  158. Katie G Says:

    I’m a huge fan of everything PPB. Love the blissful buttercup, earl gray and incredible iris. So cute and perfect for on the go.

  159. Mary Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Grey Chenille! Since I don’t know what I’m having it would be perfect!

  160. sonia Says:

    I love the grays and champagne roll. Craving any bag big enough for me and a 2 year old to tote necessities and a matching iphone case.

  161. Jen Says:

    Love the Indelible Iris print and Earl Grey!

  162. Joni K Says:

    Love the Majestic Murano & positively Plaid! Wish I had an Iphone just so I could cover it!

  163. Lien Says:

    Love love iris

  164. Stephanie J Says:

    so hard to choose! love them all

  165. Rochelle Says:

    Love all the new prints! Super cute!

  166. Kimberly Says:

    Love them all! But think Earl Grey is a must have this Fall.

  167. marie sierra Says:

    champagne roll looks really nice.
    thank you for the chnace to win a lovley bag from your collection!

  168. Linley thomson Says:

    I love PPB! They r the the best bags and have such cute unique styles! I would take any of them in a heartbeat!

  169. Amanda Says:

    I love all of them but have to go with PPB! So cute!

  170. Lindsey Martinez Says:

    I’d LOVE the weekender bag! :) I just got a cake bag but since I’m cookin baby#2 it would come in handy!! But that is SUCH a cute iPhone case too!

  171. Courtney B Says:

    Wow- so many cute options! Loving the earl grey chenille and also the champagne :) The weekender is gorgeous and I would LOVE to own :)

  172. Hayley Guevara Says:

    I love the bottom haven nursing cover! It is vintage chic and the fabric is so beautiful!

  173. Bethany Says:

    I would love to have the weekender!! I have twins and it would be great as luggage but looks like it would be a wonderful diaper bag too!!

  174. Uria Says:

    LOVE it all!!!! I’m sooo excited about the iPhone covers!!! And the weekender looks like a great piece to have!! PPB is fabulous! Thanks for all the new goodies!! I’m in love! :)

  175. Belinda Says:

    Love the Earl Grey!

  176. Mccall Says:

    Love the reds!

  177. Donna T. Says:

    I am loving everything, but a wistful weekender and a cell phone cover would be great

  178. Kristen Says:

    I adore the Lively La Paz print! Classic and fun!

  179. Lindsay Says:

    Hard to choose since I love them all!!!

  180. Shelley Hepler Says:

    I, like so many others with great taste, am loving the majestic murano. Gorgeous stuff!

  181. Lauren Says:

    Oh my! A weekender bag would be dreamy!!! Is it bad I want the whole line from iPhone cover to wallet to travel case:) Maybe if I won the weekender I could justify my other purchases:) I love the Misted Marsielle and the Earl Grey…Yummy!!

  182. Toni Danielson Says:

    My BFF is pregnant with her first baby! I’d love to introduce her to the magical world of PPB with a weekender. It’s perfect since she commutes between Madison and Florida! Love <3 Earl Gray Chenille and Majestic Murano!

  183. Alli Quick Says:

    Love the print! It matches my nursery!

  184. Phuong Says:

    I would love the weekender in majestic murano would be wonderful!!! But then again, they are all really beautiful!

  185. Rebecca Houg Says:

    I adore that Weekender in the Indelible Iris. Absolutely gorgeous! I also love that stroller cover in the Earl Gray. Perfection! My boy is 3 1/2 but I will definitely buy one of these beauties when we have our second baby. For now, a weekender would be awesome.

  186. Heidi Ohm Says:

    Love the Earl Gray Chenille and the Satchel would be my ideal win!

  187. Lindsay Y Says:

    Pretty much all of them are gorgeous! I would love any type of PPB bag, we don’t have any yet! I also have an iphone, those covers look great :) It’s a hard choice, but I think the Misted Marseille is my fav!

  188. Brandy Taylor Says:

    I’m in love with the the positively plaid!!

  189. Jena Says:

    With a baby on the way I would love the Earl Gray! It’s beautiful!!!

  190. Talie Says:

    Wow! The new collection is GORGEOUS!!! Love the Earl Grey!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  191. Kelli L. Says:

    I love the Earl Grey! The weekender would be awesome…I’m expecting baby girl #2 in February and will need something to tote around baby stuff for two under two!!

  192. Sarah Stock Says:

    Majestic Murano is by far my favorite. I want a bag and a iphone cover, SO happy they are making iphone covers!! The weekender in Indelible Iris, is just divine, it is one bag I really need to add to my PPB collection!

  193. Kate Says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  194. Deanne Says:

    The new prints are gorgeous, especially “traveling through Tivoli”! It sure would catch everyone’s eye if I carried around that print in any style!

  195. Kelly Says:

    They are all very chic and super cute! The weekender would be wonderful to own :)

  196. Melissa Boyer Says:

    I love love love the Earl Gray Chenille!

  197. Kelsey vigil Says:

    Omg I am totally in LOVE with the wistful weekender seriously? Finally a bag big enough for all of my craziness and two small boys needs! I am dying to have this bag!!!! Please pick me! Pick me! Hehe :) thanks for the chance! LOVE all the new bags!!! And the prints? Simply…fabulous!

  198. jen silva Says:

    I need that nursing cover! It looks so breathable that I imagine my little one won’t feel stifled while eating!

  199. Kristi H. Says:

    All of the fabrics are beautiful and unique! I would love to have one of these to use with my new baby girl due this month!

  200. Stacey Says:

    I LOVE the weekender too! The iPhone case is too cute! I LOVE the Travel Though Tivoli pattern!!!

  201. Lindsay Boudwin Says:

    I am LOVING these purples (Passage to Persia and Indelible Iris) !!! I love the greys and Travel Through Tivoli as well! Getting the Wistful Weekender would be amazing!!!

  202. Kelly Cash Says:

    OH MY WORD Earl Grey makes my heart go pitter patter! Must. Have.

  203. Beth Caldwell Says:

    Love them ALL, but that Earl Grey Chenille really stands out to me! It goes with EVERYTHING and adds such a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  204. Jenni P Says:

    I love indelible iris organic cotton! I got my first PPB bag this spring for first baby…love, love, love it!!!

  205. Brettnie Flaim Says:

    Love all the new prints!!! A pallet of fun colors for fall!!! Would love any one of them!

  206. julie Says:

    The weekends in blissful butttercup – fabulous!

  207. Tristan Says:

    Oh my gosh I just love the new Wanderlust Wallet in Majestic Murano print! Must buy now!

  208. Anna Pry Says:

    voted for toffee roll, wanna win

  209. courtney bryan Says:

    The fall 2011 collection is absolutely beautiful!

  210. KimberleePollard Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any PBB product!!!

  211. Megan Trevino Says:

    LOVE the Earl Gray! Simplistic and lovely!

  212. Ashleigh Says:

    I love PPB! Their colors & prints are so fun! :)

  213. Caroline Says:

    ooo la la the Earl Grey Chenille or the Majestic Murano would be oh so chic on this new Mommy!

  214. Crystal Marshall Says:

    I would LOVE a weekender!!!!

  215. Nicole Says:

    Love anything remotely blue/green!!

  216. Brooke Ragan Says:

    I voted for the Travel Through Tivoli. The Cross Town Clutch in that fabric is to die for!!! Love the new patterns!

  217. Karla H Says:

    I love all the vibrant colors and the huge selection of different bags, etc. I love the iphone covers too. Very colorful!! I’m in love with the Toffee Roll Brocade!!

  218. Lisa Says:

    Great collection, such pretty fall colors, Iris is my fav :)

  219. Brandy Says:

    I love the Misted Grey :-)

  220. Leeanna Says:

    I am a huge fan of the wallets by PPB! Would love to win the weekender!!!

  221. Michele Gonzalez Says:

    I LOVE all the new PPB prints! I am definitely craving a wistful weekender as my family and I have several weekend trips planned for the fall!!

  222. Ann A Says:

    I am craving the Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton bag! It is so cute! I love brown!

  223. Irma Allen Says:

    I love all of them, but I have to say my favorite is the misted mersaille. I think the weekender made out of that print would be the bomb!! :)

  224. Julia M Says:

    Indelible Iris – So peaceful and refreshing. Love the whole line!

  225. Michelle W Says:

    Because a girl can dream: I’m CRAVING the Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall in Juniper Berry!

  226. monica Says:

    You really can’t go wrong with any PPB bag; all styles, colors and design are exceptional and made with unparalleled quality.

  227. JoAnnaStamey Says:

    I really like these designs. The Earl Grey is my favorite, but they are all super cute.

  228. Jennifer Says:

    Love the color! It would be so nice to have a weekender that’s more than basic canvas and a true fashion statement.

  229. Kristin Says:

    Love them all!!!! Too many choices to pick just one!

  230. Christy B Says:

    Awesome! What beautiful fabrics and bags!! I would love to have one. My favorite is the weekender bag!!

  231. Stephanie Malkowski Says:

    I love PPB! All the new patterns are gorgeous!!!

  232. Andra Conner Says:

    Loving it, craving it, whatever you want to call it!! Way cute prints, was so hard to pick a fav. Would love to have any and all of the items right NOW! Might have to get an iphone just so I can get one of the awesome PPB covers!!

  233. Olivia Says:

    I love the new prints! Can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone cover… would LOVE the ergo carrier and the weekender :)

  234. Andrea Says:

    I love all the prints! They are so pretty.

  235. Izabella Says:

    I’m craving just about everything in the Passage to Persia print! But I do really want a Boxy!

  236. Haley Spitler Says:

    I love the weekender…the entire line is so pretty!

  237. Jill Says:

    I love Majestic Murano!

  238. Amanda Powers Says:

    Just when I think they have came out with the classiest prints and styles, Petunia Pickle Bottom always out does themselves. I love the look and size of the new Wistful Weekender!

  239. Gayle Says:

    What a wonderful way to go with the wistful weekender!

  240. Adrienne Says:

    Because I am a mom on the go, I am seriously CRAVING the Wistful Weekender in Blissful Buttercream…They are all amazing, but that is my favorite!! I hope I win!

  241. Bridget Says:

    I love them all but my fav is the champagne roll brocade

  242. Crystal Hogue Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE PPB! I am craving the Champagne Roll right now :)

  243. Nicole Says:

    I LOVE the majestic murano print because in AZ our fall feels like summer and spring and champagne roll because of its Marrakech themed print.

  244. Kim S Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Majestic Murano! So beautiful in the Boxy!

  245. Emily Thomas Says:

    I love them all!

  246. hilary Says:

    I love the Earl Grey Chenille! Gorgeous

  247. Jenn newton Says:

    I am loving anything in the Earl gray chenille pattern…. Will matc the stroller I just got perfectly! Definitely love the backpack diaper bag… As well as the breastfeeding cover and stroller snuggy! It’s all beautiful :)

  248. Dana Carter Says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Put a blind fold on me, spin me around, gently push me in the direction of the choices and I will pick one :)

  249. Alissa Says:

    Indelible Iris…oh my! So cute!

  250. Lindsay Says:

    Love them all! Passage to Persia is so fall!

  251. jayme Says:

    Love them all!

  252. Lindsay Says:

    I’d love just about anything in the Earl grey chenille print, it subtle and classy! I’ve alway admired PPB for creating unique and beautiful bags, what a fantastic new line!

  253. Alison Reburn Says:

    I have three favorites, and one of them is on the bag I hope to win :)

  254. Laura Says:

    Let’s add another craving to my list:
    Earl Grey Chenille
    As a mommy to be (2 months to go!), I’ve had tons of cravings during my pregnancy but the Wistful Weekender in Earl Grey Chenille definitely tops the list! I love the grey/silver tones as they go with everything.

  255. Diandra Says:

    I really love these designs… They are so darn cut. And would go with pretty much anything. I love them all

  256. Chrissy Says:

    I would love the iris weekender. Fab!

  257. Ariel Says:

    I love the earl grey chenille and they added iris!!! i love purple!

  258. Alex Says:

    I LOVE the Indelible Iris!!!! So perfect!

  259. Margaret Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous…all of them!

  260. josefina Says:

    So difficult to choose just one color!!! They are all adorable! I so need one of these! ;)

  261. Kristin Says:

    I LOVE all the prints especially the indelible iris!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the weekender!!!!

  262. Michelle Riebeek Says:

    The positively plaid sashay satchel!!! Love the new fall line!

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  263. Hallie Says:

    I think the Earl Grey pattern is my favorite! Peaceful and chic.

  264. Brooke Barton Says:

    So hard to choose and most work for whether you are having a boy or girl! I would LOVE to have the weekender bag :)

  265. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Gray Chenille, it’s a beautiful pattern and it’s neural enough to go with anything!!!

  266. Kathy Says:

    I would love to win one of these beautiful bags!

  267. Tia Says:

    Blissful buttercup is too cute! It’s a must have!

  268. Mary Jo Says:

    I like the Weekender or satchel in majestic murano. It is a great design!

  269. Janet Says:

    I am in LOVE with these!!! The weekender bag would help a mom of four look extra hip!!

