2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 10

10 Days of Holiday Giveaways Day 10
Aidan Gray Grain Sack Occasional Chair, One of a Kind Distressed Vintage Sideboard

It’s the season for gifting, and we’re giving away a $100 Layla Grayce gift certificate each day! It’s a fun face-off where you vote for which items qualify as “a few of my favorite things.” Leave a comment below or on our facebook page to be entered to win the gift certificate. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted here and on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). Today concludes our two weeks of holiday giveaways, thanks for playing along! Happy holidays from all of us at Layla Grayce!

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143 Responses to “2 Weeks Of Holiday Giveaways: Day 10”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Vintage Sidboard for me please!!! Both are lovely though!! :)

  2. Emily Says:

    I love, love, love the Aidan Gray chair!

  3. Sheryl Creech Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair…great for reading or just relaxing with a cup of coffee!

  4. Rachel H Says:

    Vintage sideboard is gorgeous!

  5. Elizabeth Bolivar Edelheit Says:

    Decisions, decisions….. I can find better use for the sideboard, but I would be happy to make room for both at home!

  6. Kellie O'Shields Says:

    I love that vintage sideboard piece!!!

  7. April Says:

    I adore the vintage sideboard !!!!!

  8. Crystal De Hart Says:

    The vintage sideboard is beautiful!!

  9. Tiffanie Says:

    That chair = perfection!

  10. KristiD Says:

    I have such an affinity to classic, vintage-looking chairs. Our home would have them everywhere if I could afford it & find them! This one is so beautiful. I’d love it in our bedroom – we have that same wall color, so it’s looking a lot like home for me!

  11. Adele Says:

    I love both pieces! Do I have to pick?

  12. Michaela Says:

    I need that sideboard in my room! Gorgeous!

  13. Julie Says:

    Both so elegant but the vintage sideboard is what I would choose for my home.

  14. John Says:

    The sideboard would top off my look!

  15. Kimberly Smith Says:

    They are both lovely. But I think the chair is my favorite.

  16. Staci A Says:

    Love the vintage sideboard!

  17. angie jackson Says:

    diggin that vintage look!!!!

  18. Naomi Says:

    Vintage sideboard!! So beautiful!

  19. Aubrie Says:

    Let’s just put them next to each other

  20. kelly sieckhaus Says:

    LOVE..love..love…..the chair!

  21. Brent Says:

    Love the grey chair!

  22. Cyn Clifford Says:

    Gorgeous furniture!

  23. Lindsay E. Says:

    Ooh la la! That chair is tres chic! love it.

  24. Sarah Says:

    Love the vintage sideboard!!!

  25. Auste Says:

    I am in love with Adain Gray chair!

  26. Suzanne Says:

    Tres chic. I’m a francophile.

  27. Jenna Dunagan Says:

    Vintage sideboard. Love it!

  28. Thomas Says:

    I know my wife would love the vintage sideboard!

  29. Sharon Terrazas Says:

    I equally love BOTH pieces!

  30. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    The sideboard is so beautiful; it’s the kind of piece around which you could arrange the whole room.

  31. Candace Po Says:

    I love the chair. It would look so cute in my baby’s nursery.

  32. Kristen Hall Says:

    The sideboard is lovely!!!

  33. Alli Says:

    Do I have to pick one….my heart is split!

  34. Cindy Keel Says:

    The sideboard is anpiece that could be used in any room to add interest an beauty.

  35. Paula Says:

    Love the chair!

  36. Kelly Says:

    So pretty!! Would look great in my 16 year olds room

  37. Katie Says:

    I love the vintage sideboard!!!

  38. stacy h Says:

    love that chair!!

  39. carol lewis Says:

    I love them both but I will say the beautiful chair since I do not have anything like that.
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  40. Teresa S. Says:

    I’m lovin the chair!

  41. Chelsea Says:

    Love the gold trim on the vintage sideboard. Très français!

  42. Tina Ellis Says:

    J’aime beaucoup la chaise!! C’est magnifique!!!

