2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 6

2 Weeks Of Holiday Givaways Day 6
Regina Andrew Wood Bead Chandelier, Oly Studio Serena Drum Chandelier

It’s the season for gifting, and we’re giving away a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate each day! It’s a fun face-off where you vote for which items qualify as “a few of my favorite things.” Leave a comment below or on our facebook page to be entered to win the gift certificate. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted here and on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Every weekday through December 16th is a new giveaway, 10 in all. Happy holidays from all of us at Layla Grayce!

Congrats to Tiffany S, winner of our Day 6 Giveaway!

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196 Responses to “2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 6”

  1. Jenn Hillman Says:

    Rustic Glam!

  2. Nancy Reid Says:

    I prefer the modern chic The Rustic glam looks to much like the Adams Family decor

  3. Jessica Says:

    Definitely love both, but if I were forced to pick, I’d go with Modern Chic. Happy Holidays! :)

  4. Kellie O'Shields Says:


  5. Jenna Hadar Says:

    Love the modern chic chandelier! We are jewish and I would love to add this to our “festival of lights” table! How beautiful

  6. Stacey Haney Says:

    Both are very pretty! But I like the rustic one better. I am sure I could find a spot for either one!

  7. kris Says:

    i am starting over…the modern chic would be an awesome piece to build around….!

  8. Brent Says:

    Love the rustic look.

  9. angie jackson Says:

    love them both!!!!

  10. Lindsay Says:

    Oooo, Love the modern chic! Perfect words for that adorable chandelier…”minimal but very memorable!”

  11. Molly Smith Says:

    Hmmmmmm – could go either way but I think I’d have to go with rustic glam. Absolutely fabulous!

  12. Amy Boyles Says:

    Love it! One of a kind!

  13. Deanna Sena Says:

    Both beautiful, but I love the vintage look to the rustic glam.

  14. Cynthia Says:

    Modern Chic is exactly what we would be interested in. . . we moved into a new home recently and the dining room is composed of folding tables and chairs. This would give us much needed direction … !

  15. Sarah Lawler Says:

    Love the modern chic! Absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect in my bedroom!

  16. Linda M Says:

    Two stunning chandeliers, I had a hard time choosing one over the other.

  17. Dani Dillard Says:

    I love this chandelier, it’s a perfect fit for any modern home!

  18. Lauren Says:

    Loving the modern chic!

  19. Hannah Says:

    I love the look of Rustic Glam!

  20. Miss Pete Says:

    wowza! How can you choose? Can I have both? :)

  21. Dana A Says:

    Definitely Modern Chic! Its so gorgeous!

  22. Lise Landry Says:

    Love the modern chic chandelier!

  23. Sonja Barosh Says:

    Just moved in new home! Need the rustic!!

  24. karla Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the modern chic. It is minimal with just enough of that wow factor.


    Both lamps are beautiful but if I had to choose one I it would be the Modern Chic. I love that it makes a statement without overpowering the rest of the room or even the table.

  26. Laura H Says:

    Love the rustic one, very interesting to look at!

  27. Kathleen Says:

    Love the Modern Chic chandelier.

  28. Suzi Says:

    I love the rustic glam… A great way to describe my dream home!

  29. Kristin Says:

    Rustic Glam!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  30. Shanna Uptergrove Says:

    I NEED something in my dining room- we had a gaudy old gold chandelier.. took it down, painted it white and put it in my daughter’s room and now we’re stuck with no light in the dining room- for 5 months now!!! Rustic chic- love it.
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  31. Kelli W. Says:

    Rustic Glam, beautiful!

  32. sarah shult Says:

    Both are fabulous but the modern style would work better in my house

  33. Maureen Says:

    The Rustic is a bit more classic to me so that is what I tend towards.

  34. Candace Po Says:

    Modern Chic! Love it.

  35. Crystal Iglesias Says:

    The chandeler is fabulous, works perfect with my dinning room!!

  36. Gretchen Long Says:

    I’m trying to add some modern elements to our mostly traditional house, and the modern chic chandelier would be perfect!

  37. t Says:

    I love both!

  38. Kiley Says:

    Modern Chic-Gorgeous!

  39. Natalie Pellegrino Says:

    Modern chic! This chandelier by Oly is on my wish list for my new home we are renovating! I saw it in a window yesterday! Love it!

