2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 5

2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 5, Fashion Face Off
MORE IS MORE FAB: Sacha London Women’s Rosalind Platform Sandal, Kate Spade New York Miss Glitter Crossbody Bag, Kendra Scott Payton Earrings in White, Alexis Bittar Crumple Accented Lucite Bangle Bracelet, Frock by Tracy Reese Tessa Cocktail Dress LESS IS BEST: Plenty by Tracy Reese Black Cece Dress, Sam Edelman ‘Scarlett’ Pump, Devon Leigh Black Onyx in 24k Foil Earrings, La Regale Mesh Box Clutch

It’s the season for gifting, and we’re giving away a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate each day! It’s a fun face-off where you vote for which items qualify as “a few of my favorite things.” Leave a comment below or on our facebook page to be entered to win the gift certificate. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted here and on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 16th is a new giveaway, 10 in all. Happy holidays from all of us at Layla Grayce!

Congrats to Cathy F winner of our Day 5 Giveaway!

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167 Responses to “2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 5”

  1. Jennifer Barr Says:

    Less is best – a chic LBD and tasteful accessories are the look for me

  2. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    I love the Less is Best style!!! Totally me!!!!

  3. Amanda Says:

    I love the gold earrings!

  4. hminnesota Says:

    loved both but chose to be different.

  5. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Love the less is best look!! This is totally me! You can’t go wrong with a chic LBD and accessories!!!!!!

  6. Cynthia Says:

    Less is best!

  7. Dana Gastelum Says:

    I’m a less is best chic little black dress kinda gal ;) That black dress is absolutely stunning!

  8. Ron Miller Says:

    C’mon ladies, glitz, glam and sparkle for us guys!

  9. Tonya H Says:

    I really like that dress on the More is Fab

  10. angie jackson Says:

    Black is where it’s at!!!!!

  11. Sara Says:

    Less is always best!! Much easier to put together too.

  12. Kimberly Flickinger Says:

    Thanks for the contest! Tweeted @kaflickinger74

  13. Jenn Hillman Says:

    Less is best! Love that whole outfit so classy and beautiful!

  14. Kimberly Flickinger Says:

    Chose “more” – thanks for contest:)

  15. Teresa S. Says:

    The gam is beautiful, but I am an understated kind of dresser, so I would go with the LBD.

  16. Ashley Edenfield Says:

    I love the sparkle of the first but I always resort to a classic LBD!

  17. Dena Hamlin Says:

    Normally I would say less is best is my standby motto but that More is Fab ensemble suits me to a T. It’s AMAZING!

  18. Adele Says:

    You can never beat a classic black!

  19. Marie Lewis Says:

    Less is best – a chic LBD with tasteful accessories. This is the look for me :)

  20. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    Black is always chic, but it’s also what everyone else wears. I would wear the pink to stand out and throw on a few bright colored accessories to stand out – maybe a touch of red or cobalt.

  21. Alysa Meyer Says:

    More is more fab! I love my glitz, glam and sparkle. Both great looks though!!

  22. Terry Beardsley Says:

    Less is best!!! Love the look.

  23. Nicole Me Zima Says:

    Although I love the other dress the less is best is for me.

  24. Melinda Haines Says:

    My outer is Less is Best….my inner is More is More Fab!

  25. Stacey Haney Says:

    Not usually a pink type of girl, but I am loving the SHOES, bag and dress.

  26. Angela Says:

    I love the glamorous dress with all the sparkle and the shoes and to die for!!

  27. Staci A Says:

    Less is best is definitely more my style!

  28. Maureen Says:

    I like the Little Black Dress because most anything will go with it.

  29. Heather Says:

    I love them both…but would have to go with Less is Best.

  30. Jennifer Says:

    Tough call on which outfit is better, but the deciding factor for me were the killer shoes paired up with the LBD.

  31. Suzy Kocher Says:

    Less is best is classier!

  32. Julie Says:

    Less is best! Love that black dress, this would be the perfect outfit for the wedding I have to go to in January! Beautiful!

  33. Crystal Loftus'LoManto Says:

    Oh the black ensemble is do classic! Love it

  34. Claire A Says:

    The black dress is so simple and classy.

  35. Lisa braccia Says:

    Less is best! plus, I love black!

  36. Sharon Terrazas Says:

    Less is best, HOWEVER, with the Glitz array you have assembled, I might just go that way this year. Fantastic!

  37. Cassie Says:

    I love these both!

  38. Leah Says:

    I like a litle of everything.i like the bottom half pf the little black number but I really dont like the top.the bust netting made it so frumpy!

  39. Kristyn Wentz Says:

    I think both are great!! I love the more is more fab look…it’s more me!!!

  40. Rhonda Maes Says:

    I love all the glitz!!!

  41. Candace Po Says:

    I kind of like them both.

  42. Angela Says:

    Love the black look! And, would love to win a gift card!

  43. LeeAnn P. Says:

    the sparkle is a nice festive change from the LBD

  44. Adrienne Says:

    I like a little bling. And it’s one of the only times of year that you can leave the house with evening shoes on and no one will bat an eyelash, so bring it on!

