Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Giveaway

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas: Holiday in the Hague Change it up Clutch and Holiday in the Hague Shopper Tote Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroll Stroller Cover in Santiago Sunset, Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Santiago Sunset, Powder Room Case in Santiago Sunset, Travel Train Case in Santiago Sunset and Adorn iPhone 4 Case in Santiago Sunset

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Sashay Satchel Classic Cornflower

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Lemon Ginger Chenille Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag, Stroll Stroller Cover in Lemon Ginger Chenille, Receiving Blanket with Lemon Ginger Chenille Trim, Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Lemon Ginger Chenille

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch Diaper Bag in Passport to Prague, Wanderlust Wallet in Passport to Prague, Travel Train Case in Passport to Prague, Touring Tote Diaper Bag in Passport to Prague

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Wistful Weekender Bag in Delightful Dahlia

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Collection
Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Nomad Knapsack, Scout Satellite Sling, Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Walkabout Carrier in Heathered Grey with black liner

Wistful Weekender
Events we look forward to each year: Christmas, our birthday and the day our new Petunia Pickle Bottom collections arrive! Spring 2012 will knock your socks off with their colorful new patterns offered in their always popular bags and accessories. Shop the new arrivals here. To kick off Spring 2012, we’re giving away one sweet Petunia bag to a lucky winner. The Wistful Weekender Bag shown could be yours – just vote on your favorite new print (you can even select several) and leave a comment below to be entered to win. Enter by Friday, 2/3/12 midnight EST – we’ll announce the winner on Monday!
Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Prints

We have a winner – congrats to Keira K. from Franklin,TN! Thanks to all who voted and shared your fave prints with us!

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508 Responses to “Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 Giveaway”

  1. Kendra Says:

    LOVE the calming Cosmos!!!!

  2. Claire Says:

    They are all so cute!

  3. Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} Says:

    I voted and it was hard to choose only one; I chose three! Classic Cornflower, Cobalt Roll, and Lemon Ginger…so yummy!

  4. Ana Says:

    I really LOVE these new collections;)
    my FAV is Playful Poppy!!;)
    I hope i get a chance to win this giveaway!!;)

  5. racergirl1313 Says:

    Love them all, but I think I like Calming Cosmos the most!

  6. Kelly Says:

    I love them all but think Passport to Prague and Classic Cornflower are my faves!

  7. athena d. Says:

    i love the holiday in hague! its SOOO CUTE! my favorite

  8. Joy Owens Says:

    I am in love!

  9. Elizabeth Hughes Says:

    The cobalt roll is such a cute and sophisticated print! Love it!

  10. Tracey Southerland Says:

    Love them all, but Santiago Sunset is my favorite!! So cute.

  11. Kate Says:

    Hard to pick just one favorite! Love the Cobalt Roll and Lemon Ginger.

  12. abril Says:

    i love them all !!

  13. Chasity Says:

    Love the calming cosmos print!

  14. Antonia Says:

    So hard to pick one fave! They are all such fun patterns!

  15. kelly Says:

    love the new colors and prints! especially playful poppy and santiago sunset. :)

  16. Heather A. Says:

    I love all the new fabrics! But this Dahlia is so versatile for a boy and girl, both of which I have! I wish I could be so lucky to have this super chic bag hold all my baby goodies :)

  17. crystal r Says:

    “Passport to Prague” has Spring written all over it!

  18. crickett ceccotti Says:

    Oh my word I love this new print, my husband is not going to love when i start begging for a new petunia pickle bottom for my next baby, it is so cute I think it might be a must have!!!!!

  19. Alisa Says:

    Love Passport to Prague!

  20. Isabel Says:

    I love the new patterns! My favorites are Santiago Sunset, Playful Poppy and Delightful Dahlia. Hard to choose just one!

  21. Angela Manes Says:

    Love them all! So hard to choose, but delightful dahlia is my favorite!

  22. crickett ceccotti Says:

    I really like passport to prague but Santiago sunset is a close second…oh my I love the new line!

  23. Aura Says:

    They’re all beautiful (as are all Petunia bags) my favorite though is lemon ginger chenille. I would really like a whistful weekender

  24. Marisa Paine Says:

    These are all so pretty!

  25. Cynthia S. Says:

    I love Santiago Sunset. But let’s get down to business…I love the new Satellite Sling!! Perfect for my husband! He deserves a present as a stay at home dad, don’t you think?

  26. Andrea Says:

    I just *love* Petunia Pickle Bottom! And I am loving the new prints. How fab! Particularly fond of the Calming Cosmos print, but it’s hard to choose just one!

  27. Laura A Says:

    Love all the new designs but my absolute favorite is the Dahlia Organic!!

  28. Desiree Walters Says:

    love the playful poppy! It was so hard to pick one!

  29. Holly Gardner Says:

    Thr Santiago sunset is gorgeous.

  30. Elyse Says:

    I love that weekender bag! Perfect!

  31. Paula Says:

    There all soo pretty and soo colorful! I would have too say my fav is Colbot Roll tho…

  32. Jessica Harris Says:

    LOVE Lemon Ginger!!! Would love to have one just in time for our new little one :)

  33. Sarah Says:

    Love PPB. I like the Idyllic Ibiza best.

  34. Heidi Seligman Says:

    The Idyllic Ibiza Is so different and rich looking! Santiago Sunset Is also so pretty! I LOVE Petunia!

  35. Jennifer Arce in SC Says:

    Great job Petunia Pickle Bottom! All of this season’s prints are beautiful and fun and any girl would be lucky to have. My favorites are Idyllic Ibiza, Delightful Dubrovnik and Holiday in Hague. I love the stroller covers also! I’m due in May so I am looking forward to becoming a first-time Petunia Pickle Bottom customer!

  36. Megan Fear Says:

    Santiago Sunset and Playful Poppy are my faves! Love Petunia Pickle Bottom!!!

  37. RuthHall Says:

    Very cute patterns! I can see myself rocking all patterns in different aspects of my current lifestyle. Fun!

  38. Heidi S. Says:

    The Cobalt Roll is fab but the Santiago Sunset is beautiful to.

  39. Hayley Says:

    I love, love love the classic cornflower design! The pops of color are pretty enough to make a statement but easy on the eyes too!

  40. Erin Says:

    Everything about Delightful Dahlia is, well, DELIGHTFUL! Including the adorable picture with Mom and Daughter! So super cute!

  41. Suzy Says:

    Love the brown and orange Santiago Sunset!

  42. Tara Says:

    LOVE the Citrine Roll!

  43. Cindy Brown Says:

    I love Delightful Dubrovnik, and my second pick would be Holiday in Hague, but they are all beautiful.

  44. Debra Says:

    These bags are so cute! I’m happy to see iPhone cases, as well!

  45. Adriana Says:

    I Love the Cobalt Roll pattern!

  46. sarah m. downs Says:

    I would love to win one of the weekend bags!

  47. Cristen s Says:

    Loving Holiday in the Hague for sure. :)

  48. TammyO Says:

    What a cute weekender bag — and I love Idyllic Ibiza. I could see myself with several of these pieces this spring and summer!

