Olioboard Basics: How to Create a Moodboard

In our quest to master Olioboard, we asked designer and Olioboard expert Stacy Naquin to show us the basics! Take it away, Stacy!

Creating a beautiful home is an investment – wouldn’t it be great to see what your space would look like before purchasing items new? Luckily, you can! Olioboard has been a valuable tool for my interior design projects because it gives me a vast amount of resources to pull from and it allows clients to see how everything looks together before purchasing.

I’ll show you how to create beautiful image boards of your own using Layla Grayce products, and even include you on a few tips and secrets along the way

1. Go to http://olioboard.com If you are a new user, click “Join Now” and create a new account.

2. Click on “Create a Moodboard“.” To find a blank room, click on the “Background” button. Scroll until you find a room you like then drag it into the blank white space to the left.

3. To start browsing products, click on the “Items” button, then the “Brands” button. Scroll down until you see “Layla Grayce” then click “View All“. From here you can search for specific items such as lamps, chairs, rugs, etc. Type what you’re searching for in the blank box and hit enter.   *Tip: Enter a singular item – Lamp instead of Lamps.

4. Drag your favorite items into your room scene. Olioboard will automatically save these products in the “My Items” tab. You can upload your own products under this tab by clicking “Upload Items“.

5. One of my favorite tools is the “Remove Background” option. If the background of an item is not already removed, click on the item and check the box to remove background. If the item doesn’t look quite right, you can go to “Advanced Options” to tweak it a bit.

Olioboard before and after background removal

6. You can save time by creating folders or “Sets“. You’ll access this feature from the home page of Olioboard. Some of the sets I’ve created to make finding products easier include groups of items I use often such as pillows, accessories, and sofas. You can also access sets created by other users.

7. You can also layer items on top of one another for a different look. I often change color of lamp shades, art frames, or flowers and their containers. For the board below, I cropped a lamp base and added the shade to my preferred lamp base. You can also reduce or enlarge the size of an object by click on it and dragging it upward or downward.

8. If you prefer to have more of a moodboard look, the “Frame” option may come in handy. Click on the item you want framed, click the “Frame” button, select your frame, then click “Apply Changes.”  *Tip: You may want to uncheck the “Background” box to add the background back to your item.
Olioboard mood board

9. Olioboard and their sponsors frequently host contests with fabulous prizes!  Your friends can vote on your projects and see your latest designs, so don’t forget to check back often. You can also upgrade to their Pro tool for the ability to add text to boards, create Benjamin Moore color schemes, and even calculate the budget of your project!

Here is an example of a complete board. Designed by Stacy Naquin Interiors. Are you interested in the items on my board? Click here to see where to buy them, or to add to your set!

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