New For Spring: Rosanna Tabletop & A Giveaway!

Rosanna Spring 2012 Tabletop Decor
Rosanna Les Petite Sweets: Medium Compote, Small Compote, Cookie Jar, Large Compote, Square Compote

Rosanna Spring 2012 Tea Party Tabletop Decor
Rosanna Petite Patisserie: Serving Platter, Dessert Plates Set of Four, Cup and Saucer Set of Four

Rosanna Spring 2012 Wedding Tabletop Decor
Rosanna Etched Vase in: Blue, Pink, Green, Purple

Rosanna Cake Domes and Cake Stands for Tabletop
Rosanna White Pedestals with Optional Dome

Rosanna Spring 2012 Easter Tabletop Decor
Rosanna Les Petite Sweets Small Compote, Les Cookies Cookie Jar

Rosanna Spring 2012 Paris Tabletop Decor
Rosanna J’Adore Paris: Appetizer Plates Set of Four, Dipping Dish Set of Four

Rosanna Les Cookies Cookie JarWIN IT! Spring is on its way, and we have some of the prettiest new serving pieces, glassware and more from Rosanna. Tinted, etched glass vases for your centerpieces, delicate ceramic cups and dessert plates and our favorite “Les Petite Sweets” collection of white compotes are the perfect touch for your Easter table or any celebration. In fact we’re so sweet on these, we’re giving away a Rosanna “Les Cookies” Cookie Jar to a lucky winner! Enter to win by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page, telling us what your favorite dish is to make for the season. Enter by Tuesday 3/13/12 midnight EST – we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday! Good luck to all, and shop new Rosanna here.

Congrats to Sandra M., winner of our Rosanna cookie jar giveaway!

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210 Responses to “New For Spring: Rosanna Tabletop & A Giveaway!”

  1. Joyce Harrell Says:

    I love to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

  2. Ingrid Wise Says:

    When spring is coming I love to make sour cream lemon bars. I would love to serve them on the Petite Patisserie tray!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    My favourite dish to make during this season is raspberry buns!

  4. Cassidy Hoffschneider Says:

    I like to make deviled eggs this time of year.

  5. Kathy Hecimovich Says:

    Love it any homemadecookie for my granddaughter would be great!!

  6. kelly sieckhaus Says:

    I ((LOVE)) the cookie jar…I have been collecting milk glass forever and this would LOOK great with my collection : )

  7. Kimberly Cage Says:

    My mother loves cookies, so I make home made oatmeal-raisin cookies.
    This beautiful cookie jar would sure come in handy for these and also look beautiful in my kitchen!!!!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I love to make any kind of spring salad and serve with Honeybaked Ham!

  9. Maddy Says:

    Spring is perfect for carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

  10. denise nering Says:

    I would love to use your gorgeous set for Easter and Birthday¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  11. johanna Says:

    Love that polka dot relief. This would be a great birthday present for ME on the 10th!

  12. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    Love to make chocolate chip cookies!

  13. Julie Says:

    I make decorated sugar cookies and the Spring Easter ones are my favorite to make.

  14. Sabrina Hicks Says:

    I love to cook fresh berry pies at the first sight of warm weather.

  15. Shelli Smith Says:

    I absolutely love Spring and Easter. It is my favorite time of year. My favorite things to make at this time of year are carrot suffle and anything lemon!

  16. Evey Bassion Says:

    This is so ADORABLE!!! I have really enjoyed making cake pops this spring!

  17. Shelli Smith Says:

    oops…..carrot SOUFFLE (pardon my typo)

  18. Cyndi Says:

    My favorite dish to make for Easter is Leg of Lamb with roasted carrots and potatoes.

  19. beverly paquin Says:

    i like to make chocolate cake wacky.

  20. Alice Says:

    I love ham and also lots of pretty salads.

  21. Lucy Bergling Says:

    I simply love Easter! I always make my traditional Easter Breakfast Casserole for my family, it’s a wonderful way to start the day. Afterwards, we follow up by an Easter egg hunt and later in the day, a wonderful ham dinner with all the trimmings!

