2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 4

2 Weeks of Holiday Giveaways Day 4
Hot Rocks Gold Vermeil Bangles (available with assorted gemstones), Waxing Poetic Textured
Stacking Rings in Silver and Bronze

It’s the season for gifting, and we’re giving away a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate each day! It’s a fun face-off where you vote for which items qualify as “a few of my favorite things.” Leave a comment below or on our facebook page to be entered to win the gift certificate. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted here and on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 16th is a new giveaway, 10 in all. Happy holidays from all of us at Layla Grayce!

Congrats to Adi A, winner of our Day 4 Giveaway!

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138 Responses to “2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 4”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    I would love both but if I must choose ;) I choose the rings!

  2. Deanna G. Says:

    I like the rings! :)

  3. Dena Hamlin Says:

    The rings are beautiful!

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I like the bangles! I have rings just like them and they would match perfectly! :-))

  5. Megan C Says:

    My vote is for bangles!

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  6. Jill Says:

    I’d like them both! :)

  7. Sharon Terrazas Says:

    Bangles all the way!

  8. Cathy Wilcox Says:

    Another hard choice, but I love the bangles!

  9. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    Beautiful bangles for sure! They are larger & add more bling! :) Lovely!

  10. Vanessa Peterson Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love the bracelets!

  11. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    Bangles for me!

  12. Tess Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangles!

  13. Teresa S. Says:

    I LOVE the bangles, but my wrists are tiny so most bangles are way too big for me!

  14. Tony C. Says:

    My wife loves Waxing Poetic!

  15. Twyla Says:

    Wrist Kissed by FAR!! All those stunning colors!! Who wouldn’t want them?

  16. Lynn T Says:

    Radiant rings!!

  17. Ashleigh Says:

    Radiant rings rock

  18. Lindsay Says:

    Bracelets! Can’t have too many!

  19. Cindi Says:

    “Happy Holidays!” I would wear the lovely
    stack of wrist bangles…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  20. Kim Sminkey Says:

    Hoping Santa brings me some sparkle this year but just in case winning your giveaway would be a lovely way to ensure ensure some bling!

  21. Rachel H Says:

    Beautiful bangles!

  22. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    I love the countless radiant rings!!!

  23. Becca Says:

    Love the bangles!

  24. Amy McCall Says:

    those bangles are all KINDS of beautiful!! i’d love to see them on my wrists in the near future :)

  25. Catherina Says:

    Bangles :-)

  26. April C. Says:

    The new rings from Waxing Poetic are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!

  27. Kate Says:

    The bangles are so fun!!!

  28. tracey byram Says:

    Wrists kissed with stacks of beautiful bangles are for me.

  29. Diane Myers Says:

    Wrist kissed are beautiful!

  30. Amber M Says:

    rings, please!

  31. amy pugmire Says:

    love the bangles so cute!

  32. Koren Says:

    The rings!

  33. Dana A Says:

    Love the bangles! The colors are gorgeous.

  34. Patricia C Says:

    Love the bangles!

  35. Tamara B. Says:

    I just love the bangles!

  36. Ashley Edenfield Says:

    I have tiny hands so it’d be the bangles for sure!!!

  37. rachel Says:

    Love the bangles! Beautiful colors.

  38. Rachel Gaitan Says:

    I would say countless rings..lol well the christmas song about 12 days of christmas does say 5 golden rings doesnt it lol..pick me

  39. Jessica Harris Says:

    Oh I would choose the bangles! How gorgeous for even every day wear to make you feel pretty!<3

  40. Amanda Says:

    I want those rings! They’ll go with anything.

  41. Katie Says:

    Those bangles are beautiful!

  42. Darcy Novak Says:

    I love the rings

  43. Heather Says:

    Bangles all the way!

  44. amorette Says:

    bangles! easier to wash hands a lot with one in diapers! (so glam, i know)

  45. Sheri Says:

    Stacked rings please oh please!

  46. Suzanne Says:

    Rings are pretty

  47. Michelle Giovengo Says:


  48. Michelle Giovengo Says:


  49. Sara Says:

    Love the Bangles!

  50. Heidi Foster Says:

    I love the color in the first ones! :)

  51. Uria Scaplen Says:

    Rings rings rings!!! :)

  52. angie jackson Says:

    Love the bangles!!!!

  53. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love Bangles! They are beautiful!

  54. bonnie carey Says:

    The rings!

  55. Melissa V Says:

    Stacks of Beautiful Bangles! :)

  56. Lisa braccia Says:

    I love both but will go with the bangles

  57. Kim Says:

    Love the aqua bangles!!!!

  58. Jari Decker Says:

    I love em both! But I’d have to go with the bangles. They would go with so much and they are beautiful!

  59. Jennifer C. Says:

    I love, love, love the bangles!

  60. Olivia Says:

    The rings are awesome!

  61. Stacey Haney Says:

    The rings are so pretty. Love that you can wear one or many more!! Every color I LOVE!!

  62. Lauren Says:

    The color and cut of the gems in the bangles are fabulous!