  40. Linda Says:

    Rustic glam 100%!

  41. Reggie Painter Says:

    Love glam, rustic or otherwise and this chandelier fits. Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. Amanda Alberti Says:

    I’m definitely a modern girl so modern chic would be the one for me!

  43. Amber McClurg Says:

    Rustic Glam!

  44. Adrienne Lenz Says:

    I would say modern chic. I like both but the modern chic one fits in my house better :)

  45. Maggie Cecchini Says:

    Wow. The modern chic chandelier was made to hang in my dining room. I cant believe how perfect it would look! It is absolutely stunning. Adding that to my Christmas wish list!!

  46. rachel Says:

    Rustic Glam!

  47. Suzanne Says:

    Modern chic!

  48. Jill Vosburg Says:

    Rustic Glam!!

  49. Sharon Terrazas Says:

    Minimal — I love the crisp of the white and I’m crazy about the circles.

  50. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Definitely love both, but, I would have to go with the Rustic Glam. Oh so beautiful!!!!!!

  51. Lindsay Says:

    Rustic glam all the way!!

  52. Karen Says:

    Modern chic for me! I totally love the circles.

  53. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    Love the clean look of Modern Chic

  54. Diane Myers Says:

    Modern chic!

  55. Robin Says:

    Modern chic! Perfect for adding a bit of drama over the holiday table, without any fussiness.

  56. CindyC Says:

    modern chic!!!

  57. Chrissa Says:

    Go Chic or go home? ;)

  58. Diana G Says:

    I love the modern one and the way the light shines on it.

  59. Ashley Edenfield Says:

    Love the rustic glam! My homes decor is rustic glam!

  60. Stacey Says:

    Ooh, love the modern chic. I have a perfect spot for it!

  61. Angela Says:

    LOVE the modern chic lamp.

  62. Tamara Bennington Says:

    I am a romantic so I have to go the the Rustic Glam

  63. Koren Says:

    definitely modern chic

  64. jennifer whitlock Says:

    i love it

  65. Rachel H Says:

    Rustic glam!

  66. Julie Morgan Says:

    Love both, but the modern chic would pop and bring a bit of fun to my whole room. Plus it would be fantastic year round :)

  67. Anthony Asaro Says:

    Simple and elegant….both at the same time. A real statement!

  68. Tess Says:

    Love the modern chic! This would look perfect in my house!

  69. Kathy Says:

    Rustic glam all the way!!!!

  70. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    Modern chic!

  71. leah l Says:

    The modern one is a timeless classic.

  72. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    modern chic is by far the best! beautiful!

  73. NC Says:

    rustic glam

  74. Ariel Says:

    Rustic Glam!!!

  75. April C. Says:

    Oh I love the Rustic Glam!

  76. Nancy McKenzie Says:

    I typically love the rustic and antique look but there is something about the modern chic that i really love. Besides why not mix your styles and make it your own.

  77. Julie Says:

    We have an older house that we’ve been redoing and I think the rustic look would be best over our dining room table. Both are beautiful though!

  78. Jessica haynie Says:

    Both chandeliers are amazing but rustic glam is more my style! My home is filled with antique family pieces and this fixture compliments them perfectly!

  79. Phyllis Mannerino Says:

    Modern CHIC is me. That will fit in well in our dreamed of remodel plans!

  80. Kammi Says:

    I so want Modern Glam. So dazzling gorgeous!!

  81. Foxy Florals Says:

    love the Modern Chic! Simple, Beautiful and the right fit for my Small Dining room to add some Glam! Loving it!

  82. Dianna Canady Says:

    I would love a gift certficate so maybe I can purchase items off of my layla grayce baby registry!!! I love all the items on this website, I’m so glad I came across it!

  83. Sarah K Says:

    rustic glam!

  84. Anna Says:

    Love rustic glam!

  85. Tiffanie Says:

    Rustic glam, but both are simply fabulous.

  86. Twyla Says:

    As much as I love that rustic look, my home is mostly modern chic!!

  87. Emily Barklage Says:

    This was a toughie – but I had to go with modern chic!

  88. Ron Miller Says:

    no doubt modern!

  89. Kate Says:

    Love the rustic one, but i’d be more likely to buy the modern!