  22. wcc Says:

    So very gorgeous – thank you for the chance! I like making Ruffled Phyllo Tart with Strawberries, Rhubarb and Apricots. :)

  23. maureen Says:

    With the coming of spring and Easter and other happy events I love to make Lemon Squares and a Leek Spinach quiche and deviled eggs.

  24. Laura Says:

    My favorite dish to make for the season is Chicken Schnitzel and German Potato Salad :)

  25. Becky D Says:

    I’m a huge fan of cream cheese shortcake with strawberries. =)

  26. Tasha Vaughn Says:

    I like making little bird’s nest’s out of chow-mein noodles (butter & melted marshmallows hold them together, like rice krispie treats). Then you fill them will robin’s egg candies.

  27. Jessica Says:

    I love making different kinds of cupcakes to bring into work!

  28. Cassidy Says:

    I love making strawberry crepes!

  29. arely colin Says:

    i love chicken pot pie

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I love to make whoopie pies…this year I want to attempt french macaroons. They are to die for!!! They would look fab in this cookie jar!

  31. Laura Kristoff Says:

    Strawberry Cake with a light and fluffy icing with strawberries blended in. Perfect thing for surfacing after Winter.

  32. Joanne Says:

    I love making “kiss cookies” peanut butter cookies with a hersheys kiss in the center, but my fav, spring cookie is sugar cookies, that way, my grandchildren can make them anything they want, by decorating them! and they would go wonderfully well in that cookie jar ;)

  33. sarah Says:

    My grandmother’s fig cookie recipe

  34. Cynthia Says:

    These are beyond gorgeous!! I love to bake cookies for the season!!

  35. Linda L Says:

    So pretty! I love to bake cakes and other pastries.

  36. Flo Says:

    Beautiful. My specialty are chocolate covered pretzels. My family always asks for these!

  37. Bridget Says:

    Spring food! Any salad with tomatoes, fav with cucumbers, red onion and vinaigrette;)

  38. Mary Says:

    I love to make strawberry shortcake in the spring.

  39. Jason Says:

    my wife would love these items i know. although i am a guy, i’m a great cook and i make wonderful apple pie that my wife always asks for!

  40. Heidi Says:

    I don’t really have a favorite dish that I make for Easter, but I do love to bake some really cute and creative cupcakes!

  41. Andrea Henry Says:

    I make blueberry vanilla crisps.

  42. Allison Marie Parkyn Says:

    Strawberry shortcake or some lemon squares are perfect for Spring!

  43. B C EDWARDS Says:

    Deviled eggs

  44. Sarah Says:

    I love all the compote dishes. The square compote is adorable. Would love any of Rosanna pieces.

  45. Kate Says:

    I love to make carrot cake! And I love to eat easter candy :)

  46. Kelly Holiday Says:

    Definitely strawberry shortcake!

    Love, love the cookie jar!!

  47. Kristen Stremel Says:

    My mother has one vase that is antique that looks like this collection. I was so happy when I saw the entire collection because it reminds me of being a little girl and being fascinated with the texture. Love it!

  48. Suzanne Towles Says:

    Bread Pudding for St. Patrick’s Day!

  49. Kymberly Says:

    I love to make grapefruit ice cream! So refreshing and healthy!

  50. Kim H. Says:

    I love to make a lamb cake from a wonderful
    old cake pan. Covered in coconut frosting and
    bright colored jelly beans!

  51. Jen Kenney Says:

    I am expecting my first baby girl on Easter ;) so may be taking a short haitus from all my spring cooking! These cookie jars make me happy picturing her chubby little fingers reaching in them a couple years down the road after we bake whatever her favorite cookie may be :)

  52. Susan Says:

    Spring reminds me of my favorite seasonal recipe – lemon tarts!!!

  53. leah l Says:

    Favorite dish is pizza with asparagus and goat cheese.

  54. Julia R Says:

    I love the cookie jar! Macaroons are my favorite dessert and I would love to keep a jar of them around!

  55. krista Says:

    I love this coconut french toast casserole that you assemble night before and just pop into the oven the next morning.

  56. Sharon P. Says:

    What a sweet vintage-y line. Spring is the start of berry pies and tarts!