  63. tracey donohue Says:

    Love those bracelets! I’ve been eyeing them all week!

  64. lili bee lee Says:

    Bangles looove the colors!

  65. Kassandra Says:

    I would love to win! I adore those rings, they are too cute! I also love love love your store! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway each day!

  66. Lisa G Says:

    The wrist bangles !

  67. Abby rush Says:

    The bangles are so pretty!

  68. stacy h Says:

    all bout the bangles!

  69. Tiffany Says:

    Love the bangles!

  70. Aura Says:

    you cant wash your hands well with too many rings and I love the clinging of bangles on peoples wrists

  71. Jennifer Barr Says:

    Fingers glimmer with countless radiant rings!

  72. Maya Says:

    I love the wrist kissed!

  73. ewhatley Says:

    Love two arms full of bracelets.

  74. Alli Says:

    bangles. obsessed.

  75. Staci A Says:

    Love the bangles!

  76. leah l Says:

    I love the simplicity and touch of colour in the bangles.

  77. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    I always like to have jewelry with bright colors to pop with my outfit.

  78. Debbie W Says:

    I love the bangles. They would match everything and anything.

  79. Abie I Says:

    I like the look of the gold and silver rings

  80. Mell Morgan Says:

    I love the bangles

  81. Julie Says:

    I like them both!!

  82. Valerie L Says:

    These are beautiful. Love the bangles

  83. Bethb Says:


  84. liz Says:

    Love the bangles!

  85. Candace Po Says:

    Bangles all the way! :)

  86. Laurie Says:

    Hard to pick!!!! Both are awesome!

  87. Laurie Says:


  88. Leslie Petersen Says:

    The bangles are so beautiful and fun! :)

  89. Aleese Says:


  90. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love, love love bangles:) They’re on my top 5 wishes for christmas:)

  91. Tiffanie Says:

    Love the bangles!

  92. Paula Says:

    Two of each please! :)

  93. Ashley R Says:

    The bangles are pretty but with a 16 month old rings are the only way for me to go!

  94. Nicole Vosburgh Says:

    I am loving the rings!!

  95. natalie Says:

    both are great!

  96. JULIE Says:

    I love, love, love the bangles! what a great way to liven up any outfit.

  97. Kristina M Says:

    Those bangles are so much fun!

  98. Kimberly Cage Says:

    The bangles are so beautiful!! Love them!!!!

  99. Heather Says:

    I love the bangles!

  100. Jamie Says:

    Love the colorful bangles!

  101. Maureen Says:

    Wrist bracelets are my style.

  102. Renee Says:

    I love the Bangles! So cute!

  103. Amanda Player Says:


  104. Kimberly B Says:

    I like the bangles.

  105. Nina Bell Says:

    Love the bangles <3

  106. Michele Says:

    5 GOLDEN RINGS!!!!!!!! :)
    I love YOUR RINGS!!

  107. ashley h Says:


  108. ashley h Says:

    bangles are really cute!!!!!

  109. Charity S Says:

    I want the rings!

  110. Laurie Says:

    Bangles are so fun!

  111. Rhonda Maes Says:

    Love the bangles!!

  112. Crystal Loftus'LoManto Says:

    Those rings are TOO cute! ♥

  113. Debbie Says:

    Beautiful, fun, and jewel-licious!

  114. Summer Bonner Says:

    I really love the Bangles…would love to sport those.

  115. Melanie Says:

    The ring’s the thing!!

  116. Sand Says:

    I love the rings!

  117. portia Says:

    nice rings!

  118. Susan Lockwood Says:

    Wrists kissed for me!!!

  119. Lauralee Hensley Says:


  120. Erin Walsh Says:

    Rings for me.

  121. Zmama Says:

    Love the stacked bangles!

  122. Teri Says:

    Love the bangles! Obsessed with bracelets this season!

  123. Sally Britain Says:

    I love the look of stacking rings-especially if they are an eclectic collection of rings that don’t match but do compliment each other.

  124. Jennifer Smith Says:

    I have always loved rings!

  125. Bing Says:

    Love the bangles!

  126. Christian Berbos Says:

    OHH mYY PLease Santa Bring me these BANGLES

  127. susan Says:

    Nothing more gorgeous than being kissed with stacks of beautiful bangles.

  128. Lois Watson Says:

    What fun bangles to wear on the wrist!

  129. Sarah Z. Says:

    The bangles are gorgeous!

  130. cheryl Says:


  131. Desiree Balconi Says:

    Love bracelets of all kinds!

  132. Brent Says:

    go with the rings

  133. Adele Says:

    Love both but I’m a sucker for bracelets!

  134. Melissa Says:

    Rings all the way!

  135. Ashley K Says:

    The bangles are just perfect!

  136. Pamalot Says:

    When you’ve got less this holiday season Make it WORK!

  137. cassandra aubut Says:

    LOVE the rings!

  138. Kristy K Says:

    Bracelets are beautiful, but I would go with the rings!