2 Weeks of Holiday Giveaways: Day 3

LEOPARD: BabyLegs Laughing Leopard Leg Warmers, Little Giraffe Luxe Leopard Blanky, Bedhead Snow Leopard Children’s Pajamas ZEBRA: Rasberry Zebra Petite Pettiskirt, Zoe Zebra Booties, Zebra Skip Hop Zoo Plate,

It’s the season for gifting, and for the next 2 weeks we’re giving away a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate each day! It’s a fun face-off where you vote for which items qualify as “a few of my favorite things.” Leave a comment below or on our facebook page to be entered to win the gift certificate. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted here and on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 16th is a new giveaway, 10 in all. Let’s get started, and happy holidays from all of us at Layla Grayce!

Congrats to Cynthia S, winner of our Day 3 Giveaway!

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202 Responses to “2 Weeks of Holiday Giveaways: Day 3”

  1. Jennifer Jacks Says:

    The zebra stripes are my choice! Love how both items are accented with pink & purple!

  2. Sunny Says:

    I love the spots!

  3. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    My little girl is definantly the zany zebra stripe type of girl!!! Love this prize!

  4. Kathryh Says:

    Zebra for us

  5. Karen Klaus Says:

    Kitty! We love leopard print because it looks like a soft kitty!

  6. April Moore Says:

    Love Layla Grayce

  7. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    Love the spots for my ‘Wild Child’!

  8. Ashley Kerth Says:

    Adorable! My little darling loves spots!

  9. Suzi Says:

    Definitely leopard print !

  10. Judith Sharp Says:

    Our sweet little Lilly likes monkey outfits..and she is very monkeylike!

  11. Staci A Says:

    Love the zebra! We call our little one our monkey!

  12. Susan Says:

    Lions, tigers and bears….Oh No!

  13. Janice Buhler Says:

    So cute are the Zebra strips! My granddaughter is a wild and crazy girl, who will enjoy wearing the tutu.

  14. Kate Says:

    Love the zebra!

  15. Cynthia Says:

    Love the zebra stripes! It’s one of the animals I point out to my daughter in her bedtime book every night!

  16. McKell Burckhard Says:

    I love the zebra stripes!!!

  17. Lindsay Says:

    Leopard cuteness abounds!

  18. angela Says:

    Zany Zebra stripes!

  19. Lisa braccia Says:

    Love the spots! Adorable :)

  20. Kim Says:

    Our Jillian would mix them all together! She definitely has her own style and wears it with confidence! That is a good thing, right!??? :P

  21. Dana Attwood Says:

    I’m lovin’ that zebra skirt!

  22. Cheryl M. Says:

    Love the Leopard prints! My daughter loves dresses and leggings with leopard prints!

  23. Michelle Giovengo Says:

    Love the animal print skirt and pjs SUPER CUTE… FUN FUN FUN

  24. Catherina Says:

    Zebras in my house!

  25. Koren Says:

    all animal prints!

  26. Nedra Whittemore Says:

    Definitely Zany Zebra!

  27. Maggie Manning Says:

    I prefer zebra stripes, but my daughter will wear almost anything!

  28. Adele Says:

    Our daughter is only 7 months but I can tell she is going to be a wild child!

  29. Chelsea Doskocil Says:

    Either way! She LOVES hot pink and black zebra but she also loves her cheetah ballet flats

  30. Sarah Says:

    Love them all!!!

  31. Kristin M. Says:

    Both! My step-daughter will wear anything animal print!

  32. Diane Myers Says:

    All of them are adorable!

  33. Chelsie Says:

    They will wear anything.

  34. Chelsie Says:

    I like the zebra!

  35. Suzy Kocher Says:

    Leopards all the way!

  36. laurie mack Says:

    Makenzie is zany for zebra stripes!

  37. stacy h Says:

    love the zebra stripes!!

  38. Chantelle Says:

    My 8 year old LOVES all things zebra stripe! I’m loving the cute leopard stuff on here though!

  39. Rachel Says:

    I don’t know yet! We’re waiting on her arrival! But I bet she’ll love horses like her mama.

  40. angie jackson Says:

    My little girl would love it all!

  41. Dena Hamlin Says:

    My girl is all about zebra stripes. The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree LOL

  42. Malika Says:

    Bring on the WILD. We LOVE it all!