  57. Sarah Says:

    I love to make fresh strawberry layer cake and display it on a white cake pedestal. The pink and white screams spring to me!

  58. Ariel Says:

    OOh i love making these vanilla bean cupcakes filled with strawberries and topped with cream cheese frosting with a hint of lime.. They are tart and sweet and amazing!!!

  59. Rissa Says:

    Super thick soft sugar cookies with buttercream icing in cute easter shapes- chicks, flowers, butterflies..

  60. Mel Says:

    I love to make Ambrosia cake at this time of year -something about the pineapple, oranges, whipped cream, and light and airy cake just screams spring to me! I love this cookie jar, too! I have a thing for dots.

  61. Kristin W. Says:

    I love to make pastel colored cookies!

  62. amorette Says:

    sour cherry and cream cheese coffee cake!

  63. kori Says:

    i like to make cheesy potatoes with ruffles on top

  64. Jillian Says:

    I love making lemon creme brulee!

  65. april vogel Says:

    Sweet potatoes from scratch, mmmm…

  66. Heather Schwenk Says:

    All of theses pieces are so beautiful! They give me inspiration for my daughters girly birthday party coming up in April! So cheerful and feminine!

  67. Haley Spitler Says:

    I am southern, so banana pudding for me means that warm weather is on its way!

  68. MiMi Says:

    fresh strawbwerry cake or pie, we live close to a commercial berry patch so we enjoy…fresh strawberries means spring has arrived! Love anything Rosanna also and would love to win this, I have some vintage hobnail from my Mom and this would be perfect!

  69. m Says:

    my favorite is lemon-coconut petits fours

  70. Charlotte Says:

    It’s the beginning of strawberry season so lots of strawberry shortcake!

  71. Valerie Says:

    For some reason spring always gets me into baking coffee breads and muffins for breakfast.

  72. Debbie Thompson Says:

    I love to make Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting this time of year…. Reminds me so much of Spring. I would put it on one of your beautiful cake stands…

  73. Elizabeth C. Says:

    I love to make a berry pie. So simple and delicious. 3 or 4 different berries, organic greek yogurt w/ honey and a shortbread pie crust. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. :)

  74. Phuong Says:

    Not quite a dish but we love decorating sugar cookies with our girls!

  75. Joan Buckwalter Says:

    Love the cookie jar! Spring is the time for fresh strawberry pies.


    Love the look of milk glass. It was very popular when I got married in the 60’s.
    I am thinking about strawberry shortcake, trifle,or trying to copy a “only available once a year” strawberry pie from a local pie shop.I am sure mine would be better!

  77. Kammi Says:

    I don’t make anything but I like Japanese mochi

  78. Sarah Z. Says:

    One of our family traditions is to make a homemade poppy seed bread. My favorite treat for Easter!

  79. MaryBeth Schwarz Says:

    The Rosanna Les Petite Sweets collection is so lovely! I will ask fro some of the items for my birthday! THANKS for the give-away of the cookie jar (hope I win it!)!

  80. Lea Salis Says:

    I love making Greek stuffed peppers! That cookie jar is absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  81. Mandy Wheeler Says:

    The cookies jar and pedestals are gorgeous!!

  82. tracey byram Says:

    I like to make 7 layer salad.

  83. Jeannine Says:

    Blueberry-lemon cake. Adore the cookie jar!

  84. Linda Alsdorf Says:

    That gorgeous cookie jar would look terrific on my kitchen counter filled with gluten free and sugar free cookies any kind. Hope I will win it!

  85. Kristina McCook Says:

    This would be so perfect for my daughter’s birthday party dessert table. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I already have a couple Rosanna cake stands that I am using and this would complete the set!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Kristina

  86. Kristina McCook Says:

    forgot to mention my favorite dish … spring pea soup!

  87. dawn Says:

    I like making and trying different veggie salads

  88. patrice besch Says:

    I am brand new to Layla Grace. I found your site when I was looking for a diaper bag for my daughter-in-law who is expecting in May. I ordered the bag gift-wrapped. It came on time and beautifully wrapped. I will present it to her this Saturday at the shower. Thank you for carrying such lovely products and having such impeccable service.
    My cookie jar is long gone and I would love to have this for the cookies I will bake for my precious first grandchild. I am so excited!!!!!