  270. Nicole C. Says:

    Being a new mom I was completely overwhelmed by the baby bag world. I got myPetunia and am totally in love!i have the boxy backpack and can’t wait to add to that. The wistful weekender will be great to transport all of my sons things. The new earl grey is by far my favorite!

  271. Betsey Says:

    I love Toffee Roll…but all PPB is beautiful! Would get a lot of use out of a Wistful Weekender too…

  272. Sharla H. Says:

    Love them all but the Champagne Roll Brocade looks amazing!

  273. Daisy Says:

    The new prints are adorable. The weekender bag would be perfect!

  274. Melissa Says:

    The Wistful Weekend in Indelible Iris is my absolute favorite! I want one of these bags so bad!

  275. MJ Says:

    Ah, too many gorgeous patterns! I voted for Champagne Brocade, but would happily own one of each…

  276. Darlene Bond Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottom is just delightful.

  277. ysolde Says:

    It was very, very hard to pick just one! In the end I decided Travel Through Tivoli was my favorite. Love all your prints and a wekender would sure make my weekend!!

  278. Jennie Bletscher Says:

    I am loving the new Weekender in Indelible Iris and the iPhone covers!!

  279. Nicholle Cousino Says:

    I love them all – hard to pick just one!

  280. Janelle Says:

    Could the Earl Grey Chenille be any softer? Perfect for the gray days out here in Portland, Oregon!

  281. Payal Says:

    I love PPB and the fabrics they choose for their products.

  282. Lauren J Says:

    Just became familiar with this brand and I am loving all the fun prints. I would put the weekender bag to good use, or maybe give to my sister who is about have a baby, would make a great bag for her hospital stay!

  283. Heather Says:

    I love Passage to Persia! CRAVING a wistful Weekender in that beautiful pattern! LOVE PPB!!!

  284. JoAnn Mullinix Says:

    I adore the functional versatility of the majestic murano boxy backpack! Go anywhere with style and space ;)

  285. Katie Palomar Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Gray! It’s a beautiful print!

  286. kimberly Says:

    the fold out tote is my favorite…seems super practical & useful!

  287. Tonya B Says:

    I love this new line and would LOVE to win the Weekender!

  288. FoxyMomma Says:

    i am loving all the new prints!! the blissful buttercup is definitely my favorite!! would love the weekender bag!

  289. Chantal Says:

    Love the weekender in Earl grey!

  290. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    I’m craving the weekender bag in Indelible Iris.

  291. Susan Spalla Says:

    Being a very involved G.G (GlamGram) The champagne roll brocade is my favorite!

  292. shar newman Says:

    Weekender!!! Love ’em all! PPB is soooo fine!

  293. Katie Ruiz Says:

    They are all adorable but the Earl Grey Chenille really caught my eye!

  294. Courtney Says:

    I love all of these prints!! Would LOVE to have that adorable weekender!!!!

  295. Beth Says:

    Cake! I want Cake! But since there are no new ones until spring I want the Earl Grey Chenille Boxy, that fabric is so gorgeous.

  296. Lynn L. Says:

    I Love PPB!!! You can never have too many, and that weekender would be an AWESOME addition to my collection!

  297. Brianne Boseo Says:

    Already carry the chocolate cake! Have received soooo may compliments on it…The tootsie roll would be a great match

  298. Rachel C. Says:

    I love the majestic murano print! I would love to win! Thank you! :)

  299. Amanda Nimmer Says:

    The new colors are great! I’m still in love with the Cake collection and I’m having a hard time deciding between two of the newer bags. Decisions, decisions! :-)

  300. jennifer Segel Says:

    they are so pretty, i really love the weekender bag

  301. Dana Says:

    My favorite is the Travel Through Tivoli…love the Red Jeweled tones..Gorgeous!!
    The Earl Gray is classic and Incredible Iris looks so fun! Thank you for the chance!!

  302. Resa Says:

    I’ve been waiting for PPB to make a Whistful Weekender in a print that I like! Majestic Murano & Passage to Persia are my favorites.

  303. brenda shults Says:

    My true fav is the Travel thru Tivoli What a lovely pattern!

  304. Michele H. Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottom creates fantastic updated vintage patterns. It’s hard to choose my favorite, but personally I’m into purples and yellows right now. It’s great to see that PPB has a wide range of color pallets to accomodate everyone’s tastes.

  305. Jessica G. Says:

    I LOVE all of the prints! I think the champagne roll is my favorite! Love the print and I love champagne! Definitely will be buying the boxy backpack in this print but would love a weekender bag in any print! Can wait to order my champagne bag and have a glass of champagne once this baby is out!

  306. Francesca freeman Says:

    Who ever is coming up with these designs has an amazing imagination! I use every print…. Persia is looking beautiful:) can’t wait to have my second baby!! I <3 Ppb

  307. Darbi Says:

    Indelible Iris for me please! I’m adoring all the fall prints, but this plum hue is my favorite!

  308. Shellaine Says:

    I really like the Siesta in Sevilla iPhone cover. I’ve been trying to find a cover with some style :)

  309. Karen M Says:

    In love with the champagne designe!!! CLASSY!!!

  310. PickleMama Says:

    I LOVE the Weekender Bag and would LOVE to have it for my next trip! I just can’t get enough of PPB!!!

  311. Aimee Stein Says:

    Love PPB and love all the new Fall Styles!! The Earl Grey one is my favorite, but I think they are all great!!

  312. Ashley Peters Says:

    The easier question would be what I DON’T want from PPB! Our little one is due in February, so I’m really lusting over the diaper bags, Stroll, and Haven. My biggest problem is deciding on styles & prints!

  313. Rhyan Says:

    Love the weekender- so practical and stylish

  314. Kelly Anthony Says:

    I am in love with the PPB line, I am really looking at getting a weekender bag as I am struggling to get pregnant and just want to have a reason other than having a baby I now have to decided on which one! Thanks for all the new colors and styles!

  315. erin Says:

    I love the majestic murano print.. so fresh and so fun. I thought PPB only made diaper bags…where have i been???

  316. Laura T Says:

    The entire collection is fabulous. A couple of prints pop out more for me than others but they are all very unique and stylish, especially the champagne roll. Almost has a royal look to it! Craving the stroller cover for my little one and an iPhone cover for me! Cant wait to receive my shoulder diaper bag in the mail. Should arrive today. So excited!

  317. Shannon C Says:

    Beautiful – love them all!

  318. Erin shaw Says:

    Love Petunia Pickel Bottom’s designs!!!

  319. Melissa M-F Says:

    All of these prints are simply beautiful! I absolutely adore the stroller cover. Thank you for the chance to win the weekender!

  320. brooke t Says:

    I would love a satchel in the Travel Through Tivoli Coated Cotton color!

  321. Karen Says:

    I voted for the Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton. I think it’s me being ready for fall. Thanks for the chance

  322. Beth Says:

    The shoulder bag In misted marseille is amazing! These prints are all gorgeous! Well done on the new designs!!

  323. Melinda Says:

    I love Petunia and they have some adorable patterns. I love the buttercup and chenille. I want a wanderlust wallet. I also wish they would come out with a boxy backpack without the velcro. Not fun to open with a sleeping little one! But I love my boxy backpack!

  324. Roeshel Says:

    WOW! Hard to choose, I see three right off the bat that I love. I voted for the Majestic Murano but it’s a toss up with the Earl Gray (I’m a tea fan too!) LOVE the iphone covers…going to buy one now (although true story: yesterday my iphone fell into my mug of tea! Only me. Waiting for my replacement and need a cover to prevent slipping from my grip!)

    Thanks! ;)

  325. sheri allen Says:

    Love all the bags especially the weekender. the prints are fabulous especially the pinks!

  326. Lauren Says:

    Love Indelible Iris the best! Would be fabulous in the weekender. I hope I win!!!

  327. Ally Lott Says:

    I’ve always loved purple, so I’m glad it’s so popular this season. Love the indelible iris!

  328. Brooke Says:

    Love the Misted Marseille!

  329. Shannon Says:

    Misted Marseille is beautiful and neutral!

  330. Nicole Hanson Says:

    LOve love love the new weekender!!!

  331. Chrissy Says:

    I love all the new prints and I love PPB… I would love to win this weekender…:)

  332. DK Says:

    They’re all pretty, but champagne Roll gets my vote.

  333. Dena Says:

    I absolutely LOVE all of the prints!! The Earl Grey Chenille is exquisite!!

  334. Deanna Henderson Says:

    I love PPB! My favorite pattern is the misted marseille. Having the weekender would be wonderful.

  335. Kathy Agate Says:

    Love all the new PPB prints! I chose the Blissful Buttercup because of the outside pockets and it looks like a great carry all. I would love to win, i could carry my student’s papers!

  336. Katie Says:

    All of the PPB products are awesome- I’m actually having a hard time narrowing it down to what products would be great to enter for a giveaway because they are all so good…. More bags, Iphone 4 cases, an ERGO, or Stroller.. basically anything from their Fall line would be great!

  337. Emily Says:

    So many beautiful choices! I would love to have an eyecatching new bag!

  338. Nancy Randle Says:

    I love the Misted Marseille print. I may have to turn in my current PPB Wallet for a new one in that print! The weekender bag is perf for Grandma’s house!

  339. Cindy Coroa Says:

    I absolutely love the Travel Through Tivoli, I adore the Cross Town Clutch and the Weekender also. It is very hard to pick because they all are BEAUTIFUL!!

  340. Julie Says:

    I love all of the new patterns but the Indelible Iris is my favorite, I love purples. My nursery is even done in those colors. I also love grey’s so my second favorites would be the Earl Grey & Misted Marseille. I love how fun and earthy all of the prints are from PPB, I would die to actually own one!!

  341. Amanda Lourenco Says:

    I am loving the new iphone covers and stroller covers!!! It just doesn’t get any cuter!

  342. jessica Says:

    love the earl grey! we are planning for our first baby and would love something along the lines of a diaper bag! have been coveting PPB for a while! *fingers crossed!*

  343. Hilary Says:

    I love love love the new collection! The Earl Gray is my Fav!

  344. Shannon Green Says:

    I love the new colors! My favorites are Majestic Murano and Travel Through Tivoli.

  345. Gail Brain Says:

    I just love the new PPB bag in Indeliable Iris. I’m so into purple right now. Thank you for the chance at winning it!

  346. MaryAnn D Says:

    Love the new line – so hard to pick a favorite!

  347. Pam Says:

    Beautiful color palette!
    I have been going back and forth as to which is my favorite — but I think the Majestic Murano has won my favorite vote!

  348. Teresa S. Says:

    Yippee! I have always loved the fun prints by PPB. I like the shopper tote bag in Majestic Murano.

  349. Alison Says:

    love all these prints! Would love to win the weekender!

  350. Cheryl Rahkonen Says:

    I love the Positively Plaid Organic Cotton. It looks big, roomy and is “me”.

  351. Kana Says:

    The Misted Marseille is so pretty. Would love the weekender in that print!

  352. Rachel Says:

    I love the Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton and would love to have a matching set of Wistful Weekender and Sashay Satchel in that print. A girl can dream, right? :)

  353. claire de leon Says:

    love the new fall prints!! expecting my first this september and can’t wait to buy my first PPB bag!!

  354. Anna Says:

    Tough to choose! Love them all! Perhaps the Misted Marseille.

  355. Colleen Says:

    I love, love, love all things red.

  356. Melissa Says:

    I love all of the new PPB prints!! My favorite one in the new line though is the Indelible Iris! What a great bag and great giveaway!!

  357. Claire A. Says:

    I love the Earl Grey pattern, and the weekender looks like a great bag!

  358. Sonja C Says:

    i’m loving the passage to persia!

  359. Jessica Godin Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, Love PPB. I’ve got an old one here and we just use it for everything. The new colors are absolutely beautiful…and the purple of any type are my fav!!

  360. Sara C. Says:

    Loving the new fall prints! Indelible Iris is beautiful!

  361. Dara Says:

    Love the Indelible Iris! Love the new Stroll, and wouldn’t mind a new Wistful Weekender!

  362. Shelby Says:

    PPB makes baby stuff so fun. The Earl Grey Chenille is such a classy print, and the weekender bag is roomy and fun. I’m dying to get one! First baby due 11-21.

  363. Andrea Says:

    So Chic!

  364. Nancy Says:

    Fabulous Fall Prints, and the Weekender bag looks wonderful!!


  365. Danae Says:

    The Misted Marseille would be so beautiful as a weekender for my upcoming honeymoon!!!!

  366. Kellie Says:

    They are beautiful! I love the weekender.

  367. Andrea Says:

    Love Petunia and the designs. Would love to have any of the bags in the beautiful collection.

  368. Donna Says:

    Love the Iris! Hope I win the weekender so I can use it for our fall trip to Tennessee!

  369. Lauren Backer Says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love everything PBB!

  370. Candace Says:

    I must say I am a fan of the passage to persia. I think the deep purples are wonderful for any season, but will look awsome in the fall!

  371. katrina watkins Says:

    The new prints are so cute and I just love they Misted Marseille. Perfect for fall-the accents are to die for! I’m entering this contest for my sister-in-law and would love to surprise her with the weekender since they’re always on the go! Would be an awesome gift for an awesome sis!