  43. Tess Says:

    Love the vintage sideboard!

  44. Ann Says:

    Love the sideboard!

  45. Misty Beck Says:

    I love the vintage sideboard!!! It would look fabulous in my bathroom :)

  46. Dale Wilder Says:

    i so LOVE both of these!!! however, i’m a huge fan of storage pieces! beautiful!

  47. Dale Wilder Says:

    i so LOVE both of these!!! !

  48. Kate Says:

    That chair looks so comfy!

  49. Phyllis Mannerino Says:

    I would love the vintage sideboard!

  50. Diane Myers Says:

    Love them both!

  51. Ariel Says:

    I am in love with the chair!

  52. Crystal Loftus Says:

    The sideboard is really classic. It could dress up a room nicely!

  53. Rachel Gaitan Says:


  54. Rissa R Says:

    I am totally in love with the vintage sideboard! But like both of them as well.

  55. rachel Says:

    Can’t beat vintage!

  56. Robin Says:

    The chair is perfect for my new home office! I couldn’t have picked a better option.

  57. Jennifer Jacks Says:

    the Aidan Gray Chair…I love a French-inspired chair!

  58. martha Says:

    I love that pretty chair it perfectly match in our master bathroom it will be prettier!

  59. martha Says:

    No I mean talked about the drawer not chair oops for me .

  60. Kasia Says:

    I love this chair! Looks comfy :)

  61. Sara Says:

    Both are beautiful, but I especially love the sideboard!

  62. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love the vintage sideboard:)

  63. Tamara B. Says:

    I just love the vintage sideboard so many things I could display on it and I have the perfect place for it.

  64. Laurie Says:

    Love the vintage piece!!

  65. Heather Says:

    Both lovely, but the sideboard is the piece for me!

  66. Ashley R Says:

    Oh this was hard! I’m such an Aiden Gray fan but that sideboard is too gorgeous to resist!

  67. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love the chair! It’s beautiful!

  68. Cheryl Says:

    I love the vintage chic look! <3 them both but I must say the sideboard is goooorrgeous!

  69. tracey byram Says:

    Ooh la la, a vintage sideboard is the piece for me! AND….I have the perfect spot for it.

  70. Monica Says:

    I adore both!! La, the tres chic chair would be perfect in my home and so would the vintage table…French flare is why I love Layla Grace!
    Happy Holidays!

  71. April C. Says:

    Tres chic!!!

  72. Suzanne Says:

    love that chair!

  73. lilcg Says:

    that vintage sideboard is lovely

  74. Jen Says:

    so hard to chose but the vintage sideboard is perfect for our entryway!

  75. Deanna Sena Says:

    I love that sideboard!!!! Gorgeous

  76. Judith Sharp Says:

    I love the sideboard!

  77. Carmen Says:

    Both are beautiful pieces, but LOVE the sideboard.

  78. Emily Says:

    I would just as tres chic sitting in that chair! It belongs with me!! LOVE!

  79. laura orofino Says:


  80. Debbie W Says:

    I voted for the chair, but I love both.

  81. Analise E Says:

    This is a tough choice!! But that sideboard is breathtaking!

  82. Shanna Says:

    Vintage all the way!

  83. Kelsey Olsen Says:

    I love the Sideboard! Thanks!

  84. Aura Says:

    the vintage sideboard is gorgeous!

  85. ewhatley Says:

    Like both pieces but if I had to choose one it would be the chair.

  86. stella Says:

    the sideboard’s gorgeous and would be so useful, too– form & function, in spades!

  87. Fairfield House Says:

    I have the perfect spot for the Aidan Gray chair in the Fairfield House! – Deborah

  88. Maureen Says:

    The sideboard has my vote.

  89. Abie I Says:

    That sideboard needs to be in my dining room!

  90. Koren Says:

    the chair looks so comfy!