  89. michelle hill Says:

    Chocolate eggs and bunnies homemade for Easter with the kids

  90. Marie Says:

    Would love to have one of these beautiful pieces.

  91. Hope Cronkhite Says:

    I am looking forward to making easter eggs with my son who is 3 1/2. This will be the first year he really understands easter and will get excited to look for eggs. Of course going along with looking for eggs brings making deviled eggs. Who doesn’t love those? The cookie jar will be a perfect addition to my home because my son has also recently found the love of the cookie!!

  92. Laurie Says:

    I love jelly beans so I like to make anything that uses those (they make cute cupcake toppers!)

    My favorite thing to make for Easter are Resurrection Rolls (crescent rolls with a marshmallow in the middle – when you bake them, the marshmallow melts…like when Jesus rose to Heaven on the 3rd day…)

  93. April Armstrong Says:

    I have the scalloped cake pedestal and this cookie jar would make a nice addition to my Rosanna collection.

  94. Kalli Says:

    I love milk glass and have been wanting to start a collection for our home. I am wanting to make these cute bunny rolls this year for my kids. I am trying to start some traditions with my kids this year and continue with so they have some unique memories of our holidays together!!!

  95. Addison Kat Says:

    strawberry shortcake!!

  96. Jessica Says:

    Love to make oatmeal raisin cookies that would look delightful in this cookie jar!!

  97. Dorothy Davidson Says:

    My family’s newest favorite cookie is a recipe “borrowed” from a chef that appeared with Regis and Kelly. They’re called Compost Cookies, and they’re filled with so many salty and sweet snacks. My family demands them constantly!

  98. Kristen Says:


  99. Muffin G Says:

    My favorite are egg nests made with the little crunchy chow mein noodles mixed with marshmallows. Then just add jelly beans. They taste so yummy and look so cute!

  100. Anna Says:

    I love the cookie jar. My mother has a beautiful collection of milk glass from my grandmother with a very similar hobnail design. I love to make yellow cake with chocolate icing. I remember my grandmother bringing it over with Easter baskets for us each year.

  101. Sand Says:

    We always make a bunny cake!

  102. t Says:

    I love to make my mom’s Anise cookie recipe. My mom also had an amazing hobnail milk glass pedestal for displaying baked goods.

  103. Anna Powers Says:

    The whole collection is just beautiful! It reminds me of my mom’s milk glass vase. Rosy days of yesteryear brought back to life! I love when something beautiful is kept in the world and not overlooked by the “new” thing.
    Thanks for keeping beauty alive!

  104. Anna Powers Says:

    Oh dear, I forgot to mention what I like to make! Quiche is so wonderful, I love the variety and creativity that can come out of each quiche- my new favoritie crust is gluten free, and trumps the old standby.

  105. Kelly W Says:

    A chocolate cake with marshmallows…yum! It’s a family favorite.

  106. Amanda O'Brien Says:

    I love making deviled eggs with Easter coming up, but I do love baking…and some cute cookies would go very well in such a pretty cookie jar!

  107. Eva Mack Says:

    the milk glass is perfect for Easter

  108. Amy Says:

    I love grilled or roasted spring vegetables!

  109. Christina "Suzie" Stoltz Says:

    I love to bake Easter bread…twisted dough with colored eggs on it in a wreath shape.
    This rosanna collection is so cute, love all the different sized and shaped compotes!

  110. Nancy Carr Says:

    I love to make ham, ham, ham and scolloped potatoes, green beans, Easter cookies and more. I am so happy to see milk glass again. Love it and you!

  111. Diane Mitchell Says:

    we just love to bake. My oldest is four and a half and he is beginning to love to help me cook. His favorite? Cookies, of course!

  112. mary branham Says:

    Your serving pieces are beautiful and would look so nice when I have my girlfriends over for lunch.
    They would make my table look special.