  49. Nanette forester Says:

    Soooo hard to choose a favorite. I got it narrowed down to two! They are all wonderful. I’m delighted to see you make your products in fabrics the guys feel comfortable with. Great job!,

  50. Allison B Says:

    I LOVE them all, BEAUTIFUL!!! :-)

  51. Linda Varnell Says:

    Loveee them all but lemon ginger is my favorite!!

  52. sarah shult Says:

    All the prints are great but the mix of lime green and pink in the Calming cosmos is just fabulous!!

  53. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful designs!

  54. Krista Says:

    LOVE the classic cornflower satchel!! It is so perfect!!

  55. Sara Says:

    I love the playful poppy and the calming cosmos!! They are all great patterns!

  56. Brenna Hollander Says:

    WOW! So many great prints, it’s hard to choose! Love the creative names for all of the beautiful prints!

  57. Amanda Schlobohm Says:

    Idyllic Ibiza or Classic Cornflower. I’m loving the blue hues for spring! So fun and fresh :)

  58. Leah Says:

    I love the Deightful Dahlia! It is quite delightful :D!

  59. brittany dodd Says:

    Love them all and want it

  60. Amy Diamant Says:

    I just had a boy! these new prints are perfect;)

  61. Jen Says:

    Playful Poppy is very modern and fresh- perfect for a girl or boy which is great!

  62. nicolette Says:

    so hard to pick just ONE! i like the idyllic ibiza but delightful dahlia is my fave :)

  63. Joanna Warren Says:

    Love playful poppy… and a lot of the others!

  64. Andrea Watters Says:

    Oh my goodness it was way too hard to choose so I picked 3!! Santiago Sunset, Calming Cosmos and Delightful Dahlia. And I definitely need an excuse to buy another cute iPhone case to match because I LOVE the one I bought last year :-)

  65. Staceys Says:

    Love sashay satchel in cornflower. It’s going on a wish list for moms day!

  66. amy Says:

    Love the playful poppy. Great color combination.

  67. Laura Says:

    Love the new collection! A petunia pickle bottom diaper bag is on my wish list.

  68. Melissa Morse Says:

    So hard to choose just one! Idyllic Ibiza is gorgeous & so is Playful Poppy & Delightful Dahlia! Love them all!!

  69. Julia Madsen Says:

    Lemon ginger – Sounds delicious and looks delightful – gets my vote!

  70. Maureen Says:

    I like the Holiday in Hague

  71. Christa Says:

    Love the Lemon Ginger and Idylic Ibiza

  72. Martha Says:

    Passport to Prague is soo pretty!

  73. Dee Says:

    Absolutely in LOVE with the Idyllic Ibiza!

  74. Jamie Jasinski Says:

    Lemon Ginger….so delicious!

  75. Ashlee Says:

    Idylic Ibiza – a big, bold print is perfect for a weekender bag.

  76. Sydney S Says:

    Love the new products! My vote went to the Cobalt Roll – the print and style are so pretty.

  77. Annie Corsino Says:

    Love love the Santiago Sunset design! Also the Satellite Sling is very cool & great for my hubby to use :)

  78. Janie Says:

    Great choices on prints and styles.

  79. Candace Moschella Says:

    My goal is to pack nothing more than this bag for a weekend escape with my sister!

  80. Laura Says:

    GREAT collection. There are a few bag styles and colors to die for. Fantastic job!

  81. Athena Says:

    I love the new prints! Reminds me of the classic 40’s. Inspired!

  82. christine b Says:

    They are beautiful and have vibrant colors!! The bags are so versitile and fun!they are great and classy for even the dads to carry! I would love to have one :)

  83. Elva Rojas Says:

    There are too many to choose from! Love the weekender bag!

  84. Jennifer Says:

    I really like the Classic Cornflower!

  85. ANNA Says:

    I love them all!!!

  86. Emily Says:

    The Idyllic Ibiza is gorgeous!!

  87. Rick Crosslin Says:

    We gave 2 different bags to our daughter in law and she loves them. My wife just ordered a train case and a smaller case. We really like the patterns and quality.

  88. SHIRLEY Says:

    It would be hard to choose just one…they are all beautiful.

  89. ruth Says:

    They are all pretty!

  90. Lara Says:

    Love the holiday in Hague!! And a lot of the others too! :)

  91. Rosie Says:

    Love this print. It makes me happy!

  92. brenda shults Says:

    delightful dalhia is just my style!

  93. I want one of the new patterns Says:

    ALL of the new patterns are excellent.

  94. Sarah Says:

    I love Playful Poppy, but there are so many more I really like!

  95. Susan McKendry Says:

    The prints just put you in a Happy Mood!

  96. Denisa Says:

    My baby and I would love a bag in Santiago Sunset. :)

  97. Elissa Boyles Says:

    I love the playful poppy!

  98. Joyce L Tanjoco Says:

    I love all the prints! It’s so hard to pick just one but I do love the new blues, specifically Idyllic Ibiza! :)

  99. Katherine Says:

    Classic Cornflower !

  100. Donna McKay Says:

    Hard choice: Dahlia & Ibiza

  101. Jennie Says:

    I love the color of Delightful Dahlia! So bright and happy :)

  102. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow they are all so adorable….but I finally decided one the Idyllic Ibiza! So Cute!!!!

  103. Annmarie Says:

    Love them all!! :o) I kept comming back to the lemon ginger and the delightful dalhlia bags!
    I have a grand daughter and grand son and would love to have one of these bags to carry their precious things when they spend the day with me! :o)

  104. Mandy Cope Says:

    I love the vibrant colors and bold patterns! I couldn’t pick just one to be a favorite…there are so many wonderful options! I live Delightful Dahlia, Playful Poppy, and Santiago Sunset….the colors are so warm and inviting; they make me antsy for Spring’s arrival(:

  105. Kaci Says:

    I love the cheerfulness of the “Passport to Prague.” Such a happy print! Would love to carry it on my shoulder/stroller. :-)

  106. Sabrina Says:

    All so beautiful. I had a boxy backpack many years ago! I’ve had 4 touring totes. I still carry one everyday my kids are well passed the diager bag stage. They make GREAT handbags. I always donate them when I’m done. They hold up so well. Love ’em!!! Didn’t realize until recently that they were made in China :-(. Thought they came out of Santa Barbara. Still, a fan for life! Thanks for your loveliness.

  107. Becky Says:

    I love them all but I really like Passport to Prague.

  108. Joyce Angieri Says:

    Is it ok to check all 12 boxes?! They’re each delightful and have a ton of zing and personality! I don’t know how I managed to check only 5.

  109. Jodi Says:

    Red is my fav color so love Delightful Dahlia, and Idyllic Ibiza feels perfect for Spring!

  110. Andra Says:

    Love the new prints and colors. I’m a first time grandma and I love Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  111. Jennifer Estep Says:

    I love the Santiago sunset!

  112. Casey Says:

    I voted for Playful Poppy. But truthfully, I would be glad to have any of these. As I am done having babies, so I am hoping I win so I can give to my SIL who is 13 weeks pregnant after 4 years of trying to get pregnant.

  113. Teresa S. Says:

    These are fantastic!

