Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Giveaway!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Line
Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Sashay Satchel in Blooming Begonia

Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Sashay Satchel in Adoring Autumn

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch in Mystic Mykonos, Kendra Scott Blue Agate Caroline Earrings

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Line
Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote in Spiced Crimson Roll

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Line
Petunia Pickle Bottom Wanderlust Wallet in Classically Crete

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Line
Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag in Strolling in Saint Germain

Calling all stylish moms on the go! Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Fall 2012 Collection is finally here, and to celebrate we’re giving away one of our new fall favorites: the Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag in Strolling in Saint Germain! 

Beauty and function combine in this gorgeous new design, with a crimson, navy and persimmon floral mosaic pattern and features that include: a whisper-quiet magnetic closure, ability to convert to a messenger bag, water-resistant lining, plenty of pockets and a zip-out changing station with detachable pad for easy cleaning – just to name a few!

To enter, just vote on your favorite new print (you can even select several) and leave a comment below to be entered to win. Enter by Tuesday, 8/21/12 midnight EST – we’ll announce the winner the following Wednesday! Limit one comment per entry, per day. View official contest rules. UPDATE: Congratulations to our lucky winner, Nicole U from Anaheim, CA!

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916 Responses to “Petunia Pickle Bottom Fall 2012 Giveaway!”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Such pretty patterns — fingers crossed!

  2. Tracie@Gurtler+Home Says:

    I really like that Blooming Begonia! Pretty yet sofisticated.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Love Mystic Mykonos

  4. Becky Says:

    They’re all super cute, but Bavarian Bliss is my fave :)

  5. Kaitlin Boles Says:

    My favorite is by far Mystic Mykonos!

  6. Teresa S. Says:

    I love the mystic one!

  7. Amy Says:

    Sachet in begonia for sure

  8. Trish @ Uncommon Says:

    They are all beautiful!

  9. Jessica Morris Says:

    It’s so hard to choose! They are great!

  10. Ariel Says:

    I love the new elderberry chenille or classicaly crete

  11. Noel Weeks Says:

    They are all so awesome! So hard to choose but <3 the Classically Crete and Strolling in Saint Germain:)

  12. rissa Says:

    Blooming begonia is so cute

  13. Brandi Erickson Says:

    I would love any of those adorable patterns!

  14. Laura Johnson Says:

    They are all beautiful, but I love Adoring Autumn. Such lush fall colors!

  15. Christina Says:

    Love them all, but I think Blooming Begonia is my favorite. . .today anyway!

  16. Jana Says:

    Just cute bags and prints. I want to win one fore my new baby!!

  17. Stef Crawford Says:

    My diaper bag was stolen along with my purse, and I could sure use a new one since my friend is letting me borrow her Petunia. Love the new patterns and miss mine that was taken :(

  18. Jane N. Says:

    I love the Strolling in Germain print! I’m expecting in September and this would be perfect!

  19. Carrie Hanger Says:

    Love all of them, but especially Classically Crete. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. megan Says:

    strolling in saint germain! Loooove!

  21. Brandi Says:

    I had such a hard time choosing one!!! Ahhh….

  22. Mollie Says:

    If I have to pick just one, it’s Midnight Mums!

  23. Joanna Says:

    My favorite color is red, so it’s a toss up between Saint Germain or Spiced Crimson!

  24. Alicia Dillon-Bailey Says:

    To chose only one, I would have to say the spiced crimson. But what girl would stop at only one???

  25. Angie Says:

    I love petunia and their fall line is so gorgeous!

  26. Marissa P Says:

    Tough call, but Midnight in Milan is my fav!

  27. Vickie Says:

    My favorite is Bavarian Bliss.

  28. Ann Says:

    Love these new patterns! Great bags!

  29. Tiffany Says:

    They are all gorgeous and so functional! Perfect for a mom on the go! Midnight Mums is my fav!

  30. Marcela Y Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonias, so gorgeous :)

  31. Patty Says:

    They are all beautiful. Not sure I could pick just one.

  32. Maria Says:

    Classically crete is just that, a true classic print IMO. Plus it’s gender neutral so even better.

  33. Nedra Meister Says:

    Love the Mums & St Germaine. It was a hard choice.

  34. Katie T. Says:

    I love Blooming Begonia – so stylish!

  35. Adina Riley Says:

    I cant wait to get mine!!!

  36. Nicole Craig Says:

    Classically crete is so pretty! It matches my nursery!!

  37. Brandi Lewis Says:

    Absolutely love the Strolling in Saint Germain!

  38. Summer Says:

    I have a brand new baby boy and would be si excited to win a new bag!!!

  39. Jen Says:

    Saint germain! Love it!

  40. Natalie Davis Says:

    Such a hard choice! They are all beautiful!

  41. Lauren B. Says:

    Love the midnight mums and bavarian bliss!!

  42. San D Says:

    Blooming Begonia is beautiful!!

  43. Kim H Says:

    Love them all :-) But, Strolling in Saint Germain!!

  44. Brandy Says:

    Strolling in Saint Germain is gorgeous!!

  45. Lindsay Says:

    Love these! Strolling in saint germain is my favorite! They are lovely bags:)

  46. Jacquelyn Dobson Says:

    Love the richness in the Spiced Crimson Roll!

  47. Juna Brown Says:

    These are beautiful! And I love the Sashay Satchel shape.

  48. Kristin Robinson Says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom!! Love all the prints and styles!!

  49. Jennifer Says:

    Strolling in St. Germaine! Too cute!

  50. Amanda Says:

    I love them all! Would LOVE to win :)

  51. Ashley Bray Says:

    Saint Germain boxy bag = love!!!!

  52. Colleen M. Says:

    This is my favorite line of diaper bags. Expecting our first in March and would love to sport this around town! So cute! Thanks for this opportunity!

  53. Erin Hebeler Says:

    So stylish!!!

  54. Janele Peterson Says:

    I have two kids & each time I can hardly wait to pick out my new diaper bag! I love this brand they are beautiful & functional! Cutest diaper bags around! I tell all my friends how great they are! It’s especially convient when I need to hands & can wear it as a backpack! LOVE them!!

  55. SHELLY Says:


  56. Demetria Kunkel Says:

    I think they are amazing.Actually had a hard time picking just one!

  57. Melissa Says:

    I LOVE Strolling in St. Germain!

  58. Kari Says:

    Love them all!! ; )

  59. Caroline Says:

    I LOVE these bags! Classically Crete is such a pretty pattern and seems to be very versatile.

  60. Jennifer Says:

    Love, love, love the Classically Crete Coated Cotton:)

  61. Crystal Howell Says:

    Thank you

  62. Courtney Says:

    Torn between Saint Germain and Classically Crete

  63. Terri Eastepp Says:

    They are all precious! Inlove with violet sapphire!

  64. Emily Barklage Says:

    I would love to give this to my BFF who is due next month!

  65. Andrea Says:

    I love so many of these prints! Blooming Begonia would have to be my favorite! So excited to be introduced to these bags!

  66. Hannah Says:

    I love PPB… they are all fabulous!

  67. Kathleen Says:

    Love them all!!

  68. Kimberly Says:

    I love when PPB releases new prints! Being surprised and delighted all at once :)

  69. Heidi Says:

    Bavarian Bliss.
    So elegant and beautiful!

  70. Brittany M Says:

    I love the Classically Crete! Would be really good for a boy or a girl! Would work perfectly for my littles! :)

  71. Lindsay E. Says:

    I love the Classically Crete! So cute!

  72. Alexandra Keller Says:

    I love Classically Crete, Strolling in St. Germain and Blooming Begonia!!

  73. Kherb Says:

    Love Spiced Crimson

  74. Chris Says:

    I love them all

  75. Sabrina Says:

    Love the Classically Crete print… my favorite colors!

  76. Chana Says:

    Love the spiced crimson!!

  77. Amie Olson Says:

    Spiced Crimson Roll is my favorite! Thank You!

  78. Amy Says:

    I’m such a sucker for reds… love that St. Germain!!!

  79. Ross Olson Says:

    Spiced Crimson Roll is great! My wife would love it. Thanks!

  80. April C. Says:

    Love the spiced crimson roll!!!

  81. Sarah Marendt Says:

    They are all beautiful -Classically Crete is my favorite! :)

  82. Nitasha E. Says:

    Love the new prints and I would love to be carrying one around!

  83. Aimee Luty Hart Says:

    Anything RED, CAN NOT get enough of it!!! So cheery and fun!!!

  84. Veronica Says:

    Love their bags! Great new patterns!

  85. Jocelyn H Says:

    Mystic mykonos is my favorite, I love a blue and yellow bag!! I would have to say all of the others are super cute too!

  86. Amy Says:

    They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the Blooming Begonia! I just purchased another bag a few days ago and I already got it in. I LOVE it!

  87. Teresa Says:

    Saint Germain has the perfect punch of color! A great “show off” bag!!

  88. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    Pick Me! Pick Me! It’s really hard to choose. But I guess if I had to it would either be the Bavarian Bliss or Midnight in Milan! Very beautiful bags!

  89. Kim F. Says:

    Love the Blooming Begonia!! :)

  90. Kim F. Says:

    Love the Blooming Begonia!!

  91. Steph Says:

    Love the Mykonos

  92. Nisha Says:

    I voted! I love the St. Germaine.

  93. Kara Says:

    I would love the Mums or Adoring Autumn bag. They are both beautiful to me.

  94. Kara Frank Says:

    Love Classically Crete!

  95. Tara Jacobs Says:

    I love purple! Bavarian Bliss is my fave!

  96. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow, hard choice! I love Blooming Begonias and Classically Crete! Such beautiful bags!

  97. sabrina Says:

    voted!!! =)

  98. Monica P Says:

    I Love the Violet Sapphire Roll!!

  99. Simone Says:

    I love them all!

  100. Kelly H Says:

    I love The Classically Crete, and Blooming Begonia are my favorite but they are all nice.

  101. jillian griffin Says:

    Love the spiced crimson roll pattern – very unique!

  102. Tracy Says:

    LOVE them all!

  103. Marla Says:

    Midnight Mums is my favorite. Spiced crimson roll gets my second place vote. Thank you for the giveaway.

  104. Nicole Says:

    Love them!! My fav is the Blooming Begonia, the pattern is feminine and funky.

  105. jenilee champion Says:

    I love the blooming begonias pattern, but they are all very pretty!

  106. Melissa Says:

    love them all! but voted midnight in milan:)

  107. Jessica Peed Says:

    I love them all really! Can’t go wrong with any of them! They are very fashionable! But my choice for the fall is the strolling in saint German!

  108. Janessa F Says:

    I love petunia pickle bottom!!