  372. Addie Says:

    Oh how I ADORE PPB! Everything is so cute and functional too!

  373. Lynn Burton Says:

    I love everything PPB! My favorite is the Travel for Tivoli….perfect for fall.

  374. Leigh Anne Says:

    All prints are fun and would work with a boy or a girl. The purple won my vote. I’m due in october so the colors and patterns are perfect for fall. The weekender would be so handy for trips to visit nana and granddad!

  375. Tara Jacobs Says:

    I love the new fall designs, and especially the matching iPhone cases. Great bags. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  376. Sophia Robbins Says:

    Lovin the new prints! My little girl is coming Septmeber and I would love to have the weekender bag!

  377. Teresa Says:

    I love PPB and all of thier new fall prints!!!!! :)

  378. Candice Marcussen Says:

    love the new prints!! I want I want!

  379. Alesha Says:

    I love the new prints! I love Indelible Iris, it’s gorgeous.

  380. Yoga bee Says:

    I’m in love with the purple prints and strap colored options! So pretty!

  381. Tessa Says:

    Tough choice! I think the adorable baby may have had something to do with my pick..earl gray chenille. love.

  382. Rebekah Says:

    I really like the majestic murano design. It’s bright and fun for all seasons! I’d love to win a weekender bag. I have a friend who has one and she raves about it.

  383. Laura Says:

    The Weekender bag is beautiful! I’ve never been able to have a Petunia Pickle Bottom of my own, and this is just my style!

  384. Tara Says:

    I love the new Earl gray, perfect for both boys and girls!

  385. Natalie White Says:

    In love with the new products and fabrics! Cannot wait to get the new nursing cover and the stroller cover! Of course next is that weekender!

  386. Julie Says:

    Love the Travel Through Tivoli

  387. April Armstrong Says:

    I just love the rich, new fall prints! So excited at the chance to win the Wistful Weekender bag. Ah!

  388. asli peraino Says:

    I love all the new prints but I especially love the color combination . Turqouise and yellow so fresh and fun.I would love to be the winner:)

  389. Kammi Says:

    Owning Layla Grayce products were my wishes if I had money to spend on. In fact, I am thinking to name my daughter Layla Grayce in the future. lol. I liked that name. I would love to own one or all of Layla Grayce items. So luxury!

  390. Kelly T Says:

    I’m drooling over Blissful Buttercup! I love that the neutral palette goes with everything– and the print itself is simply beautiful!

  391. Bonnie Says:

    Absolutely love the weekend bag. We go on so many weekend trips that it would come in handy. I’ve never had anything so trendy like this. It would put a smile on my face if I could one day own one. I’m starting to save up now. Love the new prints

  392. Jennifer H Says:

    I am loving the fold out tote and the stroller cover! I am due in January with #2 so I could definitely use a toasty stroller cover!

  393. Natalie White Says:

    How cute are they?! Love it all! Ordering the new nursing cover right away! And that weekender is just to die for!

  394. Jennifer Gill Says:

    Love, love, love the Earl Grey Chenille!

  395. Christine Groce Says:

    I love them all. I watch my 3 little granddaughters so often, that I could really use one of these.

  396. Lauren B. Says:

    I love the new purple prints and am definitely craving the weekender!!!

  397. Dawn Zink Says:

    Indelible Iris!! Absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to get the weekender and the cell phone cover!! I would also grab the stroller cover but it’s just too warm here!

  398. Nicole Brach Says:

    Even though I have one already I want the earl grey chenille!! LOVE IT!! : )

  399. Trudy Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Grey Chenille! Sure to be a Classic!

  400. Deanna Says:

    LOVE the new fall prints. Would be ecstatic to own the weekender!

  401. Christina Says:

    These new styles are fabulous! I’m totally in love with the Wistful Weekender bag-so practical and chic at the same time! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  402. Miss Y Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Travel Through Tivoli frame bag with the contrasting stitched medallion. Must have the Wistful Weekender Bag to replace ugly black LeSportSac (So last millenium :-)) Thanks!!!

  403. Trish Says:

    PPB, such wonderful style! Lovin the weekender & fold out tote.

  404. Jacquelyn Hughes Says:

    I really, really LOVE the new Fall prints! I especially love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris because it’s got that extra little pop of color every girl needs. Plus, it’s made of an organic materials. Petunia Pickle Bottom knows how to make accessories fun and functional.

  405. Ariana Brown Says:

    I love PPB! Wish I had the weekender!

  406. Judie Says:

    what a marvelous mixture of prints. I love the stroler cover–and all the bags and everything else–

  407. Toni Southam Says:

    I’m in love with the Majestic Murano Wunderlust Wallet!

  408. Em Says:

    Wistful weekender would make a great gym/work clothes bag or beach weekend bag!!

  409. Toni Southam Says:

    I’m in love with the Majestic Murano Wunderlust Wallet! I love them all though!

  410. Jennifer Dickman Says:

    The Weekender bag looks like a great bag for multiple kids! Love it!

  411. grace Says:

    Love it!!!

  412. Debi Says:

    I love the gray hues for either a boy or girl. The Misted Marseille reminds me of snow, which I love; and the organic cotton is a must in my household. My first grandchild will be born in February and I’d love for her/him to receive any of these beautiful products. My daughter-in-law is not a fan of bright colors (we’ll have to ease her into the colorful world of babies!) and I think she’d love this print. Thank you for the opportunity to see these beautiful products!

  413. Haley Clarke Says:

    I love Indelible Iris Organic Cotton. Such a great fall pattern! I hope I win!!! :)

  414. Deb Currie Says:

    Passage to Persia is so beautifully fall. Thanks for the change to win!

  415. sarah Says:

    I love all the designs. The nursing cover looks great!!

  416. Sydney S Says:

    Between the Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton
    & Indelible Iris Organic Cotton…I think I’ve gone to heaven! Just when you think Petunia Pickle Bottom can’t possibly get any more adorable, they come out with these new prints and make me crave them even more.

  417. Kelly Says:

    I LOVE the Indelible Iris weekender bag!! It is a must have for this fall season!

  418. lauren Says:

    I love the Earl Grey -mmm makes me want a cup of tea. But i think it would go with anything, and is classy yet fun! Hope I win! :)

  419. Gail connor Says:

    I love all the new prints. Would live to have the blue Murano for my daughterinlaw!!!

  420. Nikki Says:

    These are all simply classic and beautiful. I love the stroller cover and will have to purchase one for this winter!

  421. Christine Says:

    I think I just found my new love. I absolutely adore these awesome prints!!!

  422. Carol Y Says:

    I like all the prints, but I voted for Toffee Roll Brocade because it goes with everything. My favorite shape is the Touring Tote.

  423. Nancy Suttle Says:

    I have not been familiar with this brand until I got on this website. Love the prints and would love to have a weekender. Beautiful.

  424. Brittany Says:

    I love that you’ve successfully blended function and fashion! Would love to own one of these!

  425. Nicole Says:

    I loveall the new prints. To die for. I’d be thrilled to get any of them. :)

  426. Dara Jackson Says: actually makes me feel a little sad to see the beautiful bags.
    I bought one for my Daughter-in-law for their baby and someone stole it
    from their truck. They plan to have more babies and I knew your bag would last for years and years plus beautiful! ( I bought it through Layla grace) Winning a new bag would be so awesome, if not…I’ll dig deep
    and buy another for the next baby….no other bag will do!!!

  427. Jason r. Says:

    We are having our first baby as well! My wife LOVES this designer.

  428. Valerie C. Says:

    Wow! They’re really beautiful! If I had to pick one, it would be Toffee Roll. It’s stunning. I want to buy several pieces in that pattern <3

  429. Heather Says:

    Absolutely LOVE all the fall colors/patterns. The Weekender would be perfect for our trips to see the grandparents!

  430. Jennie Says:

    I love Blissful Buttercup and Majestic Murano. My dream bag is a Cosmopolitan Carryall, but I also love the cameo and crosstown clutches. A weekender would be fun, too, though!

  431. Sarah Dubek Says:

    I love all of the prints, though I am a sucker for brocade…The weekender looks amazing, and would hold all of the stuff I lug around on a daily basis…I will be a new mom in about 2 months, so I’ll need all the carrying capacity I can get! :)

  432. Dawn B Says:

    Blissful Buttercup is my choice! But Oh how I loved them all. So cute and charming and chic! The weekender bag would just add so much class to my little growing family!

  433. Nicole Litwin Says:

    They are all so cute but I love the first blue one and the blissful buttercup. Love you guys! Crossing my fingers!

  434. Leslie Y Says:

    Fun, cheerful new prints! Love the ORGANIC cotton!

  435. Kady Says:

    New prints are just gorgeous. I think the Weekender would be the perfect accessory aside from my cute lil’ bean I’m expecting!

  436. Kelley berry Says:

    Love the grey chenille pattern!!!

    Hoping to adopt a baby girl this year and any of these products would help. Your patterns are all beautiful!

  437. Sandy Hibler Says:

    I love all of the PPB line, they are such beautiful bags. I’ve been looking at the Wistful Weekender since it came out and would LOVE to win one.

  438. Jessica Dooley Says:

    I want one of everything! But…if I have to pick one thing…it would be a tote. I am having baby #3 in November…our first boy. I need a cute tote to carry around all of the baby necessities! Thanks for making such durable and beautiful products!!!

  439. Jennifer C. Says:

    This is a toughie, but I love the Earl Gray Chenille! It’s classic and timeless! Gorg!

  440. Amy Says:

    Misted Marseille Coated Cotton is my fav! It can go with just about any outfit which is my thing! Exciting!!! :)

  441. Jillian W Says:

    I LOVE the Majestic Murano print! I think it would be great as a wallet or clutch!

  442. Morgan McLane Says:

    I Love the new fall collection!! The colors are beautiful and I would LOVE the weekender Bag!!

  443. Angela Says:

    A poem in honor of Petunia Pickle Bottom:

    PPB is an icon of style-
    Her bags are the best by a mile!
    Of her new prints for fall,
    I’m in love with them all –
    But Champagne Roll Brocade makes me smile!

  444. Rochelle W. Says:

    I like many others love all the prints. Petunia Pickle Bottom allows moms to be stylish and girly all at once.

  445. Koren Chan Says:

    I love the toffee roll print

  446. KELLEY OTTO Says:

    I would love to win the Weekender – any pattern would be awesome!

  447. JoAnne H Says:

    I am in LOVE with the Indelible Iris weekender bag!!! I have to get it!!! :) :)

  448. Erin Says:

    Lovely! All the prints are beautiful and the products are wonderful and thoughtfully designed!

  449. serena Says:

    I really love all of the prints!!!

  450. Natalie Says:

    The weekender is adorable! I adore the whole line but my absolute favorite color scheme is the Earl Grey. My son’s name is Greyson – so grey is my color of choice!

  451. Lynda C Says:

    I’m really liking the brocade shoulder bag. That in Passage to Persia print would be great.

  452. Kimberly W. Says:

    I’m just dying for a bag in Majestic Murano or Indelible Iris!

  453. Binky Says:

    My favorite is the new Earl Grey Chenille!!! I would love to get the stroller cover in this. It would be perfect timing for our baby boy coming the end of August!

  454. Tamra F Says:

    So many to love!

  455. susan Says:

    I LOVE the blissful buttercup and inedible iris.

  456. Addy Says:

    The new prints are all so beautiful. I have several favourites! I am craving a boxy backpack diaper bag and the fold-up shopping tote–so many wonderful things to choose from!

  457. Jen M. Says:

    LOVE these bags! The prints make me happy :)

  458. Amanda Says:

    I love the Boxy Backpack also they are so beautiful I would love carry one everyday. I love the new collection they are so stylish.

  459. Brooke H. Says:

    I love the Passport to Persia print! I’m expecting and would love to win any of the great Petunia products!!

  460. Melody T Says:

    I’m craving a shoulder bag, stroller cover, and nursing cover in Majestic Murano!

  461. Mandi Says:

    Misted Marseille and Majestic Murano

  462. emily Says:

    Like everyone else, I am in LOVE with the new fall line. Totally cool patterns!

  463. Erin Lange Says:

    I love the Weekender in Indelible Iris!

  464. Alicia B Says:

    I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Cross Town Clutch!

  465. Carrie Estes Says:

    The earl gray chenille is simple and chic. I love it.

  466. Ashley R Says:

    I really want the new iPhone cover for my phone! But what I need is a diaper bag! I love so many of the new fall prints but I think the Earl Grey chenille might be my favorite!

  467. Kristi Says:

    Earl grey is my favorite but I love them all. What a great product. The weekender is so cute.

  468. Brooke D. Says:

    I’m expecting my first baby girl any day now, and I can’t wait to use my PPB diaper clutch. The new Earl Grey Chenille pattern would be the perfect companion to the clutch.

  469. Kate Says:

    Absolutely LOVE with all of it! Makes me want to buy a TON of presents for everyone having babies!

  470. Joanna Says:

    I love them all! Who could pick just one?