  114. Keira Says:

    So cute-calming cosmos! i cold totally love using this when I go out!

  115. esther kang Says:

    My ultimate favorite is the lemon ginger with classic cornflower following close behind!

  116. Adele Malley Says:

    A touch of red accents any color and goes with every casual to dressy occasion.

  117. Camille Says:

    I love Playful poppy. The sashay satchel is to die!

  118. Annie Says:

    I love the lemon ginger! So earthy and warm…. And good for either sex!!

  119. Lauren Ricci Says:

    I love the Lemon Ginger!

  120. Colby R Says:

    LOVE them all, but loving the blue one’s the most!

  121. Marcela Y Says:

    I love the entire collection!! but my favorite is Santiago sunset !! :)

  122. Koren Says:

    love delightful dubrovnik!

  123. alison Says:

    Love Santiago Sunset!

  124. Natalie Pellegrino Says:

    Love the passport to Prague!

  125. Libby Says:

    Delightful Dahlia would look great on this Mimi’s arm while I am carrying my new grandson, Elliott!! Love it!

  126. Liz Says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom!!

  127. Jill S. Says:

    That was super hard to choose! I love the Classic Cornflower and the Delightful Dahlia.

  128. Emily Says:

    They’re all soooo fun, but Playful Poppy is my favorite!

  129. Theresa smith Says:

    These are the most beautiful bags that I have ever seen. I have seen a lot .I will be 70 this year and would love to be the winner.

  130. Jessica Honeyfield Says:

    I love PPB! If I had to choose… Maybe Santiago Sunset. But I love Passport to Prague and Lemon Ginger too.

  131. Linda Torres Says:

    I just love the Calming Cosmos and the Idyllic Ibiza print! Such fun colors/prints! Perrrrrfect for Spring! =)

  132. Miki Says:

    I love the Calming Cosmos!

  133. Julie L. Says:

    Ibiza is like Mediterranean bliss…

  134. Aideth Says:

    They are soooo pretty but I have to love the lemon ginger in the boxy bag.

  135. Nicole Says:

    I voted for Passport To Prague, but they are all really pretty! I love that they are unusual and not your boring old navy blue or black!

  136. Sadia Y. Says:

    I LOVE Idyllic Ibiza and Lemon Ginger. So gorgeous!

  137. Julie L. Says:

    Ibiza is just like Mediterranean bliss…

  138. Lisa Call Says:

    LOVE delightful dahlia! And so many great new shapes and products, so fun!

  139. Karen Smithson Says:

    Playful Poppy is my favorite but really love them all.

  140. Nancy Randle Says:

    I LOVE Calming Cosmos, I just wish it was glazed came in a Change-It-Up Clutch. :( But I think it’s darling and shouldn’t complain! I love the new prints.

  141. m Says:

    The Cobalt Roll is my favorite. Just gorgeous!

  142. Jessie Says:

    I love the bowling bag. A lot of great new prints!

  143. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love the Santiago Sunset. Their Spring Collection is absolutely stunning! PPB bags bring out my personality and I love wearing them around town (and showing them off too:) !!

  144. Michelle Says:

    Lemon Ginger Chenille….Love it!

  145. Christina P Says:

    I simply love Passage to Prague its just so springy!

  146. Amy M Says:

    I am head over feet for idyllic Ibiza!! I mean, wow!! All the spring prints are gorgeous!! Well done, PPB!!

  147. Kathy N Says:

    Thanks for the chance. I live them all!!!

  148. Leesa Coles Says:

    I LOVE them all! I’ve been waiting for the new collection to come out to decide what to buy as a diaper bag for my new baby due in May and now I think I’m even more confused because they are all so beautiful! This will be my first PPB (once I can decide what to order) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  149. Barbara Platt Says:

    Cobalt Roll is my favorite

  150. Aubree Seaman Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  151. Heather Giordani Says:

    I’m LOVING the playful poppy, what a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe!

  152. Leesa Coles Says:

    I think my favorites are: Delightful Dahlia and Calming Cosmos! But they are all beautiful, and if my baby was a boy I would like Classic Cornflower of Idyllic Ibiza!

  153. Kimberly Cage Says:

    Love the great new prints!!!! The weekender bag is just my style!!!!!!

  154. Sara Says:

    Love all the bright colors!!

  155. MJG Says:

    Love the new patterns!

  156. Amber Says:

    Love them all – but the Delightful Dahlia is my fav.

  157. Christine Mustian Says:

    These bags are my new spring “must haves”

  158. Lisa Sullivan Says:

    Playful Poppy makes me smile!

  159. Tina Says:

    Great prints and patterns- so handy for travel.

  160. Mel Hince Says:

    I’m in love with the Delightful Dahlia print – it’s so gorgeous and bright!

  161. Sari Conner Says:

    Absolutely adore the new names. I was torn between the Classic Cornflower and Idylic Ibiza- to Ibiza won as the name invokes lovely vacation days for me. :)
    But all the new patterns are positively scrumptious.

  162. Adele Says:

    All very cute! I think Delightful Dubrovnik is my favorite though!

  163. Amy Barnhart Says:

    A weekender in Delightful Dubrovnik would be so fantastic!

  164. Trendy LaLa Says:

    Delightful Dahlia all the way! Thanks for running a great giveaway!

  165. Mona Bocchino Says:

    I like it. It is so cute and fresh looking.

  166. Cammy Ficarola Says:

    Beautiful patterns and colors!!! Love that weekender bag!!

  167. Megan Gillihan Says:

    Santiago Sunset is fabulous!! It was hard to pick one, but it’s definitely my favorite in my top 3. :)

  168. Bethany Holtet Says:

    Passport to Prague makes me think spring

  169. Patricia B. Says:

    I love Idyllic Ibiza, Lemon Ginger, and Calming Cosmos. The Wistful Weekender would be great.

  170. Lauren Says:

    Love the playful poppy!

  171. Brittany Says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! PPB is so adorable while always looking so classy!! I would love to with one of these bags!!

  172. Jen Says:

    I couldn’t choose just one! The Playful Poppy & Delightful Dahia were my favs!

  173. patricia white Says:

    I like the classic cornflower

  174. Rachel Says:

    Lemon Ginger and Delightful Dubrovnik are my favorites! We just found out we are expecting our first baby and winning this giveaway would be an awesome start!!

  175. Catrina Says:

    The Classic Cornflower is delightful!
    Definitely my fav!

  176. Deborah Says:

    Delightful Dahlia is my favorite! Perfect for spring!

  177. Linda Hardin Says:

    All are beautiful but Holiday in Hague is my favorite.

  178. lisa Phillpott Says:

    All of PPB’s bag are adorable. I love the Calming Cosmos with the bright pink.

  179. Kristen M Says:

    Love them all

  180. Megan Says:

    I love them all, but Idyllic Ibiza is by far my favorite!

  181. Shelley Says:

    Incredible bight and cheery coors that just POP!

  182. KristiD Says:

    How do they keep coming out with such gorgeous designs?! I love them all, but I especially love the soft, textured look of the Lemon Ginger. I would love to gift this bag to a special mom friend of mine who’s really been through a lot lately. Thank you for such generous giveaways!!!