  90. Tony C. Says:

    Rustic is nice

  91. MaKaley Chidiac Says:

    Rustic Glam!! It looks very decorative, and holiday inviting.

  92. Abbey G Says:

    It’s a toss up, but had to go with the Modern Chic for year round appeal.

  93. Vic Says:

    Rustic Glam is GLAM-orous!

  94. Vic G Says:

    Modern Chic sparkles!

  95. Debbie W Says:

    I love the Rustic.

  96. Thomas Says:

    Modern Chic would look great in my dining room! Hope this is my lucky day!

  97. Lynn T Says:

    Both are beautiful but rustic!

  98. Vickie Clouatre Says:

    Rustic Glam for sure. Beautiful and goes with my home!

  99. Heather Says:

    Def modern chic!

  100. natalie Says:

    Rustic Glam!!!

  101. Heather Says:

    Love both, but I think rustic glam is more my style!

  102. sydney85 Says:

    Modern Chic! What a statement this would make in a room.

  103. Crystal Loftus Says:

    That chandelier is so dreamy!

  104. tammie brown Says:

    hard choice, but going with the elegant style of the modern chic….. next wk probably the rustic glam…LOL both are beauties.

  105. uria scaplen Says:

    oh WOW….i LOVE the Rustic Glam piece!!!!! :)

  106. Rachel Gaitan Says:

    Rustic glam.

  107. John Says:

    We would love to own the modern chic design!

  108. Melody J. Says:

    Love the modern version! So fun and memorable…

  109. cassandra aubut Says:

    rustic glam!

  110. Angela Scavuzzo Says:

    Modern Chic…it reminds me of an updated chandelier my grandparents had in their house when I was a child. My uncle brought back from serving in the Philippians…it is amazing when you can find a gorgeous piece that is also nostalgic.

  111. Shaundra Prewitt Says:

    I love the Modern Chic!

  112. Lisa braccia Says:

    Once again, I love both but the modern one would go beautiful in my home

  113. Eliza Klinger Says:

    Rustic Glam- It so beautiful and I love it!

  114. Abie I Says:

    The modern glam is so classic!!!

  115. tracey byram Says:

    Modern Chic: Minimal but oh so memorable.

  116. Helen Says:

    Definitely modern chic! Obsessed!!

  117. Sarah Z. Says:

    Very pretty! I like Modern Chic the best!

  118. Adele Says:

    I love them both but I think the more modern drum would fit better in my home. Thanks!

  119. RG Says:

    Definitely Modern Chic – and this case… it actually teeters on both… so this is definitely something that can fit into almost every environment.

  120. Sara Says:

    Modern chic!

  121. Lindsey Says:

    Love the modern chic – takes the drum shade light up to a whole new level!

  122. Kristin Says:

    I love both but modern chic would look perfect in my house!

  123. Bethb Says:

    modern chic

  124. Jennifer Barr Says:

    Modern Chic

  125. Shanna Says:

    Definitely Rustic Glam! That’s my kind of style.

  126. Rebecca Says:

    Modern Chic all the way! Just like your new shop ZINC DOOR :)

  127. stella Says:

    ‘rustic glam’is rockin’!

  128. Jennifer Jacks Says:

    Rustic glam!

  129. yvonne Says:

    Like the modern chic

  130. Heidi Foster Says:

    Both are great, but I adore the rustic!!

  131. Kim Croisant Says:

    Close race,,,,,but I like Rustic!!!

  132. Melissa V Says:

    Rustic Glam! Love! Love! Love!

  133. Laurie Says:

    Love rustic glam!

  134. Jamie Says:

    Love the clean look of the modern chic!

  135. Vickie Thornton Says:

    The Rustic Glam is a very fun choice.

  136. Jennifer C. Says:

    I love the Modern Chic one! FAbulous!

  137. Shannon Imlay Says:

    Definitely the rustic glam, that one is so “me” lol

  138. stacy h Says:

    rough glam for me =)

  139. Rennie Says:

    Nothing “rustic” for me thanks.

  140. Melissa Says:

    Rustic glam oh so elegant!!!

  141. Staci A Says:

    Love the rustic glam!

  142. ewhatley Says:

    The Modern Chic would look perfect in my dining room.

  143. nikki Says:

    the modern chic is awesome!!!

  144. Kristina M Says:

    Love the rustic glam!!