  471. Vicky farmer Says:

    Beautiful! Majestic Murano is my absolute fave!

  472. Mindee Klinger Says:

    love the fold out tote….love to have it in the majestic murano for my Napa Valley trip in would be great advertisement for you as I carry it and everyone ask me where I got it…and I would so boldy tell them, “Why at Layla Grayce ” of course……

  473. Anneke Urbatsch Says:

    I have a PPB diaper bag and I love it!!! The new passage to persia fabric would be great for fall!

  474. Lie Michel Says:

    I first saw the society satchel diaper bag over a year ago when my best friend became pregnant. I was so in love with it and was so upset when the stores near me couldnt find the color I wanted. I must say this years passage to persia catches my eye just like the Cake line did, I would love to see Miss Lily surrounded by all this beautiful color.

  475. Nicole Says:

    Misted Marseille. To die for!

  476. Lie Michel Says:

    I love the Earl Grey as well as the Passage to Persia. I would love to see my sweet Miss Lily in any of these beautiful colors.

  477. Safina Khan Says:

    The Amayrllis Roll Brocase is gorgeous color and print….the weekender in that print and fabric would look stunning!!

  478. Emily Says:

    I love, love, love the new prints. I would give anything to win a PPB weekender!

  479. Whitney DeMatteis Says:

    The Earl Grey is beautiful, I love it!!

  480. Jenna Layne Says:

    I LOVE the new bags and the bigger the better!

  481. Sarah Says:

    LOVE the new collection! I’s so excited about the iPhone covers : )

  482. Heather C Says:

    I don’t know where they keep finding these fabulous fabrics, but PPB hasn’t had one yet that I don’t like! Love their stuff!

  483. Athea Says:

    I love the Champagne Roll Brocade, so pretty! I love the Touring Totes too, very elegant, love that is doesn’t look like a diaper bag!

  484. michelle hill Says:

    Okay Im in LOVE with the Majestic Murano Coated Cotton. Do you have matching wallets as I know what I want for my B-day!!

  485. Brandi Pittman Says:

    Oh man, I don’t know which item I want the most! I love the Majestic Murano fabric. I would love to get the weekender, the stroller cover, or the breastfeeding cover. And any of the others as well… :)

  486. Erin Says:

    Love the Indelible Iris…I just might need an weekender!!!

  487. K. Smith Says:

    I love how the nursing cover folds into its own pouch. Perfect for a Mom on the go! I love all of the new patterns but my favorite has to be the Champagne Roll Brocade!

  488. Bernadette Says:

    I all of the prints especially passage to persia! I would love the weekender!

  489. Rosie Says:

    I’m loving the Touring Tote in Earl Grey. I’m loving everything grey right now and it is perfect for a boy or girl!

  490. Jackie W Says:

    I love all the prints, nut the earl grey is my favorite.

  491. Amber Burke Says:

    I Love the indelible iris pattern. all of these new prints are just perfect for fall!
    I am craving a wistful weekender, I have had my eye on one ever since I saw my friends. It is the perfect size for packing up this and that when my boxy diaper bag just isnt big enough. This would just wrap up my summer off with my babies and our trips to the beach.

  492. Erica Says:

    I think that the deep purples are very HOT this fall! Love!

  493. anna kiggins Says:

    positively plaid!~ this pattern is so me. it is funny how a fabric can describe you! I love how you can be a mom in style with petunia pickle bottom….

  494. Noelle Says:


  495. Danielle Says:

    I am drawn to the inedible iris. Too pretty.

  496. tina Says:

    I love the coated canvas far away fold out tote in lively la paz is so pretty.

  497. Nichole Says:

    I love the weekender and the Travel through tivoli… how cute!

  498. Jessica Says:

    The Passage to Persia is goregous!! I would love to have the weekender in it.

  499. Dejah Says:

    Wow, I love so many of their new prints. I was looking at the iphone cases yesterday, and there were 3 I loved.

  500. Julie Murray Says:

    Love the colors in all of them! And would love a Weekender even more in November when baby #2 arrives!

  501. Heidi Says:

    I love all the new patterns, but the blissful buttercup caught my eye first.

  502. Aubrey Says:

    I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Faraway Fold Out Tote in Lively La Paz, or Majestic Murano!

  503. Monica Says:

    I love the Passage to Persia! Beautiful!

  504. Claire Says:

    I LOVE the fold out tote bags! I must have that!

  505. Rachael Says:

    With three kids under the age of two, I’d love a weekender bag! I’m also loving everything in the Cake line.

  506. Leslie Petersen Says:

    I am LOVING the Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris! So FAB! Love the pattern and purple is my favorite color. The new line is really nice. I always put my girl in her Petunia Pickle Bottoms…..they’re the cutest, most comfortable and my number one choice! :)

  507. sandra gest Says:

    I totally love them all.I like things that are different and these are just my style!!!!!!!!!!

  508. Beth Says:

    blissful buttercup! love it!

  509. Denise Cashman Says:

    I am craving a Wanderlust Wallet in Majestic Murano from PPB.

  510. Kathy Nguyen Says:

    Buttercup bliss is my favorite!

  511. Lisa Says:

    I love the positively plaid satchel- so cute

  512. Natasha Says:

    I love all of the ppb bags!!!! They fit everything you need without feeling like you are cramming it all in!!!

  513. Shawna Says:

    Oh I’d love to have a wistful weekender. I have the sashay already and it’s AWESOME for theme parks. Just awesome. The weekender will be wonderful for travel.

  514. amanda strama Says:

    I love the blissful buttercup…so beautiful for fall!

  515. Teresa Says:

    Aren’t they just gorgeous?!

  516. Cheryl Daems Says:

    These prints are all wonderful and the styles of each bag are definite wants, but I do like the lavender!

  517. Laurie Says:

    I love the Misted Marseille Coated Cotton – so pretty! But I think all of them are fabulous!

  518. lisa w Says:

    Love love the Grey Chenille! Would go with anything and not gender specific! CUTE! :)

  519. Holly Says:

    All of the new prints are amazing!! The weekend bag would be absolutely perfect for our travels this month!!

  520. Lauren Says:

    Fall is one of my favorite times of year, as is this new fall collection

  521. amy cline Says:

    They are all gorgeous!

  522. laurel Says:

    id love the weekender!

  523. Brenda Says:

    I am craving a Wistful Weekender for many reasons. We are having our fourth son and with three other boys, there is never enough to carry. Our first son is a Type 1 Diabetic, so this bag also offers ample room to fit all the necessary items that he needs for us to travel. I absolutely LOVE the new patterns.

  524. Rhonda Says:

    love the ecletic style and the function of the weekender. I have loads of things I could do with a bag like that!! And I love the soft pink in the champaign and pink colors. These are great bags!!

  525. Tiffany Says:

    They are all such beautiful prints, it was hard to pick just one. I think all of the bags and accesories are amazing. Who doesn’t need a fabulous weekender bag?

  526. Patricia Says:

    The champagne roll is chic and elegant. I would love a weekender. Would be fun to have to take to the US tennis open and show all the tennis pros there. Waldorf Austoria guests would love these, too.

  527. Gonca Says:

    Love the iris and the Passage to Persia, Murano is pretty nice too.

  528. Toni Myers Says:

    All are nice. I personally prefer Earl Grey – a definite color trend this year.

  529. Sara Says:

    I love the new Earl Grey print! I would love to have the wistful weekender! With a new baby on the way and our family living far away, I know we would put it to good use for overnighters! I love love love the new stroller covers!

  530. Heidi LaBudde Says:

    So wish these beautiful diaper bags were available when my kids were babies, but love that you have so many gorgeous items available for me now! Love the weekender bag and iPhone covers!

  531. Kelly B Says:

    Blissfull buttercup – perfect colors for fall…

  532. Jamie McDonald Says:

    I absolutely ADORE the Earl Grey!!!

  533. Jamie Says:

    I’m not even a purple fan but Passage to Persia has made me one! And love the previously released La Paz on the new iPhone cases!

  534. Toni Myers Says:

    Great Fabrics. My personal favorite is Earl Grey chenille – a definite color trend right now.

  535. Dana Says:

    The Misted Marseilles is so beautiful and understated! I love it!

  536. Jayme B Says:

    I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Braocade Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Earl Grey Chenille!!

  537. Marie Songco-Torres Says:

    I’m so in love with the Earl Grey Chenille. With two girls I would LOVE the Weekender in Indelible Iris!

  538. Jessica Schiffbauer Says:

    I love the Early Grey Chenille pattern. But, I also saw the Wistful Weekender in Buttercup and instantly wish I owned one. Two great patterns!

  539. Sara A. Says:

    The Weekener bag in the Earl Grey Chenille would be amazing – gotta have it!

  540. Laurie Oldorff Says:

    very nice!

  541. Chrissy Says:

    I LOVE all the fall colors, but absolutely LOVE the Majestic Murano. Perfect for fall and summer, anytime of year! The Weekender would be perfect for us as we travel back and forth for overnight trips with our little ones. Chic traveling with Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  542. Emily Nguyen Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Cross Town Clutch – would love it in Earl Grey Chenille!

  543. Cindi Says:

    All of your new designs are fabulous.
    The “Blissful Buttercup” is my favorite
    Many thanks, Cindi

  544. Toni Myers Says:

    All great fabrics and products. An Earl Grey cross town tote would be my pick.

  545. amy cline Says:


  546. Michelle Lynch Says:

    I would love the weekender:) Love the Majestic Murano’s colours! Perfect for our little Emerson:)

  547. Nadia Orr Says:

    I really love all the new fabrics but I think that the weekender in Travel Through Tivoli would be awesome!!

  548. Melanie G. Says:

    The weekender in indelible iris is my favorite!

  549. Kate C Says:

    I am loving the new collection! The two purple prints are my favorite :) Passage to Persia in ANYTHING would be my favorite :P But I do love the weekender in Indelible Iris!

  550. terra Says:

    I love that you’re using some organic cottons!!!

  551. Helen Nkamaoto Says:

    I love purple and I’m so glad there’s two to choose from!

  552. Meredith Says:

    Love, Love, Love the Earl Grey!!

  553. Erin L. Says:

    I’ve been eying the Touring Tote for a few weeks now, but just can’t pick my favorite print (I loooooooove both the Misted Marseille and the Frolicking in Fez prints)! I’m due October 5th with my first baby, so I better get to ordering soon :).

  554. Tata Says:

    Everything Majestic Murano!

  555. Kasia Says:

    the simplicity of the earl grey!!

  556. Amy Watts Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille is one of my favorites!

  557. dc ebaugh Says:

    They’re all so cute! The plaid and the iris and the murano…

  558. Kerstin Olcott Says:

    Love the new prints!

  559. Becky L Says:

    Can’t decide which I want more- Sashay Satchel in Indelible Iris, Touring Tote in Earl Grey or an Ergo Baby Carrier!

  560. Lisa Michalakopoulos Says:

    Love all of the patterns, but the Toffee Roll and the Champagne Roll are my favs!!!!

  561. Katie l. Says:

    I love that the fall collection has purple prints!

  562. Annette Says:

    Earl Gray is my new favorite…I think I’ll add it to my registry. I had the boxy backpack with my last baby and it was perfect, so I think I’ll stick to that!!

  563. Charlotte Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottom has done it again, her bags are addicting. A girl can never have to many and it’s so great that you can coordinate with baby.It’s hard to pick a favorite!

  564. Liz Says:

    I adore the weekender bag in the Indelible Iris! Absolutely gorgeous!

  565. heather f Says:

    I Love love love everything about all these bags. I am loving the weekender and I love all the new prints. I am especially craving the weekender in the earl grey chenille.. to die for!

  566. Shawna McLister Says:

    I am craving anything PPB! Love the new fall line!

  567. Pam Harris Says:

    I love the positively plaid:) I would love to have it!!!

  568. brandi w Says:

    I love the new collection!

  569. EmmaJ Says:

    I love the Indelible Iris… especially since my new baby girl is named Iris.

  570. Tyann Urich Says:

    I love love love PPB! I am craving the iPhone 4 case, shopping tote, and nursing cover!! Love your classic great prints. Am so in love with the fall line, all so great but my faves are Majestic murano, Earl grey chenille, & travel through Tivoli! Also love the lively la Paz & evening in Innsbruck! So excited, hope I win!

  571. Elena B. Says:

    I love all colors & styles.

  572. Susan A Says:

    So cute and original!

  573. Jen F Says:

    I just love the Purple’s in the new collection, I would love a satchel in Iris and a touring tote in Murano and Persia!!!!!!!!!! By far my favorite collection of theirs so far!!!!

  574. Rhonda Cunningham-Phillips Says:

    Simply love, love, love the prints you use! Having a bag, along with a cosmetic bag ~ would be AMAZING and AWESOME!

  575. Dana Attwood Says:

    For me it’s a toss up between the Toffee Roll and Blissful Buttercup as my fave. But, don’t get me wrong, I love them all!

  576. Sarah L Says:

    The Cross Town Clutch Misted Marseille is the perfect accessory!

  577. SHANNON Says:


  578. laura davis Says:

    What’s not to love about these new prints?!