  183. Anita Shumaker Says:

    The new colors and patterns are great!

  184. Jeni Says:

    The Santiago Sunset and Calming Cosmos patterns are both so beautiful!

  185. Erin Says:

    I think I am going to go with Delightful Dubrovnik. Love the grey and red/coral color combination!

  186. sarah Says:

    i love all the prints

  187. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    I love the Classic Cornflower of the ones that are in the vote, but I truly love one a bit more, yet it wasn’t in the voting. It was the Lemon Ginger Chenille Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag.

  188. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    Sorry, I messed up, I guess the Lemon Ginger Chenille was in the voting and I just didn’t see it the first time around. Ahh well, blue is my favorite color, so the Classic Cornflower is one I love too.

  189. Meg Says:

    I love the Scandinavian look of the Dahlia print!! :)

  190. Molly K Says:

    All of the bright, bold floral prints are delightful! Almost too hard to pick a favorite!

  191. Meagan Paullin Says:

    Ohmyheck – It’s SO incredibly hard to choose! I love the classiness of the Cobalt Roll, but also love the cheerfullness of Playful Poppy! And Calming Cosmos. Maybe my favorite is the Passport to Prague. Or is it?

    What I’m saying is – Amazing job this season :)

  192. Hae Ri Kim Says:

    Delightful dahlia, delightful Dubrovnik, holiday in Hague, and Classic Cornflower have won me over. They’re all so beautiful.

  193. Megan Says:

    Love them all!!!

  194. Mooli Says:

    Love the dhalia! So cute and goes with everything!

  195. Jeanie Says:

    The vibrant colors are so beautiful!

  196. Jamie Says:

    Love the Ibiza and Cosmos!

  197. Heather Says:

    I’m torn between the Ibiza and the Lemon Ginger. I know they are completely different, but I think both are quite nice.

  198. Tara Thomas Says:

    With my PASSPORT TO PRAGUE….It would be DELIGHTFUL to be sitting watching a SUNSET in SANTIAGO! Any and all would be great! Happy Spring!!!

  199. Sheila Says:

    Several nice prints but my vote is for the Santiago Sunset

  200. kim Says:

    OK OK I’ll just have one of each – two of the Lemon Ginger.

  201. Tammy Mozley Says:

    All the new patterns are great. Hard to pick a favorite.

  202. Dené Hidanovic Says:

    I love the Delightful Dahlia print! The weekender bag is amazing!

  203. Heather Says:

    I voted on Cosmos!

  204. Emily Barklage Says:

    It’s a toss-up between the poppy and the dahlia!

  205. Ashley Says:

    Love several of them! Lemon Ginger is my fav, though!

  206. ejwrox Says:

    I love the idylic ibiza!

  207. Stephanie Says:

    I love the Santiago Sunset! Just beautiful!

  208. Sabrina Radke Says:

    LOVE so many of them especially the Cobalt Roll! I would adore owning a weekender bag! Thanks!

  209. Michelle Says:

    Calming Cosmos

  210. RCauley Says:

    i would enjoy making all of them if i won, especially the classic cornflower. i love all the shown featured patterns and hope i win

  211. Shayna Says:

    I adore Petunia Pickle Bottom more than anything in this world! Next in line would be my husband and kids. Ever since a friend introduced me to PPB when I was pregnant with my first, I’ve been head over heels. It’s a deep kind of love that I have, just like I’m lovin the Holiday in Hague print. It’s retro, vintage, cute and makes me want to wear wooden shoes and stand by a windmill, with a baby on my hips, of course. Love! Thanks Layla Grace for this fun giveaway!

  212. Julie Keyworth Says:

    I love them all!! But the cobalt roll and citrine roll are my fave!! :D

  213. Christine M Says:

    Passport to Prague for sure!

  214. Alison Says:

    Love the subtle Lemon Ginger. DD picked a couple too. Always love, love PPB!!!

  215. Cristela Says:

    My eye went straight to the Cobalt Roll. It’s a very the classic look!

  216. Kenya Juárez Says:

    Omg! This new collection is exceptional!, it is very hard to decide between a favorite print, I love them all! All goes according with them new season that is going to begin, the colors and patterns are so modern….Petunia is never wrong with us ( mommas) she always offers them most modern prints ; these diaper bags are them best in the market, I have had several brands until I found petunia and immediately fell in love with these bags….I think I will continue to use my bag even when my daughter stop using diapers! These bags are ultra functional and stylish, I love them sashay, them weekender, the wanderlust wallet, travel train case, powder room bag, I love love love them all! ..petunia….please don’t stop innovating your products because that way you can always offer us the best.

  217. Dejah Says:

    I like so many of their new prints, I can’t choose just one!

  218. Lynn Says:

    I love the new patterns, but my favorite aspect of PPB is the coated cotton fabrics – so I vote for Idyllic Ibiza. Although, the dahlia print is gorgeous, too!

  219. Deborah B Says:

    All so beautiful this season, hard to choose a favorite! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. Mrs-Pereira Says:

    I love the Calming Cosmos! Such a perfect colors! Cosmic Spring is comming! <3

  221. lindsay Says:

    I just love the bag you guys are giving away. I have a baby due in 5 months and this is the one I have been asking for. I like a lot of the new prints too!

  222. Stephanie Says:

    Love the dahlia!

  223. erin zoellner Says:

    Beautiful prints! It’s difficult to choose only one. I guess I’ll have to take one of each! (Ok, so maybe the “Playful Poppy” stands out a little…) Bravo!

  224. jane sandona Says:

    Dubrovnik is so happy looking

  225. Laura Says:

    I love the Classic Cornflower.

  226. Kellie O Says:

    I have two favorites!!! I love the Holiday in Hague print and the Delightful Dahlia!!! Love those!!!!

  227. Barbara Says:

    Calming Cosmos my fave, but so hard to choose just one!

  228. Kaila Says:

    Wow these are so whimsical and fresh. I gotta go with Santiago Sunset though since that is my future last name!! :)

  229. Alida Says:

    They are all beautiful, but the delightful dahlia is my favorite!

  230. Kimberly Russell Says:

    I really like the Playful Poppy one!

    PPB’s prints are always gorgeous!

  231. Miranda Says:

    Love the Santiago Sunset!

  232. Jennifer Says:

    I looked again and really like Idyllic Ibiza too!

  233. Amanda Nimmer Says:

    LOVE the Lemon Ginger!!!!

  234. Tristan Says:

    I love them all!!!

  235. Kimberly Says:

    I love all of the new colors. They’re so fun and happy! I think the lemon ginger and cobalt roll are my favorites because they are the most versatile.

  236. Kara Powell Says:

    All the new prints are AMAZING! You’re giveaway bag is one of my favorites! You can’t go wrong with the weekender when you have little ones! :)

  237. Sara Tomlinson Says:

    Passport to Prague is my favorite. I love the blue and yellow – very classic. It will go with everything!

  238. Deanna Sena Says:

    Wow, they are all beautiful! But the Lemon Ginger is just gorgeous and graceful looking!!!!