  43. Glenda Says:

    dMy little neighbor is such a fasionista shw would love the clothing

  44. Kelly Mullan Says:

    Definitely zebra for us

  45. Janice Says:

    We LOVE leapord prints! From jammies to tutu’s!

  46. Cindi Says:

    Our child is a chameleon…
    Love the Zebra stripes, though~!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  47. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Love both, but Have to go with the adorable “spots”

  48. Claire A Says:

    Zebra stripes are cutest

  49. Jenn Hillman Says:

    Love the leapord!

  50. Renee Simmons Says:

    Loving the zebra & ruffles theme! Thank you for giving your readers this opportunity!

  51. Dana A Says:

    Recently my little guy has become picky on what he wears….so who knows what he’ll like….one day he’s a zebra, the next day a monkey, and the surprise goes on and on!

  52. Nicole T Says:

    I have a boy, but he loves his zebra hat!

  53. Megan C Says:

    Love the leopard! Cute!

  54. Sara Says:

    My daughter likes Zebras. She has a zebra striped pajama that is so cute!

  55. Tiffanie Says:

    Either is fine and great! I want a pair of those leopard print pjs.

  56. susan miller Says:

    Zany zebras for the princesses!!

  57. Susan Lockwood Says:


  58. Monica George Says:

    If she walks like animal, talks like animal she should LOOK lime the most adorable animal:)

  59. Alison F. Says:

    Layla Grace is such a fun website to surf…. SO many fun things!!

  60. Kelly Says:

    My 18 mos old is a chameleon and will Wear anything but loves monkeys. My older daughter picked leopard.

  61. Kasey Says:

    My littlest loves animal prints!

  62. Kirsten Says:

    Not much into the animal prints at all but she does like the zebra.

  63. Amy Says:

    We have a baby boy, but . . . he loves monkeys too!

  64. Tess Says:

    Love the leopard print!

  65. Adrienne Says:

    I love zebra stripes myself but my little diva will wear anything and she definitely has a big opinion for a three year old!

  66. Jill S. Says:

    So adorable! My kids know how to wear their stripes!

  67. tracey byram Says:

    I’ve got a chameleon on my hands – your name it, they wear it. Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

  68. Ariel Says:

    I love love love zebra!! so adorable on little girls

  69. Patricia C Says:

    I would have to say zany zebra!

  70. Claudia Davis Says:

    zebra all the way!

  71. Jennelle Says:

    Love leopard! Can go with browns and blacks with an endless amount of colors to accent :) looks adorable on my blondie…she’s 2 :)

  72. Ron L Says:

    adorable! chameleons rock

  73. natalie Says:

    Love Zebra!!!!

  74. Rachel Gaitan Says:

    mine most definitely wears spots,

  75. Katie Says:

    My child will wear pretty much anything :)

  76. Melissa V Says:

    Love all animal prints! My Ella rocks them all ;-)
    Thanks again for the awesome opportunity to win a GC!

  77. Ashley R Says:

    I love it all, but am partial to the leopard print! My little one is napping in pink leopard footies right now!

  78. Phyllis Mannerino Says:

    My grandaughter Kailyn has a mom who is on spot with fashion!

  79. Jamie Says:

    Love zebra paired with bright pink!

  80. ashley h Says:

    I love the zebra prints!!

  81. uria scaplen Says:

    LOVE animal prints….they look so cute on my lil cutie! :)

  82. Charlotte Says:

    We can’t pick just one, love them all!

  83. Gretchen Says:

    My twin girls are little fashionistas who love to sport leopard prints!!!

  84. Kymberly Says:

    My wild child loves both!!

  85. Kara Says:

    My little sweetie loves sporting spots and stripes on her skirts! Perfect accents for the holidays!! Love it!

  86. michelle bradford Says:

    zebra just like her mommy!

  87. julie Says:

    Adorable in both, but we love spots!

  88. Emily Says:

    I “SPOT” something my girl would look so cute in!

  89. Corinne Kurzmann Says:

    Lions and tigers and bears!!

  90. Laura Says:

    I think they’re all wild and fun!

  91. Rebecca Says:

    Anything ferocious and wild for my 2 animals.

