Inslee By Design: September Issue

Inslee By Design for Layla Grayce

Hello! Happy September!

This month, I’m daydreaming about interior design. After years spent working from home out of my tiny apartment I finally have taken the plunge and found a studio space for my illustration business! I hauled all my paints and supplies out of my cramped apartment and up into a bright, airy studio and now spend my days enjoying a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline as I watercolor away.

A dream come true, right? Well, the only problem is that now that I’ve freed up all this space at home I want to fill it with beautiful new things to come home to each evening!

In place of my old work desk, I’d love to put in the Worlds Away Ava Buffet. The mirrored panelling would make my apartment feel bigger right away. I’d invest in two Arteriors Bishop Nickel Table Lamps and the Aidan Gray Ethan Chair Pair. I love how these chairs are very formal and classic in design but rustic in color and fabric.

And while I love creating my own art, I might cave in and buy something dramatic and modern like this piece from the Aidan Gray art collection. I’d finish the space with a neutral rug like the Jill Rosenwald Fallon Gray Hand Woven Wool Rug and an arrangement of fresh flowers!

And voila! My apartment would be the perfect sophisticated and welcoming respite from my busy day at the studio. Wouldn’t you love to come home to this scene too?

I hope you enjoy this sketch and check back for my October picks!

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