  579. Kelly V Says:

    How could you not love all of the prints?! Earl Grey got my vote, though. <3 PPB!

  580. staceys Says:

    Oh whoever wins the wistful weekender (in my favorite new pattern by the by) is one lucky mama!

  581. KristiD Says:

    I currently have a PPB Earl Grey Boxy Backpack given to me as a Christmas present from my mother and LOVE it! It’s so cute, classy & comfy! My manly husband doesn’t even mind carrying it because of it’s comfort! :) I would love, love, love the weekender bag!!!! The new prints are fantastic!

  582. Desiree Says:

    I would love to have the weekender! All of the new fabrics are amazing!

  583. Jenn Topliff Says:

    Wow! The new prints are incredible. Petunia Picklebottom is always so ‘right on’ in terms of being fashionable and friendly – but not being overtly ‘kid’! I would carry any of these gorgeous bags but am particularly in love with Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris – what a stunning carry-all! I used the burnt-out pink/chocolate shoulder bag about 3 years ago as a diaper bag, but still use it as a purse because it’s so fabulous!

  584. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard Says:

    voted for the Champagne Roll Brocade
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  585. LeslieL Says:

    I love love love them all, but my absolute favorite is the Japanese Tea Sashay Satchel! The is without a doubt the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. I love Japanese designs and my house is full of things like that and that would go so well with some of my little girls other baby stuff!!

  586. Suzie Says:

    Love the new collection!!! I would love that Earl Gray Chenille bag :) Thanks

  587. amanda Says:

    Love the Travel Through Tivoli Canvas Cross Town Clutch and the Toffee Roll Print!

  588. Brooke Says:

    My wife needs a smaller handbag and these new prints would be perfect with her wardrobe!

  589. Tonya H Says:

    I love the Indelible Iris or the Blissful Buttercup Such a hard choice

  590. Nicole gagnon Says:

    Oh my I love them all. But am craving that bag. Agh I have to buy them all.

  591. Tara F. Says:

    I voted for a few because there are so many new fabulous prints. I am LOVING the Travel Through Tivoli and have been lusting after a weekender bag.
    sweetpoenies07 at gmail

  592. Katherine C Says:

    Love love love that Positively Plaid! So cute!!!

  593. annette Says:

    love the buttercup print. the weekender would be perfect for my little granddaughtes’ things when they come to visit.

  594. Gabriela Penaloza Says:

    I love the Passage to Persia and Indelible Iris!

  595. Erin P Says:

    Loving these – another great round of new prints, and especially love Indelible Iris!

  596. Jen Says:

    I love the weekender and the canvas totes! Great new colors.

  597. Betsy Says:

    Bags are my weakness-and I love love love the weekender!

  598. rachel williams Says:

    I love all of your prints and I am craving the print on the Organic Wistful Weekender bag in Incredible Iris!!

  599. Meghan Says:

    I love any bag in the Earl Grey!!

  600. Renell Smith Says:

    Love all them especially the toffee and the grey!

  601. Karen @sugarspiceliving Says:

    Love love love the Iris Organic. Super cute.

  602. Brittany Says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the weekender in the indelible iris

  603. Amanda Says:

    I LOVE the entire line!! I registered for a diaper bag for my upcoming little bean and I cherish it so!

  604. lilcg Says:

    love the new patterns and love that big weekend bag–it would be so handy!

  605. Dyana Says:

    I love the new fall prints!!! I am glad I haven’t bought my diaper bag yet!! But now how will I choose?!? I love them ALL!!

  606. Nancy Says:

    The new patterns are beautiful!
    PPB, you did it again! :) You make me want to get everything!

  607. Charity Says:

    I LOVE the nursing covers!!!! They are so cute and convenient that they fold into a little pouch for your purse or diaper bag- wonderful!!!! Hope to win!!!!!

  608. Kira Says:

    I LOVE all the new prints but loved the Indelible Iris and Persian one. I am craving the weekender bag!!

  609. Buphie Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection – too many fabulous patterns to choose from! But, if I had to pick one, I’d Travel through Tivoli. :-)

  610. laura Says:

    oooooh, the misted marseille and earl grey are to die for! i’m such a sucker for fall colors :)

  611. Ashley Says:

    They are ALL fabulous. I am sure ANY would go with at least 3 outfits. :)

  612. Autumn R Says:

    Love the Earl Gray and Champagne Roll – too cute without being too baby. The collection is great!

  613. Kathryn A. Says:

    I love the new fall line! How fun that they came out with iPhone covers too!

  614. Lindsay Says:

    They are all fabulous. So hard to decide. But, if I had to pick one, I’d go with the positively plaid!

  615. Marcy Says:

    I love all the beautiful colors! Color makes me feel energetic and happy!

  616. Alyssa W. Says:

    Love all the prints! Great colors and different styles!

  617. Addison Kat Says:

    Travel Through Tivoli Coated Cotton is my fav!

  618. Kristin Goforth Says:

    I adore the positively plaid, although they are all pretty fabulous!!! Would love to sport the weekender ;0)

  619. Niki Says:

    I really love all of them, but I’m partial to red :)

  620. Shana Says:

    I love it all!!

  621. kim Says:

    they look durable and fit for travel, handles are very important to me, as I carry a lot of stuff in my handbag!

  622. berni Says:

    LOVE the new colors and styles!

  623. Chantae Cooper Says:

    I’m ABSOLUTELY love, love, love, the fall line from PPB! I think I need/have to have a new iphone cover and will be ordering it ASAP. I would love to win anything from this line, but the weekender bag would be a dream come true to win!!!

  624. Marcela Says:

    Love all the new prints but Travel Through Tivoli is my favorite!!

  625. Kiley Says:

    Majestic Murano is my fav, although I would gladly take any of them – so cute!

  626. Nicole Mortensen Says:

    I really like the new line from PPB! It seems like they always have the newest and best stuff.

  627. Liliana Montemayor Says:

    I love the organic options and the new prints are adorable!

  628. Christy S. Says:

    Love love love PPB bags and really falling for the positively plaid right now. It is really hard to pick a favorite!

  629. Tract Says:

    Weekender in indelible iris is awesome!!!

  630. Jessica Colley Says:

    I love the Earl Gray Chenille! #2 and I would LOVE to win!

  631. Kelly Says:

    I love the new organic line, just what i need next! ;)

  632. Tracy Says:

    Looooove the new fall line, all the purples and reds! Would LOVE a weekender bag. PPB has such great styles!

  633. Paula Says:

    I love the Earl Grey….classic and trendy at the same time!

  634. Jackie Says:

    A friend of mine told me about these bags because I have been looking for a diaper bag that suits me and haven’t had any luck! I saw them and immediately fell in love! I especially like the reds and purple. It would be great to have as a diaper bag and purse in one!

  635. Jill Says:

    I would love the weekender and shoulder bag in Champagne Roll Brocade!

  636. Alyssa Cronk Says:

    Love all the new prints!!

  637. Sadie Says:

    Oh my goodness. I love them all. Most of all the weekender and shashals.

  638. Mila Lilien Says:

    I think the mix of bright and muted colors would match anything for fall. I’m a fan of any purple tones, because that always reminds me of fall. I want them all!

  639. ANGIE BECERRA Says:

    I LaLaLaLUV the Majestic Murano print! My favorite items are the “Wanderlust Wallet in Majestic Murano” and the “ Wistful Weekender” but would want it in the “Majestic Murano” MY BABY BOY LUVS TO SEE PRINTS ON HIS BASIC ITEMS :)

  640. Jacqueline Hunter Says:

    Loving all the new prints for Fall!! They are cute and trendy!! Would love to win the weekender bag!!

  641. Michele P. Says:

    I like the Passage to Persia and the Majestic Murano both are gorgeous prints.

  642. Charlene Pehrson Says:

    Blissful Buttercup is probably my favorite. My daughter just received your diaper bag – it it the ultimate in design, quality, and function.

  643. Michele Says:

    They are all so cute in their own way, it’s hard to choose! I’m attracted to the deep reds and browns, though. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the weekender in any print! :-)

  644. Adriana Says:

    LOVE the new fall line! My two favorites are Indelible Iris & Travel Through Tivoli!!!

  645. Charrise Says:

    I would LOVE to Win a Weekender! I’ve wanted one for so long, but can’t afford it. Thanks for the opportunity to Win one :)

  646. Bridget Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille!!

  647. Jacqueline Guyer Says:

    Just the one makes the cut for m, Earl Gray

  648. Melanie V. Says:

    I love all of the prints, but my favorite is Travel through Tivoli (in the iPhone 4 case!)

  649. Kirsten Says:

    I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Touring Tote Toffee Roll.

  650. Natasha Williams Says:

    I love the grey in the weekender! Grey is such a great neutral

  651. Dana pechar Says:

    I love them all and LOVE the weekender!

  652. WYO Di Says:

    I just made 3 hooter hiders for my daughter-in-LOVE; she could use one of yours with these great prints!!

  653. Rhonda Mason Says:

    I love the Blissful Buttercup. Thanks for the chance!

  654. cara Says:

    Love the weekender. mom of three, just joined PTO at elementary school & traded in my suv for a minivan. looking forward to carrying that big weekender bag as well. love the grays the most, wish they’d make that weekender bag in a glazed print. but i am intending to get the non-glazed anyway.

  655. Orene Says:

    Misted Marseille Boxy Backpacks or Touring Totes are my favorites!! But I do love them all!!! Something so classy about the print design that is different than all other diaper bags!

  656. Lindsey Says:

    I’m loving all the new prints. I am in love with the weekender. Looks great for plane rides!

  657. ashley Says:

    love the new patterns!

  658. Jen Says:

    These patterns are so contemporary and stylish for any expectant Mom that will be on the go. Love them all!

  659. Katie Says:

    LOVE anything blue and green so madly craving the Murano print.

  660. Kim Says:

    I’m obsessed with purple as of late. And, I need a go-anywhere bag that isn’t too schlumpy and frumpy but can dress up the everyday errand. Love the weekender bag for that!

  661. Karen Says:

    The Positively Plaid Organic is so different and beautiful. How I would love to have it in a weekend bag. Packing a bag like that on a trip makes you feel good. A Beautiful Bag going on an adventure.

  662. Carrita Campbell Says:

    these products are wonderful and will have a variety of uses.

  663. Aubree Seaman Says:

    I love the Earl Gray Chenille Stroller cover for my baby boy who is due at the beginning of October!! I want it, I want it, I want it! :)

  664. Brittany Says:

    Blissful Buttercup and Indelible Iris. I’d love a new ppb bag!! :)

  665. Emily G Says:

    I am craving a great diaper bag that I can tote around town that I am proud to wear. PPB gives me the satisfaction of style and function that I CRAVE!

  666. Erin Says:

    I love the new majestic murano print!! I typically am obsessed with the cake line, but I also love the wistful weekender and the wanderlust wallet, too. And my cross town clutch goes with me everywhere, so I could totally use another one of those in a different color!

  667. Megan Jarvis Says:

    Drop dead gorgeous! Do I have to pick one? :) Since this is the fall collection I think shades of purple are always a must so I love Indelible Iris!!! (but also love Champagne Roll)

  668. Brittany A Says:

    I absolutely adore the Earl Gray!! Such a classy print and looks good with everything!

  669. Siobhan brotherhood Says:

    Absolutely love the PPB range just gorgeous!!

  670. Shara Says:

    I love everything PPB makes, but I would really love a clutch or wistful weekender.

  671. Amanda Says:

    I love the blues, greens, grays, and purple prints. The weekender would be a great use-for-everything bag, even diaper bag! I have been looking for a diaperbag, a backpack for my twins and this brand is the Go-To!

  672. Lynda Says:

    they are all so lovely….hard to choose!

  673. Melanie Says:

    I’ve never owned a PPB bag, but every time I see a bag I like that someone is carrying, I look at the label, and it’s always PPB!!! Haha! Guess I should invest in one! Would love to win!

  674. Ashley T. Says:

    Love Love LOVE the new fall collection! I have to have a Earl Grey Boxy or TT!!

  675. Lynn Says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom! The Earl Grey Chenille is such a great addition to the collection. I want a new PPB backpack for the arrival of baby #2.

  676. Tracy S. Says:

    I never tried your products so this would be a treat to win a prize!! Thanks

  677. Kristin Sexton Says:

    I love all the new weekender prints!

  678. Rita Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille is just my style, I LOVE it!!!

  679. Tanya Says:

    Have to the positively plaid diaper bag for my sister. She just found out she’s having a girl!!!

  680. Tracey Byram Says:

    I like the Earl Grey Chenille.

  681. Jill B Says:

    LOVE it all – especially the fold out tote and the stroller cover!

  682. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    i love the crosstown clutch and the new iphone covers!

  683. Jennine Says:

    I love the Earl Grey, it would go well for both a little boy or girl. And would look great with all of my outfits too!

  684. Brianna Says:

    Love the purple! The weekender would be so great to hold everything!

  685. Sara Says:

    I love their prints! So fun! A weekender would be used a lot in my house!! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  686. erica heintz Says:

    I love the indelible iris print! And I don’t usually go for purples – I just think its so versatile!