  92. Jenny G Says:

    So cute!

  93. cheryl Says:


  94. Julia M Says:

    Granddaughters Sydney and Elle would twirl all day in the zebra skirts.

  95. Cayce Says:

    Love the pink/black zebra skirt!

  96. Heather Says:

    My kids would love both as long as it was crazy looking when they wore it!

  97. diane@cottage-wishes Says:

    The kids in my family love to change it up, one day it’s skeletons, next day monkeys! Thanks for the giveaway, Di

  98. Nicole Says:

    I call my daughter a monkey, but she likes stripes to wear. She is a wild child though!

  99. Candace Po Says:

    Love the zebra shoes! :)

  100. leah l Says:

    These outfits are soooo cute. Love the zebra skirt.

  101. Debbie W Says:

    Some other wild creature. lol…only the imagination could tell you.

  102. Leslie Petersen Says:

    My little sweetie pie would look absolutely delicious in any of these fab fashions! LOVE! :)

  103. Linda Says:

    Love the leopard print. My daughthter would look adorable and comfy in these PJ’s.

  104. Debbie Roberson Says:

    Love, Love, Love the Zebra!! and LOVE Layla Grace!!

  105. Tiffany Says:

    Zebra for sure!

  106. April C. Says:

    Zebra stripes are very sweet!

  107. Kathy Says:

    My vote is for zebra. We have zebra leggings, rain boots, PJs!!!

  108. Melissa Says:

    My daughter loves it all!

  109. SHANNON Says:


  110. Lynn T Says:

    All are cute but zebra is different

  111. Kim Says:

    Zebra is too cute!!!

  112. Jennifer Barr Says:

    I’ve got a chameleon on my hands – your name it, they wear it. Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

  113. Tony C. Says:

    Daughter would like the zebra print

  114. Abby rush Says:

    Love the leopard!

  115. Abby rush Says:

    Love the leopard! So cute.

  116. Susan Says:

    Goodness your stuff is all so cute!

  117. Mandi Says:

    Those zebra shoes are too cute!

  118. joanie Says:

    My grand-daughters love to mix it up. So creative!

  119. Teri Says:

    My nieces LOVE their spots!!!! Leopard that is:) However, they also wear zebra on occasion. However, tastefully so, regardless of the choice;)

  120. Emily Says:

    My daughter loves the zebra stripes!

  121. Dejah Says:

    I love all the various animal hats that are around this year. So cute!

  122. Christy S. Says:

    Zebra pajamas are so cute!

  123. ewhatley Says:

    Girls look so cute in zebra with pink.

  124. Nina Bell Says:

    She loves it all…I’ve got a chameleon on my hands – your name it, they wear it. Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

  125. Lauren Says:

    My little one loves anything with vibrant color and patterns … she’s such a fashionista!

  126. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    My son would look cute in any of it, mix it up! :)

  127. Kim Croisant Says:

    Best of all. love love love the monkey bookends!!!

    Kim Croisant

  128. Jessica Says:

    Leopard is always my favorite. I hopefully have brainwashed my kids!

  129. Heidi Foster Says:

    Fun stuff :)

  130. Brent Says:

    Love the zebra stripes

  131. Paula Says:

    Have print will wear!

  132. Kim Deaton Says:

    My girls will wear whatever I put on them! I do like both the spots and zebra though!

  133. Melissa Manry Says:

    What a cool prize:) pick me!

  134. Addison Kat Says:

    It depends on her mood, my daughter will wear anything!

  135. Cheryl N. Says:

    I think zebra stripes best sum up my little one… Who’s not so little anymore… Will be 4 in less than a week.

  136. Kim Sminkey Says:

    I love them all! Wish I had the guts… I would love to wear that pink tutu

  137. rachel Says:

    Purple Zebra Stripes Please!!

  138. lili bee lee Says:

    I’m a stripes girl over here.

  139. Crystal Marshall Says:

    These are so cute! The leapard might be my favorite.

  140. Holly S Says:

    Zebra… Zebra… Zebra!!!

  141. kendra Says:

    Our twin lil ladies are total opposities, but total chameleons

  142. Laura H Says:

    Zebra stripes 100%!!