  109. Janice Says:

    Love the St. Germaine! So pretty!! :)

  110. Alecia Says:

    The new fall colors are so fun!

  111. Melanie Says:

    Classically Crete is beautiful!

  112. Edie Says:

    Midnight Mums is classically elegant. I adore the color combination. Chic, sassy, but ohhh so elegant.

  113. Daryl Says:

    LOVE the Blooming Begonia!! So cute!!!

  114. sone s. Says:

    I LOVE the new PATTERNS!! Theyre all beautiful! ! Hope I win so I Can use it for my newborn…. ;)

  115. Laura Miller Says:

    Love the St. Germaine!

  116. Amy Kosmalski Says:

    Love, Love, Love them all but I think the Blooming Begonia is my fave! I am expecting baby #2 and would love a new PPB!!! :)

  117. Shalice Says:

    Whooo I love them all!

  118. Erin Says:

    Beautiful bags!

  119. Renee K Says:

    Lovely bags, would love to win one,

  120. Natalie Meyer Says:

    I like them all…..!! How can I pick just one?

  121. Caroline Says:

    Beautiful, all of them!

  122. Saraphinah Benavides Conner Says:

    Love them all – but swooning over the beautiful Violet Sapphire Roll.

  123. Colleen V Says:

    They are all so beautiful. You can’t go wrong. I do love Strolling in St. Germain the most. The colors are simply gorgeous

  124. Torri Bertarelli Says:

    You hit it our of the park with these fabrics. They are all beautiful and sophisticated. Blooming Begonia’ and Violet Sappire Roll are stand outs to me. Thank You for your blog and the opportunity.

  125. Cindy Says:

    Lovely. My favorite is the Spiced Crimson Roll (and I love the photo with the Studebaker!).

  126. Vanessa Adams Says:

    Saw the St Germain at the BellaMarchesa Facebook page and loved it!! Just perfect!

  127. Kellie O Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia print the best!!!!!

  128. Jamie Clark Says:

    These bags are darling!

  129. Kim Sholty Says:

    I like them all! Mystic Mykonos won because I really like blue.

  130. Heidi S. Says:

    Love the Spiced Crimson and Classically Crete

  131. Amy Says:

    I love them!! I only have boys so I voted for the German one, but if i had girls i would have had a hard time choosing!! Love PPB!!!

  132. Danielle Davis Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonias. We are expecting our first little girl in October and this would be a darling addition to hold all the girly things we will be carrying around.. I love the style and ease of use with the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags…. Love it

  133. Kelsey T Says:

    I LOVE the Blooming Begonia print!

  134. Alice Bedikian Says:

    Love the vibrant colors, so classy!

  135. Charlotte Says:

    They are all so cute!

  136. Beth G Says:

    LOVE em all!! Pick me!!

  137. stacey Says:

    They are so beautiful! I especially love the adoring autumn and the classically crete.

  138. Holly Says:

    Today my favorite is the Blooming Begonia!! Gorgeous!

  139. Elizabeth Says:

    So pretty! I want them all!

  140. Kim Says:

    All of these are so pretty! Hard choice to make!

  141. Christina Blanton Says:

    I love these designs. Hope to win.

  142. Barbara Zachary Says:

    Love Strolling in St. Germain. The colors really remind me of fall. Well done!

  143. Heather Hacker Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia!

  144. Lindsay Says:

    Love the violet.

  145. Becky wilson Says:

    Love the new prints…heres to hoping i win!!

  146. Wendy Simmons Says:

    I just ordered & received the Evening in Innsbruck from LaylaGrace in the Sashay Satchel…amount other things for our new baby! I love the Blooming Begonias for the fall!!! But all of their fabrics/patterns are good so it’s hard to choose a very favorite.

  147. Shannon LaRosh Says:

    I love love love the new patterns! Always a PPB Mom!

  148. Meredith Masin Says:

    Love, love, love the new style of PPB bags! I would be honored to rock this bag around town with my sassy little one!!!!

  149. Jenn M Says:

    Couldn’t be any cuter! I love them all, but especially love Midnight Mums.

  150. BB Says:

    Gorgeous! I love Strolling in St. Germain!

  151. Leigh Says:

    Classically Crete!!!

  152. Caroline Says:

    Love the midnight moms for 2reasons:
    First-it’s a great bag for if you’ve had a girl or boy…or mix
    Secondly/love the name as it defines the life we lead for the baby stage in our life….however,all are stunning!

  153. maryellen Says:

    I love the Violet Sapphire Roll Brocade… I could see it going with just about anything!

  154. Melissa Gray-Wicks Says:

    Love, love Strolling in St. Germain! The colors are so vibrant. Of course all are spectacular! I MUST have this bag!

  155. Emily Dutton Says:

    Strolling in St. Germain!

  156. amie wouda Says:

    I love PPB. From the new collection I would love to get a cross town clutch in classically crete or st germain

  157. Maria Julia Says:

    Classically Crete… So cute!!

  158. Andrea Says:

    I love Classically Crete!

  159. Ashley Says:

    I love all of the patterns! It was so hard to pick just one :)

  160. Kimberly Cage Says:

    All of them are beautiful but I really really love the Blooming Begonia!!

  161. joanie Says:

    I love the diaper bag in German Saint. I am having two granddaughters this summer. I love the color, size and style.

  162. joanie Says:

    I love the diaper bag in Saint Germain. I am having two granddaughters this summer. I love the color, size and style.

  163. Jennifer Says:

    Love them all! At 40 expecting first baby, so this would be areal treat!

  164. Sara Bennett Says:

    I love them all! They really are the best looking diaper bags I have seen so far:)

  165. Jessica Says:

    I love the new colors and patterns!!!! Hope I win!!! :)

  166. Amy Says:

    Love them all! So hard to pick a favorite.

  167. Candice Says:

    Adoring autum!! Thanks!!

  168. Susan S Says:

    I love Violet Sapphire Roll, Spiced Crimson Roll, Classically Crete, Elderberry, and Bavarian Bliss, with Spiced Crimson Roll being my fave.

  169. Suzanne Says:

    I love Strolling at St. Germain

  170. LJ Says:

    Love, Love them all! It’s so hard to choose from the new fabulous styles. My absolute favorite is Blooming Begonia Satchel.

  171. Janet Witzell Says:

    They’re all beautiful! I didn’t notice how much I like the Classicall Crete, when I was voting, but I love it also! It’s just amazing to see the changes since I had little ones ~ this from a soon-to-be Grandma.

  172. Robin Says:

    Lovely colors!

  173. Lynn Says:

    The trendy new patterns/colors are awesome!

  174. Maureen Says:

    I like the blooming begonia.

  175. Jaime Says:

    I love the rich color of spiced crimson!!

  176. Maria Toledo Says:

    All the bags are gorgeous but the Mystic Mykonos Coated Cotton is beautiful for the fall.

  177. Jenniffer Says:

    The bags are all beautiful!! I’m a personally big fan of petunia pickle bottom!!.. But I gotta say that I LOVE the strolling in saint germain and classically Crete, the reason why I love these too is bc you can use it for a girl or boy.

  178. Maria Toledo Says:

    The Mystic Mykonos coated cotton is my favorite for the fall. But all of them are gorgeous!!!!

  179. Irma Allen Says:

    Such lovely prints!! It was so hard to pick which one I love more. Thanks for the give away :)

  180. Jody Banasik Says:

    Such great style. They are all beautiful color cominations. Hard to pick just one, but I do love the grey and blue together.

  181. Dana Says:

    I love the Bloomin Begonia and the Elderberry Chenille. Beautiful!!! Thank you for the chance.

  182. Nicole Mortensen Says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom! The new collection is so amazing and I love the inspriation taken from great places to travel! Coincidence that the boxy backpack is the best diaper bag for travel? I think not! I love the new features as well, they have really stepped up their game with the magnetic closure, and the metal name plate. The look is even more classy! Love it!

  183. Dawn Harris Says:

    Love love love saint Germain! Baby is due any day and would love to add this perfect accessory!:)

  184. Kimberly Says:

    These are all beautiful. I want them all!

  185. Kristin W Says:

    I love the Blooming!! I would Love to have this bag for my baby girl :)

  186. Amanda Says:

    Blooming Begonia is my fav, but I love four of them! Strolling St. Germain is great for boy or girl. I would like 1 of each please ;)

  187. Danielle Thompson Says:

    Classically Crete takes me away to Greece!! Love it!

  188. Karen Says:

    Love the Autumn Organic!

  189. Ellissa Says:

    Love these bags!

  190. Karen Says:

    st Germain:)

  191. Teresa Feld Says:

    I love all of them!!! Midnight in Milan is the best, though!

  192. Lonnie Says:

    Love all the prints for Fall 2012, but if I had to choose just one, it’s the Blooming Begonia Organic Cotton. Thank you PPB for the opportunity to win one! =)

  193. Aaron W Says:

    My wife would LoVe this bag. Hoping she wins

  194. Christina Miller Says:

    Love this bag, especially with some red shoes and lipstick! I love red!

  195. Christina Miller Says:

    I so love this bag! Don’t have a bag yet, but would love this!

  196. Jenny Says:

    I would love a new Petunia to cheer me up after having another miscarriage:(

  197. Jaime Byrnes Says:

    Love them all! Great fall patterns!

  198. Lisa Says:

    Love the new designs!

  199. Linell E. Says:

    Blooming begonia! and the new line is gorgeous!

  200. Libby Hale Says:

    Way TOO cute!!! I love them all!!!

  201. Holly Doble Says:

    Classically crete is me favorite.

  202. Emily Says:

    Love the new prints….and the new styles!

  203. Nicki Says:

    Love the Midnight in Milan print!!

  204. Caryn Says:

    Classically Crete!

  205. Tracie Says:

    The Blooming Begonia and Midnight in Milan are gorgeous! Looks like alot of us on here are crazy for the Blooming Begonia too! Would be so awesome to win!

  206. Liliana Montemayor Says:

    I love Mystic Mykonos!!

  207. melanie Says:

    mystic mykonos all the way!!! it’s beautiful!

  208. Dejah Says:

    Such beautiful prints! I am in love with the Adoring Autumn!

  209. Julie M. Says:

    LOVE Classically Crete~So calming and beautiful. Would love a new Petunia Bag, mine has been through a lot:)

  210. Dimpal Says:

    lovely bags!!!

  211. Wanda M. Says:

    I’m torn between Blooming Begonia, Midnight in Milan and Violet Sapphire Roll Brocade. All gorgeous!

  212. Nicole U Says:

    I love the new prints! My favorite is Blooming Begonia.

