Style Standoff: Tulip Louise and A Piece of Toast

The Stylists: Anna Cottrell of Tulip Louise and sisters Sally Ann and Molly Bernadette of A Piece of Toast.

Gorjana Earrings

The Challenge: Style our Gorjana G Ring Gold Earrings in an ensemble that best expresses your signature style.

The Criteria: 1. Creativity 2. Wearability 3. Overall Impact

The Winning Look: You decide! Through October 5, vote in our poll and leave a comment on this post telling us which look you love the most… and you’ll be entered to win a pair of our Gorjana G Ring Gold earrings! We’re picking 2 winners, to be announced on October 8. One comment per person, please. Be sure to leave your email address so we can get in touch. Official contest rules.

Tulip Louise Gorjana Styling for Layla Grayce
Images: Keely Yount

Tulip Louise: For a minute, I’ve been obsessed with the unexpected pairing of a frothy tulle ballerina skirt plus a touch of {faux} leather thrown into the mix. It feels very updated-material-girl. Everything seems right in the world when I’m wearing a balance of feminine and edgy, so this look definitely made me happy!

A Piece of Toast Gorjana Styling for Layla Grayce

A Piece of Toast: As a teacher, I (Sally) dress to reflect my personal style while wearing things that are classroom appropriate. This look says a lot about my signature style – classic with a twist. Both my sister Molly (who snapped these shots) and I are obsessed with white shirts and this one I wear year round. Molly wears all kinds of heels to work but since I’m on my feet all day flats are my go-to, and these nude ballerinas go with everything and never go out of style. I like simple but not boring jewelry – and a dainty necklace, everyday rings and a men’s style watch perfectly complement these non-traditional hoops. Hoops are the most versatile earrings a girl can have! I’ve been keeping this pair stored safely in my handbag so I can throw them on when my look needs to go to that next level.

Truth be told, the inspiration for this outfit came from one of my style icons: Olivia Palermo. She’s the queen of mixing high and low pieces and never looks like she is trying too hard. I spotted her in a similar maxi skirt and top so I attempted to pull off the look myself. Tip: Wear the blouse tucked in at work and tie it up in a loose knot for an instant change that’s fun for dinner and drinks.

The Vote is in and you all agree that, while it was a tough call, A Piece of Toast styled the Gorjana earrings best. Congrats to our lucky winners, Melissa S. and Mary B.!

Who Styled The Gorgeous Gorjana Gold Earrings Best?
  • Tulip Louise
  • A Piece of Toast

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38 Responses to “Style Standoff: Tulip Louise and A Piece of Toast”

  1. Kellie Says:

    I love A Piece of Toast look!

  2. Carolyn Gillum Says:

    I love this style of earring…..I have several in this style! Love the look that A Piece of Toast created…..guess that’s more my style.

  3. Kate Says:

    A piece of toast is a little more wearable for me, but tulip louise takes it on creativity and impact for me personally!

  4. Rachel Says:

    I love the look by A Piece of Toast. I could actually wear that outfit. Not sure how the office would take it if I showed up in tulle to work!

  5. Mandy Says:

    I voted for the “a piece of toast” look! :)

  6. ari Says:

    I love the look by a piece of toast. I could see myself actually wearing this outfit! though tulip louise would be a fun outfit

  7. Katie Says:

    I’m in love with Sally’s look (A Piece of Toast). It is very wearable and that skirt is amaaaazing!

  8. Jess | the Jess Journals Says:

    A Piece of Toast! Love the blue and white, and the little pop of neon on the phone cover. Gorgeous and classic! at

  9. Christina Says:

    I actually really like them both. A Piece of Toast is super wearable, but Tulip Louise’s look had more overall impact & creativity. Nice job all around!

  10. Olivia D. Says:

    I voted for Sally’s look because it’s more my style! However, both looks are stunning :) Great job, girls!

  11. Sarah S Says:

    I love both looks, but the classic styling of APOT’s takes the cake for me!

  12. Dana McDowell Says:

    Have to go with the Sally/Molly version! I love the versatility of the pieces she’s wearing, and how the simple elegance of the hoop earrings is mirrored in her outfit.

  13. Margaret H Says:

    I like both looks but my style is closer to APOT.

  14. Betsy Soos Says:

    I love them both but gotta go with my hometown girl, Tulip Louise!

  15. Susie Q Says:

    Such beautiful earrings! Both women look stunning but, Anna takes this look to the next level.

  16. Halle Says:

    Love Tulip Louise’s styling. Feminine Rock Chic! Perfect.

  17. Helen Says:

    A Piece of Toast.

  18. Mary Beth Says:

    Definitely A Piece of Toast! Love the earrings!

  19. Erin Says:

    Gonna have to go with my girl Anna of Tulip Louise on this one, rocking that tutu like a pro! APOT great look too dear!



  20. Lindsay Says:

    I love Tulip Louise’s style! A Piece of Toast is a more practical look.

  21. Sarah K. Says:

    I think the APOT look is classic- love the wearability of it versus the first look!

  22. Melissa Schartz Says:

    Tulip Louise!

  23. Emily Says:

    Love A Piece of Toast’s look!

  24. Nancy Says:

    Have to go with Tulip Louise. Would love to be so sassy and sweet.

  25. Rebekah Says:

    APOT – Wearability and Overall Impact of showcasing those wonderful earrings.
    Beautiful girls

  26. Jill Says:

    Tulip Louise!

  27. Smash Says:

    I love the dressy-casual of A Piece of Toast, but both girls look amazing!

  28. Kim Cole Says:

    A Piece of Toast’s look is my fav! Classic styling lets the gorgeous earrings shine.
    ~ kimpcole{at}comcast{dot}net

  29. Patty James Says:

    As a fellow teacher, who also grew up for 12 years wearing a uniform everyday(!), I really relate with the Toast interpretation!

  30. Chrissy Says:

    I really love the white shirt & maxi skirt combo, it looks polished but also achievable for my mommy life ;-) inspiring me to move past jeans!

  31. Dominique Says:

    I think A Piece of Toast’s outfit goes best with these earrings but I really love the look of Tulip Louise!!! Tulip Louise could handle bolder earrings.

  32. Cynthia Says:

    I love that blue skirt! So flirty and fun!

  33. stacy hancock Says:

    The Toast outfit is just classic.

  34. Lindsay E. Says:

    A Piece of Toast’s look is stylish but still wearable! pretty!

  35. lisa mcfarland Says:

    i love tulip louise’s look

  36. Teresa Says:

    Those earrings are gorgeous!

  37. Teresa Says:

    Love the piece of toast! I’m not thin enough for that much tulle, haha!

  38. Laurie Says:

    I teach too and the outfit is perfects for a quick but stylish outfit. The earring style is my favorite…hoops work anytime!

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