  113. Tom Bellamy Says:

    Strawberry shortcake

  114. Keira Says:

    I just love spring because it is finally switch from heavier foods to lighter foods. One of my favorites dishes is salad and it makes a lovely spring lunch with a little bread on the side of course!

  115. Veronica Says:

    I love to make strawberry pies or any pies with berries :)

  116. Chrishelle Says:

    I love baking cakes for every occasion, I even did one for Mardi Gras (which landed on my 30th B-day this year!) and now I’m trying to come up with something for St. Patrick’s Day!!! :0)

  117. Judith Lenzini Says:

    I love to male cut out cookies for every holiday!

  118. Cecilia T. Says:

    I adore the white pedestals and domes. Perfect for my Coconut cake. My son’s birthday is around Easter time, so we have a prolonged Easter/Birthday celebration each year.

  119. ang Says:

    love the look…fresh for a new season

  120. Ruth Says:

    I love to make a nice coconut cake with lemon filling for Easter dessert.

  121. Sandra Morrissey Says:

    so beautiful would be a perfect addition to the table decor for my daughter’s baby shower

  122. Ann Says:

    Nothing says spring like tart lemon bars!

  123. Angela Scavuzzo Says:

    I love love love to find new cakes to make in Spring! Both of my daughters have April birthdays (the 15th and 17th) needless to say we have many many cakes in just a few days. Cakes for family parties, friend parties, and an extra special cake for just the 4 of us to share at home…it is the only time of year we go “cake crazy” so it becomes a very fun and special time we share together!

  124. Danielle Says:

    Chocolate chip banana bread

  125. Holly Weaver Says:

    I love to eat and to make Strawberry Shortcake with fresh homemade biscuits, fresh picked strawberries, and sweet whipped cream on top. Yummmmmmmmmmy!

  126. Catalina K Says:

    I like baking lemon and cocoa cake during this season. I also like topping my creating with whipped cream and serving it with hot coffee or with jasmine tea.

  127. Jeannie Says:

    OMGoodness … everything is so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win!

  128. Juliana Feriani Says:

    This spring I am making meyers lemon cupcakes with meyers lemon filling dusted with powered sugar.

  129. Tara F. Says:

    I am in love with this collection. My favorite thing to make for spring / Easter are homemade Anisette cookies.

  130. Christina Says:

    Ooooohhh…. What a lovely collection! I look forward to baking a beautiful ham dinner with deviled eggs and hope that my grandmother is able to make her pickled eggs – purple from the beet juice. Thanks for this opportunity!

  131. Viviane Says:

    OMG! this is absolutely perfect…. Can not imagine a more perfect table in the summer with those pieces. I want them all! :0)

  132. Heather Says:

    I love making salad from my garden with pomegranate seeds and pecans!

  133. Leslie Petersen Says:

    Thumbprint cookies! :)

  134. Rachel Says:

    I love to make caramikized onion quiche! Love the square compote.

  135. Eileen Gauthier Says:

    Reminds me of Easter dinner as a child! Lovely memories!

  136. mell morgan Says:

    My favorite thing to make for spring is lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

  137. Kathy Julian Says:

    I LOVE these – could they get any cuter? (is that even a word?) LOVE THEM!

  138. gina white Says:

    Easter Bunny Cupcakes

  139. Lisa F. Says:

    The cookie jar is beautiful. It matches a candy dish that once belonged to my dear Nana. I love to make Hummingbird cake this time of year!

  140. eliz Says:

    Every piece in this spring collection is just so delightfully sweet and beautiful! Spring is here, and I love to serve my bean salad.

  141. chana Says:

    peach cobbler

  142. JoeyandChase Says:

    I love to make ambrosia! It’s the perfect sweet treat after a big meal! I just LOVE this collection … heading to check it out right now!

  143. Kellie O Says:

    Deviled eggs!!!! I love those at easter time!

  144. Sabrene Says:

    Petite bourbon brown sugar glazed carrots they always disappear and look cute too!

  145. Frankie Says:

    Beautiful collection, that would enhance any table setting. Love the cookie jar!!!

  146. Melissa Says:

    so elegant, my grandfathers cheesecake!!!