  213. Amanda Says:

    I love the variety of colors! I especially like the Elderberry and how it looks a little worn in and loved already.

  214. Marilyn Brock Says:

    I like the Elderberry Chenille! Very pretty :-)

  215. Kelly W Says:

    Beautiful bags!!!!

  216. Katie O Says:

    Loving so many of them but I really like Elderberry!

  217. Pat Says:

    I love Adoring Autumn! All are so stylish!

  218. Meaghen Says:

    The perfect diaper bag! Stylish and practical.

  219. C.RachaelS. Says:

    ❤ the boxy backpack!

  220. Angela Says:

    They are all adorable! Can I get one of each? hehe

  221. Stephie Says:

    I love how creative the names are of these bags! I have a love for travel and these bags are gorgeous with such catchy names! My favorite is midnight in Milan! How great would it be to be strolling in Milan with my baby wearing a Petunia Pickle bottom bag!!!!

  222. casey Says:

    Love the Mystic Mykonos!

  223. April Ray Says:

    Strolling in Saint Germaine bag is my favorite!

  224. J Plasters Says:

    New fall colors are great!

  225. Lauran Johnson Says:

    Love the Violet Sapphire Roll Brocade! It goes with all my nursery decor!

  226. Hallie Says:

    I like several of them, but blooming begonia is my favorite!!

  227. Jenny Says:

    Love PPB!!!!! Adore the Strolling in St Germaine!!!!

  228. meredith Says:

    Such pretty patterns!

  229. Ally Johns Says:

    I love the classic Crete! So cute.. we are having another baby this fall and I could really use a new diaper bag to fit new baby and toddler stuff in! :)

  230. Melinda Says:

    I want one of these so bad! They are so cute and functional!!!

  231. Claire A Says:

    They all look great, but Classically Crete is my favorite.

  232. Rielle Says:

    Blooming Begonia is so pretty!

  233. Courtney Dorman Says:

    I love the blooming begonia sooooooo much!

  234. Shana Sadowsky Says:

    I love Strolling in St. Germain!

  235. Grace Says:

    I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that I have and would love to try a new design!

  236. Michelle Davis Says:

    Choose a favorite? It would be like having a favorite child…impossible! I love them all. But if I must choose it’s the Blooming Begonia :)

  237. Tracy Cooling Says:

    Thanks for having the giveaway. My top pick of the new Fall collection is the Bavarian Bliss. Love the sweet print and bold colors.

  238. Jodi Says:

    Love them all!

  239. emily Says:

    Love them all, Petunia Picklebottom is just great!

  240. Jane Says:

    Begonias! These are my favorite! Truthfully iI love all the new prints

  241. lauren windsor Says:

    Omg!!! I am in crazy LOVE with STROLLING IN St GERMAIN!!! Its fun, vibrant and totally ME!!!!!

  242. Jessica Says:

    Love love love the strolling in saint German! A
    great color combo perfect for a boy or a girl!

  243. Kelli W. Says:

    I love blooming begonias. Perfect for the mom of two sweet little girls!

  244. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    Love the new patterns! I am really liking the Blooming Begonia.

  245. Caitlin Schow Says:

    Fingers crossed for this giveaway! This is EXACTLY what I need when my little baby arrives next month!

  246. Nitasha E. Says:

    I would love to win!

  247. Ariel Says:

    Classicaly crete would be perfect for my twin boys coming this winter!

  248. maria Says:

    absolutely love these bags. crete is my current favorite!

  249. Amanda Player Says:

    classically crete and strolling in st germain!

  250. Lindsey Says:

    The Blooming Begonia is fabulous! So chic!

  251. Lisa Says:

    I love the Violet Saphire Roll! It’s beautiful, elegant and goes with just about everything I could imagine!

  252. Erika Driedger Says:

    I LOVE them all!! They are absolutely gorgeous!! Would so love to be able to afford one of these so I could be a tylish new mommy!!

  253. Mary Ellen A. Says:

    Really digging the contrast in the midnight mums pattern! Fingers crossed!

  254. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry Chenille is my favorite but so many great patterns!

  255. Kristin Says:

    Love all of these bags. So cute and so functional. Would love to win one!!

  256. Alison VanDyke Says:

    Classically Crete is beautiful!

  257. Jonel Says:

    Love the Classically Crete

  258. Nicole U Says:

    Blooming Begonia is beautiful!!

  259. Melissa Fritzsche Says:

    So hard to choose which one I love more, they are all so gorgeous!!

  260. Stephanie Says:

    What a blessing this would be!! I hope I win!


  261. April Ray Says:

    Love all the we fall designs!

  262. Kelly B. Says:

    Classically Crete is my favorite!

  263. Sophia Robbins Says:

    Love the new prints!

  264. Sophia Robbins Says:

    love the new prints

  265. Kate Says:

    These are timeless prints, but my favorite new print is strolling in st germain!

  266. Crystal Renee Says:

    Mystic Mykonos is my favorite!
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  267. Nicolette Capuano Says:

    This new collection is so beautiful. Thank you so much! It is hard to pick a favorite.

  268. Lauralee Hensley Says:

    My very 1st pick is the Violet Sapphire Roll, because I love purples, but I also love blue hues so there are many, many more I love.

  269. Cristi Martin Says:

    I love the Adoring Autumn…so pretty! Hope I win!

  270. Jennifer Says:

    I love them all!

  271. Mel Norris Says:

    Gorgeous new prints!

  272. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    SO MANY GREAT PATTERNS! But I guess I would have to go with the Bavarian Bliss. I love them all. My fingers are crossed that you pick me!

  273. Jamie Clark Says:

    Love these bags!

  274. Colleen M. Says:

    I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. maria Says:

    next-day entry: love crete! thanks!

  276. Meghan M. Says:

    Love them all but especially Classically Crete!

  277. Alesha Says:

    I live the new prints! Especially Strolling in St. Germaine! I’m having my 1st in January and would absolutely love to have the boxy backpack!

  278. elaine dolan Says:

    Violet sapphire!

  279. Melissa Says:

    Love them all, but the spiced red just pops for me!

  280. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry Chenille is my favorite!

  281. Stefanie P Says:

    Loving the Strolling in St. Germain!!

  282. Jenny Says:

    Love Adoring Autumn!!!! I’ve been looking @ the boxy back packs, since we just had baby number 2… Loving the new fall line!!!!

  283. Nicole U Says:

    Blooming Begonia! I love the bag. Hope I win :)

  284. Stephanie Says:

    Love love love!!

  285. Jennifer Juarez Says:

    i love the midnight in milan because it is one of the first ppb bags i have seen with a great black and pink mix!

  286. Kayla J Says:

    Love love love PPB. :)

  287. Zorabel Says:

    I love the Midnight Milan!

  288. athena d. Says:

    i am in love with the Classically Crete

  289. athena d. Says:

    i am in love with the Classically Crete!!

  290. Kelly Poe Says:

    blooming begonias is so feminine and beautiful.

  291. Rachael Says:

    I love them all!! But I think the bavarian bliss matches my personality the best in color and name!!

  292. chris k Says:

    strolling in st germain!

  293. Chandra W Says:

    I would feel fab carring any of these prints.

  294. Nani Provence Says:

    Classically Crete got my vote! I also love Adoring Autumn!

  295. Lindsay Says:

    I love the violet sapphire, so classy!

  296. Melanie Says:

    I love them all! I hope I win one!

  297. Jessie L. Says:

    Love the Elderberry! The prints are all very pretty for fall though :)

  298. Lindsay E. Says:

    classically crete!

  299. Barbara Brown Says:

    LOVE them all, but my absolute favorite is blooming begonia.

  300. Lynne Houston Says:

    Love,love the sashayed satchel in adoring autum!! So ready for fall…..

  301. Katherine Says:

    Can I have one of each?!? :)

  302. stacy h Says:

    oh the blooming begonia is so pretty!

  303. Ashley Liermann Says:

    I love all of the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags but for some reason Mystic Mykonos is really eye catching to me. Beautiful!

  304. stlmommy Says:

    Love the adoring autumn. So different and fun!

  305. Danielle Says:

    They are all so pretty. How can I pick a favorite?!

  306. Rachel Says:

    Love! Love! Love!

  307. Allison Taylor Davis Says:

    Fingers crossed!!

  308. Kelly Says:

    All are so pretty..but i love the spice crimson roll!

  309. Liz hale Says:

    Love these bags! They are so fun! Classically Crete is my favorite!

  310. Tina R Says:

    I voted for Strolling in Saint Germain and Mystic Mykonos!

  311. Maria Hays Says:

    Oh Layla Grace you know that a blooming begonia would go perfect with my fall attire :)

  312. Shelly Says:

    Love the Blooming Begonia!

  313. Stephanie Nethery Says:

    I ABSOLUTLEY love the Strolling In Saint Germain print!! So stylish & great contrast ❤

  314. Andrea Says:

    Blooming begonia is my very favorite, but since we don’t know if our baby to be is a boy or a girl, I would LOVE the diaper bag in Strolling in Saint Germain!

  315. Elizabeth middlebrook Says:

    I love these bags! Moms need a way to be stylish!

  316. Jenny Dixon Says:

    Love the Blooming Begonia!!!

  317. Jen Says:

    They are all so pretty! Would love to win any of them!

  318. Kelly Lopez Says:

    { Classically Crete } L O V E .

  319. April ray Says:

    Loving all the different patterns and colors! Hard to choose one.

  320. Mary Beth Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  321. Jennifer Marlow Says:

    I LOVE Adoring Autumn as well as Midnight Mums!! Even more luxurious in person i bet!! Anything from the organic collection would be amazing. Honestly, i’d take one of each soo darling!! I love the style and shape of the ones i mentioned above, the darling bowling bag hand bag style that completely masks the fact it can also be used as a diaper bag! My daughter turns 2 on Aug 25th and this would make a great 2 in 1 gift for us both!! hahaha

  322. Nicolette Capuano Says:

    Violate sapphire is beautiful! I also love the name. The entire fall collection is stunning :)

  323. Melisa T-S Says:

    love petunia picklebottom! It was hard to choose, I love them all!!

  324. layne Says:

    I just love petunia pickle bottom! I’m already picking out my diaper bag and I don’t even have kids yet!!

  325. Clarissa Harris Says:

    Love the classically Crete. Would love one! Expecting baby number three in the end of march and It would be perfect to own one.

  326. Jennifer Says:

    Blooming begonia!

  327. Lauren T Says:

    Beautiful patterns!

  328. viviana Says:

    im obsessed with ppb but the blooming begonia is justtt amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Angelique Cowart Says:

    I love the blooming begonia!! I love them all

  330. Linda C Says:

    Love all of the new patterns and colors!