  239. CindyC Says:

    love the Idyllic Ibiza.. ;)

  240. Jennifer Stovall Says:

    They are all beautiful! I have to have one! The lemon ginger is my favorite though.

  241. Carolyn C Says:

    Love the new patterns! My fave is Holiday in Hague in the Coated Cotton although the Delightful Dahlia in the Organic Cotton is also really nice!

  242. Pam Petrich Says:

    It’s really hard to choose but I like Idyllic Ibiza and Cobalt Roll the best.

  243. SarahBeth Says:

    The new spring prints are amazing. Choosing a favorite is almost impossible. I think I have to go with Idyllic Ibiza

  244. Megan Says:

    I am so excited to see Delightful Dahlia! I have twins due soon and can’t wait to get the bag!

  245. Stephanie Says:

    Love Idyllic Ibiza!

  246. Lindsey Says:

    Delightful Dahlia is a pretty new design for spring. I will have to get something for my 3 month old baby girl.

  247. Betsy Says:

    normally i gravitate to darks or neutrals but i love the Delightful Dahlia and calming cosmos patterns

  248. Brandie Says:

    Lemon Ginger.

  249. Danielle Says:

    Love these bags!

  250. Phyllis Mannerino Says:

    I love the Passport to Prague! It really has the feel of Prague.

  251. Thomas Mannerino Says:

    I know my wife would love the Passport to Prague and it would remind her of our recent visit!

  252. John Mannerino Says:

    The Passport to Prague is my pick! My wife and daughter would love any piece!

  253. Tangela Lovering Says:

    they are all gorgeous!!!! I don’t like orange and would even buy the one with orange floweres! I’m dreaming of Greece these days, so for me the winner has to be IDYLLIC IBIZA! When I look at this pattern I can image myself arriving in Greece with some fabulous new bags!

  254. SHANNON Says:


  255. Neifer Says:

    The “Delightful’s” are my fave!

  256. Janet Says:

    Perfect for my 2 little babies the Wistful Weekender Bag in Santiago Sunset print. It’s hard to find a big & beautiful bag & i know it this one will be mine.

  257. Annie Says:

    Beautiful collection! I love the Ibiza especially!

  258. Kathy Says:

    I love Calming Cosmos. So pretty!

  259. Katrina Says:

    Passport to Prague captures the essence that is my daughter, Amelia.

  260. Melinda Says:

    Love the bags!! I like the one arm bag.

  261. Brittany Says:

    Love the Delightful Dahlia! Cant wait to buy my very first PPB!

  262. Craig Says:

    Planning on buying one for the Wife, we are expecting our first child in April.

  263. melissa Says:

    Calming Cosmos is my fav. love your bags “)

  264. Jillian Says:

    LOVE the new styles and prints for the spring collection! I’m dying to have the Wistful Weekender Bag in Delightful Dahlia!!

  265. Brooke Says:

    Idyllic Ibiza is ideally iconic!

  266. Jessica Says:

    They are so beautiful… it’s hard to pick just one, so I narrowed it down to three. That weekender bag is sweet!

  267. Pam Says:

    I have never owned a PPB, but have always wanted to. Especially now with 2 girls! My 2 year old would LOVE the Delightful Dahlia print…it would match her auburn hair. :) I also loved three others: Cobalt Roll, Idyllic Ibiza, Classic Cornflower. I voted for all 4!

  268. Tina Says:

    I’m loving the colors of the Santiago Sunset! Orange is my favorite color :)

  269. DanaOh Says:

    I still love petunia pickle bottom and I’m WAY done with the baby stage! Be great for my purse/camera bag! I love how unique and posh Playful Poppy is, but Holiday in Hague and Idylic Ibiza were close 2nd’s for me. Thanks for the fun!!! ;)

  270. AnnaL Says:

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  271. Kelly T. Says:

    While I love them all, the Delightful Dahlia is my definite favorite. It’s such a fun, bright print and has a slight retro vibe that I love!

    Needless to say, I’d love to win the Dahlia Weekender….My fingers are crossed! :0)

  272. Kristen Says:

    Love love love!!!

  273. Kristin Says:

    It’s all about the classic cornflower. Love it!

  274. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    they are all gorgeous…but i’m loving the cornflower, ibiza, and cobalt brocade!

  275. Lisa F. Says:

    They are all so pretty, but Santiago Sunset and Calming Cosmos have stolen my heart!

  276. Sonja C Says:

    love the idyllic ibiza!

  277. Laura Says:

    The Playful Poppy is just gorgeous!!

  278. Brittany Says:

    Absolutely LOVING Delightful Dahlia! What a beautiful print! So bold and fresh and new. Looks like a print that will always be classic with the red and black. Would be a wise choice if one was planning on having more children as the style will last a long time! WOuld be awesome on a Weekender Bag! ;)

  279. Lindsey Pike Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVE all things Petunia Pickle Bottom! I had a hard time choosing just one to vote for but I had to go with the Delightful Dahlia. it is just that, delightful!

  280. RM Says:

    Couldn’t decide on one so I picked three – very cute!

  281. Lacy T. Says:

    I am LOVING the new prints! The Lemon Ginger is so sophisticated and lovely! I think I’d go absolutely crazy if it came in the wistful weekender also :)LOVE! <3

  282. Candice Says:

    I have a tie for my fave: Idyllic Ibiza for the wilder/playful days and Lemon Ginger Chenille for the more subdued/quiet {match almost everything} kinda days. LOVE LOVE LOVE the satchels!

  283. Katie Brown Says:

    The Delightful Dahlia has that melon red that can transition well into the different seasons. Love its pairing with the grey and white. Very sophistocated.

  284. Heather Templeton Says:

    Orange and grey are my favorite colors, so I absolutely adore the playful poppy! Beautiful collection, the bags are simply stunning. :)

  285. Tara F. Says:

    Absolutely Love Delightful Dahlia.
    Sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  286. Dawn Harris Says:

    They’re all so great….so hard to chose just one! Idyllic Ibiza takes the top spot but would be happy to win any pattern!

  287. Kristen G Says:

    I love the Santiago Sunset!! The colors are so Bright and Beautiful : )

  288. Danielle Says:

    I love these bags!

  289. Denise Says:

    Calming Cosmos has to be is the most prettiest bag in the new line. My all time favorite was Moment in Morocco from 2009 i have 2 bags! love love love Petunia Pickle bottom forever! <3 :)

  290. Megan Mullen Says:

    I love the pop of color with the Delightful Dahlia…and dahlias are my favorite! :)

  291. MaKaley Chidiac Says:

    My husband and I just found out we are expecting a baby!!! I have been trying to choose a pattern for the last few months and am glad i waited….. I love the classic cornflower!!! The color and design is a perfect classic for both boys and girls :)

  292. Cindy Says:

    My Daughter is due in April and she is loving all the new colors, but we decided Dahlia is our favorite!

  293. Ashley Edenfield Says:

    Love Delightful Dahlila! I’m expecting and LOVE all of the products for moms:)

  294. Jessica Says:

    Loving all of the new collection. Especially passport to Prague. Xx

  295. Kim Says:

    It is a tough choice for sure! I love blues though and Idyllic Ibiza would be my choice I think.

