Celebrate With Kate: Noah’s Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication Party by Kate Landers

Event concept, design, styling and photography: Kate Landers

Baby Dedication Party by Kate Landers

Event concept, design, styling and photography: Kate Landers

Baby Dedication Party by Kate Landers

Event concept, design, styling and photography: Kate Landers

It’s Kate Landers here, and I am absolutely thrilled to debut my latest personal event with you, our son Noah’s Baby Dedication. I have found there to be a shortage of inspiration online and in print of Baby Namings, Baptisms, Christenings and in my case, a Baby Dedication. It was a joyous challenge to create something unique and personal for this very meaningful event, and it’s a sheer delight to share it with you!

THE MEANING OF YOUR CHILD’S NAME CAN MAKE A PERFECT THEME: Noah’s name means “peaceful, restful, calming” and that is the exact effect he had on me during my pregnancy. I wanted to use the meaning of his name as a theme for our event, and therefore picked the visual symbol, a white dove carrying an olive branch, for printed details.

A NON-TRADITIONAL COLOR-SCHEME: I selected white and tan as the color-scheme for Noah’s Baby Dedication. It has a very sweet, soft, soothing effect, which carried through the theme of his name throughout the event details.

USE SIMPLE WHITE ELEMENTS FOR AN ELEGANT AFFAIR: I highly recommend floor-length white table linens, white cake pedestals and platters, as well as white decorations. I consider these investment pieces, as they can be re-used for other events in the future, coordinating with almost any theme or color-scheme!

USE A MIX OF CUSTOM AND STORE-BOUGHT PRODUCTS: I saw Kara of Kara’s Party Ideas use white eyelet for her son’s Baby Blessing last year, and I knew I wanted to use this as inspiration for our own baby dedication. The eyelet paper lanterns, paper rosetttes and favor bags are all available at large discount craft retailers online. Mixing them with custom printed banners and gorgeous ribbons, it can take something beautiful to an entirely new level.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: We opted for a very intimate gathering with a catered at-home luncheon. The dessert table offered guests beautiful custom cookies, fondant-eyelet-topped cupcakes, as well as a simple yet stunning cake. I was careful to keep the number of desserts under control, allowing me to display everything with room to spare. I have learned that sometimes too many desserts can distract the eye, taking away from the simple beauty of a dessert table.

INCORPORATE RE-USABLE DECORATIONS: You will note that beautiful stunning fabric wreath from our baby shower {from She’s Kinda Crafty} was given a facelift with a new gorgeous ribbon – another example of how a classic white item can be used for a variety of celebrations.

BLESSING BOARDS: I also created “Blessing Boards,” which you will see in the background of the dessert table. Guests each wrote a little blessing for Noah and inserted it into one of the eyelet envelopes on the boards. These boards are now in Noah’s nursery, and we look forward to reading them to him every now and them, reminding him of all those who love him!


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3 Responses to “Celebrate With Kate: Noah’s Baby Dedication”

  1. Debbie @TheHipHostess Says:

    This the epitome of simple elegance! All your little touches enhance the beauty & meaning of Noah’s special day. How beautifully done!

  2. Kate Landers Says:

    Thank you so much Debbie! Your kindness and support mean a great deal.

  3. Marcie Celebrating Moments byMarcie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful… and eyelet topped cupcakes… WOW! Gorgeous!!!!

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