  331. Sarah Keddie Says:

    GORGEOUS BAGS!!!! Love them all!! Would be wonderful for my newest sweet love!

  332. Megan Bell Says:

    All of the patterns are great, but I’m especially loving the Classicallly Crete!

  333. Kaci Davis Says:

    Love these bags! They are the Cadillac of handbags. I want one in every pattern :)

  334. Kirsty Piper Says:

    Love these new prints, especially the Mystic Mykonos. Classically beautiful, but with modern functionality.

  335. Ariana Brown Says:

    Oh I just love the blooming begonia!

  336. Jessica Lance Says:

    Classic is best <3 love it!

  337. Erica Pigula Says:

    Classicly Crete is so pretty!

  338. Tonya Says:

    Love Petunia Picklebottom- Elderberry

  339. Jeanine O Says:

    stylish and practical. They are defiantly not your typical baby bag.

  340. Leslie Petersen Says:

    WOW! Gorgeous new patterns and colors! :)))

  341. Mallory Says:


  342. Cyndi Mauldin Says:

    Love all these bags! Great product!!

  343. Meg Moore Says:

    Such fun patterns! Love classically Crete!

  344. Kati Says:

    Love love love!! I love this line and their new patterns!

  345. Kimberly Says:

    Love these patterns! Classically Crete is my fave, but they’re all very pretty.

  346. Kati Says:

    Love love love! I love this line and their new patterns!

  347. Erin Redmond Says:

    I love strolling in Milan!

  348. Kati C. Says:

    Love love love!

  349. Kate Says:

    Great bags!!!

  350. Tammi O Says:

    What awesome bags! Love Love Love the patterns. Just beautiful

  351. Sherri Griffin Says:

    My favorite is Classically Crete! Would love to win!!!

  352. chana Says:

    love them!

  353. Marjorie Bernardin Says:

    “I am so “pickled” about the this entire collection!!!”

  354. Tracey Says:

    Love them all!

  355. Terri Eastepp Says:

    Adore them all, but I must say that violet sapphire is my favorite! Thanks for all the wonderful products!

  356. Lauren Windsor Says:

    Strolling in St Germain…GET IN MY CLOSET!!!!

  357. natalie Says:

    Midnight mums….is my fav…bright and a cute pattern for summer transition to fall

  358. Toni Says:

    Strolling in St. Germain! So pretty & would be great for my new baby girl!!

  359. Jessica Says:

    Love them all! Fingers crossed!

  360. Kate Toby Says:

    I love midnight mums :)

  361. lindsay k Says:

    Adorable! I’ll take one of each! :)

  362. Aura Says:

    love love love the new prints and I really want a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag!

  363. megan Says:

    love them all… hard to chose!

  364. Brittanie Lunt Says:

    So hard to pick just one Petunia — that’s why you need to have more then one! :)

  365. Laura Roy Says:

    Love Layla Grace for loving Petunia Pickle! The Blooming Begonia bag is precious! XO

  366. Emily Maron Says:

    I look forward to the new patterns each season! Having a girl, so I feel like I need to add something pink – love that Blooming Begonia!

  367. Ashley R Says:

    I love them all but classically Crete and strolling in Germaine might be my top two!

  368. Marlene Jorgensen Says:

    Love love all the new designs. I have a sweet friend who is having a baby. Going to get her one of your beautiful bags!

  369. Marlene Jorgensen Says:

    Love your designs!!!!!

  370. Audra Says:

    What a great idea! The pictures are so beautiful.

  371. Dana Says:

    I love the Adoring Autumn as well. I am so ready for fall.

  372. Christina Says:

    I am so excited about this line of boxys! The magnetic closure is SUCH a wonderful improvement!

  373. Heidi seligman Says:

    I like the elderberry chenille !!!!

  374. Katie B. Says:

    Bavarian Bliss is my new fave!!! Happy summer :)

  375. Mary Says:

    Love the new collection!

  376. Tish Says:

    Classically Crete, gotta have it!!!

  377. kRISTIE Says:

    Love Violet Sapphire!

  378. Jena Burdick Says:

    They’re all beautiful!

  379. Erica Stefanacci Says:

    Love these versatile, adorable, bags!

  380. Nicole G Says:

    Love these designs!! How can you go wrong with Petunia Pickle Bottom?!! :-)

  381. lace Says:

    Bavarian Bliss is adorable.

  382. Nisha Says:

    Love this…

  383. Mollie callahan Says:

    Love petunia!

  384. monica f Says:

    Absolutely love the blooming begonias and classically Crete.

  385. Alison Holsomback Says:

    Love the Classically Crete!! So gender neutral!! My baby’s due Feb. 3rd, it would be so awesome to win this lovely bag!!

  386. Alison Holsomback Says:

    Also love Blooming Begonia! If we have a baby girl, this would be perfect!!

  387. Jennifer Says:

    Such a hard choice! I was torn between Blooming Begonia and Classically Crete – the Begonia won out for me, but I see the two are neck and neck for first place! I have a friend getting ready to have her first baby, I think she would love this! :)

  388. Jennifer A Says:

    I can’t decide between midnight mums and spiced crimson roll! I love all the new colors!

  389. Faith Says:

    Love them all!

  390. Nitasha E. Says:

    Seriously want to win so bad!

  391. Lisa F. Says:

    Really really love Blooming Begonia and Midnight in Milan!

  392. Lynn Says:

    Loving Classically Crete!!!!

  393. Timmons Says:

    So many great patterns to choose from how could I make a decision?

  394. Vickie Thornton Says:

    Classically Crete!

  395. Dejah Says:

    Always beautiful prints!

  396. Niki G Says:

    saint Germain print is super cute.

  397. Marcie Heatd Says:

    Both the Mystic Mykonos and Elderberry Chenille are my favorites! Baby Brennan is due in a few weeks and a PPB bag would be awesome!

  398. Abigail L Says:

    Blooming Begonia is gorgeous… I ♥ PPB!!!

  399. Courtney Says:

    Crazy for Classically Crete!! Super cute!

  400. Christina Brundick Says:

    Classically Crete and Midnight in Milan!

  401. Rachel Says:

    I am so in love with Classically Crete!!

  402. Jillian Says:

    Always love all your lines!

  403. Serena Adkins Says:

    Love this giveaway. The color of the bag are pretty. I voted for my top 3

  404. JANILEE CLARK Says:

    i Purchased for my Daughter 7 years ago a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag then when her daughter was born another purchase A Cake Oh so Love Petunia Pickle Bottom this Grandma loves

  405. Danielle C Says:

    They’re all gorgeous! Wish I could afour in every pattern! :-D

  406. Mindy Winn Says:

    Cute! Really like Strolling in St. Germaine.

  407. irene moubray Says:

    It is hard to say what one is my favorite, because they all are so beautiful.

  408. Masooma Says:

    I’m in love with the Midnight Mums!! So classy!

  409. Maree Lynn Says:

    Love adorning autumn …. So perfect!

  410. Shanna collins Says:

    Super cute patterns!

  411. heather j Says:

    These are amazing prints! I’m in love!!!

  412. Beth Says:

    All are beautiful but classically crete is a favorite.

  413. Ashley Says:

    Love Classically Crete. It could go with just about anything!

  414. Nicole Says:

    I am so in love with pink & Grey right now!! Love MIdnight in Milan

  415. maria Says:

    next-day entry: love crete! thanks so much!

  416. Kristen Says:

    The people at PPB are so talented, they have a great eye for what will be hot in the new seasons. Classically Crete spoke to me. Great job PPB!

  417. Jen M. Says:

    Oh, I NEED this!! My husband spilled milk in my roll brocade Boxy, and threw it in the washing machine :( Totally ruined! I need a replacement ASAP!

  418. DeAnne Smith Says:

    Sooooo hard to pick one, I love them all!!!

  419. Sarah Lipps Says:

    Great colors and patterns! Love love love Bavarian Bliss!

  420. Dana Says:

    So hard to pick a favorite so many gorgeous options! Blooming Begonia is pretty awesome though!

  421. Stephanie N Says:

    Would LOVE to win! These are amazing!

  422. Nitasha E. Says:

    My favorite print is #1 right now! I love Classically Crete!

  423. Laura Says:

    I thought Elderberry was the best new print! It’s nice for a baby boy, or girl. Very beautiful!

  424. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:


  425. Dejah Says:

    Another day, another entry! My fingers are crossed!

  426. Jessica L. Says:

    One of my favorites is the Blooming Begonia!! There are way too many gorgeous prints, I would love just about all of them!

  427. Aura Says:

    love the cake wallets

  428. Victoria englund Says:

    Love, love! Great prints that work for mom and baby!

  429. Nicole U Says:

    I love all of the prints. My favorite is Blooming Begonia!

  430. Gena Says:

    I love Classically Crete!

  431. Sonya Says:

    I love the Mystic Mykonos print!

  432. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    I’d stroll anywhere with the Strolling in Saint Germain bag! I LOVE the pattern!

  433. Dana Says:

    These are so beautiful. I am hoping so much!!

  434. Katie O Says:

    Love Elderberry!

  435. Nina M. Says:

    One in every color please!

  436. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    I love the new quiet closure! I’ve been wanting a boxy bag but wasn’t sure about the velcro. All the prints are fabulous but Strolling in Saint Germain is my favorite!

  437. Nicole U Says:

    I voted for Blooming Begonia! I love the colors in the pattern.

  438. Elle Poindexter Says:

    Love the new prints! Well done.

  439. Carrie Says:

    I just love all of these! Hope I win! :)

  440. Rainbow Says:

    Love them all but especially Classically Crete!
    Love them!!! Classically Crete is my #1 =)!!!

  441. Rainbow Says:

    Love them!!! Classically Crete is my #1 =)!!!

  442. Kate Says:

    These are all so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  443. Dana Says:

    The Classically Crete is beautiful too.

  444. Ashley C Says:

    I adore the new blooming begonia!!


  445. Katrina Says:


  446. Aura Says:

    the abundant boxy backpack has so many bottle holders its perfect for twins!

  447. Tian A. Says:

    Really love Strolling in Saint Germain pattern,thank you for the chance.

  448. Jen M. Says:

    I love them all, but Classically Crete is my favorite!

  449. liz Says:

    Love them all 2 kids and own 3 bags. Little addicted.

  450. Katie O Says:

    I love Elderberry!

  451. Beth Says:

    I love SO many of them, but my favorite is Blooming Begonia. Thanks!!

  452. Dana Says:

    The Midnight in Milan is gorgeous!

  453. Maria H Says:

    Love the reds!