  296. Carrie Robinson Says:

    Playful Poppy is my favorite!

  297. Melody Jones Says:

    loving Passport to Prague with Delightful Dahlias a close second.

  298. Nicole Hansen Says:

    Love them all… But i think my fav is Delightful Dahliia!

  299. Amanda Dalton Says:

    Holiday in Hague… a fresh, modern print! great colors, too!

  300. Jessie Dooley Says:

    Beautiful prints!

  301. Veronica Crestejo Says:

    Love the new collection! So appropriate for the season!!!

  302. Amanda Stauffer Says:

    I love the Delightful Dahlia.

  303. Wendi Kilbride Says:

    Love the Santiago sunset :)

  304. Katie Says:

    My favorite is passport to Prague. It is so pretty :)

  305. Rachel Says:

    I have been stalking PPB for their new patterns! Was SO excited to see them…LOVE Playful Poppy! Will be perfect for Baby W’s diaper bag!

  306. Maureen williams Says:

    Love the Santiago and the playful poppy it’s a toss, I’d love to have either!

  307. Cara Says:

    Had to pick one – Santiago Sunset – but love several of the others!

  308. Karissa Walker Says:

    Petunia Pickle does it again!! Love all these fabric choices!

  309. Teresa R. Says:

    Well, I voted for one because I was “forced” to but really, I love all of the prints! ;)

  310. Danielle s Says:

    I’m loving Santiago sunset!

  311. Danielle Says:

    Love the Santiago Sunset! I’m a neutral color gal but I love the pop of color the Santiago Subset brings

  312. Jan Hoover Says:

    The new collection is so beautiful! I really love them all, but i absolutelely adore both the Classic Cornflower and the Calming Cosmos designs.

  313. Seana Marcks Says:

    My favorite is Delightful Dahlia–whimsical yet sophisticated and GREAT colors! Santiago Sunset is the runner-up for me!

  314. Shanna Says:

    It’s hard to choose my favorite!

  315. Connie Bambadji Says:

    Petunia Pickle Bottoms has some of the most beautiful and amazing bags. I want all of them. The Delightful Dahlia is my most favorite right now.

  316. crystal Says:

    Love them all!
    Colors are so vibrant.

  317. Lisa braccia Says:

    Omg they are all gorgeous!! I am loving the colors and print of the santiago sunset!!

  318. Chloe Sebaugh Says:

    Santiago Sunset, but they are all great!

  319. Kimberly W. Says:

    I cannot WAIT to sample some of the new prints! :)

  320. Susan Says:

    I love PPB prints, they are always stylish and modern yet classy at the same time. I’ve never owned one but have always coveted them from afar and you know it’s a PPB as soon as you see it!

  321. April C. Says:

    I LOVE the Citrine Roll!!!

  322. Carol L Says:

    Their all so lovely. But my favorite is Delightful Dahlia. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  323. Lauren Says:

    They’re bags are so amazing!! I want one sooooo bad!

  324. Joy Says:

    How can I choose? I LOVE them all.

  325. Carol Y Says:

    Delightful Dahlia caught my eye!

  326. paula suzette Says:

    I like all of the prints…had a hard time to choose just one :-)

  327. Melissa T Says:

    Love the Colbalt Roll. They are all so cute.

  328. Auzon Steffy Says:

    Loving the cornflower print, although I dont know if I’m having a boy or a girl, i still love it!!

  329. Meganwilson Says:

    I love the Santiago Sunset!!! All of the prints are so cute, it’s so hard to decide!!!

  330. Claudia Says:

    I love the lemon ginger colors and style.

  331. stacy h Says:

    holiday in hague! love it!

  332. Chadia Says:

    Delightful Dahlia is so beautiful I love it!

  333. Melanie Says:

    how can you even pick?!? i can’t decide between playful poppy and classic cornflower–just beautiful!

  334. Kim Says:

    The delightful dahlia is delovely!!!

  335. Jenny B. Says:

    I love the Delightful Dahlia, also love all the accessories that you can purchase together with the same pattern! So cute!!!

  336. Sarah Says:

    Yellow and black says summertime is here! Well I wish!

  337. Richelle Catanghal Says:

    I only recently discovered Petunia Pickle Bottom after having my baby a few months ago and i Love Love Love all their prints and styles! Unfortunately i don’t have the luxury of owning one just yet but I have been waiting to see this new collection and although they are all so gorgeous, my absolute favorite is Delightful Debrovnik! Great work PPB!

  338. Marilyn Says:

    I like all of them, but Classic Cornflower is my favorite. It’s fancy enough to be stunning, but neutral enough to go with lots of things.

  339. Liliana Montemayor Says:

    I love the delightful dalia!!!

  340. Jane Says:

    awesome shopper totes! WANT!

  341. Karen Says:

    Love cobalt roll!

  342. Stephanie c Says:

    I love both the cobalt print and lemon ginger.

  343. Misha Anderson Says:

    Delightful Dahlia is sassy & catches the eye. The weekender is an amazing bag. LOVE the one you are giving away!!

  344. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love the rich colour of the Idyllic Ibiza! Great collection:)

  345. Kelly Choi Says:

    They’re all so vibrant and beautiful. Making me wish for spring!

  346. Jaymee Says:

    It’s impossible to choose one favorite! The new patterns are all really beautiful!!!

  347. Jackie W Says:

    Voted for the Holiday in Hague…LOVE the yellow!

  348. Jennifer Says:

    So cute! I want one of each! :)

  349. Brandy Stehle Says:

    Love all the new colors, but especially Passport to Prague!!

  350. hminnesota Says:

    tough decision as you can see from the poll results:)

  351. Jenny Says:

    I love the Delightful Dahlia

  352. MelissaF Says:

    Love the Idyllic Ibiza!

  353. Amy Says:

    Love them all!

  354. Kathy F Says:

    So cute and clean looking and of course very versatile pattern.

  355. Rheanna B Says:

    i love the idylic izbia! such a beautiful and vibrant print!

  356. Tonya Extine Hopkins Says:

    They are all so cute it is so hard to choose!

  357. Michelle C Says:

    Love the bright prints as much a the muted colors. What a pretty collection!

  358. Julie Says:

    Love them all but santiago sunset is perfection!!!!

  359. ashleigh Says:

    love these bags

  360. Kelly G. Says:

    Love the Delightful Dahlia. But they are all beautiful!

  361. Stacy {She's{kinda}Crafty} Says:

    There isn’t a single one of these bags I wouldn’t be honored to schlep through the mall, airport, disney…you name it, I would take these bags there! LOVE!!!

  362. Lauren W Says:

    Holiday in Hague!

  363. Corinda Bryant Says:

    Idyllic Ibiza is very classy and perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season!

  364. Laura Says:

    They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the Idyllic Ibiza print. And I love the bag that you are giving away too!

  365. Alisha D Says:

    Holiday in Hauge. The color combo is just gorgeous! I could see myself wearing this!

  366. Katherine Says:

    LOVE all the new prints so it’s hard to pick just one but I guess I’ll have to go with classic cornflower–great for a boy or girl.