  687. Abby S Says:

    I always feel stylish with a great bag, and ppb does it right! So versatile and so well designed! The prints get better every season and this one is no exception!

  688. Erikka Says:

    I think these bags are absolutely gorgeous! I hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  689. suki Says:

    Fabulous as always!!!

  690. Jenny Says:

    I love the misted marseille!!

  691. Elisha Says:

    I love the Earl Grey. So pretty and versatile!

  692. Dawn Says:

    I would love the weekender! Or the clutch! It’s hard to decide…

  693. Lindsey N Says:

    I have a newborn and would LOVE the Wistful weekender. great new patterns

  694. leah Says:

    I would love the shoulder bag in the new pattern “Earl Gray Chenille” it looks roomy and classy.

  695. Stacey Says:

    I like the champagne roll b/c purple is my favorite color! Would LOVE a weekender bag!

  696. meg Says:

    the new prints are so chic!

  697. Misha Says:

    The fabric collection is gorgeous in true PPB fashion! I am loving the grey & cream fabrics this season. It’s a savvy style while soft & sweet.

  698. Anne Says:

    I voted for the Murano but it was hard to choose!

  699. Maggie Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottom never ceases to amaze me with all of the creative and beautiful prints! I would love a weekender and a nursing cover for my soon to be little miracle!

  700. kate Says:

    love!! misted marseille is my fave! gorgeous bag.

  701. Kimberly Says:

    I love love the new prints, every one of them! I would love the weekender for my sister and brand new baby niece!

  702. Angela Burman Says:

    The Toffee Roll is very feminine and sophisticated…. like the print the best!

  703. Allison Brear-Farrell Says:

    This makes me excited for the cool fall weather… just what I need, some new accessories to complete my post baby “new” wardrobe aka… fitting into my old clothes again!

  704. Leigh Says:

    They’re all great – we have one PPB already and would love to get a bigger one!

  705. Erin Matts Says:

    Loving the new prints! They are all great, it’s just too hard to choose one favorite. Would love to get my hands on one of those weekenders!

  706. amanda Says:

    im looking forward to fall and hopefully getting the weekender in the Indelible Iris

  707. Elisa Jara Says:

    My fave print is Misted Marseille – love it! sophisticated yet casual for any event or day of the week!

  708. Sarah Platt Says:

    I LOVE the toffee roll brocade! PPB always has such great styles! Love you guys!

  709. Suzanne Says:

    Love Passage to Persia!

  710. Arlene Purisima Says:

    I would love a weekender bag…actually I wouldn’t mind having the whole collection! They are all just so cute…hard to pick. I’d like a train case…

  711. zinnia khalid Says:

    I love love love all of them but my favorite is Travel Through Tivoli Coated Cotton. would love to win one!!:)

  712. debby Says:

    I love the new prints but i think the Indelible Iris is one of my favorties! Would love to win!!

  713. Krishna Says:

    I love the Earl grey stroller cover and the champagne brocade messenger bag,,,with my little girl on the way, these patterns really awesome.

  714. April Beshires Says:

    I love the new totes!!! They are a must have.

  715. Marielyn Says:

    I love the Earl Grey Chenille. The Chenille line is light and easy to take care. The Earl Grey pattern so versatile. I love it!

  716. Chloe Sebaugh Says:

    Love the majestic murano! Dying to have a weekender!

  717. Maria Speidel Says:

    I was just thinking how much more popular Petunia PB has become. I love the new prints. I’m just waiting for PPB to replace the coach store at my local mall. I’m sure their store would be far more beautiful!

  718. Kathy Says:

    So cute! Would love the shoulder bag, heck I would love every item in all prints.

  719. Amy Says:

    I would love the weekender!!! I am have a baby girl on the 1st of sept. @ 11:30am and we travel a lot as a family! This would be a great to carry all a new born and 2 year olds things in!! :-)

  720. Crystal Loftus Says:

    I Love Love Love the majestic Murano and the Blissful Buttercup! The Wistful Weekender is such a cool bag, anyone would be lucky to have!

  721. John Clark Says:

    Amaryllis Roll Brocade is positively decadent, It would make great suspenders.

  722. Desiree Says:

    The weekender bag is one of my favorite! And the new prints are super awesome! Being a mom if a 3year old with a new baby, I love my boxy backpack, and the weekender is the perfect bag for the family!

  723. Stacy Says:

    Love them all!!! Please let me win!!!:)

  724. Carol L Says:

    They are all exceptional but I definitely favor Travel Through Tivoli. A great opportunity.
    GFC follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L

  725. Stacy Norris Says:

    I would love to win this! I love all the bright colors!! I hope I win!!!!

  726. cin Says:

    Such gorgeous prints!! Love them!

  727. Susan Laney Says:

    A girl needs quality bags! Loving the whole line. I must say that the Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris is my absolute favorite. It (among other things) makes me excited about the idea of packing my bag! The new patterns are exceptional and I have my eye on a few other things like the iphone cover and the tote in Lively La Paz- but I gotta have a weekender!

  728. Jeni Says:

    I love just about everything from Petunia Pickle Bottom!!! The Indelible Iris in organic cotton is so beautiful. I’d love to win the weekender bag; with 2 little girls it would be perfect :)

  729. joann Says:

    Love the new prints, would love to win a weekender!

  730. Amanda N Says:

    Just found PPB last week (apparently I’ve been living under a very remote rock!), and I am in love. I so want a weekender, and I love the new Earl Grey pattern. Grey is the perfect neutral!

  731. liz biviano Says:

    I love all the prints! I have never seen them before, and the weekender would be just the thing for a gorgeous fall weekend in New England

  732. Theresa Pescadera Says:

    if i have to only choose one fave, it’ll have to be Earl Grey. Otherwise, i’d choose them all!!!

  733. Stephanie Says:

    I love them all but Indelible Iris is great for fall.

  734. C.M.Lyttle Says:

    They are all gorgeous! Who could choose just one?

  735. mariel Says:

    Love the earl grey print!! Amazing!

  736. Mandy B Says:

    I am drooling over the new prints! I am trying so hard to convince my hubby to let me get a Sashay Satchel and love all 3 new prints!

  737. Lauren Says:

    I couldn’t just pick one, love the fall line! I’ve lusted after these bags since my first pregnancy. With a baby coming this fall the weekender would be the perfect size to accommodate our travel needs.

  738. yummy Says:

    I just bought a spring/summer weekender bag, but I like fall print too. I love it!! It’s cute!!! :D

  739. Melissa Says:

    They are all gorgeous! I want them ALL! (Though admittedly, I have a bit of a “thing” for bags). I think I actually NEED the weekender though. :)

  740. Stephanie Says:

    I recently purchased a PPB weekender for my youngest daughter. I love the pattern and the size of the bag. Not only has it been perfect for those weekends to grandma’s but I’ve gotten so many compliments on this great bag. I would love to have another weekender with the new pattern for my older daughter. We would have a perfect set!

  741. Mattie Smith Says:

    I love the Earl Grey! Just had my second baby (a girl this time!) a last month and I would love to have the weekender!!!

  742. Teri Says:

    Wow, great new prints! I am loving the Earl Grey Chenille Stroller Cover and the Weekender bag in Champagne Roll would be amazing!

  743. JennHill Says:

    I absolutely love them all but the passage to Persia is a must have. I’ve wanted Petunia Pickle Bottom for a while. The weekender is a great size

  744. Diana Ho Says:

    Love the new prints…can’t wait to check them out in the stores. This would double as a bag for my daughter and me. :)

  745. Jen Schmidt Says:

    I love the Champagne Roll Brocade. Beautiful!

  746. M Says:

    Blissful Buttercup is my favorite! It matches my personality

  747. Jaclyn Hubbard Says:

    I would love the Earl Grey Chenille print! It is beautiful. And I have been craving a weekend bag! ;)

  748. Janelle LaCroix Says:

    I Love the new fabrics!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  749. Amy Rich Says:

    Love all the new fall colors. I am going to order a new bag tonight!

  750. Kristi J. Says:

    Mmmm I am craving the weekender in the earl grey chenille… delicious print! LOVING the new PPB line!! I have the buttercream cake bag and love it but my little one is too old to lug that puppy around now. Would LOVE any weekender… thanks for the chance :)


  751. Mel Says:

    Love the new iPhone covers – the yellow and green floral print on black!! I will be ordering it soon. I am due anyday and have always loved the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. They are all awesome and have always had the best prints.

  752. Janel Says:

    everyone needs a good weekender bag!!

  753. B Still Says:

    This “cindermommy” could definitely use a weekend away, without the kids, and a cool new bag would top it off!

  754. Jane Yang Says:

    Love the new line and the weekender would be perfectly stylish – just in time for my second!

  755. Jennifer Morgeson Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille print is adorable! I love those pretty, classic prints for my baby girl. We love pink, but I like to add prints and colors that work well with any color! I am definitely craving the Weekender!

  756. Jennifer Says:

    Travel Through Tivoli- love the clutch too! Can’t wait until September when it rolls out!

  757. Melissa oneill Says:

    I love the Earl grey weekender!

  758. Vanessa Says:

    I really love the Champagne Roll Brocade it is classic with it’s own style. I would love to have this bag. I would feel pretty just wearing it each day!

  759. Leslie Says:

    Love them all!!!

  760. Emma Wallace Says:

    LOVE, love, love! I chose the Toffee Roll – delicious! And I’d love a stroller cover for my baby’s upcoming autumn!

  761. Charlene Says:

    All about the grey this season.PPBottoms Up!:>

  762. Courtney Groce Says:

    I love the Earl grey chenille…all of the Bags are great!

  763. Angie Says:

    I LOVE all the Petunia products! I have a Boxy Backpack and was hoping it would be worn out by now so I would have an excuse to buy one of the new Fall items…but NOPE, still good as NEW!! :)

  764. Carolyn Says:

    love the organic wistful weekender bags!…hope to get one this weekend!…and use it on my weekend trips this month!

  765. rob curtis Says:

    i liked the colors on most all some more than others

  766. Gale Longley Says:

    Love all hard to take just one!

  767. Shaughnessy Says:

    Oh the weekender bag is something I would die to have! I love big bags that are wide, so I don’t have to dig around for all of my little boy’s things! Majestic Murano is a print that I feel is very versatile for a boy or girl… I would never order anything besides coated cotton! So easy to clean! :)

  768. Christina Klopp Says:

    I LOVE Misted Marseille Coated Cotton fabric. It inspires bright lights on a cool evening in me. The hint of yellow in the pattern Just gorgeous!

  769. Zmama Says:

    Love the shoulder bag in champagne roll!

  770. Teresa K. Says:

    Would love the weekender!

  771. Lindsay Says:

    the nursing cover is beautiful!
    all of the new prints are gorgeous – it was hard to vote on just one!

  772. Carolyn S Porterfield Says:

    Great styles and fabrics.

  773. Pat N. Says:

    Love all the prints but would love the Earl Grey Chenille print for my first granddaughter

  774. Katie Says:

    I absolutely love the Lovely in La Paz print, even though that wasn’t a new one. And a weekender would be lovely to own!!

  775. ariane penrose Says:


  776. Natalie Jakobsohn Says:

    I really loved them all hard to pick my fav. So much fun!!!!!

  777. Marsha Webber Pope Says:

    I am excited for the chance to win the Wistful Weekender! It’s my favorite new item from PPB! Also I must say I’m loving the new iphone cover! Something I’m excited to purchase and never would have expected from PPB! (And I’ve been looking for a case for some time. Glad I came across this!)

  778. marsha otkupman Says:

    would love the blissful buttercup

  779. lace Says:

    I love their collaboration with Ergo!

  780. renee h Says:

    i have been lusting after a wanderlust wallet!

  781. Rebecca Says:

    I’m in LOVE with the weekender in Indelible Iris. The new Fall collection is gorgeous!

  782. Annie Leckie Says:

    I love so many of them!!! What a beautiful collection!

  783. Blanca Gonzalez Says:

    Its lovely to have a chance to switch up for the fall. These wonderfully fabulous designs are perfect for change in season! They get you into the spirit of the seasons…fun!

  784. Kathy Julian Says:

    Would absolutely LOVE anything PICKLED!

  785. Arielle Says:

    Shoulder bag or weekender please! So beautiful!

  786. Jennifer Antle Says:

    Classy and Beautiful !!! I want them all…..

  787. Marcie Says:

    Have the organic cotton backpack/tote and love it! Will be great after serving as a diaper bag too :) Love the new iris print – would be great in weekender bag style!

  788. Rachel Schanck Says:

    I am craving a new petunia pickle bottom bag, I love them!!! Your patterns are beautiful!!!

  789. Aura Says:

    I have had my eyes on the black walnut cake park avenue pocketbook for some time now and now I’m hoping to get my baby the new stroll in earl grey chenille although I wish it came in majestic murano or passage to persia

  790. megan Says:

    I love all the bags, they are so cute. I Love adult diaper bags so much cuter then silly winnie the pooh stuff.

  791. Aitu Taube Says:

    I love that cross town clutch, so cute!