  45. amy warren Says:

    love both the looks, but you can never go wroing with less is best!

  46. suzi Says:

    bring on the glam!

  47. Katie Says:

    I love the colors of the pink.

  48. Kindra R. Says:

    Can’t go wrong with a little black dress.

  49. Christina K Says:

    More is Fab! You can never go wrong with a whole lot of sparkle!

  50. tresh Says:

    If it’s a work party the LBD works. If it’s family or friends the glitzy is calling my name.

  51. laurie mack Says:

    Both are absolutely stunning ensembles – but LBD is for me!

  52. Alli Says:

    love a good LBD or LWD.

  53. Suzanne Says:

    Less is best!

  54. jessica Says:

    Love the LBD! Less is best!

  55. Lindsay Says:

    Love an LBD– always!

  56. Diane Myers Says:

    Love both of them!

  57. Kristina M Says:

    Love the pink dress!

  58. Betsy H Says:

    Both are beautiful, but I’m a little black dress kind of girl:-)

  59. Tamara B. Says:

    A womens always needs a little black dress but for the holidays more is better why not have a little sparkle

  60. natalie Says:

    Love the sparkle!

  61. Sara Says:

    Little black dress!

  62. Ariel Says:

    I love the dress on less is best!! so chic

  63. Nicole Hanson Says:

    i just love thoes gold earings!!But also love the black clutch! The pink dress is also so beautiful!

  64. Valerie C. Says:

    I chose Less is Best. I’m always the one cooking :)

  65. Leah Martin Says:

    Love the less is best look

  66. uria scaplen Says:

    WOW!!! this one has been the hardest!! i LOVE them both!!! :)

  67. Diane Mason Says:

    Less is Best…for me. But your More look is what I’d have to get for my granddaughter.

  68. Kaye Harper Says:

    Love the black sparkle!!

  69. Deanna G. Says:

    Voted for more! :)

  70. Catherine Says:

    Both looks are amazing! The black is total holiday glam. Following my heart, I’m choosing the New Year’s Eve sparkle!

  71. Kate Says:

    normally I’d be “less is more” but I LOVED the glam outfit so much!!!

  72. Melody J. Says:

    I voted for little black dress but I love a little of both!

  73. Diane Rodriguez Says:

    I like glitz – winter is dark and grey enough!

  74. rachel Says:

    Wow, that pink and gold outfit is just beautiful! So feminine!

  75. Abby rush Says:

    Less is best! Love that lbd.

  76. Koren Chan Says:

    I love both looks but the LBD is slightly cuter!

  77. Melissa Says:

    Love them both! My sis is more glam, but I’m more less. :)

  78. Lori Turbow Says:

    I love an occassion that I can get dressed up and work a room! Love that pink and gold outfit and I’m usually an all black wardrobe girl!

  79. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love Glitz and Glam!! I just wished I had more opportunities to dress up all glitzy! I love the outfit!!

  80. Jennifer C. Says:

    I love the sparkles! Gold is gorgeous!

  81. Rachel Gaitan Says:

    glitz glam and sparkle. Im a new mommy so any glitz glam or sparkle i can get is greatly appreciated

  82. Leslie Petersen Says:

    I LOVE to get dolled up, go out and sparkle!

  83. Megan L. Says:

    I DEF am a LBD girl all the way! Love a fun pair of heels and classy jewelry to pair with it! :)

  84. Valerie L Says:

    I love the Less is Best style!!! Black is always in no matter the season

  85. tracey byram Says:

    Less is best – a chic LBD and tasteful accessories are the look for me.

  86. Cat Delgado Says:

    Less is best for me, but I do love to wear some glam on occasion!

  87. leah l Says:

    Both looks are gorgeous.

  88. Patricia C Says:

    Less is Best!

  89. April C. Says:

    Glitz and glam baby!

  90. ewhatley Says:

    Less is Best. Love the look of updated classics with just a little glitz.

  91. Susan Says:

    Generally I am less kinda girl but that more is more is fabulous!!

  92. lili bee lee Says:

    Love the colors of the glitz n’ sparkle! I could see wearing this to a holiday work party :)

  93. Tony C. Says:

    Less is better on my wife

  94. Tiffanie Says:

    LBD all the way!

  95. Lynn T Says:

    I always think it’s classier to go with less

  96. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Less is best for me but the little i do wesr must be fabulous!

  97. Aura Says:

    I know black is classy but it’s just so drab and boring!

  98. paula celaya Says:

    the second option is my style!!! hope i win!!!!

  99. colleen b Says:

    I love sparkle & glitter!

  100. Sally Britain Says:

    Less is best-love the classic LBD.

  101. Shana Says:

    LOVE the LBD shown above.

  102. Cindi Says:

    “Season’s Greetings!”
    Thanks for another fabulous prize giveaway…
    Both looks are fabulous, but the glitz and glam
    is the one I choose!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  103. Sarah K Says:

    I like the glam dress but maybe not with all those flashy accesories

  104. Katie Krueger Says:

    More is more fab!!! LOVE the dress! I really want it!! :)

  105. Melissa V Says:

    Less is more! :) And I’m addicted to black. It’s my go to for everything!

