Celebrate With Kate: Interview With Amy Atlas + Giveaway

Amy Atlas Interviewed by Kate Landers
Photography: Robert Caplin

It’s Kate Landers here, sharing a personal interview with Amy Atlas, sweet stylist extraordinaire. Sweet tables have become quite trendy at celebrations across the globe. Amy is one of the pioneers who started turning a simple table of desserts into a stunning work of art. You may recognize Amy and her work from her appearance on NBC’s The Today Show, or from her many features in several print publications such as Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, O Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, as well as thousands of blogs. She has been a personal inspiration to me and my work, I am so grateful she has shared such talent and inspiration with us all!

Amy Atlas Interviewed by Kate Landers
Photography: Gemma Comas

Amy Atlas Interviewed by Kate Landers
Photography: Gemma Comas

Amy Atlas Interviewed by Kate Landers
Photography: Gemma Comas

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. What is it about designing sweet tables that drove you to start a business out of it? My father was my original partner in sweets and then there was my grandmother who was an incredible baker – I learned how to bake in her kitchen. So for me, desserts and sweets were always a source of happiness. Originally it was a hobby and then it organically grew into a business through word of mouth. Because no one had taken the Viennese table to the next level, I recognized that there was a niche that could be filled. Since dessert is the final vestige of a lovely gathering, I thought it should be the most memorable.
  • It is apparent from your blog and across the web that sweet tables are increasingly popular at all sorts of celebrations worldwide. What do you think sweet tables add to events making them so popular?
    It is a fantastic way to send your guests home with something sweet to remember the night.
  • What was your inspiration for writing your new book?
    A few things inspired this book, the first being my love for baking (and cookbooks). I’ve had ideas of dessert tables that I wanted to create for years that I needed to get on paper. My readers were also a big inspiration to me – I wanted to give them a step-by-step manual so they could create their own dessert tables at home.
  • Any hints you can share with our readers of what to expect to find in your latest labor of love? I wrote my book to give people approachable tips and tools to create their own memorable dessert displays. It is a baking book, paired with crafting instructions and styling tips. I deconstruct each of my displays so readers can see how they are made. Readers can use the book as inspiration, mix and match recipes and crafts from different sections, or recreate the entire displays. There are displays for intimate parties with a few friends all the way to to large, extravagant weddings. It makes a wonderful gift!

For a sweet ending, a surprise giveaway! One lucky reader will win a copy of Amy’s new book, Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it. Leave a comment on the blog and we’ll choose a winner at noon on Friday, May 4.

Thank you for your participation, the giveaway is now closed!

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  1. Maureen Says:

    What an amazing book.
    Ideas and parties and cooking such a great combination.

  2. Kellie O Says:

    I would love to win Amy’s new book!

  3. Tiffany Franco Says:

    What great inspiration this book is! I am obsessed with these table designs!

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I would love to win this book!

  5. Linda Says:

    Great book! Would love to win it!

  6. Joanne Says:

    Amy, thanks for putting together a book with all your inspiring ideas! I’m sure it was a fun project and even if I don’t win the giveaway, I am looking forward to enjoying it!

  7. Jodi Says:

    Would love the inspiration of Amy’s book!

  8. holley Says:

    thanks so much for sharing your wonderful passion for sweets and decorating! I love making a party or big event look fancy and pulled together with a wonderful display at the dessert table, always been a way to wow my guests!! Cant wait to read the new book for new ideas and insipiration!! :)

  9. Sara Says:

    Love, Love, Love it! Amazing colors and displays. I hope I can win the book to see more wonderful ideas.(I never win anything). :)

  10. Paulette Says:

    Oh, we hope you have better luck this time, Sara! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  11. Katie Palomar Says:

    I am so excited about this book!! I hope I win! ; )

  12. Jessica Says:

    I love all her ideas! would love to win a copy.

  13. stephanie Says:

    I love dressing up tables from dinner down to dessert…one of my favorite things about the holidays was getting the chance to do this, and then one day I decided to do parties too. I love to bake also, and this book will be useful in combining the two with new ideas!

  14. Paulette Says:

    Best of luck to you!