  792. Brittany Echols Says:

    Love the Earl Gray!!!! Very Classy……

  793. jenny Says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom and the Plaid is so cute.

  794. clarissa Says:

    they are all so great. Once again Petunia Pickle Bottom leaves me impressed!

  795. Karen K Says:

    I love the Earl Grey Chenille fabric and style the best. Beautiful!

  796. Sherrie Cruson Says:

    I love all of the gorgeous prints, especially the Indelible Iris Organic Cotton print. Very cute!

  797. Jennifer H Says:

    I love all these prints and would LOVE the Weekender!

  798. Sabrita Says:

    Such lovely fabrics and designs. I adore the iPhone covers in Lively LaPaz. It would be so easy to find in my purse and the envy of my friends. I also “crave” the Cake Cosmopolitan Hampton Holdall in Black Walnut. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  799. MelodyJ Says:

    I like Passage to Persia best but really like all the prints. I want the Train Travel Cases. Love the retro feel of them.


  800. Eileen Gauthier Says:

    I keep changing my mind maybe Travel Through Tivoli? They are all great!

  801. Peggy Todd Says:

    These products are the best – I’d love to buy them for my friends – but ME first! I’m tired of drooling over other people’s PPB bags. :0)

  802. Megan Says:

    I’m having a little boy and his nursery colors are navy and green so I swooned over the Majestic Murano print!!

  803. katherine Says:

    I LOVE the Indelible Iris print!

  804. Suzanne Says:

    I love them all. Hard to choose!

  805. Catherine hwang Says:

    Love passage to Persia! Can’t wait for the new cake line in the spring!!!! Craving for a new society!

  806. Janna Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille is a classic! It could go with practically any outfit.

  807. Jody Says:

    Craving the Earl grey chenille matched the stroller. Also love the iPhone cover!!

  808. Christine Says:

    Oh my god, i love all of them…

  809. Lisa Says:

    Love it!

  810. Carly Kipp Says:

    What am I craving? Femininity. My boys have taken over everything but hopefull, a to die for PPB bag can restore all that was list! I love PPB.

  811. Carly Kipp Says:

    What am I craving? Femininity. My boys have taken over everything but hopefully, a to die for PPB bag can restore all that was lost! I love PPB.

  812. Barbara Davis Says:

    Majestically elegant. The Fall 2011 prints are very sophisticated.

  813. Susanne Says:

    Positively Plaid is a versatile color

  814. Carmela Rios Says:

    I was smitten by the charming print of the Indelible Iris Wistful Weekender. Gorgeous colors. A MUST HAVE!!!

  815. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Love the whole line, but if I had to pick one it would be the Wistful weekender in Indelible Iris!! Just love that color!!!!!!

  816. Laurie Harrison Says:

    Pick one? Are you kidding? LOL I love the plaid. It is not a typical plaid and I like it ever so much! (but I like all the new prints as well) Great job on the fall line up!

  817. Sarah Calhoun Says:

    The new line is TO DIE FOR! I love them all, but if I had to pick, I’d say that the weekender in indeliable iris is my favorite! Love it, and PPB!!

  818. Amanda Says:

    The new colors are great. I love the weekender and that touring tote diaper bag is fabulous.

  819. Brandy Taylor Says:

    I love the entire line! BUT.. I’m in LOVE with the weekender in MOONLIT MOMENTS !!!! <3<3<3

  820. Christine Kellogg Says:

    I love the Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton fabric!!! SOOOO enlightening!! I would love the opportunity to have PPB item! I fell in love with them at a Nordstrom store, but since we moved to Buffalo have not seen them :( My husband was laid off a year ago so being able to buy one has not been in our budget as of late…would love to win!!!

  821. Heather Says:

    Would love the weekender- really like the Earl Gray- maybe it’s because of my fondness for the tea…

  822. Cathy D Clayton Says:

    I have never seen such unique beautiful styles!! Is it obvious I am new to this site?

  823. Lindsay Says:

    I just love the weekender bag! Very functional for my every day life.

  824. Tara G Says:

    I love the Earl Gray and the Misted Marseille! Would love the Wistful Weekender, it would be my first PPB.

  825. Rachel Goldfarb Says:

    The new line is terrific- full of color and warmth! Love the cross town clutch in travel through tivoli and the stroller bunting in earl gray!!!

  826. Amy Lehenbauer Says:

    I love these items. My favorite is the Earl Grey Chenille.

  827. Joanna Drake Says:

    I love the Indelible Iris Organic Cotton. It is a great print and colorway. I would love to see it in other colors combos. Like blue and orange or blue and green. Great job!

  828. Traci C Says:

    Great new line. Love it

  829. MN Mom Says:

    The new designs are elegant, yet trendy. I received a bag as a baby shower gift and everywhere I went, people were dying to know where to get one. I love my PPB!

  830. Christine B Says:

    I would LOVE a Wistful Weekender in Blissful Buttercup! :) Perfect colors for fall. Love!

  831. kerry price Says:

    The Misted Marseille is so lovely!!

  832. Carmen Weimer Says:

    Love the new prints…fabulous & fun!!

  833. Priya Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Misted Marseille print, it reminds me of my bedroom setting. All of the prints are so dainty and elegant!

  834. Meredith Heimsoth Says:

    Who isn’t craving a fabulous frame purse for Fall this year? Even better, PPB has their own twist on the hottest Fall must have … First on my list is Indelible Iris Sashay Satchel! Point me to the nearest store, I’m sold!

  835. April Thomas Says:

    These are all too adorable. My girlfriend had one and I can’t wait to get one!

  836. Amy S Says:

    LOVE Earl Grey & Blissful Buttercup! :)

  837. Melissa Yhomson Says:

    It’s so hard to pick! I love them all but I think it will be Champagne Roll Brocade!

  838. Mara Says:

    Organic Wistful Weekender in Indelible Iris looks like the perfect bag to me!

  839. kantrelle Says:

    I love, love the Earl Grey Chenille! :)

  840. mell Says:

    I love the Pasage to Persia pattern. Would love to win an Organic Wistful Weekender.

  841. Jeanna Says:

    I love them all! I would love to win a bag for my friend. She had a PPB diaper bag and it was stolen from her car :(

  842. Alleen Says:

    I like the Amaryllis Roll Brocade pattern.

  843. cheryl Says:

    These are such functional bags that look great. great combo!

  844. Milissa Says:

    I love the Earl Grey Chenille. It is a classic design with lovely shade of grey. The Wistful Weekender bag could ot have been named more appropriately. Lovely.

  845. Alana Suomela Says:

    I just love the spunky/modern pop of color and design of the Majestic Murano!

  846. Latoya Says:

    All are beautiful. I love the Earl Grey and Organic Wisful.

  847. Mindy Says:

    I adore the whole collection, but especially in love with the sashay satchels — I like blissful buttercup :)

  848. Brooke Says:

    I love the new Majestic Murano print!

  849. Dawn Says:

    I love the blissful buttercup!

  850. Nicole Says:

    The misted marseilles is beautiful… classic AND gender neutral! Perfect for the mommy-to-be who likes the baby’s sex to be a total surprise! Nothing but love for PPB! :)

  851. Cynthia Matz-Smith Says:

    Great looking bag

  852. Amy Says:

    Going on a trip in August, the weekender bag would be great to have!!

  853. Ashly DoByns Says:

    Love the new fall line and could really use a weekender bag!!! :)

  854. De-Lila Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the positively plaid

  855. Kristin Says:

    I love the misted marseille!! Have two boys so I love that those colors aren’t super girly because of them yet still girly enough for me!! :)

  856. Kelly Says:

    I love this bag I hope I can win it for my little girl! All the prints are so pretty for fall!

  857. Monika Says:

    Love all the new prints!! I’d buy them all if I could :)

  858. Joanna Koskamp Says:

    The Indelible Iris Organic Cotton bag is one of my favourite bag that I would love to win.

  859. Dana West Says:

    The new prints are fabulous!

  860. shelly Says:

    Love all of the new fall line! I would love the weekender bag!! Pick me Pick me!

  861. shelly Says:

    I love all of the new fall line. I would absolutely love the weekender bag.

  862. April Miller Says:

    I love the new Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroll Stroller Cover in Earl Grey Chenille! :)

  863. Joanna Says:

    I am DYING for an Earl Grey Chenille boxy backpack for my new addition on the way!!! It’s a perfect gender neutral-stylish print!

  864. gretchen Says:

    Love PPB!! All of the new prints are lovely!

  865. Amanda Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille is my absolute fave but I love them all! Would love to win the weekender bag. Fingers crossed for sure!

  866. Laura R. Says:

    I am craving the Wistful Weekender for sure. I can’t think of a more perfect bag for my birthday getaway weekend coming up!

  867. Erin Allen Says:

    Love the new collection! What a treat to have one all to myself!

  868. Michelle brown Says:

    Love most of them! My favorite print though is Passage To Persia!

  869. Caitlin C. Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new prints! My favorite is Blissful Buttercup Organic Cotton!!!

  870. Alisa Young Says:

    All of the prints are amazing, BUT I love color and had to go with the Iris print.

  871. Kimberly M Says:

    Just when I think I have found my DREAM pattern you come out with more! I am in L.O.V.E with the Majestic Murano!!!! I would love to win the weekender!!!!!!

  872. Corey J Mogdan Says:

    I loe the earl grey chenille, its soo fun!!!!! Would love to surprise my wife who is due Oct 2nd with our 3rd :)

  873. madilla Says:

    So pretty!

  874. Aisha Says:

    i love the Toffee Roll Brocade.

  875. Terri Midkiff Says:

    Cool bags!

  876. Robyn Says:

    Love the Earl Grey!

  877. Ivy Says:

    Love them all!

  878. Rebecca Carlo Says:

    I love the one you are giving away! I hope I win!!!

  879. Diana Gillette Says:

    Omgoodness! I am in love with all these new prints!! I would love to win PPB bag so bad!!!! Crossing fingers:)

  880. LORI Says:


  881. Emily Wilcox Says:

    These are beautiful!! As always!!

  882. Robbi Burkett Says:

    I love all of your new prints and styles, but my favorite is the Earl Grey! So chic!

  883. kelly rodriguez Says:

    I totally love all the collections! my faorite earl grey & majestic murano!

  884. Sue Says:

    Way to go! You’ve created more wonderful bags for Fall! They are all to die for, but the Passage to Persia takes the cake!

  885. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    I LOVE the Iris Weekender! Beautiful. All of them are beautiful!

  886. kim fleischmann Says:

    Everything that I have seen of this line is just plain FUN!!!!!!

  887. Rhonda Martin Says:

    A girl can never have to many bags~! I also liked the Petunia Pickle Bottom Faraway Fold Out Tote Evening in Innsbruck.

  888. Carisa Says:

    So many great prints to choose from – it was hard to pic a fav! Absolutely love the weekender bag – what a great product!

  889. Tamie Beach Says:

    I think I love the Earl Grey Chenille as much for the name as I do for the print! I’m an Earl Grey aficionado. But any print and any PPB bag would be fabulous to win anytime!

  890. mandi Says:

    I LOVE them all!!! I would especially LOVE to have the weekender!

  891. Pat Says:

    I love Passion to Persia – but they’re all beautiful!

  892. Michelle Says:

    Travel through Tipoli – cute.

  893. JoAnn Zimmerman Says:

    Would love to win any of these nice bags!

  894. Michelle Says:

    I love the bag and I need one the iphone covers. It’s just beautiful!

  895. Meredith Peters Says:

    I love the Indelible Iris pattern. My favorite colors and the pattern reminds me of Egypt!

  896. Lisa F. Says:

    It was difficult to chose just “one” pattern! They are all beautiful!

  897. Jenn Says:

    I love the Blissful Buttercup pattern, it’s just so HAPPY looking! And with having 8 children (ages 15, 13, 10, 8, 6, 3, 20months & 4 months) sometimes you just need just a little extra Happy in your day! LOL!

  898. Smythe Casiano Says:

    love the prints the weekender Iris is my fav! Would love this as we are expecting our 1st girl after 3 boys!!!

  899. Elissa Puckett Says:

    Petunia was the best stuff with #1 and five years later, we’ll be using her stuff for #2 also, SO CUTE!

  900. Kristin Sargent Says:

    My favorites from the fall line are the Misted Marseille & the Earl Grey. I would love a Wistful Weekender, especially in the Moonlit Moments (though it’s not from the fall line!). Right now I’m trying to figure out a way to get my hands on a touring tote in Frolicking in Fez or Misted Marseille. I absolutely love the Tea on the Thames print but I want a matching wallet, it’s too bad there isn’t one!

  901. Ellen Says:

    I love the Earl Grey… would be great for my boy!

  902. megan Says:

    They are all great prints, love the Earl Gray!
    All the new produvts are to die for…..I’d love to see a ppb car seat cover

  903. adrienne z Says:

    Love the Champagne Roll bag! Beautiful Print!!
    would love any one of these fabulous bags!!!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  904. Sabrina Says:

    LOVE…Love….LOVE all the new prints! I think that I need one of each! Would love to see Wallets added to match each collection!