  454. Aura Says:

    there are such pretty patterns I would have a hard time choosing just one

  455. Morgan Says:

    Absolutely darling patterns! Blooming Begonia is my favorite of them all.

  456. Tonya H Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia, Bavarian Bliss, and the Adoring Autumn is perfect for fall

  457. Nicole U Says:

    My favorite is the Blooming Begonia print!!

  458. Nitasha E. Says:

    I love these awesome bags!

  459. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    Still in love with Strolling in Saint Germain!

  460. Shea Says:

    LOVE Classically Crete!

  461. maria Says:

    next-day entry: love crete! thanks! love to win!

  462. Shanna Says:

    I love Spiced Crimson Roll!

  463. Dana Says:

    Everytime I look at them I am loving the adoring Autumn more and more.

  464. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    Classy and Fashionable! I love these bags!!

  465. Chelsea Says:

    Love them all! What gorgeous prints!

  466. Valerie Kilpatrick Says:

    Love them all, but especially the Classically Crete.

  467. Ariel Says:

    Strolling in St. Germain! Love it

  468. Jessica L. Says:

    I also love the Bavarian Bliss! So pretty!

  469. Nicole U Says:

    I love Blooming Begonia. All of the prints are gorgeous. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance :)

  470. lisa Says:

    Love all of them!!

  471. Heidi Says:

    They are all so beautiful it is hard to choose!

  472. Sarah Says:

    Love the blooming begonia. Thanks for making such beautiful designs that making being a mom today so fashionable,fun and functional!

  473. Aura Says:

    violette saphire roll is really pretty

  474. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry is my favorite of the choices!

  475. Maria Oller Says:

    I love midnight in milan is beautiful

  476. Jen M. Says:

    I ♥ PPB! I need to win this :)

  477. Melissa Says:

    Bavarian bliss is beautiful!

  478. Vicki Says:

    I love the Mystic Mykonos print!!

  479. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    PICK ME! PICK ME! I love the Blooming Begonia bag but of course they are all wonderful!

  480. maria Says:

    next day entry: absolutely love these bags. love crete!

  481. Ari Says:

    Strolling in St. Germain is so adorable!

  482. Valerie Perrotta Says:

    I absolutely LOVE these bags and would love the Blooming Begonia Satchel!

  483. Annie I. Says:

    I love the Midnight in Milan and the Strolling in St. Germain!

  484. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry Chenille is my new favorite!

  485. Jaynell Says:

    So gorgeous! Pick me! :)

  486. Heidi Says:

    Adoring Autumn is so cute!

  487. Aura Says:

    strolling in saint germain is nice

  488. Dana Says:

    The Violet Sapphire is so pretty. Love the name too.

  489. Nicole U Says:

    Back again today :) Love the Blooming Begonia print!

  490. Jackie H Says:

    I love Blooming Begonias! :)

  491. Marci Says:

    Live them all!

  492. Jen M. Says:

    They are all so pretty! I want, I want, I want! :)

  493. Heather Says:

    I voted for Bavarian Bliss

  494. Dana Says:

    I’m in love with Blooming Begonia!

  495. Danielle C Says:

    It’s a tie between blooming begonia and classically crete for me!

  496. Carmen Says:

    Loving the Blooming Begonia!!! Love your bags!

  497. Ursula Page Says:

    Blooming Begonia…but really I love so many of them!

  498. Brooke Says:

    Classically Crete is a true classic. You’d be happy to have that bag with you in any occasion, which in my opinion, is what truly matters with a bag. All look great for the upcoming fall/winter season!

  499. Christina P Says:

    I love them all and would be so excited to win one for my November baby on the way :)

  500. Camille Dawn Says:

    Love the classically crete!

  501. Kira Says:

    I have not been able to find a diaper bag I like and my baby is due in less than 5 weeks… would love to win one of these :)

  502. Kim H Says:

    The new patterns are beautiful!

  503. Kellie Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia!!!

  504. Jennifer C Says:

    So hard to pick!! Such fun patterns!! I voted!

  505. Cynthia Says:

    I love Bavarian Bliss!

  506. Kara Says:

    Midnight mums is beautiful!

  507. Gypsy Junkers Says:

    Blooming Begonia – just speaks to me

  508. Lisa Says:

    What lovely bags!!! It was hard to choose a pattern they are all pretty!!!

  509. Missy Says:

    I love them all! I guess if I had to pick it would be Adoring Autumn. It’s gender neutral, organic, and incredibly versatile. Thanks for the chance!

  510. Edie Says:

    Midnight Mums….Lovin it!!!

  511. selena Says:

    Mystic Mykonos is so cute! love it!!

  512. Sharon M Says:

    My favorite is Clasically Crete!

  513. Jan C Says:

    Such lovely, rich colors. Strolling in St. Germain whisks me right back to Paris. Thanks for sharing!

  514. Silvia Says:

    Need one for every day of the week.
    thanks for the info!

  515. Wendy Simmons Says:

    Blooming Begonia is still my favorite…but it’s very hard to choose! PPB always has beautiful prints.

  516. Rhonda Pennington Says:

    I love them all! The diaper bags are great!

  517. Diana Svedics Says:

    Refreshing looks – all of them!

  518. Malorie Eaton Says:

    Love love love the black, gray and yellow!

  519. Kate Toby Says:

    Love midnight mums!!

  520. Courtney F. Says:

    They are really cute, but I love Spiced Crimson Roll! Red makes me happy! :)

  521. Lisa Gamel Says:

    I LOVE “Classically Crete”, but they’re all beautiful!

  522. Lauren Boone Says:

    I love them all!

  523. Christina P Says:

    Such pretty prints I am loving the pale pinks and purples this season

  524. Meaghen Long Says:

    Mystic Mykonos because it would matcha lot:) I would be happy with any print!

  525. Andrea D'Alexander Says:

    Love the Bavarian Bliss!

  526. Nitasha E. Says:

    It would be so fantastic to win this giveaway and I love that Classically Crete is still in the lead!

  527. Charis Says:

    All are gorgeous!! I am such a sucker for Blooming Begonia – my fave! Love them all so much!

  528. Sarah J Says:

    All beautiful! Favorite is Classically Crete!!

  529. Susan Says:

    Blooming begonia and Classically Crete are my gave, but I do like them all!!

  530. Sara C. Says:

    They are all beautiful but I think Bavarian Bliss is my favorite!

  531. Megan Says:

    Strolling in st germain :)

  532. Apryl Y. Says:

    Strolling in Saint Germain or Mystic Mykonos
    Are My top favorites! I am pregnant and would LOVE to use one for my diaper bag!! :-)

  533. Alida Says:

    I love the Midnight Mums, so classy and adorable!

  534. Leslie Perrin Says:

    Classically Crete is so pretty!

  535. Dana Says:

    So hard to choose… but I love Blooming Begonia the most!

  536. Michelle Mahaffey Says:

    Love the Blooming Begonia … it has my name written all over it! Fingers crossed!

  537. GloriaG Says:

    The “Strolling in St.Germaine” is so bright and beautiful. All the patterns are amazing!!

  538. Shazia kamran Says:

    Omg i’ love petunia pickle bags n hope to win one i just wish i could win one

  539. Katie Horn Says:

    They’re all great but I’m mildly obsessed with strolling in Saint Germain!

  540. Hilary Says:

    I love the orange and fall tones of the Adoring Autumn bag. Not the most popular in the voting, but I love it!

  541. l Says:

    love them all!

  542. Monique Moreland Says:

    Love them all.. Especially love the autumn colors, though.
    Good luck to everyone!

  543. Betty G Sparks Says:

    Love this.. Cross fingers…

  544. Jessica Simmons Says:

    I love the violet sapphire roll! It’s a beauty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  545. lyndsey Says:

    I love them all and would love to add one to my family :)

  546. jayanthini Says:

    Blooming Pegonia is beautiful!

  547. Mary McDonnell Says:

    I love them all.

  548. Rachel W Says:

    I love midnight mums!!! They are all phenomenal though!!!

  549. Chrystal Says:

    I had to vote for Strolling in St Germain and Classically Crete because I just couldn’t decide which I preferred. In a perfect world, I’d have both! (-;

  550. Kimberly Muir Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia pattern and the style of that bag in particular! :)

  551. maureen schoenberger Says:

    love the shape and pattern in the first picture!

  552. April R Says:

    classically Crete is amazing!

  553. Deanna King Says:

    I love them all! Hey I would be proud to carry any of them, beautiful!

  554. Julieann Todd Says:

    Midnight mums!! Such fun!!

  555. Kristen Says:

    The blooming begonias are brilliantly bubbly!!! But all the patterns are precious :)

  556. Tracye Holt Says:

    Classically Crete is outrageously classic! I love these colors – the new “Classic Calm”.

  557. Jessie L. Says:

    The Autumn is gorgeous!

  558. Glo Gabrysch Says:

    They are all delightful! But my favorite is strolling in Germain!

  559. kristy Says:

    These prints are just stunning! Just added a second daughter to our fam last monday and would love anything in midnight in milan since we see a lot of pink most days!

  560. Tammi Says:

    LOVE these bags!!!!!!!

  561. Kathy C. Says:

    Love them all! It is a hard decision…but I do love the Midnight Mum!

  562. Shelly Johns Says:

    They’re all great!!

  563. kim valdivia Says:

    Love these bags!

  564. Allison F. Says:

    LOVING the midnight mums!

  565. Jennifer Ricatti Says:

    All amazing bags!! ;-) would love to have one this fall!!

  566. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    Gorgeous bags! Thanks for the opportunity for one of us mommas to win a bag! Still in love with Strolling in Saint Germain.

  567. Lucia Portalatin Says:

    They are all beautiful patterns, but my fav is midnight in Milan. My daughter would love this purse for her birthday.

  568. Trisha McFarland Says:

    I love the Classiclly Crete, but they are all beautiful!

  569. Julie V Says:

    Love them all!!Would love to be seen around town in one of them….

  570. Tammie Says:

    I love the spiced cinnamon.

  571. brooke t Says:

    I love the Midnight Mums print

  572. Jaime Says:

    Love PPB! Blooming Begonia and Midnight Mums are my faves! Hope I win ;)

  573. Katie M Says:

    I would love to have all of them :-)

  574. Elisa Oskowski Says:

    These are all great! I’d love to win any of them!

  575. Autumn C. Says:

    They are all so cute!

  576. Nicole G Says:

    Love that you give us moms a way to still be fashionable!!

  577. Amy Felix Says:

    I love the Crete print!

  578. Katie K Says:

    I ADORE the blooming begonia!!! Super cute!!!

  579. Kathryn Says:

    Hard to pick a favorite. Love them all!!

