Market Trends 2012: Atlanta

Atlanta Market Trends 2012: Scale
SCALE: Dramatic extremes of scale in both furnishings and accessories were a hot trend at the 2012 Atlanta Market. Furniture is getting upsized, along with everything from enormous pendant lighting and mirrors to oversize accessories. We also noticed more petite furnishings than ever before, most evident in itsy bitsy chairs. It’s creating quite a contrast look in interiors, a “sizeable difference” if you will.

Atlanta Market Trends 2012: Brights
BRIGHTS: Brights were everywhere; definitely the strongest trend we noted, with the home decor world catching up to what’s happening in the fashion world. From vibrant brights to neons to colorblocking, we’re seeing rugs, pillows and other accessories bringing a jolt of color back to interiors.

Atlanta Market Trends 2012: Paris
PARIS: Who doesn’t love Paris? This season it’s going more literal with lamps crafted to look like the Eiffel Tower in styles ranging from rustic European to eclectic and industrial. The Parisian trend continues onto rugs and textiles that feature French phrases and images of the iconic towers, buildings and arches.

Atlanta Market Trends 2012: Baskets
BASKETS: Used as accessories on the walls, turned upside down and made into lampshades and of course used for traditional storage, there were more baskets introduced this year than we’ve seen before.

Atlanta Market Trends 2012: Tabletop
TABLETOP: Granted, tabletop linens are nothing new, but so many of our favorite brands and vendors are branching out to include tabletop linen collections. Pine Cone Hill is introducing indoor/outdoor placemats that coordinate with their Dash and Albert rugs, and Bella Notte’s new line of antique chic tabletop linens are drop dead gorgeous.

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  1. Sophisticated Stationery Says:

    I LOVE those basket lights! How perfect over a kitchen island!

  2. Diana Says:

    You have made such a cute workplace! My firovate items are the calendar, white pot, and serenity prayer post.And I agree with Anne, you are quite organized! :)

  3. Beth Burns Says:

    Do you all have a Showroom at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart?

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