  143. whitney chisholm Says:

    miss Khloe will sport any print as long as it has pink in it. what can i say? The girl loves pink

  144. Sofia Sheikh Says:

    OMG!!! Love all the stuff but especially Zebra!!

  145. Maria Says:

    Love the zebra with pink!

  146. Araceli Says:

    I’ve got a chameleon on my hands – your name it, they wear it. Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!
    My Daughter would rock this

  147. Cecily Says:

    The zebra skirt is too cute! :o)

  148. Ashley Edenfield Says:

    I’m just getting back into the animal print stuff but I’m loving it!

  149. Candice Everage Says:

    My daughter wears whatever I buy her! Lol

  150. Mary Says:

    Luv soft furry things to wear!

  151. Aura Says:

    zebra is much cuter and its available in lots of different colors

  152. Adi Says:

    Mine sports spots! Leopard prints for my darling little animal.

  153. Katherine Says:

    I think kiddos look cute in anything animal print!

  154. Anna marie Says:

    Just love it, great for us girls. Four in my house and I could get gifts for all my girlfriends too.
    Love it ALL. Thanks for such a faboulous shop!

  155. Kristina M Says:

    Love the pink leopard!

  156. amy pugmire Says:

    my girls love to wear Zany zebra stripes!

  157. Keisha Francis Says:

    My girl is a LEOPARD…and has been since the day she was born!

  158. lilcg Says:

    giraffes for us!

  159. lilcg Says:

    giraffes for my daughter

  160. Staci Says:

    wild and beautiful… leopard!

  161. Suzanne Says:

    Spots for sure.

  162. Rose Castillo Says:

    Zebra has my vote.

  163. Jannette Says:

    Ny daughter loves leopard!

  164. Judy Lenzini Says:

    Love the leopard!

  165. Debbie Says:

    My granddaughter loves zebras. It was one of her first words.

  166. randi Says:

    Love the leopard!!!

  167. Michele Says:

    My little one would love the zebra prints!!!!

  168. Rose Castillo Says:

    Zebra gets my vote.

  169. Stacey Haney Says:

    Zebra!! love the funky purple and black!! Wish I had a little girl to put it on!!

  170. Mary Says:

    Monkeys and bears!

  171. Yvonne Says:

    leopard for sure

  172. ReJana Says:

    we love it all!!!

  173. Alli Says:

    leopard. meeeoooowww.

  174. Marge Says:

    Any print is great because all kids have some animal in them.

  175. Crystal Loftus'LoManto Says:

    we love all animals, we don’t discriminate, LOL! ♥

  176. Sally Britain Says:

    We love Zebra stripes.

  177. Bing Says:

    Love the Zebra stripes.

  178. Kim Says:

    I love the Zebra print.

  179. MaKaley Chidiac Says:

    Every little girl looks beautiful in a fluffy zebra skirt :)

  180. Sarah Z. Says:

    Love both the leopard and the zebra!

  181. Janet Says:

    My grandkids love anything that makes them feel wild!

  182. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    Always depends on a mood or what others might be wearing.

  183. Sand Says:

    A chameleon for sure!

  184. Charlene Says:

    SPOTS ARE SPOT ON!!!!!!!

  185. Claire Says:

    Love the zany zebra!!

  186. Teri Says:

    Love the leopard prints!

  187. Erin Walsh Says:

    Zany zebra spots!

  188. Kimberly B. Says:

    Zebra is my favorite.

  189. Jeni Says:

    We love cats at our house… leopard all the way!

  190. Claire Says:

    leopard prints!

  191. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    Chameleon! Mine wears it all!

  192. Melisa Merrill Says:

    Leopard and gold oh my!!!!

  193. Pamalot Says:

    Just like her momma her style changes often.

  194. Susan Carter Says:


  195. Priscilla Says:

    Leopard all the way!!!

  196. Vickie Thornton Says:


  197. Lisa Carr Says:

    I’ve got chameleons here.

  198. WyoDi Says:

    My granddaughter loves to look like a princess everyday, be it leopard, zebra, or any other natural beauty!

  199. LeeAnn P. Says:

    my DD would love it all!

  200. Gayle Says:

    Oh, the zebra stripes make me and my granddaughter smile!

  201. carol lewis Says:

    It must be pink, too!

  202. lynn Says:

    my daughter has a mind of her own!