  580. serena adkins Says:

    I voted for the Elderberry

  581. Christy Grayson Says:

    I love the Strolling in St. Germain!

  582. Lisa May Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia, my daughter n law would love this for their new baby. All the bags are beautiful though.

  583. Kirsten Floyd Says:

    I would love to have any one of these!!!! My diaper bag is about to bite the dust, and these are absolutely the most beautiful bags!!

  584. mary w Says:

    Luv the Crimson!!!

  585. Amy Webber Says:

    I love how modern and classic your bags are. I especially like the Classically Crete and Violet Sapphire.

  586. Heather E Says:

    Love all the prints, Blooming Begonia is my favorite also. Very classy elegance!

  587. Haley Vuittonet Says:

    Love several of these patterns!

  588. Jaimee Says:

    I like midnight in milan and St. germain. Voted. Here’s to hoping!

  589. Kelly Pearce Says:

    Id love to win this gorgeous and unique bag fhas receor my beautiful friend who has recently become a mum for the first

  590. Jessica Harris Says:

    Oh the LOVE!!! I was torn between Midnight mum and Classically Crete! Crossing my fingers…toes…legs….

  591. Wendy Byde Says:

    I am in love with Blooming Begonia, but all of them are beautiful! :)

  592. HeidiV Says:

    I love the backpack option and the names! Reminds me of backpacking through Europe! Thanks!

  593. angela vidrine Says:

    I love several – can’t really pick a favorite –

  594. cerissa Says:

    Thank you for the chance.

  595. Heather Says:

    I love the Midnight Mums! Your bags are amazing!

  596. Angela Gwartney Says:

    I love PPB bags! I searched and searched for a stylish and fuctunal diaper bag for my third baby. One of my friends had a Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel. I loved the pockets and of course being able to wear my bag on my back was another plus. I have had mine for over a year and love it! I get tons of complements on my Satchel when I go out. I love the colors of Strolling in Saint Germaine! All of your bags are so cute. Hope I win!

  597. Sarah Q Says:

    Blooming Begonia is my favorite new print!I just love PBB and LaylaGrace. Thank you for the giveaway.

  598. Emma Says:

    Love so many of them! Really impressed with the new reds- so bold!

  599. Kathryn Duplechain Says:

    Love them all, as usual, but I would say that my favorite is Strolling in Saint Germain. It would work for a baby boy or girl and would look good with most all of my clothes! Thanks!

  600. Jennifer Says:

    I am loving the Classically Crete! So pretty!!

  601. Donna Ankudovich Says:

    So many beautiful prints to choose from makes it hard to pick just one but the St. Germain is one of my top three favorites. Love it!

  602. Marrick Says:

    Blooming Begonia is such a beautiful color combination. especially for a mom of two girls and soon to be a third next month,,

  603. Robbie Says:


  604. Colleen Turner Says:

    I love Classically Crete!

  605. Kristin Carey Says:

    I like them all, but Classically Crete sticks out to me the most.

  606. Christina Dixon Says:

    I have wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom for so long, and these new prints are unbelievable!!

  607. audrey walker Says:

    Midnight mum is my fave! Love the bold green and classic navy!

  608. Christy @ Noelle Grace Designs Says:

    GREAT new patterns!

  609. christine weideman Says:

    wow i love these bags! Enter me in!

  610. Courtney Phillips Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia!! So pretty and so classic =)

  611. Tempest Brock Says:

    All the prints are beautiful, but I am in love with Classically Crete.

  612. Lindsay E. Says:

    Midnight Mums or Classically Crete! Love them all, actually. :)

  613. Shelli Says:

    I loved them all! WOW!!!

  614. stacy h Says:

    blooming begonia is so pretty!!

  615. Lauren Gornell Says:

    Love them all but classically Crete is my favorite!

  616. Lissa T Says:

    Seriously Sweet, would love to rock the Midnight Mums around Bmore, hon!

  617. Kamae stone Says:

    So hard to choose just one love thbb
    Uem all. But i think classic crete is my fav! :)

  618. AmyB Says:

    I love them all!!

  619. Claudia Says:

    gorgeous collection!!

  620. Teena Says:

    I love love the purse style and the Midnight Mum is fantastic!

  621. Victoria K Says:

    What a fun contest. I am pregnant with #2 and would love a new diaper bag to replace my 5 yr old one from when my son was born.

  622. Linda Bishop Says:

    I love the blooming begonia. The colors are perfect. Thanks for so many beautiful choices.

  623. Nat Says:

    I need to get one of these! I have a few friends who’d love these too!!!

  624. Shelly Says:

    Pick me! Love these!

  625. Lisa S. Says:

    Sooooooo classy!

  626. Caroline W. Says:

    Love them all but “strolling” would be perfect for my boys! Latest due in December!

  627. Kathie Waters Says:

    They are all beautiful! :)

  628. Lisa W. Says:

    The patterns are all so sophisticated but I especially love the red in St. Germain…. Beautiful!

  629. MrsUnderwood Says:

    These are such great looking bags! I need one of these! Love the Midnight Muns, Elderberry Chenille, Violet Sapphire Roll and the Spiced Crimson Roll.

  630. Rachael Says:

    There all stunning … I’d have to choose midnight mum
    If I had one choice :)

  631. Brie Rivera Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia

  632. Jessica Anthony Says:

    Blooming Begonia! Would love to carry my new baby girl’s things in that! Let’s be honest though, it’s more for Mommy!

  633. Michelle Says:

    So beautiful!!

  634. Kim S Says:

    So hard to choose, but midnight mum takes the cake!

  635. Sandra M Says:

    Strolling in St. Germaine makes me smile!

  636. holley Says:

    I love all the prints in this new line and its hard to pick my fav!! It was a toss up between classically crete and blooming begonia but im going to have to go with blooming begonia but its a close one!! Thank you for giving me a chance to win one of the beautiful bags!! :)

  637. Anna Says:

    I LOVE the Midnight Mums!! Such a gorgeous bag……I soooo hope I win!!! :-)

  638. Kim L Says:

    LOVE these patterns…I hope I win :)

  639. Alicia D Says:

    Beautiful! Love midnight mums!

  640. Michelle Says:

    I love Blooming Begonias and the Adoring Autumn.

    They are all beautiful. I would love one to call my own!

  641. Irma Allen Says:

    Midnight Mums has to be my favorite. I love them all, but Midnight Mums is just my color. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  642. Jennifer Schneider Says:

    They are so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  643. Miranda Says:

    Love Classically Crete

  644. Donna Buchanan Says:

    Love the Midnight Mum & Blooming Begonia but have several others that would love as well, fingers crossed ;-)

  645. Heather Hacker Says:

    The Blooming Begonia is so beautiful! :))

  646. Amanda Green Says:

    Beautiful prints as always! Perfect for the fashion forward mom!

  647. maria Says:

    next day entry: love these bags. love crete!

  648. Kim E. Says:

    Saint Germain is gorgeous! Love them all.

  649. kathryn walley Says:

    Love all the bold colors!Makes you wanna keep having babies just to carry this!

  650. Shaunna Says:

    I am in love with the cross town clutch!!!

  651. kathryn walley Says:

    love the bold colors

  652. Lauren Says:

    So many gorgeous prints! I would be so very happy with any one of them.

  653. Zmama Says:

    Drooling over
    Violet sapphire roll!

  654. Angela Ferrer Says:

    LOVE the Blooming Begonia & the Violet Saphire! Perfect for my two girls and all the necessities when we are out :)

  655. Jan Kappmeyer Says:


  656. Tracy Says:

    Midnight Mums is so charming! It has great shape and color but still can be easily converted from a carry all to a backpack! Petunia Picklebottom is by far the most trend setting style! I would love to own a piece of the collection!!

  657. Alison Says:

    All the prints are so gorgeous, but Classically Crete is my absolute favorite! I just love Petunia Picklebottom bags! Thanks for the chance to win!

  658. courtney Scott Says:

    the new prints are fab! would love a new diaper bag!

  659. Lisa Rossiter Says:

    My fave is the Classic Crete….hope I win!!!!

  660. Shea Says:

    LOVE them all!! I can’t pick a favorite!!! Would love to win!!!

  661. Leah matovich Says:

    Thanks petunia pickle bottom! I loved my bag…..until it got destroyed in a flood :( I was so sad !! Maybe kharma will smile down on me and replace my bag !

  662. Meghan Hillen Says:

    Love Mystic Mykonos! Gorgeous!!!

  663. Amber Housley Says:

    I love them all but I’m going with Blooming Begonia! Such a gorgeous release!

  664. Dana Says:

    The Spiced Crimson is spicy hot!

  665. Ysolde Says:

    Hard to pick just one!!

  666. Isabel Says:

    blooming begonia is gorgeous!

  667. Tiffani S. Says:

    So hard to decide, I want them all. Two absolute favorites are the Mystic Mykonos and Classically Crete.

  668. Jennifer Q. Says:

    Love all the colors! Could really use a new diaper bag for baby #4!

  669. Katie Heard Says:

    I love the Classically Crete!

  670. Wendy Juan Says:

    Love them all actually. But I like Spiced Crimson roll…great fall color!

  671. Kristin P Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Blooming Begonia! It’s my favorite color palette, to a T. Slate, coral, blush, light grey… it’s perfection!

  672. colleen cuddy Says:

    Ilove all the new prints but my favorite is midnight in milan.midnight in milan has my favorite color on it pink.please let me win, i would be proud to show off one of your new prints.

  673. Stephanie Ann Says:

    There are some really wonderful patterns! It was hard to choose just one!

  674. Amy k Says:

    I really love all the new prints!

  675. Christian W. Says:

    Very hard to choose because I love all of them but Im going with the classically crete!!

  676. Kim Cox Grosso Says:

    These new PPB bags are presh! Midnight Mums is gorgeous.

  677. Vanessa Peterson Says:

    thanks for the giveaway, Layla Grayce!

  678. Diana Says:

    Love it!

  679. Nicole Bullock Says:

    All of the bags are so amazing it is hard to pick a favorite.

  680. Stephanie N Says:

    All of these patterns are beautiful! I’m so thankful that there is such stylish baby gear @ PPB!!! ❤

  681. Julie B Says:

    I love them all!

  682. Jaclyn Cooper Says:

    I love them all, but midnight in Milan is my favorite! Love it! ! !

  683. AK Says:

    Love all the patterns!

  684. Christine Shelton Says:

    Blooming Begonia is gorgeous =) colors and pattern are attractive and classy …my baby is due in a couple of months and Petunia Pickle is definitely included on my wish list =)

  685. Laura C. Says:

    It’s a tough call but I really love Midnight Mums!

