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Inslee Haynes Custom Illustration for Layla Grayce
Inslee By Design

Hello friends of Layla Grayce! I’m Inslee Haynes, a fashion illustrator at Inslee By Design and a new contributor to the Layla Grayce blog. I have the pleasure of sharing my monthly inspirations with you in the form of a watercolor sketch. I hope you will enjoy!

For the month of August, I chose to stick with a palate of soft blues and neutral tones inspired by the beach. I opted to pose this girl relaxed with a book because, for me, summer seems to be the only time in the year that I can actually find a moment to sit down and read. And what better place to curl up than the AFK Eloise Patina Sofa. Not only is it gorgeous, but Eloise is my dachshund’s name. (Don’t worry, I’ll illustrate her for you next month.)

The dress I’ve illustrated here is the Tracy Reese Diamond Ocean maxi dress. Maxi dresses and skirts are my go-to look for casual summer dressing. I paired it with Kirra Tate Green Graduate Earrings. Big earrings and maxi dresses? You can’t go wrong. And drinks are always better and colder served in a Mint Julep cup on a hot August afternoon. I imagine she’s drinking mint-basil lemonade…

Also featured in this illustration: The Phoebe Pillow and the DL Rhein Double Conch Pillow. I am a sucker for admiring throw pillows, but weirdly enough I’ve never bought one. These two would be a good place to start! The rug is the Capel Walkover Stripe in Oatmeal. Love a good stripe. And the only thing I love more than mint basil lemonade and maxi dresses… garden stools. So obviously I had to pop one into the sketch.

All of these lovely items are available right now so you can bring my sketch to life in your home. Happy shopping!

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3 Responses to “Inslee By Design”

  1. Kerri Jones Says:

    This is a beautiful illustration Inslee! Sweet! Love it!

  2. Nancy Haynes Says:

    i want to move right into this room! So serene, tasteful, refined.

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