  145. Leslie Petersen Says:

    LOVE the rustic glam! Anything GLAM is definitely a style I gush over! :)

  146. Valerie L Says:

    i am not a fan of either style but the modern one is better, the beads like weird

  147. Susan Lockwood Says:

    Modern Chic is my pick!!!!

  148. Susan Says:

    Rustic glam! i need a little glam in my life.

  149. Deanna G. Says:

    Modern gets my vote!

  150. Gary Lee Says:

    A lesser of two evils, but I’ll go with the rustic.

  151. Kristy K Says:

    Rustic Glam is a MUST have!

  152. Kristin Gorney Says:

    Love the rustic glam! Very elegant but not too formal.

  153. Rebecca Cottrell Says:

    Love both but the modern chic has that wow factor that really makes a room!

  154. Mell Morgan Says:

    Modern chic gets my vote!

  155. Paula Says:

    Modern Chic today!

  156. Alejandra Says:

    I like the idea of bringing the outdoors in, rustic glam for me!

  157. Alli Says:

    Obsessed with rustic!!!

  158. Charity S Says:

    I like the Rustic Glam.

  159. Janet Says:

    I’m modern all the way!!

  160. carol lewis Says:

    I like them both but Rustic Glam would be better for my decor.

  161. Lauren Says:

    They’re both pretty, but the modern style is beautiful!

  162. Aura Says:

    modern chic is beautiful but rustic glam is what I want in my house

  163. amy pugmire Says:

    love love the rustic glam!

  164. Kristan Says:

    I would happily hang either of these chandeliers but I love the modern chic look.

  165. Chrissy Says:

    Even though it took 5 months to get my new ceiling fan up, I’d take the Rustic Glam!

  166. denise Says:

    Rustic glam for me

  167. Eliza Says:

    The Rustic Glam would be perfect to contrast with my formal dining room table!

  168. Kimberly B. Says:

    Rustic Glam is my choice.

  169. Jessica Says:

    Rustic glam wins in my book!

  170. Kim Says:

    Modern for me!

  171. Nina Bell Says:

    Rustic Babay <3

  172. Christina "Suzie" Stoltz Says:

    Rustic Glam is truly a showstopper! Love it.

  173. LaTisha Says:

    I love both!!! How to choose just one? Modern might win just be a nose.

  174. Sand Says:

    Hands down Modern Chic!

  175. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Love rustic glam!

  176. Trish Says:

    Love that Modern Chic lamp — it would look great in my Mid-Century style dining room!

  177. Marge Says:

    For me the simpler the better

  178. Sally Britain Says:

    I love both but the Rustic Glam is more my taste.

  179. Beth Dunn Says:

    I love the modern chic!

  180. Erin Walsh Says:

    Definitely modern chic

  181. Melisa Merrill Says:

    Diffenately modern chic!

  182. Bing Says:

    Modern Chic has my vote

  183. D.Frances. Says:

    Modern Chic!
    Layers of luminous disks which look to softly diffuse light, possibly casting a romantic glow.

  184. Melissa Vaught Says:

    I love both of them actually, but the rustic glam is really gorgeous!! It would blend in very well with how my home is already decorated, too. It’s very much My Style! I love it!! And the fact that it’s considered “glam” makes me happy!! My hubby doesn’t like too much “glam” around the house bc he says it’s too girly, but I could sneak this glam in and he would never know!! <3 xoxo

  185. Amanda Player Says:

    modern chic is LOVE

  186. Antinette Johnson Says:

    OH Rustic Glam Chandy I love you so!

  187. Nicole Hanson Says:

    rustic glam!!!

  188. brittany dodd Says:

    Rustic Glam all the way!!!

  189. Renee Says:

    Love the simplicity of the white!

  190. Henria O. Says:

    Love the Rustic Glam!

  191. Jenny Says:

    Def gorgeously chic ;)
    Stunning for the upcoming holiday –
    New year 2012!!!!

  192. susan Says:

    They’re both gorgeous!

  193. Grace Says:

    Modern Chic is a gem!

  194. Amy Says:

    I LOVE the “modern chic”. Would look wonderful over our in the process of a slow revamp of a dining room.

  195. Melissa Says:

    Modern Chic is GORGEOUS!

  196. Jami Says:

    Love the modern chic!