  686. Krista Says:

    I am partial to pink, so Blooming Begonia gets my vote!! :)

  687. Jennifer Says:

    I love them all but the Strolling in Saint Germain
    is my favorite…i love red!

  688. Jamie Says:

    Love the Mums, followed by Bavarian Bliss!

  689. Ashley S. Says:

    I love Blooming Begonia!!

  690. Alexandra Says:

    The midnight mums is perfect for the fall. Just had a baby and would be ideal :)

  691. Silje Eikrem Says:

    Love the midnight mums, its amazing

  692. megan bleazard Says:

    I love midnight mums!! The new fall collection is so adorable!

  693. Jocelyn Rutland Says:

    ♥ the Blooming Begonia print:)) I hope I win!!

  694. Ashleigh Braun Says:

    <3 <3 them all but I'd have to say the Violet Sapphire Roll is my fav!! I hope I win!!!!!!

  695. Lindsay Burke Says:

    I love love love my petunia pickle bottom bags. I wish I could buy one for every mom I know.

  696. Alana Says:

    Sweet contest! LOVE Strolling in St Germain!LOVE PPB!

  697. Elyse Hollrah Says:

    All so pretty! My fingers are crossed;)

  698. Colleen Cecil Says:

    Loved the Spiced Crimson Roll. Very rich!

  699. Tara Says:

    This was so tough. They are really very gorgeous. Classically Crete won me over

  700. Arwen M. Says:

    Wow, it’s hard to choose just one. I have to say the Classicaly Crete!

  701. Heidi Says:

    Love, love, love the midnight mums print!

  702. Julianne J Says:

    They are all great! Thanks you the awesome giveaway!!

  703. Jeni Says:

    Blooming Begonia is so pretty! Love all the prints this fall.

  704. Kerri S. Says:

    Strolling in Saint German!!!! Beautiful!!!

  705. Emma Says:

    Love them all! Gorgeous prints!

  706. Ruthie Staalsen Says:

    Blooming Begonia is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous bag! Great names too!

  707. Angelina Tambe Says:

    They are all so lovely! Hard to choose one, but I am partial to the reds, pinks, light blues and violets! I’ve always wanted one of your bags, they’re awesome, most of my friends have one. Good luck to everyone! :0)

  708. Rena Says:

    Love the blooming begonia!!! would be perfect for my new baby :)

  709. Lauren Backer Says:

    Love bagonia and bavarian! my twin girls Phoebe &Fiona
    Will know a girl can never have too many bags or shoes! Luckily Daddy

  710. Lorien R. Says:

    I LOVE the spiced crimson, it definitely is beautiful with a kick! ;)

  711. Amelia B Says:

    I really think they are all so beautiful!! My favorite has to be blooming begonias…for today at least…it keeps changing!

  712. Laura Says:

    Love the soft colors of Classically Crete! Hoping to win it for our little one due in January!:)


    I am so torn! The organics are AMAZING!!!! Also fingers crossed!

  714. Dana Tate Says:

    Love the bags. Birthday is Friday and that would be an awesome present. Thanks!!!

  715. Rebekah Lee Says:

    Beautiful collection! Love love love!!! :)

  716. Andrea Says:

    Y’all really make lovely bags!

  717. Ashley Says:

    These are all DARLING!! I love every pattern, but I think the Classically Crete and Midnight in Milan are my favs. Great diaper bags!!

  718. Joanna Says:

    The bags are all great,but my favorite one is the Spiced Crimson Roll bag.

  719. Peggy C Says:

    Beautiful bags!

  720. Mandy Says:

    Loving the new patterns, midnight mum is my favorite! I have never won anything before, but fingers crossed! ;)

  721. Rebecca F Says:

    All of them are classy, but my favorite is Midnight Mums! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  722. Stephanie C Says:

    They are all pretty splendid! Love them.

  723. Jessie Says:

    Classically Crete or mystic mykonos are both so pretty

  724. Cindy Hall Says:

    Love, Love, Love these new designs. So hard to choose!!

  725. Elle Poindexter Says:

    At the moment, Classically Crete is my favorite.

  726. Danielle Thompson Says:

    I love Classically Crete!!

  727. Mari Says:

    I love them all!

  728. Stephanie L. Says:

    My favorites are Blooming Begonia and Classically Crete! Super cute!

  729. Robin Schivinski Says:

    I would love a new bag to have when my grandaughter comes to visit. I love all of the new prints!

  730. Dejah Says:

    Oh no, I forgot to enter yesterday! I also think the Blooming Begonia is a beautiful print!

  731. Caitlin Davis Says:

    LOVE PPB bags! All prints are so gorgeous and elegant!
    I adore the Saint Germain and Classically Crete!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  732. Clara Says:

    Any if these would be a big upgrade from my current backpack. They are beautiful !

  733. Sue Harris Says:

    Really pretty fabrics and colors.

  734. Vicki Says:

    I love the prints.. They are so pretty. The autumn one is my favorite :)

  735. Amy Says:

    Midnight in Milan! Love!

  736. Crystal K Says:

    I love them all, how to choose one?! My current diaper bag is in shambles right now and I’m so glad to have found this through Layla Grace!

  737. sonia del signore Says:

    I love the patterns! Very practical yet chic designs

  738. Mickie Rambin Says:

    these bags are so adorable =) really want one bad!!!!!

  739. diane Fond Says:


  740. Jeni Says:

    I love them all!

  741. Aura Says:

    love the chenille bags

  742. Kimberly Says:

    Loving the midnight mums–a bit out of my normal neutrals!

  743. Helen Says:

    Bavarian Bliss.

  744. Kristi Evans Says:

    I want to win one to use for my twins!

  745. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:


  746. Nicole U Says:

    Blooming Begonia is first right now :) Love the print!

  747. Terri R Says:

    The Blooming Begonia brings a smile to my face. :)

  748. Marissa P Says:

    Midnight in Milan is so cute (if I have to choose one)!

  749. Angelina Jimenez Says:

    Love all the prints so hard to pick just one favorite. I hope I win it would be great as I just had my last baby. We would love to have one of your diaper bags.

  750. Monique Kidd Says:

    I think all of them are SO cute! Blooming begonia is my fav if I had to pick just one.

  751. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry is definitely my fav!

  752. Maria Alejandre Says:

    Violet Sapphire is beautiful! I love that these diaper bags allow you to keep your Lady vibe!

  753. jennifer Says:

    Classically Crete! And adoring autumn…

  754. Joni Says:

    I love all the bags!

  755. Lindsey Says:

    I would love to win this!

  756. Hilary A. Says:

    I love them all, but I think midnight mums is my fave!
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  757. Rain Says:

    So hard to choose

  758. Tempest B. Says:

    They are all so lovely, but the Strolling is St. Germain catches my eye the most.

  759. Sara Palacios Says:

    Love it! Fingers crossed!

  760. Shannon Christine Says:

    Strolling in St. Germain is absolutely gorgeous!!

  761. Shelly Herzhaft Says:

    I can always find something to go with my purple bag.

  762. amorette Says:

    bavarian bliss for me- i love the deep plum color!

  763. Eliza Klinger Says:

    love the Fall Collection,especially the Elderberry PPB bag!

  764. Cecilia Hernandez Says:

    With the recent addition of our newborn son this month, my babes under 2 yrs, the abundance boxy backpack is a must in Bavarian Bliss or Strolling in Saint Germaine.

  765. Abby Says:

    It was hard to choose just one! They’re all so pretty!

  766. Abby B. Says:

    Beautiful patterns!

  767. Kimberly Montella Says:

    Love petunia pickle bags

  768. maria Says:

    next day entry: love these bags. i would love crete!

  769. Ashli J Says:

    I’m loving these!! I couldn’t pick just one.. can I have them all??? :)

  770. Carrie B. Says:

    Love the new prints. Would love to have one myself.

  771. Laura Says:

    Love so many of these it was hard to choose!

  772. Anica Says:

    I like “Midnight Mums”. :)

  773. Amelia B Says:

    I really love Bavarian bliss too! I love purple!

  774. Jen M. Says:

    The more I look at it, the more I love Strolling in Saint Germain. I would LOVE to win this!!

  775. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    Please pick me! I’m due with baby #2 on Oct. 8th. I would love to update my old diaper bag with one of these fresh new designs. Still loving the Blooming Begonia!

  776. Sheri C Says:

    Love the spiced crimson roll.. bright.

  777. Jennifer Schneider Says:

    They are ALL Beautiful! Love the new colors….

  778. Michelle L. Says:

    Midnight Mums is my favorite.. But they are all beautiful and unique in their own way! :)

  779. Meredith Klobucnik Says:

    I love the new Mystic Mykonos, I am currently a surrogate and would love to gift this bag to the Intended Parents. <3 Meredith K

  780. Alisha Fish Says:

    Absolutely love the Adoring Autumn. Would love to have one.

  781. Jenni Mac Says:

    They’re all beautiful. I love PPB bags!

  782. Katie O Says:

    They’re all great but Elderberry is my favorite!

  783. Katrine stensland Says:

    Love them all<3 finger crossed

  784. Danielle C Says:

    I love the Midnight Mums bag!

  785. helenlam Says:

    I like the Mystic Mykonos

  786. Dejah Says:

    I can’t believe the Adoring Autumn bag only has 5% of the votes! I love that pattern!

  787. Nancy Says:

    I would love to give one of these to one of the new moms in my life.

  788. Nicole U Says:

    Blooming Begonia! I love that it is organic fabric.

  789. Dana Says:

    They are all beautiful! Hoping to win the Strolling in Saint Germain! (wishing I was actually doing that too. )

  790. Aura Says:

    I really want a cake wallet

  791. Stefanie F Says:

    I’ve been drawn to Mystic Mykonos since it was revealed. Just had boy #3, so naturally loving the beautiful blue and green hues!

  792. maria Says:

    next day entry: love these bags. i would be so happy to win crete! thanks!

  793. Aura Says:

    they are all so pretty!

  794. Jennifer Schneider Says:

    Love the new prints… Very Pretty :)

  795. Jen M. Says:

    Love them all! Love PPB!

  796. Katie O Says:

    I voted for Elderberry Chenille!

  797. Nicole U Says:

    Loving the organic fabric of Blooming Begonia!

  798. Lisa F. Says:

    They really all are so pretty!

  799. Abby B. Says:

    I hope I win! I’ve got three children in diapers!

  800. Kimberly Montella Says:

    I hope I win, these are all lovely prints!

  801. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    Another day…another comment! Thanks again for the opportunity for a lucky person to win one of these FABULOUS PPB bags! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  802. Dana Says:

    I sure could use some adoring Autumn today.