  15. Margaret Says:

    Lovely! I really like how Amy’s book differentiates itself by being a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect dessert display!

  16. Wei Wei Says:

    Have always love Amy Atlas and her creative approach from dessert displays to DIYs and am excited that her book is finally out! X

  17. Mary I Says:

    I would love to win this book! She is amazing and so inspiring. keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. Jenn Says:

    I would love to win! From all the reviews the book sounds like a winner.

  19. Paulette Says:

    Good luck to you, Jenn! Thanks for reading our blog and entering our contest.

  20. Coleen Says:

    Obsessed and inspired by Amy Atlas. How cool it would be to win her book.

  21. Rena Says:

    I would love Amys book, shes such an inspiration!

  22. Paulette Says:

    Best of luck! Thanks for reading the Layla Grayce blog.

  23. Donna O'Neil Says:

    OOO! How fab! I would love to win.

  24. Paulette Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  25. sydney85 Says:

    I would love to win this book. It looks amazing.

  26. Sara Serna Says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book – looks great!

  27. Paulette Says:

    Wish we could give one to everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

  28. Kelly W Says:

    Love Amy’s designs. They are very inspirational.

  29. Paulette Says:

    Thanks, Kelly. We agree! Amy’s such a creative visionary.

  30. Kelly Says:

    What a fantastic looking book, would love to win a copy.

  31. Paulette Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and entering our contest, Kelly. Good luck!

  32. Sahara Tann Says:

    What a beautiful looking book. From what I’ve seen of it , it looks filled with wonderful ideas that everyone can do. Thank you for this opportunity. :)

  33. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    This is gorgeous!

  34. Paulette Says:

    We agree! Thanks for commenting and best of luck!

  35. lupe Says:

    i need this book!!! AMAZING!!!

  36. Paulette Says:

    Good luck!

  37. Susan Says:

    Beautiful dessert tables! I’d love to be able to create dessert tables like that.

  38. Paulette Says:

    Thank you for stopping by!

  39. Ang Alford Says:

    ME !! I would LOVE to have this book , her tables are so amazing and would love to see how its done ! belensmama at gmail dot com ! Thanks

  40. Anne Says:

    I love Amy Atlas and her dessert tables! I get so inspired every time I read her blog – I just need an excuse to throw a party :)

  41. Paulette Says:

    There’s always an excuse to throw a party! Best of luck with the contest.

  42. Deanna Says:

    The tables are eye candy! Both lovely and fun at the same time!! Thanks for the sneak peak and I would love to see more creative ideas in her book!!

  43. Beth Kaylor Says:

    Great interview and pics

  44. Tara Furman Says:

    I am so excited that you are having this giveaway. I would absolutely love to get my hands on a copy of this book. Love it. Such amazing ideas and they all put a smile on your face.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  45. Rachel Says:

    WANT BADLY! ;) Hosting baby shower soon!

  46. Molly Says:

    I’d love to win this book!! If I don’t, I know what I’m requesting for Mother’s Day!

  47. Lydia Says:

    I can’t wait to see the book, and I would love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Margaret Says:

    Wow! Such a talented lady!

  49. gloria Says:

    This is so inspirational!!! I love parties, this book is amazing!! :)))) I hope be the winner! I’m crossing my fingers :)

  50. Paulette Says:

    We agree… full of inspiration! Good luck, Gloria!

  51. Lynn Says:

    I would love to have a copy of this lovely book so I can know how to build a dessert table for my family too!

  52. Tanya Pier Says:

    Love Amy! Her ideas are so inspiring!

  53. Lani Says:

    Would be excited to receive the book!

  54. Kathleen Dillabaugh Says:

    Gorgeous tables! What an amazing talent.

  55. susanj Says:

    I love amy and would be so excited to win this book!

  56. Meadow Says:

    Thank you for the interview! Looking forward to the book.

  57. Ari Says:

    I would love to win this book!!! Her ideas are amazing!

  58. Rissa Says:

    I love to throw parties! this book would be amazing!

  59. Amy Says:

    These are amazing! I would love to win!

  60. Linda Says:

    Love to have a book and see all those creative tablescapes!

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