  367. Diana Says:

    Tough choice! You guys definitely don’t make it easy, but I love the citrine roll :) simple, classy and elegant.

  368. Paula Says:

    I couldn’t just pick 1 but I really love the Holidays in Hague and Calming Cosmos! Very cute! I want them all!

  369. Tammy Carwile Vazquez Says:

    The Calming Cosmos is my the colors and the name.

  370. Sundee Price Says:

    I LOVE the Playful Poppy. And since it has orange in it (my husband’s favorite color) I am sure he would be willing to carry it around too! :)

  371. Gina Says:

    They’re all amazing – the patterns are a truly uplifting inspiration on a gloomy winter day. Bring on Spring!

  372. Katie Says:

    Loving the Playful Poppy!

  373. Sara O Says:

    I love the Santiago Sunset!!!

  374. Janette B Says:

    Calming Cosmos. Because it reflects the little mental get-away everyone needs in the universe. Bold pinks combine with a cozy green to let M-Th know “Hey, why so serious? Brighten up!” (:

  375. Sheryl Says:

    I think I need a Santiago Sunset Weekender to take on my next trip. That would be AMAZING! Love the new prints. I could take a Delightful Dahlia with me too!

  376. marie sierra Says:

    idyllic ibiza!!

  377. Annie Says:

    All of the prints are gorgeous, but Idyllic Ibiza is definitely my favorite!

  378. Jill P. Says:

    Love Idyllic Ibiza, Delightful Dahlia and Dubrovnik!

  379. misty Says:

    Misted Marseille is my FAV, but i love the Delightful Dubrovnik too. :)LOVE these bags…

  380. Joan Somers Says:

    Love the orange and gray of Delightful Dahlia <3

  381. Kerri Says:

    Playful Poppy would be one of my favorites, they are all great! I woul love to take the Petunia bag on my next trip!! Thanks and Thank YOU!!!!

  382. marty Says:

    Love all the patterns! The Citrine Roll Brocade looks like a good neutral pattern.

  383. Kathy patterson Says:

    I love the new collection! Very fun patterns.

  384. Brandikno Says:

    The new prints are nice, I’m looking forward to picking up a small case for my makeup to add to my beloved boxy backpack!

  385. Lori S. Says:

    There is something about Passport to Prague that just makes me smile. :) What a great bag to have for our upcoming arrival of twin girls.

  386. Kathleen D Says:

    Love all of the new prints!

  387. Rebecca B Says:

    Lemon Ginger!!!!!

  388. Jason S. Says:

    Perfect Valentine’s Gift for my wife!

  389. Flo S. Says:

    Love these bags!

  390. Hillary F Says:

    How can we choose only one favorite?! Such fun profiles and prints, what a great collection,

  391. Linda LS Says:

    Such beautiful bags!

  392. KYLIE ALMB Says:


  393. jennife suess Says:

    I am loving the playful poppy! What a refreshing print from all the normal colors!

  394. Kristen P Says:

    They are all beautiful. I think I like the Cobalt Roll the best though.

  395. Casi p Says:

    I love ALL of these bags! I have an 18 Montgomery old daughter and I have another daughter due in June :)

  396. Chapel Says:

    Love the Delightful Dahlia & Santiago Sunset!!

  397. Jen W Says:

    really loving the Holiday in Hague print!

  398. Maracelys Says:

    Iam in love with the new colors and the new design !!!! Love the wekender !!!

  399. Mrs. Johnny K Says:

    OMG! I have never heard of this brand. (I have been missing out) I LOVE the match-y-ness, bright colors and classic timeless look!

  400. Donna T Says:

    I really like the Playful Poppy. I love the orange in it and the wonderful design.

  401. Maracelys Says:

    Iam in love with the new colors and the new styles!!! Love the wekender!

  402. Kelly Fasano Says:

    So awesome! I love them all!

  403. Shan Says:

    LOVE the Idyllic Ibiza and Calming Cosmos- but all the prints are fantastic!

  404. Margaret M Says:

    LOVE these!

  405. Kim Hannah Says:

    Voted for 3 but love them all!

  406. Alli Eddy Says:

    I love the cobalt.. grey is the new beige and it goes with everything!

  407. Jamie Howell Says:

    I love the Dahlia!!!! All the other new prints are so fun too!

  408. Cindylouhoo62 Says:

    These are AWESOME bags… the Passport to Prague

  409. Michelle Says:

    I need the Poppy one!!!! It would be perfect for my baby girl
    Due in May!!!

  410. Lorraine Says:

    LOVE THEM ALL……. Whats not to LOVE. They are all so HAPPY!!!

  411. Andrea Says:

    Love these bags!

  412. Patty Gatter Says:

    That was a tough choice because they always have amazing prints! By far the Best in the industry! If I had a dollar for all of the diaper bags I have bought, I’d be rich!!!! LOL. My vote delightful Delilah!

  413. Erin Fekety Says:

    LOVE santiago sunset and calming cosmos!! :)

  414. Nicole Malto Says:

    love them all!!! so hard to choose just one!!

  415. Christina Bartley Says:

    The Ibiza is beautiful!

  416. Adrienne Lenz Says:

    I love all your bags!

  417. Joy Says:

    How can I choose a favorite when they are all FABULOUS!!!!

  418. Desiree Koks Says:

    All of the prints are fun, as always!! Love the colors of the Santiago sunset. The orange/tangerine colors are so pretty right now!

  419. Jo-Ann Says:

    Oh my I have no children but I would so use the big bag for my computer, crafts and well just plain everyday. My absolute favorite is Passport to Prague and if it was in the large size bag I would so order it even if I didn’t win anything! LOVE THEM ALL!

  420. Rachel Says:

    I love the holiday in Hague print.

  421. Kimberly B. Says:

    I like the Playful Poppy.

  422. Heidi Says:

    Beautiful bags!!!

  423. holly Says:

    Love the color scheme on the Delightful Dahlia!!

  424. Arizbe Says:

    I love all of them!!! But my favorite has to be the idyllic ibiza

  425. Rachel H. Says:

    Love the Delightful Dahlia and the Delightful Dubrovnik!!! Beautiful!

  426. Ashley Taylor Says:

    Truly a beautiful collection! My babies need to see some of these prints- in person!

  427. Aubrie Glanville Says:

    So many awesome patterns!

  428. Chaley Says:

    I have dreamed about purchasing one of these amazing bags but when I found out about them my daughter was well on her way out of the diaper phase. With a new baby on the way this year, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a new bundle of joy with a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag!!!!

  429. Hillary Says:


  430. Kelly Chapman Says:

    They are all amazing, but my favorite is Passport to Prague! You can’t go wrong with Navy, green, and yellow. Classic.

  431. Trisha Payne Says:

    They are all so beautiful! A friend of mine has had hers for 3 years and it looks as good as it did new.

  432. Brooke Ragan Says:

    They are all so cute! I narrowed it down to 4 I voted for: Holiday in Hague, Idyllic Ibiza, Cobalt Roll, & Delightful Dahlia!

  433. Daniya Says:

    Loving Santiago Sunset! But all PPB bags are awesome! :)

  434. Priscilla Sorbello Says:

    Love them all! So cute and great for summer.