  803. Nicole U Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! My favorite is Blooming Begonia but all of the prints are beautiful :)

  804. Jen M. Says:

    I would LOVE to win this! I really need a replacement for the one my hubby ruined :(

  805. Dejah Says:

    Fingers crossed! I would love to win this beautiful bag!

  806. Courtney Says:

    Best diaper bag on the market! Most functional of all bags- great compartments make this bag oh so convenient! Love the new patterns- may have to add another to my collection.

  807. Abby B Says:

    Great patterns! I like the pinks and reds.

  808. Nicole U Says:

    My favorite is the Blooming Begonia print!

  809. Dejah Says:

    I would love to own this bag!

  810. Heid W Says:

    Love all of the new prints!

  811. Abby B. Says:

    Blooming begonia is my favorite!

  812. Katie O Says:

    Love the Elderberry Chenille-they are all beautiful though!

  813. Dana Says:

    Adoring Autumn. I do adore the Adoring Autumn pattern. (Especially since it was over 100 degrees here today. ) I’m so ready for Fall.

  814. maria Says:

    next day entry: love these bags. i would be so happy to win crete!

  815. Jamie Klopmeyer Says:

    Blooming Begonia all the way!!!!!

  816. ari Says:

    would love to win this! I am having twins this winter! i love strolling in st. germain

  817. Julie Verbruggen Says:

    Love them all!

  818. Kelly G. Says:

    Clasically Crete is beautiful!

  819. Kristin P. Says:

    They are all so gorgeous….would love to win!

  820. Amanda Says:

    I love all the new prints, but my favorite is the Bloomin Begonia!

  821. Heidi seligman Says:

    I love mystic Mykonos !!!!

  822. Tracy Says:

    Love the Blooming in Begonia

  823. Nicolette Capuano Says:

    Violet sapphire is gorgeous! I love the pickle petunia fall collection! These bags are the best!

  824. georgeanna bacon Says:

    adorable for FALL

  825. Jill Says:

    Love them all!

  826. Amanda Says:

    I couldn’t choose one favorite-I had four! :)

  827. Katie Says:

    Love love love!! It was so hard to choose!

  828. Jordan K. Says:

    Blooming Begonia is gorgeous!

  829. Victoria Says:

    Love them all!! Any woman could Always use a new bag! Love to take on my vacation, will send photo…….

  830. Shannon Burns Says:

    There is no contest!!! I’m totally loving the retro design of the Sashay Sactchel with the Adoring Autumn print! All of my favorite colors in one bag!

  831. Donna Gibson Says:


  832. Tara F. Says:

    I absolutely love Blooming Begonia. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Sweetpeonies07 @ gmail

  833. Sarah Ray Says:

    I would love to win the Petunia Bag! Their newest prints are to die for!

  834. shelby Says:

    love them all…especially,st. germain and crimson!

  835. Becca brown Says:

    Great new patterns!

  836. Jamie Hodges Says:

    I LOVE the Classically Crete and Strolling in Saint Germain. All of the brings are really beautiful, but these two stand out to me. I would love to own one of these for my baby due in December!

  837. Julianne J Says:

    I bought a boxy backpack last year and when my 8 month old is older, I am definitly getting a Sachay Satchel!

  838. Jennie Bletscher Says:

    I love Classically Crete! So soft and pretty!

  839. shelby Says:

    love them all…especiall, st. germain and crimson!!

  840. Stacie Pradmore Says:

    I love love the Begonia one … I would be so happy to win this

  841. Holly Gold Says:

    So hard to choose just one!

  842. Janika Charlton Says:

    I love the Adoring Autumn bag! I really into the greens,corals/tangerines, and yellows!!!

  843. Trish Says:

    Love all of these!

  844. Jennifer Schneider Says:


  845. Ky Nesloney Says:

    They’re all adorable! Love the Blooming Begonia!

  846. Mandy Hillman Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia pattern! It’s gorgeous :)

  847. Julianne J Says:

    Oops! I enter twice, I thought it was another giveaway :-/

  848. Lisa Reichert Says:

    Blooming Begonia is my pick!

  849. Deb Hobaugh Says:

    Can’t go wrong with any choice of the patterns. What an awesome bag!

  850. Kristina Says:

    Gorgeous, love them all but blooming begonia is my favorite!! Hope today’s my lucky day.

  851. Sheila gruber Says:

    So hard to choose!!!

  852. Nicola Says:

    I love the fall colors!!

  853. Kelly Lamb aka Sew Lambitious LLC Says:

    I voted for Classically Crete. Great looking totes!

  854. Amy Says:

    Loving Midnight in Milan or Blooming Begonia in today!

  855. Jennifer Says:

    There are quite a few cute ones, but I think I have to go with Strolling in St. Germain !

  856. Cindy Crawford Says:

    I can’t decide between elderberry or cinnamon roll as my favorite!

  857. Lindsay E. Says:

    Midnight Mums–I love it!

  858. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events Says:

    I just LOVE the Blooming Begonia – so perfect and a stylish way to carry my little ones stuff in. I’d love to win.

  859. Tasha Says:

    I’m LOVING the Blooming Begonia!

  860. michele Says:

    Need a travel bag, love the prints~

  861. Sam Says:

    Love them all! Hard to pick just one!

  862. Melanie Says:

    PPB’s prints are always so amazing! Crossing my fingers :)

  863. Alisha Duncan Says:

    I am so in love with Midnight Mums! Come to think of it – I’ll be a midnight mum in 2 short months when baby number 2 makes his appearence! Thank you for the chance!

  864. Nicole Cullari Says:

    Love these bags!!

  865. Flori VanderPloeg Says:

    WOW! all of the patterns are amazing! It is so nice to have a diaper bag that is more than just that…but a stylish bag too! I love the Strolling in Saint Germain the most though!!

  866. Nikki M Says:

    These are all stunning, but Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Sashay Satchel in Adoring Autumn gets my vote! The styling on these photos is just beautiful. I must know who makes this dress!

  867. Courtney Says:

    Gorgeous bags. Nothing like a crisp beautiful bag to brighten a new mom’s style! Ps…I have a 16 week old! I need spruced up style right about now!

  868. Emily Gavenda Says:

    I love them all!! The Strolling in Saint Germain and Classically Crete are probably my favorites though!

  869. Nicole U Says:

    Loving the Blooming Begonia print!

  870. Kerry Says:

    I just love the classic Crete bag, and would love to own it :)

  871. Kerri S. Says:

    Strolling in Saint German!!!!

  872. Chelsie S. Says:

    Blooming Begonia is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!

  873. Kerry Says:

    I just love the classic Crete print and would live to own this bag.

  874. Jennifer Clayton Says:

    Love the Classically Crete! Could really use an update to the diaper bag, since the first 2 where girls and a boy is due in a month.

  875. Kellie Says:

    I love the Blooming Begonia Print!!!!! Very pretty!!!!

  876. Amanda Says:

    I love more than 1 print but the Midnight Mums will match our new travel system perfectly! But hey, if I won a free PPB bag…who cares if it matches or not! ;) (EDD 8-29-2012).

  877. Tiffany Chipman Says:

    I loved all of them and it was hard to choose. I have been looking everywhere local for a new bag with no luck..would love to have one of these!

  878. Paula Copeland Says:

    These bags are so chic!!!! I adore the Blooming Begonia pattern!!!

  879. Holly bailey Says:

    Adorable! Fingers crossed

  880. Anna Says:

    Love the new patterns!!!! I would love and appreciate a bag!!!!!

  881. Danielle Smart Says:

    They are all gorgeous! Hope I win:)

  882. Christina Brundick Says:

    love Classically Crete!

  883. Traci Says:

    Classically Crete!! Gorgeous!

  884. Tori Says:

    I love the classic create!! I have twins so this will be the perfect size!

  885. Jenn Koenig Says:

    Just adore the Blooming Begonia & Classically Crete! With baby number #3 either one would be great & fabulous!!! Love these bags!

  886. Jenn Koenig Says:

    Just adore the Blooming Begonia & Classically Crete! With baby number #3 either one would be great!

  887. Venetrise Says:

    The Violet Sapphire Roll is sooo pretty.

  888. Dejah Says:

    Another entry! Hope you pick me!

  889. Sara Ankerson Says:

    Midnight in milan is my favorite!

  890. Emillye Says:

    I’d love a Blooming Begonia for the litte girl I have growing in my belly. Since i had to carry a “boy-ish” diaper bag the fist go-around, I’d love to carry this feminine print for the new baby girl. :)

  891. Rachelle Says:

    so pretty!

  892. Ashley Walden Says:

    Love these diaper bags! I’ve been wanting one so bad so hopefully this is it!

  893. jennifer Says:

    I love the Mystic Mykonos. The colors are so calming.

  894. michelle dolan Says:

    blooming begonia is blooming gorgeous

  895. Arwen M. Says:

    I love the Classically Crete! They are all gorgeous though!

  896. Sharon Says:

    Too cute!

  897. Asia R. Says:

    Love them all!! :) such a great company!!

  898. Ashley F. Says:

    The Fall collection is very trendy and it is hard to pick one favorite. I love the Blooming Begonia (for baby girl) & Classically Crete (for baby boy).

  899. Bryana Iarussi Says:

    Love the new collection! Beautiful.

  900. Kelly Says:

    My favorite is Classically Crete!

  901. Elaine Says:

    All good. Me. Likey!

  902. Katie O Says:

    I love Elderberry Chenille!

  903. Karen Says:

    he German red is gorgeous. Better than any Vera Bradley pattern as of late and would be proud to carry this around. so lovely!!!!

  904. Susan Says:

    I love the Violet Sapphire! Thanks for the chance to win! Really beautiful bags.

  905. JoannaF Says:

    Would so so love mystic mykonos!!! Finally preggers and this would work for either boy or girl!

  906. maria Says:

    next day entry: love these bags. i would love to win crete! thank you!

  907. hilary Says:

    Love all of my PPB products! Great quality and unique patterns, thank you!!

  908. Dana Says:

    Thank you for the chance at the St Germain boxy. It is beautiful!

  909. Jen M. Says:

    Really, really want this! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!

  910. Jen M. Says:

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!

  911. V. Kamal Lange Says:

    Strolling in Saint Germain is still my favorite pattern! I’d love to stroll around town with that bag!

  912. Stephanie Ann Says:

    I like the Classically Crete bag!

  913. stacey michals Says:

    i just had baby no 3 and i was on bed rest for over 4 weeks. I didn’t get everything together before the arrival of my sweet baby…a diaper bag is on the *need* list!

  914. Katie O Says:

    Elderberry Chenille!

  915. Aura Says:

    I love how roomy they are inside

  916. Nora Says:

    I love autumn colors

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