  91. diane@cottage-wishes Says:

    I love both but I just adore the chair…Happy holidays and thanks for the giveaways. Di@cottage-wishes

  92. Valerie L Says:

    Both are cute, but I think I like the chair

  93. Bethb Says:


  94. Laura Says:

    The vintage chair is outstanding! I do love the sideboard too. Tough call!

  95. Susan Says:

    I LOVE the vintage sideboard.

  96. KittenJen Says:

    I love both! Such pretty pieces.

  97. Yvonne Y Says:

    Love the chair!

  98. Eleanor Says:

    The chair is my favorite, it would add some lightness to all the brown leather pieces I have. It would certainly be a lovely “accent” addition to my living room!!!!

  99. joanie Mullin Says:

    I’m in love with the chair.

  100. joanie Mullin Says:

    They are both so beautiful.

  101. Jennifer C. Says:

    The Aidan Gray chair is AMAZING!

  102. Henria O. Says:

    Ahhh! Love the sideboard!

  103. Nikki Says:

    Love the chair!

  104. Rebecca Says:

    I love just about anything vintage or with a vintage look. Love the sideboard.

  105. Corinne Says:

    Loving the Chair!!!!

  106. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Vintage Sideboard for me. Please!!!!! Both are beautiful though, but I need something for storage.

  107. Sara Says:

    Beautiful chair! I love French flair!

  108. Sand Says:

    I love the vintage sideboard!

  109. Bing Says:

    Vintage sideboard.

  110. leah l Says:

    Love both if I had to pick one I’d say ‘tres chic’

  111. Heidi Foster Says:

    They’re both great but I love the vintage :)

  112. Jean F Says:

    I love the chair!

  113. C Gaines Says:

    I need the chair, and I need it fast!

  114. Kristina M Says:

    I love them both but if I had to choose, I’d choose the vintage sideboard.

  115. jennifer barr Says:

    vintage sideboard

  116. ashley Says:

    vintage all the way!

  117. Michele Says:

    The Chair is Gorgeous!!!!!

  118. kelli Says:

    the chair looks lovely and so inviting for a session with a good book….

  119. nosogirl Says:

    Love, love, love the chair!!!

  120. Kirsten Says:

    I love the sideboard

  121. yvonne Says:


  122. Lindsey Ashcroft Says:

    oh how I love the Aidan Gray chair. All their stuff, actually! Yay for a Dallas company!

  123. Dana A Says:

    I love the sideboard…its such an eye-catcher!

  124. Kimberly B. Says:

    I love the vintage sideboard.

  125. Erin Walsh Says:

    The chair has good bones.

  126. Melissa B Says:

    Love the chair!

  127. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    Definitely the pretty vintage sideboard.

  128. Heather Says:

    I love Aidan Gray, but that sideboard is so unique! Looks like a family heirloom!

  129. Stephanie W Says:

    I love the chair

  130. Liza Kramer Says:

    Vintage sideboard is very cute.

  131. Cathy C Says:

    Love them both, but if I had to choose it would be the chair.

  132. Susan Lockwood Says:

    I love the chair!!

  133. Jackie Hawks Says:

    The Aiden Chair is the one for me!

  134. Emily Barklage Says:

    That chair would work so beautifully in my room … :)

  135. Cynthia Says:

    Ooh la la is all me!!

  136. janie Says:

    Love that chair!

  137. Lynn T Says:

    Vintage sideboard all the way!

  138. Charity S Says:

    Vintage sideboard

  139. amy pugmire Says:

    love the chair

  140. Erin Timmins Nay Says:

    Both of these pieces are amazing but that chair STOLE my HEART! It is absolutely amazing! Layla Grace has the best pieces!

  141. Sarah Burai Says:

    Love em both, especially the sideboard though

  142. Yvette Kovari-Byrd Says:

    The Vintage Sideboard is gorgeous and I cannot believe that is going to be given away because I’ve been eyeing with it since it was listed on Layla Grayce. So happy, now i have a chance to win it! Yaaay :)

  143. Jami Says:

    I like the chair the most.

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