  905. Kimberly Says:

    I love the purple shades. The Passage to Persia and Indelible Iris are both so pretty.

  906. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love the Passage to Persia, yet they are all so delightfully beautiful! What the splendid Fall Collection…LOve it!!!

  907. Brandii Says:

    It is so hard to choose just one. I love the Earl Gray, but am worried because it is a chenille print! That leaves my battle to be between Majestic Murano and Travel Through Tivoli!!!

  908. Dee Says:

    I would love to win a Weekender! Thanks for the giveaway!

  909. Erin McGraw Says:

    Love the majestic murano because the color Peacock is so in for Fall!!

  910. alison Says:

    I’m in head over heals love with Majestic Murano!!!

  911. Heidi W Says:

    Earl grey is so pretty. Thanks for the chance!

  912. Marjorie Says:

    love both of the grey prints; the lively la paz print may be my favorite though :)

  913. De Says:

    How am I supposed to choose??

  914. Aimee Rogers Says:

    I would ADORE an Earl Grey Weekender and Stroll! WOW! Love it!

  915. Carly Says:

    Would love a weekender. Love the majestic murano! Loving the turquoisesque colors!

  916. chrystal simmons Says:

    i thought earl grey earlier but i think now its the misted marseilles

  917. stacy h Says:

    tough call! misted marsaille i think =)

  918. Elizabeth P. Says:

    I love the Earl Grey. I would love to have PPB. have been drooling over one forever!

  919. janice barnes Says:

    I love all of the grays! My favorite print is the Travel through Tivoli and I’d love to win the weekender, as I know I would use it A LOT! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  920. Stephanie Shelton Says:

    I love all of them but my favorite is the earl gray!!!!

  921. Jennifer Says:

    The shoulder bag or weekender would be so handy! Love so many of the new prints!

  922. Colleen Cecil Says:

    Positively Plaid of course!

  923. CindyC Says:

    Love All of it …but Majestic Murano stands out upon all…love the fun pop out color and design.
    Ways to add some fun and light up my life :)

  924. Jennifer Says:

    I love them all and would LOVE to have one! :)

  925. Liz Says:

    Passage to Persia…runway look and colors with the deep purple. Will look great this fall!

  926. Rebekah Woosley Says:

    I love that Wistful Weekender!

  927. Julie U Says:

    love these great bags!!

  928. Tomi Says:

    PPB… Always so whimsical and chic! I’m a huge fan!

  929. Kristin M. Says:

    I love the Earl Grey! A neutral color for a boy or a girl and it goes with any mother’s outfit!

  930. Casey B. Says:

    I hope Misted Marseille catches up! I love green and grey, and I love underdogs … go MM!

  931. Colleen Valdez Says:

    All of the fall fabrics are beautiful but I LOVE the Earl Grey the best. I am a big fan of PPB and have many of your products.

  932. Jen Says:

    Classy and fun! I love the Earl Grey! It’s great when convienence and style go hand and hand!

  933. Alysha H Says:

    LOVE PPB, I have a few Touring Totes, but would LOVE a Weekender :)

  934. Stephanie Says:

    these are all so lovely! Maybe a new bag would inspire me to decide I am ready for my next little babe.

  935. Angela Says:

    Besides a Weekender, I am loving those iPhone 4 cases. So chic!

  936. Lisa L Says:

    So pretty! I love the Earl Grey, but they are all very nice.

  937. Kara Says:

    I LOVE all these prints…but I think my all time favorite is the Earl Grey bc of the versatility of it! The misted marcielle is a close second though!!!

  938. Carolyn Gates Says:

    I love the Positively Plaid Organic Cotton, very pretty!

  939. Chloe Sebaugh Says:

    Majestic murano all the way!

  940. laura fortenberry Says:

    Wait, I think I want to change my vote. So many great designs to chose from.

  941. Laurie Thompson Says:

    I love the weekender

  942. Lisa hawkes Says:

    Earl Grey!

  943. Krystal Says:

    It is sooo hard to choose my favorite~because they are all gorgeous!! But my fav is the Earl Grey!! We have a Boxy Backpack but would love a Weekender!! :)

  944. Kimberli S Says:

    LOVE the Earl Gray Chenille! Loving everything gray right now as it is in style through all seasons.

  945. Denise Says:

    I love all of the patterns, but I must say I think I love Champagne Roll the best! Gorgeous!

  946. Vivian L. Says:

    My sister is craving for Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Cross Town Clutch in Travel Through Tivoli ! I don’t need more diaper bags so if I won one, this one will be for her!

  947. Kristin Says:

    I would love to have the weekender in Earl Gray! Such a nice bag to have for my weekend trips!

  948. Kelly McCall Says:

    LOVE the weekenders! I don’t think there is a print I don’t like. Hard choice. – Earl Grey!

  949. Shelby Says:

    PBB is so adorable, but your store is waaaaaaayyyyyy cuter!! I wish I could live there.

  950. Kelli Atwood Says:

    I wish I could say I would use the wistful weekender for fun weekend getaways…but honestly it would probably be just the right size to tote around all the “stuff” for my 3 little munchkins on ANY errand/activity away from home. I adore PPB and all the new prints!

  951. Beth Says:

    I would love a new bag for fall I can’tremember when I spurge on a bag

  952. Christina Pienkos Says:

    I would LOVE a Weekender Bag! The Earl Grey is my favorite pattern! I didn’t know you PPB had nursing covers, time to buy one :)

  953. Kelli B Says:

    The Indelible Iris organic cotton bag is rather fab, in my opinion! (but they’re all great…) :)

  954. Andrea S. Says:

    I would love a weekender; that is def missing from my collection. I’m really excited to buy a fold away tote in Tivoli print tho!

  955. Angie DuVall Says:

    Love all of the prints, but had to choose, so Earl Grey it is!

  956. Kaci Says:

    I love the earl grey… so beautiful… I would love to have one of the touring totes!

  957. Starla Says:

    Such a get giveaway, hope Im lucky enough to get the weekender in the Earl Grey, it is just so classy. I have been admiring all the PPB for awhile but not able to purchase. Expecting third child n Oct. hopefully I will get my first PPB for a shower present. It is a girl and the early grey would be perfect.

  958. Nicole B Says:

    I could definitely use a Weekender-two kids, means twice the stuff to carry and I’m running out of room ;)

  959. sarahlynn Says:

    i LOVE ppb! i am crushing on that earl grey, and it appears i am not the only one.

  960. Christy Says:

    The Blissful Buttercup is just adorable and I think would be perfect for fall! The weekender is an awesome bag and on my wish list!

  961. Monica Young Says:

    Beautiful purses….thank you for the entry

  962. Susan B Says:

    I love these! It was hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the Majestic Murano.

  963. Gloria Says:

    Travel to Tavoli is an elegant and classy pattern, while Blissful Buttercup is so cute for the fall. J’aime tous les deux!!

  964. Michaela Braun Says:

    I love the Earl Grey Chenille too.

  965. D T Says:

    Love the Earl Grey! It would make my life with 2 year old triplet boys so much easier!!!

  966. Heather Says:

    I love the earl grey! My little miracle is due in January and I think I found a wonderful collection of items for my baby shower and Christmas list!

  967. Vanessa Peterson Says:

    Passage to Persia! Not enough of these colors out there for mamas! Or Majestic Murano!

  968. Megan Says:

    I love them all!!!!!

  969. Valerie S. Says:

    Adore the new fall collection. I have been googling over the new whistful weekender debating to buy it for myself or one of my pregnant friends :)

  970. Leanne Moreno Says:

    Love the Earl Grey. Perfect size and would go with so much!

  971. Claudia Says:

    The Toffee Roll Brocade goes with everything. I crave anything pink.

  972. stefanie Says:

    love petunia picklebottom! earl grey is my fave. would love any of the bags ! please pick me!

  973. Heather Brown Says:

    I LOVE all the new prints! I really need one of the diaper bags! I have a 2 yr old and a 15 month old and I heard they can hold ALOT!!! I could start with the weekender for me :)

  974. Mary K Says:

    All so beautiful but I’m up for something with a pop of color in the fall – travel through tivoli coated cotton!

  975. Sara W Says:

    My top desired items: weekender, iPhone case, and fold out tote.

  976. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Anything in the Earl Grey print!

  977. Heidi Says:

    Love the Earl Grey! So chic!!!

  978. Chrissy Says:

    I really need a Wanderlust Wallet to go with my Wistful Weekender and Sashay Satchel.

  979. Alison Says:

    So glad to see a new chenille with the Earl Grey! Also like the toffee pattern very much. Think cotton or glazed would be best for a weekender though I suppose. Still love my old chenille floral PPB Boxy so, so much. Just bought the PPB wallet during the sale on their site. It is so perfect and fits Euros just wonderfully. Would love a Wistful Weekender to take on the Eurostar to England this year. We are living in Belgium because of my husbands job and I so want to go to England. Oh, just in case, very long shot, but, well, we do have an APO address so it is still US for the mail.

  980. Jackie W Says:

    Earl Grey is gorgeous!

  981. Pam Hernquist Says:

    What great designs and prints! I am loving the Weekender… The indelible iris is a fresh and fun!!

  982. Stacy Says:

    I LOVE LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom!! Their diaper bags are fabulous! My absolute fav new print is Passage to Persia, but I really like the Blissful Buttercup as well! So fun! :)

  983. Jackie Says:

    They are all so beautiful. I want them all!

  984. Ashley L Says:

    I LOVE the Earl Grey Chenille and the Indelible Iris Organic Cotton. The weekender bag is beyond awesome. Great giveaway.

  985. Noelle Says:

    Gorgeous prints! I am in love with the buttercup and iris. I am craving any bag that works for mommy too, not just baby supplies!

  986. Taylor Says:

    I love love the Earl Grey Boxy Backpack!!!!

  987. Deanna Sena Says:

    I love the new prints, especially the Earl Grey!!! Just beautiful!!! And I can’t wait to get the new iPhone cover!!!!!!

  988. Lauren M Thompson Says:

    I LOVE the passage to persia, but then I really love the majestic murano, the early grey and indelible iris, they are all just so beautiful! I really would love a PPB wistful weekender, I’ve never had a PBB bag before and am waiting till we have some extra money to get one, but winning one would be even better! ;)

  989. Mandy Cope Says:

    With three kids and a fourth on the way, I’m definitely drawn to the capacity and versatility of the weekender bag…and the Majestic Murano is such a fantastic pattern and color pallette. Definitely my favorite for this season!

  990. Mary Says:

    PPB is such great line! I have gotten so many compliments on my PPB diaper bag. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to add to my collection by winning this contest!!

  991. Becky Says:

    I LOVE the Weekender! I have taken on a sort of second job to pay for one of the new prints! :-)

  992. Niki Says:

    the iPhone4 case in lively la paz and the touring tote in earl gray!

  993. callie Says:

    I love the Misted Marcielle pattern! I love the new weekender it looks amazing!

  994. kim Says:


  995. kim Says:

    Very ,Very Nice.

  996. Sarah K Says:

    I like the Earl Gray Chenille

  997. Holly S. Says:

    Love the new Fall collection – Early Grey Chenille touring tote is a beauty!

  998. Sheena Says:

    Love these prints!! Earl Grey Chenille is definitely my favorite!!

  999. Shayna Nicholson Says:

    I love anything PPB :)

  1000. ayesha Says:

    I would love to have the weekender. Amaaazing!

  1001. Judy Exham Says:

    Love the new prints!! :)

  1002. Melanie F Says:

    Beautiful new prints, big fan of them all! My fav is indelible Iris Organic Cotton

  1003. Emily H. Says:

    I love the Travel Through Tivoli! I’m particularly fond of the shoulder bag too!

  1004. Jenna Says:

    LOVE the new prints, especially Earl Gray Chenille!

  1005. Mary Says:

    Love the misted marseille!

  1006. Emiko Says:

    The wallet and clutch would be perfect for me.

  1007. Kat Torcasio Says:

    In the weekender bag – Indelible Iris! Of all the new prints though I also love Passage to Persia.

  1008. Lindsay Says:

    The prints are all gorgeous!!!

  1009. margaret Says:

    in LOVE with the earl grey chenille! and the stroller cover too; gorgeous new items!

  1010. Laura Says:

    I am in LOVE with the Earl Grey!!!! Soooo elegant!!!!

  1011. Jackie Says:

    It’s all so gorgeous! Love the fold-out tote and the wistful weekender :)

  1012. Rene Says:

    The Earl Grey Chenille is absolutely gorgeous and classic.

  1013. Angie M Says:

    Love them!

  1014. Denise Mendoza Says:

    Just discovered this beautiful collection!!!
    I would be happy with just about any of them :)
    If I could choose. . . it would be the Earl Grey Chenille <3

  1015. Brooke H. Says:

    Such great bags, love the grays

  1016. Carolyn M Says:

    love the weekender bag. Passionate persia is my favorite

  1017. Janet Says:

    I have 2 beautiful daughters and i love the passage to Persia print the most since it’s a beautiful purple color that will go perfect to use for diapers and will make us look chic.

  1018. Dawn Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the weekender!!