  435. Dena A. Says:

    Delightful Dahlia is my fave!! :-)

  436. Sara Says:

    Such cute patterns!! Orange is my new favorite color right now!!

  437. Kristy Says:

    This bag! I must have it! I have the perfect person to gift it to.

  438. Linda Says:

    LOVE them all!! So hard to decide but I think passport to Prague is my favorite. Fabulous choices for such fabulous products!! Love!

  439. Jewelly Hart Says:

    ohhhh, so hard to choose!!! i really am drawn to Idyllic Ibiza – colbalt and white…crisp, clean, classic!!!

  440. Jennifer West Says:

    I love the Lemon ginger, Idyllic Ibiza and Calming Cosmos… I heart PPB!

  441. rachael Says:

    LOVE the passport to Prague

  442. Michelle Says:

    It is hard to pick just one! They are beautiful but my favorite is the Poppy!

  443. emily Says:

    Love most of them but I had to go with lemon ginger as my favo

  444. Amelia b Says:

    I love Lemon Ginger!!! They are all so pretty!!

  445. brandy wawrzyniak Says:

    Love Love Love them all! Would love for my luck to turn around.

  446. courtney bryan Says:

    lemon ginger is so pretty

  447. Erin Says:

    Beautiful bags!!

  448. Amy Boudreaux Says:

    Love the Lemon Ginger! Perfect for boys or girls and stylish for mom too :)

  449. Kate Says:

    I love the Misted Marseilles but didn’t see it on the vote list!

  450. Kristin Says:

    I love all of them! The red, the gray, the orange…I want them all!

  451. Dale Wilder Says:

    They’re all just beautiful! i love the cobalt roll!

  452. Megan Says:

    So Cute! Love them all!

  453. Alana Holland Says:

    Cobalt roll is so chic!

  454. Jenn Koenig Says:

    Fabulous colors and designs! Love them all..,but if I had to go with one it would be the delightful Dahlia!

  455. jaime york Says:

    I have always wanted one of these bags but there is no way i could ever afford one. Definitely on my wish list but with Hubbys deployment extra things like this have to wait. So grateful you offer give aways like this :) staying hopeful !!! LOVE Jai

    *Proud Army Wife surviving deployment* <3 Thank your hero !!!

  456. D Baron Says:

    Really love these bags – It’s hard to pick just one print !!!

  457. Mell Morgan Says:

    These bags are gorgeous! The prints are fantastic.

  458. Elva Says:

    They are all so Beautiful!! Never heard of this brand until now…SOOOO happy I found it!

  459. Shannon Says:

    I love all the new bags, there are so vibrant and stylish.

  460. Elva Says:

    Never heard of this brand until now…SOOOO happy I found it! Gorgeous!

  461. Melissa Says:

    I adore them all but the lemon ginger was my vote becuase it goes with everything but then the delightful deliliah would pop with spring!

  462. kari Says:

    Love Them all!!!

  463. ashley Says:

    Love playful poppy.

  464. Kerrstyn Says:

    I love them all!!

  465. Dana Larivee Says:

    There couldn’t be cuter or prettier bad in life!

  466. Bunnie Says:

    I love all of the prints. They are so bright and cheerful. Great bags.

  467. Kristy Says:

    Love the new prints. I can’t decide, I love them all!!!!!

  468. Bridget Says:

    Playful poppy, love the orange!!

  469. Jennifer Geiersbach Says:

    I love the new collection, so fresh looking!

  470. Darah Says:

    Delightful Dubrovnik, would love to own a piece!

  471. Jenny Dannels Says:

    Love all of petunia pickle bottoms new prints! A bag would be perfect for our little weekend getaways!

  472. patti Says:

    Love all tour bags! Would love to carry one for my baby on the way.

  473. charlie girl Says:

    SO love the cornflower blue first off, and what a perfect size bag to transition from packing for a day at work, to off to some fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  474. Leslie Petersen Says:

    All are so fabulous! Love the Ibiza~ WOW! :)

  475. Sarah Says:

    Love PPB. I like the Idyllic Ibiza best. All are vibrant and beautiful!

  476. r Jones Says:

    Love all of them!!

  477. Cori Says:

    They all are super cute!!! But my Fav is delightful dahlia, Love love love it!!! <3

  478. Rena Says:

    Ibiza!! Love all of them though!

  479. Melissa V Says:

    Beautiful Bags! Ibiza is calling my name :)

  480. Kim Garrett Says:

    I LUVVVV Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  481. Jenn W. Says:

    Love the Delightful Dahilas and the Lemon Ginger! Such pretty prints!

  482. Gretchen Seamons Says:

    Love all of them — makes me want to have another baby! (Shhh!)

  483. Regina Says:

    I LOVE santigo sunset!

  484. Shaughnessy Says:

    Playful Poppy and Classic Cornflower are both prints that I would feel confident sporting with either a baby boy or girl! …And still feel like a stylish, chic momma!!

  485. Karen Tucker Says:

    Love all the prints. Would be happy with any one of them.

  486. Rosalie Says:

    All these new prints are amazing! So hard to choose one favorite! Thank you PPB for making it easy to be a stylin mama!

  487. Katie Rutledge Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Delightful Dahlia!

  488. Tiffany w Says:

    I LOVE them all~

  489. Leann Says:

    Love. Them. All.

  490. Mariana Says:

    Classic blue hues in Prague! Ahhhhh!!

  491. Jessica Says:

    LOVE Santiago Sunset!!!! (Love them all, actually!)

  492. Katrina Says:

    love cobalt roll

  493. Carol Says:

    Such beautiful colors! I really love the Delightful Dahlia. Hoping I’ll have a chance to finally own one of these babies! Lol! Good Luck everyone!

  494. lilcg Says:

    great prints! like them all!

  495. Lindsey Says:

    What fun and happy prints! These bags are bound to put you in a great mood!

  496. Mandy Says:

    There are alot of very pretty new prints! Would love to get one!

  497. Leslie Says:

    Love Love the classic cornflower.. nice to see something that is girlie even when you have a baby boy!

  498. christina skinner Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Santiago Sunset Wistful Weekender.

  499. Juli Says:

    Gorgeous prints! and I love all the different products available even for stylish dads!

  500. Candice Williams Says:

    Santiago sunset is my favorite for sure!!

  501. becca young Says:

    i like idyllic ibiza-and really need a new bag!!!

  502. Lynd Says:

    I really like these collections. The bags are beautiful.

  503. saharaa rao Says:

    Love them all. Lovely, bright colors and pretty pretty!!

  504. erica samson Says:

    Absolutely adorable. As always, PPB is the bag every stylish mom will be carrying. Totally cute!

  505. Ariel Says:

    love PPB!!! my new favorite is delightful dahlia!

  506. Kat Says:

    My vote goes to PLayful Poppy! So pretty!

  507. Annie Says:

    So who won? Where did you post the winner? I can’t find it on the blog…

  508. apartmani hrvatska Says:

    Hi there, I discovered your web site via Google even as searching for a similar subject, your website came up, it looks great. I have added to favourites|added to bookmarks.

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