  147. Marsha Says:

    My favorite dish is to make anything lemony for the season. By the way, I love Rosanna’s Collection! My daughter just started collecting milk glass. I would love to add the Cookie Jar to her two piece collection. :)

  148. Genevieve Says:

    My favorite thing to make as soon as the air starts to smell like spring is Irish Potatoes! My mom had a great recipe and I would LOVE to fill this adorable cookie jar with these sweet treats!

  149. Selina Says:

    I love to make Rustic Chicken Salad with Spring Vegetables. Making slushies with the kids is always apart of our spring days too. Happy Easter to everyone. Love this collection!

  150. Heather M. Says:

    I love making lemon scones.

  151. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful! I love making Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes–so sinfully delicious. :-) I love Rosanna’s products, especially all the ones you’ve featured here. Thanks for the intro!

  152. Lori Says:

    My husband and I are vegan, so baking/cooking anything poses more challenges than usual (which is bad, as we’re already clowns in the kitchen). BUT, we’re obsessed with making vegan desserts – especially cheesecake. Because Spring is near, a fresh fruit topping is a necessity. Now all we need is some warm sun, a lounge chair, and a cool lemonade!

  153. Jessica Ross Says:

    Ohhhhhh! I love everything about these pieces!! The vase, cups and saucers, pedestals, Paris appetizer plates, cookie jar…. It’s too hard to pick a FAVORITE! This collection would be perfect for my upcoming baby shower!! Cute, cute, cute!!

  154. Amy King Says:

    I love to make strawberry shortcake in the spring time!

  155. Sue Harki Says:

    I have some of these pieces & love them! I’m giving a baby shower for a friend and love this look. Think I’ll start looking for more.

  156. kelsie rae Says:

    I love to make salads! Got to love that cookie jar!

  157. Mary Waldron Says:

    I am in love with these serving pieces! My favorite spring dessert is lemon bars–made with fresh lemons off my tree :)

  158. Fabiana Says:

    I love white chocolate raspberry mini cupcakes!!!!!! Soo yummy !!!!

  159. Schmidty Says:

    Homemade ice cream with peaches.

  160. Emily Says:

    I love to make cupcakes, and wouldn’t they look festive on one of those white cake pedestals? But all these white serving pieces have me drooling!

  161. Valerie Gilfillan Says:

    I adore all of pieces. I would make shortbread hearts for the cookie jar.

  162. Brittany S Says:

    Like a previous commenter said, I love spring because it means switching to lighter foods – love to make salads with edamame!

  163. Marie Says:

    Anything with strawberries and lemons, since they’re in season and are abundantly available right now. Your collection is so pretty! I’m glad I stumbled across this blog :)

  164. Jposey Says:

    I like to start going to farmer’s market and make spring salads

  165. Laura M. Says:

    For some reason I only seem to make this “Fresh Fruit PIzza” in the spring time. It’s soooo good, I don’t know why I don’t make it year round. (FYI– the “crust” is sugar cookie dough) mmmm…

  166. Aimee Roeschke Says:

    My favorite dish for the season is dutch baby :) I normally top with fresh picks from my local farmers market that include strawberries, bananas, apples and blueberries. :)

  167. Renell Smith Says:

    Strawberry pies! They are my boys favorite!!! Making 3 tomorrrow!

  168. Mary Claire Says:

    I love making Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Icing topped with a Raspberry! It’s a perfect summer treat!

  169. Rochelle Says:


  170. Stacie o Says:

    Decorated sugar cookies & strawberry cake are my favorites!

  171. carol mackey Says:

    Love to make asparagus and Gruyere tart!

  172. marty Says:

    I love making coconut nests from melted pastel discs and coconut with tiny jelly beans in the center!

  173. Valerie C. Says:

    I do a lot of baking for Easter. I make ricotta pie, rice pie, decorated cut out cookies, macaroons and of course a coconut bunny cake for my children every year :) I love the Rosanna pieces and I bookmarked the page for shopping!!

  174. Solducky Says:

    lemon blueberry muffins!