  106. Sarah Z. Says:

    Love the less is best look!

  107. Rebecca Says:

    Little black dress with some glitzy accessories. LOVE those shoes.

  108. Bethb Says:


  109. Christina Says:

    You had me at “glitz!” More is more! :)(both shoes are incredible, though!!)

  110. Camden Says:

    I prefer the Less is Best look, but both are great!

  111. Angela Britt Says:

    Oh, they can both look so beautiful! I think it’s the way the lady in them holds herself who sells the look. Accessories ARE accessories- they add to our beauty and help our sparkle shine through. I love the less, black is always great, but wow are those gold pieces gorgeous! I’d love to wear the gold dress when hosting our holiday cheer party! Thanks for putting together beautiful compilations!

  112. Debbie W Says:

    You have to glitz it up for the holidays!!!

  113. Aleese Says:

    I usually go with less, but it’s always great to glam it up! :D

  114. Alejandra Says:

    Both dresses are great, but I tend to go towards LBDs for their tried and true versatility! I love the shimmer of the glam dress though!

  115. stacy h Says:

    Love the less is best look!

  116. Kimberly B. Says:

    I like the More is more fab look.

  117. Amanda Says:

    On a normal day…I would def go with “less is more.” BUT during the holidays I think nothing is more fun than bringing out the GLAM!!!!!!

  118. Jessica Says:

    Loving the Black!

  119. Paula Says:

    Black please!

  120. Laurie Says:

    I love a go to LBD!

  121. Lisa G Says:

    Really like the black but I love bling so that was my vote :)

  122. Deanna Sena Says:

    Glitter & sparkle run through my veins!!! lol

  123. Nedra Says:

    Less is always best!

  124. amy pugmire Says:

    less is best for sure!

  125. Sharon Says:

    The glitz and glam is super fun!

  126. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    Glitz or bust! I’m from BIG D(Dallas) and we love our glitz in glamour in Texas! :)

  127. Natalie Lenahan Says:

    More is more fab! I and my daughters love the glitz, glam and sparkle

  128. Cathy C Says:

    Agree with others who normall go for LBD but fell for the beauty of the glam items this time around. Nice picks.

  129. Kelsey Olsen Says:

    Less is definetly best for me!

  130. Dana A Says:

    I’m loving the glitter and sparkle…so much fun and ready for holidays!

  131. Michele Says:

    Less goes a lonnnnng way! Definitely my favorite! ;)

  132. Marge Says:

    I am a simple type of person so I do not need lots of flashy things

  133. Melanie Says:

    Combo it! LBD with a touch of glitz. Best of both!!

  134. Emily Says:

    I love the less is best look! So beautiful!

  135. Bing Says:

    More is fab for me!

  136. Heather T. Says:

    Gotta go with Less Is Best!

  137. Becky Horn Says:

    More is more fab! I love my glitz, glam and sparkle.

  138. Brigid Bulger Says:

    love the glitz and glam

  139. susan Says:

    This outfit would be FABULOUS for holiday parties! Love the dress!

  140. Sand Says:

    More is more fab! I love my glitz, glam and sparkle.

  141. Heidi Foster Says:

    less is best!! :)

  142. Jamie Says:

    Wish I could glam it up more often – both looks are beautiful!

  143. Lynda C Says:

    less is best

  144. Charity S Says:

    Less is always best.

  145. Erin Walsh Says:

    For me, less is usually more.

  146. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    Less is best.

  147. Timi Pace Says:

    Sleek but simple!!!!

  148. Kirsten Says:

    I’m ALWAYS understated so when it’s time to dress for the holidays? MORE! Give me some glitz.

  149. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    Less is best for me.

  150. Maya Says:

    A chic LBD love the heels!

  151. Solducky Says:

    I adore the colors of the first outfit! More is more for sure in this case.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  152. natalie Says:

    More is more!

  153. Melisa Merrill Says:

    Love them both!!!! But I pick more the merrier :)

  154. Kassandra Says:

    I love the more glitz, glam, and sparkle myself!

  155. Shanna Wood Says:

    I love the black outfit!

  156. Ann at Mundane Magic Says:

    What great looks. I’m a brunette that loves to wear the “less is more” and look sophisticated.

  157. Dejah Says:

    I love color, but that LBD is so classy and pretty.

  158. cheryl Says:


  159. Claudia M Says:

    “less is more” :)

  160. Mell Morgan Says:

    Less is best. The LBD is great!

  161. cassandra aubut Says:

    LOVE the all out glam! :)

  162. Sarah Burai Says:

    “less is more” = classic style. Hope I win!

  163. Liza Loo Loo Says:

    Need the boy and the event and would rock the LBD

  164. Cherry Pop Says:

    More is more fab all the way!

    more romantic and sparkly!

  165. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    I’m an LBD gal typicall (of course being from New York, Black clothes are our daily uniform!) but I love the shoes from the first category better! ;-)

  166. susan Says:

    Love the sparkle!

  167. Ellissa Says:

    It’s all about the Little Black Dress!