  175. Carolyn G Says:

    I love making chocolate cake

  176. Emily C Says:

    I make a lovely carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  177. Anne Says:

    Everything yellow! Devil eggs, lemon meringue…

  178. Emily Barklage Says:

    Love having corned beef and cabbage this time of year!

  179. joy maifeld Says:

    I love experimenting with asparagus. It’s yummy so many ways

  180. Elizabeth Serrano Says:

    I love baking cookies & other deserts. Love all these pieces❤

  181. lace Says:

    My favorite dish is grilled asparagus. Can’t wait for it to start coming up in my garden.

  182. Katie Wyckoff Says:

    I love them all but I like the pedestals with optional done the best! Great stuff!

  183. Rebecca Louick Says:

    These are so beautiful. My favorite for this season is mozarella and tomato tarts with a small salad.

  184. suzanne Says:

    My family requests my lemon cream cookies every Easter. They are delicious!

  185. Katie Harris Says:

    Butterscotch haystacks! Garnished with robins egg candies. The kids love them!

  186. Olivia Colon Says:

    Every spring we go to the local strawberry patch and pick fresh strawberries. We then make strawberry shortcake with lots of cool whip and strawberries! Taste wonderful and

  187. Rachel Colleary Says:

    On Easter, “the dish” to beat all dishes in this house is blueberry french toast bake. It can be made the night before, leaving more time for egg hunts and baskets!

  188. theresa n Says:

    We love carrot salad this time of year.

  189. Sarah Austin Says:

    I love corned beef and cabbage. Not an Easter dish, but it is popular in March. Such a treat.

  190. Alli V Says:

    I love to make a fruit pizza topped with fresh strawberries, sweet purple grapes, bananas, pretty little blueberries and kiwi! The crust is a tasty sugar cookie and the “sauce” is a delicious mix of cream cheese, sugar and a splash of vanilla. Perfect for a spring spread!

  191. Autumn Says:

    I am banned from the kitchen in my own home. I can’t even boil noodles without burning them to the pan. My favorite thing to prepare… is simply unwrapping store-bought goodies (Cadbury eggs, Peeps, etc.) lol

  192. Sarah McK Says:

    I love making asparagus this time of year, usually roasted in a browned butter balsamic dressing. I’m probably making it twice a week right now.

  193. Abbe Brown Says:

    I love a good salad this time of year with some good steak & balsamic on top :) As far as sweets go, Peeps would be my sugary treat of choice for Spring.

  194. Jennifer C. Says:

    I love to make cupcakes for easter with toasted coconut that I dye green to look like spring grass!

  195. Ron Miller Says:

    Easter Ham, no ifs, ands or buts

  196. Carrie Conley Says:

    I love making sugar cookies…

  197. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    I love to make main dish chicken salads! All the wonderful cheeses and fresh ingredients to choose from.

  198. Grammy G Says:

    Strawberry Shortcake with fresh strawberries and real whip cream!

  199. April C. Says:

    Def corned beef!

  200. Dawn Smith Says:

    My go-to spring dessert is a killer pineapple-upside down cake…most people think it’s a summer dessert, but I make them in a jumbo cake pan so they are the perfect little dessert for Easter brunch.

  201. Kay Says:

    I just found a recipe for Twix Cheesecake that is fabulous!!!

  202. Lynn T Says:

    I like to make my artichoke spinach dip!

  203. Miranda Says:

    Carrot Cake or Banana Bread is my favorite to make for Spring

  204. Heather G. Says:

    This might be kind of silly, but I love making cupcakes in the spring! Last year I made some really cute ones with coconut dyed green to look like grass, and jelly beans to look like Easter eggs, They were super cute.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  205. Melissa Says:

    Definitely carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It just screams spring. :)

  206. Holly Says:

    I love to make yummy strawberry banana bread!

  207. Teri Says:

    Love the cookie jar !! So beautiful !!

  208. Denise M. Says:

    I make a Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake that would look beautiful on one of your gorgeous cake pedestals!

  209. Kari Cannon Says:

    Deviled Eggs…I love them but especially at Easter.

  210. sydney85 Says:

    I make Passion fruit cheesecake. It is light and summery.

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